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                                                   Spring/Summer 2005


                                     W       e would like to welcome the many people who are receiving their first is-
                                             sue of this newsletter. The A-T Project was founded over 12 years ago to
                                     promote bio-medical research and has been supported since that time by a national
                                     network of friends, family, corporations, foundations, churches and charitable or-
                                     ganizations. The A-T Project has just been renamed The Longevity Foundation to
                                     better communicate our purpose of supporting research into neurodegeneration,
                                     cancer, and other degenerative diseases associated with premature aging.
                                     Through these pages, we hope to explain to new readers why we were formed and
                                     what we are accomplishing. At the same time, we look forward to reconnecting
                                     with our long-time supporters and updating them on recent developments. The one
                                     unified message we hope to convey is that The A-T Project has made huge pro-
                                     gress to date with relatively limited resources. With your help, we will continue to
                                     benefit the world of bio-medical research and degenerative disease prevention as
                                     The Longevity Foundation.
                                     Because of the different experiences of our readers, the articles in this newsletter
                                     vary in their scope and complexity. We hope that you will at least scan the pages
Patrick with Bean, his service dog   and become familiar with what our organization is doing so that you can decide if
                                     you want to either continue or begin to be a part of it. The articles will address the
      Inside This Issue
                                     following topics that we hope you find of interest:
Patrick’s story ………..………...2
                                      Who Patrick Howard was and how he inspired the creation of The A-T Pro-
The A-T Project Becomes The              ject.
Longevity Foundation: We Want
You to Live Better, Not Just          What “A-T” is and how it relates to most known neuro- and immunodegenera-
Longer!………………………....3                    tive diseases, including cancer.
Researchers Successfully Treat
Two Models of Degenerative            What scientists have learned thus far about degenerative diseases through the
Disease………………………....4                    support of The A-T Project.
Russian Drug Holds Great Prom-        Why The A-T Project is now becoming The Longevity Foundation.
ise For Treating Multiple Inflam-
matory Diseases………………..5              How you can participate with The Longevity Foundation and benefit from its
Inflammation, Auto-Immunity              research and health information bulletins.
and Free Radicals: It’s All About
Electrons………………………..6                We welcome your new or continued involvement. Together, we can make a real
                                     difference in our lives and the lives of others of all ages!
Health Alerts: For Your Quality
Of Life………………………….7
Donor Report…………………...8              The Longevity Foundation supports collaborative, leading-edge research
Thank You…………………….10                 into the treatment and prevention of neurodegeneration, cancer, and other
How to Help Fight Neurodegen-        diseases associated with premature aging. Additionally we provide disease
eration and Cancer…………….11           prevention and other health information to all who are int erested.
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      “May you live all the years of your life.”
                 Jonathan Swift

T      his story begins with a courageous young man
       named Patrick Howard, who, in his short life, in-
spired a medical research campaign that has the poten-
tial of helping untold numbers of both children and
adults. When Patrick was five and a half years old, his
parents noticed that he seemed to be a little bit clumsy
and uncoordinated. Concerned, they took Patrick for
tests, which came back with every parent’s worst night-
mare. Patrick had a rare and progressively debilitating
genetic disorder known as ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T).
A-T would not only diminish Patrick’s balance and
motor function, but also cause his immune system to
deteriorate, likely concluding with his death from can-
cer at an early age.
Devastated by his diagnosis, Patrick’s family and                                   Patrick and Bill
friends set out in an attempt to change the course of
what was destined to occur. Almost by chance, Pat-            and other diseases, Dr. Lynn joined forces with Dr.
rick’s aunt, Judy Butler, came in contact with a re-          Paul Wong at M. D. Anderson’s Science Park-Research
searcher whom she thought could help. The researcher,         Division in Smithville, Texas. Together, Doctors Lynn
Dr. Bill Lynn, had come from Duke University to do            and Wong have led a brilliant team of scientists who
research on aging at the University of Texas Medical          have made landmark discoveries in the fields of neuro-
Branch in Galveston. Upon meeting Patrick, Dr. Lynn                                   and immunodegenerative dis-
established an instant bond with him                                                  eases. Among many notable
on a personal level and became fasci-                                                 achievements, their team is the
nated with A-T for its scientific rele-        A-T is sometimes called the
                                                                                      first in the world to prevent lym-
vance to his work.                       Rosetta Stone of medical research be- phoma in mice with A-T and to
                                            cause unlocking its mysteries will        prevent neurodegeneration in
A-T is sometimes called the Rosetta translate into an understanding of a
                                                                                      mice with a similar engineered
Stone of medical research because
                                           myriad of degenerative diseases in- virus. These remarkable break-
unlocking its mysteries will translate
                                          volving the nervous and immune sys- throughs have set the stage for
into an understanding of a myriad of
degenerative diseases involving the              tems, including cancer.              further advancements.
nervous and immune systems, includ-                                                   To better convey its mission, The
ing cancer. Many of these diseases                                                    A-T Project has been renamed
are associated with aging. Children with A-T suffer           The Longevity Foundation. The Foundation is dedi-
age-related symptoms in their teens that the general          cated to funding scientists who will collaborate with
population suffers in their advanced years.                   each other, as well as Dr. Lynn’s and Dr. Wong’s team
                                                              and its affiliates. At present, this network includes re-
After recruiting Dr. Lynn in 1991, Patrick’s family and
                                                              searchers at Duke University and Cato Research in
friends organized a foundation, named The A-T Pro-
                                                              North Carolina, Northwestern University in Chicago,
ject, to support Dr. Lynn’s research and that of others
                                                              Texas A&M University, The University of Texas at
around the country. Despite Dr. Lynn’s tireless efforts
                                                              Austin, The University of Texas Medical Branch in
and Patrick’s valiant will, Patrick died at age 14½ with
                                                              Galveston, and Shanghai Medical University in China.
complications from lymphoma and a bone marrow
                                                              Dr. Wong has also participated in the planning of a pro-
                                                              posed new clinic for A-T and other related diseases and
In his work to save Patrick and learn more about A-T          disorders at M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston. For-
                                                              tunately, there is no end to this story.
                                                                                                                  Page 3

                    The A-T Project Becomes The Longevity Foundation:
                       We Want You to Live Better, Not Just Longer!
       The poor old chaise in a heap or mound,                      “neuroimmunodegeneration” and published a book
       As if it had been to the mill and ground!                    (available through explaining the perva-
                                                                    sive nature of this biological phenomenon. They and
      You see of course if you’re not a dunce, –                    others now believe that neurodegeneration and many
         How it went to pieces all at once,                         cancers are much the same disease, only in different
            All at once, and nothing first, –                       cells.
          Just as bubbles do when they burst.                       The inflammation connection to cancer and neurodegen-
                     ****************                               eration has received popular attention in a number of
         Excerpt from: The Deacon’s Masterpiece or                  recent publications, including the New York Times best
                   “The One-Hoss Shay”                              seller called “The Zone” by Dr. Barry Sears and more
                 by Oliver Wendell Holmes                           recently in the February 23, 2004 Time magazine cover
                                                                    story entitled “The Fires Within.” This Time article,

                                                                    readily understood by the lay reader, is a very well writ-
                      his excerpt is from a poem about a
                                                                    ten explanation of why inflammation is at the root of not
                      deacon who built a one-horse car-
                                                                    only cancers, but also diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkin-
                riage so that no one part would break
                                                                    son’s, Lou Gehrig’s, arthritis, diabetes, and heart dis-
                down before the whole thing was worn
                                                                    ease. (Contact us if you would like to see a copy.)
                out. The story exemplifies the purpose
of The Longevity Foundation. Our goal is to find inter-             In starting The A-T Project, we sought to emphasize the
ventions that will prevent organ systems from breaking              implications the research could potentially have for a
down before the whole body is ready to collapse all at              large percentage of the population. Our articles of incor-
once into a worn out heap!                                          poration state that we will collect and disseminate infor-
                                                                    mation and support research on A-T and all related dis-
When The A-T Project was founded in 1992, we knew
                                                                    orders, syndromes and physiological conditions. Now,
that the rare disorder with which our beloved Patrick
                                                                    over 12 years later, we are able to more certainly ex-
was diagnosed was not only extremely rare, but also
                                                                    plain how A-T is integral to the understanding of so
imminently important for understanding many of the
                                                                    many devastating diseases.
diseases afflicting humankind. It is now becoming in-
creasingly clear that the reason for the A-T gene’s im-             In recognition of the wide impact A-T research has had
portance is that its normal function is to control inflam-          and will have, we have changed the name of The A-T
mation.                                                             Project to The Longevity Foundation. By so doing, we
                                                                    believe our mission and our message will be more
Our principal researchers, Doctors Lynn and Wong, are
                                                                    clearly communicated to those on whom we must de-
among a number of pioneers world-wide who have iden-
                                                                    pend to help the researchers find treatments and cures
tified and explored the link between uncontrolled in-
                                                                    for the many common diseases related to A-T. Patrick’s
flammation and degenerative diseases of all kinds, in-
                                                                    inspiration lives on!
cluding     cancer.    They     coined    the    term

                                                        The Longevity Foundation’s Board of Directors

                                                    The Longevity Foundation’s board of directors includes Robert
                                                    Howard, Patrick’s father, Jack and Shirley Howard, Patrick’s grand-
                                                    parents, and Judy Butler, Patrick’s aunt. They are all founding
                                                    members of The A-T Project and have served continuously since its
                                                    inception in 1992. With generous help from many others, they have
                                                    also acted as the Foundation’s volunteer staff. As the Foundation’s
Dr. John Slopis, M.D.Anderson, Houston and
Judy (Howard) Butler, Longevity Foundation
                                                    planned expansion becomes reality, it is envisioned that the board’s
board member, discuss possible clinical trials of   membership and roles will evolve as well.
degenerative disease treatments.
   Page 4

     Researchers Successfully Treat Two Models of Degenerative Disease,
                         Publish Landmark Papers

F    or years, researchers sponsored by The A-T Project
     have used two main models of degenerative dis-
ease for their experiments. One of these models is A-T,
                                                          and many other neuro– and immunodegenerative dis-
                                                          eases with similar inflammatory characteristics.
                                                          Na Liu, M.D., with the help of the M. D. Anderson team
which causes symptoms of neuro- and immuno-
                                                          and colleague George
degenerative diseases, particularly cancer. The other
                                                          Stoica of Texas A&M
model is the ts1 virus, developed by Dr. Paul Wong
                                                          University, has led a
over 20 years ago as a mutation of a leukemia gene. The
                                                          three year effort which
symptoms caused by ts1 closely resemble those of HIV-
                                                          has now resulted in
AIDS and Lou Gehrig’s disease, causing both neuro-
                                                          identifying the probable
logical degeneration and cancer.
                                                          cause of neurodegenera-
                                    Recent work in Dr.    tion in A-T as oxidative
                                    Wong’s laboratory     stress. Her discovery is
                                    has now identified    a milestone, not only in
                                                                                   Paul Wong, Ph.D. and Na Liu, M.D.
                                    ways to eliminate     understanding A-T, but make final revisions to her paper for
                                    the symptoms in       also in understanding publication.
                                    both degenerative     many age related neu-
                                    disease models. In    rodegenerative diseases. The paper is expected to be
                                    a paper published     published sometime this year in a major scientific jour-
                                    in the September 1,   nal.
                                     2002 issue of Can-
   Mingshan Yan, M.D. and Lifang                          Wenan Qiang, M.D. was
                                     cer Research, our
   Zhang prepare for an experiment.                       the lead author of a paper
                                     researchers    de-
                                                          published in the Novem-
scribed a drug protocol involving dexamethasone, a syn-
                                                          ber 2004 issue of the
thetic corticosteroid, that can both prevent and treat
                                                          Journal of Virology. Dr.
lymphoma development in mice with A-T. A follow-up
                                                          Qiang, now at Northwest-
paper has now been published in the November 2004
                                                          ern University, worked
issue of Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology re-
                                                          with his colleagues at M.
porting results that confirm and extend this finding.
                                                          D. Anderson, Science Wenan Qiang, M.D., Ph.D. and
Other papers now in preparation will show that the Rus-
                                                          Park to explain how a vi- Robert Howard, Longevity Foun-
sian drug, Galavit, prevents both the neurodegeneration
                                                          ral infection similar to dation board member, celebrate
and paralysis caused by the ts1 virus. These break-                                  the publication of Dr. Qiang’s
                                                          HIV-AIDS and ALS (Lou paper.
throughs are some of the most significant since both
                                                          Gehrig’s disease) can lead
degenerative models have been studied. (See exhibits 1
                                                          to neurodegeneration. His study also raised possibilities
and 2 on the following page.)
                                                          for preventing this and similar outcomes. Our support
These new discoveries are especially important because    and that of The A-T Children’s Project of Florida con-
the drugs used in the experiments, dexamethasone and      tinues for Wenan at Northwestern.
                                     Galavit, are drugs
                                     already in use in
                                     the United States,
                                     Germany or Russia
                                     for treatment of
                                     other conditions.
                                     At least theoreti-
                                     cally, these find-
                                     ings can therefore
                                     be applied more
                                     quickly     toward            Paul Wong, Ph.D. and Virginia
Yuhong Jiang, M.D., observes neurons
from mice treated with Galavit.      treatment of HIV-             Scofield, Ph.D. review a manuscript for
                                     AIDS, A-T, ALS,               publication.
                                                                                                                                Page 5

                                Russian Drug Holds Great Promise
                           For Treating Multiple Inflammatory Diseases

S    everal years ago, Dr. Bill Lynn became aware of a
     Russian drug, named Galavit, that was purported to
be beneficial for treating an array of diseases and
chronic conditions. Galavit’s worldwide distribution
rights holders approached Dr. Lynn, through his affilia-
tion with Cato Research in North Carolina, to help gain
FDA approval of Galavit in the United States. After re-
searching the drug by interviewing Russian scientists
and conducting lab experiments, Dr. Lynn has come to
believe that many of the initial reports about the drug
are true.
Galavit, now also available in Germany, was initially
developed by Russian scientists to treat cosmonauts who
were developing brain tumors because of cosmic radia-
tion exposure in the early days of their space program.
The Russian researchers discovered, and our researchers
are now confirming, that Galavit has many other posi-
tive properties. Indications are that Galavit can buffer
inflammatory responses without being toxic and without                          Mark Henry, CEO of Bach Pharma, and Bill Lynn,
over-suppressing the immune system, both of these be-                           M.D. discuss how Galavit can be used to prevent
                                                                                neurodegenerative diseases and radiation damage.
ing side effects of prescription and over-the-counter
anti-inflammatory drugs in common use in the United
States.                                                                    prevented the onset of paralysis in the ts1 virus model.
                                                                           This is the only such result in over 20 years of experi-
                                                                           ments with other potential treatments of this mouse syn-
      Galavit was developed by Russian                                     drome. Additionally, the researchers have found an indi-
   scientists to treat cosmonauts who were                                 cation of the drug’s anti-inflammatory effects in normal
           developing brain tumors                                         and A-T immune cells and plans are underway to use
        because of cosmic radiation ...                                    the drug for its ability to prevent or treat symptoms in a
                                                                           mouse model for Alzheimer’s disease. Galavit is one
                                                                           example of how The Longevity Foundation hopes to
Using Galavit, researchers in Dr. Wong’s group have                        help bring practical, near-term treatments to the public.

                           Exhibit 1                                                               Exhibit 2
       Dexamethasone inhibits the growth of solid tumors                           Antioxidant drug treatment can
     from Atm-/- tumor cells transplanted into normal mice
                                                                                          prevent paralysis
                                                                            We are testing a drug that can          ts1-infected mouse @
                                                                            prevent ts1-induced paralysis           30 days post-infection
                                   (No tumor in four mice)
                                                                                                    ts1-infected mouse
                                                                                                    treated with drug
  Anti-inflammatory treatment can reverse tumor                                                     looks normal
                               Kuang X, Cancer Chem Pharmacol, in press,    Antioxidant effect:                     We are currently testing
                                                                                                                    whether our drug, if taken
                                                                                                                    continuously, can also
                                                                            Antioxidant                Oxidants     Prevent ts1-induced
   Page 6

 Inflammation, Auto-Immunity and Free Radicals: It’s All About Electrons

E     lectrons, negatively charged particles attached to
      atoms, are essential to life. Their flow from one
atom to another causes the chemical interactions that
                                                             In this context, ROS produced for immune defense are
                                                             essential for protection against infectious diseases. As
                                                             noted above, healthy cells also generate ROS, but as a
allow us to move our bodies, think, generate energy,         by-product of normal energy production. There is no
digest food and perform every other task associated with     problem with either circumstance as long as: 1) no more
The movement of electrons attached to oxygen is espe-
cially important in our life functions. Oxygen molecules
donate the electrons needed to complete the energy pro-
duction cycle. The results of this exchange are poten-
tially harmful, however, because when oxygen donates
an electron, it becomes positively charged and seeks a
way to become stable again. If oxygen molecules re-
main unstable, they become free radicals or reactive
oxygen species (ROS) and seek to steal electrons from
other molecules. Our bodies naturally produce chemi-
cals known as anti-oxidants that donate extra electrons
to allow oxygen to return to stability. We believe that
the A-T gene is somehow involved with the production
or transport of the body’s most important anti-oxidant,
                                                             ROS are produced by the immune cells than are neces-
Some anti-oxidants, such as vitamin A, C, and E, must
                                                             sary to kill the invading pathogens, and 2) ROS pro-
be ingested in the diet. If not enough of these nor natu-
                                                             duced as a by-product of normal energy production are
rally produced anti-oxidants are available in cells, the
                                                             neutralized by adequate supplies of glutathione and
ROS remain unstable and harm other important mole-
                                                             other anti-oxidants.
cules. As free radicals, ROS can attack DNA, cellular
membranes, and other parts of cells, causing severe          The problem, then, occurs when these chemical reac-
damage. The processes involved are similar to those that     tions become out of balance in favor of ROS (as op-
cause rust to form, paint to dull, food to become rancid,    posed to stable oxygen molecules). An overload of ROS
and fire to burn. The cellular state in which ROS are        in cells can occur as a consequence of external factors
uncontrolled is known as oxidative                                               including radiation, certain toxic
stress.                                          Free radical damage             chemicals, cigarette smoke, metabo-
                                                                                 lism of excessive calorie intake, and
When ROS interact with DNA they              accumulates with age in all
                                                                                 excessive alcohol. An important inter-
cause mutations that can eventually           tissues and organs and is          nal source of excess ROS is an overac-
lead to cancer. When ROS interact            generally thought to be the         tive immune system, which can cause
with proteins or other molecules cause of the symptoms of aging. either chronic inflammation or auto-
within the cell, the resulting damage                                            immunity.
can cause a chain of events leading to
                                                             Regardless of the source of excessive ROS, they often
many diseases and chronic conditions, including neu-
                                                             damage or kill healthy cells, causing any number of im-
rodegeneration. Free radical damage accumulates with
                                                             munologically or neurologically degenerative diseases,
age in all tissues and organs and is generally thought to
                                                             including cancer. Other diseases with ROS damage in-
be the cause of the symptoms of aging.
                                                             clude ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), lupus, multiple scle-
In an example of how life is a matter of balance, the im-    rosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, rheuma-
mune system uses ROS to fight bacteria and viruses.          toid arthritis, heart disease, and some kinds of muscular
Cells involved in immune defenses actually produce and       dystrophy. We now believe that the normal A-T gene
release ROS for this purpose. ROS attack the bacteria        functions to prevent ROS-induced damage, probably
and viruses, killing them in much the same way in            because of its involvement with either the production or
which they damage healthy cells.                             transport of the anti-oxidant glutathione.
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                            Health Alerts: For Your Quality of Life

                   M      any degenerative diseases
                          are at least partially pre-
                  ventable through nutritional and
                                                             dium of the latest discoveries from all major scien-
                                                             tific journals.

                  life-style regimens. New health            We hope to provide some of the information you
                  and wellness discoveries are               need in a concise and accessible manner to help
                  coming out almost daily. We                make choices that will benefit not only you, but
hope to become a valuable resource for you in sift-          also your family and friends. We intend to dis-
ing through this information to find the discoveries         seminate this information through newsletters, the
that are the most important for you in your every-           web site and emailed health alerts for those who
day life.                                                    wish to participate.

Our information will be summarized from a vari-              Right now, we are interested in informing you
ety of sources and will give references for addi-            about the preventive qualities of alpha-lipoic acid,
tional information. Among other sources, we will             acetyl-l-carnitine, and fish oil. We would also like
consult with our researchers, including Bill Lynn,           to give you some information about MetaMetrix in
M.D. and James Heffley, Ph.D.,editor of the Jour-            Atlanta, which Jim Heffley says is doing amazing
nal of Applied Nutrition and the author of a weekly          things in the field of nutritional assessments and
column in The Austin Chronicle called “To Your               screening. If you would like us to send you infor-
Health.” We will also pass on significant findings           mation about these topics, email us at:
as reported in Science News, a weekly compen-      

             Michigan Teacher Publishes Book About Student With A-T

W       e have helped author Brian Shepard prepare
        background information on A-T that he has in-
cluded in his new book about a student he had with the
                                                            adults to make personal connections with the young peo-
                                                            ple in their lives and to raise awareness of ataxia-
                                                            telangiectasia, a rare neurodegenerative disease that
disorder. The following is an excerpt of a review by Tom    claimed the life of his former student at age 14.
Willard of “Sixth Hour With Kensington” that was pub-
lished last fall in The Oakland Press:
Early in his career, Brian Shepard knew he still had a
few things to learn about teaching. He just never ex-
pected one of his own pupils to supply the most impor-
tant lessons.
As a first-year instructor at a Waterford middle school,
Shepard found that he liked working with young people
but felt something missing in his interactions with them.
“A lot of times, I felt I was teaching at them and not
teaching to them,” he recalls.
The following year, Shepard took over sixth-grade math
and language arts at a school in Clarkston. That’s where
he met “Frankie,” the boy Shepard credits with chang-
                                                                          Website Information:
ing his outlook on education as well as serving as his
                                                            www.publishedauthor ianshepar d/index.html
inspiration to write his first book.
                                                                 Available As An Ebook or in Paperback at:
Now an assistant principal at Royal Oak’s Jane Addams
Middle School, Shepard says his goal in writing “Sixth
Hour with Kensington” was twofold: To encourage
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                                               DONOR REPORT
                                           December 2002 – April 2005
Listed below are financial contributors to The A-T Project during the past two years. As always, we greatly appreci-
ate your generosity! If this report contains any errors, if your name is not listed, or if you wish your gift to be re-
corded differently, please let us know.

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                                                                            North Andover, MA
Judy & Tom Whiteside                DUTCH SENN
Lynn Whitten & Jim Butler            Liz Shelton                           CYNTHIA’S COLLECTION II
Walt Wilkins                                                                Fredericksburg, TX
Dr. & Mrs. Donald G. Williams       HOWARD E. WENGER
Jim E. Wilson                        Estee & Marvin Smith                  GUARANTY BANK
Paul K.Y. Wong, Ph.D. &                                                     Casis Village #117, Austin, TX
                                    GIFTS IN HONOR OF
Pick-Hoong Yuen, Ph.D.                                                     KELLER’S RIVERSIDE STORE
Diana & Robert Woolard              JUDY BUTLER
                                                                            Mason, TX
Bill Worrell                         Frances & Ira Anderson
                                     John R. Evans                         LAZY OAKS BED AND BREAKFAST
Y_______________________                                                    Austin, TX
Lifang Zhang & Mingshan Yan, M.D.   FLOSSIE FARLEY’S
                                    90th BIRTHDAY                          OVER THE RAINBOW
GIFTS IN MEMORY OF                   Juanese Douglas                        Casis Village #123, Austin, TX

CLIFF ALSUP                         WHITNEY GREEN                          RANDALLS
 Amy & Michael Macari                Julie Green                            Austin, Dallas, Houston, TX

                                    NANCY HARVEY                           SAFEWAY, INC.
MRS. HELEN CLOUSE                    Kathleen & Harry Walker                Phoenix, AZ
 Ann Ruby
                                    RUTH ANN HODGES                        SUE PATRICK FASHIONS
DICK DRAPER                          Angela Hodges & Brent Alwin            Burnet Road, Austin, TX
 Dorothy & Max Pettit
                                                                           VICTORIA’S TIME
                                    ERICA HOWARD
                                                                            Salado, TX
KATHY EICHER                         Hooley Ball
 Liz Shelton                                                               WALLY’S
                                    JACK HOWARD                             Casis Village #124, Austin, TX
TINY FORD                            Anonymous
 Dorothy Nichols                     Hooley Ball                                        SCHOOLS
                                     John R. Evans                         WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN
EILEEN LAVES GUZICK                                                        DAY SCHOOL
 Ann Ruby                           ROBERT HOWARD
                                     Frances & Ira Anderson                          FOUNDATIONS
KAY PEARSON HARRISON                 Hooley Ball
                                     John R. Evans                         AUSTIN COMMUNITY FOUNDA-
 Ann Ruby                                                                  TION
                                    SHIRLEY HOWARD
GAYLE AICKLEN HIGGINS                                                      THE CHARLES & BETTIE SAUN-
                                     Hooley Ball
 Ann Ruby                                                                  DERS FOUNDATION/PAT, STEVE,
                                     John R. Evans
                                                                           KATE & IAN
SHERRILL ELIZABETH HODGES           PEGGY KIGER                                    MATCHING GIFTS
 Angela Hodges & Brent Alwin         Juanese Douglas
                                                                           AMD MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM
PATRICK HOWARD                      DR. BILL LYNN                           Susan K. Ingram
 Lillian & Charles Donald            Sharron Harrington
 Willie Mae & Tommy Edwards          Nancy & Frank Smith                   FANNIE MAE FOUNDATION
 Mary Ehman                                                                 Anita & Stan Kantrowitz
 Carolyn & John Gavurnik            MARTHA RICHARDSON                      J.P. MORGAN CHASE FOUNDATION
 Barbara & R. C. Houts               Juanese Douglas                       MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM
 Stan & Anita Kantrowitz                                                     Carol A. Nichols
   Page 10

                                 THANK YOU! “WE APPLAUD YOU!”

                              W        e have many people to thank for helping us keep The A-T Project alive and
                                       ready to move into its next phase as The Longevity Foundation. First and
                              foremost, we thank you, the contributors who have faithfully kept sending dona-
                              tions, those who have worked tirelessly to sponsor fundraising efforts, and those
                              who have given us many encouraging words.

                                Equally inspiring have been Bill Lynn, Paul Wong, and their team for never stop-
                                                                                ping with the research. Their dedica-
            Dr. Bill Lynn                                                       tion and commitment and our desire
Dr. Wenan
                            Dr. Na
                            Liu     Ms.
                                            Professor Ms. Jennifer
                                                                                to honor Patrick have reinforced our
Qiang                               Amy
                                    Reid    Paul Wong Voorhees     Dr. Mingshan
                                                                   Yan          belief that we must continue to sup-
                                                                                port their work.

                                                                                We want to give a special thanks to
                                                                                Sam Baker, Spider Johnson and Bill
                                                                                Worrell, who have performed for nu-
                                                                                merous benefit shows at Keller’s
                                                                                Store near Mason, Texas and Crock-
                                                                                ett and Dianna Keller who have
             Dr. Cynthia
                                       Dr. Yuhong
                                                    Dr. Xianghong
                                                                  Dr. Virginia
                                                                                h o st e d
             of the A-T Children’s                                              those
                                                                                T h e
                                                                                K e l -
Core research team (not pictured : George Stoica Ph.D., Texas A & M University) ler’s
                                                                                h a v e
                                                                                            Crockett & Dianna Keller
                                             also collected other donations from
                                             their patrons on a daily basis.

                                       Also, we want to express our sin-
                                       cerest gratitude to Joyce and
                                       C.R. Pennington for hosting a
                                       large fundraising event a year
                                       ago last fall at their beautiful
                                       home in Salado, Texas. We had a
                                       great time and the food and wine
   Spider Johnson & Sam Baker          were superb. Best of all, besides
                                       getting to hear Bill and Sam’s
 music, we got to see “The Dancin’ Grannies,” who are regulars at
 Esther’s Follies in Austin. The Pennington’s have offered to do a
 similar event this fall, so stay tuned for further details!

 All of these contributions and fundraising events have raised a sig-
 nificant amount of money during the past two years, allowing us to               C.R., Doug, and Joyce Pennington and
 respond to some of the needs of our dauntless researchers. We are                Bill Worrell pictured with a Worrell
 truly fortunate to have such wonderful friends and to be a part of               sculpture at the Pennington’s beautiful
 such an incredible team effort!                                                  property on Salado Creek.
                                                                                                              Page 11

If you would like to join in our mission of finding practical, near-term treatments for the degenerative
diseases of premature aging, there are several important ways you can help:

 Visit our website at
 Provide us your email address so we can keep you informed of new developments. Contact us at:
 Honor or memorialize a friend or loved one with a gift to The Longevity Foundation.
 If you shop at Randalls in Austin, Dallas or Houston, link your Randalls Remarkable Card to Account #404 and
   we will receive a percentage of your purchase.                        Randalls
 Send a matching gift form if your employer matches donations.
 Contribute stocks or bonds and receive a full tax deduction.
 Sponsor a fund-raising event. We will assist in any way possible with organizing such an event.
 Ask us to speak at meetings you attend or host. We can tailor our presentation to any length of time. A short edu-
   cational film about degenerative disease and the Foundation is now being produced and will soon be available.
 Make a tax deductible donation by check or credit card. It will help our researchers produce faster results!

 Top Ten Reasons To Be Involved With                                    Where The Money Goes
      The Longevity Foundation                            As we have emphasized throughout this newsletter, The Longev-
                                                          ity Foundation’s main purpose is to provide funding for collabo-
1. The research will help find a treatment for A-T,       rative biomedical research. In contributing these funds, we have
    the disorder from which Patrick suffered.             always sought to use them for leverage in securing additional
2. The research will help find treatments for degen-      resources. Our funding has provided the “seed money” that has
    erative disease from which we will all suffer as we   successfully encouraged the recipient institutions to contribute
    age.                                                  even greater amounts toward the projects we support.
3. The Foundation is involved with a broad range of       Past and on-going commitments to our research team include
    diseases that includes diseases such as breast can-   funding for researcher salary support, animal care and upkeep,
    cer and testicular cancer.                            lab supplies, and equipment. Increases are needed in all of these
4. Research supported by the Foundation is interdis-      categories to finance additional experiments with the A-T and
    ciplinary and collaborative rather than narrowly      ts1 mouse models.
    focused and competitive.                              Additionally, Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, Charcot-Marie-
5. The Foundation will provide you with practical         Tooth syndrome, and a treatment for cardiovascular disease will
    information about ways you can prevent degen-         be studied once funding is secured.
    erative disease for yourself, your family and
    friends.                                                      Thanks To Our High Tech Team
6. If you have specific questions or concerns, you
    will receive individualized information and refer-             Thanks to Michael Dulaney, Jim Johnson, Carolyn
                                                                   Long, Richard Robertson and Rosemary Standerfer for
                                                                   technical support that helped Shirley Howard produce
7. Your participation doesn’t require a financial con-             this newsletter. We would also like to thank Kittena
    tribution — just let us know that you want to re-     Hannah, for creating and maintaining our A-T Project website
    ceive our information. We also welcome any            for many years and Jennifer Anderson, owner of JennA Design,
    ideas, referrals, and volunteer work.                 for providing technical support and designing the new logo.
8. You can participate in fun social events with some     Additionally, we are very pleased to announce that White Lion
    very nice and interesting people.                     Internet Agency has agreed to design and implement a new web-
9. The vast majority of your financial contributions      site for The Longevity Foundation as a contribution to our cause.
    go directly for research because the Foundation’s     White Lion ( is a prestigious firm in Austin that has
    overhead expenses are extremely low.                  worked with clients such as Dell, Motorola, and the University
10. Making contributions is easy — besides sending a      of Texas. We are very fortunate to have White Lion’s assistance
    check, you can use a credit card. Visit               in establishing a new website and the commitment of our “high
    www.TheLongevityFoundation.or g for details.          tech team” to maintain and expand the site once it is in place.
      THE                                                                                                     Nonprofit Org.
                                               The A-T Project                                                 U.S. Postage
      LONGEVITY             Formerly:
      FOUNDATION                                                                                               Austin, TX
                                                                                                                Permit No.
3002 Enfield Road                                                                                                  1795
Austin, Texas 78703-3605
Phone: 512-472-4433

 The Longevity Foundation is a public 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that supports collaborative, leading-edge
 research into the treatment and prevention of neurodegeneration, cancer and other diseases associated with prema-
 ture aging. Additionally, we provide disease prevention and other health information to all who are interested.

                                                                                Join The Fun!
             s!                                                Entertaining fund-raising events will be sched-
                                                               uled for this spring, summer, and fall.

     It seems results from new health studies are
     being released almost daily. We’ll make sure
     you know about the ones that are important
     to you. We will also provide some interpre-                                                              ill
                                                                                                      :    e w tes, the
     tations and analyses from our researchers.                                                     at W a e .
                                                                                                 us rg. upd har ess
                                                                                                o o            s in
                                                                                             s t n. h t s
                                                                                           se atio earc ll no r bu
                                                                                         es        s i
             Needed: Three Names                                                       dr und , re e w on o
                                                                                      d o s
                                                                                   l a F t W ti
       Give us three new names! You have                                         ai ity aler ts. niza
       friends and family members who are in-                                 em gev th en ga
                                                                           nd on eal g ev r or
       terested in preventing age-related dis-                           Se eL h in he
       eases. Send us their names and addresses                            Th sen co m y ot
       and we will send them everything we send                          @
                                                                       ct to up an
       you. If everyone on our mailing list sends
                                                                   nne em s of ith
       an average of three new names, we will be                 co e th ew s w
       on our way to getting the critical mass to                  us d n ess
       make a huge impact!                                           a n dr