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									                   COOPER RIVER ANNUITANTS
                   LAST NEWSLETTER FOR 2006

Dear Annuitants,

Here it is, a new year. Where has this past year gone? It seems just like the other day that I was
writing about 2005.

I hope and pray that each of you and your families had a very Merry Christmas and will have a
Happy New Year. May 2007 be all you want it to be.

With this newsletter, I thought I would recap some of the events of the past year. Also I have had
many inquiries about our friends who we seem to have lost contact with over the years.

First event was our November brunch at my home. We had a very nice time. The crowd was a little
small, but that did not dampen our meeting. Those who attended the meeting were:

       Fran and Tom Franzone                         Marilyn and Gene Rakar
       Ginny and Carroll Steele                      Roger Gibson
       Linda Warrer                                  Mike Savinda

As you can see, the group was small, but the company was good and the food was outstanding.

Some of the news from some of my Christmas cards I received this year:

I received a note from Doug Chandler’s wife Kay. She wrote me and said that Doug had a heart
by-pass surgery this past summer. He made it OK, but this past October, Doug was in a very bad
motorcycle accident. He broke several ribs and his back. Kay said that Doug was slowly healing at
I called Doug yesterday. He said that he is walking about 2 miles a day and was healing slowly. He
hopes to be back to normal in a few months.
I asked him about his brother, EM. He said that he was doing OK. He also said that Wilmer
“Shep” Shepard and Birdie Florence were also doing OK. Bert still raises honey bees and hunts
ducks every year.
There have been many times that owning motorcycle has crossed my mind, and then thank God I
get over it. I understand that there is a motorcycle for sale in Decatur, “cheap”.

There is good news from Texas. A note from Ray Welch is that his wife Jean is now cancer free.
She is not home yet, but feels that she will be home shortly.

With the internet system, I was able to find Al Ruscilli. Al and his wife Rita now live in Sun City
Central, Florida. He tells me that he and Rita are doing very well. He is enjoying retirement. I
asked him about Bill Olson. He told me that Bill is living in Delaware and doing OK.
I did talk to Patty Martin. She told me that she is going to be a Grandmother again and would you
believe her daughter is expecting twins again. That will make two sets of twins in a row. Patty has
been tearing up the road between Bethera S.C. and Montgomery, AL. Hope and pray that all goes
well with the delivery.

After many months of hospital stay, I’m glad to report that Dennis Charles has recovered and is
now at work. I can’t help feel that our prayers helped him during his dark days after the surgery.

I did see Jim Smith in town. He and his wife, Sonny, now live in Mt. Pleasant. I hope to see them
at our meetings.

This year we were sadden at the passing of Gregg McCants. Gregg put up a strong fight, but
cancer won the battle.
I did get a nice note from Kathy, Gregg’s wife. She is doing OK helping out with her

I received a nice note from Dot Peters. She and her little pet, Mitzy, are getting along fine. She was
sorry she could not make it to our Annuitants Day dinner, but she wanted to pass on to all of you a

The best news of the year 2006. Novice Swilley got married December 31st. He asked me to be
his best man. What an honor.
Novice married the former Ruth Hanf from Charleston. Virginia and Novice became very good
friends with Ruth and her husband many years ago before Novice moved to Florida. Ruth’s
husband passed away quite a few years ago. They remained good friends over the years. Ruth was
a big help to Novice and Virginia during Virginia’s serious illness.
I’m not sure where Ruth and Novice will make their home. Hope it is here in Charleston area.

Birthdays for the month of January:

       Andrea Lawrence         Jan. 18                 Abe Brown             Jan. 19
       Greg McCants            Jan. 20                 Novice Swilley Jan. 20
       George Bresnihan        Jan. 21                 Al Byrd                Jan. 22
       Danny Austin             Jan. 28                Sammy Mitchum           Jan. 28
       Floyd Adams             Jan. 30                 Dot Peters            Jan. 31

Special wedding anniversaries for last year

       Mary and Bill Lauffer               62           Bette Lu and Cayce Parrish      61
       Louise and Smylie Mason             58          Marilyn and Gene Rakar           54
       Joan and Bob Schneider             50           Betty Sue and Gemar Cross       50
       Stella and Jim Stott               50

Our first meeting for 2007 will be at my home, January 25, 2007. We will meet at 12:00 noon.
(Note time change)
As we did for a meeting last year, we will have sandwiches, side dishes (potato salad or Cole
slaw), something to drink and dessert.
The cost should only be a few dollars per person. This seemed to work out quite well last year.
address will be at the end of this newsletter.
One item of discussion will be the meeting for the rest of the year. Please plan on attending.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, I have had several inquiries about several of our
friends. Many have left Amoco and the area. Many from the Decatur plant have started new lives.
Sadly, with the help of Robin Lee and Lea Roberts from the Cooper Plant and Bear Browning
from the Decatur plant, I have compiled a list of our friends who have passed away. Several of our
coworkers had left the company and are not annuitants, but we knew them long enough to be our
I feel that this list is not all inclusive, but it is the best we could do.
If there is a name on the list that should not be there or if I omitted anyone, let me know.


           Stan Appel                    Earl Craven              Buddy Peirano
           Bill Baskins                   Paul Giles              John Peters
           Bill Bradley                   John Jenkins            Dick Rhodes
           Timmy Christ                   Frank Keel               Barbara Turner
           Ed Coaxum                     Gene Mescher             Harold Riley
           Ev Cottle                     Ed Murphy                 Paula Roberts
           Gene Sayers                   Harold Sparks            Max Thompson
           Carnell Williams              Joe Razo                 Glenn Leathers
           Ben Moss                      John Zane                Rex Beecham
           Ben Heide                     Clarence Rogers          Chuck Harrison

    Annuitants and past employees from Decatur who passed away

         James M. Blair                      Donald Boggs                   Jim Ball
         Harold Black                        James Bobo                    Bull Baldwin
         Noel Chittam         (1998)         Clark Constance (2002)        Doug Legg        (2006)
         Otis Copeland        (2004)         Bud Garnett                    Calvin Houser
         Frank Holland                       John Hardy                    Dalton Lamar
         Pete Larrimore                      Bill Lovin                     Carl McPhearson
         Hurbert Nicholson                   Jake Jeona                    Luther King     (2004)
         Terry Poe                           Al Richardson                 James Rice
         Howard Shaffer       (2004)         Paul W. Smith   (2003)         Ed Schrimpsher
         Henry Spillers                       James Terry                   Jim Taylor
         Gene Sims            (2006)          Buddy Edwards                Jimmy McDougal
         Clyde Wilson                         Neil Treadway                 Bayne Yarbrough
         Calvin Harris                          Paul Lamont                      Omar Beebe
         Jim Pollock                            Jimmy Hill                        Johnny Tucker
         Mel Weir                               Billy Toone                      Ray Daniels
         George Wallace Davis                   Paul Tapscott                   Noel Little     (2005)
         Eddie Collier    (2005)                Pop Melder                      Steve Krueger
         Jim Stanley                            Bob Dovey                       Marion Link
         Larry (Wormy) Evans                     Al Grisham                      Charlie James
         Terry Smith                            Curtis Jackson                  Lavaughn Darnold
         Bill Rose                              Bobby Lee Terry (2005)          Chuck Buchannan (2006)
         Pat Patterson                          Dalton Counts                   Orval Landers
         Harold Bailey                          John Adams                      John Roberts
         Marvin Miller

I guess that is all I have for this news letter. If you have any news, please pass it on to me.
It is hard sometimes to come up with an interesting letter.

Take care,

2304 Salt Wind Way
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

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