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Episode 12

We open on a large pile of wooden debris in the jungle. We stay on this shot for about 20 seconds, and then it starts slightly moving. Something springs out of it. It‟s Bernard‟s head. We‟re back in 1977, now following what happened to Rose and Bernard. Bernard gets up, terrifyingly looking at the sky, which is purple. BERNARD: “Rose! Rooosssee!” Rose is visible under the debris of their cabin. Bernard slowly helps her up.

ROSE: “What just happened?” BERNARD: “I think they did it, Rose.” ROSE: “I thought Kate was going to stop them from blowing up that contraption.” BERNARD: “Well, they must have changed their mind. Honey, the Dharma folk will be searching the area soon to try to find them. We have to get out of here. Where can we go?” ROSE: “Well, there‟s the old camp site… Well, scratch that. It‟s gone.” BERNARD: “It doesn‟t matter what happens. It doesn‟t matter where we go. Just we need to get away from here.” A Dharma team runs from the jungle. DHARMA GUY 1: “Who the hell are you?” DHARMA GUY 2: “I think they‟re with the hostiles. Shoot „em.” Four gunshots. We think Rose and Bernard have been shot, but we see now that someone has shot the Dharma team. ROSE: “Who…” JULIET‟S VOICE: “Just go.” Fuliet emerges from the jungle. FULIET: “Just go. It‟s not safe here. Go to the caves.” ROSE: “You‟re supposed to be dead. You were there when that thingy went off, weren‟t you?” FULIET: “Yeah, Rose, actually, I detonated it. But what you need to do is go to the caves.”

BERNARD: “You aren‟t Juliet. You weren‟t with us when we lived in the caves, so how could you know about it?” FULIET: “Just go.” She disappears into the jungle.


Act Two

(On Island, 2026) We open this scene back in the future with the scene with the helicopter crashing. We know who‟s in it, but the survivors don‟t (Remember, we‟re in the future. Ilana turned the wheel and showed up off island in 2026, and she and an older Charlie Hume collaborated to bring Aaron and Ji Yeon to the island). There is a group still huddled around Jack, who has been shot by Widmore. SAWYER: “Jesus! Was that a damn helicopter?!?” DESMOND: “You go check it out. I gotta help Jack.” Miles and Sawyer get up along with Richard. They look at the burning wreckage. Sawyer runs in and helps out Aaron, Ji Yeon and Charlie, even though he doesn‟t know who they are. The pilot gets out himself and Ilana is nowhere to be found. Miles helps Sawyer lay everybody down. The pilot takes off his helmet. It‟s a black haired guy who resembles Christian Bale.

PILOT: “Oh my god, this thing got snarled up pretty bad. Who the hell are you?” SAWYER: “I‟d ask you the same thing.” PILOT: “Uh, well, we just crashed. I had four people flying. They were trying to get to this island. Hell, one of them was so anxious she jumped out about a click back.” SAWYER: “Who are all these people? Who are you?” PILOT: “My name‟s Scott DeGroot.” SAWYER: “I‟ve heard that name from somewhere.” SCOTT: “Yeah, probably because my parents founded the Dharma Initiative.” SAWYER: “Well hell, young gun. You got some big shoes to fill. As you can see by my nice little jumpsuit, about a week ago me and all my friends were in the DI.” SCOTT: “How could you be in the DI? It‟s been gone for almost 50 years!” SAWYER: “It‟s thirty years, know it all. I thought you‟d know, since your parents founded the damn hippy nation.” SCOTT: “Don‟t talk about them like that. Respect the dead. And it has been fifty years. In case you‟ve been living twenty years in the past, it‟s been fifty years?” SAWYER: “What the hell you talking about? What year is it for you?” SCOTT: “I think I know what‟s going on… That girl who jumped out a click back, she turned a wheel. She changed time. You‟re in the future, hick.” SAWYER: “I asked you what the damn year was.” SCOTT: “It‟s 2026.” Everyone in the group is staring with a “What the hell?” look on their face. End scene. Now we‟re back at the beach camp. Hurley and Walt are sitting on the beach, since all the tents are gone.

HURLEY: “So, dude. What have you been up to?” WALT: “In case you didn‟t notice, I came back. That‟s what I‟ve been up to… Hurley, can I ask you something?” HURLEY: “Uh, sure dude.” WALT: “What would you do if you had… an ability? An ability that could save everyone you cared about?” HURLEY: “Uh, I‟d use my superpower to save everyone I cared about. Duh, dude.” WALT: “But that‟s not the only side of it. What if you couldn‟t control this ability? What if you made a mistake and it could kill all your friends instead of saving them?” HURLEY: “What‟s this about, dude?” WALT: “Can I tell you a secret, Hurley?” We zoom in on Hurley‟s face. End scene.

Act Three

(On Island, 1977) Bernard and Rose are walking through the jungle. ROSE: “So how could you believe that‟s really Juliet?” BERNARD: “I don‟t know. She probably came running back here to help us when she found out she wasn‟t going to stop Jack. And she got here right after we woke up. So she couldn‟t have been far from us. That means it‟s possible she could have survived.”

ROSE: “That doesn‟t explain the fact that she shows up, shoots a bunch of men and then tells us to go to the caves, which she knows nothing about.” BERNARD: “Alright, then, Rose. At least she helped us.” ROSE: “Yeah, I‟ll give her that.”

Now we‟re back in 2026. Sawyer has just learned that he is in 2026 from Scott DeGroot. MILES: “Whoa, whoa. 2026?” SCOTT: “Why are you so surprised? You‟ve been through all those time shifts before.” MILES: “But none this far in the future. And here‟s what I need to know. How do you know about the time flashes we went through?” SCOTT: “My dad pretty much has record of everything that went on here. Don‟t ask me how, he just does.” SAWYER: “So who the hell are these unconscious bastards lying on the ground here that flew in with you?” Scott looks peculiarly at Desmond. SCOTT: “Are you… Are you Desmond Hume?” Desmond looks up from Jack, and we notice Desmond has just pulled the bullet out with his hands. DESMOND: “Yeah, brotha. Why?” SCOTT: “Because one of these three… One of them is your son.” Desmond and Penny are absolutely shocked. End scene.

Now we‟re in the jugle. We‟re focused on a parachute, hanging in the trees. We pan down to see someone hanging down from the strings. We see a shot of the closed eye of the person, and it opens. We zoom out, it‟s Ilana. She looks around for a moment. Upon realizing she‟s stuck 30 feet above the ground, she panics. She is about to cut the ropes when a voice is heard. VOICE: “Hello, Ilana.” We see it‟s someone from below. It‟s Bram, who is dead. Ilana does not know this. We know that it is not really Bram, so we‟ll call him Fram. FRAM: “You got back quite quickly.” ILANA: “I was anxious. Can you help me get down?” FRAM: “Just do it yourself, Ilana. You know you can. Cut the rope and grab a branch. Climb down. And then, I have work for you to do.” Ilana smiles. End scene.

Act Three

Back now in the jungle, we follow Kate, who has run to find Jack and co. in the jungle. She stumbles upon them. She sets eyes on the helicopter, and looks shocked for a moment. We then see her looking at the injured Jack. The only one attending to him is Richard. Desmond and Penny have gotten up and are trying to wake up their old son. Kate runs to Jack.

KATE: “Why is nobody helping him?” SAWYER: “Because, Freckles, we just found out that the people who crashed in this helicopter are Claire‟s, Desmond‟s, and Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon‟s kids.” KATE: “What the hell are you talking about? They‟re almost as old as us.” SAWYER: “We‟re in 2026. That‟s where the island moved to this time. That Ilana chick brought these three back to the island.” KATE: “Aaron‟s with them?” MILES: “Yeah, he‟s lying over there. He‟s still out cold. I think he and the Korean chick might wake up soon.” Kate gives Aaron a look. She begins to tear up, but tries to hide it by helping Richard. KATE: “Can we save him? Can‟t Jacob here just touch him and heal him like he did to me?” JACOB: “I can heal anyone but him, sweetheart.” KATE: “Do… Do I know you from somewhere?” Jacob just smiles. RICHARD: “Yeah, Kate, I think we can save him. We just need to get him to the staff to clean the wound.” KATE: “Alright, let‟s do that and then bring him back to the beach.” JACOB: “Sorry, Katie. We can‟t do that. There‟s something that we have to show him. If we don‟t show him soon, there will be… Repercussions.” KATE: “Then fine, Richard. I‟ll go with you to help him, and I‟ll go with you to show him whatever you want to show him.” RICHARD: “So be it. Will you help me get something to use as a stretcher?”

SCOTT: “There‟s a flat piece of metal from the helicopter door. You can use that.” RICHARD: “Yeah, thanks.” We end on a scene of the group splitting up. Kate, Richard, and Jacob are carrying Jack. Sawyer, Miles, Desmond, Penny and Scott are tending to Aaron, Ji Yeon and Charlie. Kate gives one last look at Sawyer. KATE: “Richard, can you two carry him? I need to… talk to Sawyer.” RICHARD: “Yeah, Kate. Catch up with us later.” Kate and Sawyer run to each other and kiss. SAWYER: “Freckles…” KATE: “James… I just need you to know that if I never see you again… I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for everything that you‟ve done. I‟ll never forget you, James Ford.” Sawyer and Kate depart from each other. We end on shots of Kate and Sawyer‟s crying faces as the scene ends.

Act Four We‟re in the Staff. Jack is awake and being bandaged up by Richard. RICHARD: “Weird, huh? Now it‟s me who had to cauterize your wound.” Jack chuckles. JACK: “What are you planning to show me, again?” JACOB: “We‟re gonna show you how you can end this, Jack. All of this. This war, this ongoing struggle.” JACK: “Whatever I have to do to make sure my people are safe, I‟ll do.”

Jack gets up from the table. JACK: “Let‟s go.” Jacob leads the three into the tunnels, and we switch scenes to Ilana and Fram. FRAM: “Ilana, Jacob has ordered something. He wants you to do something for him.” ILANA: “What is that, Bram?” FRAM: “He has changed his mind. He wants to end the war in a different way then what was planned. He wants every single thing gone. This island, he says, has lived long enough. It needs to be put to its peace.”

Now we‟re back with Rose and Bernard, who have reached the caves. They are sitting there when they hear the clicking noise. The smoke monster is upon them. It circles them. The two now hold hands. ROSE: “Bernard… I‟ll always love you.” BERNARD: “Rose, this island has been so great to us. I guess now, it‟s over. We had a good run, didn‟t we?” ROSE: “Yeah, Bernard. We did.” The smoke monster morphs into Esau, who is holding „The Pouch‟. ESAU: “Hello, love birds.” Rose and Bernard just sit, staring into each other‟s eyes. Esau is frustrated by this. He throws the pouch at them, and walks away. The two still sit, staring into each other‟s eyes. Now the monster is back, and it is thrashing them around.

It kills them, and then gently lays them in the spot in the caves. Adam and Eve are discovered. We switch to Ilana and Fram, who are walking, and they stumble upon the group by the helicopter. FRAM: “Hello, there.” SAWYER: “You‟re supposed to be d…” FRAM: “I obviously am not, James. Now every one of you must come with us.” SAWYER: “I‟m not going anywhere with you, hoss.” FRAM: “You can bring your children, too.” We see now that all three children are awake (even though they aren‟t children, I will refer to them as this because it‟s the easiest way to refer to all of them). AARON: “Ilana, can we trust this man?” ILANA: “Yes, Aaron, of course.” The group begins to follow Fram. ILANA: “So, Bram, you said that Jacob wants to end this island and put it out of its misery.” FRAM: “Yes.” ILANA: “How can I do that?” FRAM: “There is a large, large pocket of energy on this island. It is stronger than anyone could imagine.” ILANA: “What does this have to do with anything?” FRAM: “It has to do with it, Ilana, because it‟s the way you‟re going to end this. You‟re going to destroy the island by releasing the energy.”


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