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									                             DELTA COLLEGE
                                 Salary Range: $68,990 to more than $145,600
                Personal Interests: Activities of a scientific and technical nature; helping people.
                              Work Environment: Small private offices or clinics.

Dentists examine, diagnose, and treat                        of time, frequently bending in awkward
patients who have diseases, injuries,                        positions. Their work may also be
deformities, pain or deficiencies of the teeth,              performed under trying circumstances when
gums, and mouth. They remove decay, fill                     patients are frightened, upset, or in pain.
cavities, examine x-rays, place protective                   Dentists in private practice usually
plastic sealants on children's teeth, and                    determine their own working hours to suit
repair fractured teeth. They also perform                    their personal needs and the needs of their
corrective surgery on gums and supporting                    patients. Their average workweek is about
bones to treat gum diseases. Dentists extract                36 hours. Salaried dentists usually work 40
teeth and make models and measurements                       hours per week. Some dentists have evening
for dentures to replace missing teeth. They                  or weekend hours.
provide instruction on diet, brushing,
flossing, use of fluorides, and other aspects                Dentists who open their own practice must
of dental care. They also administer                         pay $50,000 to $75,000 for equipment and
anesthetics and write prescriptions for                      instruments. Thus, beginning dentists may
antibiotics and other medications.                           first become partners with experienced
                                                             dentists and delay setting up their own
Dentists use a variety of equipment,                         practice until they have saved enough
including x-ray machines, drills, and                        money.
instruments such as mouth mirrors, probes,
forceps, brushes, and scalpels. They wear                    Training, Other Qualifications
masks, gloves, and safety glasses to protect                 A license to practice dentistry is required in
themselves and their patients from infectious                all states. To apply for a license in
diseases.                                                    Michigan, a candidate must have graduated
                                                             from an accredited dental school and pass
Dentists in private practice oversee a variety               the 2-part written National Board dental
of     administrative     tasks,    including                exam and the written and clinical Northeast
bookkeeping and buying equipment and                         Regional Board dental exam. Dentists who
supplies. They may employ and supervise                      wish to limit their practice to a specialty
dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental                 must first be licensed as a general dentist in
laboratory technicians, or receptionists.                    Michigan and then obtain a special
                                                             certificate after completing a specified
Working Conditions
                                                             amount of postgraduate study in that field
Dentists work alone or with a dental
                                                             and passing an examination. Certificates are
hygienist, nurse, or dental assistant. They
                                                             issued by the Michigan Board of Dentistry.
may establish their own practices, be part of
a medical group, or work in hospitals or                     A Professional Degree or Doctorate may
institutions. They generally work in clean,                  qualify a person for this occupation. Most
comfortable surroundings. Dentists may                       dentists have at least eight years of
perform some of their own laboratory work                    education beyond high school The most
in their own laboratories.                                   common requirements for entering schools
                                                             of dentistry to become a dentist include
Dentists may work under physical strain                      completing a pre-dental program or its
since they must stand, or sit, for long periods
equivalent with an acceptable grade point        dental hygienists and dental assistants to
average, applying through the American           handle routine services.
Association of Dental Schools Application
Service (AADSAS), taking the Dental
                                                 Dentist's earnings vary according to
Admissions Test, and submitting other
                                                 location, type of practice, and the
required letters and forms.
                                                 individual's number of years in practice.
Pre-dentistry programs, like the one at Delta    Dentist's entering private practice often earn
College, provide opportunities to gain the       little more than the minimum needed to
knowledge and skills required for admission      cover expenses during the first year or two,
to dental school. Many Michigan colleges         but their earnings rise rapidly as their
and universities offer programs, which may       practices develop. On the average, salaried
satisfy the prerequisites for admission to       dentists earn somewhat less than self-
dental schools. Prospective students should      employed dentists. Dentists who specialize,
contact the dental schools of their choice for   such as oral surgeons and periodontists, and
admission requirements and consult their         those who work in large urban areas
school's pre-professional adviser to ensure      generally have the highest earnings. The
that admission prerequisites will be met.        annual average wage for general dentists in
                                                 Michigan (2006) was $162,580.
Job Outlook
                                                  The estimated annual income (May 2006) of
Employment of dentists is projected to grow       dentists in selected areas of Michigan was:
about as fast as average for all occupations     Area                    Annual Salary
through 2014. Although employment growth         Ann Arbor               $154,300
will provide some job opportunities, most
                                                 Detroit                 $182,360
jobs will result from the need to replace the
                                                 Flint                   $173,390
large number of dentists expected to retire.
                                                 Grand Rapids            $174,120
Job prospects should be good as new
                                                 Jackson                 $158,660
dentists take over established practices or
start their own.                                 Lansing                 $188,360
                                                 Saginaw                 $151,750
Demand for dental care should grow
substantially through 2014. As members of        Related Occupations
the baby-boom generation advance into            Chiropractors, optometrists, physicians and
middle age, a large number will need             surgeons, psychologists, podiatrists, speech-
complicated dental work, such as bridges. In     language pathologists, and veterinarians.
addition, elderly people are more likely to
                                                 dentist.doc          Updated SC 10/07
retain their teeth than were their               Sources: Occupational Outlook Handbook, Michigan
predecessors, so they will require much          Occupational Information System , 2006 Michigan Occupational
                                                 Wage Estimates
more care than in the past. The younger
                                                 Career Center,D132
generation will continue to need preventive      Bay City/Saginaw: (989) 686-9072
checkups despite treatments such as              Midland/Auburn: (989) 495-4000, Ext. 9072
                                                 Frankenmuth, Birch Run, Reese & Vassar: (989) 758-3400
fluoridation of the water supply, which
decreases the incidence of tooth decay.           These materials were developed under a grant awarded by the Michigan
However, employment of dentists is not            Department of Labor & Economic Growth. (7021-4)
expected to grow as rapidly as the demand         It is the policy of Delta College not to discriminate in employment, education,
                                                  public accommodation or public service on the basis of religion, race, color,
for dental services. As their practices           national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, height, weight, arrest
expand, dentists are likely to hire more          record, veteran status, disability, or other classifications as required by applicable
                                                  U.S. federal, state or local law. Direct inquiries to the Equity/Compliance Officer,
                                                  Delta College, 1961 Delta Road, Office J101, University Center, MI 48710,
                                                  telephone 989-686-9122, or email:

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