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									                      TARZANA PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION
                           BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                  February 11, 2008


Meeting was called to order by President David Garfinkle at 7:30 PM at the Tarzana Community
and Cultural Center, 19130 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana

MEMBERS PRESENT: Lisa Cerda, Irma Dobbyn, David Garfinkle, Evelyn Garfinkle,
Michael Povar, Terri Saucier, Len Shaffer, Nancy Theroux, Liz Tigar, Steve Webber, David

ABSENT: Kathy Delle Donne, Max Flehinger, Teri Pall, Beth Nelson, Cheryl Crane

MINUTES: Minutes of January 14 meeting were approved with the following correction: The
T-Mobile tent sign on the Capri Plaza sidewalk has not reappeared.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Evelyn Garfinkle
         Membership as of January 31 is 541. This includes two new members.
         As of January 31: Checking: $2201.33; Savings: $3371.29; CD: $6,969.72
         As last year’s insurance carrier is no longer offering coverage, Nancy has researched the
field and is in contact with McNeil Insurance Agency who quoted an annual premium of $1511,
payable Feb. 28. This is less than last year. It was moved (Cerda, Tigar) that payment be
approved. Motion passed.
         Asked whether TPOA carries Directors and Officers insurance, Nancy reported that the
premiums are so high as to be prohibitive for TPOA. Those interested in carrying this insurance
should check their personal policies as to whether it is included.
         TPOA fiscal year ends March 16, 2008. Nancy requested that dues notices not be mailed
until after that date and that all requests for reimbursement of expenses be sent to her prior to that

        5135 Avenida Oriente: An appeal has been filed in this case on the hearing officer’s
decision to permit seven (7) dwellings. Given the specific of the property, the Tarzana
Neighborhood Council feels that no more than five (5) dwellings should be allowed.
        18831 Topham Street: (between Yolanda and Wilbur). The owner has submitted an
application for approval of this 12 bedroom, 6 bathroom house for use as an Alzheimers Care
Facility for 26 patients. There are a number of problems with this application such as inadequate
parking, variances needed, and number of residents, etc. Hearings before the TNC Land Use
Committee and the TNC are upcoming.
        18869 Pasadero Street: This case concerns construction of a rear-yard deck, alleged by
neighbors to be in violation of Zoning Code yard regulations and CC&Rs. The permit has been
appealed to the LA Dept. of Bldg. & Safety, but no determination as yet.
        18900 Ringling Street: This case dates from 2004 and concerns a dispute over front
yard setback. Neighbors agreed to a 36 ½ foot set back in lieu of the required 40 foot. Owner is
being required to conform to that agreement.
        6020 Reseda Blvd.: TNC has supported the application by the restaurant for an expand
seating and an expanded liquor license.
February 11, 2008

       5448 Aura Ave: Builder proposes an oversized home on a substandard hillside street.
The City is also requiring a street dedication. The immediate neighbors object to the proposed
development. A hearing is scheduled for March27th.

       Village Walk: Progress on Phase 2 is evident in the major excavation on the south side
of Ventura between Yolanda and Crebs. To accommodate construction in the area, the signal at
Yolanda to the south has been lengthened.

        19348 Santa Rita: As reported in January, the “known dangerous condition” of an
inadequately protected pool continues to exist on this property. Efforts are being made by the
owner to bring it into compliance.
        Illegal signs: Signs on Amigo Avenue advertising Marlboro cigarettes for sale have
been cited and removed three times.
        19302 Santa Rita: Because of the continuing irregularities in the use of this property
and failure to complete certain aspects, Irma Dobbyn recommended that a strong letter be sent to
Building & Safety General Manager Andrew Adelman. Steve will draft the letter for David
        Street Flooding: Flooding noted at Corbin and Wells Drive stemming from property
on southeast corner on which an application was made for the development of seven homes.

HILLSIDE FEDERATION: 2008 dues now payable. Discussion of continuing TPOA
membership in the organization. It was moved (Shaffer, Cerda) that dues be paid. Motion

        Mansionization Ordinance: PLUM has reviewed the ordinance, added the following
four amendments and passed it on to City Council. 1) additional mechanisms provided to opt
out; 2) an adjustment process is to be used rather than a variance for FAR changes; 3) a
“green” bonus; 4) provision for relief for especially large lots. City Council consideration is
not yet on their agenda.
        SB 1818: This is a state law passed in 2004 which requires cities and counties to pass
an implementing ordinance. The Planning Department put together an ordinance that goes far
beyond what is required. It’s a big give-away to developers, a loss of affordable housing and
hard fought regulation of new developments. The current Newsletter has a detailed discussion.
Councilmembers Zine, Rosendahl, Hahn, and LaBonge voted against it.
        Newsletter: Will be in the mail this weekend. “You Were There” column was not
included in this issue for lack of space, and as requested, the membership application will be
included when space permits. David would like feedback on newsletter content.
        Town Hall: Transportation has been selected as the featured topic with potential
speakers Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsly, Rita Robinson, Councilwoman Wendy Greuel of the
Transportation Committee, and Dennis Zine. Len Shaffer will contact Raphael Sonenshein, a
Cal State Fullerton Professor as potential moderator. Terri Saucier was appointed Hospitality
Chair and will assemble a committee to prepare for the May 6 Town Hall/Annual Meeting at El
        Ventura/Cahuenga Corridor Specific Plan: TPOA has been asked by HOME
President Gerald Silver for support in joining with other valley homeowner groups in requesting
that the Plan be opened for modifications that will address the over saturation of mega-residential
developments in the corridor that are leading to traffic stagnation. Moratorium versus ICO and
February 11, 2008

multiple ICOs are under consideration. It was noted that the Plan had been scheduled to be
amended in 2010. The following motion was made.

       MOTION: Resolved that TPOA join with homeowner groups named in Silver’s
request for reconsideration of the Ventura/Cahuenga Corridor Specific Plan. Motion
passed unanimously.

Ventura Blvd. Specific Plan Review Board: Discussion of the need to reconstitute the PRB
which involves Councilmember appointment of representatives to bring the Board up to its full
complement and start functioning again. Len Shaffer recommended reconstituting the PRB.

Selection of Traffic Consultants: Request from Homeowners of Encino to join in their
request to the City to establish an approved list of traffic consultants rather than continue their
present practice of relying on a national list, the content of which has no relevance to the unique
nature of traffic in southern California.
        MOTION: (Cerda/Theroux) Resolved that TPOA support the position that the City
develop a list of approved consultants that must be used by developers for traffic studies, EIRs,
etc. Motion passed unanimously.

        Traffic Flow: DOT improved traffic flow on Ventura Blvd. with installation of a
compound left/right turn signal at Ventura/Tampa intersection and added left turn signals at
Reseda/Burbank Blvd. for eastbound and westbound traffic. At this writing the latter were not
yet in operation.
        Street Resurfacing: Improvement in the surface of Tarzana streets is a long held goal,
and Max Flehinger, Transportation Chair, has submitted to Council District 3 Field Deputy Jose
Martinez a list of streets that need resurfacing compiled in order of priority based on condition of
street and amount of use. Martinez will combine the information with similar information
throughout the 3rd District, based on requests received at the Council office.
        Speeding on Reseda/Mecca: A TPOA member registered this complaint of speeding
from Ventura south to the top of the hill. This has been reported to the West Valley LAPD with
a request for strict enforcement and also a request for a visible read-out sign showing the speed
of cars as they pass.
        Yolanda Tunnel: Night time closure of this tunnel has been in the planning stage for
some time. The City has agreed to the requested closure by the Rosebud Homeowner
Association if they can produce someone who is acceptable to the City to sign a contract.
        Parking of Unhitched Trailers: DOT has posted NO PARKING FOR UNHITCHED
TRAILERS signs on Tampa Avenue. The effectiveness of such signs is evident on other major
Tarzana streets where they have been in place for months.
        Sales Tax Increase Proposal: A one-half percent sales tax increase has been proposed
to fund an addition to the subway and other transportation projects. Assemblyman Mike Feurer
has proposed an amendment to the California constitution to reduce from 66 2/3% to 55% the
percentage of votes required to pass a transportation bond issue.

February 11, 2008

        At the Jan. 31st, 2008 meeting, they learned there is an available Committee participant
position from the Tarzana area that is presently vacant. Despite available funds in both subareas,
MRCA has not recently made any land purchases in either the Encino or the Tarzana/Woodland
Hills subareas of Assessment District No. 2.
        As requested by TPOA members Mr. and Mrs. Biers, MRCA was asked to explore the
purchase of the 5 acre city-owned property which lies below the Biers home that may have
landslide problems. MRCA staff expressed no interesting purchasing a property already owned
by the City. This information has been communicated to the Biers.

        Irma Dobbyn inquired as to whether there has been any activity in attending to the long-
standing hillside sloughage on Corbin Avenue between Rosita and Calvin. Len Shaffer advised
that District 3 Field Deputy Jose Martinez is taking care of it.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 PM
Elizabeth Tigar, Secretary

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