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					          BASIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS                           Bow No:     Bow Weight   ins at    lbs

Equipment:                                                   Date   Distance In/Out Up/Down    L/R
1.        Do not wear baggy clothing, necklaces,
dangling earrings or studs.
2.        Ensure long hair is tied back out of the way.
3.        Do not fit cracked bow limbs
4.        Fit the limbs the correctly with the limb with
the poundage printed on it at the bottom.
5.        Do not use the bowstring if it is frayed.
6.        Fit the bowstring with the larger loop over the
upper limb.
7.        Always use a stringer to fit a string.
8.        Do not use arrows with cracked nocks.
9.        Only fit an arrow to the bow when standing
on the shooting line, ensuring the area in front of and
behind the target is clear and then only draw back a bow
with or without an arrow aiming at the target.
10.       Do not pull back and release the bowstring
without an arrow being fitted.
11.       Do not use any technique when drawing back
the bowstring, which will cause the arrow to fly in the
safety zone.                                                                                                         AFFILIATED TO
                                                             Bow No:     Bow Weight   ins at    lbs
Shooting:                                                                                                  Cambridgeshire Archery Association
1.         On hearing the shout “FAST”, you must             Date   Distance In/Out Up/Down    L/R
immediately stop shooting, return any arrows to your                                                      Southern Counties Archery Association
2.         Do not cross the shooting line until you hear 2                                                     Per Ardua Archery Society
blasts of a whistle.                                                                                 
3.         Do not run around the archery range.                                                                           And
4.         When walking to the target to recover arrows,                                                   The Grand National Archery Society
approach the target from the side, taking care to avoid                                                    
any arrows that have fallen short.
5.         When recovering arrows, grip the arrow as                                                  Contcts:
close to the Boss as possible using an arrow puller, while                                            OIC.          Chf Tech Andy Melling        95371 7752
supporting the boss with the other hand.                                                              Dep OIC       Vacant
6           Before removing arrows ensure no one is                                                   Secretary.    Mr Steve Darby-Smythe, 95317 3522
behind you..                                                                                          Treasurer.    Sarah O’Loughlin
7.         Without out bending the arrow, pull the arrow                                              Station Intranet:
out with a twisting motion.                                                                 
            GENERAL INFORMATION                                  Facilities and Times:                                       Scoring:
                                                                           At RAF Wyton, the club has a dedicated 24/7                  Several regulations apply to scoring and these
Introduction:                                                   range in Hangar 4 and two outdoor ranges located next        are detailed in the GNAS rule book., however the basics
             Welcome to the Brampton/Wyton Archers              to the sports pavilion near the water tower                  of scoring are covered below.
(BWA), one of 15 archery clubs that belong to the                           The club meets on Tues & Thus evenings at        1.         Each colour on the target has an inner and
Cambridgeshire Archery Association (CAA). The CAA               7 :00 pm (Indoors) or 5pm (Outdoors), the location           outer ring.
is affiliated to the Grand National Archery Society             dependent upon the season,. In addition most members         2.         For GNAS outdoor rounds (yards) the points
(GNAS), which is the National body via the Southern             shoot Sunday mornings from around 10.30.                     for hits are; Gold 9, Red 7, Blue 5, Black 3 and White 1.
Counties Archery Society (SCAS). In addition the club                       The short outdoor range located in the           3.         For metric round and GNAS indoor rounds
also belongs to the Per Ardua Archery Society (PAAS),           compound can be used anytime. However providing              excluding Worcester, the scoring is; Inner Gold 10,
the RAF Archery organisation and connections to the             the field is free, the long range can be used at any time;   Outer Gold 9, Inner Red 8, Outer Red 7, Inner blue 6,
Civil Service Archery Association (CSAA).                       light and weather permitting.                                Outer Blue 5, Inner Black 4, Outer Black 3, Inner White
                                                                                                                             2 and Outer White 1.
Membership and Fees:                                            Competitions:                                                4.         For Compound bow at short distances the
            The club is open to all military personnel, civil              The club enters various indoor and outdoor        centre X ring scores 10, while the Inner Gold is 9.
servants, contractors and their dependents. Also                competitions/tournaments at local, county and national       5.         No arrow should be touched until all the
membership is open to non-station civilians with the            levels including the RAF championships and postals.          scores have been recorded on the score sheet.
approval of the Station Commander. As the club is                           Competitions are based on different rounds       6.         Scores are called in groups of 3 starting with
affiliated to GNAS, all club members are required join.         where the type of round determines the size of the           the highest i.e. 9-9-7 pause 5-1-1.
            The current annual fees are below and run           target, the distance and the number of arrows (in            7.         Only the judge can alter the score sheet.
from 1 Oct .                                                    dozens) shot. The arrows are normally shot in threes and
                                                                scored in groups of sixes called ends. Some of the           Classifications:
                    Membership Type                             common rounds are listed below:                                         The following classifications, based on scores
Fee Type             Military            Civilian                                                                            are awarded to an archer’s performance improves: 3rd
               Station       Other   Snr          Jnr              ROUND           No of Arrows in doz and Distance Shot     Class, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Bowman, Master Bowman and
                                                                YorkEvents:        6 at 100 yds 4 at 80 yds 2 at 60 yds      Grand Master Bowman. Also a handicap scheme
Club          £20.00        £20.00 £20.00      £10.00                                                                        operates to allow novices to compete on an equal
                                                                Hereford     Th 6 at 80 yds 4 at 50 yds 2 at 50 yds
County        Abated         £2.00  £2.00       £1.00                                                                        footing in certain competitions.
                                                                e club shoots
Region        Abated         £1.50  £1.50       £1.00           Albion              3 at 80 yds 3 at 60 yds 3 at 50 yds
                                                                  all year and
                                                                Bristol I to in 6,4,2 doz at shorter distances               Etiquette:
GNAS          Abated        £35.00 £35.00      £21.00            competes V
                                                                 various            4 at 60 yds 4 at 50 yds                  1.        Do not talk in a loud voice when others are
                                                                 club, county 3 doz at 30 metres outside in winter           shooting.
PAAS          Abated         £6.00       £6.00       £2.50      Frostbite
                                                                                                                             2.        Do not go behind the target to get your
optional                                                         and national 5 doz at 20 yds indoors
CSAA          £5.00          £5.00       £5.00       £5.00                                                                   arrows before your score has been recorded.
                                                                      postal                                                 3.        Do not walk up and down the shooting line
                                                                FITA Star          3 doz at 90,70,50,30 metres
                                                                competitions.                                                comparing scores.
Beginners:                                                      FITA 18
                                                                      These        5 doz at 18 metres
           The club holds regular beginners course, with                                                                     4.        Do not approach or leave the shooting line
                                                                competitions are junior versions of most rounds,             if a neighbouring archer is at full draw.
all the equipment supplied. The course last for 6               which are shot over shorter distances dependent upon
                                                                 are based on                                                5.        Do not touch anyone else’s equipment
consecutive sessions and costs £10 for seniors and £5           age. A full list can be found in the GNAS rule book..
                                                                     various                                                 without permission.
for juniors. If you decide to join the club after the               rounds,  Although the competitions are informal they
course the beginner’s fee is used as part payment of the                  under
                                                                are run detail GNAS rules that stipulate what you can
club annual fee.                                                and cannot wear., e.g.. Colours must be dark green or
                                                                 the distance
                                                                 shot, however
                                                                white, size of clubs can register different colours.
                                                                   target and
                                                                 the number
                                                                   of arrows

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