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Visit the Mesmerizing Monasteries in Ladakh


Monasteries of Ladakh are among its famous attractions. Ladakh is a land of sheer natural beauty and rich culture. Adventure sports facilities are also offered here in plenty

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									                              Visit the Mesmerizing Monasteries in Ladakh

Ladakh is a wondrous tourist destination of Jammu and Kashmir which attracts tourists from across
the globe. This staggeringly beautiful destination is also known worldwide for its adventure sports
facilities. This destination is also known as ‘Little Tibet’ as its geographical features resemble Tibet. The
culture in Ladakh is also influenced by the culture of Tibet. Buddhism is the main religion followed here.
Ladakh monasteries are among the major attractions of Ladakh. Some of the famous monasteries of Ladakh

Hemis Monastery
It is a well known monastery of Ladakh and also the largest one. It was built in the 17 th century by Stagsang
Raschegn who was invited to Ladakh by king Singee Namgyal. It boasts of beautiful Thankas, several
stupas made of silver and gold, copper gilt statue of Lord Buddha and several other auspicious articles. The
largest Thanka in Ladakh which is 12 m long is found in this monastery.

Spituk Monastery
Roosted on a hill this monastery was established in the 15th century by Od-De, the elder brother of Lha
Lama Changchub-od. It serves as a venue for the Spituk festival which is celebrated annually from 17 th to
19th days of the 11th month. It offers mesmerizing views of Zanskar and Indus valley. Gu-stor festival is the
main festival here.

Phyang Monastery
Ideally located on the blue hills, Phyang belongs to Dingung order. It was built in the 15 th century during
the reign of King Jamjang Namgyal. The festival of Gang-Sgnon Tsedub is celebrated here with great

Lekir Monastery
Established by Lama Dhwang Chosje in the 14th century, Lekir is the first Buddhist monastery built by
Tibetan monks. One of the unique features of the monastery is the Maitreyi Buddha. The wall paintings
inside the monastery depict 35 compassionate Buddhas and 16 arhats. The museum inside it displays a
variety of Tibetan artifacts.

Cave Monastery
Located in Wakha river valley sandwiched between Mulbekh and Kargil, Cave monastery belongs to the
Gelukpa order. The picturesque surroundings of the Cave are truly enchanting.

Thiksey Monastery
Set amidst picturesque surroundings, this monastery boasts of a huge complex built in red and yellow. It
was built in the year 1980 in honor of the Dalai Lama. Belonging to the Gelukpa sect, it houses around 500

Travel to Ladakh and enjoy its attractions like natural beauty, snow-capped mountains, beautiful
monasteries and adventure sports. Surely you will remember the experience for long.

Ladakh tourism has amazing attractions to offer starting from mountain beauty to adventure sports and
Buddhist monasteries. Monasteries in Ladakh speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage of this

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