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					Travel Card Training

   Statewide Accounting and
       Reporting Services
        June 23, 2011
   Agency Responsibilities
   CTS Accounts
   Performance Rebate
   Forms of Payment
   Travel Card Insurance
   Karen A. Williams,
    Statewide Travel Card Coordinator

   Shrikant Vajratkar (Shri),
    Statewide Travel Policy Coordinator
         Corporate Travel
          Card Program
 Program   includes:
  Individual personal liability travel

  CTS accounts (ghost accounts)
  paid by state agencies
     Travel Card Program
   Sponsored by the State, but not a State
    liability card
   Personal liability card
   Program managed by State Controller’s
    Division, SARS
   Corporate card provider is US Bank
   Available to state employees who travel,
    subject to US Bank credit standards
       Agency Management
OAM 40.20.00
 Assign an Agency Travel Card
 Evaluate need for travel cards

 Approve travel card applications

 Take corrective action for delinquency,
  misuse, or abuse of the travel card
OAM 40.20.00
 Use travel card only for official state
  business travel
 Pay account balance each month

 Report lost or stolen cards to US Bank

 Adhere to provisions of Corporate
  Travel Card Agreement
            Agency Coordinator
OAM 40.20.00
 Maintain agency files of applications and
  agreement forms
 Review and process applications; lower credit
  limit, if needed
 Communicate with cardholders-A/P Staff

   Cancel cards not needed
   Destroy cancelled cards
   Review reports through Access Online
     Access Online Reports
   Account List Report
    – Review for accuracy
    – Monitor for cardholders who have retired,
      transferred or terminated
    – Review for no activity in past six months;
      request voluntary (V9) cancellation
    – Cancel and destroy cards not needed
     Access Online Reports
   Transaction Detail Report
    – Review for purchases that do not appear
      to be travel related
    – Review for unusually large dollar amounts
    – Review for frequent ATM activity
    – Bring concerns to the attention of either
      the cardholder or agency management
     Access Online Reports
   Account Suspension Report
    – Review for delinquent balances and notify
      cardholder of past due status
    – Report balances older than 60 days to
      cardholder’s supervisor
    – If account has been suspended or
      cancelled, the cardholder’s supervisor is
      required to take appropriate action
       Important Reminder
   Account information in Access Online is
    considered confidential and should be
    handled accordingly
    – Limit access to employees charged with
      the responsibility to monitor accounts
    – Revoke access timely when duties change
    – Properly secure printed reports