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Comes from the Latin word “magus” – meaning a wise man or a miracle worker.

Magic assumes that humans can access and gain control of, or cooperation from,
supernatural forces.

Magicians can do this because they have access to knowledge most people don’t have.

Most of the time, magicians work alone and in secret.
                 Binding Spells

•I bind Callias, the local innkeeper, and his wife Thraitta, and the inn of the
bald man, and the inn of Anthemion...and Philon the innkeeper. Of all these
             people I bind their soul, work, hands, feet and inns.
                          Love Spells
•     ...bind Ptolemais, she whom Aias bore, the daughter of Horigenes...Lead
     Ptolemais, whom Aias bore, the daughter of Horigenes, to me. Prevent her
    from eating and drinking until she comes to me, Sarapammon, whom Area
      bore, and do not allow her to have experience with another man, except
     me alone. Drag her by her hair, by her guts, until she does not stand aloof
    from me...and until I hold her obedient for the whole time of my life, loving
                 me, desiring me, and telling me what she is thinking.
                 Prayers for Justice
   A message from Docca to the goddess Sulis Minerva: I give to your
    power the money that I lost, 5 denarii, and I give the one that stole
    the money, whether slave or free, whether man or woman.
   Collyra dedicates to the attendants of the goddess the dusky coat
    which Melitta took and has not given back...May she dedicate to the
    goddess 12 times its value along with a half-medimnus of incense as is
    law in the city. Let the possessor of the cloak not release her soul until
    she makes dedication to the goddess.
   To the god Nodens. Silvanus has lost his ring. He has given half its
    value to the god Nodens. Among those that possess the name of
    Senicianus do not allow good health until he brings it right to the
    temple of Nodens.
Curse Tablets
Voodoo Dolls
                   Sympathetic Magic
   Astonishing binding love spell: Take wax or clay from a potter's wheel and shape it into two
    figures, one male and one female. Make the male look like Ares in arms. He should hold a
    sword in his left hand and point it at her right collarbone. Her arms must be tied behind
    her back, and she must kneel...

   And as this corpse lies here unfulfilled, so let all that comes from Theodora, both her words

    and her actions, towards Charias and towards other people, be unfulfilled. I bind Theodora

    before Hermes of the underworld and the unfulfilled and Tethys

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