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									1. SPECIALIST

In determining the eligibility of an applicant for licensing with Dubai Health Authority
(DHA) as Specialist, applicant must comply with the following eligibility requirements:

     (i)     Primary medical qualification awarded after a course of study comprising at
             least 5,500 hours (or four years full time equivalent study) by an approved
             Medical Schools listed on the Avicenna Database (formerly the WHO
             directory of medical schools)
     (ii)    Completion of internship program (one (1) year program)
     (iii)   Postgraduate certification as per Recognized Specialty Certificates

       Tier 1 certificates: holders are exempted from post certificate experience and
                            competency assessment.
       Tier 2 certificates: Applicants must have three (3) years experience post
                            obtaining the certificate
       Tier 3 Certificates: Applicants must have three (3) years experience post
                            obtaining the certificate

     For further details regarding the Recognized Specialty Certificates see (Appendix 2)

     (iv)    Valid practice license in country of graduation and/or country of last
     (v)     Recent practice as per the specialty certificates


Applicants for licensure as Specialist must provide the following:

     (i)    Evidence of successful completion of an approved medical education
     (ii)   Valid practice license in country of graduation and/or country of
            employment/ appointment.
     (iii)  Evidence of all clinical experience including appointments (Service
            certificates will be accepted only if signed by Human Resources (Personal
            Department or Medical Directors).
     (iv)   Recent Good Standing Certificate issued by the medical council/association
            from the country of last employment (Certificates are only valid for six (6)
            months from date of issue)
     (v)    Log book (for surgical specialities only)
     (vi)   Signed declaration and consent for release of information
     (vii) Applicant’s resume
     (viii) Passport copy
     (ix)   One (1) colour passport photograph

All applicants for specialist inclusive of temporary licensure will be required to attend
and pass an evaluation of their competency to practice except if the applicants holding
the following valid specialty certificates / registration / License will be exempted from
the competency based assessment requirement and will automatically be eligible for
primary source verification of their qualifications in regards to process their application
for licensure in the Emirate of Dubai.

       Country                                  Certificates / Registration
                          Membership/Fellowship Certificate from the Royal College of
                          Physicians or Royal College of Surgeons
                          Specialty Certificate from the College of Family Physicians of
                          Specialty Certificate from the Royal College of Physicians and
                          Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC)
                          Certificate of Specialization FACHARZT issued by
 Hong Kong                Fellowship Certificate from the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine
                          Membership/Fellowship Certificate from the Royal College of
 New Zealand
                          Physicians and Surgeons
 Republic of Ireland      Specialist Registration from the Medical Council of Ireland
                          Exit Certificate from Joint Committee on Specialist Training
 Singapore                (JCST) and Certificate of Specialist Accreditation from the
                          Specialist |Accreditation Board
                          Fellowship certificate approved by the Colleges of Medicine of
 South Africa
                          South Africa (CMSA)
                          A Bevis om specialistkompetens som läkare utfärdat av
                          socialstyrelsen (certificate of the right to use the title of specialist)
                          issued by the Socialstyrelsen (National Board of Health and Welfare
                          of Sweden).
                          Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST), Certificate
                          of Completion of Training (CCT) and/or
 United Kingdom           on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council (GMC),
                          Certificate of Completion of Training in General Practice (GD )
                          awarded by PMETB and Registration with the GMC as a GD
 United States of         American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) recognized
 America                  Certificate


For new specialist graduates of tier 2 and 3 who do not meet the experience requirements
license will be issued only if there is supervision provided by a licensed physician in the
same scope of practice and works at the same facility
Length of supervision is determined by certificate tire and remaining period required to
meet the specialist licensure category
The supervisor should:

   1. Establish a supervisory relationship and agree on expectations of both the
      physician and the supervisor
   2. Undertake induction and orientation to the UAE practice environment
   3. Observe and be observed in a clinical setting
   4. Carry out peer review and audit
   5. Monitor and review continuing professional development to meet renewal of
      licensure requirements
   6. Assist in mediating any difficulties

A supervisory progress report is to be provided every 3 months to the Health Regulation
Department. At the end of the supervisory period a report of completion with
recommendation is to be provided.

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