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									                    ELIAS GREEN – MCST 2009
                        13 ELIAS GREEN – CLUBHOUSE
                      TEL : 65837346 / 7 FAX : 65837570


1. The Owner of Blk ___________ # __________ - _______________ of Elias Green has / have been
   given approval by the Management Corporation to carry out renovation works in the
   apartment      between     9.00am  to    4.30pm      from     _________________________  to

2. The working hours for all noise generating works such as demolition of wall, removal of wall
   / floor finishes and cutting of tiles, etc are restricted from 9.00am to 4.30pm during

3. Renovation works are not allowed to be carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and Public

4. The contractor will be carrying out the approval demolition works on _______________________,
   _______________________, _______________________ and _______________________.

5. the particulars of the renovation contractor who is authorized to carry out the renovation
   works in this apartment are as follows :-

   Name of Company       : _________________________________________________________________________

   Address of Company : _________________________________________________________________________

   Person-in-charge      : _________________________________________________________________________

   Contact No.           : _______________________________ (O) _______________________________ (HP)

   License No.           : _________________________________________________________________________

6. This notice is issued by :

                           ___________________________________                ______________________
                           Approving Officer Signature                                Date
                           For and on behalf of MCST 2009

                       ELIAS GREEN – MCST 2009
                          13 ELIAS GREEN – CLUBHOUSE
                        TEL : 65837346 / 7 FAX : 65837570
 UNDERTAKING FOR RENOVATION WORKS AT BLK Blk ___________ # __________ -
_______________ (NRIC: _____________________________________ (company name) hereby agree to
undertake to abide by and be bound by the following terms and conditions :-

   1. The renovation debris must be removed and delivered to the ENV approved dumping ground
      daily. NO renovation debris or discarded shall be deposited, placed on common property.

   2. The contractor shall not place or stack materials and goods in the common area such as lift
      landing, corridors, parking lots, open spaces, etc in such a way as to obstruct or
      inconvenience to other users.

   3. No mixing of cement / concrete and paint at the common areas.

   4. No illegal tapping of water and electricity from common area.

   5. The contractor shall be responsible for the cleaning and reinstating common area (including
      cement droppings) at the end of each working day.

   6. The contractor shall only use the lifts designated (if any) by Elias Green Management for
      the transportation of materials and goods. The contractor is not allowed to forcefully stop the
      lift doors from closing by any means.

   7. the lift car shall be adequately protected by plywood or equivalent material accordingly
      before the commencement of work until the works is fully completed at the end of the day.

   8. Sand shall not be unloaded to car park lots unless it is on canvas sheet and be hoisted up on
      the same day.

   9. Sand shall be packed in strong polythene bags or approved plastic containers (35 litres or 70
      litres capacity) before handed / delivered to subsidiary owner apartment so as to avoid
      spillage of sand onto the common area.

   10. Discharge of sullage water in Rain Water Down Pipe or to the common area is prohibited.

   11. The maximum period of renovation works should not exceed 3 months. An administrative fee
       of $50.00 will be charged for every 2 week of extension for all renovation works.

   12. ALL RENOVATION WORKS must be carried out between 9.00am to 4.30pm from Monday
       to Friday. No works are to be carried out on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

   13. An amount will be imposed if contractors are found violating these rules below : -

       (a) $50.00 (for every half hour)     - Renovations works being carried out beyond 4.30pm

       (b) $100.00 (per act)                - Renovation works being carried out on Saturday,
                                            Sunday or Public Holidays

   14. An amount will be imposed and deducted from the refundable deposit for making good of
       irregularities as follow : -

       (a) $50.00                           - Dirty to Common Corridor outside unit

       (b) $50.00                           - Dirty to Lift Car

       (c) $100.00                          - Scratches to Lift Car Mirror

       (d) $500.00                          - Broken Lift Car Mirror (per piece)

       (e) $50.00                           - Dirty to Lift lobby Area at the ground floor

       (f) $50.00                           - Dirty to Floor Matting along ground floor ramp

       (g) $50.00                           - Dirty to flooring at the ground floor entrance before

       (h) $100.00                          - Paint stain on floor tiling

       (i) $100.00                          - Debris along Common Area not removed (per day)

   15. To ensure that all foreign workers engaged are holding valid working permit. A copy of the
       certified true copy of the work permit to be furnished to us prior to the actual carrying out of
       the works.

   16. Should any contractor failed to comply to any of the above items, sum $100.00 per act of
       irregularity shall be paid to MCST 2009 as liquidated damages.

_________________________________________                                          ______________________
       Signature of Contractor                                                      Company Stamp

Date : __________________________________

                        ELIAS GREEN – MCST 2009
                            13 ELIAS GREEN – CLUBHOUSE
                          TEL : 65837346 / 7 FAX : 65837570


To     :      The Management Office                  From
              MCST 2009
              13 Elias Green – Clubhouse             Name : ___________________________________________
                                                     Blk ____________ # ____________- __________________
Tel    :      65837347 / 8
                                                     Contact No. : _________________________________(O)
Fax    :      6583 7570


Dear Sir,

We hereby authorized our contractor, _______________________________________________________________ of
____________________________________________ (hereafter and in the attached notes referred to as “The
Contractor”) to undertake for the purpose of addition and alteration works on the above premises,
such works to commence from ____________________________ to ____________________________.

We understand that the Contractor would have to abide by the terms & conditions set out in the
attached notes to contractors.

In consideration of you at our request permitting the Contractor to have access to the above premises,
we hereby agree and undertake to keep you fully indemnified in respect of all claims, loses,
liabilities or damages made against, suffered or incurred by you, as a result of breach by the
contractor, its employees or agents, of any of the terms & conditions mentioned in the attached notes
or as a result of any of the works undertaken by the contractor for fitting-out the said premises.

Description of Works




                        ELIAS GREEN – MCST 2009
                            13 ELIAS GREEN – CLUBHOUSE
                          TEL : 65837346 / 7 FAX : 65837570
                               REGISTERATION FORM
Owner’s Particulars

Name of Owner         : ______________________________________________ Blk/Unit : ______________________

Contact No.           : ___________________________________ (H) ___________________________________ (HP)

Contractor’s Particulars

Name of Company       : _________________________________________________________________________________

Person-in-charge      : ___________________________________ Contact No. : _______________________________

Business Reg. No.     : _________________________________________________________________________________

S/NO                      NAME OF WORKERS                                  NRIC / PASSPORT NO

We hereby paid the deposit by cheque of $1,000.00 and non-refundable administrative fee of
$20.00. This cheque is in favour of MCST 2009 to grant approval works to commences.

In applying for approval, the Owner and Contractor undertake to abide by and subject to the
following terms and conditions

______________________________________                             _____________________________________
   Name & Signature of Owner                                        Name & Signature of Contractor

Name : _____________________________                               Name : _____________________________


Approved By : _______________________                              Date : _______________________________


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