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Report Distribution, Management, and Control
PeopleSoft Solutions Extender
                                                         Your company has spent a lot of time, money, and effort
                                                         getting your PeopleSoft system up and running. Like most
   Control and                                           companies, you’ve got additional needs (especially reporting)
    manage                                               that you’d like to solve in a better way, but the alternatives
    reporting                                            don’t sound appealing to you.
                           Report Security and
                             Admin Features
                                                         Perhaps it’s simply too costly to run and manage the reports in
     Distribute                                          your PeopleSoft system. Perhaps now that the system is live,
    information                                          you need to start distributing information to help your
         to                                              employees make better decisions. Maybe your users are
    Consumers                                            having a difficult time finding and accessing reports. Or
                            Report Distribution          maybe you’re feeling the significant pain, effort, and cost of
                                                         meeting your organization’s compliance requirements.

       Certify                                          Grey Sparling Solutions, Inc. can help you with any or all of
     financial                                          these problems in a manner that is quick, easy, and cost
      results                                           effective. Our secret is our use of the tools you already own
                                                        and are deploying so that you don’t have to purchase and
                                                        deploy new technology, integrate products, or redevelop
                                                        reports you’re already using.

Real benefits you can leverage today
                                                                     Report Security
                                                                     Report Security     Report
                                                                                          Report      Compliance
                                                                                                      Compliance   Infrastructure
The Report Distribution, Management, and Control                       and Admin
                                                                        and Admin      Distribution
Extender is a product that allows you to realize
significant benefits quickly and easily. Whether you are                               Reduced Costs
                                                                                       Reduced Costs
securing and managing reporting, distributing
information to consumers, or certifying financial
results, this solution:                                                                Reduced Risks
                                                                                       Reduced Risks
    • Dramatically reduces your costs
    • Dramatically reduces operational risks                                    Better Decision Making
                                                                                Better Decision Making
    • Supports better decision making

Because you can deploy this
product on using your existing
PeopleSoft application, you can                                                         Supports Better Decision Making
realize these benefits more quickly         Dramatically Reduces Costs                  • Security and Usage analysis
                                            • Report administrative costs               • Processing status analysis
and with less risk than with any
                                            • Performance related costs                 • User adoption of business
alternative.                                                                               intelligence
                                            • Information distribution costs
                                            • Support costs                             • Comprehension of report
  Dramatically Lowers Risks                                                                content
  • Implementation risks                    • Costs of applying financial
                                               controls                                 • Compliance analysis
  • Data security risks                                                                 • Distributed compliance
  • Data quality risks                      • Audit costs
                                            • Deployment costs                             accountability
  • Availablility and Support risks
  • Financial control risks                 • Upgrade costs
  • Audit results
Powerful Features for your                                          Report Security
                                                                    Report Security
                                                                      and Admin
                                                                                                      Compliance   Infrastructure
                                                                       and Admin       Distribution
PeopleSoft system
                                                                             Business Analyst
We deliver these benefits by focusing on 4 major
areas. Within each area, we’ve provided features to
reduce costs, reduce risk, and improve access to                            Powerful & Simple
information.                                                                 End-user Access                       Infrastructure

Business Analyst Empowerment                                               Simple Management
We provide a safe and flexible way for business                               and Auditing
analysts to control the behavior of the system without
requiring IT to modify delivered code.

 Business User Empowerment                 Powerful and Simple                        Powerful & Simple End-user
 • Report Explorer Section                 End-user access                            access
     configuration                         Using powerful navigation                  • Grey Sparling Report Explorer
 • Email Templates                         techniques,    compelling                  • Highly Formatted emails
 • Definitional data security              formatting, and intelligent                • Self service reporting
 • Accountability assignment               knowledge      of      your                • Accountability management
 • Visual process                          PeopleSoft application, we                     reporting
     management                            make it easy for end-users
                                           to use, manage, and run
                                           their reports.                             Simple Management and Auditing
                                                                                      • Security and Accountability
Simple Management and Auditing                                                           console
We deliver consoles and analysis tools to allow administrators to                     • Process status and distribution
more easily manage processing and support end user access. We                            console
also provide tools to simplify compliance-related activities.                         • Report status & usage analysis
                                                                                      • Financial Statement
Infrastructure re-use – We minimize the footprint of our products                        certification analysis
and ensure that they leverage your existing application architecture.                 • Compliance management

Built for your success
                                         We deliver our products as extensions of your PeopleSoft application.
                                         Because your application already contains a robust infrastructure for
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                                         managing processing, handling business logic, and providing access to

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                               Lo eS     fewer moving parts and less risk for you.
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               PeopleSoft                We also provide powerful support and diagnostic tools to reduce
                PeopleSoft               deployment and support costs. Finally, all of our solutions are highly
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               Functionality             configurable to allow you to set desired behavior without having to touch
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                            on           Learn today why leading financial services institutions are using this
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                                         solution to manage and distribute thousands of financial reports throughout
                                         their organizations.
Who is Grey Sparling Solutions, Inc?
Grey Sparling Solutions, Inc. was founded to provide              We are the PeopleSoft Experts
PeopleSoft customers enhanced functionality to meet their         • We defined the PeopleSoft technology
business needs using their existing PeopleSoft systems. Our          strategy for a combined 15 years
products are built and deployed in a manner that eliminates       • We created PeopleSoft’s reporting tools
implementation, upgrade, and integration risks.                   • We presented more than 200 PeopleSoft
                                                                     conference presentations
Because we are the people who built PeopleTools, we are able      • We helped set the initial Fusion strategy
to use our expertise to create products that are easy to deploy
and use, while meeting the needs of the PeopleSoft customer.

Interested in learning more?
Please contact us at (925) 217-1298 or at We would be happy to talk with you about
how we can help you leverage your existing PeopleSoft investment more effectively.

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