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									                                                                                                  May 2010

                          UK Pastor to Preach at Combined Worship
                                Services and Teach on May 2
                      It is our privilege to host Rev. Dr. Gavin McGrath at
 2 Church Notes       Bonhomme on May 2. Our worship services will be
   and Worship        combined that day so that everyone will have a chance
                      to hear him. Worship will be held in the Sanctuary at
                      8:30 in the traditional style and at 11:00 in Steffen Hall
 3 A Word from        in the contemporary style.
   Pastor Tom and
   Discipleship       Gavin and I grew up together in Massachusetts, and he
                      was the primary instrument that God used in leading
                      me to Christ. He likes to say that everything he learned
 4 Discipleship       about sin he learned from me, and that everything I
                      learned about God I learned from him (not true!), but
 5 Discipleship and   we have known each other since third grade!
   Ministering        Gavin is Senior Pastor of Christ Church, Earlsfield,
                      London—an Anglican church plant engaged in missional
 6 Ministering        outreach to young professionals. He has spoken to
                      university student groups throughout most of Western Europe and parts of Eastern
                      Europe. From 1999–2005 he was Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Theology
 7 Ministering and    at Trinity School for Ministry, outside of Pittsburgh, PA. He has lived in the UK for
   Fishers of Men     26 years serving Anglican churches in Durham, Sheffield, and Hampshire, and also
                      worked at English L’Abri. Gavin holds a Ph.D. in Historical Theology from Durham
 8 Fishers of Men     University in England, and is the author of A Confident Life in an Age of Change (IVP)
                      and co-editor of New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics (IVP).

 9 Fishers of Men,    Married to Janet for 32 years, they have three daughters. His interests include cooking
   Connected and      and accompanying wines, jazz, film, and triathlon (having completed Olympic and
   Cared For          Half-Ironman distances).

                      Gavin’s sermon title for May 2 is “Rich Ruler and Blind Beggar: Loss and Gain.” The
10 Connected and      text is Luke 18:18-43 (NIV trans.).
   Cared For          In addition to preaching at the combined services, Gavin will teach in the Sanctuary
                      at 9:45. All adult Spiritual Formation classes are invited to come hear his talk on
11 Birthdays          “Why Do Contemporary People Find Christianity Irrelevant and Why Do Christians
                      Struggle to Respond?”
12 Sermon             That evening, Gavin will share more insights at 5 p.m. in the Sanctuary on the topic,
   Schedule           “Why Do Some Churches Grow, Some Plateau, and Some Decline?” Childcare will be
                      available; please contact Barb Whiteaker to make reservations.

                      Tom Pfizenmaier
Church Notes

        New Communication Coordinator                                           Congregational Meeting
               Position Open                                                       Sunday, May 16, 2010
The Session, HR Commission, and Communication                     The Session has called a meeting of the congregation to be
Ministry have all approved the hiring of a Bonhomme               held Sunday, May 16 for the purpose of electing officers
Communication Coordinator, a newly created, part-time             for the Class of 2012 and to elect the Church Nominating
position.                                                         Committee to serve from June 1, 2010 through May 31,
                                                                  2011. The meeting will be in the Sanctuary and will begin
We are looking for an action-orientated person of faith           promptly at 9:35 a.m. As this should be a brief meeting,
to collect, coordinate, and disseminate all forms of              adult Sunday School classes will convene immediately
communication/marketing information, internally and               following the meeting. Children’s Sunday School will be
externally. This would include the development and                on the regular schedule.
implementation of seasonal communication plans
consistent with Bonhomme’s brand and standards.                   The Nominating Committee will present a slate of
Writing, editing, and understanding of website technology         candidates for the offices of Director, Foundation Trustee,
and InDesign programming required.                                Deacon, and Elder. The Nomination and Lay Leadership
                                                                  Ministry will present a slate of candidates to serve on the
To submit a resume or inquire, please contact Dr. Gary            Church Nominating Committee. Candidates may also be
Ferbet, Executive Pastor, at or 636-          nominated from the floor for these offices.
                                                                  Electing our church leaders is every member’s privilege
                                                                  and responsibility, so please plan to attend on May 16.
                                                                  Your participation in this meeting is important for the
                  Financial Update                                future of Bonhomme Presbyterian Church.
At the end of March, our Year-To-Date Income was
$388,294 vs. our Year-To-Date Expense at $479,998 for
a deficit of $91,704.

                                                                            Bonhomme Pictorial Directory
           Spiritual Formation Classes                            There is still time to sign up for the
                                                                  Pictorial Directory. Sign–up books
No spiritual formation classes on May 30                          will be available on Sunday mornings
Summer Spiritual Formation Session: June 6—July 25                May 2 and May 9. Photography
                                                                  begins Tuesday, May 18.
                                                                  If you are unable to sign up on
           Summer Church Office Hours                             one of these two Sundays, call
                                                                  Madeleine Tufts at 636-532-4292...
The Church Office will close on Fridays at Noon beginning         it won’t take but a minute of your
Friday, June 4 and continuing through Friday, August 27.          time to make an appointment.

Everyone Experiencing Transformational Worship

                                   Mothers and Children to Sing on Mother’s Day
                  We invite all children and their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers to sing the Prelude at the 11 a.m.
                  Traditional Service on Mother’s Day, May 10.
                  Rehearsal will be held at 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 5 in the Sanctuary. This special song is always a very
                  touching moment in the service. We hope you’ll join us!

                                        Bonhomme Bells to Ring on May 16
The Bonhomme Belles will ring in Traditional Worship on Sunday, May 16. In addition to the Prelude,
they will also ring Gathering Music—so plan to arrive early and hear several pieces they’ve been working
on for this, their final presentation of the season!

Page 2                                                                                     
A Word from Pastor Tom

                                                     “You Must Give Up To Go Up”
                  That’s a quote from John Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, which some of the
                  staff and I just finished reading together. Once a week for the last two years, we have met together over
                  lunch to talk about leadership principles in an effort to become better at what we do for the Lord here at
                  It seems to me that this phrase, “You must give up to go up” aptly summarizes the chapter in which it’s
                  found, starkly titled, “The Law of Sacrifice.” As we journey out of the April season of Holy Week and
through Servant Sunday into the summer season, I’d like to reflect on this a bit with you. I believe that Jesus, as the very
best of leaders, understood this principle more deeply than anyone.
Let’s begin with the incarnation. By coming down to live among us as a man, Jesus certainly gave up a great deal. Hear the
echo again of that famous hymn embedded in Paul’s letter to the Philippians,
            “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not
        consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature
                                       of a servant, being made in human likeness.”

Jesus manifested his leadership by descending from heaven to earth; that was the first movement of descent in the symphony
of his life. The second was like it.
              ‘And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death--

Jesus begins by becoming man, then, as man, he humbles himself under the divine will, becoming obedient to the point of
death. But it isn’t just death, for we all must die. But his is an extraordinary death, one reserved for criminals, one in which
a person is scourged senseless, stripped naked, and nailed to a cross to be publicly displayed and utterly disgraced. His is
the death drowned in the drinking of the cup of the wrath of God.

                                                — even death on a cross!’
Be sure of this, Jesus gave up—everything. He gave up heaven, his will, and his life. Remember, you have to give up to go up.

Paul means here, by “therefore,” as a result of–His abasement, His descent, His giving up…

              God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name,
Jesus got to “go up.” In the Kingdom of God, we are exalted in inverse proportion to our descent. The more downwardly
mobile we are, the more exalted we are by God. The station of exaltation in the Kingdom of God is beneath people in service
not above them in power. Jesus epitomized this truth, so that…
             at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
                 and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Jesus’ kingdom is truly the “upside down” kingdom where the servant who gives up, goes up. Together, let us seek to
descend into greatness; all other paths are a mirage.
Blessings Always,
Tom Pfizenmaier

Everyone Growing in Discipleship
     Galileans Middle School Ministry                                         Emmaus High School Ministry
Sunday, May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30                                          Sunday, May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
 Confirmation Class - 9:30 a.m.                                        24:13 Sunday Morning Group - 9:30 a.m.
 67’s Sunday Morning Group - 9:30 a.m.                                 Emmaus Band/VOE, Dinner and The Walk - May 23 only

Wednesday, May 5, 12, 19, 26                                          Tuesday, May 4
 Shoreline Group - 5 p.m.                                              Emmaus Adult Leadership Team - 7 p.m.
Friday, May 14 - Saturday, May 15                                     Friday, May 14 - Saturday, May 15
 Rock-IN 2010 - 7 p.m.                                                 Rock-IN 2010 - 7 p.m.                                                                                                       Page 3
Everyone Growing in Discipleship

                  Marcia Speiser                                                Baxter Watson
          2010 Mildred Hagedorn Nominee                                  Celebration Of Aging Honoree
Marcia Speiser has been a                                     We congratulate Baxter Watson as Bonhomme’s honoree
faithful Bonhomme member                                      for the 2010 Celebration of Aging. Each church in the
for 17 years.    She and her                                  Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery selects a member to honor
husband Terry celebrated their                                at the annual celebration service, which will take place
50th wedding anniversary last                                 May 5 at John Calvin Presbyterian Church. We are grateful
year. They have four daughters                                for Baxter’s many contributions to the life and mission of
and nine grandchildren. Marcia                                the church.
earned a degree in Elementary
                                                              Baxter was born in 1923 on the family farm in Calloway
Education    from     Southeast
                                                              County, Missouri. He attended Westminster College,
Missouri State University and
                                                              where he had the privilege of escorting President Harry
a Special Education Certificate
                                                              Truman and Sir Winston Churchill to the podium when
from UMSL. For 17 years, she
                                                              Churchill gave his famous Iron Curtain Speech. He also
worked as a teacher for the St.
                                                              attended Washington University, where he studied fine
Louis County Special School District.
                                                              arts. Eventually he founded his own interior design firm,
At Calvary Presbyterian Church, Marcia taught Sunday          Baxter Brown Watson and Associates.
School, Vacation Bible School, served as VBS director, and
as president and secretary of Calvary Women’s Circle.
At Bonhomme, she has been a member of the Mission
Ministry, is currently a board member and secretary for
our Church Nursery School, and she participates in VBS
and the annual Easter Egg Hunt. For many years, Marcia
cooked for Wednesday night dinners and BPW luncheons.
She has also helped as a kitchen assistant for Alpha.
As a long time member of BPW Service Circle 6, she is
director of both the Christmas Giving Tree and the Easter
Basket projects which serve many in our community. She
has participated in the Salvation Army Toy Lift and Toy
Town. Marcia continues to have a vital interest in young      Baxter Watson’s first exposure to Bonhomme Presbyterian
people and those with special needs. For 44 years, she        Church was in 1945, as a young man returning from World
was the special friend and assistant to a blind person.       War II, to a family whose father, the Rev. Dr. Herbert H.
She also participated in the Bonhomme Special Friends         Watson, was Bonhomme’s minister. During the early
Ministry.                                                     years, Baxter helped care for the original church property,
Marcia has said that her accomplishments are “only with       now referred to as the Old Stone Church, and remembers
the Lord’s direction and as his servant.” In her gentle,      building fires in the civil war era stoves which were used
quiet, and humble way, she has shown us what it is to let     to heat the church.
one’s light shine as a follower of our Lord Jesus.            In the late 1950’s, Baxter served on the original building
Bonhomme is proud to nominate Marcia Speiser for this         committee for Bonhomme Presbyterian Church. With
year’s Mildred Hagedorn Award.                                his design background, Baxter helped choose the coral-
                                                              beige bricks for their resemblance to stones used in rural
 To learn more about the Mildred Hagedorn Award and read      English architecture, and also assisted with interior and
  the complete article about Marcia, visit   window design. This phase of Bonhomme included the
                                                              Chapel, an education building, and the Manse.
                                                              Baxter lived with his family in the manse for 2½ years. He
       VBS 2010 July 19-23 9 a.m.–Noon                        was entrusted with keys for both the Old Stone Church
                                                              and the new building. He has vivid memories of his
    Help kids explore the mighty love of God!                 unofficial role as greeter/docent when curious visitors
 At High Seas Expedition, your kids                           would appear on the grounds. Baxter also taught Sunday
 will set sail for VBS fun! They’ll feel                      School and sang in the choir. Over the decades, Baxter
 sea spray on their faces, embark on                          has been a member of the Old Stone Church Committee,
 unforgettable adventures, explore                            providing invaluable first-hand historical knowledge as
 fantastic ports and lands, and                               well as his professional artistic perspective.
 discover that God’s Word is truly                            We recognize the significant contributions of Baxter
 life-changing.                                               Watson and we are pleased to have this opportunity to
 Register or volunteer online at or pick      honor him.
 up a registration form at the Children’s Welcome Desk.
                                                              For the complete article on Baxter Watson, visit

Page 4                                                                                  
Everyone Growing in Discipleship

                                     Bonhomme Student Ministries Rock-IN 2010
                                     Friday, May 14–Saturday, May 15 7 p.m.–7 a.m.
      What’s Better than a Concert, a Lock-in, and a Night of Worship? A Night that Combines All Three!
                          All 6th–12th Graders, join us for a night you won’t forget.
The Cost: $35 for Bonhomme Folks (take $5 off the cost for every friend you invite), $20 for Guests and Friends.
What To Bring: Sleeping bag or bed linens, air mattress, pillow (if you plan on sleeping),
a snack to share with everyone, and a change of clothes.
Emergency Contact: If an emergency arises and you must get in contact with your youth,
you may reach him or her on Kyle’s cell phone at 314-488-1851.
This is a “Bring Your Friend Event.” Invite your friends from school, your teams, or your
neighborhood. The more friends the better. A special gift will be given to the student
who brings the most friends to the Rock-IN.
Time of Worship led by the Matt Lloyd Project. Concerts by The Matt Lloyd Project and
Watching Judas. Food, games, movies, and friends.
Registration forms are available in the Youth Lounge.
While this is a 6th–12th Grade event, with the exception of the time of worship and
the concerts, high school students and middle school students will be separated from
each other.

Everyone Ministering

                                    Foundation Announces 2010 Grant Recipients
 The 2010 recipients for grants from the Bonhomme Foundation are:
     1. Be a Positive Light: a ministry to help prevent teen suicide in addition to sharing the Gospel.

     2. Young Life: a ministry that helps students deepen their faith through small group meetings, Bible study, and

     3. Guys for Life: a ministry that encourages men to choose life for their unborn child, become a responsible
        father, and begin a relationship with Jesus Christ.

     4. Urban K–Life: a ministry that presents the gospel to inner city youth in St. Louis by building lasting relationships,
        mentoring, Bible study and activities.

     5. The Freedom School: a Christ-centered elementary school which focuses on at-risk, immigrant, and refugee

 The purpose of the Foundation is to support causes that advance the Kingdom. If you would like to help financially support
 this effort please prayerfully consider doing so. Here are two easy ways you may want to consider:
     Testamentary Bequests: Make a gift to the Foundation through a will or revocable living trust via a codicil.
     Life insurance: Designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. You may give the policy to
     the Foundation and deduct the value of the policy and any future premiums you make following the initial gift.                                                                                                           Page 5
Everyone Ministering
                                                    Where in the World is Bonhomme?
                 From the jungles of Guatemala to the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Bonhomme has been out in the
                 world recently.
                 Diana and Alan Rawizza enjoyed their mission trip to Antigua, Guatemala in February where, as part of a
                 team from St. Louis, they built a home for an impoverished family. The project was under the auspices of
                 The God’s Child Project ( And in March, 19 folks from Bonhomme spent eight days serving
                 in the Centro Integral Orphanage and ministering in the greater Reyniel Funez community. Enjoy this small
                 glimpse into our “going with Jesus”…

  Our team of five with the family for whom the house was
  built and our God’s Child foreman (baseball cap). The small
  boy is a neighbor.
                                                                     Some of the crew helping to level off a dangerous
                                                                     area of the orphanage to make it safe and fun for the
                                                                     children. Don’t worry – the swings are way heavier than
                                                                     they look!!

            Ann Pfizenmaier with a child at our                 The Xia family proudly poses in front of their new home.
            Honduras Vacation Bible School.                     From left: Marco, Giovani, Josue, and their mother Estela

                 Easter Basket, Anyone?
On March 23, Circle 6 and other BPW members put together
34 baskets that were delivered to Bonhomme shut-in members
and friends. And on March 30, Circle 6, the MOMs group, and
BPW members assembled a total of 145 baskets for children.
50 baskets went to children at the Salvation Army Family
Haven (a homeless shelter), 75 baskets went to South Side
Day Nursery in St. Louis and 20 baskets were delivered to
Circle of Concern.

Page 6                                                                                       
Everyone Ministering

                                                    Minute for Mission
                                                    Russia Mission Team
The May Minute for Mission will highlight the Russia Mission Team. This
June, 10 members of Bonhomme will travel to Vologda, Russia to spend time
with children in the orphanages. This will be the fifth year Bonhomme has
sent a team to Russia. Our team will play a supporting role to the Comfort
Foundation, a charitable organization staffed by Russian Christians who are
committed to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of these
Through a summer camp with activities including sports, communication/
fellowship, and crafts, the team will demonstrate God’s love and the life
values he desires for them, with lots of one-on-one time and hugs for the
kids! Your prayerful and financial support helps send Bonhomme’s team to
serve God’s beloved children.
For additional information, contact Paul Schroeder at 314-469-6810 or

                                          BBQ Fundraiser in Kilby Commons
                                                       Sunday, May 23
               A sure sign summer is almost here: BBQ! Come to Kilby Commons on Sunday, May 23 and enjoy BBQ beef
               brisket and hamburgers along with potato salad and baked beans.
               Tables in Kilby Commons will be available for dining at church or food will be available for take-out after
               9:30 a.m. So even if you attend early service you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch when you get
Proceeds will help financially support the Russia Mission team’s trip this June. For more info, contact Paul Schroeder at 314-
469-6810 or

  Habitat for Humanity Project on the Move!                                          Clothing Collection
                                                                     Circle 6 is collecting urgently
Our 2010 Habitat project beginswith
                                                                     needed clothing for youth in the
a blitz build scheduled for July 9 -10.
                                                                     most restricted program at the
We will have two sign-up Sundays, on
                                                                     Presbyterian Children’s Center located
June 13 and June 20 after services
                                                                     in Farmington, MO. They are in need
in Kilby Commons. In the meantime,
                                                                     of sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts,
please call or email Cathy directly to
                                                                     and sweat shorts, in the colors grey
                                                                     (preferred), black, or navy in adult
Remember, you do not have to commit to more than one                 sizes Small through XXX Large, all without pockets.
work day and we can make use of a variety of skill levels.           Donation boxes will be located in the Narthex and the
The only thing you really need is a willing heart! Contact           Steffen Hall Lobby. Questions: contact Marcia Speiser
Cathy Otto at or 636-675-6821.                    at 636-346-1916.

Everyone Fishers of Men

                                                Kids’ Day Out Fundraiser
                            Enjoy a meal at the Press Box and support Bonhomme Kids’ Day Out.

                            A portion of proceeds will be donated to our Kids’ Day Out program,
                                          so mention Bonhomme when you order!
                                  The Press Box is located at 1095 East Chesterfield Pkwy.                                                                                                     Page 7
Everyone Fishers of Men

                                            Good News Easter Egg Hunt
About 190 children and their families eagerly gathered in Steffen Hall on the morning of March 27 for our Good News Easter
Egg Hunt. Each family received a copy of The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins and a set of Resurrection Eggs through the
Kathleen Fullerton Osterholt Memorial Fund. Hands were raised to the Lord and even little two–year–old voices sang out as
the Praise Team led us in singing “Trading My Sorrows” and “You Never Let Go.” Children sat on the edge of their seats as
they watched a “Good News Eggs” puppet show. Enthusiastic children toting brightly colored baskets delighted in the nearly
5,500 Easter eggs that decorated our playground and lawn. It was a glorious day that gave praise to our glorious God!

Page 8                                                                                  
Everyone Fishers of Men

                                               Dancing For God’s Children
                                                            June 12
Bonhomme will host a one-day Christian dance clinic for elementary-age girls, Dancing For
God’s Children, designed to promote godly movement, godly music, and service to others.
Proceeds will benefit Centro Integral, a Bonhomme–supported orphanage in Honduras.
Registration is required by May 14 and space is limited. Clinic brochures are available at the
Connection Center in the Kilby Commons and the Children’s Welcome Desk in front of Steffen
Hall, or on the Children’s Ministry Upcoming Events page at
For more information, contact Mary Lewis at 636-537-0579 or

Everyone Connected and Cared For

       St. John’s United Church of Christ                                                M.O.M.s Calendar
                Offers Griefshare                                      M.O.M.s is a group for mothers with children of all ages.
                                 GriefShare is offered at              We meet Tuesday’s from 9:30–11:30 a.m. in Room 3205.
                                 St. John’s United Church              Childcare is available for a nominal fee. For childcare
                                 of Christ in the church               reservations, contact Pam Moynahan at 636-394-6770.
                                 library on Sundays from               May 4—Fun with Faith in the Public Schools
                                 1–3 p.m. through June 6.              Come learn about this after school Christian program, a
GriefShare is a weekly seminar/support group that is                   non-profit ministry that teaches children in kindergarten
biblically-based and Christ-centered. It’s a place where               through sixth grade the Word of God and how to apply
people grieving a death can be around others who                       it in their lives.
understand how you feel in your loss. At GriefShare,
you will learn valuable information that will help you                 May 11—Snacks and Sharing Time
through this difficult time in your life.                              Join us for a relaxing morning of yummy snacks and
                                                                       enjoying quality time together.
Each session includes a video seminar and group
discussion. A workbook assists you with note-taking,                   May 18—Spring Brunch
journaling, and grief study. The videos feature top                    Come close out the year with us at this favorite annual
experts on grief recovery and real life stories of                     event which will be held at Keri Shuert’s house. Contact
people who have experienced loss. Each meeting is                      Keri at for more information.
self-contained so that you may start at any time. The
sessions are free and open to all. For information and
to register, call the Rev. Dale Bartels at 636-532-0540.
To learn more, visit

                                                     Blood Drive
                                              Wednesday, May 26, 3–8 p.m.
      Mark your calendar for Bonhomme’s upcoming community blood drive on Wednesday, May 26 in Steffen Hall!

                            To make your appointment to donate, log onto
                                  Click on “Enter a Sponsor Code.” Enter JLBPC (all caps).
                                       Click to schedule an appointment to donate.
                      Click on “Create a profile.” (A profile must be filled out before setting appointment)
                         Enter Zip Code. Page over until you find Bonhomme’s name and address.
                              Click on Bonhomme’s name. Click time to make appointment.
            If you have any problems making your appointment online, call Dean Hammann at 636-536-3026.
                                 Please give the gift of life through your blood donation.
                                The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give Blood!                                                                                                       Page 9
Everyone Connected and Cared For

                            Lifestyle for Living                                              Love in Action
                           By Nicki Reynolds, R.N                                   “Love one another, as I have loved you.”
                  To attain and maintain a healthy                                                                 John 13:34
                  lifestyle requires us to make many                               Stephen Ministers listen, encourage, and
                  good decisions every day. As your                                provide emotional and spiritual support
                  parish nurse, I am offering a list of the                        to people facing a crisis or going through
                  ingredients necessary for the “recipe”             tough times. It is one-to-one confidential Christian
                  for healthy living.                                caring. For information about connecting with a Stephen
 •	 Eat	 a	 healthy	 diet	 that	 is	 low	 in	 fat,	 processed	       Minister during a difficult time, contact June Davis at
    sugar, and salt, yet high in fiber and nutrients.                636-532-9440 or Dr. Wilkie O’Brien at 636-532-3486.
    Recommended servings of fruits and vegetables are                Have you thought about becoming a Stephen Minister?
    at least 5–per day.                                              We are currently praying for the individuals God is
 •	 Eat	 at	 home	 and	 go	 out	 less;	 if	 you	 do	 eat	 out,	      calling to serve as caregivers. Please pray about this and
    choose low fat, high fiber foods. If possible, check             ask yourself if this is the way you want to serve the Lord.
    the restaurant’s website in advance to review their              You must be a Christian, a member of Bonhomme, and
    menu and research nutrition facts to help you choose             have a desire to care for others. A new class will start in
    healthy foods.                                                   September. For information about becoming a Stephen
                                                                     Minister, please call Prill Wiese at 636-532-3710.
 •	 Drink	 plenty	 of	 water	 or	 other	 non-caffeine/non-
                                                                        FYI: The Stephen Ministry Library is now housed
    alcoholic drinks.
                                                                       in the Bonhomme Library and open for all to use.
 •	 Get	enough	rest:	most	of	us	need	7–8	hours	of	sleep	                   Please ask the librarian to guide you to it.
    at night.
 •	 Stay	 active:	 keep	 moving.	 Try	 to	 get	 at	 least	 thirty	                         Thank You
    minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week. Thirty
    minutes of intense exercise is also recommended                  Cliff Schoep and family wish to thank the Bonhomme
    2–3 times a week.                                                family for their outpouring of love and concern during
                                                                     Jacque’s illness and final journey home. The cards, phone
 •	 Practice	 deep	 breathing/relaxation	 exercises	 to	             calls, visits, flowers, care packages, and supporting
    destress regularly.                                              prayers made it all much more bearable for us.
 •	 Maintain	 good	 relationships	 with	 family	 and	 with	          Thanks,
    friends.                                                         Cliff
 •	 Worship	 regularly,	 pray,	 and	 read	 your	 Bible.	
    Communicate with God on a regular basis.
                                                                                 Bon Temps Outing May 15
 •	 Get	 regular	 check-ups	 and	 seek	 medical	 help	 when	
                                                                     On Saturday, May 15, we will
    needed.                                                          head to Citygarden, an urban
In upcoming articles, I will provide more information on             oasis featuring modern and
each of these general quidelines to make sure you have               contemporary sculptures, lush
all the necessary ingredients for a winning “recipe.”                landscape, and reflecting pools
                                                                     in downtown St. Louis. If you are
                                                                     interested in joining this adventure
                                                                     with the Bon Temps, contact Shirley
                                                                     Wadleigh at 636-532-9799.
             Please Keep in Your Prayers
Miriam Brown, passed away on March 31
 - Grandmother of Pete (Carla) Brown

Jacque Schoep, passed away on April 6
  - Wife of Cliff Schoep

Robert Nelson, passed away on April 9
  - Brother of Clara (Max) Hagerman

Walter Lewis, passed away on April 13
 - Husband of Linda Lewis

Page 10                                                                                      
May Birthdays
1 Casey Campbell        8 Tom Clemens             16 Suzanne Brown       26 Brandon Mallinckrodt
  Sally Patton             Matthew Cox               Meredith Poe           Sandra McKay
  Jeanne Schleiffarth      Jane Ganz                 Daniel Powers          Jill Schroeder
  Harry Sumner             Michael Lasater                                  DeAnna Straeb
                           Jan Sumner             17 Nancy Bailey           Debra Victor
2 Karen Avery                                        Margaret Picker        Kelly Wendt
  Brooke Emshoff        9 Anne Bookwalter-Walsh      Lindsey Rasmussen
  James Graham             Amy Corsi                                     27 Debra Bryant-Kornmann
  Betty Grogan             Vicki Henry            18 Carla Brown            Norm Magnuson
  Jim Hardt                Walter Lewis              Heidi George           Andy Seers
  Christian Jamerson       Mary Oldfield             Leslie Morris
  Julie Logan                                        Lynne Simmons       28 Aaron Kemmling
  Marion Mitchell       10 Paul Douthit                                     Art Lind
  Matthew Warrick          Terry Grogan           19 Stevie Lewis           Don Olson
                           Jerry Heise               Alicia Noddings
3 Esther Bland             Sheila Morse              Carol Shain         29 Yvonne Greenwood
  Cathy Jackson            Edward Prine              Janet Weiss            John Hoppin
  Audrey Jung              Phil Ziegenfuss                                  Stephen Padgette
  Daina Kinlen                                    20 Bill Anderson          Rex Redfern
  Jeff Morgan           11 Steve Cox                 Jo Ann Grossman
  Vic Wendt                Jordan Gagstetter         Andrew Klingler     30 Gregg Eisenberg
                           Jennifer Guenther         Don Knoesel            Charles Forrest
4 John Burns               Lee Simmons               Sue McCormac
  Susan Cox                Art Wernle                Lila Stephenson     31 Ginny Dick
  Sue Imhoff                                                                Daniel Morris
  Ramon Mount           12 Marilyn Goerke         21 Renee Boehme           Madison Pietrowski
  Beth Robison             Dennis Harris             Marla Bouchein
                           Debbie Hawley             Patricia Hunn
5 Donald Borgschulte       Carolyn Schmidt           Jim Kilby
  Lara Fenton
  Barbara Garrity       13 Norma Baker            22 Corey Klingler
  Kaye Hamilton            Elaine Waeckerle          Tom Mauer
  Grant Harris             Rae Salzman               Kevin Quigley
  Robyn Huhn               Elizabeth Schroeder       Candie Walter
  Kelsey Michel
                        14 Shannon Krakowski      23 Julie Peterson
6 Janeth Boehm             Barbara Nance
  James Verseman           Kim Seers              24 Tony Goslee

7 Stephanie Carius      15 Sara Kroll             25 Kayla Wade
  Brad Fabbri              Ruth Ross
  Jill Stafford            Ronald Williams        26 Linda Buchmueller
                                                     Shirley Juenger                                                                           Page 11
BONHOMME                                                                                                                      PERIODICAL
Presbyterian Church                                                                                                            POSTAGE
THE PIONEER PRESS                                                                                                               PAID AT
14820 Conway Road                                                                                                          CHESTERFIELD, MO
Chesterfield, MO 63017

                  Please join us on Sunday mornings for Worship
    May 2 - Dr. Gavin McGrath                                                       May 2 - Dr. Gavin McGrath
    Rich Ruler and Blind Beggar: Loss and Gain                                      Rich Ruler and Blind Beggar: Loss and Gain
      8:30 a.m.   Chancel Choir, “Seek First the Kingdom”                            11 a.m.                    The Praise Team

    May 9 - Don Everts                                                              May 9 - Rev. Tom Pfizenmaier
    In the End... Weeping                                                           The Baptismal Covenant
      8:30 a.m.   Karen Stevenson, Organist                                          8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.      The Praise Team
        11 a.m.   Prelude sung by Children and their Mothers and Grandmothers                   Baptisms
                  Chancel Choir: “Come to Me”
                                                                                    May 16 - Rev. Gary Ferbet
    May 16 - Don Everts                                                             Getting What You Want?
    In the End... Reclining                                                          8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.      The Praise Team
    Bonhomme Bells at both services
     8:30 a.m. Chancel Choir, “I Am the Way”
       11 a.m. Lynn Packwood, “The Holy City”                                       May 23 - Rev. Tom Pfizenmaier
                                                                                    Why Not Be on Fire?
    May 23 - Don Everts                                                              8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.      The Praise Team
    In the End... Gathering
      8:30 a.m.   Lynn Packwood, “People Need the Lord”
        11 a.m.   Chancel Choir, “The Great Commission”                             May 30 - Rev. Tom Pfizenmaier
                                                                                    Meal of a Lifetime
    May 30 - Rev. Wilkie O’Brien                                                     8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.      The Praise Team
    Zizawi                                                                                      Communion
      8:30 a.m.   Chancel Choir, “I Am the Light”
        11 a.m.   Lynn Packwood, Even Now

                      Sunday School classes for all ages at 9:45 a.m.

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