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					                                                               Feature         Clad    Colors

       Linen              French Vanilla        Beige          sandstone              clay
       lT833                    lT831           lT803             lT807               lT834

    Burnt sun               Pueblo tan       sierra tan           Putty         antique Bronze
       lT812                    lT825           lT827             lT830               lT826

       dijon                coastal tan        walnut          sage Brown      appalachian Brown
       lT813                    lT824           lT832             lT820               lT822

    sunflower            Burnt Pumpkin        Brick red      river rouge red     Boysenberry
       lT828                    lT821           lT819             lT836               lT808

  Patina Green              sage Green     camarillo Green    military Blue      midnight Blue
       lT816                    lT835           lT837             lT810               lT818

stormy monday               dove Gray        slate Gray      charcoal Gray            sable
       lT823                    lT815           lT804             lT805               lT829

Custom colors also available.                                                                800-218-6186
Windsor Feature Clad Color Program
Paint sPeciFication
south FLorida weatherinG:                                  aama 2605                                  This paint system offers long-life with good looks and
                                                                                                      superior chalk and fade resistance regardless of your
Color Retention                                            10 yrs - Fade = 5 Delta E
                                                                                                      project location. Factory applied and oven-cured, 70%
Gloss Retention                                            10 yrs - 50% retention                     PVDF resin-based paints contain full strength Kynar
Erosion Resistance                                         10 yrs - 10% loss                          500® or Hylar 5000® resin that blocks the damaging
                                                                                                      ultraviolet rays of the sun and repels general air pollution.
Chalk Resistance                                           10 yrs - Chalk = 8
                                                                                                      It will not whiten or pit when exposed to dew, fog, rain
acceLerated testinG:                                                                                  or acid rain. 70% PVDF paint will protect your project
                                                                                                      against harmful elements that exist in many environ-
Salt Spray                                                 4,000 hours
                                                                                                      ments. 70% PVDF paint meets AAMA 2605 specifications.
Humidity                                                   4,000 hours                                Our 8 standard colors are also available in a 2605
comPLiant system:                                          70% Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000®               finish through this program.

care & cLeaninG
PVDF factory applied heat-cured painted finishes are durable and very colorfast. The Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® based products that meet AAMA 2605
specifications retain their color and gloss level for many years. However, to assure that they retain their original beauty, even these highly durable finishes
should be cleaned occasionally. When selecting a cleaning solution, use mild soap solutions and avoid using strong acid or alkali cleaners as they may
damage the finish.

aPPLicator sPeciFication
The level of quality and appearance of organic spray finishes is dependent on the applicator. When specifying your finish, the introduction of one or
more of the following statements from the CSI Specification Format, Division 8, Article 2.06 FINISHES will assist in achieving a higher level of quality.

Specify on projects where the organic coating covers a finished material area of greater than 1,000 sq. ft.

	 •	 	 pplicator	will	run	(and	keep	on	file)	test	panels	that	process	with	the	project	for	the	sole	purpose	of	conducting	and	verifying	tests	that	demonstrate	
     AAMA 2605 compliance. Such panels shall be retained on file for at least one year from finish application and be available for submission prior to
     project completion with test results clearly defined.

	 •	 Applicator	will	maintain	on	file	quality	control	records	which	substantiate	mil	readings,	gloss	and	color	match.	Bake	temperature	tapes	shall	be	included.

General items to consider for a project specification

	 •	 	 pplicator	will	achieve	color	match	that	is	within	2-Delta-E	of	master	chip	on	all	runs/releases	and	match	will	be	verified	only	by	use	of	a	
     Spectrophotometer. All material will be monitored as finishing is completed by the applicator to assure color match.

	 •	 	 pplicator	will	use	Bake	Strips/Temperature	Tapes	during	the	finish	application	process	on	each	release/run	of	material	to	assure	quality	standards	
     are met relative to proper bake temperature.

	 •	 	 pplicator	will	have	In-House	Color	Match	computers	to	assure	releases,	rework	or	other	phased	requirements	have	proper	color	match	
     and consistency.

	 •	 	 pplicator	will	only	utilize	a	High-Pressure	Spray	Alodine	Pre-Treat	Process	which	places	a	minimum	45	mg	of	chrome	phosphate	on	the	
     aluminum substrate.

	 •	 Applicator	will	be	fully	EPA	compliant	with	a	full	recovery	system	which	extracts	over	95%	of	VOC’s	from	the	atmosphere.

	 •	 Applicator	will	have	their	own	fully	certified	Field	Service	crew	to	supply	field	service	repair	should	such	be	required.

Windsor is proud to partner with Linetec for our feature and custom colors.

                                                                                                                                                   12/2006		10,000		#9854
                                                                            a n o d i z e   f i n i s h e s

                                                                                  clear anodize

     at windsor windows & doors, we’re committed
     to providing choices when it comes to the windows                              champagne
     and doors you put in your home. The anodize
     finishes on our Pinnacle windows are just one
     way we help you customize your home to
     achieve the look you want.

     When you want the sleek appearance of a metallic
     finish on the exterior of your window, an anodize
     finish is the perfect choice. In an anodize finish, a                         light bronze
     microscopic oxidized coating is applied to the
     exterior aluminum cladding. This coating may
     have slight variations in color between parts,
     giving it a very unique look.

     While this finish has been in high demand for
     years with commercial projects, it is now quickly
                                                                                  medium bronze
     becoming a popular choice in residential applications
     due to the contemporary look it creates. Besides
     getting a distinguished look with this finish, you’ll
     also benefit from:

     durability: To get this finish, an electrochemical
     process converts the aluminum of the cladding
     to aluminum oxide, which is much harder than                                  dark bronze
     the original aluminum. This process gives the
     finish excellent wear and abrasion resistance.

     color stability: Exterior anodic coatings
     provide good stability to ultraviolet rays and
     do not chip or peel.

     ease of maintenance: Unlike stainless steel,                               extra dark bronze
     anodize surfaces will not show fingerprints
     and are more resistant to scratching than paint.
     However, if a scratch does occur, since anodize
     cannot be duplicated in the field, touch-up can
     be done with a similarly colored liquid paint.

     When you want to give your home a distinctive
     look, an anodize finish to your windows is one
     great way to do it – and one that will look like
     new for years to come.

     *Note: See reverse side for finish specifications and care/cleaning.                                                               copper
  w i n d s o r                  a n o d i z e                 f i n i s h       p r o g r a m

  anodize specifications

                                         class i

  end use                                Exterior

  film thickness                         0.7 mils

  coating density                        38 mg/in3

  salt spray resistance                  3,000 hours

  color retention                        Maximum of 5 Yrs – Fade = 5 Delta E

  applicator specifications                                            care and cleaning

  1. The anodic coating shall be continuous, fully sealed and          Although anodize aluminum is exceptionally resistant to
     free from powdery surfaces.                                       corrosion, discoloration and wear, its natural beauty can be
      Comment: A uniform, continuous coating, fully sealed, is         marred by harsh chemicals, abuse and neglect. Fortunately,
      essential to good appearance and satisfactory performance.       there are many cleaning options you can use to maintain
                                                                       the look of this finish.
  2. There shall be no noticeable change in the color of the
     coating when subjected to a 200-hour UVIARC test.                 For light soils, the simplest procedure is to flush the surface
                                                                       with water using moderate pressure. If the surface is still
      Comment: Where severe exposure to sunlight will be en-           dirty after air drying, scrubbing with a brush or sponge and
      countered and where long finish life is desired, the UVIARC      concurrent spraying of water is the next step. If soils still
      test is used to determine resistance to ultraviolet radiation.   adhere, then a mild detergent cleaner can be used with
                                                                       brushing or sponging. Washing should be done with uniform
  3. Maximum acid dissolution weight loss shall be no greater than     pressure, first horizontally then vertically, and following the
     2.6 mg/in2 when tested in accordance with ASTM B-680.             washing, the surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed by spraying
      Comment: This test method covers a test for the quality          with clean water.
      of seal of porous anodic coatings on aluminum and its
      alloys. This is a rigorous test, but one that should be used     For more information on cleaning and maintenance instructions,
      if the coating is exposed to severe conditions.                  refer to AMAA 609 and 610-2.

  4. All architectural work conforms to AAMA-611 Class 1

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  The Acid Etch Anodize Process that Windsor uses produces             windsor windows & doors – north carolina
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