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					                                Ask me a Question about my Business!!
Q. What do you expect from me if I decide to build a business?

A. What I would expect from you is to sit down with me and for you to tell me what you want out of your
Arbonne business. With that information, we can map out a plan that will get you to your goals. Your
business is your business – you can work it as much or as little as you want. You get paid based on your
effort, so the smarter you work, the more you will make.

Q. Is there a quota that you have to sell to keep the discount per month? How much do I have to buy? Are
there requirements for sales?

A. That depends on whether you decide to join Arbonne as a Consultant or a Preferred Client. As a
Consultant, your “quota” is $150 per month in two of any three consecutive months-that‟s RV, not your
cost. Your cost, including shipping & tax, is about $120 for a $150 order. This does not have to be your
order, it could be friends, family, ect. As a Preferred Client there are never any “quotas.” You get to enjoy
saving 20% on every purchase for 12 full months.

Q. So is this like a pyramid?

A. No. Pyramids are “get-rich-quick” schemes, also known as scams, where a few people end up with loads
of money and many, many more don‟t. Arbonne is a challenging, yet rewarding career opportunity where
your income is based on your effort. It‟s a lucrative, home-based business with a recognized distribution
system, legal in all 50 states, with portions regulated by consumer protection groups, the FDA and the FCC.

Q. How much money can I make doing this?

A. I love this question!! As much as you want! Arbonne publishes the average check amount for each level
of management. Remember that these averages also include people who are not actively working their
business. I find that when I‟m working, my checks are higher than the averages. DM-averages $240 a month
up to $1,500+ per month. AM-averages $1,200 a month up to $3,000+ per month. RVP-averages $5,000 a
month up to $8,000+ per month. NVP-averages $21,500 a month with unlimited potential. There are no
ceilings. As an added “thank you” at the RVP & NVP levels of management, your check includes an $200-
$1,000 bonus (again, based on your efforts) to pay for your white Mercedes-Benz. These averages also do
not include the “right now” money that you can make selling retail.

Q. How much do you get paid for each sale?

A. That depends on the sale and how the product is sold – Client or Preferred Client. With Clients, you will
get paid 35% of Retail Volume, and with Preferred Clients, you will get paid 15% of Retail Volume.

Q. Does Arbonne have a company car? What do I have to do to earn the car? How long does it take to earn
the white Mercedes?

A. Yes, we do. It‟s a white Mercedes-Benz. At the RVP & NVP levels of management, your check will
include an $200-$1,000 bonus (based on your effort) to pay for your white Mercedes-Benz. Do you want to
know why it‟s a white Mercedes? Well, our company‟s mantra is pure, safe & beneficial, right? White is the
color of purity, the Mercedes has been proven to be one of the safest cars, and what isn‟t beneficial about
                               Ask me a Question about my Business!!
driving a Mercedes? The average time to earn your car is 1-3 years. Remember averages are calculated with
everyone currently in that category. Your effort determines your promotions. How soon would you like to
be driving your car?

Q. Does Arbonne have incentives for their consultants? How do you earn them and the incentive trips?

A. Absolutely! That is one of the best parts of being a part of Arbonne! We are rewarded for doing what we
should be doing every month to grow our business, and they love on us with jewelry, different free products
every month, trips, flowers and cash bonuses. This years trip is to Paradise Island, Bahamas… I‟ve already
started packing my suitcase & we don‟t leave „till August. You earn the incentive trips by actively working
your business. This year‟s trip is the most easily earnable trip that I have seen.

Q. How much does it cost to get started?

A. That‟s a great question! There are 3 different ways to get started with Arbonne. The first way is as a
Consultant & you own your own business – that is $109. You will receive everything you need to get your
business up & running. You also receive as much support as you want from your sponsor & their up-line.
The second way is as Preferred Client – that is $29. You will save 20% on all of your orders for 12 months.
You‟ll get great service from me & I will keep you informed of any specials going on at Arbonne.
The third way is as a Client – that does not cost anything! You‟ll get the same great service & information.

Q. What does time-leveraging mean?

A. Time-leveraging is all about working smarter. As one person, you can earn $1,000 by putting in 8 hours,
giving you 8 hours of earning power. BUT, when you build a team, you have the power to earn $10,000 for
the same amount of work, because it‟s 8 hours times 10 people, netting you 80 hours of earning power.
Basically, the idea is that you train others to do what you do & then receive a “thank you” check from
Arbonne for what they do.

Q. How much time do you have to spend on this business a week?

A. You can spend as little or as much time as you want, because it‟s your business. But, keep this little
saying that I stole from NVP Lisa McDulin in mind, “If you treat your business like a business, it will pay
you like a business. If you treat your business like a hobby, it will cost you like a hobby.”

Q. Do I have to buy my own samples? Do you have to buy all your demo products? Do we have to buy all
the forms & catalogs?

A. Yes. That is a cost of being in business. The good part is that all business related items – demos, catalogs,
brochures, business card, etc are all a tax deduction.

Q. Do I have to have parties or can I just tell people whenever I can?

A. No, you do not have to have parties. I have found that it is more time efficient for me to present the
information to 5 or 6 people at a time, rather than do 1-on-1‟s. You can work your business however you
want. It‟s your business.
                                Ask me a Question about my Business!!
Q. How many meetings do I have to go to?

A. You don‟t ever have to go to a single meeting. You will find, though, that once you go to a meeting that
you look forward to them. There‟s a phrase I‟ve heard – “Not everyone at the meeting is driving a white
Mercedes, but everyone driving a white Mercedes is at the meeting.”

Q. What do I get for the $109 fee? What kind of discount do consultants get? How old to you have to be to
be a consultant?

A. You will receive a Consultant‟s Starter Kit. That includes everything you need to get your business up &
running. Also, you now have access to as much support as you need from your sponsor & their up-line.
Consultants receive 35% off your products. The minimum age for a Consultant is 18.

Q. Can I sell it to my friends online?

A. Absolutely! We don‟t have any territories, so if you have a cousin in Texas or a brother in Montana –
send them samples! We are currently in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Australia – so think global! When
your friends order online, they have it shipped directly to their house – no deliveries for you and Arbonne
will send you a “thank-you” check for their order based on their status!

Q. Do we have to pay credit card processing fees?

A. No. Isn‟t that great! That is one more way that Arbonne helps to support us. We can use our customers
credit cards online for their orders, with no processing fees!

Q. What kind of tax write offs are we entitled to?

A. Tax write-off will always need to be discussed with your accountant or tax guru for clarification and
accuracy. I have written off a percentage of my rent, utilities and internet connection because I have a
“home-based” business. I also write off a portion of my cell-phone bill because I use it for business.
Vehicles, office equipment, paper, pens, brochures, catalogs, order forms…

Q. What kind of training are we provided?

A. The best kind – of course! Most of the training is free! We have access to Arbonne University, Learn &
Burns, Monthly meetings, weekly Nation calls, your sponsor, yearly Global Training Conference, just to
name a few.

Q. Do we have to charge clients a fixed amount?

A. No. The prices in the catalog are Recommended Retail Prices. It‟s your business. You can give whatever
deal you want to whomever you want.

Q. Can Husband & Wives do this together?

A. Yes, they can. You can absolutely make Arbonne a family business. There are great leaders in Arbonne
that have done it this way & rave about the benefits.

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