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           THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 2008

                VIRGINIA L. LONG
           Court Reporting Services
                  P. O. Box 803
          Chesterfield, MO 63006-0803


           email:   vlong38@yahoo.com
                            I N D E X
    5:30 P.M. Open Meeting                                          Page
    MEETING CALLED TO ORDER......................                      4
    PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.........................                      4
    APPROVAL OF AGENDA...........................                      4
      a.      Comments     re:   2008        Proposed    Tax        Levy
            Chris Gelven.............pg. 6
            Marlyn Flauter...........pg.14
            Allan Sheppard...........pg.20
        a. Approval of Budget 2008-005........... 23
        b. Resolution to Authorize Tax Rate
             Levies for 2008-Resolution 2008-006... 42
        a. Presentation of Closed Minutes for
             August   7,    2008,    August       11,    2008        and
             Closed Meet/Confer for August 7, 2008. 45
    TREASURER'S REPORT .......................... 46
        a. Residential Fire Sprinklers........... 49
    CHIEF'S REPORT............................... 61
        a. Meritain Run-Out Contract............. 61
    NEW BUSINESS                                                     65
    OLD BUSINESS                                                      65
           (Attachments made to Original Minutes)


                                                 Virginia L. Long
                            Court Reporter
                 THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 2008
                                      Chesterfield, Missouri
                                     August 28, 2008
                     BE IT REMEMBERED, that the Board of
    Directors of the Monarch Fire Protection District
    of Saint Louis County, Chesterfield, Missouri,
    met   at   the   Administration         Building,    of       said
    District, 13725 Olive Boulevard, in the City of
    Chesterfield, County of Saint Louis on Thursday,
    August 28, 2008, at 5:30 P.M. and called to order
    at 5:35 P.M.      At the above time and place there
    were present the following Officers and Direc-
     Rick Gans-President/Chairperson and Director
     David Terschluse - Secretary and Director
     Kim Evans - Secretary and Director
    Also present:         Chief Clifford Biele
                          Assistant Chief Les Crews
                          Attorney Michael Bakewell
                     A quorum being present, the chairman
    called the meeting to order and announced the
    Board of Directors meeting to be in session for
    the transaction of any and all business to be
    brought before it at this time.


                                               Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
                     P R O C E E D I N G S
                                                        5:30 P.M.
                     DIRECTOR GANS: Call to order the
    open   meeting    of   the   Monarch       Fire    Protection
    District Board of Directors.
                     Would you please rise and join me in
    the Pledge of Allegiance?
           (Whereupon, all persons in attendance stood
    and repeated the Pledge of Allegiance, after
    which, the following proceedings were had.)
                      I=d like to welcome everyone to the
    meeting.    This is our tax hearing and budget
    setting meeting and it=s also a regular open
    meeting of the Board.
                     At this time, I=ll ask, are there any
    changes to the Agenda, Board Members or Chiefs?
                     DIRECTOR EVANS: I have one.
                     DIRECTOR GANS:         Okay.
                     DIRECTOR EVANS: Under my report, Aa,@
    a brief discussion, residential fire sprinklers.
                     DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.           Anyone else?
                     (No response.)
                     DIRECTOR GANS: All right.                There


                                                Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
    being no changes, we=re now going to move into
    Citizen Comments and this will be a combination
    of citizens comments and the tax hearing.
                 Those who wish to address the Board,
    we=ll be setting our tax rate for the coming year,
    this evening.
                 Those who wish to address the Board,
    the format will be a little bit different, today,
    because the Board, since this is a hearing, we=ll
    be   responding   to     questions      and,    well,      to
    questions from those who do wish to speak.
                 So, please keep that in mind.            That=s
    a departure from our normal format.
                 There is not time limit.          We try not
    to impose a time limit on any one speaker, but we
    do ask that those who do speak make every effort
    to come to your points and not take too long.
                 But, certainly, we=re interested in
    hearing everything you have to say.
                 If you do wish to speak, we do ask
    that you fill out a speaker=s card.             There are
    speaker=s cards right outside the door in the
    little folder-holder on the wall.
                 There=s still time to do so, if you


                                            Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
    do wish to speak, this evening.                  This will be
    your opportunity to speak to the Board about the
    budget and about the tax rates.             So, please feel
    free to -- to talk to us, but it will be during
    the   next   few      minutes     that     you=ll     have       an
    opportunity to do so.
                     And, also, I do want to comment, as
    we move, later, into the approval of the budget,
    that the Board did meet in open session last
    Thursday.        We   held   a   work     session,    in       open
    session, and we had a significant discussion
    about the budget.
                     Several people did attend and the
    public    needs to be aware that a lot of the
    discussion that pertains to tonight -- tonight=s
    budget,    did    take   place     at     that   meeting        and
    tonight the Board will be looking at a second
    draft of the budget.
                     So with that as a background, I=d now
    like to call on the speakers.             The first speaker
    is Chris Gelven.
                     MISTER GELVEN: Good evening.              Chris
    Gelven, Monarch Shop Steward.
                     I just wanted to bring up some -- a


                                                Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
    couple     of    points     tonight.           And     it=s       more
    informational than anything.
                      As many of you know, in the recent
    history, in the past few years, well, probably,
    the past six years, we=ve had virtually no P.R.
    and no public education programs whatsoever.
                      And, I=d like to say Athank you@ to
    Kim, for one.        She=s made good on her campaign
    promises and because of her efforts and because
    of   the    resources       she=s      given      us    and        the
    opportunities, we have completely revamped our
    public     education      and   P.R.       programs,     starting
    about a year ago.
                      And I just wanted to let you guys
    know about some of the up and coming things that
    are going on and the good things that the men and
    women of this District are doing for -- for the
    citizens of this District.
                      Some of the things that we have
    taken on is, about a month, or a month and a half
    ago, we sent 15 guys through a car installation
    program.        That is a 40 hour class, just to be
    able to install car seats.
                      Our 15 guys went through that class


                                                   Virginia L. Long
                              Court Reporter
    and now they=re doing car seat installations, by
    appointment, at the Fire House.
                     And then once every quarter, we=re
    going    to    set    up,    like,      a        clinic      where        the
    installers will come together and we=ll promote it
    and everybody can come through and get their car
    seats installed.
                     We also started the new CPR for
    Citizens.      This is any citizen that wants to take
    a CPR class can now come and we are doing it
    every third Monday (sic) of every month.                                 It=s
    going to be an evening class that will hold up to
    20 -- 20 people each time.
                     It=s    not     going           to    be    groups        of
    doctor=s offices, or anything like this.                          This is
    just citizens that want to get CPR Certified.
                     We=ll also be holding clinics and
    safety days and stuff where -- where they can
    sign up for the CPR.            This will also be promoted
    on both web sites and, hopefully, through mailers
    and the paper and stuff like that.
                     We     also     have        a    Vials       for        Life
    program that we started.             These are vials that we
    give    to    elderly    patients           to        keep   all    their


                                                          Virginia L. Long
                                Court Reporter
    medicines in.     Along with that, it comes with a
    list   that    gives    --    that        has    all    of    their
    medications stated, their drug allergies and all
    their past medical history.
                    It makes it a lot easier for us, as
    paramedics, when we get there, they can hand it
    over and it has all of their information right
    there at once.        They=re not digging for stuff.
                    We have also started, ever since a
    fatality, back in Seven Pines, back, I believe it
    was in February, we have started a smoke detector
    blitz and we have been doing those on a monthly
                    We=ve skipped a couple of months, but
    we=ve been trying to hit all of the older areas of
                    I=d like to point out, this is all
    done by volunteers.          The guys off-duty.
                    We have on-duty crews also doing it,
    but most of the guys come in off-duty, spend
    about three hours going door-to-door, to all our
    citizens, and asking them to change batteries,
    changing      smoke     detectors         or     adding       smoke
    detectors if they don=t have any.


                                                    Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
                    Roger    Morris      helped      us   out      with
    this.   He got a grant from Energizer.                We got all
    of the batteries donated.          We got smoke detectors
                    This is a large undertaking on his
                    So we=ve been doing that every month.
     We=re going to do it -- we=re going to do two
    major   ones,    twice     a   year,      during      the      time
    changes, when it=s important to change your smoke
    detector batteries.
                    We,   also,     will      have   sign-ups        if
    anybody ever wants to have their smoke detector
    checked, or batteries checked, we=ll go their
    house and do that.
                    We have, also, started an Explorer
    Program.   Shawn Karl=s responsible for that.                  That
    program was almost null and void after J.D. left
    and he has really revamped that and -- and done a
    great job.
                    We have a waiting list of probably
    20 kids that want to get on the -- the program.
    We only have a budget and funds for, probably,
    15, at this time.


                                                Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
                 Some    of    the    things    I    just      want
    everybody to know what -- what=s coming up.
                 Coming September 13th, there=s going
    to be Wildwood Days, or a Wildwood celebration.
    That=s at Babler Park.      We are already sending a
    couple of trucks there.
                 We=re dedicating one ambulance there.
                 But, on top of that, all our guys, a
    bunch of our guys are volunteering their time,
    coming out for the day, spending hours out there.
                 We=re    going      to    be   doing       blood
    pressure checks.     We=re also going to have Radio
    Disney out there.    We=re doing the car safety seat
    checks, blood pressure checks, bike safety, bike
    helmet safety.      That=s another program that we
    started that I didn=t mention.
                 Checking kids for helmets, to make
    sure it=s the right size and everything.
                 Having the vials for life out there.
     A smoke detector check sign up.                Information
    about the Explorer Program.
                 All that kind of stuff is going to
    be at a table dedicated to Monarch Fire Fighter
    and Paramedics.


                                            Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
                  And then on October 11th, we are
    starting something that we=ve never really done
    before, but it=s a big thing and this has been
    taken on by Nick Smith and he=s done an incredible
                  On October 11th, we are having a
    safety day.   It=s going to be held at the mall,
    the Chesterfield Mall.      There, we=re going to have
    all of the things that I just mentioned, plus,
    we=re -- we=re looking to getting a table for the
                  We=re going to have the remote dog
    there.   The -- the, you know, the fire dog.
                  We=re   going    to      have   --   we=ll     see
    about having the Arch Helicopter land there and
    doing a show and tell.
                  We=ll Mike Pijut and Brian Towsley=s
    dogs there, for show-and-tell, also.
                  We=re going to have some info on
    elderly safety and life style options, like life-
    alert and stuff like that.
                  And then we=re, also, going to bar-
    bequing for people, hot dogs and hamburgers, and
    we=ll have them come and get refreshments and


                                              Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
    checking out the trucks and -- and doing all of
    the stuff that we do.
                  Again, this is going to be on-duty
    personnel.   We=re going to have a couple of trucks
    there, but, again, it=s going to be manned mostly
    by volunteers, all the guys coming in off-duty
    volunteering their time.
                  And, again, we=re going to be doing
    smoke detector drives month-to-month from now on
    and we are also starting a program where we=re
    going to be doing barbeques for the elderly at
    Friendship Village, Chesterfield Village.
                  Once a month we=re going to go to
    some of the elderly homes, like the nursing homes
    and do a big barbeque, do hot dogs and hamburgers
    and -- and meet the -- meet the people who are
    most frequently patients and let them get to know
    us better and know the men and women of the
                  I say this, just because I first
    wanted to thank Kim for the opportunity to do
    this. This is something we have always felt like
    we needed to do and really didn=t have the chance
    in the recent years.


                                         Virginia L. Long
                        Court Reporter
                 And I, also, just wanted to point
    out, I didn=t know -- some of the Directors and
    the staff and the citizens, I just wanted them to
    know, this is done mostly by our men and women of
    our shop who volunteer their time, that come in
    because they=re proud of their profession, they=re
    proud of the District they work for and they want
    to do everything they can to better the citizens
    of this District.
                 And so I=d like to give my own guys
    and girls in the shop a pat on the back for
    taking their own time and doing this for no
    money.   It=s volunteering their time away from
    their family to do this.
                 And that=s all I wanted to say.            I
    just wanted to bring that up and let you guys
    know about the -- the different P.R. and public
    education events that are coming up.
                 And, thank you, for you time.              I
    appreciate it.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.      Thanks.
                 DIRECTOR     EVANS:     Thanks,      Chris.
    Please extend our appreciation to the shop.
                 MISTER GELVEN: I will.       Thanks.


                                         Virginia L. Long
                        Court Reporter
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Next, we have Marlyn
                 MS. FLAUTER: Maryln Flauter, 15520
    Easy Ridge Court, in Chesterfield.
                 That=s a tough act to follow, Chris.
                 As   always,      I    appreciate          the
    opportunity to address the Board and bring to the
    table comments and thoughts that I have as a
    citizen of the District.
                 A good number of comments, lately,
    have centered around events and issues in other
    districts.   For example, the City of St. Louis,
    or Mehlville.
                 While it=s well and good to know what
    is occurring in other districts, whether it=s out
    of curiosity, or used as a possible measure of
    what to do, or, more importantly, what not to do,
    in the operation of our own District.
                 I believe that these issues from
    other districts need to take a sidebar, if not a
    place in the outside lobby, so we can accomplish,
    in our own District, what we need to do.
                 Once again, let=s look at part of the


                                         Virginia L. Long
                       Court Reporter
    Mission    Statement        of   the   District.            And,    in
    quote, ATo provide the highest quality emergency
    services to the community through fire, rescue
    and   emergency      services,         fire    prevention          and
                    The statement continues on, but let=s
    just focus on that piece, for right now.
                    Who better to provide this education
    than the trained and experienced men and women of
    our District?
                    It=s been alleged that they receive a
    substantially        higher      salary       than    most    other
    districts.      Maybe they do.          This may or may not
    be the case.
                    But, if you truly believe that they
    do,   then    leverage       this.        Just       look    at    the
    credentials, the certification, the experience
    and the education that they have and capitalize
    on that.
                    They have shown you more what they=re
    willing    to   do    and    deliver.          They    value       the
    citizens of this District.
                    Chris       just    alluded      to    that.       The
    things they are doing.             They=re not being paid to


                                                    Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
    do these things.       They=re doing them because they
    have   the    pride    and     ownership     in    --    in      the
    District and what they do as fire fighters and
                    As a citizen, I can just say, thank
    you, very much.
                     That education is so needed and
    vital to this community.
                    As a District, how fortunate we are
    to have that well to rely on and put it to use.
                    Right now, like Chris said, they are
    already engaging in the car seat safety, the
    smoke detector, the vials for life, the Explorer
    Program, citizens CPR and bike helmet safety.
                    They     are    also      complementing          the
    Chesterfield     Fire     Department        in    the     search
    training that=s going to be starting in a few
                    That=s       the    Community        Emergency
    Response Team Unit.
                    These are just a few of the defining
    steps to putting them in the positive eyes of the
    public,      because     they      are    interacting           with
    citizens, face-to-face, every day, in a pro-


                                                 Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
    active environment.
                   Isn=t this great positive P.R. for
    the District?
                   And as a Board of Director, as a
    chief, wouldn=t -- why wouldn=t this be what you
    want to happen?
                   This can only be seen as a win/win.
                   Bottom line, public education works.
                   First and fore-hand, the citizens
    gain knowledge.      The car seats protect their
    children and grandchildren.
                   CPR can save their neighbor=s life.
                   Children      learn      in      school,          the
    importance of fire safety and what to do, and God
    forbid,   if    catastrophe         happens,        the         CERT
    volunteer training will be critical in those
    first 24 to 48 hours.
                   And   these    are      just     some     of      the
    programs our men and women are delivering right
                   And, again, public education works.
     It makes sense and we, as citizens, want to have
                   But look what the District gains.


                                                 Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
    That=s the other side of the win/win coin.
                   First,       citizens     are     hopefully
    trained and better prepared to handle situations
    until the professionals arrive.
                   But,    most     importantly,    it    builds
    good relationships with the men and women of the
    District that are interacting with each of us.
                   It builds a camaraderie and rapport
    that you will not be able to put on tonight=s
    balance sheet.
                   As a Board, you work to uphold and
    accomplish     the    Mission     Statement.         Mission
    Statements are really meaningless, unless there
    are goals and strategies that are attached and
                   I applaud Director Evans for her
    efforts to develop many of these programs.                  Some
    are new and some are ones that were at one time
    active programs but have fallen into inactivity.
                   I=m also a member of the Citizens
    Advisory Board and we are currently working with
    Captain Roger Morris and the Chesterfield Police
    Department to implement that CERT program in the
    District.    This is definitely a positive image.


                                             Virginia L. Long
                            Court Reporter
                    So, I ask you, as a Board, to set
    the   goal    of   more      public        education     and      in
    accomplishing      that     goal,     provide     more     public
    contact, more positive image of the great men and
    women that serve our District.
                    So instead of looking to departments
     in   turmoil      or   unrest,        like     the    city       or
    Mehlville, let=s find one that has good education,
    a   great    firefighter-citizens           relationship         and
    build our model on that one.
                    Let=s focus on what we can control
    and by wise budget planning and use of taxpayer
    dollars, that is what will accomplish the mission
    of the Monarch Fire Protection District.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Thank you.
                    MS. FLAUTER: Thank you.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Our last speaker is
    Allan Sheppard.
                    MISTER SHEPPARD: My name is Allan
    Sheppard.      I reside at 826 Judson Manor Drive,
    Ward I, in Chesterfield.
                    Good evening, Board Members, Chief
    Biele, Assistant Chief Crews, staff members and
    fire fighters, seeking to make a fair wage.


                                                  Virginia L. Long
                              Court Reporter
                     I=ve concluded my speech, at the last
    open meeting, at the Monarch of the -- on the
    topic of the Mehlville Fire Protection District
    and     how    local    union    1889's     lawyer,       Mister
    Goffstein,      seemed    to    admit     that    its    members
    conspired to violate the district anti-harassment
                     If I were a Mehlville taxpayer, I
    would recommend the Mehlville board look into
    Federal       racketeering      anc   criminal     enterprise
    charges against Local 1889.
                     They     should      respond      to     Mister
    Goffstein=s      admission       by   calling      the     Equal
    Employment Opportunity Commission and the Federal
    Bureau of Investigation.
                     The 1889 union=s executive board,
    which     contains      two     members     who    have        been
    terminated for harassing a fellow union member,
    stated that a permanent property tax decrease
    that is approved by district voters would tie the
    hands of all future boards.
                     That    only    means     their    taxpayers
    could raise the tax rate when they found it in
    the best interest of all.


                                                Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
                    All    of        this    illustrates             the
    insubordinate, greedy and ungrateful attitude of
    the 1889 union toward Mehlville=s elected Board of
                    Because      the        two     fired       union
    executives no longer have paychecks coming in,
    their former union firefighter brothers put an ad
    in the July 21st, Oakville Call to support the
    families of these two with this statement, quote,
    AYou are invited to support the Mehlville fire
    fighters who were fired for doing their job.@
    End quote.
                    What these two apparently did was to
    steal a fellow union member=s personal cell phone
    while he was sleeping, then organized a campaign
    of   intimidation     and    harassment        based      on     the
    private contents of the phone.
                    Ask the fire fighters present here,
    now.   I ask.    Would you define theft of personal
    property,    violation      of    Federal     anti-workplace
    harassment laws and your District regulations
    doing your job?
                    The   fellow       citizen      watchdogs,         I
    associate with, call this deprivation of con-


                                                  Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
    stitutional rights to private property and free
                    We can not forget the rights of the
    victim   who    was    terrorized           by     these     hateful
    actions of his own union leaders.
                    Does anything like this happen and
    go on at Monarch?
                    The     public,             at      large,           must
    understand     the    true    nature        of    the    fact        that
    Mehlville=s union gave monolithic support to their
    union leaders rather than deal with individual
    problems honestly.
                    Board        Members,        please         strongly
    consider protecting us taxpayers and yourselves,
    by closely monitoring activities of all who are
    on Monarch property.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.                Thank you.
                    There    being         no        other    comments,
    Citizens= Comments, or comments regarding the 2008
    proposed     tax     levy,     we=ll     now       move      to       the
    President=s Report.
                    And, on my report, the first item I
    have is the AApproval of The Budget.@
                    As I previously stated, the Board


                                                      Virginia L. Long
                            Court Reporter
    did discuss the budget, at length, at a meeting
    held last week and there were several issues
    raised,    at   that   meeting,         which    caused        some
                    And we have a draft before us of the
    changed budget, so, at this time, I=ll ask for any
    comments or questions.
                    And, Kelly, you might as well come
    up to the microphone, because they=ll probably be
    directed at you.
                    So, Kim, why don=t you go first?
                    DIRECTOR EVANS: I met with Kelly,
    prior to the meeting, and I simply asked her, had
    there been any changes that were different from
    what we had discussed last week and had agreed
    upon, or were planning to propose.
                    Kelly said there were very few.
                    Would you mind just reviewing what
    those were for us?
                    MS. THOENEN: Certainly.            There were
    two   items     that    were      added         that    weren=t
    specifically discussed.
                    One of those was, in the health
    insurance we had accounted for the cost to the


                                                Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
    District if everybody stayed on the standard
    plan, but we didn=t account for any buy-up, if
    employees went to the premium plan, that=s -- that
    we agreed to supplement as part of that.
                 So those dollars have been increased
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Question.        Did -- you
    just took a guess at the number?      I guess you had
    no way of knowing.
                 MS. THOENEN: I -- I -- what I did
    was, look at how many people we had on the family
    plan, estimate that at least 50 percent would
    take the buy-up and --
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Hm-hm.
                 MS. THOENEN:       -- and do an average.
     So, instead of 175,000 per month, I think I
    included 179,000 a month.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                 MS. THOENEN: So, that -- that ought
    to cover us, even if 60 percent takes the buy-up.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                 MS. THOENEN: The other thing that we
    included was, this has not been specifically
    addressed with the Board, but we had -- the


                                          Virginia L. Long
                         Court Reporter
    Strategic Planning Committee met and we=re looking
    to do a strategic plan, or a master plan and we
    had not included any dollars for any outside
    agency to do any work related to that.
                   However, the last time the committee
    met, we discussed the possibility that that might
    be necessary.
                   So, some dollars have been included
    in the budget in case that becomes the case that
    becomes the case.        By including it, it=s not
    saying that the Board has to agree to do that.
    We could chose not to spend those dollars.                But
    this gives us some level of insurance.
                   And,   certainly,       if   you=re        not
    comfortable with the dollars in there, we can
    remove them.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: How many dollars?
                   MS. THOENEN: Thirty thousand.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: And, where, in the
    budget do we find that?
                   MS.     THOENEN:        They=re       under
    professional services consulting.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: General?
                   MS. THOENEN: Split between the two.


                                           Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
     General     and ambulance.
                    The   company      that      I    actually         got
    ahold of --
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                    MS. THOENEN:       -- indicated that if
    we do the -- the full array of services, it would
    be more like 50,000.
                    DIRECTOR     GANS:      So       it    looks      like
    that=s on page nine of the general fund and page -
    - you don=t -- I=m just point out to everyone
    else;   well,   now    I=m   not     finding           it    on    the
                    Oh, I see it.        Nine -- I see 19,000
    on each.   Is that --
                    MS.   THOENEN:          There         were     other
    consulting services included.                Our EAP is paid
    for out of there, as well.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.              So this is --
    if I look at the last draft, I=ll find 30,000 more
    than last time?
                    MS. THOENEN: Correct.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.                  I don=t know
    how I feel about that.
                    DIRECTOR EVANS: I would rather err


                                                  Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
    on the side of having those dollars available and
    budgeted for, if we need them.                 But, I wasn=t
    aware that we had gotten far in the discussions
    of the master plan to --
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Hm-hm.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS:           -- identify the
                   DIRECTOR GANS: I agree.
                   MS. THOENEN: Well, unfortunately, we
    haven=t.      We   just     discussed        it    within        the
    committee and weren=t prepared, at this point, to
    bring it to the Board.
                   But, when it=s time to budget, we
    want to make sure that we=re not going to be
    delayed on the entire plan for a full year,
    because we didn=t ask for the resources up-front.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Can the chief, or
    Neal -- who would be best to speak to this issue?
                   CHIEF BIELE: Well, as Kelly says, we
    -- we know there=s probably going to be some
    outside help needed as we go through this and I
    think that=s what the committee looked at, at the
    time,   was   that,   you    know,     and    as    Neal        goes
    through it, I think as he does his work I think


                                                 Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
    he=s going to find there=s probably going to be
    some outside help needed.
                   And, so as Kelly said, it was just,
    you know, we need to put some dollars in there
    and we didn=t feel like we wanted to put the
    $50,000.00 number in there that she had gotten,
    but, to at least, maybe, -- at first we started
    out at 20,000 and we said, AWell, let=s make it
    thirty and then if we do need these people to
    come and help us with this, as time goes on, at
    least the money, throughout next year, the money
    will -- will be in the budget that we can draw
                   DIRECTOR GANS: I guess I=m looking
    for a more specific answer.           For example, when I
    think about the study we just had updated by Tom
    Engle, and that study was very, very specific.
    It was an update of, do we need another Fire
    Station?   Where would be the best place to be,
    based on water, based on current locations, based
    on the population trends, the various things that
    he analyzed.
                   That=s easy to get your arms around.
                   CHIEF BIELE: Hm-hm.


                                              Virginia L. Long
                         Court Reporter
                 DIRECTOR GANS: But, this is -- I=m
    not -- I=m not getting it.           I=m not -- I=m not
    seeing where this gets plugged in to the process.
                 But, I=m willing to --
                 CHIEF BIELE: Yeah.
                 DIRECTOR GANS:          -- be told.
                 CHIEF BIELE: Yeah.             Well, I -- I
    think the committee, and, Neal, jump in here, if
    you want to, you were in the meeting.              Kelly.
                 I   think   the   committee         felt        that
    probably we didn=t have the, maybe, the technology
    or something, all the stuff that was going to be
    -- needed to be done to do this plan right.
                 So, that=s I thought maybe an outside
    company needed to be brought in and maybe work
    with some other companies, first, that had used
    people and see what kind of things that they had.
     You know.
                 But, at this point, we don=t know,
    yet.   I can=t give you a list of things of what
    this company would be doing.
                 But,   I    think,      at   least,      try      to
    contact some other fire districts, or something,
    that had used outside firms, and look at the


                                              Virginia L. Long
                        Court Reporter
    types of information that they had had companies
    gather for them to put in their master plan.
                 MISTER      BROCKMILLER:      Yeah.          Neal
    Brockmiller, accreditation manager.        What we were
    looking at is things as we were to need, like,
    one of the things Tom Engle brought up that would
    probably benefit the District would be to have a
    run response time survey done using a geographic
    information system.
                 So we would probably have to, since
    we don=t have that software, or type of equipment,
    in-house, we would have to go out house, outside
    the District to get that.
                 Also, looking at somebody to help us
    analyze the master plans, comprehensive master
    plans for the various cities within the Fire
    District, to help make sure that we=re not missing
                 Also, again, to do some of the time
    and equipment studies that we might need.
                 And, again, it=s -- I think since we
    got this started, right in the middle of a budget
    processes, what really lead us to, hey, we=d
    better get some dollars committed, at least in


                                           Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
    the budget, again, like Kelly said, it=s nothing
    that we have to do.     The Board can decide that,
    no, we don=t want to do it, but if we don=t, it
    could end up being a substantial amount of money
    that would be unbudgeted for.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Jump in any time you
    want, but I=m going to keep going, if it=s okay.
                 One thing that you said that seems
    like it was discussed last week, and I may have
    understood the first thing you said incorrectly,
    run response time using software that we need.
                 There was a discussion last week,
    from the Fire Prevention Bureau, about software
    that could -- and Kim had asked for information
    about what=s causing fires and their response to
    that was software that would go beyond what AFire
    House@ does in creating reports that tells us
    what=s causing fires.
                 Run response times is not exactly
    the same, but is it not related enough that the
    two things, the software that Dave Nichols talked
    about would be the same as this software?
                 MISTER BROCKMILLER: Unfortunately,
    it=s not.   And, again, we haven=t ran part of,


                                        Virginia L. Long
                       Court Reporter
    with starting this position, where it came in
    line with the budget process, we didn=t have much
    time to prepare for, or look ahead of what we=re
    going to need.
                   So, we=re -- we=re, more than likely,
    the -- the software that we budgeted for last
    week, it will be used internally, in the Fire
    Prevention Bureau, it will help us track our --
    the buildings and the resources we have in our
    District.    It=ll help us be much more efficient in
    the Fire Prevention Bureau, in doing our day-to-
    day operation.
                   A lot of that software will, indeed,
    help us generate the types of information we
    need, but without having a specific geographic
    information system software, which is normally
    not too expensive to get, but the biggest problem
    is getting the data for that.
                   And, luckily, one of the things we=re
    working      on,   through      the    Central         County
    Dispatching is doing the geo-data.
                   And once that data gets together
    with   the   addresses    and    street     ranges,          fire
    hydrants, things of that nature, hopefully, it=ll


                                              Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
    be something that we can tap into.
                    Most geographic software from people
    in the other fire departments I=m talking with,
    they actually get that in-house and do it, you=re
    probably in the two to three thousand dollar
    range    for   this   hardware.         Well,   then,        it=s
    learning how to use it and -- and getting the
    mobile data recorder, things of that nature, that
    is going to take some time for us to -- to get in
     place   and to be able to do those types of
    studies in-house ourselves.
                    Again, it=s not a commitment from the
    Board that, you know, we hire anyone to do this.
     It=s to have the -- excuse me, the availability
    to do that.
                    Again, not wanting to throw a big
    expense in, unbudgeted.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.         I -- it goes
    without saying that, don=t duplicate what Central
    County is doing, because some of what you said,
    and you acknowledged it, is related to what they
    have, or, are in the process of having for their
    mapping and geo-information system.
                    MISTER BROCKMILLER: Right.


                                              Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
                    DIRECTOR GANS: But, I know they=re
    not finished.     But, let=s not duplicate anything
    they have and --
                    MISTER        BROCKMILLER:         Oh,         it
    definitely would not be.             And, actually, we=re
    hoping to be able to use that Central County
    data, because, again, that=s been our biggest
    problem is, you know, the City of Chesterfield
    has   a   GIS   Department.         Wildwood    does.         The
    County.    But, again, since we cover parts of all
    these areas, there=s no co-joined data that we
    have access to.
                    The Central County project=s going to
    help us a lot, getting towards that.             But, again,
    it=s something that it might be a year or two
    before    we    can   start     using     efficiently         and
    effectively in putting all the data, and making
    sure all the data is accurate, to do any studies
                    And, then, of course, there=s still
    learning how to use the software, things of that
                    I did get confirmation today that I=m
    going to the National Fire Academy course in


                                               Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
    December on the standard of coverage, which will
    teach.   A big part of that is, how to use the GIS
    software to do the types of analysis we=re looking
                   So,   you   know,       hopefully,     that=ll
    reduce our learning curve, but knowing the time
    frame in which the Board is wanting the master
    plan, I don=t know that, you know, without having
    some money available to hire someone to help us
    with this, that we=ll have the ability to do that
    within the next year, or so.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.        The last thing
    you said was a key to me.
                   So, I=ll go along with it.           Spend it
    efficiently.   Don=t spend it all if you don=t need
    to.   I=m okay with it.     All right?
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: I am, too.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Thanks.
                   MISTER BROCKMILLER: Thank you.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Kim, it=s all your=s.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: That was really -- I
    didn=t have any other questions.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.         Dave?
                   DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: No.            I=m done.


                                              Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.           Kelly, the
    work session, I had raised a question about the
    emergency communication equipment that was in the
    budget under general fund 5395.
                   And I have met with Assistant Chief
    Crews to review what that will go for and I told
    the Board that I would let them know.             In fact,
    we were able to do it the next day.
                   Not     only       did    I     see         the
    documentation, but Les had a demo unit and I got
    to see what it will be.
                   I=m actually the one that brought to
    the Board, a few years ago, a request that we
    have   a   satellite   phone     that   belongs     to     the
    District.    Central County has one and it=s on the
    mobile communications unit, but it=s not portable,
    as a -- as a level of back-up.
                   And what Les has been able to put
    together is a all-in-one communication piece of
    equipment and we=ll own several of them that will
    allow for communication via satellite and being
    able to tie radio communication into that.
                   That=s what I have in mind and I
    think that it=s worthwhile.


                                            Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
                     The other component of this is one
    that I -- I haven=t really advocated here, but
    I=ve advocated at Central County and it=s been put
    into    effect     and       that        is     amateur       radio
    communication equipment that allows the District
    to use it if other communication goes down.
                     There   are       ham    operators       who      are
    always willing to volunteer their time.                            The
    District plans to make use of that resource.
                     You can buy radios.                You can buy
    cable   and   antenna,       but    if    you     don=t     have     a
    licensed operator, you=re not allowed to be on the
    radio   and   that=s     a   small       part    of    this,       but
    nonetheless, I think an important part.
                     We actually had that, at one time.
    There are ham antenna=s on the top of a few
    stations that are left over from the last time
    that we did that and they=re sort of worn out and
    they need to be replaced.
                     So, the bottom line is, I=m okay with
    that expenditure.        Okay?
                     The only other thing that I had
    noticed, but I found the answer myself.                            I=ll
    point it out anyway.         The capital funds had been


                                                    Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
    increased in ambulance and general, but then I
    was    able    to    find,    the    answer       is     in,    you=ve
    increased it by the amount to include projection
    equipment in the Board Room.
                        MS. THOENEN: That=s correct.
                        DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.           So, those are
    my only comments.
                        So, if I hear no other comments, do
    you have anything that you wanted to tell us?
                        MS. THOENEN: I -- I would like to
    add one thing.            You -- you actually, in the
    second draft, you=ll see a second page.                        And all
    I=ve done -- the final page of the draft and the
    next   to     last    page;    let    me    go    page     numbers.
    That=ll help you.
                        DIRECTOR GANS: There are numbers.
                        MS. THOENEN: Page 19 and 20.
                        DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                        MS.   THOENEN:      What      I=ve     done      is
    separate the items in the capital fund that are
    related     to   bond     proceeds     and       items    that      are
    related to transfers from other funds.
                        DIRECTOR GANS: Hm-hm.
                        MS. THOENEN: Because when we were


                                                     Virginia L. Long
                               Court Reporter
    discussing it last week, there was a little bit
    of confusion about which dollars belong to which.
                   So, by separating the pages, it just
    clarifies the issue for you.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Right.             Which is, I
    think, a good thing for the public, too.                Because
    if we=re confused, we=re used to seeing this, and
    that=s a good idea.
                   The summary page is always confusing
    to me, because I know it includes the revenues
    for accounts that really are not Fire District
    funds, so can you give me a bottom line of, at
    the end of the day, are we --
                   MS. THOENEN: If you look at page
    two, --
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Uh-huh.
                   MS.   THOENEN:          --   I   think     that=s
    really the number that you=re looking for.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                   MS. THOENEN: What I=ve done there is,
    the totals that are on page one come from the --
    the   line   items   on   page   two,       which    is   total
    revenues and total expenditures by fund.
                   So, about a third of the way down


                                                Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
    the    page,   you=ll    see     a     line       called     ATotal
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Hm-hm.
                    MS.     THOENEN:       That       is   our   three
    operational funds, general fund, ambulance fund
    and    the   dispatch    fund,       which    nets      to   zero,
    because we submit those monies to Central County.
                    And what you=ll see there is that for
    the 2009 budget year, that we should have a
    surplus of around $479,000.00.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: All right.
                    MS. THOENEN: The funds that you see
    below that include the items like bond proceeds,
    where the bond proceeds were received in 2004 and
    the expenditure is going to take place in 2009.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.                   Very good.
    Anything else you want to add?
                    MS. THOENEN: That=s all I have.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: All right.
                    And,     Mike,       help    us    through       the
    process.     Are we looking at the Resolution 2008-
                    MISTER BAKEWELL: Correct.                To Adopt
    the 2000 Budget as prepared.


                                                  Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
                  DIRECTOR GANS: All right.              And how
    many times does this need to be read?
                  MISTER BAKEWELL: This, you can read
    just once.
                  DIRECTOR GANS: All right.            I=m going
    to read the entire Resolution.           Do I need to?
                  MISTER     BAKEWELL:       You     don=t       have
    absolutely need to, because the bottom line is,
    the only thing the Resolution does is authorize
    the Board and then, in fact, does adopt the 2000
    budget as prepared.
                  DIRECTOR GANS: All right.               Then I
    will make a motion to adopt Resolution Number
    2008-005, The Annual Budget for The Monarch Fire
    Protection    District      of     St.    Louis      County,
    Missouri, as prepared and discussed.
                  DIRECTOR EVANS: Second.
                  DIRECTOR         GANS:       Any       further
                  (No response.)
                  DIRECTOR        GANS:      Call     for         the
    question.    All in favor?
                  DIRECTOR EVANS: Aye.
                  DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: Aye.


                                              Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
                  DIRECTOR GANS: Aye.
                  Which then leads me to the second
    part of my report, which is the Resolution to
    Authorize Tax Rate Levies for 2008 and I now,
    again ask, are there any questions about that?
                  That=s item Five-b.
                  DIRECTOR EVANS: I have none.
                  DIRECTOR GANS: Any questions?
                  DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: No.
                  DIRECTOR GANS: All right.              I will
    make note of the fact that a first amended notice
    of the public hearing to discuss the tax rates
    was published pursuant to law and does disclose
    the Districts anticipated tax rates.
                  It also gives the tax, the assessed
                  Where was that published, Mike?
                  MISTER BAKEWELL: That was published
    in the St. Louis Countian.
                  DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.           And was that
    published pursuant to the given law?
                  MISTER BAKEWELL: It was.
                  DIRECTOR   GANS:       Okay.      Is    there
    anything else we need to do besides pass the


                                            Virginia L. Long
                        Court Reporter
                    MISTER     BAKEWELL:       The    only    other
    thing that I probably would do is to go ahead and
    list the levies for each of the funds.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                    MISTER BAKEWELL: With respect to the
                    DIRECTOR GANS: All right.                 Would
    that be, in fact, reading the entire Resolution,
    or --
                    MISTER BAKEWELL: No.             Actually, --
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Starting on page two?
                    MISTER BAKEWELL:          -- you want to use
    the   Notice,   which     would      simply      give    to    the
    general fund, what residential, what rate for
    residential real estate is being approved at, --
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                    MISTER     BAKEWELL:        --    commercial,
                    DIRECTOR GANS: For all the funds.
                    MISTER BAKEWELL: I would read the
    fund.   Yes.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: All right.               At this
    time, I will make a motion to pass Resolution
    2008-006 to authorize the tax rate levies for the

                                                Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
    Year    2008   for   the   Monarch     Fire    Protection
    District as follows:
                   For the general fund, real estate,
    residential, thirty -- point-three-nine-zero-zero
                   For commercial, and -- and these are
    per $100.00 assessed valuation, point-five-four-
    two dollars.
                   For agricultural, point-seven-zero-
    zero dollars and for personal property, point-
    five-four-nine dollars.
                   For the pension fund, real estate,
    residential, point-0-seven-six dollars.
                   For commercial, point-0-eight-nine
                   For agricultural, point-one-dollars
    and personal property at point-one-dollars.
                   For the Dispatch Fund, real estate,
    residential, point-0-four dollars.
                   Commercial, point-0-four-five dol-
                   Agricultural, point-0-five dollars
    and for personal property, point-0-five dollars.
                   For the ambulance fund, real estate,
    residential, point-0-five-two dollars.

                                            Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
                   Commercial,          point-o-nine                  four
                   Agricultural, point-three-three dol-
    lars   and   personal    property,        point-three-three
                   MISTER BAKEWELL: Rick, may -- may we
    back up just one second?
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Yes.
                   MISTER BAKEWELL: The ambulance fund,
    residential, should be point-two-five-two.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: And what did I say?
                   MISTER     BAKEWELL:        I     think,     point-
    zero-five, or something.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.              Correction to
    -- thank you, the ambulance fund, residential,
    point-two-five-two dollars.              Okay?
                   Then,    finally,         the     debt    service,
    real estate, residential, point-0-three dollars.
                   Commercial, point-0-three dollars.
                   Agricultural, point-0-three-dollars
    and personal property, point-0-three dollars.
                   Do I hear a second?
                   DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: Second.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Any discussion?
                   (No response.)

                                                   Virginia L. Long
                            Court Reporter
                  DIRECTOR       GANS:          Call     for        the
    question.    All in favor?
                  DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: Aye.
                  DIRECTOR EVANS: Aye.
                  DIRECTOR GANS: Aye.
                  We have the tax rates for 2008.
                  And that concludes my report.
                  Moving on to Secretary=s Report.
                  DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: All I have are
    the Closed Session Minutes, Thursday, August 7th,
    2008, Closed Minutes from the Meet and Confer
    Session, Thursday, August 7th, 2008 and Closed
    Session Minutes for Thursday, August 11th, 2008.
                  And that=s -- that=s it.
                  DIRECTOR GANS: Thank you.               Moving on
    to Treasurer=s Report, Kim.
                  DIRECTOR     EVANS:      First,       the    check
                  Tonight, we have disbursements in
    the amount of $41,185.99 for the period.
                  We    have   two      checks       that     exceed
                  The    first     is      to    Leo     Ellebract
    Company for $7,934.18.


                                                 Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
                   The    second     to      Standard    Insurance
    Company for $10,650.16.
                   Were there any questions on this
                   DIRECTOR GANS: I have a question on
    check, the first one, 484, Arrow Terminal.                      I=m
    assuming that=s a carrier, for an adhesive backed
    rubber bumper.       What is that?
                   CHIEF BIELE: That=s some parts.                  Let
    me pull the invoice here and I=ll give you the
    answer on that.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.           We=ll come back
    to that.
                   Moving on to check 511, which is a
    VISA card for the deputy chief.             It has, on here,
    that for $137.49, it says, Apocket drug@ and it
    has a long number after it.              What is that?
                   CHIEF BIELE: Those were manuals, a
    drug manual.      Little drug manuals, like, that
    they carry.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                   CHIEF     BIELE:       Like     a    little      --
    something like a notebook, like this, that has --
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.


                                                 Virginia L. Long
                            Court Reporter
                   CHIEF BIELE:       -- things they can
    refer to, --
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                   CHIEF BIELE:     -- on drugs.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: All right.
                   Les, do you have an answer there?
                   Lc: It=s a field operational guide
    that assists towards --
                   DIRECTOR   GANS:       No,    on    the    first
    thing.    The rubber back bumper.
                   Lc: Give me a second.
                   CHIEF BIELE: Well, I think what they
    are, they=re like -- they=re one inch in diameter,
    it says on here, and it=s like little pads and
    things that go over like, -- like doors close
    against the things, like bumper pads, or whatever
    they call them.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                   CHIEF BIELE: There=s a lot of other
    things.    What this terminal is, it=s like, we --
    we buy like screws from them and fuses and cotter
    pins, things like that, so I think they=re like
    those little adhesive things that go on there.
                   They=re like a shock-thing, when we


                                                Virginia L. Long
                         Court Reporter
    open -- something hits against it, like, closes
    on it.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.                   I=ll buy it.
                   That=s all my questions.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: David?
                   DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: No.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: In reviewing these
    disbursements, they appear to be reasonable and
    necessary     in   the    conduct         of    the     Districts
                   Chief      Biele,       were       these      checks
    prepared per your recommendations?
                   CHIEF BIELE: Yes, they were.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: Do they -- do they
    violate any state bidding statutes, or constitute
    installment payments?
                   CHIEF BIELE: None that I=m aware of.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: I make a motion that
    we accept the disbursements as prepared.
                   DIRECTOR        GANS:       I=ll       second       the
    motion.     Any discussion?
                   (No response.)
                   DIRECTOR         GANS:          Call     for        the


                                                    Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
    question.   All in favor?
                 DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: Aye.
                 DIRECTOR EVANS: Aye.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Aye.
                 DIRECTOR EVANS: And the second item
    on my agenda, tonight, is just a brief discussion
    about residential fire sprinkler systems.
                 And I realize it=s a hot topic and
    one that I=ve been reading about and researching
    about and asking a lot of questions about.          So, I
    figure, in a public forum, such as this, it would
    be a good opportunity just to kind of talk about
    it for a few minutes.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Can I stop you for a
                 DIRECTOR EVANS: (No oral response.)
                 DIRECTOR GANS: We do have, at our
    next open meeting, a representative from the Home
    Builders Association and Dave Nichols is also
    planning to talk about that topic.
                 DIRECTOR EVANS: Oh.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: I don=t know if you=re
    aware of that, or not, but, --
                 DIRECTOR EVANS: No, I was not.


                                         Virginia L. Long
                        Court Reporter
                    DIRECTOR GANS:           -- it=s going to be,
    probably   be    one    side     versus       the     other,    a
    discussion and for us to consider.
                    DIRECTOR EVANS: Okay.            And I=m sure
    you=ve done your research, if you --
                    DIRECTOR GANS: Uh, --
                    DIRECTOR EVANS:          -- had a little bit
    to do with --
                    DIRECTOR GANS:           -- I=ve --
                    DIRECTOR EVANS:           -- inviting them.
                    DIRECTOR GANS: I=ve been approached
    by each side, wanting to discuss it.                So, --
                    DIRECTOR EVANS: Great.
                    DIRECTOR GANS:       -- it was originally
    was going to be a few meetings ago, but it got
    postponed because the HBA person couldn=t make it.
                    DIRECTOR EVANS: Well, no time like
    the present, then, that we could, at least, have
    a conversation about it.
                    I=ve spoken, from time-to-time, with
    various people.        The Fire Marshal=s Office, the
    HBA, I=ve had conversation with, as well as just
    different districts= board members, just to find
    out how their district was leaning, or what their


                                                 Virginia L. Long
                            Court Reporter
    feelings were on the issue.
                  And I realized that, that vote was
    coming up with the International Residential Code
    of 2009, very shortly, like, in a matter of just
                  DIRECTOR GANS: Yeah.
                  DIRECTOR     EVANS:      So     that=s       why    I
    wanted to bring it up and have a discussion, so
    that   we   were   more   well    versed        on    it       and,
    hopefully, our District will pass a Resolution
    and take a stand.
                  So, just here are some facts that I
    found out, in doing some homework that the fire
    sprinklers would significantly raise the cost of
    new home construction and I know that in a market
    that=s kind of flat, or really depressed, this --
    it=s a concern to me, because I think that impacts
    just our growth in our District.
                  And, obviously, we know that there=s
    safe -- it=s a safety feature that=s available to
    all home construction, now, whether people take
    advantage of it, or not.
                  I think that=s, obviously, evident by
    the fact that only one percent of the home -- new


                                                Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
    homes actually have sprinkler systems, currently,
    installed, which makes me wonder when they do put
    out statistics about the safety of them, how --
    with only one percent of the new homes having
    them, where are they getting their data?
                       I=m   sure    it=s    from    lab     tests      and
    various things, but I found it very interesting
    that such a small portion of any data they have
    would come from actual installed systems.
                       And I know they=re not free from
    risks    of   accidental        set-offs        and     maintenance
    that=s involved and I read that the only way to
    really    test for them is to heat them up to
    actually see if they work and I can=t imagine
    wanting to do that in my home.
                       So, I think, right there, that=s a
    huge risk of damage to the home.
                       And, in addition, pipes can freeze.
    Burst.    I know that that=s also one of the points
    that     --   of    concern,       as    well      as     insurance
                       And    I     talked      to     my     insurance
    company, just to ask them about this and they
    said they certainly don=t discount a home owners


                                                     Virginia L. Long
                               Court Reporter
    policy     based    on   having      a    sprinkler      system
    installed.     In fact, they almost see it as a
    liability, but they don=t charge extra for it,
                   So it=s certainly not a benefit to
    your home owner=s policy, or, at least, mine, for
    my situation.
                   Anyway, and just for what it=s worth,
    because I was pulling all of this data, I did --
    and there=s a copy, three copies there.
                   I did just pull some facts.               There=s
    just   a   little   talking      points    facts     sheet,    I
    thought I=d share with you all, about some of the
    things I=ve learned.
                   I want to be very clear, though,
    that I am not opposed to fire sprinkler systems
    in residential       homes, but I believe it=s our
    responsibility, as Directors of the Monarch Fire
    Protection District, to -- to see beyond all of
    the rhetoric that=s out there, the manufacturers
    of these systems, who would want you to believe
    that is the only way to protect our people and
    that this should be mandatory.
                   I realize, like you said, there are


                                                Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
    two sides to every story and to every discussion,
    but I=m convinced that our public, our taxpayers,
    our new home owners, buyers, would want us to be
    a guide for them, to educate them, to provide
    them with materials, resources, before -- as
    they=re, you know, pulling a permit and beginning
    the process of building a home.
                 And, I mean, I think that=s where we
    should stand.   Ultimately, the decision should
    remain with the buyer who=s going to build this
    home, based on them having the information before
    them to make a reasonable decision.       An educated
                 And, in fact, I was ready to vote
    tonight on this Resolution and I will just tell
    you that the points that I would bring up, in my
    readiness to pass a Resolution, would be one that
    if we put something in place, I would hope that
    it was Monarch=s decision to make sure that it was
    mandatory that we provided educational materials,
    like I said, to anyone planning to build a home
    in our District.
                 And that the -- that we did not make
    it mandatory for all new home, or residential


                                         Virginia L. Long
                        Court Reporter
    construction    to   have    this      fire    sprinkler       in
                   And    for     our      inspectors,           Fire
    Prevention     Bureau,      our   fire        fighters,      our
    District as a whole, to make it our purpose, just
    as our mission is, and it=s already been commented
    on tonight, you know, we continue the good work
    that we=re doing and insuring that we have safe
    buildings and practices to protect our citizens
    and the fire fighters, should they go into a fire
    and just keep doing what we=re doing now.
                   Our education piece.           Our P.R.       And,
    like Chris alluded to, tonight, we are doing
    great work, now, for our public.
                   And, yes, I am sure there was public
    education going on well before I came on the
    Board.   However, I think this push is refreshing.
     It=s great for our citizens.          It is a win/win and
    we can educate our folks about taking precautions
    and making our homes safer with simple things
    like our smoke detectors, which I think is the
    best way of preventing a fire, or, at least,
    alerting people ahead of time to, you know, an


                                              Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
                     So, I think that with the vote in
    Minnesota just a couple of weeks away, we need to
    prepared,    like   I    said,    to      make   a   definitive
                     And if that Resolution, I mean, to
    pass a Resolution.        But, if that code were to be
    voted on and passed, to be adopted, when they=re
    up in Minnesota, I think we need to be ready to
    make a stand that we shouldn=t make it mandatory.
                     But, one other point I was going to
    make, that I had heard recently, in the last
    week, was I didn=t realize Mehlville had already -
    - I think they have a Resolution in opposition to
    the government mandate on the sprinkler systems,
    as   well   as   local    2665,     who     they=re    --       they
    represent, obviously, a vast majority of our St.
    Louis region.
                     And I know that their position has
    been, the fire sprinklers can be beneficial, but
    the Local believes it is better to have their
    inclusion be a choice and not a mandate by the
                     So, like I said, I was certainly
    willing to have a discussion tonight.                I was very


                                                 Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
    interested in what you all had to say.                     The last
    thing I want is to have something sprung upon us
    with, you know, kind of a debate amongst two
    different groups with two different sides.
                      So, I was curious if you had any
                      DIRECTOR GANS: A couple of things.
                      DIRECTOR EVANS: Hm-hm.
                      DIRECTOR      GANS:           First     of        all,
    procedurally, we=re going to get two shots at
                      One     of    them       is     sort      of      un-
    precedented, and that is what you=re addressing
    here, and that is the opportunity to -- to hear
    discussion about both sides of the issue, to
    debate     it     and   to     give    a    mandate         to      our
    representatives that this is how the Board wishes
    them to vote.
                      I=m not sure we can make them vote
    any     certain    way.        But,    that=s        a   different
                      But, certainly, we would -- these
    are representatives to this organization and I=m
    not positive of our authority.


                                                     Virginia L. Long
                              Court Reporter
                   However, that almost doesn=t matter,
    because the second part is, if the Resolution
    passes and if the code is changed, we adopt our
    code.   And our code can be anything we wish it to
                   It can be the revised code less the
                   So, ultimately, we do get the final
    say-so.     The Board.       And if we adopt a changed
    code, it will be in the format that the Board
    chooses to adopt it.
                   So   --    and    that=s   no   deadline       of
    September.    That=s whenever we choose to address
    it and adopt it.     So, that=s good.
                   And the other thing is, I think, as
    much information as we can get is valuable.                  This
    is great.
                   A few months ago, Roger Herin sent
    me some information that I know I read, at the
    time, and his -- the materials were trying to
    persuade the mandatory use of fire sprinklers and
    they made a good case.
                   Roger, I=d ask that maybe you send
    that to all three of us again, so we have that


                                              Virginia L. Long
                             Court Reporter
                   And we=ll be, as far as I know,
    hearing from the Home Builders and they=re going
    to be opposed to the change in the code.
                   And   we=re,   I    know,     going      to    be
    hearing from Dave Nichols and maybe others, with
    an argument about why it should be something that
    we agree with and -- and vote to support.
                   So, that will be at our next meeting
    and that=s already scheduled and then I agree,
    especially, in light of the fact that that=s our
    last open meeting with all three of us here, for
    a while.   Certainly, before their meeting.               That,
    let=s hear it, and let=s come up with a Resolution
                   You can lead that effort, but let=s -
    - let=s do that at the next meeting and -- which
    is just a week from Tuesday.
                   MISTER HERIN: Okay.
                   DIRECTOR GANS:          Right?     I believe,
    it=s right before I leave.
                   CHIEF BIELE: Monday.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.             I leave on
    Tuesday.   So it=s on Monday.          A week from Monday.


                                               Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
     It=s on the 8th.
                   CHIEF BIELE: September 8th.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: That we moved to
    seven o=clock, as a matter of fact.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Right.         So, that will
    be the time.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: Well, I=m fine with
    fine with waiting.        Obviously, like I said, I
    would certainly be ready to discuss a Resolution
    and for us to have a good discussion about it,
    because   I   --   I   just   truly     am   in   favor     of
    educating our public and making sure that we
    leave that decision up to them and that we don=t
    make it a mandate --
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                   DIRECTOR       EVANS:         --    by       our
                   But, thank you.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: That=s all I have.
    That concludes my report.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: All right.           Thanks.
                   That moves us to the Chief=s Report.
                   CHIEF BIELE: I have nothing.


                                             Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
                  DIRECTOR      GANS:       Moves   us    to      the
    Attorney=s Report.
                  MISTER BAKEWELL: You had, in your
    packet, a proposed run-out contract by Meritain
    and if you give me just a moment, I=ll explain
    just the basics of what=s in this contract.
                  What they are proposing is that any
    claims incurred prior to the termination, which
    is prior to November 1, 2008, they will continue
    to process those claims as they come in and are
                  They would charge the same they=re
    currently charging, roughly, $2200.00 a month,
    for the first three months after termination, to
    process the claims.
                  Then if we choose to go ahead and
    extend that time period for an additional three
    months, or 90 days, they would charge one half of
    the monthly fee for each of those second three
    months.   So, roughly, $1100.00.
                  And then if we chose to extend it
    even further, for payment of claims, they would
    charge    one-fourth     of     the      current      monthly
    administrative fee.


                                               Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
                   In speaking with Tom Brown, about
    this, and also with Kelly, in terms of the timing
    of payments, 95 percent, or more, 99 percent,
    within the first -- 95 -- roughly, 95 percent of
    all claims are paid within the first 90 days,
    from date of treatment.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Is that it?
                   MISTER BAKEWELL: And then, for the
    next 90 days, there should be very few claims
    that come in.
                   The current group health contract
    provides that claims don=t get paid after 180
    days, so I would feel safe in recommending to the
    Board   that    two   90    day     periods       should         be
    sufficient to cover the claims.
                   And then Meritain did provide an
    alternative    to   the    $1100.00     a   month     for       the
    second 90 days and that is, they would charge
    $15.00 per claim.
                   That works out to 73 claims a month,
    which seems relatively high.
                   DIRECTOR     GANS:      Then    why    is       your
    recommendation to go with 1100?               With the 1100?
    Or, was it --


                                                Virginia L. Long
                          Court Reporter
                 MISTER BAKEWELL: No, I=m just saying,
    that=s what they=re -- that=s what they presented,

                 DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.         So that=s not
    your recommendation?
                 MISTER BAKEWELL: No.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                 MISTER BAKEWELL: My recommendation
    would be to look at, for the second 90 days,
    after 95 percent of all the claims have been
    processed, to go to a $15.00 per claim payment,
    which would cover 73 claims per month, --
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.
                 MISTER BAKEWELL:        -- for the second
    three months.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: That makes sense to
                 DIRECTOR EVANS: It does to me, too.
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Dave?
                 DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: Yeah.             Sounds
                 DIRECTOR GANS: Okay.       So, I think we
    all agree with your recommendation, then.


                                           Virginia L. Long
                        Court Reporter
                  MISTER BAKEWELL: Okay.
                  DIRECTOR GANS: Do we need to pass a
    Resolution for this, or just, --
                  MISTER BAKEWELL: You --
                  DIRECTOR GANS:            -- we need to sign
                  MISTER BAKEWELL:            -- may, tonight.
    But, one thing I planned on doing, I tried to
    contact Ms. Neuman.     She wasn=t in town this week.
     To find out how she wanted to handle this, if
    they wanted just to send us a revised letter
    agreement, which I suspect they will do, and then
    just have the Board approve it.
                  DIRECTOR GANS: At the next meeting?
                  MISTER      BAKEWELL:        Whatever           your
    preference is.   You could approve it tonight and
    then just sign it, or approve it when we get the
    revised agreement.
                  DIRECTOR      GANS:       Well,    why    do      it
    tonight?   Let=s wait for the --
                  MISTER BAKEWELL: That=s fine.
                  DIRECTOR      GANS:        --     real   letter.
    Okay.   Anything else, Mike?
                  MISTER BAKEWELL: No, I don=t have


                                               Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
    anything else.
                   DIRECTOR GANS:         All right.      Moving
    on to New Business.       The only thing I=d like to
    mention is I did e-mail the Directors today with
    suggested dates of Board Meetings.
                   There=s no hurry.        We don=t have to
    do it tonight, but at the next Board Meeting, I=d
    like us to be able to announce those.
                   Those really no reason for us to
    look at calendars, sitting up here, so we=ll do
    that by e-mail; a copy to the public file and
    we=ll announce the October, November, December
    meeting dates.
                   I=ve already been corrected.          I tried
    to have a meeting on Thanksgiving and --
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: Enjoy.
                   DIRECTOR GANS:         -- the chief can=t
    take a joke.   I was only kidding.        So I=ll get out
    a revision for that.
                   That=s -- any other New Business?
                   (No response.)
                   DIRECTOR   GANS:       Hearing   none,       any
    other Old -- any Old Business?
                   (No response.)


                                             Virginia L. Long
                         Court Reporter
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Hearing none, I make
    a motion to adjourn.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: Second.
                   DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: Second.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: And you decide.
                   Call   for    the    question.       All    in
                   DIRECTOR TERSCHLUSE: Aye.
                   DIRECTOR EVANS: Aye.
                   DIRECTOR GANS: Aye.
                   We=re adjourned.
             (Whereupon, the meeting was adjourned at
    6:40 P.M. as described above.)


                                            Virginia L. Long
                           Court Reporter
    STATE OF MISSOURI          )
                               )   SS

                 C E R T I F I C A T E

                I, Virginia L. Long, Notary Public

    and professional court reporter, within and for

    the State of Missouri, County of St. Charles, do

    hereby certify that there came before me at that

    time and in that place first aforesaid, those

    persons and matters herein described, and has

    been transcribed into typewritten form by me and

    is now herewith returned.

                IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto

    set my hand and seal this 28th day of August,


                My commission expires June 14, 2012.


                                         Virginia L. Long
                        Court Reporter
         Notary Public within and
         for the State of Missouri


                     Virginia L. Long
    Court Reporter

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