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                                                                               GRADUATE:       NICOLE QUIROGA
                                                                               Parents:        Victor Quiroga & Zulema Claros
                                                                               School:         Robinson
            HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES                                              Future Plans:   NOVA, FIT in NYC

                                                                               GRADUATE:       WENDY VILCA-RISCO
GRADUATE:       CODY BOYD                                                      Parents:        Jessica Risco and Marco Vilca
Parents:        Paula and Chuck Boyd                                           Activities:     Service Cord for 24 hours of community service
School:         Robinson                                                       School:         Robinson
Future Plans:   Old Dominion University                                        Future Plans:   Become an FBI agent
Parents:        Billy Estis, Sr.                                                                    COLLEGE GRADUATES
Activities:     Art and Sculpture Regional Award Winner
School:         Robinson                                                       GRADUATE:       CATHERINE M. CHESTER
Future Plans:   U.S. Navy, Art College                                         Parents:        Steve and Sara Chester
                                                                               Activities:     Bachelor of Science in Nursing
GRADUATE:       ANDY HANSON                                                    School:         George Mason University - College of Health and Science
Parents:        Robin Hanson & Peggy Jackson                                   Future Plans:   Critical Care Nursing
Activities:     National Merit Scholarship
School:         Thomas Jefferson                                               GRADUATE:       MATTHEW D. COLEMAN
Future Plans:   DigiPen Institute of Technology                                Parents:        Constance Yancey Coleman
                                                                               Activities:     Vice President of Net Impact
GRADUATE: CHARLOTTE HORD                                                       School:         UVA Darden School of Business
Parents:      Tuck & Maria Hord                                                Future Plans:   Portfolio Analyst in San Francisco, CA
Activities:   IB diploma, Academic Scholar, National & French Honor
              Society, FBLA, DECA                                              GRADUATE: ERIN M. CURRAN
School:       Robinson                                                         Parents:      Tom and Debra Curran
Future Plans: University of Vermont                                            Activities:   Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, member of the NC State
                                                                                             “Power Sound of the South” Marching Band, Campus Recreation in the
GRADUATE: JESSICA L. MARCO                                                                   intramural program and Resident Advisor for two years
Parents:      Dave and Didi Marco                                              School:        North Carolina State University
Activities:   National Honor Society, Academic Letter Award, Robinson          Future Plans: Duquesne University Law school
              Scholar, Varsity Gymnastics (4 yrs), All District, All Region,
              Captain, Scholar-Athlete Award, RAMS Booster Award,              GRADUATE:       JONATHAN HARGROVE
              Varsity Cheerleading (3 yrs), All District, UCA All Star, Girl   Parents:        Jim & Adrienne Hargrove
              Scouts (13 yrs), Bronze, Silver, Silver Trefoil & Gold Leader-   Activities:     BA Photo Journalism, Minor in history, lacrosse club
              ship Awards, Student Government                                  School:         Western Kentucky University
School:       Robinson                                                         Future Plans:   Portrait Photography
Future Plans: Pennsylvania State University
                                                                               GRADUATE: DR. MUFFARAH JAHANGEER
GRADUATE: TAMIA MOYA-MANTILLA                                                  Activities: PhD, NASA/NAI award for Winter School in Astrobiology in Hawaii,
Parents:      Ms. Elsa Mantilla, Mr. Edwin Moya                                            NASA/NAI Science Writing Journalism Award for the Pale Blue Dot
Activities:   Advance diploma/honor roll; Certified Scuba Diver; Tutor/                     Conference, AGU-NASA Mars Program grant for the Chapman Confer-
              Mentor to elementary students; reading coach to 2nd language                 ence on Solar Wind Interaction with Mars, NASA Mars Student Award
              elementary students; Host, California Pizza Kitchen; Robinson                for New Martian Chemistry Workshop; Department of Physics &
              HS Dance Team, 15 years dance training, Photography &                        Astronomy at George Mason University Award for Deep Underground
              Media production                                                             Science & Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) workshop at the University
School:       Robinson Secondary School                                                    of Minnesota; nominated for Outstanding Teaching to the American
Future Plans: NoVa; Barry University or Texas A&M                                          Association of Physics Teachers; received Outstanding Graduate Teach
                                                                                           ing Assistant. Award
GRADUATE:       THOMAS "TOMMY" JAMES O'CONNOR                                  School:     George Mason University
Parents:        Tom and Melissa O'Connor
School:         Robinson                                                       GRADUATE:       CHIZOMAM UGOEZE ONONIWU
Future Plans:   James Madison University                                       Parents:        Mary Ononiwu
                                                                               Activities:     Bachelors in French & Nursing, French Award
GRADUATE: MATTHEW OSIECKI                                                      School:         University of Virginia @ Wise
Parents:      Dave & JoEllen Osiecki                                           Future Plans:   MedSurg Nursing, Kentucky
Activities:   4-year member Robinson Men’s Swim & Dive Team; school
              records in 100Y Backstroke, 200Y Medley Relay and 400Y           GRADUATE: PAMELA CHINEMEREM ONONIWU
              Freestyle Relay; Robinson Booster Award-Outstanding              Parents:      Mary Ononiwu
              Leadership, 2-time member VA - AAA State Championship            Activities:   Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Leadership Award & Regional 1st
              Men’s Swim & Dive Team; 3 All American Swimming awards;                        Runner-up
              Athletic Honor Roll                                              School:       Marymount University
School:       Robinson                                                         Future Plans: Business
Future Plans: George Mason University
                                                                               GRADUATE:       TIMOTHY WORCESTER
GRADUATE:       OLIVIA RODEE                                                   Parents:        Fred Worcester & Marian Dolan
Parents:        Chris & Louise RoDee                                           Activities:     Bachelor of Computer Science
School:         From: Lake Braddock                                            School:         George Mason University
Future Plans:   Studies Queen's University, Ontario                            Future Plans:   Software Engineer
                 JUNE 2011                                       THE BURKE CENTRE CONSERVATOR                                                PAGE 15
                              BURKE CENTRE ACTIVITIES
    Earth Day Cleanups (submitted by Luanne Smith)

                                                                                               Pictured above: Members of Burke Unit-
Visit the Burke Centre Library                                                                 ed Methodist Church were hands-on dur-
                                                                                               ing an Earth Day Clean Up in the Oaks!
on June 11                                                                                     Thank you, Burke United Methodist!

        he Burke Centre
        Library is hosting
        Tracing Burke’s
History: A Dedication at
11:00 AM on June 11. Join
Clara Barton, Silas Burke,
Nutbrown Hare, and others
for the dedication of the
historic Oak tree ring display.
This is an event for all
ages, so bring your family.
The Friends will provide
refreshments during the celebration. We will also host a mini-sale of children’s
books and books about local history and all things green.

The annual meeting of the Friends of the Burke Centre
Library was held on April 21. We are grateful to Irma
Clifton for presenting the interesting history of the Lorton
Workhouse at the meeting. We also elected the following
officers for the coming year:

•     President: Pat Riedinger
•     Vice-President: Jim Cade
•     Treasurer: Duwain Ketch
•     Secretary: Brian Engler

The officers are all eager to see new members run for these
positions next year. It’s not too early to ask about any role
that interests you. The time commitment is minimal and
you get the satisfaction of supporting our amazing library.
Contact Ms. Pat Riedinger at for more

The next meeting of the Friends of the Burke Centre
Library is on Thursday, June 16 at 7:00 PM in the meeting
rooms at the Burke Centre Library.

Join the Friends. (Serve as an officer!) Individual dues are
just $5.00 a year. Application forms are at the Burke Centre
Library or visit us online at
                  PAGE 16                                       THE BURKE CENTRE CONSERVATOR             JUNE 2011
                                                          incurred. In general, the accounts that experience this   by $23,430. However, this was due to the early part
      WORKING continued from page 12                      are spread evenly over the entire year.                   of the season when expenses are still light. (First
might be helpful since there are 21 miles of trails.      INCOME – ADMINISTRATION - Assessment
The second item related to bus shelters, which is         income was favorable to budget because of the             COMMUNITY SERVICES - Instructor fees were
more difficult to address as the Conservancy cannot        collection of $15,732 in delinquent assessments from      unfavorable to budget but the variance was offset by
build in the VDOT right-of-way.                           six commercial lots, plus the quarterly assessment for    the favorable variance in income. The Conservancy
                                                          each. (First Report in March; updated in April)           retains 25% of the instructor fee to cover the costs of
Knollwood Easement: Mr. Gloyd discussed an                                                                          using the community centers and advertising for their
easement request needed to provide water to the           POOLS - Pool income was favorable to budget by            classes. (First Report)
church’s new facility. Fairfax Water needs to tap into    $55,685, which resulted from the spread of the budget
an existing main that is on Conservancy property.         from March to September. It should even out over the      FACILITIES - Tree and Debris removal was
Mr. Gloyd was asked to send the easement document         next few months. (First Report in March updated in        unfavorable to budget primarily due to the ice and
through counsel for review.                               April)                                                    windstorms early in 2011. (First Report in March).
                                                                                                                    Rental equipment was unfavorable to budget due to
Streetscape Beautification: A resident has asked           COMMUNITY SERVICES - Class income was                     the need to rent an additional Bobcat unit in case it
that the Conservancy initiate a task force to look at     favorable to budget by $13,971. This has been due         was needed during the winter snow. (First Report)
beautification around Burke Centre. Trustee Smith          primarily to an increase in the number and variety
mentioned that the current landscape contractor           of classes being offered by the Conservancy. (First       CLUSTERS - Clusters were favorable to budget
might have presented a plan in October 2010, but          Report)                                                   because Income recognizes the Fairfax County
did not recall action on that plan. The staff agreed                                                                tipping fee (the fee paid to Fairfax County by our
to follow up on that issue. In addition, the Board        EXPENSES – ADMINISTRATION - Conservancy                   trash vendor for dumping at the county facility) on
members indicated that it would be better to reach        general liability, auto, D&O (Directors and Officers)      an annual basis, although the increase does not go
out to experts such as landscape architects. Trustee      insurance came in lower than budgeted as a result         into effect until July. This will result in a positive
Trask mentioned that Fairfax County has a Master          of competitive bidding. This was primarily due to a       variance in Trash, which should decline by the end of
Gardener program where individuals must complete          change in the market after the budget was prepared,       the year. (First Report in March)
a certain number of community service hours, and          but before the quotes were finalized. (First Report in
suggested the staff look into that as a credible source   March)                                                    Please feel free to contact me at karen@burkecentre.
of advice.                                                                                                          org with any questions.
                                                          IT Support was unfavorable to budget due to a number
May Meeting Agenda: The agenda was reviewed.              of computer failures and virus problems. (First            Burke Centre Library Drive-
Supervisor Cook is expected at the meeting and the        Report)                                                    up Service closed on June 13:
requests to support pedestrian safety were added.                                                                    Temporarily for a remodeling project to improve
                                                          New Capital Equipment was unfavorable to budget as         service for library customers. Construction
New Business: None                                        a result of having to purchase an external tape backup     should last five to six weeks. The branch will
                                                          unit for the Conservancy server. This replaced a unit      remain open so stop in to pick up your holds,
Action(s) following Executive Session: When the           that had been internal on the old server and recently      return and check out books and enjoy all other
Board reconvened from Executive Session, Trustee          failed. (First Report)                                     library services.
Flaster moved to adopt the Process for Trustee                                                                       branches/bc/
Interaction with Members document as submitted,           POOLS - Pool expenses were favorable to budget
with recommended modifications.
Trustee Chesterman seconded the motion
and it passed with 5 yes votes, and 1
no vote (Smith). The Board then voted
unanimously to adjourn the meeting.

 Financial Report
  as of April 30, 2011
 Finance Administrator

         VERVIEW - The Conservancy
         had a cash balance of $1,492,807
         as of April 30, 2011. Excess
Revenue over Expense on April 30 was
$227,686, and favorable to budget by
$149,032. One Cluster Reserve CDARS
(Certificate of Deposit Asset Registration
System) was purchased in April at a rate of
1.25%. (First Report)

Several categories may be favorable or
unfavorable during a given month due to
uncertainty on when an expense may be
                JUNE 2011                                         THE BURKE CENTRE CONSERVATOR                                                    PAGE 17
                Facilities/Resources Project List                                                                     Burke Centre SHARE -
                                                                                                                      Summer distributions will be held at Burke
                                                                                                                      Presbyterian Church in June, July and August.

       t the request of the Open Space Committee (OSC), the following is a list of projects addressed by the
       Facilities & Resources (F&R) Department during the past month. To report a problem or concern with             If you would like to save money on your food
       any open space area in Burke Centre, please contact Joe Stern, Conservancy F&R Assistant, (703)                budget, join us. For just $20 and two hours of
978-2928; email:                                                                                volunteer service, you can get a food package
                                                                                                                      worth up to 2½ times the cost! Everyone is eligible
Open Space – Improperly disposed of trash and items were removed from the open space including a washing              to participate, rich or poor. Visit
machine, furniture, and concrete blocks & bricks. Many bags of debris were also collected following Earth             menu.htm for menus. Cash, credit card, money
Day clean-ups.                                                                                                        order, or EBT. Contact Luanne Smith at 703-425-
                                                                                                                      3474 or to order.
Tot Lots – Playground wood chips were added to all tot lots. All the wooden structures from the W-13 tot lot
have been removed in preparation for the planned renovation.

Pools – Pre-season maintenance tasks that are performed by the staff were completed in May.

Trees – Numerous trees in the Woods, Oaks, Landings and Ponds neighborhoods were removed for safety

Trails/Bridges - Trail and pathway upkeep is ongoing. The foot bridge near tot lot W-19 and one near
Downeys Wood Ct. are under repair. A split-rail fence adjacent to the pathway that leads up to Terra
Centre Elementary near the P-4 Tot Lot has been repaired.

       airfax County residents can recycle televisions, computers and peripheral devices – including keyboards,
       speakers, printers, external drives and other such materials – and unbroken fluorescent light bulbs and tubes
       on Electric Sundays. The Electric Sunday recycling program is a free service to Fairfax County residents.
This year’s Electric Sunday events are scheduled monthly through November.

Upcoming 2011 Dates (All events are held from 10 AM-3 PM)

    •    June 26: I-95 Complex, 9850 Furnace Road, Lorton, VA 22079
    •    July 24: I-66 Transfer Station, 4618 West Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030
    •    August 28: I-66 Transfer Station, 4618 West Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030
    •    Sept. 25: I-95 Complex, 9850 Furnace Road, Lorton, VA 22079
    •    Oct. 23: I-66 Transfer Station, 4618 West Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030
    •    Nov. 20: I-66 Transfer Station, 4618 West Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030

For additional information, please call 703-324-5230, TTY 711.

                JUNE 2011                                              THE BURKE CENTRE CONSERVATOR                                               PAGE 19
              SHARE Needs Your Help

          ur Burke Centre SHARE program is now 15 years old and we will continue
          to serve Burke Centre for years to come, but only if the SHARE Food
          Network, which has been in existence for 21 years, remains viable. There
are over 300 SHARE programs in the Metro DC area, but over the years, the number
of SHARE packages sold has dropped to a point that this organization may be forced
to close its doors, and at a time when the need is greater than ever. Each SHARE
package costs just $20 (plus a couple hours of volunteer service that you may already
be doing) and is worth up to $50. But the high cost of fuel, which causes increased
food prices, and the aging of coordinators, who are running out of energy to recruit
new participants, are having a toll on the program. Prices are so low primarily
because of volume buying, and that’s why we need many more participants.

Our Burke Centre SHARE program has been the conduit for hundreds of donated
packages over the years and we would like to continue this service because we have
families needing help in our community. Our community has also benefited from the
hundreds of volunteer hours contributed by families purchasing SHARE packages,
and we want this to continue, as well.

So, how can you help? Buy a package for yourself, or refer people or organizations,
particularly churches, to SHARE. Perhaps sponsor a family that could use assistance.
Remember that SHARE is NOT emergency food and it is open to everyone, rich
or poor, and the food is great! Check out the SHARE Food Network at http://www. for the latest menus and additional information about the program.
You can also purchase your package online. If you would like to know more, please
contact Luanne Smith at or at 703-425-3474. We need your help
and hope to hear from you!

                Learn Grow America

        earn how to grow locally adapted nutritious food plants right in your own backyard
        using eco-friendly, low-input gardening methods. From the earliest days of spring
        right up to the first frost there are plenty of opportunities for you to plant and
successfully harvest a wide variety of your own vegetable crops and herbs. Even if you only
have a small townhouse lot, a sunny balcony, or at least, a sunny windowsill, you can raise
food plants that can rival or beat any found in the best gourmet grocery stores.

The project is sponsored locally by the Rotary Club of Burke, Virginia, and is the off-
shoot of a similar international food awareness program created by the Rotary Club of
Devonport North of Tasmania, Australia. Seeds are to be provided through a partnership with
the America the Beautiful Foundation. The present goal is to have at least 10 “Learn Grow
America” gardens up and running in the first year of the project.

This project is about raising awareness of the ease and enjoyment of homegrown nutrition
by taking small steps and by providing a network for support within local communities. Visit for more information.

                   PAGE 20                                              THE BURKE CENTRE CONSERVATOR   JUNE 2011
                                                                        New World Unity Church. 703-690-7925. Irving Middle School, 8100 Old
                                                                        Keene Mill Rd. Sunday service: 10:30 AM.

                               A-B                                      Parkwood Baptist Church. 703-978-8160. 8726 Braddock Road. Sun-
                                                                        days, 9:30 AM-contemporary; 11 AM-traditional.
Abiding Presence Lutheran Church. 703-455-7500. 6304 Lee Chapel
Rd. Worship Sundays: 8:30 AM and 11 AM
Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church. 703-503-4579. 10125 Lake-
haven Court. Services & Sunday school: 10 AM.
                                                                        Sikh Foundation of VA. 703-323-5093/8849. 7250 Ox Road, Fairfax Sta-
Al-Basheer Islamic Services. 703-244-8046. Fridays, 7 PM; Sundays,
                                                                        tion. Services check
10 AM, Call for location - usually held @ Oaks CC.
                                                                        South Run Baptist Church. 703-455-4521. 8712 Selger Drive. Services:
Antioch Baptist Church. 703-425-0710. 6531 Little Ox Road. Services:
                                                                        Sunday, 8:30 AM, 11 AM & 6 PM
Sundays, 7:45 AM, 9:45 AM and 11:30 AM
                                                                        Sovereign Grace Church, 703-691-0600. 5200 Ox Rd, Fairfax. Sun-
                                                                        day-10 AM, www.sovereigngracefairfax. org
            BURKE COMMUNITY CHURCH. 703-425-0205. 9900                  St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. 703-455-2500. 6509 Sydenstricker
            Old Keene Mill Rd. Sunday Worship at 8:30 AM, 9:45 &
                                                                        Road. Services: Wed, 9:20 AM, Sat, 6 PM, Sunday, 8 AM & 10 AM
            11:15 AM. - FESTIVAL SPONSOR!
                                                                        St. Barnabas’ Episcopal Church. 703-941-2922. 4801 Ravensworth
                                                                        Road. Sunday Worship at 8 AM & 10:15 AM
Burke Presbyterian Church. 703-764-0456. 5690 Oak Leather Dr.
                                                                        St. George’s United Methodist Church. 703-385-4550.,
Sundays, 8:30 & 11:15 AM. Sat Coffeehouse service, 5:30 PM. www.
                                                                        4910 Ox Road (Rt 123), Services: Sunday, 8:30 AM and 11 AM
                                                                        St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. 703-451-4331. 5800 Backlick Rd. Sun: 8:30
Burke United Methodist Church. 703-250-6100. Burke Lake Road &
                                                                        AM & 11 AM
Burke Centre Pkwy. Sat: 5:30 PM & Sun: 9 AM, 10:30 AM
                                                                        St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church. 703-978-4141. 5222 Sideburn Rd.
                                                                        Sat: 5 PM, Mass Sun: 7:30 AM, 9 AM, 11 AM & 12:30 PM
                                C-E                                     St. Peter’s in the Woods Episcopal Church. 703-503-9210. Off Route
                                                                        123 next to Burke Fire Station. Sundays: 8 AM & 10:15 AM
Calvary Christian Church. 703-455-7041. 9800 Old Keene Mill Road.
Worship service, 10:30 AM
Calvary Hill Baptist Church. 703-323-1347. Olley Lane & Rt. 236. Sun
School: 9:50 AM Worship: 11 AM
                                                                        Temple Beth Torah. 703-263-2252, call for location. Services: Friday, 7:30
Calvary Chapel of Alexandria. 703-780-3228. 6318 May Blvd., Alexan-
                                                                        PM; Saturday, 9:30 AM & 10:30 AM
dria. Service: Sunday 10 AM
                                                                        Temple B’nai Shalom. Reform Congregation. 703-764-2901. 7612 Old Ox
                                                                        Rd, Fairfax Station. Services: Friday, 8 PM and Saturday, 10 AM
Church of the Apostles. 703-591-1974. 3500 Pickett Rd, Ffx; Prayer
& Praise, Fri-7:30 PM; Communion, Sat-5 PM, Sun-10 AM; Altared Stu-
                                                                        Westwood Baptist Church. 703-451-5120. 8200 Old Keene Mill Road.
dents, Sun-5:07 PM
                                                                        Sunday Service, 11 AM (Nursery)
Church of the Good Shepherd [Episcopal]. 703-323-5400. 9350 Brad-
dock Rd. Worship: Sundays, 7:45 AM, 9 AM & 11 AM
Church of the Nativity Catholic Church. 6400 Nativity Ln. Sat. 5 PM            Burke Centre Collection Guidelines
Vigil Mass & 7 PM Mass-Spanish; Sun. 7:30 & 9 AM, 11 AM & 12:45 PM

Congregation ADAT REYIM. 703-569-7577. 6500 Westbury Oaks Court.               rash must be placed in trashcans and put at the curb by no later than 7:00 a.m. on
Service: Fri, 8 PM and Sat, 9:30 AM                                            the morning of the scheduled collection, and not earlier than the evening before
Congregation OLAM TIKVAH. Conservative Synagogue, 3800 Glen-                   the scheduled collection day. Per the Burke Centre Conservancy’s Architectural
brook Rd, Fairfax. (703) 425-1880                                       Standards: “for health and aesthetic reasons trash shall be put out in closed, rodent-proof
Ekoji Buddhist Temple. 703-239-0500. 6500 Lakehaven Lane. Services
& Dharma School: Sundays 11 AM.                           Plastic bags are not
                                                                        considered rodent-

                                                                        proof unless they
                                                                        are deposited into
Fairfax Baptist Temple. 703-323-8100. 6401 Missionary Lane, Fairfax     a metal or plastic
Station. Call church for worship times.                                 container with a lid.
Fairfax Presbyterian Church. 703-273-5300. 10723 Main St. Sunday
Worship-8:45 AM & 11:15 AM, school-10 AM.            All trash cans
Fellowship Baptist Church. 703-569-5151. 5936 Rolling Road. Sundays:    should be clearly
9:30 AM. Call church for more worship times.                            marked with the
First Baptist Church of Springfield. 703-451-1500. 7300 Gary Street.     house number.
Sunday School: 9:15 AM; Worship: 10:30 AM.
Grace Christian Reformed Church. 703-323-8033. 9800 Burke Lake          For service
Road. Sunday worship service at 10:45 AM. Nursery.                      complaints and
                                                                        to request special
KNOLLWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH. 703-425-2068 x21. Temporarily               pickups, please
meeting at Bonnie Brae Elementary, 5420 Sideburn Road, Fairfax. Sun-    contact ADS at
day Worship at 10:30 AM.                                                (703) 368-0500.

                                L-P                                     You may
La Cena Del Señor Christian Congregation, Bilingual. 703-550-1204.      also report
8196-O Terminal Road, Newington, Youth Svc, Wed. 7:30 PM, Sun.10 AM     complaints to
Little River United Church of Christ. 703-978-3060. 8410 Little River   the Conservancy
Turnpike. Worship services Sundays, 9:30 AM & 11 AM                     office for tracking
Living Savior Lutheran Church. 703-352-1421. 5500 Ox Road, Fairfax      purposes. Please
Station. Worship: Sundays, 8:30 AM & 11 AM                              call the office with
Lord of Life Lutheran Church. 703-323-9500. 5114 Twinbrook Road.
                                                                        any questions at
Call the church for worship times.
                                                                        (703) 978-2928.
              JUNE 2011                                  THE BURKE CENTRE CONSERVATOR                                                PAGE 21