Meidias Painter Hydria

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					Fact Scan:
Date:        c.410BC
Type:        Hydria (Storing and pouring water – 3 handles)
Technique:   Red figure (the figures are red, duh?!!)
Potter:      Meidias
Painter:     Meidias Painter (Painted the vases potted by Meidias)
Height:      52.2 cm
Subject:     Abduction of daughters of Leucippos
             Herakles in the Garden of the Hesperides
                     Upper Register
  Castor and Pollux – having been advised to get married, go into
the sanctuary of Aphrodite and steal (with the intention of
“knowing”) the daughters of Leucippos – Eriphyle and Hilaeira –
as they are innocently gathering flowers
  The goddess Aphrodite is present – reclining beside an altar and
in statue form between the 2 chariots.
  On the extreme left (visible on an old fashioned slide) is Zeus (father of
the Discouri) holding a sceptre.
  On the extreme right, Peitho the goddess of Persuasion runs away in
distress (but fortunately remembers to turn around and see Eriphyle
being carried away)
  To the left of the altar, Chryseis gathers flowers (while a violent
abduction takes place): how nice! Agaue runs towards Zeus – but holds
her dress as she does so!
  At a higher level, Pollux has already captured Hilaeira and is about to
take off in the chariot. He is seated and is carrying her on his lap.
  To the left, Castor’s chariot is being looked after by his charioteer,
Chrysippos. Clearly he is having some difficulty grabbing hold of
Eriphyle. The horses stand patiently – nice horses!
A large, stylized and very ugly
palmette is drawn on the reverse
and surrounds the very awkward
area of the third handle

There are decorative bands
  Stylized egg and dart pattern
around the lip
  Palmettes on the neck
  Meanders with boxes below each
of the friezes
  Stylized tongues surround the

The lower register encircles the
                      Lower Register
  Herakles (right with club, lion skin and looking rather effeminate)
accompanied by his nephew (Iolaos) have come to the garden of
the Hesperides.
  They seek the golden apples of immortality (doesn’t everyone
except Juvenal?!)
                     Lower Register
  The apples are on the tree – protected by a dragon.
  This scene goes all the way round the vase. The other characters
are either members of the Argonauts ( 7 of Jason’s mates) or 4
other maidens. Their names are available to keen people in the
  Hair styles
  Dragon skin -
ground lines
         Features of the Mannerist style
 A fascination with drapery and intricate folds – embroidery even
on the cloaks of heroes
 Interest in female anatomy – it is clearly revealed under the
drapery and includes nipples (rare in females in vase painting)
 Interest in decoration – such as the coronets, earrings, necklaces
and bracelets
  Theatrical or elegant poses and gestures – even when totally
inappropriate to the narrative