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									     2009 Donors
                                                                                                                                         Amy E. Bartels
                                                                                                                                         Thomas P. Barton
     Dear Friends,                                                                                                                       Sarah M. & Joseph S. Basile
                                                                                                                                         Marie A. Baudek
                                                                                                                                         Ann M. & Roger D.
     For the School of Dentistry, 2009 was a                                Research Fellowship Program has enriched                        Baumgartner
                                                                                                                                         Debra R. & Steven J. Baune
     watershed year, financially, strategically and                         the education and enhanced the careers of                    Cathy S. Baus
     operationally. For that reason and for so many                         hundreds of students. Recently, funding from                 Richard J. & Christine D.
     others, it was gratifying that our alumni and                          federal and grant sources has declined,                      Robert C. Beattie
     friends continued their strong support for the                         compromising our ability to sustain this                     Robert H. Beaumont
                                                                                                                                         Muriel J. Bebeau
     school despite the challenging financial times.                        value-added educational experience for students.             Michelle M. Bebeau &
         Many of you made generous commitments                              We announced a Student Summer Research                          Michael W. McCortney
                                                                                                                                         Janell J. Beck
     to endow funds that perpetuate your support                            Campaign to encourage donations to sustain                   Joseph G. Becker
                                                                                                                                         William S. Becker
     for a variety of special purposes that benefit                         the program and our early results are encour-                Anne Becklean
     students, faculty and patients. To those                               aging. To-date, we’ve reached over a third                   Earl M. Behning*
                                                                                                                                         Bruce R. Beier
     who contributed to the Dentistry Fund for                              of our $600,000 goal.                                        Stephen A. & Elizabeth R.
     Achievement and the Dental Hygiene Fund                                    Your generous philanthropic support is                      Bejarano
                                                                                                                                         Brad D. Bekkedahl
     through our annual telemarketing appeals                               vital to our continued success and leadership                Perry A. Belcher
                                                                                                                                         William J. & Kathleen E.
     by students and in response to our mail                                as a dental school. Thank you for your gifts                    Bellamy
     efforts, I extend a special thank you. Your                            in 2009. I hope that you will renew your                     Gail Belvedere
                                                                                                                                         Michael A. Bender
     support of the Fund for Achievement                                    support in 2010. As always, we continue in                   Douglas T. Bengson
     provides a resource I can draw on to invest                            our commitment to setting the standard                       Gordon A. & Gladys M.
     in unanticipated opportunities to support                              in dental education, research and service,                   Neal U. Benjamin
                                                                                                                                         Michael M. Bennett
     students, staff, faculty, and alumni activities,                       and promise to be good stewards of                           Thomas T. & Rita L. Bennett
     and to fill-in gaps in other funding sources.                          your support.                                                Wendy F. Bennett
                                                                                                                                         Shirlee A. & Glenn F. Benson
     Your support for the Dental Hygiene Fund                                                                                            Karl G. Berg*
     advances opportunities for our dental                                  Sincerely,                                                   Timothy M. Bergstedt &
                                                                                                                                            Michelle L. Bergsrud*
     hygiene students and program initiatives.                                                                                           James B. Bernard
         One of our top funding priorities this                                                                                          Sheldon M. Bernick
                                                                                                                                         Lois M. Berscheid-Brunn &
     year has been to generate support for student                           . , ..., ..                                  Gregory J. Brunn
                                                                                                                                         Fred E. Bertschinger
     research. For more than 40 years, our Summer                           Dean                                                         Matthew E. Berven
                                                                                                                                         Peter A. Berven
                                                                                                                                         Barbara Bester
                                                                                                                                         John F. Betlach
                                                                                                                                         Bruce L. Betterman
     We strive for accuracy when preparing these lists and apologize for any errors that may appear.                                     Beulah Dental PC
     We invite you to notify the Development Office at (612) 625-1657 to make any corrections.                                            Jean M. & Russell F. Bey
                                                                                                                                         John P. Beyer
                                                                                                                                         Carol L. Bicknese
     Donors to the School of Dentistry 2009                                                                                              Wanda K. Bielec
                                                                                                                                         Mark A. Bierschbach
                                                                                                                                         Aaron J. & Katrina A. Binstock
     This list is based on outright       David B. Albrecht                     Edward A. & Susan D.          Thomas G. Arnold           Biohorizons
     gifts, pledge payments and           Patrick C. & Brenda F. Alcorn            Anderson                   Arnold Orthodontics PA     Biomet Microfixation
     deferred pledge payments.            Evelyn M. & Lloyd S.                  Gary C. Anderson*             Associated Dentists Ltd.   Tami A. Birkner
                                              Alexander                         Jeanne M. Anderson            Roberta L. Austing         Bisco Inc.
     *Presidents Club Members.            All Your Smile Needs                  Jon D. & Debra Anderson       Michael Auvinen            Brooke Bishop
     The Presidents Club                      Dental Center                     Maynard C. & Janet M.         Mark W. Bachman            Jason M. Bjerketvedt &
     recognizes the University’s          Allan T. Bluhm Trust                     Anderson                   Norman J. Baer                Natalie D. Timmers
     most generous benefactors.           Julie Y. Allen                        Nancy F. Anderson             Barbara H. Bailey          Theodore R. & Blenda B. Bjork
                                          Monica M. Alley                       Roberta J. Anderson*          Bashar Bakdash             Robert A. & Louraine
     3M Co.*                              Jeffrey S. Amann                      Scott R. Anderson             Bruce A. Baker                Bjorkman
     3M Fdn. Inc.*                        Nicole R. Amundson                    Apollonia Dental              Suher Baker                Tommy H. Black
     Olaf E. Aanrud                       Vernon L. Amundson*                   Jerome L. Appeldoorn          Dellin R. Bakkum           Allen A. Blackford
     S. Kaye Adams                        Harry M. Andersen                     D. Douglas & Maribelle F.     Sheila L. Ballard          Phillip R. Blackford
     Kimberly A. Agneberg                 Alfred W. Anderson                       Appleby*                   A. Richard Ballin*         Don R. Blakeslee
     William S. Akey                      David C. & Ute M. Anderson            Geoffrey D. Archibald         Carl L. Bandt*             Brian R. Blanchard
     Alan B. Montgomery                   Dean R. Anderson                      Patricia B. Archibald         Vicki L. Barrett           Raymond E. Blanchard
        Orthodontics Ltd.                 Dwight L. Anderson                    Arizona Dental Omnicare LLC   Jeanne L. Barss            Blandin Fdn.*

James P. Bloch                     Andrew J. Cedarbaum &            Dentistry for Children &       L. David & Margaret Engel*       Brent L. Florine*
Mark A. Bloomquist                     Roberta Kestenbaum              Adolescents Ltd.            Neal H. Engel & Jean M.          Dean A. Flugstad
Christine M. & Donald F. Blue      Michael P. Cellitti              Dentsply International Inc.*       Krusemark                    Priscilla N. & Michael T. Flynn
Carmen Bock                        Centennial Lakes                 Dentsply Tulsa Dental          Gayle Engel-Sparks               Shelli R. Folkes
Leonard E. Boeder                      Dental Group                    Specialties                 Kirsten A. Enget                 Chris J. Fondell
Chad E. Boger                      Central Minnesota                Edward D. Deutschmann          Enget & Johnson Family           Fong Family Trust
Sharon K. Bogetz                       Endodontics PA               Anthony J. Di Angelis              Dentistry                    Forestview Family Dentistry
John Bogle                         Jeffrey L. Champion              Reed D. Dill                   Michael W. England               Jeffrey S. Forslund
Tracy A. Bona                      Jeffrey L. Champion DDS LLC      David M. Ditch                 Michael L. & Janice A. English   John S. Foss
Amy M. Bonde                       Dede & Kim M. Chart*             Mary Ann Dlugosch              Ada M. & Kenneth C. Erickson     Jeffrey J. Fox*
Terrence D. Bongard                Darlene D. Chesney               David D. Dobmeier              Dean O. Erickson                 Patrick J. & Lynne Foy
Jo Ann C. Boraas                   Chester Creek Dental             Jeanne M. Doepke               Gerald L. & Jeanne L. Erickson   Patrick & Lynne Foy Fund
Emil B. Borg                       Children’s Hospitals and         Joan Doering                   Jay P. Erickson                  Framing Success Inc.
Bernard Borkon                         Clinics of Minnesota         Various Donors                 Katherine D. Erickson            Larry V. Franz
Adena F. Borodkin &                Chippewa Valley Dental           Bruce K. A. Dormanen           Laurel L. & Jerome A. Erickson   Craig O. Freeman
    James R. Miller                    Clinic Ltd.                  David P. Doroff                LuVerne Erickson                 James R. Fricton &
Wayne L. Bottomley                 Chisago Lakes Dental             John Z. & Nadia Z. Doroschak   Mark A. Erickson                     Delia Dall’Arancio
Bradley D. Bourcy                  James L. Chitwood                Nicholas C. Dorsher            Robert E. & Elizabeth O.         Jason L. Friesz
William H. Bouton                  Chitwood Nicol &                 Muriel E. Dostal                   Erickson                     Katherine B. Fristad
Wendy L. Bowlds                        Matthews LLC                 Walter H. Doty                 Ted J. Erickson                  Thomas F. & Cathy J. Fritz
William K. Boylan                  Aida A. Chohayeb                 Michael J. Doty &              Charles W. Erlandson             Michael A. Fuchs
Bruce E. Brandsness                Arden G. Christen                   Brenda M. Junnila           James M. Erlandson               Michael F. Fuller
Joanne C. & Dennis J.              Lin M. Christensen               Scott Doyle                    Steven M. Erlandson              Fuller Dental Care
    Brandstetter*                  Loren C. Christensen             Dr. John & Nadia Doroschak     Scott D. Erler                   Fuller Periodontics &
Brasseler USA Dental LLC           Wallace L. Christenson*             Family Gift Fdn.            Leon A. Ernster                      Implant Dentistry
William R. Bray Family Trust       Arlis H. & Dale L. Christenson   Dr. Michael J. Doty PA         Kelly C. & Karl J. Espe          Michael W. Furey
Bruce C. Bredbeck                  Ruth Christians*                 Diane L. & Gregory W. Dragan   Roger G. Ettel                   Peder A. Gaalaas
Dwain S. Breitbach                 Constance S. Churchill           Jessica Drapcho                David G. Evans                   Claudia A. & James R.
Robert S. Breitbach                Terry D. Cisler                  William J. Dresser*            John W. Evenson                      Gaasedelen
Breitbach Family Dentistry PA      Cheryl L. Clements               Drs. Johnson & Bruss PA        Ronald R. Evenson                Judith L. Gabrielson
Peter J. Brenny                    Burton D. & Audrey K. Cohen*     Drs. Williams & Wimmer PA      Excel Dental Studios Inc.*       Kathleen M. Gaertner
Mary L. Briski                     William B. Colby                 Carolyn Dukes                  Suzanne R. Fasoli                Heidi & Jose E. Gaibor
Robert G. Brockway                 Charles H. Colby*                Kirk A. & Jill M. Dulac        Louise C. Fawcett                Galesville Dental
R. George Brockway DDS PA          Sandra J. Cole Wilkinson         David K. Dungey                Michael D. Feigal                George C. Gamboa
Arthur A. Broderson                College of Diplomates –          Judith M. Dunn                 Anna M. & Donn L. Feigal         Michael R. Gardner
Roger J. & Constance A.                American Board of            Robert Durand                  Gloria Feigal                    Helen L. & Raymond O.
    Bromaghim                          Pediatric Dentistry          Timothy B. & Susan Durtsche    Jill A. Feilmeier                    Garland*
Janice C. Broschat                 Jodi L. Colosomo                 Russell A. Dylla               Norene B. Feldsien               Rita K. & Ronald J. Garni
Gerald A. Brost                    Edward C. & Isobel Combe*
Marie I. Brown                     Thomas H. Como
Michael R. Brown                   Kent A. Confeld
Richard B. Brown                   Paul J. Congdon                      PHILANTHROPIST
Theodore A. Brown                  Robert E. Conlin
Kurt E. Bruksch
Mary C. Bruning-Anderson
                                   Mark E. Conover
                                   Jerry J. Conroy
                                                                        HealthPartners Dental Group
Thomas D. Bruss                    Lawrence J. Cook
David F. Brust                     Jonathan F. & Melverne E.
Mark J. Bruzek                         Cooke                            HealthPartners Dental Group has contributed
Judith A. Buchanan*                Cosmetic & Family Dentistry          $100,000 to establish the HealthPartners Dental
Foster O. Bucher                   Marta E. Costa
Douglas L. Buck                    Massimo Costalonga                   Group Student Summer Research Fund, an
DeAnne Budde                       Creekside Family Dentistry           endowment designed to provide stipend support
Alvin A. Buechler                  CrimsonCare Family Dental
Robert A. Bukowski                 Crosslake Dental Center PA           for School of Dentistry students participating in
Carol E. Burrell                   Jon E. Cruz
                                                                                                                                                 David Gesko
                                                                        the student summer research program. David Gesko, D.D.S. (’86),
James F. Bussen                    Luz C. Cua
Todd G. Calder                     Adam F. Curtis                       Dental Director of HealthPartners, hopes this gift will further the advance-
Charles R. Caldwell                Michael G. Cziok
California Dental Association      D & A Waite Family Fdn. –
                                                                        ment of evidence-based care in support of the practice of dentistry. Gesko,
Richard L. Callender                   Truman Heartland                 along with many other dentists and hygienists in the HealthPartners Dental
Peter A. Cameron                       Comm. Fdn.
R. Richard Capp                    DTK Inc.
                                                                        Group, are University of Minnesota School of Dentistry alumni.
Susan A. Carley                    Neil Daby
Casey B. Carlson                   Carol J. Dahlke
Daniel W. Carlson                  Dakota Dental Health Center
Dennis L. Carlson                  Dakota Valley OMS PA             Jack L. & Jean L. Dyste        Thomas G. Fellman                Kathleen J. Garry
Dennis R. Carlson                  Mary S. Dalbotten                Eagan Dental Clinic            Avis L. Fellows                  Barbara S. Gavic
Jeffrey F. & Patricia L. Carlson   Mark M. Dale                     Eau Claire Family Dental SC    Molly J. Fernholz                General Mills Fdn.*
Richard G. Carlson                 Geetha J. Damodaran              Dean P. Ebner &                Joseph J. Ferretti               Gentle Dental Care LLC
Timothy J. Carlson                 Barbara J. Daniels                  Leslie L. Wilcox            Elray R. Fertig                  Gerald Larson Ltd.
Fred W. & Colleen M.               Stephen H. Danielson             Gretchen Eckes                 Gerald L. Fields                 Gail S. Gerjets
    Carpenter                      Charles T. Davich                Darin L. Edeen                 James G. Figenshau               Robert W. Gerlicher
John M. Carrels                    David G Evans DDS PC             Kyle R. & Beth Edlund          Kathleen V. Figenshau            Raymond H. Gerst
Chris Carroll                      Donald E. Davis                  Gary Eggleston                 Winifred G. Figenshau            David S. & Leslie M. Gesko
Jeffrey L. Carter                  Andrew De La Garza               Kristen R. Ehresmann           Gina M. Finn                     Joseph A. Gibilisco*
Rodney J. Casad                    Alan B. De Laitsch               Nancy & Lowell E. Einerson     Anders K. Finnvold               Nicole A. Giddings
Janice M. Casey                    Kenneth E. De Lap                Jennifer L. Eisenhuth          George E. Fischer*               Marshall W. Gifford
Carl C. Casperson                  Gary M. DeLoia                   David S. Elgethun              Jill L. Fischer                  Kevin E. Gilchrist
Julie D. Cassaidy                  Ralph DeLong                     Marjorie G. Ellingson          Alfred J. Fish                   Julie Giles
Andreina Castro                    Joan M. Decker                   Elmwood Family Dentistry       John A. Fishpaw                  Brenda W. Gillespie
Constance W. Catlin                Matthew K. Deeter                Doris Elrick                   Kari E. Fitzgerald               Cary J. Gillingham
Gerald D. Cavanaugh*               Donna S. Dehn*                   Elsevier Inc.                  Michael J. Fleener               James A. Gilman
Gregory D. Cebulla                 Debra A. Deis                    Endodontic Professionals PA    Nathan H. Fleming                Carol A. & Phil Gilmer
Gregory D. Cebulla DDS Inc.        Kevin W. & Catherine J. Dens     Laura M. and Robert E. Eng*    Ivan C. & Teena B. Fletcher      Jack O. Glander

                                                                                                                                       DENTISTRY SPRING 2010          25
     Cindy Go & Dale Wong            James D. Haugo                  Ann E. Jennen &                  Mary Jane Kiner*                Bryan Lee
     Daniel J. Goede                 Charles D. Hawk                     A. Bruce Jacobs              James P. King                   Holly S. Lefebvre
     Vernon J. Goin                  Linda A. & Paul L. Hayne        David R. & Yoshiko K. Jennings   Patricia A. Kingston            Robert L. Leff
     Richard B. & Carolyn S.         HealthPartners Inc.*            Jason E. Jenny                   Julie A. & George J. Kinney*    Todd A. Leipnitz
         Golberg                     Gary J. Hedin &                 Mark R. Jensen &                 Levi T. Kinsey                  Julie A. Leither
     Marvin E. Goldberg*                 Kari A. Jacobson                Susan G. Penniston           David W. Klein                  Jennifer A. Lejcher
     Marvin E. & Miriam R.           George L. Hegge                 James R. & Alvern H. Jensen*     Kandee K. Klein                 Patricia A. & Wesley C. Lenton
         Goldberg Fdn.*              Marlene Heikkila                Jensen & Jensen DDS PA           Klein Resource Group LLC        Allen M. Lepinski
     Miriam R. Goldberg              Robert S. Heil                  Dean A. & Julie A. Jenson        Merlin N. Kleinhuizen           Julie M. Lesher
     Michael J. Golinvaux            Shannon M. Held                 Mary J. & Gary R. Jernberg*      Laura Klem                      Louis C. & Jane M. Lick
     Roger J. Gollon                 Howard P. & Kari Helgen         Lisa D. Jernell                  Jerome H. Kleven                Deborah J. Lien
     Douglas & Margaret Goodlund     Gloria S. Helgren               Lee D. & Mary J. Jess*           Douglas Kline                   Steven J. Lien
         Fund – AZ Comm. Fdn.        Steven A. Heller                Jennifer M. Jeziorski            Amy E. & David G. Klump         William F. Liljemark
     Margaret L. Goodlund*           Amber N. Hemann                 Barbara L. Johnson               Jessica M. & Shawn D. Knorr     Glenn C. Lilleskov
     John M. Gosche                  Gladys R. Hendrickson           Becky S. Johnson                 Dean D. Knudsen                 Robert A. Lindemoen
     Mary Ellen Goswitz              Hennepin Faculty Assoc. &       Brent T. Johnson                 Kirby A. & Melanie K. Knutson   R. A. Lindemoen DDS PC
     Donna J. Gottwald                   Mpls. Med. Rsch. Fdn.*      Bryan D. Johnson                 Brian D. Koch                   Carol Lindig
     Farhad Gounili                  Paul W. Hensel                  Christopher M. Johnson           James G. Koller                 Philip J. Lingle
     Dean W. Govig                   Steven J. & Julie J. Henseler   David W. Johnson                 Rodney A. & Vickie B. Kolpin    Anne E. & Scott D. Lingle*
     Edward R. Gracza                Ann R. Herdina                  Debra & Randall W. Johnson       Roger & Carol J. Koskela        Betty S. & David H. Lipschultz
     Grand Dental Center PC          David A. Herfendal              Dorraine J. & Dennis A.          William J. Kottemann            Lisbon Smiles
     Adam Granger &                  Herff Jones Inc.                    Johnson*                     William C. Kottke               Walter R. List
         Renee Bergeron              Heritage Dental Care            Jeffrey J. Johnson               Thomas J. Kotula                Stephen F. Litton*
     Donald C. & Ruth A. Grant       Rollin D. Herman                Joyce E. Johnson                 Robert W. Koubsky               Vicki Litwer
     Matthew M. Grau                 Joanne C. & Lee C. Hermann*     Karlene A. Johnson &             Ioannis G. Koutlas*             Isaac N. Liu
     Jill M. Gray-Reichel            Sara N. & Patrick R.                Keith E. Abrahamson          Galen R. Koxlien                Patrick M. Lloyd & Joyce Palik*
     Joseph M. Grayden                   Hermanson                   Kenton M. Johnson                Joe E. & M. C. Krause           David W. Longworth
     Great Plains Periodontics PC    Stephen T. Hero                 Lisa M. Johnson                  Janell S. Kraut                 Richard & Ann Losee
     Peter B. Green                  Sandra L. Hersperger            N. R. Johnson Orvis J. Johnson   Steven J. Kristo*               Jeffrey D. Loveless
     Green Lake Dental Clinic        Gay & Mark C. Herzberg          Owen W. Johnson                  Kristo Orthodontics             Gary R. & Coleen M. Lucachick
     Rachel K. Grieger               Byron T. Hildahl                Paul D. Johnson                  Mercedes T. Krogstad            Lucachick Dental Office PA
     Shelley N. Grimes               Arnold J. Hill*                 Randy W. & Kimberly S.           Diane Kroski                    Lumenis Inc.
     Richard W. Gross                Samuel G. Hinz                      Johnson                      Cory H. Kruckenberg             Bruce A. Lund
     Susan G. Gross                  Robert F. Hobday                Richard M. & Patricia L.         Mary F. Krueger                 Michael D. Lund
     Susan G. Gross DDS PA           Lorrie K. Hodd-McNeil               Johnson                      Ramesh K. Kuba                  Sydney A. Lund
     Ronald L. & Rayna M. Grothe     Kenneth A. & Cordelia E.        Ross H. Johnson                  Kent R. & Christine M. Kuball   Richard P. Lundgren
     John M. Grunseth                    Hoffmann                    Ruth V. Johnson                  Neil Kucker                     David C. Lurye
     Stephen R. & Patricia A.        Clarence E. Holden              Sara N. Johnson                  Bruce A. & Stephanie K. Kudak   Leonard S. Lynch
         Gulbrandsen                 Maxine Holland*                 Shirley M. Johnson               Brett J. Kurtzman               MN Educators of
     Stephen D. Gullings             Tim R. Holland                  Thomas G. Johnson                Victor R. Kvikstad                  Dental Assistants
     Lawrence G. Gunner              Vincent M. Hollaren             Verland E. Johnson               Stephen C. L’Abbe               Jeffrey C. Mabry
     John D. Gustafson               Jeffrey N. Holmberg             Wayne D. Johnson                 Stephen L’Abbe DDS PA           Malcolm D. & Margaret
     Catherine A. Guy                James R. & Susan K. Holtan*     Zana J. Johnston                 Deborah D. & Ronald E.              MacGregor
     Janna & James E. Haack          James D. & Siu-Lin B. Hom       Douglas T. & Lydia Jonak            L’Amie                       Benjamin F. Mack
     Frederick J. Haas &             Wesley M. Hommerberg*           Barbara A. Jones                 La Belle Periodontics           Irene G. Mackler
         Sarah L. Nordstrom          Robert A. Honkola               Natalie & Robert S. Jones        Glenn W. La Bine                Macy’s Fdn.
     Karl M. Haemig                  Ralph G. Honkola                Richard N. Jones*                Annette L. La Bonne             Michael J. Madden
     Mark E. Haemig*                 Joan M. & Paul H. Hoover        Robert W. & Sandra L. Jones      Samuel S. La Chance             Georgann & Earle Maendler
     Mark Haemig DDS PLLC            Jay N. & Ardis A. Hopps         Gail L. Jordan                   Linda J. La Fond                Susan J. Magraw
     Gary L. Hagen                   Janette D. Horman               John R. Jordan DDS PA            Venetia Laganis                 John P. & Becky S. Maher
     Louis T. Hagen                  Keith & Lili Horton             Lisa C. Joyce                    Lake Minnetonka                 Michelle A. Maillet
     Stuart C. Haglund               Kimberly A. Horton              Franklin R. Jung                    Orthodontics PA              Main Street Family
     Jeffrey L. Hagman               Sandra J. Houck                 Mark R. Jung                     Lake Superior Dental                Dental Care PA
     Mary Hahn                       Houston Dental Clinic PC        KLS – Martin LP                     Associates*                  Robert M. Maland
     Roy V. Hakala                   Christine N. Howard             Art & Delores Kaese              Lake Superior Endodontics       Mark M. Malmberg
     Michael W. Hallie               Robert S. & Patricia A. Hoyt    Elsie M. & Rudolph W.            Lakeview Dental Center          Laurel D. & Michael J. Manoles
     Patricia L. Halloran            Michelle A. Hunt                    Kajander*                    Maureen K. Lally                Michael Manthei
     Anna T. Hampel*                 Heidi L. Hurley                 Kandi Dental Center              Lois B. Lamb                    Daryl J. Marcus
     Philip J. Hankins               Bruce D. Hustad                 Claudia L. Kanter                Anna Mae E. & Douglas L.        Edward A. Marks
     Philip J. Hankins DDS MS Inc.   Corey J. Husu                   John S. & Carolyn L. Kanyusik*      Lambert*                     Leslie S. Marshall
     David L. Hansen &               James E. Indrehus               Lois J. Karl*                    Land of Lakes Endodontics PA    Leslie V. Martens*
         Karen L. Lilley*            Thomas H. Inglis*               Thomas A. Karn                   Naomi L. Lane                   Daniel C. Martin
     Dale A. Hansen                  Inglis Orthodontics PLLC        Vivian M. Karpowicz              Timothy R. & Maureen            Tony P. Martin
     La Verne A. Hansen              Institute for Oral Health       Joan B. Kartak                      Langguth                     Christopher M. Mathison
     Barbara J. Hanson               International College of        Robert A. Kay                    Kristy Lappinga                 Wayne A. Mattern
     Borg & Susan C. Hanson              Dentists – MN Section       Kelly J. Keeffe                  Thomas R. Larkin &              Jeffrey A. Matthews
     Daniel E. Hanson                Daniel R. Isaacson              Kathy M. Keeler                     Gwendolyn M. Kline           Laird & Linda Matti
     Gregory B. Hanson               Philip L. Isaacson              Karla M. Keil                    Brent & Cynthia Larson*         Michael J. Matwychuk
     Marion A. & Duane T. Hanson     Robert J. Isaacson*             Douglas K. Keim                  Brian J. Larson                 Melanie McCall &
     Mary K. Harder                  Edward K. Ishii                 John J. Keller                   Gregg A. Larson                     Daniel E. Sampson
     Kenneth M. Hargreaves &         Itasca Dental Providers         David G. Kelley                  James W. Larson                 Kathleen M. McCann
         Holly Dybdal-Hargreaves     Paul H. Iverson                 Gene S. Kelley                   Marion M. Larson                Patrick J. McCarthy
     Bradley S. Harlander            Lu Ann R. Iverson               Kelley Dental Clinic PA          Mary L. & Ross G. Larson        Beth G. McCauley
     David & Kay Harms               J.M.D. Ltd.                     Diane & Rodger Kemp              Randolph L. Larue               Scott B. McClanahan &
     Michael Harrison                Gerald E. Jackson               Colleen M. Kennealy              Lois E. Laurence                    Deborah K. Johnson
     Michelle & Thomas M.            Jackson-Spah Dental             Sandra H. Kennedy                Fahey D. Law                    Herbert F. McClellan
         Harrison                        Studio Inc.                 Kristin H. Kenner                Robert D. Lawton                McClellan-Swanson
     Sandra A. & Michael J.          Barry T. Jacobs                 Mary B. Kensek                   William G. Lawton                   Dental Office
         Harrison*                   Dale E. Jacobson                Ronald J. Kent                   Carol M. & Terry W. Leach       James S. McDonald
     Garrett E. Hartman              Lloyd E. Jacobson               Clarence F. Ketterling           Edgar H. & Evelyn K. Lechner*   Jean A. McDonald
     Dorthe Hartmann                 Steven E. Jacobson              David G. Keup*                   Gregory G. & Rebecca S. Lecy*   Larry McKimm
     Mary K. Hartwig                 Arthur T. Jaeger*               Gordon G. Keyes                  Victor Lee                      David R. McPherson
     Paul A. Hauge                   Gail M. Jaeger-Hymel            Mary Jo Keyworth                 Kevin B. Lee                    Rosemary R. & Kenneth D.
     Paul A. Hauge DDS Ltd.          Eugene F. Jasper                Lynn M. Kidder                   Ignatius K. Lee*                    McDougall

Kevin D. McEwen                  Jon G. Nelson                    Kathleen H. Parker             Gregory J. Povolny               Debra W. Ryan
Dixie & Larry L. McKay           Jon G. Nelson DDS SC Inc.        Janet G. Parsons               Prairie Oral Surgery Ltd.        Geraine C. Ryan
Peg McKee                        Kirby M. Nelson                  Walter B. Parsons              James C. & Theresa A. Price      Robert G. Ryan
Peter M. McLinn                  Margaret M. Nelson               Patterson Companies Inc.       Robert W. Prochnow               Jeffrey L. Ryan & Sara R. Ostroot
Medtronic Fdn.*                  Mark W. Nelson                   J. Robert & Barbara Paulson    Procter & Gamble Co.*            Jean A. Ryon
Tad C. & Lisa A. Meier           Michael T. & Jananne F. Nelson   June Pearson*                  John H. Proellochs               William R. Sabes
Melanie S. Meier-Buhr            Robert F. Nelson                 Sheldon & Leena N. Peck        Richard J. Provinzino            Adam C. Saeks
Susan B. Meister                 Robert N. Nelson                 Sarah J. Pedersen              James D. Purdy                   Saint Croix Wealth Strategies
Anne M. Melby                    Ryan M. Nelson                   Joyce E. Pederson              Shanna R. Purdy                  Saint Paul Dental Center
Kristine C. Meller               Sean K. Nelson                   Michael T. Pederson            Eric J. & Meghan E. Rambow       Saint Paul District
Candace A. Mensing &             Stephen R. Nelson                Pelican Dental                 Charlotte R. & Dean E.               Dental Society*
   Robyn R. Loewen               Virgil W. Nelson                 Pentagon Dental Group Ltd.        Rasmussen                     Sam’s Club Foundation
Lisa M. Merkatoris               Mary C. Nermoe                   Jorge M. Perdigao-Henriques    Loyle D. Raymond                 San Diego Fdn. – L. David
Merrill Lynch & Co. Fdn. Inc.    Judy & Frank H. Neufeld          David R. & Pamela A. Perell    Carmen C. Real                       Engel Fund
Christopher Mertensotto          Larry D. Neumann                 David & Pamela Perell Family   Lawrence J. Record               Katrina M. Sanders
Christopher Mertensotto          New Horizons Dental LLC              Foundation of Hibbing      Lois Reed                        Diane A. & Christopher N.
   DDS PLLC                      New Prague Dental Center         Donald J. Peretti              Ernest S. Reeh &                     Sands
Metropolitan Dental              Kathleen J. Newell*              Lisa M. Perez                     Mary Ann J. Bunczak-Reeh      Sandstone Dental Office Ltd.
   Management Inc.               Steven J. Nielsen                Periopartner PA                Guy V. Reich                     Reed E. Sanford
Carol M. Meyer                   Paul W. Niemi                    Michael J. Perpich*            Charles C. Reichert              David V. & Victoria S. Sass
Gordon W. & Linda A. Meyer       Kent B. & Kristine E. Nienaber   Paul M. Perpich                David A. & Teresa M. Reiland     Robert M. Scates
Richard P. Meyer                 Jane Nienaber                    Alan R. & Kristina K. Perry    Lisa M. Reitmaier                Scott N. Schaar
Molly Meyers                     Janet I. & Albert L. Nienaber
Bryan S. Michalowicz             De Vonne J. & Dennis E.
Anthony C. Michelich                 Nilsson
Robert J. Michelich*             Daniel T. Nistler
James J. Michels                 Howard M. Noack
Tom Mickas
Dan G. Middaugh
                                 George M. Noesen
                                 Noesen & Associates PA
                                                                      Richard and
Carney M. Middleton
Midwestern Society
                                 Helen L. Nord*
                                 Dorothy & Robert E. Nordby
                                                                        Nancy Christiansen
   of Orthodontics               David A. Nordmeier
Midwestern Society               Dale C. Nordstrom
   of Orthodontists              Hugh E. & Mary K. Norsted
                                                                      Richard (Ph.D., ’70) and Nancy Christiansen
John L. Mike                     Northwest Dental Group PA            are generous benefactors to several dental
Renee E. Miller                  James H. Nyberg
Joel S. Miller                   Barbara E. & John D. Nydahl
                                                                      schools with which Dick has been associated.
Minneapolis District             Eugene T. O’Brien                    Dr. Christiansen has fond memories of his mentors,
   Dental Society Inc.           Steven W. O’Brien
Minnesota Academy of             William J. O’Brien                   research colleagues and friends at the University of Minnesota.
   Pediatric Dentistry           William P. O’Brien                   In recognition of the importance of dental research and in tribute to his
Minnesota Association of         George T. O’Hearn
   Periodontists                 Trisha E. O’Hehir                    years at the University of Minnesota, he and Nancy are pleased to establish
MN Chapter – American            Emily R. O’Keiff                     the Dr. Richard L. and Nancy M. Christiansen Endowed Lectureship for
   Physical Therapy Assn.        Mary A. & Jeffrey E. O’Neil
Minnesota Craniofacial Center    Kevin K. O’Neill                     Craniofacial Research and Education.
   Midway PA                     Oak Park Dental Clinic
Minnesota Dental Association     Gary E. Oberg
Minnesota Pedodontic             Rebecca R. & John C.
   Study Club                        Ofstehage                    Debbie J. Perry                Scott E. Rensch                  Gaynell Schandel
Richard L. Mitchell              Jeffrey S. Ogden & Susan M.      Phillip G. Perry               Frederick C. Requa &             Carol L. Schatzberg
Frithjof G. Moen                     Malouf                       David L. Peterka                   Lois E. Freeberg-Requa       Mary & H. Richard Scheibe*
Richard H. Moen*                 Maureen A. Ohland                Scott B. Peters                Glenda C. Reynolds               Stephen A. Schendel
Abdolreza Moezi                  Ann & Kermit H. Ohlsen           Lorah A. Peterson              Reynolds Dental Associates PA    Joel N. Schieck
Alan D. Mogck                    Maggie Olano &                   Marlys Peterson                Patricia F. & Nelson L. Rhodus   Fredrick R. Schilling
Karlind T. Moller                    Mariano A. Polack            Natalie A. Peterson            Joni M. Richmond                 Christy K. Schjeldahl
Dawn M. Money                    Richard C. & Jacqueline L.       Ronald M. Peterson             Dorothy M. Rietow                Kyle J. Schmidt
Alan B. Montgomery                   Oliver*                      Timothy A. & Charlene M.       Donald B. Rindal                 Leslee A. Schmidt
Michael J. Monti                 Cheryl S. Olsen                      Peterson                   Arthur D. Ringen                 Alan F. Schneider
Geraldine R. Mooers              Clarence P. Olson                Virginia & Thomas M.           Riverside Dental                 Daniel S. Schoeneman
Moore Lake Dental Inc.           Ellen M. Olson                       Peterson                   Charles J. & Doris E. Robinson   Nancy G. Schoffman
Paul S. & Delores J. Mordorski   Jeffrey E. Olson                 Michael P. Petrich             Sandra Robinson                  Howard R. & Minnie A.
Patrick J. Morgan                Julia A. Olson                   Joseph A. Petrino              Steven J. Rodriguez                 Schroeder*
Paul G. Morgan                   Mark E. & Jeri L. Olson          Peggy L. Pettit                Rodriguez Dental Services PC     Kyle P. Schroeder
Mylon B. Morris                  Susan M. Olson                   Gina L. Pfeiffer               Paul A. Roggow                   Linda L. Schroeder
Betty K. Morton                  William H. Olson                 Gina L Pfeiffer DDS Ltd.       Cecilia A. & Michael D. Rohrer   Timothy M. Schroeder
Randall D. & Julie A. Moseng     Lynne M. Olson-Rommesmo          Jack H. Pfister                Charles O. Rohrer*               Herbert W. Schulte
Barbara Mueller                  David M. Oltmans                 Lewis H. Pierce                Jeffrey A. Rohrer                Paul D. Schulz
Marshall W. & Jennie M.          JoAnn & Mark R. Omlie*           Bruce L. Pihlstrom*            Tania I. Roloff                  Rebecca L. Schulz
   Mueller                       Eleanor S. Opitz                 John B. Pike                   Kurt G. Rosdahl                  William K. Schultz
Brian F. Murn*                   Ormco Corp.*                     Thomas J. Pink                 Gerald A. Rosdahl                Elizabeth A. Schultz-Smith
Paul & Shartsi Musherure         Scott C. Osborn                  Maria R. Pintado*              Shirley A. & Freeman N.          David Schwab
William J. Mussone*              Scott C. Osborn DDS &            Barbara T. Pinto*                  Rosenblum                    Steve M. Schwarten
Denise M. & John W. Myers            Associates PA                Randolph R. Pitzer DDS PC      Angela V. & Scott M. Ross        Lynn M. Schwartz
Pamela Myhre Dragseth            David J. Osdoba                  Randolph R. & Peggy Pitzer     Christopher & Karen F. Ross      Stephen N. Schwartz
V. George Nagobads               Monica A. Osuldsen               Scott A. Polzin                Marthetta J. Rossbach            Robert C. & Inez L. Schwegler*
Anna M. & Roy Nakamoto           Emma L. Otis                     Sherwood R. & Sharon M.        Kathy R. Rothenberger            James Schweiger
Irene O. Navarre                 Robert E. & Mary K. Otness           Pomeroy                    Joel D. Rudney                   Scott D. Erler DDS PC
John P. Nei                      Saul Ovalle                      Julie A. Ponschok              Paul D. Rue                      Jean A. Seaborg
Robert A. Neill                  Mary K. Owen                     Donald M. Popovich             Cynthia J. Ruether               Sedation & Implant Dentistry
Mary Nelsestuen*                 Dorothy L. Paddock               J. Gloria Popowski             Nancy L. & David A. Rufledt      Thomas R. & Julie D.
David P. Nelson                  Mariellen S. Palm                John H. Poppenberg &           Dianne & David C. Rushenberg        Seidelmann*
Douglas R. & Patricia G.         Kathryn L. Palmer                    Mary C. Vonhof             David A. Russell                 James M. & Sharon Seidl
   Nelson                        Diane L. Parker                  Irving H. & Nan F. Posnick*    Jane E. Russo                    Eugene F. Seleen

                                                                                                                                     DENTISTRY SPRING 2010            27
     Karl D. Self                      Steven W. Sperling              David C. Thompson                 John D. & Karen M. Wainio         Arizona Dental Omnicare LLC
     Amanda Sen                        Christopher J. Spies            Olivia R. Thompson                Daniel E. Waite*                  Roberta L. Austing
     Wook J. Seong                     James E. Spitzmueller           Jerold E. Thoreson                Donald A. & Donna Waletzko        Barbara H. Bailey
     Paul V. & Kathryn Serenius        Susan L. Stacey                 Fred L. Tidstrom*                 Kathryn L. Wallberg               Bruce A. Baker
     Ann Sewich                        Paul D. Stadem                  Leslie & Kyle D. Tidstrom*        Theresa B. Ward*                  Sheila L. Ballard
     Jeffry R. Shaefer                 Eric E. & D. Jean Stafne*       Michael J. Till*                  Sandra L. Ware                    Amy E. Bartels
     Sandra Shambarger                 State Farm Co. Fdn.*            Kathleen A. Tilson                Walter S. & Mary M. Warpeha*      Cathy S. Baus
     Douglas G. & Donna L. Shamp       Dawn M. Stavish                 Jacqueline Tinberg                Wayzata Endodontics               Barbara Bester
     Maxine E. Shaner                  Lawrence E. Steininger          James J. Tomhave                  Carolyn M. Weber                  Carol L. Bicknese
     Daniel C. Shannon                 Donald L. Steinmetz             Tomhave-Olson Dental              Shirley L. Weber                  Wanda K. Bielec
     Daniel W. Shaw                    Donna J. Stenberg                  Associates                     Webster Dental Laboratory         Brooke Bishop
     Gale L. Shea                      Gregory W. Stende               Mary M. & Richard W. Topel        Gerald M. Weiser                  Jason M. Bjerketvedt &
     Clayton R. & Tina J. Shepard*     Rodney A. Stensrud              Rochelle M. Topel                 Herbert N. Weisman                    Natalie D. Timmers
     Shepard Family Dentistry PC       Christopher J. Stenzel          David K. Tranby                   Andrea C. Welch                   Christine M. & Donald F. Blue
     Charles E. Sherman                Eric F. Stich                   Curtis F. Travis                  Kathleen B. Welch                 Amy M. Bonde
     Sherman & Hallie DDS PA           LaVerne Stickles                Gretchen G. Trebnick              Stephen B. & Katherine R.         Mary L. Briski
     Barbara L. Shiels &               Jill L. Stoltenberg &           Douglas M. Trebtoske                 Wellington                     Marie I. Brown
         Frank A. Preese                   Paul O. Walker              Richard P. Treharne               Bradley S. Wenande                Mary C. Bruning-Anderson
     Kenneth M. & Jeanette A.          Donald L. & Paulene Storm       Kristie J. Treptow                Mary A. & Joseph H. Wenner        DeAnne Budde
         Shipstead                     Marlyn P. Storm                 Mark B. & Charlotte G.            West Central District Dental      Carol E. Burrell
     E. Kent Shirley                   David A. & Sylvia R. Storvick      Trewhella                         Society                        Lin M. Christensen
     Stephen K. Shuman*                Wesley J. & Jean A. Streed*     Denise A. Trochesset              Margaret J. Westin                Constance S. Churchill
     Sibley Dental Suite PLLC          Richard L. Streeter             Paul J. Tronsgard                 Sharolyn R. Westling              Cheryl L. Clements
     Hugh R. & Mary Silkensen          Stanley J. Strimling            Genevieve M. & John W.            James F. Westman                  Jodi L. Colosomo
     Mary T. Simon                     Lester I. & Joan Strouse           Trumm                          Curtis D. Weyrauch                Barbara J. Daniels
     Richard J. & Judy K. Simonsen*    William A. Struve               Todd T. Tsuchiya                  Rebecca A. White                  Donna S. Dehn*
     Thomas A. & Louann Sipera         Stryker Craniomaxillofacial     Dennis M. Tucker                  June Whitney                      Debra A. Deis
     Ronald D. Sit & Teresa L. Fong*   Warren W. Sturm                 Michael J. Tulkki                 Richard A. Wiberg                 Jeanne M. Doepke
     Andrea & Richard Sit              Barbara C. Sullivan             William W. Turner                 Joan M. & Scott R. Wilcox         Joan Doering
     Michele M. Sit*                   Michael G. Summers              Cynthia J. & Thomas S. Turry      Mark Wild                         Carolyn Dukes
     Thomas L. Sitzer                  Summit Dental                   Twin Oaks Dental                  George R. Williams                Judith M. Dunn
     Roger W. Sjulson                  Janice F. Sunahara              David W. Twomey                   Jeanie L. Williams                Marjorie G. Ellingson
     Heather L. Skari                  Scott A. & Cindy T. Sundet      George W. Tysowsky                John Williams                     Doris Elrick
     Harry R. Skinner                  Sundet Fdn.*                    USA Section – Intl. College       Mark K. Williamson                Gayle Engel-Sparks
     Kevin L. & Kathleen A. Skjei*     Sunstar Americas Inc.              of Dentists Inc.               Jean E. Wilson                    LuVerne Erickson
     Skyway Dental Clinic              James T. Swanson                Marianne & James A. Ude           George H. Winn*                   Suzanne R. Fasoli
                                                                                                         John C. Withrow                   Jill A. Feilmeier
                                                                                                         Dave Witschen DDS PA              Avis L. Fellows
                                                                                                         Laura L. & David D. Witschen      Molly J. Fernholz
                                       PHILANTHROPIST                                                    John C. Wittenstrom               Kathleen V. Figenshau
                                                                                                         Leah I. Wittkop                   Gina M. Finn
                                                                                                         William A. Woehrmann*             Kari E. Fitzgerald
                                       Roberta J. (Bunny) Anderson                                       Carolyn A. Woelfel                Shelli R. Folkes
                                                                                                         John M. Woell*                    Kathleen M. Gaertner
                                                                                                         Joyce M. Wolf                     Barbara S. Gavic
                                 Roberta Anderson (dental hygiene class of 1976)                         Larry F. Wolff*                   General Mills Fdn.*
                                                                                                         Diane Z. Wolfson                  Gail S. Gerjets
                                 has established the Dr. Earl H. Anderson Award                          Woodbury Dental Care              Raymond H. Gerst
                                 to provide support for dental hygiene students                          Woodgrove Dental PA               Julie Giles
                                                                                                         Colene A. Woog                    Jill M. Gray-Reichel
                                 participating in a study abroad program.                                Kimberly A. & Donald C.           Barbara J. Hanson
                                 Anderson hopes the gift will encourage dental                              Worley                         Marlene Heikkila
                                                                                                         Karen J. & Robert V. Wottreng     Gladys R. Hendrickson
                                 hygiene students to broaden their horizons                              Catherine E. Wurm                 Ann R. Herdina
                                                                                                         S. Bruce Yaholnitsky              Sandra L. Hersperger
     as they pursue their education and career. Anderson is grateful for the                                Professional Corp.             Joan M. & Paul H. Hoover
     opportunity to endow the award in honor of her late father-in-law,                                  Michael J. Yapel                  Jay N. & Ardis A. Hopps
                                                                                                         Donald Yee-Yick                   Michelle A. Hunt
     Dr. Earl H. Anderson (’27), who was an enthusiastic supporter as she                                Jennifer & Jerald A. Yoneji       Lu Ann R. Iverson
     pursued her dental hygiene degree.                                                                  Lynda J. Young                    Julie A. Jenson
                                                                                                         Jack A. & Lisa A. Young           Barbara L. Johnson
                                                                                                         Joyce A. Young                    Christopher M. Johnson
                                                                                                         Mary K. Zaloker                   Ruth V. Johnson
                                                                                                         Thomas J. Zbaracki                Zana J. Johnston
     Dan R. Slaight                    Justin S. & Thekla K. Swanson   Marvin L. Ugland                  Thomas J. Zehren                  John R. Jordan DDS PA
     Wayne O. Sletten                  Teresa A. & Bradley D.          Charles G. Ullery                 Darrell W. Zenk                   Gail L. Jordan
     Smile Solutions PC                   Swingdorf                    Mesa J. Ulwelling                 James K. & Sonja K. Zenk*         Kelly J. Keeffe
     Janis L. Smith                    Patricia G. Switzer             Linda L. Ungerland                Cynthia J. Ziemann-Murphy         Mary B. Kensek
     Mary K. Smith                     Synthes USA Sales LLC           US Government –                   Zila Therapeutics Inc.            Mary Jo Keyworth
     Tami J. Smith                     Ronald J. Szarzynski               Dept. of the Navy              Paul E. Ziman                     Lynn M. Kidder
     Timothy E. Smith                  Michael J. Szurek &             Robert O. Uppgaard                Jean A. Zimanske                  Joe E. & M. C. Krause
     Thomas W. Smyth                      Laura O’Brien                Jeanne M. Urban                   Zimmer Inc.*                      Janell S. Kraut
     Patrick M. Snyder                 Abbas Tabibi                    Jerry L. Utley                    Monica R. & Paul M. Zobitz        Mercedes T. Krogstad
     Jennifer L. Soderholm*            Robert A. Tanquist              Georgette W. & Odd Valle          Nancy H. Zuk                      Mary F. Krueger
     Regina K. Soice                   Leah M. Tervonen                Valley Dental Group                                                 Bruce A. & Stephanie K. Kudak
     Lowell F. & Judy C. Sorenson      Paul H. Thai                    Varian Medical Sys. Fdn. –                                          Linda J. La Fond
     South Central Dental              Leanne P. & Craig J. Thatcher      Silicon Valley Comm. Fdn.      1919 Society                      Lois E. Laurence
        Study Club                     The Ohio State University       Barbara K. Veath                  Recognizing gifts to support      Holly S. Lefebvre
     South Dakota Dental               Rick D. Thiery                  Lori S. Veerman                   the Division of Dental Hygiene.   Julie A. Leither
        Foundation                     Merry J. Thoele                 John R. Ver Ploeg                                                   Vicki Litwer
     Southern Minnesota                Owen Thoele                     Anjali S. & Sameer S. Vijayakar   S. Kaye Adams                     Sydney A. Lund
        Periodontics PA                Juliann M. Thomas               Philip K. & Patricia J. Wadkins   Julie Y. Allen                    Leslie S. Marshall
     Southern WI Oral &                Nancy G. Thomas                 Scott A. Wagnild                  Jeanne M. Anderson                Jean A. McDonald
        Maxillofacial Surgery SC       Christine C. Thompson           Dean L. Wahl                      Nancy F. Anderson                 Medtronic Fdn.*

Anne M. Melby                    Fred E. Bertschinger              Gail M. Brand                    Charles T. Davich                Renee E. Miller
Kristine C. Meller               Tami A. Birkner                   Colleen M. Kennealy              Walter H. Doty                   Geraldine R. Mooers
Lisa M. Merkatoris               Tracy A. Bona                                                      William J. Dresser*              Jane Nienaber
Gordon W. & Linda A. Meyer       Alfred J. Fish                    William R. Bray                  Kristen R. Ehresmann             Janet I. & Albert L. Nienaber
Betty K. Morton                  Fong Family Trust                 William R. Bray Family Trust     David S. Elgethun                Kent B. & Kristine E. Nienaber
Marshall W. & Jennie M.          Cindy Go & Dale Wong              Karlind T. Moller                Katherine D. Erickson            Robert E. & Mary K. Otness
   Mueller                       Steven A. Heller                                                   Norene B. Feldsien               Mariellen S. Palm
Irene O. Navarre                 Amber N. Hemann                   Robert O. Carlson                Jeffrey L. Hagman                Kathleen H. Parker
Jon G. Nelson                    Robert S. & Patricia A. Hoyt      Dorraine J. & Dennis A.          La Verne A. Hansen               Alan R. & Kristina K. Perry
Jon G. Nelson DDS SC Inc.        Laurel D. & Michael J. Manoles      Johnson*                       Borg & Susan C. Hanson           Nancy L. & David A. Rufledt
Robert F. Nelson                 Jennifer M. Jeziorski                                              Gregory B. Hanson                William K. Schultz
Kathleen J. Newell*              Kathy M. Keeler                   Delfin M. Cruz                    Mary K. Hartwig                  Jean A. Seaborg
Trisha E. O’Hehir                Karla M. Keil                     Oak Park Dental Clinic           Joanne C. & Lee C.               Janis L. Smith
Ellen M. Olson                   Diane & Rodger Kemp                                                    Hermann*                     Susan L. Stacey
Julia A. Olson                   Diane Kroski                      Marjorie Feigal                  Arnold J. Hill*                  David A. & Sylvia R. Storvick
Eleanor S. Opitz                 Annette L. La Bonne               LaVerne Stickles                 Kimberly A. Horton               Juliann M. Thomas
Monica A. Osuldsen               Molly Meyers                                                       Christine N. Howard              Kathleen A. Tilson
Sarah J. Pedersen                Dawn M. Money                     Robert J. Feigal                 James R. & Alvern H. Jensen*
Joyce E. Pederson                Michael T. & Jananne F. Nelson    Marie A. Baudek                  Dorraine J. & Dennis A.          Frederick W. Noble
Lorah A. Peterson                Joni M. Richmond                  Muriel J. Bebeau                     Johnson*                     Michael J. Madden
Marlys Peterson                  Shirley A. & Freeman N.           Janice M. Casey                  N. R. Johnson                    David A. Russell
Peggy L. Pettit                     Rosenblum                      College of Diplomates –          Shirley M. Johnson
Shanna R. Purdy                  Nancy G. Schoffman                   American Board of             Barbara A. Jones                 James A. Perry
Lois Reed                        Lynn M. Schwartz                     Pediatric Dentistry           Vivian M. Karpowicz              Phillip G. Perry
Sandra Robinson                  Andrea & Richard Sit              Mary S. Dalbotten                Marion M. Larson
Charles J. & Doris E. Robinson   Michele M. Sit*                   Eagan Dental Clinic              Edgar H. & Evelyn K.             Mary E. Polski
Marthetta J. Rossbach            Jennifer L. Soderholm*            Louise C. Fawcett                    Lechner*                     James R. & Alvern H. Jensen*
Kathy R. Rothenberger            Janice F. Sunahara                Anna M. & Donn L. Feigal         Louis C. & Jane M. Lick
Cynthia J. Ruether               Anjali S. & Sameer S. Vijayakar   Gloria Feigal                    Edward A. Marks                  Robert Popowski
Jane E. Russo                    Jeanie L. Williams                Heidi & Jose E. Gaibor           Susan B. Meister                 J. Gloria Popowski
Debra W. Ryan                                                      Brenda W. Gillespie              MN Chapter – American
Geraine C. Ryan                  James R. Gambucci                 Adam Granger & Renee                 Physical Therapy Assn.       Reed E. Sanford
Jean A. Ryon                     Terrence D. Bongard                  Bergeron                      Alan D. Mogck                    Mylon B. Morris
Katrina M. Sanders                                                 David L. Hansen &                Richard C. & Jacqueline L.
Christy K. Schjeldahl            James R. Holtan*                     Karen L. Lilley*                  Oliver*                      Charles F. Schachtele*
Rebecca L. Schulz                Breitbach Family Dentistry PA     David & Kay Harms                Kathryn L. Palmer                Dwight L. Anderson
Mary T. Simon                                                      Howard P. & Kari Helgen          J. Robert & Barbara Paulson      Bashar Bakdash
Tami J. Smith                    Delores E. Isaacson*              Lois J. Karl*                    June Pearson*                    Janice M. Casey
D. Jean Stafne*                  Sheldon & Leena N. Peck           Laura Klem                       Debbie J. Perry                  Joseph J. Ferretti
State Farm Co. Fdn.*                                               Roger & Carol J. Koskela         Irving H. & Nan F. Posnick*      James R. & Susan K. Holtan*
Barbara C. Sullivan              Robert J. Isaacson*               William C. Kottke                Robert W. Prochnow               Ioannis G. Koutlas*
Nancy G. Thomas                  Sheldon & Leena N. Peck           Maureen K. Lally                 Dorothy M. Rietow                Irene G. Mackler
Jacqueline Tinberg                                                 Patricia A. & Wesley C. Lenton   Gerald A. Rosdahl                Leslie V. Martens*
Gretchen G. Trebnick             Lloyd Jacobson                    Carol Lindig                     Kurt G. Rosdahl                  Dixie & Larry L. McKay
Genevieve M. &                   Paul D. Schulz                    Isaac N. Liu                     Elizabeth A. Schultz-Smith       Karlind T. Moller
   John W. Trumm                                                   Malcolm D. & Margaret            Ann Sewich                       Richard C. & Jacqueline L.
Charles G. Ullery                Patrick M. Lloyd*                    MacGregor                     Patricia G. Switzer                 Oliver*
Jeanne M. Urban                  Midwestern Society of             Leslie V. Martens*               Olivia R. Thompson               Charlene M. Peterson
Barbara K. Veath                    Orthodontics                   Laird & Linda Matti              Theresa B. Ward*                 Michael P. Petrich
Kathryn L. Wallberg                                                Tom Mickas                       Sandra L. Ware                   Bruce L. Pihlstrom*
Carolyn M. Weber                 Michael J. Monti                  Minnesota Academy of             Gerald M. Weiser                 Christopher & Karen F. Ross
Sharolyn R. Westling             Terrence D. Bongard                  Pediatric Dentistry           Margaret J. Westin               Joel D. Rudney
Rebecca A. White                                                   Minnesota Pedodontic                                              Maxine E. Shaner
Jean E. Wilson                   Paul S. Olin*                        Study Club                    Eileen Nienaber                  Gale L. Shea
Leah I. Wittkop                  Breitbach Family Dentistry PA     Mary Nelsestuen*                 Mariellen S. Palm                Barbara L. Shiels &
Carolyn A. Woelfel                                                 Margaret M. Nelson                                                   Frank A. Preese
Joyce M. Wolf                    Herbert W. Schulte                Hugh E. & Mary K. Norsted        William B. Nienaber
Diane Z. Wolfson                 Terrence D. Bongard               Mary K. Owen                     Patricia B. Archibald            Paul D. Schroeder
Joyce A. Young                                                     David L. Peterka                 A. Richard Ballin*               Kyle J. Schmidt
Mary K. Zaloker                  Bernice J. Tenny                  Dianne & David C. Rushenberg     Gordon A. & Gladys M.            Howard R. & Minnie A.
Cynthia J. Ziemann-Murphy        Donna S. Dehn*                    Saint Croix Wealth Strategies       Bengtson                         Schroeder*
Nancy H. Zuk                                                       Gaynell Schandel                 Jean M. & Russell F. Bey
                                                                   Robert C. & Inez L. Schwegler*   Burton D. & Audrey K. Cohen*     Shirley P. Schwarzrock
                                 In Memory:                        Amanda Sen                       Muriel E. Dostal                 James R. & Alvern H. Jensen*
Tribute Gifts                    Steven C. Ager                    Kathleen B. Welch                Diane L. & Gregory W.
Bold name is the person          Evelyn M. & Lloyd S. Alexander    Mary A. & Joseph H. Wenner          Dragan                        Walter S. Warpeha*
honored or memorialized.         Carol A. & Phil Gilmer            June Whitney                     Pamela Myhre Dragseth            Children’s Hospitals and
                                 Mary Hahn                         Joan M. & Scott R. Wilcox        Jack L. & Jean L. Dyste            Clinics of Minnesota
                                 Linda A. & Paul L. Hayne          Lynda J. Young                   Gretchen Eckes
In Honor:                        Neil Kucker                                                        Gerald L. & Jeanne L. Erickson   Louis L. Young
Dwight Anderson                  Michael Manthei                   Lawrence Jelinski                Ivan C. & Teena B. Fletcher      Ross H. Johnson
San Diego Fdn. – L. David        Walter B. Parsons                 Randy W. & Kimberly S.           Donald C. & Ruth A. Grant
   Engel Fund                    Julie A. Ponschok                   Johnson                        Anna T. Hampel*
L. David & Peg Engel             James M. & Sharon Seidl                                            Maxine Holland*
                                 Daniel C. Shannon                 Donald W. Johnson*               Janette D. Horman
Dental Hygiene Class of 1959     James E. Spitzmueller             Gail Belvedere                   James R. & Alvern H. Jensen*
Barbara S. Gavic                 Mark B. & Charlotte G.            Bruce L. Betterman               Dorraine J. & Dennis A.
Joan M. & Paul H. Hoover            Trewhella                      Phillip R. Blackford                Johnson*
                                                                   Brian R. Blanchard               Art & Delores Kaese
Teresa L. Fong*                  Stella Barr                       Carmen Bock                      Thomas R. Larkin &
Norman J. Baer                   Douglas T. & Lydia Jonak          Emil B. Borg                        Gwendolyn M. Kline
Vicki L. Barrett                                                   James F. Bussen                  Richard & Ann Losee
Wendy F. Bennett                 Robert J. Boller                  Constance W. Catlin              Georgann & Earle Maendler
James B. Bernard                 Steve M. Schwarten                Sandra J. Cole-Wilkinson         Peg McKee

                                                                                                                                        DENTISTRY SPRING 2010         29

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