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Name:             DR. REKHA ACHARYA

Designation :     SENIOR LECTURER
                  School of Economics, Devi Ahilya University,
                  Nalanda Parisar, R.N.T. Marg, Indore.

Address:          Flat 301/ Plot No. 164/ SAKET NAGAR
                  Near K.D. Care Hospital, Indore – 452001,
                  Mobile – 9893545479. Email:

Date of Birth:    7th March 1965

Qualification:   Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Devi Ahilya University,
                 Indore on the subject entitled “Technical Change and
                 Productivity Growth in Cement Industries of M.P. (1978-
                 1988)”, Awarded in August 1994.

                  M.B.A (HR) From Institute of Management Studies, Devi
                 Ahilya University, Indore in 2010, Position: First Class

                 Master of Philosophy (M.Phil), from Devi Ahilya University,
                 Indore in 1989. Position: First Class (68%)

                 Master of Arts (M.A.), From Ravi Shankar University, Raipur
                 in 1988, Position: Higher II class (59.7%)

                 Bachelors of Arts (B.A.), From: Rani Durgavati, Bhilai,
                 Position: First Class (64%)

                 Higher Secondary Board, From: M.P. Board, Bhopal,
                 Position: First Class (69%)

Industrial Economics, Business Environment & Economic Policy,
Business Economics, Financial Institutions and Markets, Rural
Development, Research Methods & Quantitative Techniques.
Teaching & Research Experience:              16 Years


Project Sponsored by Ministry of Labour and Employment New Delhi on
“Impact of Workers Education on the Organized, Unorganized and Rural
Sector Workers – A study of Northern Zone of CBWE.” during Feb 2005 to
March 2006

Project Sponsored by Ministry of Finance to Institute for Studies in Industrial
Development (ISID), New Delhi on “An Evaluation of Foreign Direct
Investments in India.” during January 1995 to December 1996.

Project Sponsored by Ministry of women & child development to N.G.O.
“Society for Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences” New Delhi “Assessment
of Prevalence of Mal Nutrition in rural women & children” during January
1998 to January 2000.

Project Sponsored by Madhya Pradesh Govt. to School of Economics, DAVV,
Indore “An Evaluation of Integrated Rural Development Programme.
(IRDP) during Jan 1991 to Dec. 1992.

Project Sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi on “Employment and Income
Patterns in the Informal Sector in Madhya Pradesh - A study with special
reference to DHAR district” for 18 months.(Dec.2007 to March 2009) The
Report Writing is in progress.

Study on “Impact of Environmental Changes on Agriculture in Madhya
Pradesh” Submitted to Indian Council of Social Science Research (New Delhi)
May 7th 2010.


An Enquiry of Investment Performance in Madhya Pradesh, Paper
Published in Journal of Madhya Pradesh Economic Association, Gwalior, 2009,
Vol. XX.
“Water Resource Management in Madhya Pradesh” paper published in XIX
Annual Conference Volume of Madhya Pradesh Economic Association (MPEA)
p.p. 190-197 held on 15-16th February, 2008.

“Efforts on Social Security in informal sector during Post Reform Era- Paper
published in the Souvenir of National Seminar held on 16 -17 October,2007 in
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Institute of Social Sciences, Mhow.

“Liberalization and Madhya Pradesh Economy”, Paper published in the
Journal of Indian Council of Social Sciences Research, Ujjain. 2007.

“Some Steps towards Environmental Improvement in Paper Industry - A
comparative analysis of 5 Paper Industries. Published in a book on
“Environment and Development” Edited by Dr. G. Kawadia and Dr. K. Ahuja,

“Skill Development through Women Empowerment in Unorganized Sector.”
Published in Conference Journal edited by V. Parmeshwaran and Sadhan K.
Ghosh. Oxford Publishing House Vol. I 2005.

“Environmental Management System 14001- A case study of ITC –
Bhadrachalam Paper Industry”. Journal of Quality, Safty, Environment and
Energy Management Systems Vol. II 2005. 5th conference on (ICQMS) Held on
15-16th Dec. New Delhi.

“A Comparative Study of Pancharats of Kerela and Madhya Pradesh.
Journal of Baba Saheb Ambedkar National Institute of Social Sciences and
Research, MHOW (M.P.) Vol. II 2005.

“Rural Urban Migration –A case study of Indore City”, Journal of M.P.
Economic Association Vol. XXII, 2003.

“Impact of Education on Socio-Economic Development of Madhya
Pradesh”. Journal of M.P. Economic Association Vol. XXI 2002.
A paper published on book on the topic “Technological Change and
Productivity Growth in Cement Industry of Madhya Pradesh.” Edited by
Mrs. Murti, H.O.D. Ujjain University, 1994.

A paper published on the topic “Performance of Cement Industry –Growth A
Study of M.P.” Journal of Southern Economist, Banglore, 32, No. 14,1993.

A paper published on the topic “Capacity Utilization in Cement Published
Industry in M.P.” Malwa Society of Social Research, II Issues, 1992.


Attended a National Seminar on “New Approaches to Research
Methodology” and presented a paper on “Method to Frame a Research
Problem” in entitled as “held on 20 & 21st November, 2009, organized by Mata
Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya (Jabalpur) in association with U.G.C. (New Delhi).
Attended a Two-Day National Seminar on „Climate Change and Economic
Development‟ organized by the School of Economics under UGC-SAP on 12th
–13th March, 2010.
Attended a National Education Conference on 18-19 June 2010, and delivered
a chief guest lecture on “Today‟s Education Tomorrow‟s Nation” organized by
Victoria College of Education, Indore.
Delivered a lecture as a resource person on “ Research Process & Data
Collection Techniques” in “Training Course on Research Methodology in
Social Sciences” organized by Madhya Pradesh, Institute of Social Sciences,
Ujjain, on 10th March to 19th March, 2010 Sponsored by Indian Council of Social
Science Research, New Delhi.
Delivered lecture on “Research Methods for Management” in Faculty
Development Programme (FDP), organized by Gyan Ganga Institute of
Technology and Management, (Jabalpur) in association with A.I.C.T.E. (New
Delhi) on 28th & 29th March 2010.
Participated and coordinated a “21-Day Refresher Course on ‘Research
Methodology’ for the faculties during 2010, Sponsored by Academic Staff
college, D.A.V.V., Indore and was organized by the School of Economics.
“Threat to Indian Textile Industry through Provision of WTO Trade and
Environment” paper presented in National Seminar on WTO Provisions and its
Impact on Trade and Environment held on 15-16th February, 2008 in School of
Economics, D.A.V.V.

“Liberalization and Madhya Pradesh Economy”, Paper presented in Seminar
on “Social, Political, and Economic position of Madhya Pradesh “ At MPSSIR,
Ujjain on 30 – 31st Jan.2007.

 “Environment, population and development– Interrelationship between the
three.” Paper presented in a seminar on “at Khargaon on 10th Feb. 2007.

Convener for – A one day Seminar on “Farmers and Sustainability in
Madhya Pradesh Agriculture: Where do we stand! Organized by Centre for
Contemporary Studies, Indore In Association with Agriculture College, Indore
Saturday 21st August, 2010

Convener for – A two day workshop on “Training on Microfinance”
organized by “Center for Tribal Women Studies” under School of
Economics, on 5th and 6th , 2010.

Convener – “A four days workshop cum training program on “Research
Techniques and Its Application” held on 29th Oct to 1st Nov., 2007 in School of
Economics, D.A.V.V., Indore.

   (1) Coordinator and adviser of M.B.A (Financial Services) in the
   (2) Coordinator of Cultural activity, Anti – Ragging activity, and
       Examination activity at the departmental level.
   (3) Coordinated and participated actively in the Induction Programme,
       Conference, Refresher Course, and Guest Lectures organized by the
       department throughout the year.
   (4) Member of Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC) and Purchasing
       Committee of the department.
   (5) Member of “ Mahila Utpidan Committee” of the University.
   (6) Member of “ Convocation Committee” of the University.
   (7) Member of “Cultural Committee” of the University.



(Dr. Rekha Acharya)
School of Economics
 D.A.V.V., Indore
Mr.Haldhar Sharma has submitted his Ph.D thesis entitled ‘India’s Economic
Cooperation with ASEAN (A Study of Post 1996 Period)’ under the supervision
of Dr.Ganesh Kawadia and Co-Supervision of Dr. Rekha Acharya.
1. Two more students got registered under my guidance for pursuing Ph.D. Their
   topics of research are :-
         (a) An Assessment of International Marketing Strategies of Indian Non
             GM Soy Industries (With Special Reference to Soy Industries in
         (b) “Effect of Price Dumping on Indian Economy – A study with
             special reference to dumping from China s “Water Resource
             Management In Madhya Pradesh” paper presented in XIX
             Annual conference of Madhya Pradesh Economic Association held
             on 15-16th February, 2008 in School of Economics, D.A.V.V. since

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