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“Evergreen Echoes”


									                               “Evergreen Echoes”
                                 Volume 50-5 May 2011
                                      Evergreen A’s Website –

                                                           Tour 2011

Oh boy what a beautiful day it was with the best weather for tip toeing through the
tulips of the Skagit valley. Thanks to Larry Grant with his send off from Woodinville
with his coffee and doughnuts on Saturday April 23. Ten cars headed north on
Highway 9, past Arlington, Lake McMurray, and Conway.

The tulips were blooming in all their glory in the fields and the Roosengaarde show
gardens. Many visitors, U.S. and Canadians enjoyed the beautiful day. Lunch stop
was at Hillcrest Park in Mount Vernon. Grilled salmon dinner hosted by the local
Kiwanis club. Returning part Big lake on highway 9 were:
Dan & Hope Briggs - Stephen, Diane, Nicholas and Christopher Elms
Don & Gayle Bowie - Lee Thomas - Ashley & Leighann Thomas
Bill & Evelyn Ozeroff - Mike & Terri Kelley - Janet & George Kaitis
Dave and Terry Severson - Dirk Heuser & Sharon Wright

How about a return tour in the fall when the potato crop is harvested?
We build a campfire and when it burns down, toss in the potatoes-
just like when we were kids- bring salt!

Write up by George and Janet Kaitis
All tulip pictures in this issue courtesy of Dirk Heuser
                                                President’s Report…May                             2011
                              I don’t know what’s in the air, but I hope it goes away soon! We have a number of club members that
                              have been fighting colds, bronchitis, and even pneumonia. Because of illness, some our more active
                              members missed two big club outings this last month.

                              First, the Hubley Challenge at John and Connie Hash’s garage was a tremendous success. Even though
                              we were squeaked out by a bumper at the finish line by a Gertie car, we had a strong showing with a
                              second and third finish.

Second, the tulip fields tour. I don’t know who George and Janet Kaitis talked to for arranging the weather, but it couldn’t have been
any better. We had a wonderful drive from the Redmond Costco up Highway 9, to the Skagit Valley; a great walk through the tulip
fields, scrumptious salmon dinner in Mt. Vernon and a peaceful drive back home.

May is another busy month with our A’s. By the time you read this, some of us will have already attended the South Prairie Fly-in in
Buckley. I’m really looking forward to our visit to Dale and Carolyn Lorang’s home in Bothell on Saturday, May 28th.

I would like to give special recognition to our club member, Larry Grant. Not only does Larry do all the normal club activities, (ie.,
greeter, refreshments, tours, seminars), he does the extra things (President, Board Member, Echoes mailer). But he recently went
above and beyond the call of duty. When we all met at the Costco in Redmond on our way to the tulip fields, there was Larry
standing outside his van with fresh coffee and pastries. The really special thing about this was Larry wasn’t going on the tour. He just
made the jaunt across the 520 bridge with food and drink and well- wishes for a great day for all of us. Larry, you are a special friend
and a great Model A’er.

See you soon and happy Model A’ing,
Mike Kelley

                                TOURS AND EVENTS FOR May 2011:
Every Wednesday at 12 Noon… Lunch at the 125th Street Grill Call Dave Severson for details:
                                                                    This month’s program: HOG: (Harley Owner's Group)
Wednesday, May 11th Model A Car show                                Experience a different kind of road trip! Harley-Davidson's
Mission Health Care 2424 156th Ave NE Bellevue                      General Manager, Scott Cook, has offered to introduce us
        10am – 1pm, lunch is included                               to the new 2011 product lines. If you have ever dreamed of
        Brian Wheeler 425-641-1166                                  owning a two or three wheeler,now is the time to be teased
                                     about taking a different kind of ride. Grant Ringel, Head
                                                                    Road Captain of the Eastside Harley-Davidson group
Thursday, May 12th General Meeting                                  (HOG) will present the safety rules of the road while riding
                                                                    motorcycle's in groups, to local rallies or charity events.
        Westminster Chapel, Bellevue                                With his extensive riding experiences, Grant will have good
Social Hour 7pm Meeting starts at 7:30pm                            advice for those driving four, three or two wheels.
                                                                       Scott will bring a new 2011 three wheel Harley Davidson
   May 14th & 15th - Monroe Swap Meet                               trike and Dick Morris will ride his 2009 Harley for your
                                                                    viewing. Questions are welcome.
             1-800-645-4997 for details

          Saturday, May 28th Tour                                               June 3-5 Mazama/Winthrop Tour
                                                                       This is a 3 day tour to Mazama. Plan to leave Friday
         to: Dale and Carolyn Lorang’s Home
                                                                            morning and come home Sunday afternoon
                                                                                  George and Ila Sage 425-868-1729
   Tuesday, June 7th - Board meeting                                         Dell and Victoria Schweitzer 206-947-0013
                           EVERGREEN ‘A’s GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING
                          Evergreen A’s General Meeting Minutes - Westminster Church in Bellevue
                                           Date: 04/14/2011

President Mike Kelley called the meeting to order at 7:30pm & led the flag salute. Guests, Venny Julio & Greg
Carris were introduced.

The March General Meeting Minutes were approved as printed in the Echoes.

Greeters & Refreshments: Mike thanked Larry Grant for being tonight’s greeter & thanked Marvin Mayhle for
bringing refreshments.


Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented by Howard Truchot. Ray Giometti
announced that we received $1500 from the Gertie’s Swap Meet. The club recognized Ray for all his hard
work on this yearly event.

Website Calendar: Mike reviewed upcoming club events scheduled through this summer and asked everyone
to review the club calendar on the Evergreen website for event details. Venny Julio said veterans will be
looking for car rides in the Auburn Veteran’s Day Parade.

Breakfast Meeting & Garage Tour on June 11th: Mike announced that the June General Meeting will be a
breakfast meeting on Saturday, June 11th, at the Golden Steer in Kent from 10am to noon. Afterwards we will
be touring to see Breiting’s, Hamilton’s & Greenfield’s garages.

Programs: Dick Morris announced that the May program will be a Harley Davidson presentation.

Seminars: George Sage will do a repeat of the “putting an engine together” seminar, since many people
missed the first seminar.


   South Prairie Fly-in – May 7th: George Sage said the north-end cars will meet the south-end cars at
    Flaming Geiser Park at 9am.
 Mission Health Care – May 11th: Cars are needed for this event.
 Tulip Tour – April 23: George Kaitis said we will meet at the Woodinville Costco at 9am.
Club Calendar: George Sage recommends everyone view the calendar on the website. Items shown in
“green” are local activities, but no formal club plans have been made for participation. Items shown in “red”
have not yet been confirmed.

Vests: Joanna Truchot is prepared to “size” people who want a club vest.

Regional Meet: Dick Morris has registration information for those interested.

Judging Standards: Mike said the updates cost $15, but if 5 or more copies are ordered, shipping is free.
After a show of hands it was determined that more than 5 copies are needed. A sign-up sheet was routed for
members wanting the judging standards update & it was stated that money will be collected upfront for those
placing an order.

Restorer Index System: Dick Warbrough asked about the index system Archie Cress was maintaining. Frank
Rosin said MAFCA already does this & Mike Kelley agreed to email it out to members.

Car Talk: Mike confessed that the oil leak in his newly restored Model A pickup was due to putting the gasket
on incorrectly, 180 degrees off.

Archie’s Books: Joan Cress has donated many of Archie’s books to the club and several were auctioned off.

Car Display Signs: Mike, George Sage & Dell Schweitzer have created “display signs” that contain car &
ownership information about their cars. The signs would be posted whenever the Model A’s are on display.
The 11X14 sign is the preferred size. Mike will email the printed copy out to everyone so they can edit it with
their own information. Members should then send their personalized sign information to George Sage so all
orders can be put onto 1 disc for the print shop.

Canvas-covered Trailer: Contact Dan Briggs if you are interested in a canvas-covered trailer.

Driver Training Booklets: Jerry Kelly has copies of these for anyone who wants one.

Program: Ron & Barb Bader did an excellent presentation on the history & restoration of vehicle license

Split-the-pot: $16 was won by Frank Rosin.

Door prizes: Don Bowie won a screwdriver set & Joanna Truchot won a package of terry-cloth towels.
The meeting adjourned at 9:42pm.     Respectfully submitted, Terri Kelley, Secretary

                                   2011 Hubley Evergreen-Gertie Challenge
                                                        Photos by Rosin and Heuser           April 18, 2011

Thank you to John and Connie Hash for opening the shop and allowing us to host the Hubley Races and the fine Potluck.
This year was one of the largest turnouts in several years. There were 44 Hubleys entered and more in the under 18 categories than in
a long time. Although one Hubley kept losing an axle screw and wheel, it always did finish and the Hubley adorned with flowers
flipped on its first race. All those flowers must have made it think it had to fly. All the others finished in good order. Most of the
races were very close, one finished with only one ten thousand of a second between first and second place in their heat.

The announcer, Ray Giometti and the Crew at the starting gate were Bob Christopherson,
Allen Goodwin, Cory Nau and Don Bader. At the scales for check in and then at the
computer during the races were Tim and Bonnie Nau.

In the 3 to 9 year old class we had Cole Campy from the Gerties in First, Jessica Chase
from the Gerties in Second and Ansie Jones from Evergreen in Third.

In the 10 to 13 year old class we had Justin Chase in First, Tara Heiland from Evergreen
in Second, and Tavin Devill from Evergreen in Third.

In the 14 to 17 year old class we had Mark Hominda from the Gerties in First, and
Bridget Heiland from Evergreen in Second.

In the adult class we had Anita Bader from the Gerties in First, Joanna Truchot from
Evergreen in Second, and George Sage from Evergreen in Third.
                                 Evergreen A’s Board Meeting Minutes

                                Holiday Inn in Issaquah          Date: 4/5/2011

President Mike Kelley called the meeting to order at 11:32am. Board members in attendance: Mike Kelley (President),
George Sage (Vice President), Howard Truchot (Treasurer), Terri Kelley (Secretary), plus Trustees: Larry Grant, Frank
Rosin, Dirk Heuser & Joanna Truchot. Guest, Joan Cress, stopped by to donate items that belonged to Archie.

The March Board Meeting Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: The Board approved the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Howard Truchot.

Donations from Joan Cress: Joan has many collectable magazines & books that belonged to Archie, which she wants
to donate to the club. Some items will be placed in the club’s library, some will be auctioned off at the General Meeting.

Committee Reports
Membership: New Membership Applications and checks first go to Joan Cress for recording, then to the Treasurer,
Howard Truchot. Mike will check the application form on our website to ensure it matches the “paper” application form.
Joan will obtain the MAFCA membership number for new member, Charlie Gillette, for next year’s roster.

Parades: Mike has the action to write a short description of our club that would be read by parade announcers as our cars
drive by. Mike will complete this by the next Board meeting & route to Board members for review. We still need a focal
for the Renton parade. Dan Briggs will focal the Auburn Veteran’s Day on November 5th.

Programs: Frank will video tape the license plate program by the Baders. Dick Morris is working with Buffalo Restoration
for a future program. Frank attended a Kirkland Heritage meeting & years ago, 3-4 planes were recovered from Lake
Washington & documented during the process. He will talk to Dick about making this a future program.

Seminars: At the general meeting we will find out if members want another engine reassembly seminar. Howard
suggested a “telephone tree” should be called, based on a list of regular seminar attendees.

Patches: Mike scanned a “Seattle” patch and received an estimate back from Butler. Joanna said Merlin Cavender
thought many Seattle patches & back patches were in the box of miscellaneous items given to Mike. Mike will recheck
the box for these patches.

Gertie Swap Meet: Attendance was down overall.

Tool Library: Frank said the brake reamer is missing. Mike said he has a hub-puller and 2 were given to Jim Heye.
Frank will check inventory & get a list of missing tools to Mike. Mike will then email the list out to club members to request
help in locating lost/missing tools.

Tours & Club Events: Mike reviewed tours planned through September. George agreed to make a note on the club
calendar letting people know that “green text” is for “info only” (i.e., not a club-planned event). George will update the
calendar & send it to Mike so he can add it to the website & notify the Board it print-ready.

   Dirk & George reported that 12 rooms have been booked, plus Lee Thomas is planning to come.
   George has received a request from Mission Health Care to bring cars on May 11th.
   The President’s Tour will be on May 7th to the South Prairie Fly-in, but he needs someone to head-up the north-end
    tour. Joanna has an old route write-up for this.
   The June General Meeting has moved from Thursday, June 9th to Saturday, June 11th from 10am-12 noon for a
    breakfast buffet meeting at the Golden Steer in Kent ($10.19 per person plus tax & gratuity). After breakfast we will
    go on a garage tour to Breiting’s, Hamilton’s & Greenfield’s.
   Frank will coordinate the July 4th Kirkland Parade.
   Joanna will focal the car tour to the Redmond Senior Center on July 13th.
   Mike will check with Jim Barbee regarding the auction & if it is a go, he will coordinate a date.
   Mike needs someone to help coordinate the Port Orchard tour to see the steam trains. We’ll be meeting the Gertie
    club there.
 Joanna will check with Joan Cress to see if she wants to do the ice cream social this year.
 Larry Grant agreed to help the Kelleys with the August 14th general meeting & picnic at the Arboretum.
 Joanna agreed to check with Bob & Pat Watson to see about another Warm Beach picnic.
 Lee Thomas will be coordinating the September 17-18th Mystery Tour.
 George & Dirk will coordinate International Model A Day on September 10th.
Next Board Meeting is May 4th, 6:30pm at the Redmond Pancake House. Mike will set up the reservation. Mike is
hopeful that Steve Elms will be able to attend our Board meetings.

Echoes Reporter: Mike wrote up a description for this job & Ila Sage agreed to fill the position.

Action Item Review

       Echoes Ads: George said Ila will mail out invoices to collect money for the ads

Judging Standards: Merlin Cavender wants our stores to purchase updated judging standards. If 5 or more copies are
ordered, shipping is paid by MAFCA. Mike will bring this up at the general meeting & collect money upfront.

Vests: Joanna will bring vest sizing information to the general meeting.

Car Display Signs: George showed us the sign he & Dell Schweitzer created for display with George’s car.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:27pm.       Respectfully submitted, Terri Kelley, Secretary

                                 Evergreen A’s - Officers
                 Officers                  Name                      Phone                          E-Mail
                 President:              Mike Kelley              206-630-2629      
                 Vice President:        George Sage               253-208-5982        
                 Treasurer:            Howard Truchot             425-562-0450     
                 Secretary:             Terri Kelley              253-630-2629       
                           *CLASSIFIED ADS and such*
   There is no charge for classified ads. Give to, call, send, or email to the editor, Steve Elms, 425-765-9670,, 2416 164th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98008. Ads will automatically run in the “Evergreen Echoes”
   for two months. Please notify the editor if you want to cancel the second month.         A “+” at the end of an ad
   means that this ad is from another club newsletter, national magazine, or another source, and will run only once.

 For Sale: 1930 Model ‘A’ Coupe    $17,500 or best offer
 Rick Koch 206 - 940 – 7520 or

Help Needed: A Model A friend in MT needs a re-buildable
Emergency Brake Cross Shaft that is complete with good arms
for a 1931 Town Car. Can anyone help? Please email:

For Sale:
1930 Standard Roadster
Same owner since 1972.
This car has been a daily                                              For Sale: '30 Model A pickup. Restored 30+ years
driver. This car is stored                                             ago. Washington era plates, hydraulic brakes, 12 volt
in Vancouver, WA.                                                      negative ground, alternator. Runs fine. Asking $9500
Engine rebuilt by Alan                                                 but I am motivated to sell and will consider all offers.
Sherman.                                                               Jim Campbell, 206-772-5285.
Top and Upholstery by Les Burns. 16” Kelsey-Hays rims
Has been stored in garage all the time. Stock except for the wheels.
Selling as is, no warranties    Selling Price $15,000                  For Sale: Set of front fenders for ’30-’31 Model A.
Contact: Patrick Kelley                            Excellent shape, no beads or dents, need paint $650
Home: 360 254-2021                                                     Also - new running boards, still in the box, painted on
Cell: 360 448-3808                                                     the bottom, for ’30-’31 $450
                                                                       Please call Gary DuPens 360-379-1099 or email at
     Wanted: CHOKE ROD -                                     
     smooth edge and teardrop
     shape. Fluted headlight lens.
     Merlin Cavender 206 283 8491

 Model A Ford Club of America
 250 South Cypress Street
 La Habra, CA 90631-5586
 Phone 562-687-2712

 MAFCA dues are $40 per year. Dues for new
 members may be paid at any time. Dues paid between
 November 1 and December 31 is valid for the
 remainder of the year paid plus the following year.
 With your check, send in your name, spouse’s name,
 and complete address. An optional extra $10 with dues
 includes a club pin, decal, badge, windshield card, and
 a back issue of the Restorer magazine. If you use
 MasterCard or Visa, include the expiration date and
 your signature.
 Membership includes a subscription to the Restorer
Evergreen Chapter
Model A Ford Club of America
PO Box 15133 Wedgwood Station
Seattle WA 98115-0133

           Member #120
       Ed and Ann Strickland
                                    New Members!!
                                     Welcome to the Evergreen “A’s”
            PO Box 1606
      Kinston WA, 98346-1606
                                           Member #122
                                     Charlie and Sharon Gillette
                                           21506 SE 37th
          Member #121
                                      Sammamish, WA 98075
            Tom Seiber
        13213 239th Way NE
        Redmond, WA. 98053

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