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									             Town North Family YMCA Rental Contract

Name: __________________________                          Activity: __________________________
Home Number: __________________                           Cell Phone: ________________________
Date of Rental: ___________________                       Date Balance Due: __________________
Date Reservation made: ____________                       Date Balance Paid: _________R#________

All Pool Rentals begin on Saturdays and Sundays at 6:15pm for the Indoor Pool and Outdoor Pool
during closed facility hours.

Minimum age for pool parties must be at least 5. Ages below 5 must have special approval.

   •   Indoor Pool:
       Includes 2 Lifeguards, one Pool Supervisor and one Facility Monitor for up to 25 participants.

   •   Outdoor Pool:
       Includes 3 Lifeguards and one Pool Supervisor for up to 50 participants.

   •   Instructional Pool:
       Includes 2 Lifeguards and one Pool Supervisor for up to 25 participants.

   •   Spray Ground:
       Includes 1 Lifeguard and one Pool Supervisor for up to 50 participants.

   •   MP Rooms:
       Includes one Facility Monitor to set up and break down the tables and chairs. They will
       also assist the guest in finding their party room.

   •   Adventure Zone:
       Includes one Facility Monitor for up to 25 participants.

Number of participants________________         Boys / Girls / Both       Age Range _________
                                                     (Circle one)

                                                 of         Number
Areas Being Rented                               Rental     of hours   Rates     Price
Indoor Pool                                                            $225/hour
Outdoor Pool                                                           $275/hour
Instructional Pool                                                     $200/hour
Pool Inflatable(includes a LG w/o charge)                              $75/hour
Spray Ground with pool rental                                          $75/hour
Spray Ground w/o pool rental                                           $150/hour
MP Rooms during hours of operations                                    $75/hour
MP Rooms after hours of operations                                     $125/hour
Adventure Zone                                                         $75/hours
Additional Lifeguard                                                   $25/hour
                                                                       Total       $
              Town North Family YMCA Rental Contract
                                        Rental Contract
Thank you for selecting Town North Family YMCA to host your event. To ensure your safety
and enjoyment, we ask that you and your guests abide by the following rules and guidelines:

    1)  Food is not permitted in the pool area.
    2)  Alcohol is not permitted on YMCA property.
    3)  Smoking is not permitted in the YMCA.
    4)  Guests will not be allowed in the YMCA facility areas except those designated by this
        contract. All activities will be confined to the YMCA area and time period reserved.
    5) Please ask your guests to arrive at a specific time. During hours of operation, the pool and
        Adventure Zone will be open to the public. The YMCA will be closed to the public after
        normal hours of operation.
    6) The areas you rent must be cleaned when your rental is finished and all trash must be
        taken outside to the trash bin.
    7) The lifeguard will conduct a swim evaluation at the beginning of the pool rental to
        determine which participants are able to swim in the deep end of the pool. The lifeguard
        may recommend that a participant wear a lifejacket.
            a) Children that can swim 25 yards in a strong manner will be allowed to use the
                entire pool. (Green arm band)
            b) Children that can swim 15 feet, or are capable of standing in the shallow end of
                the pool with their head out of the water, will be permitted in the shallow end of
                the pool only. (Pink arm band)
            c) Children that can not swim must be within an arm’s length of an adult caregiver at
                all times or must wear a USCG approved flotation device. The child will be
                required to stay in the shallow end of the pool. USCG approved life vests will be
                provided by the YMCA. (Red arm band)
    8) All guests must obey the rules and guidelines listed in this contract as well as the pool
        rules posted in the area. Any behavior in violation of these rules and/or behavior deemed
        inappropriate or unsafe by the lifeguard or facility monitor will not be tolerated.
    9) You will be given 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to set up. The area must be
        cleaned up and you and your guest must be out of the area at the end of your scheduled
    10) Staff members are scheduled for your party only. If you stay later than the scheduled
        time, you will have to pay for an extra hour of rental time.
    11) Rental Fees must be paid in full 7 days prior to your actual event. The rental may be
        cancelled if fees are not paid in full by the due date. Contact Sang Kim at the
        YMCA immediately of any information changes. 214-357-8431 ext. 27 or

By my signature and of my free will, I do hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless the YMCA Of
Metropolitan Dallas from any and all claims or demands, costs or expenses arising out of any injuries,
damages or other losses, whether personal or property, sustained by me or any party to whom I am
The YMCA reserves the right to warn, suspend, or dismiss any program participant or member
from our programs and facilities upon the following conditions: if their behavior posses a threat
to themselves or others; if they require an inordinate amount of attention from the staff thereby
causing inadequate levels of supervision for the remainder of the participants or members; if
their behavior is determined to be inappropriate within the scope and spirit of the YMCA values;
for any reason within the discretion of the YMCA management.

Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________

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