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									                The Voice of Logan College
                                     The Tower
                                           June 2005

                               JUNE 2005

         Logan College’s
April commencement included
  recognition of a six-member
              legacy family
                              (see page 10)
The Tower
June 2005

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                                                               A Publication of
                                                Logan College of Chiropractic
                                               for Alumni, Students, Employees
                                                     and Friends of the College

                 www.logan.edu                                   The Tower
                                                 Volume XXV, No. 2 - June 2005

                                      The tower is published four times a year;
                                     March, June, September and December

                                                     Logan Board of Trustees
                                            Marc Malon, DC, FICC, Chairman
                                         Frank Ungerland, DC, Vice Chairman

                                                              Board Members
                                                        Susan Crump Baker, DC
                                                         Anthony Calandro, DC
                                                       James Gould, DC, DACS
                                                           Charles G. Kim, MBA
                                                              David Klarich, JD
                                                             Eugene Lewis, DC
                                                          Carl Makarewicz, DC
                                                        Robert Matrisciano, DC
                                                        Steven Roberts, JD, LLM

                                       Board of Trustees Advisory Council
                                                             Anthony Bilott, DC
                                                                Paul Henry, DC
                                                            Debra Hoffman, DC
                                                               Mark Reeve, DC

                                                         Logan Administration
                                                George A. Goodman, DC, FICC

                                                         William L. Ramsey, PhD
                                             Vice President of Academic Affairs

                                                             Sharon Kehrer, MBA
                                          Vice President of Administrative Affairs

                                                           Patrick Browne, EdD
                                           Vice President of Enrollment Services

                                                                     Patricia Jones
                                    Vice President of Institutional Advancement

                                                                 Gary Gross, MA
                                                       Vice President of Finance


                                                                 Cover, Page 10:
                                                                    Freez Frame

                                                                      Linda Kenny
                                                                     Bob Morrison
                                                                          Jim Wolz

                                                                      THE TOWER
                                                          85 Schoettler Road
                                                                    PO Box 065
                                                    Chesterfield, MO 63006-1065

                                                                                                                      The Tower
                                                                                                                      June 2005

Logan Community Is Saddened
by Death of Former President Dr. Beatrice Hagen
                                                                                            Beatrice B. Hagen, DC, FICC, who
                                                                                          was president of Logan College from
                                                                                          1980-92, passed away on April 8. Dr.
                                                                                          Hagen, who was 86, had fought a long
                                                                                          battle with Alzheimer’s disease. She
                                                                                          had been living at a nursing home in
                                                                                          central New York near her family.
                                                                                            “Dr. Hagen touched the lives of
                                                                                          countless members of the Logan
                                                                                          community over the years,” said Logan
                                                                                          President George A. Goodman, DC,
                                                                                          FICC. “Her fine work in advancing
                                                                                          the college curriculum and adding
                                                                                          campus facilities helped bring Logan
                                                                                          College much recognition during her
                                                                                          years as president. Her loss is very
                                                                                          saddening to all of us, as well as to
                                                                                          the profession.”
                                                                                            Dr. Hagen appointed Dr. Goodman,
                                                                                          then a Logan faculty member, vice
                                                                                          president of chiropractic affairs at
                                                                                          the college in 1981. He succeeded her
                                                                                                         as president upon her
                                                                                                         retirement at the end of
                                                            “Dr. Hagen touched the                       1992.
                                                          lives of countless members                      Contributing         to
                                                          of the Logan community                         the success of the
                                                          over the years”                                chiropractic profession
                                                                -Dr. Goodman                             was nearly a lifelong
                                                                                                         mission for Dr. Hagen,
                                                                                                         who enrolled at Logan
                                                                                          College after experiencing successful
                                                                                          chiropractic treatment for severe
                                                                                          debilitation that had resulted from a
                                                                                          fall. She studied under the college’s
                                                                                          founder, H.B. Logan, DC, graduating
                                                                                          in 1940. She joined the college faculty
                                                                                          several months later as World War II
                                                                                          began. She met her husband, the late
                                                                                          Otto Hagen, DC, when he enrolled
                                                                                          at Logan after returning from the
       Dr. Hagen was photographed in the President’s Office at Logan in the early 1990’s. service. He passed away in 1972.
                                                                                                             Continued on page 4.

The Tower
June 2005

Continued from page 3.
  Practicing chiropractic with her husband on Long Island
                                                                 Dr. Tepe
during the 1950s and in Frankfort in upstate New York during     to Head Research Division
the 1960s and 70s, Dr. Hagen became active with the New
York State Chiropractic Association. She led committees,                                          Rodger Tepe, PhD has
helped develop the association house of delegates and served                                     been appointed research
as president of the auxiliary.                                                                   administrator       for     the
  Dr. Hagen joined the Logan board of trustees in 1972 and                                       college, succeeding Douglas
served as chairperson of the board from 1977-1980. She                                           Dean, PhD. Dr. Tepe’s
became Logan’s president in 1980.                                                                appointmentwasannounced
  Chiropractic colleges during that era began substantive                                        by Logan President George
upgrading of academic standards and pursuit of professional                                      A. Goodman, DC, FICC.
and general accreditations. Determined to make Logan                                              Dr. Tepe is an associate
College a leader in that effort, Dr. Hagen worked closely with                                   professor       in    Logan’s
Vice President of Academic Affairs William Ramsey, PhD, a                                        clinical science division and
nationally recognized educational leader whom she recruited                                      has served the college as a
                                                                                      Dr. Tepe
to work at Logan. After securing its first accreditations from                                   psychological counselor.
both the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools       A Logan faculty member since 1982, he teaches research
and the Council on Chiropractic Education during the 1980s,      methodology and has taught clinical psychology. He also
Logan became the first college to receive the maximum seven-     has served as adviser for more than 250 student research
year re-accreditation from the CCE (1991) and the maximum        projects and has conducted research with faculty colleagues.
10-year re-accreditation from the North Central Association      His research interests include chiropractic educational
(1992).                                                          methods, psychoneuroimmunology, and proprioceptive
  Under Dr. Hagen’s leadership Logan expanded its campus         functioning and balance, among other topics. He has
facilities, completing the Dale C. Montgomery Health Center      published research in numerous publications, including
in 1981 and the Science, Research and Ergonomics Center          JMPT: Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.
in 1988.                                                          Dr. Tepe also has presented research at national
  Dr. Hagen was the first woman to serve as president of a       chiropractic research and educational conferences. He
chiropractic college on a long-term basis, and was the first     received his doctoral degree in marriage and family
woman to serve as president of the Council on Chiropractic       counseling from Saint Louis University.
Education (1986-88).
  Dr. Hagen’s survivors include daughter Karen Bromley,
sons Kurt Hagen and Kris Hagen, 10 grandchildren and two
great-grandchildren. Her youngest daughter, Kim Hagen,
passed away last year.
  The family has requested that expressions of sympathy be
sent to Logan College of Chiropractic for the Dr. Beatrice B.            In the March 2005 issue of The Tower,
Hagen Scholarship Fund. The address is 1851 Schoettler Rd.,             we did not identify the wife of December
P.O. Box 1065, Chesterfield, MO, 63006-1065.                            2004 commencement speaker L. James
  Please contact Ms. Pat                                                Van Wagoner, DC, in a photo on page
Jones, Vice President of                                                14. Dr. Van Wagoner’s wife is Laura Van
                                      The family has
Institutional Advancement,                                              Wagoner, DC. We apologize for this error.
                                     requested that
for        any     additional        expressions of
information at 1-800-782-
                                     sympathy be sent
3344, ext. 1905.
                                  to Logan College
                                  of Chiropractic
                                  for the Dr.
                                  Beatrice B. Hagen
                                  Scholarship Fund.
                                                                                                                             The Tower
                                                                                                                             June 2005

Faculty in the News
  During Logan’s April break from             Low-Force Chiropractic Adjustments            Pittsburgh. Approximately 300 chiro-
classes, Ron Boesch, DC, clinician at         for 4 Weeks on Body Surface Electro-          practic physicians and 200 chiropractic
Logan’s Southroads Health Center in           magnetic Field.”                              assistants attended.
south St. Louis county, participated in
a medical mission in Honduras that was
organized by the Christ United Meth-
odist Church in Fairview Heights, Ill.
                                                Norman W. Kettner, DC, DACBR,
                                              chairperson of the Logan Radiology
                                                                                              ProSolutions, founded by Maurice Pi-
                                                                                            sciottano, DC, markets the Pro-Adjust-
                                                                                            er, a computerized instrument for spinal
                                                                                            analysis, treatment and post-treatment
The group spent part of its time in an        Department, who also co-authored a            re-analysis. The company also provides
urban setting, the poor district of the       recent paper appearing in the Journal         training in the use of the Pro-Adjuster at
city of San Pedro Sula. In addition, the      of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeu-   symposia and seminars nationwide.
group visited the coastal rural area of       tics (JMPT). Dr. Kettner’s paper, titled,       Although trigger point therapy is uti-
Tela, where most residents speak only         “Postlymphoproliferative Disorder Af-         lized in many chiropractic practices,
indigenous languages. Dr. Boesch and          fecting Bone after a Renal Transplanta-       the literature on trigger points comes
a medical doctor from Honduras cared          tion.” The first author of the paper was      almost exclusively from medical physi-
for patients with a wide variety of prob-     Michele Wessely, DC, DACBR. Logan             cians and physical therapists. Dr. Tepe’s
lems, including orthopedic conditions,        alumnus Claude Pierre-Jerome, MD,             research has focused on the use of the
parasites, malnutrition, tuberculosis, and    DC also was a co-author. Drs. Wessely         Pro-Adjuster for a combination of ma-
gastric problems.                             and Pierre-Jerome conduct research at         nipulation of spinal joints and soft tissue

 Katharine Conable, DC, instructor
                                              the Department of Radiology, Institut
                                              Franco-European de Chiropractique in
                                                                                            work, producing documented removal
                                                                                            of trigger points. He says that while the
                                                                                            trigger points may return due to pos-
of chiropractic sciences, and Associate
Director of research John Zhang, MD,
                                                                                           tural distortions, the study is a strong
                                                                                            foundation for future research.
PhD, are two of the authors of a paper
that appeared in the March 2005 issue
of the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, a
peer-reviewed journal. The title of the
article is, “Investigation of Methods and
                                                On April 2, Rodger Tepe, PhD, new-
                                              ly appointed research administrator at
                                              Logan College (see article on page 4),
                                              presented research on myofascial trigger
                                              points at the 2005 ProSolutions sym-
Styles of Manual Muscle testing by AK         posium. The symposium took place in
Practitioners.” Logan alumnus Nelson
Marquina, DC, PhD also was a co-au-
thor of the paper. Additional co-authors

                                                  Study Reports 70 Percent of Older
were John Corneal, DC and Terry Ham-
brick, DC.

  Dr. Zhang and Brian J. Snyder,
DC, associate professor of chiroprac-
                                                  Adults Use Alternative Medicine

                                                    Research presented at the American Council on Consumer Interests annual
tic science, published an article in the          meeting, held in April in Columbus, Ohio, indicated that nearly three out of
peer-reviewed Journal of Manipulative and         every four adults over age 50 uses some form of alternative medicine. This
                                                  rate of usage is greater than that of the general population, said researchers
Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) in March.
                                                  Gong-Soog Hong, Catherine Montalto and Vibha Bhargava, all of the
The title of their study is, “The Effect of       consumer sciences department at Ohio State University. About 43 percent of
                                                  respondents had used chiropractic, making it the most commonly used form
                                                  of alternative medicine.
The Tower
June 2005

Logan Participates in
“Run to Breathe” Event
                                                                        On Saturday, May 21, St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield hosted
                                                                      the first-ever “Run to Breathe.” The purpose of the event, held
                                                                      in conjunction with the “Tobacco-Free Missouri” campaign,
                                                                      was to inform middle school and high school students about the
                                                                      health dangers of tobacco. Logan College was a sponsor of Run to
                                                                        A health fair held in conjunction with the event provided
                                                                      information about many health issues, including tobacco use. The
                                                                      Logan Health Centers hosted a booth at the fair, with senior interns
                                                                      providing information and free postural screenings. In addition,
                                                                      Jennifer Friedman, an admissions representative, staffed the Logan
                                                                      booth and distributed information to prospective students.
                                                                        Organizers of Logan’s participation
                                                                      in Run to Breathe included Thomas
                                                                      Keller, public relations director; Dr.
                                                                      Glenn Bub, Logan Health Centers
                                                                      chief of staff; Kim Ownbey, director
Representing Logan in the run were (back row, from left):
                                                                      of marketing for the Logan Health
Associate Dean of Students Kimberly Allen; students Jenny Beck,       Centers; Dr. Patrick Browne, vice
Caroline Lindenbeck, Sean Wallis and Scott Stallaert. Front row:
Kendra Sims (left) and Jennifer Shambach. Not pictured: Janelle       president of enrollment services;
Faris, Blake Hardin and Ginger Lay.                                   Joyce Hoth, director of sports and
                                                                      activities; and Kimberly Allen,
                                                                      associate dean of students.
                                                                        The event’s 5k run, held on the
                                         Health Centers               hospital’s wooded campus and nearby
                                         interns Colleen Krahl
                                         and Corey Modrell,           areas, attracted competitive runners
                                         pictured, performed          from throughout the St. Louis area.
                                         postural screenings at
                                         Run to Breathe. Intern       Kimberly Allen, associate dean of
                                         Dan Judge also helped
                                         with the screenings.
                                                                      students at Logan, and nine Logan
                                         Students Jessica Dowell      students ran in the race. Trimester
                                         and Philip Bushman
                                         also helped provide
                                                                      2 students Jennifer Shambach and
                                         information to visitors to   Kendra Sims, achieved winning Winning runners Kendra Sims, left, and
                                         Logan’s booth.
                                                                      performances. Shambach won “Best Jennifer Shambach.
                                                                               Performance by a Female
                                                                               Athlete” with a time of 22:28. Sims ran a 22:36 and finished
                                                                               with a medal in her age group (20-30).
                                                                                Neither student had run competitively before the Run
                                                                               to Breathe event. They are preparing for a marathon in
                                                                               Springfield, Mo. in October.

                                                                                                                The Tower
                                                                                                                June 2005

Congratulations to . . .
  Joseph H. Jones, DC (8/53) of Fort Myers, Fla.,               Scott Snyder, DC (4/85) of Palm Beach, Fla., who
  who has been inducted into the South New Jersey Sports        has been elected president of the Palm Beach County
  Hall of Fame. His induction and Lifetime Achievement          Chiropractic Society. Dr. Snyder can be reached at drs-
  Award from the organization recognized his 38 years of        bsnyder@aol.com.
  service to the Millville High School Thunderbolts, and
  of service to the Millville community.                        Todd W. Austin, DC (4/93) of Virden, Ill., and his
                                                                wife, Eugena, on the birth of their second daughter, Zo-
   R.B. Mawhinney, DC (9/53) of Leesburg, Fla.,                 rah Elleanna , on January 8. Dr. Austin can be reached
   who published an article in the April/May 2005 issue         at draustin@royell.net.
   of The American Chiropractor. The article, which appears
   in the publication’s technique section, discusses Dr.        Mark S. Tierney, DC (12/93) of Reading, Mass.,
   Mawhinney’s use of Logan Basic Technique, exercise           and his wife, Erin, on the birth of their son, Liam, on
   and heel lifts to reduce scoliosis.                          January 21. He is their first child. Dr. Tierney can be
                                                                reached at mstdc@juno.com.
   Robert Lynch, DC (9/76) of South Portland,
   Maine, who published an article on workplace injury pre-     Amy Bartels, DC (8/95) of St. Louis County and
   vention in the Portland Press-Herald (February 18, 2005).    her husband, Ken Bartels, on the birth of their daughter,
   The article, titled, “Take Team Approach to Prevent-         Charlotte Laura, on January 15.
   ing Costly Injuries,” addresses information and training
   for employees in prevention of musculoskeletal injuries,     Bill Blitstein and Michele Messler Blitstein,
   work station evaluation from an ergonomic standpoint,        DC (both 12/95) of Charlotte, N.C., on the birth
   and job modification to speed return to work after an        of their daughter, Taylor Renee, on January 16. Taylor is
   employee is injured.                                         welcomed by siblings Austin and Brittany. The Drs. Blit-
                                                                stein can be reached at chiropunctureduo@aol.com.
   Barb Beuckman, DC (1/80) of Belleville, Ill.,
   who was the subject of a feature article in the Belleville   Eric Lambert, DC (12/98) of Grand Rapids, Mich.
   News-Democrat (February 27). The article describes Dr.       and his wife, Nichole, on the birth of their daughter,
   Beuckman’s decision to change careers to enter chiro-        Rylee Paige, on November 15, 2004. The baby was wel-
   practic after having worked as a social worker. It also      comed by brother Ethan, age 3. Dr. Lambert can be
   includes quotes from Dr. Beuckman’s staff members            reached at DrELambert@aol.com.
   and patients, including a 33-year-old woman who is a
   second-generation patient at the practice.                                                          Continued on page 8.

  Don Acton, DC (9/79) of Asheville, N.C. and his
  wife, Joanie, on the birth of their daughter, McKen-
  zie Rae, on March 18. Dr. Acton can be reached at ac-

The Tower
June 2005

Continued from page 7.

      Shawn Richey, DC (8/03) of Wexford, Penn.,                   Condolences to . . .
      who was featured in his local suburban newspaper, the
      North Journal, for his work with Pittsburgh’s professional     Robert L. Thatcher, DC (9/57) on the death of his
      women’s football team. The team, the Pittsburgh Pas-
                                                                     brother, John W. Thatcher, DC (9/56) of St. Paul,
      sion, is one of 37 teams in the National Women’s Football
                                                                     Minn. Dr. Thatcher passed away on January 25 after a
      Association, a full-contact, professional football league
                                                                     struggle with cancer. He was a widely recognized prac-
      now in its fifth year. Dr. Richey, who specializes in fam-
                                                                     titioner of Gonstead Technique who taught chiropractic
      ily and sports injury care, became the Passion’s chiro-
                                                                     students and DCs from throughout the United States.
      practor through an in-house contact. His assistant, Jen
      Moody, is the team’s wide receiver. Dr. Richey, who has
                                                                     David Bakunas, DC (Missouri Chiroprac-
      been in practice in Wexford since March 2004, attends
      one Passion practice per week to care for players, who         tic College) of Heber Springs, Ark., a former Logan
      also come to his office for adjustments and electronic         Alumni Association board member, and his son, Scott
      stimulation.                                                   Bakunas, DC (12/91) of St. Louis, on the death of
                                                                     wife and mother, Ruth Bakunas. Mrs. Bakunas passed
      Olivia Wielowski, DC and Bryan Joseph                          away on May 10.
      (both 12/03) on their marriage on May 28. They
      opened Joseph and Hishon Chiropractic & Acupuncture            Jon Sunderlage, DC (9/68) and Joy Sunder-
      in Peoria, Ill. last October.                                  lage, DC (12/97), on the death of his son and her
                                                                     brother, Curtis Sunderlage, DC (12/00). Dr.
      Kyle Bowers, DC (12/03) of Columbia, Mo. and his               Curtis passed away unexpectedly on April 10. He was
      wife, Melanie, on the birth of their son, Brady Ray, on        planning to join his father and sister in their Elgin, Ill.
      January 28. Dr. Bowers can be reached at km.bowers@            –based chiropractic and acupuncture practice.
                                                                     The family of Garry Edward Hornback, DC
      Michael P. Jula, DC (4/04), who recently opened                (4/85) of Edwardsville, Ill., who passed away on Janu-
      a practice, First Choice Chiropractic, in Morris, Ill. Dr.     ary 19. Dr. Hornback had a chiropractic practice in Col-
      Jula can be reached at drjula@sbcglobal.net.                   linsville, Ill. He also had a master’s degree in psychology
                                                                     from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville and
      Thomas Morehead Jr., DC (8/04) on the recent                   worked as district psychologist for the Mascoutah, Ill.
      opening of his practice, Whole Body Health Chiroprac-          school district for 25 years. Dr. Hornback donated his
      tic, in Omaha, Neb.                                            body to Logan College.

                                                                     The family of Gary Heinlein, DC (8/88) of Gro-
                                                                     ver, Mo., who passed away on March 20.

                                                                                                                      The Tower
                                                                                                                      June 2005

   Recent Scholarship Recipients

                                                                                       Recipients of $500 Logan-
                                                                                       Scharnhorst Scholarships were
                                                                                       Ben Follas and Stephanie
                                                                                       Leindecker. Recipients not
                                                                                       pictured: Kevin Huey, Ryan
                                                                                       McMichael, Dorothy Erin Pernell.
                                                                                       McMichael also received
                                                                                       the $500 Dr. Paul Cornelius
                                                                                       Endowment scholarship.

Spring “Slice of Logan” Program
Has Record Attendance
  Logan College’s 18th “Slice of Logan” event, held April         At the Slice of Logan event, attendees enjoyed a campus
9, brought 186 guests, including 90 prospective students, to     tour, an anatomy presentation conducted by Edwin Purcell,
campus for a first-hand taste of the Logan experience. Attendees PhD, instructor of anatomy, and a “mock adjusting” class, led
included a group of six students from Viterbo University in      by instructor of chiropractic sciences Daryl Ridgeway, DC.
Wisconsin, with which Logan partners in offering a 3 + 3         Attendees also met Logan President George A. Goodman,
program. Via this program, students enroll at Logan after        DC, FICC; his wife, Elizabeth Goodman, DC, PhD; associate
completing three years of course work                                                 professor of basic sciences Guy Dauphin,
at Viterbo, including all chiropractic                                                MS; distance learning coordinator Cliff
prerequisites, at specified achievement            Logan College’s 18th               Pollack; and his assistant, Michael
levels. After successfully completing            “Slice of Logan” event               Chappell. Presenters at a general session
Logan’s Basic Science curriculum, the            brought 186 guests,                  provided information on admissions and
student receives a bachelor’s degree             including 90 prospective             financial aid and admissions.
from Viterbo as well as a bachelor of            students, to campus.                   The next Slice of Logan event
science in human biology from Logan                                                   is scheduled June 25. For more
College.                                                                              information, contact the Admissions
                                                                                      Office at 800/533-9210.

The Tower
June 2005

Commencement Features Address by Steve Roberts;
Recognition of Legacy Family
  Logan         College’s     146th                                                                      may invite them to participate in
commencement took place April 23                                                                         the academic hooding ceremony,
at the Roberts Orpheum Theater                                                                           assisting Dr. Goodman as their
in downtown St. Louis. Logan                                                                             graduate is hooded. At the April
President George A. Goodman,                                                                             commencement, graduate Robin
DC, FICC conferred the degree                                                                            Waterbury, DC, shown on the cover
of doctor of chiropractic on 93                                                                          of this magazine in the center, had
graduating students.                                                                                     five family members participating
  The Roberts Orpheum Theater                                                                            in the commencement.
is owned by Logan trustee                                                                                  Pictured with Dr. Waterbury,
Steve Roberts and his brother,                                                                           clockwise from left, are her brother-
Mike Roberts, who own a real                                                                             in-law, Vance Kirar, DC (12/03);
estate development company                                                                               her father, Donald Johnston, DC
and a broadcasting company.                                                                              (9/63); her brother-in-law Jeffrey
Steve Roberts, who gave the                                                                              Beasley, DC (12/86); her brother
commencement address, described                                                                          Derek Johnston, DC (4/00); and her
the history of the theater, which                                                                        sister, Jill Johnston-Kirar (12/02).
he and his brother purchased and                                                                           As space permits, the Tower will
recently re-opened after extensive                                                                       publish photos of Logan legacy
renovations.                                                                                             families, with graduates from any
  First opened in 1917 as the                                                                            era, taken at events other than
Orpheum Theater, a vaudeville                                                                            commencement. Submit photos
showcase, the venue hosted Commencement speaker and Logan trustee Steve Roberts                          to The Tower, Logan College of
                                        (center) is pictured with Vice President of Academic Affairs
luminaries such as Sarah Bernhardt. William Ramsey, PhD (left), and Logan President George A.            Chiropractic, 1851 Schoettler Rd.,
After the decline of vaudeville, it Goodman, DC, FICC.                                                   PO Box 1065, Chesterfield, MO
became a movie theatre, but re-                                                                          63006-1065. Digital photos can be
opened for live performances as the           them,” he told the graduates. “Those                   used if they are high-resonance (300
American Theater in 1960. During              who have come before you, the stewards                 dpi or better). E-mail digital photos to
the 1960s, the venue featured noted           of chiropractic, have set the stage for                tower@logan.edu.
Broadway shows such as “The Sound of          you and have kept it alive and full of
Music.” Since the theater’s re-opening,       opportunity. They have fought the legal
well-known musical artists, including         battles and begun the research. As the
Mary Chapin-Carpenter, have appeared          stage has been set for you, you will be
in a series of concerts.                      instrumental in setting it for those who
  After describing the facility’s history     come after you. To contribute to the
during his commencement address,              advancement of this profession is to
Steve Roberts went on to compare              contribute to humanity itself.”
elements of a career in chiropractic to a       During the commencement, Logan
real-life performance.                        continued its long-time tradition
  “Your family and your community             of legacy recognition. At each
will be watching for you to stand up          commencement, any graduate who has
and deliver your lines like you mean          family members who are Logan alumni

      Dr. Goodman presented roses to Mary Robinson, secretary in the Logan General Support Services
             office, who since 1991 has assisted with planning of the three Logan doctor of chiropractic
        degree commencements and a bachelor of science commencement annually. Robinson, who
                     first joined Logan in 1988, will move to Chicago this month to be near her daughter.
                                Logan College of Chiropractic                                     The Tower

                   146th Commencement
                                                                                                  June 2005

                                    Saturday, April 23, 2005
                                      The Roberts Orpheum Theater
                                             St. Louis, MO

                                    Honors and Awards
     Summa Cum Laude                 Outstanding Service Awards            Who’s Who in American
     Gwendolyn D. Harmon                                                   Universities and Colleges
        Joel Rae Starns               Admissions Department Award            Melissa Rose Banyai
       (both valedictorians)               Melissa Rose Banyai                 Llana Dawn Call
                                                                           Matthew Philip Cornies
     Magna Cum Laude                   Basic Science Division Award             Toby C. Green
   Kelley Stockford Pendleton             Gwendolyn D. Harmon              Gwendolyn D. Harmon
        Llana Dawn Call                                                     Lisa Kathryn Hetrick
        Brent A. Owens                  Chiropractic Science Basic            Michael Jakubowski
      Jeffrey Allen Tucker                  Technique Award                  Tereshel M. Johnson
         Clayton Roach                     Gregory S. Lawrence            David Nathaniel Malehorn
         Giorgio G. Res                                                      Jennifer Lisa Muñoz
      Matthew D. Roberts            Chiropractic Science Division Award        Brent A. Owens
                                              Munaba Nasiiro              Kelley Stockford Pendleton
          Cum Laude                        Robin Lynn Waterbury                 Giorgio G. Res
         Toby C. Green                                                          Clayton Roach
       Michael Jakubowski             Clinical Science Division Award        Matthew D. Roberts
                                           Gwendolyn D. Harmon                  Joel Rae Starns
    Logan Health Center                                                      Justin Keith Thorpe
    Achievement Awards                   Postdoctoral and Related            Jeffrey Allen Tucker
    Bradley A. Budolowski              Professional Education Award
      M. Brian McCracken                       Munaba Nasiiro             Logan Alumni Association
      Jennifer Lisa Muñoz                     Priya S. Sundaram             Student Doctor Award
   Kelley Stockford Pendleton                                                 Jeffrey Allen Tucker
    Stephanie Lynn Tucker              Radiology Department Award
                                              Joel Rae Starns
Logan Health Center Consultants
    Mark Anthony Alexander               Student Services Awards
     Aaron Jason Armstrong                Matthew Philip Cornies
   Meredith Marchelle Harrison             Jason Nicholas Kucma
          Ryan D. Hess
      Sally Kate Hufstader             Student Services Certificates
      Jennifer Lisa Muñoz                  Tereshel M. Johnson
        Brent A. Owens                       Brent A. Owens
     Robin Lynn Waterbury                     Joel Rae Starns

The Tower
June 2005

  The Tower
  June 2005

The Tower
June 2005

                                                            Melanie L. Griffin          Amber Rebecca Mitchell
Logan College of Chiropractic                               Ryan August Gullett
                                                            Troy Ray Gunter
                                                                                        Aaron Matthew Mobley
                                                                                        Ryan James Moeckel
                                                            Megan Renee Gwinn           Aaron E. Mohr
Bachelor of Science in Human                                Kyle Sumio Hack
                                                            Gary J. Hagner
                                                                                        John-Robert Calvin Moore
                                                                                        Carrie Ann Morgan
                                                            Cari S. Harned              Lauren Alaine Mueller-
 Biology or in Life Science                                 Stephanie Ann Harrison
                                                            Sarah Beth Hart
                                                                                        Nathan Dale Mulanax
                                                            Robert Brandon Hatfield     Jeremy Doyce Mullis
               February 26, 2005                            Robert Alan Hervey          Christina Anne Myers
                                                            Dustin Lee Hewitt           Martha Victoria Nessler
                                                            Stephanie Marie Hicks       Ronald G. Nisbet, Jr.
               Sheldon Concert Hall
                                                            Brian Dennis Hillary        David P. Norris
                   St. Louis, MO                            Jared N. Himsel             Gregory Steven Oblander
                                                            Jessica Lynn Hoffman        Leif M. Olson
                                                            Joseph James Hogg           Craig G. Onstott
Brent Wayne Adams               Brandon T. Combs            Rodney A. Holzmacher        Jeremy D. Overholt
Joshua Martin Akin              Bryan Keith Comparato       Richard M. Horsfield        Shawn Michael Pala
Abdullah Shaman Al-Harbi        Craig Conner                Larry Travis Hoskins        Lisa M. Patt
Christina Marie Anshus          Gina Marie Dalessandro      Jeffrey S. Howell           Andrea Michelle Perdziak
David Michael Atkins            Tameka Tanyanique Daniels   Melanie Allen Howell        Dorothey Erin Pernell
Samuel Harrison Barker          Linda Sue Davis             Kevin J. Huey               Dung Phuoc T. Phan
Kirk John Barron                Travis Daniel Day           Angela Marie Hummel         James T. Phillips
Angela Louise Baxter            Annette M. Degliumberto     Carl L. Hutton              Jean Enex Polynice
Thomas Alan Bea                 David J. DeRaimo            Aras Ignatavicius           Bryant Lane Ponchot
Casey Wayne Bevis               Rejina L. Diekemper         Laurie A. Jahnke            Brianne Leigh Prior
Thomas E. Biffar                Jerian Denise Dixon         Craig A. Johnson            Gregory W. Pursley
Karen Biser                     Kristen Mary Doering        Charles Joseph Joyce        Renee L. Rheinecker
Stacey L. Blair                 Tammy Joy Doriot            Daniel J. Judge             Robert Brandon Rice
Jennifer Lindsay Blei           Angela L. Dotts             Joshua Arnold Kilpatrick    April Faith Richmond
Breanna R. Bloom                Christopher G. Dreas        Jackye Elizabeth Kim        Christian Gabriel Rivera
Kelly Ann Blundy                Jennifer Lynn Drury         Sean Scott Kohler           Lawrence Dallin Roberson
Sandy L. Booms                  Richard Charles Eckles      Jared Lee Kooistra          Linda Kay Rodenbaugh
Kristina Brienne Boyd           Matthew L. Enneking         Kristopher Scott Krafcsik   Yeonil Ryoo
Christopher Cole Bradburn       Ashley Nicole Fauser        Nicole Marie Krug           Younchoul Ryoo
Scott James Braun               Jason Griffith Fennema      Kurt Tyler Lanigan          John Jeremy Schiermeyer
Jamie L. Brimm                  Jenaro A. Fernández Abréu   Brooke Nichole Lawson       Kevin Dean Schmidt
Peter Mathias Stephan Britton   Jennifer Michelle Finger    Ginger Leah Lay             Matthew Edward Schulz
Lucas Patrick Bromley           Nichole Danielle Fink       Alan Herndon Levy           Eric Michael Seeley
Justin Allen Brown              Joseph C. Fiorino, Jr.      Natausha Dionne Light       Rocky J. Sexton
Stephen Jeffrey Brown           Brad Michael Fisher         Kyle M. Longo               Joshua D. Sharp
Matthew J. Buck                 Andrino D. Flevotomos       Virginia D. Lowe            Laura Beth Shipley
Philip Israel Bushman           Tymothy Lee Flory           Joshua Ryan Luster          Franklin P. Short III
Llana Dawn Call                 Benjamin E. Follas          Carita A. Manning           Jamie M. Showers
Amanda Reneé Campbell           Jennifer C. Frees           David Stewart Martin        Lindsey Nicole Sims
Amber Capra                     Erika Jelean Galloway       Fatiha Kalimah McCaine      Jason M. Slade
Mark Wayne Carey Jr.            Mitchell L. Gibson          Elaine Ann McClintock       J. Aaron Sloan
Joshua S. Carmon                Justin Mathew Gilmore       Sheri Beth McGuire          Christopher James Snow
Joel Matthew Carson             Nancy Sue Gitcho            Brett Alan McPeak           Travis Ray Snow
Chin Wan Cho                    Tanya L. Gonzalez           Gail Ann Meese              Vivian I. Solivan
John (Chin-Suk) Cho             Eric Jon Gormanson          Jennifer Maureen Mercer     Michael R. Solomon
Clifford K. Choi                Louis A. Grasso IV          Adrian LáVon Miles          Kristen Lynn Sowalsky
Christina Lee Christiansen      Derek A. Gregory            Aaron U. Miller             Scott Frederick Stallaert

                                                                                                              The Tower
                                                                                                              June 2005

Katarina Staples
John Steffens
                          Drs. Pisciottano, Yochum
                          Lecture on Campus
Ryan Joseph Stice
Layla Louise Thomas
Barbara Quen Tibbs
Erin M. Torzewski
Derek Craig Totty                                                                       Widely recognized chiropractic
Jay S. Turnbow
                                                                                      radiologist Terry Yochum, DC,
Christopher A. Utrup
Amanda M. Vaden                                                                       DACBR, editor of the textbook
Dana L. Vinsonhaler                                                                   Essentials of Skeletal Radiolog y,
Jason Kent Waddell                                                                    visited the Logan campus on
Shane Michael Wade                                                                    April 6. Dr. Yochum gave a
Blair Taylor Walker                                                                   lecture for students and clinical
Joseph M. Wardie                                                                      interns, titled, “A Systematic
Steven J. Watts                                                                       Approach to Bone Disease.”
Dawn M. Weinman                                                                       Dr. Yochum also led a case
Rebecca N. Welchert                                                                   conference for residents of the
Jason T. Westemeir
                                                                                      Logan Radiology Department.
James E. Whidden IV
Justin Michael Wiethop    Dr. Yochum
Vanessa L. Willetts
Adrian Michael Williams
                            While on campus, Dr. Yochum donated $1,000 and two DVDs on imaging topics to the
Titus Young Wolverton     Logan Radiology Department.
Derek A. Woolsey            “Dr. Yochum made similar donations to all radiology departments at schools accredited by
Erica J. Worden           the Council on Chiropractic Education this year,” said Norman W. Kettner, DC, DACBR,
Joseph D. Worden III      chairperson of the Logan Radiology Department. “This is the third time in the past few
Luccus Lee Workman        years that he has contributed to all of the colleges’ radiology departments. He has been very
Jennifer L. Wright        generous in supporting education in our specialty.”
Jeanetta Victoria Young     Maurice Pisciottano, DC visited campus on April 8 and spoke to students in trimesters 7,
Alexander S. Yu           8 and 9. Dr. Pisciottano’s topic was “The Success Achievement System.”
                            Dr. Pisciottano is the founder of ProSolutions, which markets the Pro-Adjuster. After
                          Dr. Pisciottano graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1989, he moved back
                          home to Pittsburgh. Walter Vernon Pierce Sr., DC, a family friend and co-developer of the
                          manual Pierce-Stillwagon Technique, became his mentor. When Dr. Pierce died in 1993, he
                          had partially completed a computerized instrument for spinal analysis, treatment and post-
                          treatment re-analysis. Dr. Pisciottano decided to carry on his work on the Pro-Adjuster. The
                          instrument has an electric sensor in its head for evaluation of motion dynamics of the spine.
                          During treatment, the adjuster stops when vertebral motion reaches an optimal level.
                            Today ProSolutions provides the
                          Pro-Adjuster and a training program
                          for its use to doctors worldwide. Dr.
                          Pisciottano funded travel expenses for
                          several DCs trained in his technique,
                          who accompanied him during his visit to
                          Logan. They spent a full day participating
                          in clinical trials in the Logan Research
                          Division. Data gathered during the trials
                          will be compiled for research publication

                                                        Dr. Pisciottano

The Tower
June 2005

Easter Egg Hunt
Brings Visitors to Campus
  Logan College’s 9th Annual “Hare in the Air” Easter egg hunt brought
1,800 visitors to campus, including parents and children eager to find some
of the 6,000 surprise-filled eggs hidden on Logan’s scenic campus. The
event took place on the Saturday before Easter, March 26.
  Organizers of the event were Linda Kenny, MA, assistant to the vice
president of administrative affairs; Kim Ownbey, director of Logan Health
Centers marketing, Debra Hutsell, Logan Health Centers secretary; and
Jamie Brimm, vice president of the Logan Student Doctors Council.
  The Easter bunny arrived in the NewsChannel 5/KSDK Chopper 5
helicopter at 11:30 a.m., kicking off the egg hunt. Brimm joined Katrina
Goodman (wife of Jason Goodman, DC, son of Logan President George
A. Goodman, DC, FICC) and her daughters, Alexis and Natalie Goodman,
in welcoming the bunny.
  The event also featured a petting zoo, the Monarch Fire Protection
District of Chesterfield and Chesterfield DARE unit. Costumed characters
H.T. Bee, Energizer Bunny, McGruff and chiropractic characters Sammy             The Easter bunny was welcomed to
Spine, Nelly Nerve and Super Chiroman entertained during the event. Free          campus by Logan Student Doctors
                                                                                Council Vice President Jamie Brimm,
spinal screenings by senior clinical interns of Logan College were available      center, Katrina Goodman, and her
to participants.                                                               daughters Alexis Goodman (standing)
                                                                                             and Natalie Goodman.

                                                                                         Drew Sutton (left) and
                                                                                         Murphy Ownbey, sons of
                                                                                         Logan employees Cindy
                                                                                         Sutton and Kim Ownbey,
                                                                                         enjoyed attention from
                                                                                         the bunny.

                                                One of several
                                                costumed characters
                                                appearing at the hunt,
                                                the Energizer Bunny
                                                greeted egg-hunters.

                                                                                                                   The Tower
                                                                                                                   June 2005

Employees’ Children                                              Logan Holds Annual
Achieve Major Goals                                              Memorial Service for
  Joe Snyder, son of associate professor of chiropractic         Anatomical Donors
sciences Brian Snyder, DC, recently took his third consecutive
Missouri all-state medal in his weight class in wrestling. Joe
is ranked fifth in the state for 2005, having competed as a        On May 24, Logan College held its third annual
member of the varsity wrestling team of Francis Howell North     memorial service for men and women who donated their
High School in St. Charles County. Now 18, he will attend        bodies for educational purposes. As has been the case for
Lindenwood College on a wrestling scholarship this fall. He      many years, Logan students in the first two trimesters of
plans to obtain an undergraduate degree in athletic training,    study complete anatomical dissection of human cadavers
and then to enroll at Logan College. His long-term goal is to    in a laboratory setting as part of their curriculum in basic
be a team chiropractor for a professional sports team.           sciences.
  Leah Morrison, daughter of Logan media production                The memorial service took place in the peaceful setting
coordinator Bob Morrison, will perform with the Tricia           of Logan’s outdoor pavilion. The service was attended
Brown Dance Company in August in New York City’s Central         by family members of recent anatomical donors to
Park. She will then go on tour with the group, performing in     the college. Logan receives as many as 60 anatomical
Spain. Leah has been living in New York for two years while      donations per year, with the St. Louis Anatomical Board
pursuing a career in dance.                                      providing Logan with additional cadavers.
  James Grossenheider, son of Montgomery Health Center             Also attending were all members of the Trimester
clinician Toni Grossenheider, DC, is the lead guitarist with     1 and Trimester 2 classes, other Logan students,
Bullets and Octane, a California-based rock-and-roll band.       faculty members and staff members. A welcome and
James, who is 23, will be in Japan on tour with the band later   introduction were given by Edwin Purcell, PhD,
this summer.                                                     instructor and director of Logan’s anatomy program,
                                                                 and Logan President George A. Goodman, DC, FICC.
                                                                   “We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the men and
Military Chiropractic                                            women who so generously offer their bodies to provide
                                                                 students with an educational experience that cannot be
Care Results in Good                                             duplicated in any other way,” said Dr. Goodman.
                                                                   Glenn Bub, DC, chief of staff of the Logan Health
Outcomes                                                         Centers offered remarks on the clinical importance of
                                                                 anatomical dissection and knowledge of anatomy in
                                                                 chiropractic patient care.
  A five-year study by the U.S. Department of Defense              Kimberly Allen, MA, associate dean of students,
at 13 military bases demonstrated that servicemen and            introduced two student speakers, Aaron Rice and
servicewomen who experienced both chiropractic care and          Mariam McLeod. The students shared their perspectives
conventional medical care were battle-ready sooner and had       on the learning experience of the anatomy lab, and how
lower total healthcare costs than subjects who received only     they believe it will help them provide the best possible
conventional medical care. With integrated care, costs were      care to their future patients.
44 percent lower for low-back pain and 48 percent lower for
all other conditions treated.
  During the 1990s, Logan President George A. Goodman,
DC, FICC was one of five DCs who served on a U.S.
Department of Defense advisory panel that provided oversight
for a three-year chiropractic demonstration program at 13
military bases. The success of the demonstration program
spurred permanent implementation of chiropractic services
by the Department of Defense, mandated by Congress.

    The Tower
    June 2005

     Upcoming Postgraduate Seminars
 Contact the Logan Postgraduate              Cerebro-Spinal Kinesiology               Session #8
                                              Instructor: Ted Edwards, DC              Instructors: Bert Hanicke, DC, DIBAK &
Department at 1-800-842-3234 for                9/17-18 Logan College,                              Katharine Conable, DC,
additional information on all seminars.                   Chesterfield,	MO                          DIBAK
While every attempt is made to offer                                                       7/23-24 Logan College,
                                                                                                    Chesterfield,	MO
each program as announced, program
faculty, locations, dates and tuition        Auriculotherapy
rates are subject to change if unfore-        Instructors: Jim Shores, PhD & Gary     Insurance Consultant/ Peer
seen circumstances arise. Pre-registered                   Ditson, DC                 Review
participants will be notified of changes.           8/6-7 Logan College,
                                                           Chesterfield,	MO           Session #6
Logan College is not responsible for
any expenses incurred as a result of                                                    Instructor: Clint Breeze, DC
                                              Instructors: Jim Shores, PhD & Gary         6/24-26 Logan College,
program adjustments or cancellations.                      Ditson, DC                 	            	 Chesterfield,	MO
                                                  9/10-11 Indianapolis,	IN
                                                                                      Session #7
                                                                                        Instructors: Scott Hainz, DC, CHCQM
                                             Basic Acupuncture                                        & James George, DC
                                                                                            7/23-24 Logan College,
    Special Seminars
                                             Session #4                               	             	 Chesterfield,	MO
    Dynamic Solutions and Technologies         Instructor: Patrick Kennedy, DC,
                                                           Dipl.Ac.                   Session #8
    for Improving Chiropractic Delivery
      Instructor: Maurice Pisciottano, DC        6/18-19 Logan College,                 Instructor: Scott Hainz, DC, CHCQM
                                                           Chesterfield,	MO               8/27-28 Logan College,
            6/18 Logan College,
                                                                                      	            	 Chesterfield,	MO
    	            	 Chesterfield,	MO
                                             Session #5
    Nutritional and Physiological              Instructor: A. Rand Olson, DC, Dipl.
    Therapeutics for the                                   Ac.                        Acupuncture II: The Protocols
    Chiropractic	Office                          7/16-17 Logan College,
      Instructor: Randy Reed, DC, CCSP®                    Chesterfield,	MO           Acupuncture	for	Women	Only!
        7/23-24 Logan College,                                                        Instructor:  Stan Gross, DC, FASA
    	            	 Chesterfield,	MO          Session #6                                    6/25-26 Logan College,
                                               Instructor: Patrick Kennedy, DC,                    Chesterfield,	MO
    The Current Status of Soft Tissue                      Dipl.Ac.
    Diagnosis and Treatment- the Missing         8/13-14 Logan College,               Acupuncture for Baby Boomers
    Link in a Chiropractic Practice                        Chesterfield,	MO            Instructor: Stan Gross, DC, FASA
      Instructor: Warren Hammer, DC,                                                     7/30-31 Logan College,
                  DABCO                      Session #7                                            Chesterfield,	MO
        7/30-31 Logan College,                 Instructor: A. Rand Olson, DC, Dipl.
                  Chesterfield,	MO                         Ac.                        Comprehensive Review & Exam
                                                 9/10-11 Logan College,                Instructor: Stan Gross, DC, FASA
    Low Tech Rehab (That You Can Do In                     Chesterfield,	MO              8/20-21 Logan College,
    Your	Office	for	Under	$300)                                                                    Chesterfield,	MO
      Instructor: Mark Hartsuyker, DC
        8/13-14 Logan College,               Applied Kinesiology
    	            	 Chesterfield,	MO
                                                                                      Chiropractic Assistant
                                             Session #7
    MicroLight 830 Laser                      Instructors: Bert Hanicke, DC, DIBAK    Certification	Program
    Certification	Course                                   & Katharine Conable,
      Instructors: Ronald Grant, DC, FICC,                 DC, DIBAK                  Session #10: Adjunctive Procedures
                    DAAPM, Mitch Mally, DC        6/25-26 Logan College,                            (Part I)
                    & Nancy Young, DC                      Chesterfield,	MO             Instructor: William Huber, DC,
          8/20-21 Logan College,                                                                    DACAN, DCBCN, MS
    	             	 Chesterfield,	MO                                                           7/9 Logan College,
                                                                                                    Chesterfield,	MO
                                                                                                              The Tower
                                                                                                              June 2005

                                       Representatives of
Session #11: Adjunctive Procedures
               (Part 2)
                                       Logan 3+3 Partners
                                       Visit Campus
  Instructor: D. Robert Kuhn, DC,
               DACBR, ART®
         8/6 Logan College,
	            	 Chesterfield,	MO

Session #12: Ethics/ Practical Trial     Patrick Browne, EdD, vice president of enrollment services, reports that
              Patient                  Logan College hosted 10 advisers from its 3+3 articulation partners on campus,
  Instructor: Scott Hainz, DC, CHCQM   May 20. The visitors included faculty members and advisers of undergraduate
        9/10 Logan College,
              Chesterfield,	MO         students. Institutions represented included Brigham Young University,
                                       Rio Grande University, University of Tennessee-Martin, Morehead State
                                       University, Truman State University, Avila College and Southwest Minnesota
The Chiropractic                       State University.
Nutrition Specialist                     The program consisted of campus tours and presentations by Logan faculty
                                       members and students. Faculty member Daryl Ridgeway, DC, directed an
Session #2                             “Introduction to Chiropractic” exercise.
  Instructor: David Seaman, DC,
                                         “It is important to bring pre-professional college and university advisers to
      7/9-10 Logan College,            our campus to acquaint them with Logan College and inform them of all that
              Chesterfield,	MO         the chiropractic profession has to offer,” noted Dr. Browne. “They are some
                                       of our best referral sources for future Logan students.”
Session #3                               Logan College established its “Bachelor of Science Articulation Agreement”
  Instructor: David Seaman, DC,
              DABCN                    program for students who intend to pursue chiropractic education, but who
       8/6-7 Logan College,            wish to receive bachelor’s degrees from their undergraduate institutions.
              Chesterfield,	MO         This program provides the
                                       qualified student with an
                                       opportunity to complete a              “It is important to bring
Certified	Chiropractic                 bachelor of science degree and       pre-professional college
Sports Physician®                      the Doctor of Chiropractic           and university advisers to
Session #5: Sports Radiology
                                       degree in one year less than
                                       would normally be required.
                                                                            our campus to acquaint
 Instructor: D. Robert Kuhn, DC,
             DACBR, ART®                 The fourth year of study for       them with Logan College
     7/9-10 Logan College,             the BS degree is completed           and inform them of all
             Chesterfield,	MO          at Logan College. The                that the chiropractic
Session #6: The Shoulder               student is completing the            profession has to offer.”
  Instructor: Howard Chapel, DC,       first year of the professional
              DABCO                    program leading to the               -Dr. Patrick Browne
       8/6-7 Logan College,            doctor of chiropractic degree
              Chesterfield,	MO
Session #7:  Sports Injuries to the      Upon successful completion of the first year of professional study at Logan,
             Spine                     participating students are awarded bachelor of science degrees from their
 Instructor: Don Aspegren, DC, MS      undergraduate schools. Logan College has 3+3 programs at more than 20
   9/10-11 Logan College,              colleges and universities nationwide.
             Chesterfield,	MO

                   Logan Employees Take
The Tower
June 2005

Well-Deserved Break at Annual Picnic
On April 26, Logan employees gathered outdoors on campus to enjoy a picnic lunch, outdoor
activities and each others’ company.

                                                                                                  Pictured, from left, are Thomas Keller,
                                                                                                  Public Relations; Dr. Elizabeth Goodman,
                                                                                                  wife of Dr. George; Vanna Parrott, Student
                                                                                                  Computing Lab; John Dolan, Accounting;
                                                                                                  Logan President Dr. George A. Goodman;
                                                                                                  Les Lexow, Human Resources; Joyce Hoth,
                                                                                                  Student Services (Athletic Department).

                                                                                        Laura Tipton of
                                                                                   Accounting and Jim
                                                                               Sondag of the Physical
                                                                            Plant enjoyed the washer
                                                      Mike Chappell,             toss game. At far right
                                                      technician in the       is Greg McDaniel of the
                                                      media production                   Physical Plant.
                                                      demonstrated his
                                                      kite-flying skills.

       From left: Archivist Dr. Allen Parry; Rick Lotspeich of
 Information Systems; and Bob Pierce of the Physical Plant.
                                                                                                                                  The Tower
                                                                                                                                  June 2005

               Doctor to Doctor
Logan College and the Logan Alumni Association have partnered          your practice is free and within the very walls of your office. Let’s
to launch Doctor to Doctor, a practice tips section featuring          look at five low-cost ideas that you can do today to build your
effective practice management methods from successful DCs.             practice by developing stronger relationships with your patients.
Doctor to Doctor is spearheaded by Dr. Ralph Barrale, dean of
postgraduate education, and Dr. Patrick Browne, vice president         1. This first idea is a follow up on the story about Jacob. He did
of enrollment services. If you would like to submit a practice            bring me a schedule and I attended his match, which he won.
tip to Doctor to Doctor, please contact Dr. Barrale at 800-782-           Jacob’s mom and dad introduced me, their family chiropractor
3344, or e-mail your tip to tower@logan.edu.                              to everyone they knew. It warms a parents’ hearts when
                                                                          someone takes the time to make a fuss about their children.
                                                                          I truly enjoy going to my young patients’ sporting events and
Recently submitted tips include:
                                                                          school plays. The connection you make with your patients
u	When we identify a new patient’s primary care physician (PCP),          is priceless and will go a long way toward making lifetime
with the patient’s permission, we send the PCP a letter (both for         patients.
new patients and new cases). A brief follow-up letter is sent after    2. Have you ever had a patient appreciation day? How about a
each re-exam until the patient is released from active care. This         patient appreciation barbeque? One of the most enjoyable
has resulted in over 50 MDs referring hundreds of patients to us          things you can do is to start the tradition of an annual family
that may not have received chiropractic care otherwise.                   office event. We have an annual family barbeque. Just pick a day
J. Daniel Post, DC, Oklahoma City, Okla.
                                                                          and promote it within your office. You may include kid games,
1980 Graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic                            face painting, horseshoes or a friendly game of softball. With
                                                                          a little imagination and some planning, this event will become
u	I am a 1995 graduate of Logan College and have taken a few              something your patients will look forward to each year.
paths to where I am: Independent contractor, associate, current        3. Plan creative office events such as Caribbean Day, Christmas
owner operator of an 8-year-old practice. Each stop has taught            in July, or a costume contest for Halloween. If you do this, you
me many things. The first thing that stands out in my mind is, stay       must take part in the fun!
on time. Do not get behind schedule. People do not like to wait.       4. Do you give health talks or new patient orientations? I call
Their time is as valuable as your own. Another thing I have learned       my health talk a “wellness workshop.” If you don’t give health
along the way is to find something that you have in common with           talks to your patients you are missing one of the most powerful
the patient and build a relationship on that. Draw the patient out.       relationship building tools. I can think of nothing that is more
After all, they come to you because they think you are not only a         cost-effective than teaching your patients about chiropractic.
good doctor, but also a good person.                                      If you don’t do health talks, schedule your first one right now!
                                                                          Provide cookies and punch for a short social time after the
Renold B. Bleem, DC, Havana, Ill.
1995 Graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic.                           talk. Patients are busy and they will not stay too long, yet the
                                                                          short time you get to meet with each guest and patient is time
Dr. Bleem’s suggestions also reflect steps to success                     well spent. Your patients will also meet other patients, just like
recommended by Dr. Ron Castellucci . . .                                  them, who may be using chiropractic for the first time.
                                                                       5. There is no better way to build lasting relationships than to send
Not long ago, a young patient named Jacob enthusiastically told           personal hand-written notes to your patients. I send a welcome
me that he made the middle school wrestling team again this year.         letter to all new patients. The letter - or more appropriately, the
He was very excited and was looking forward to a great season.            note - is no more than three to four lines offering a heartfelt
Being a former wrestler, it was easy for me to relate, so we talked       welcome to my new friends. Most importantly, the note is hand-
about wrestling. We talked about the moves we liked best and the          written and the envelope is hand addressed. If your handwriting
matches we had won. I asked him to bring me a schedule and told           is truly miserable, work on improving it or have a C.A. write the
him that I would like to come to one of his matches. With a huge          note for you, but with your personal sentiments. Try it, and you
smile, and a nod of approval from his dad, he agreed. It had taken        will see the effect it has on you as well as your patient. I will
only a few moments of time to build a relationship that will, in all      often send notes of either encouragement or congratulations.
likelihood, be long-lasting.                                              Or to just say, “I haven’t seen you in a while” or, “I hope you’re
                                                                          grandma is feeling well soon.” Just think that you could become
We often look outside our office and pay thousands of dollars for         the rare doctor who truly cares about patients.
practice-building advice when the most effective tool for building
                                                                                                                         Continued on page 22.
The Tower
June 2005

Continued from page 21.
Building lasting relationships in your practice is the key to a high      OFFICE HOURS:
volume/low stress, family wellness practice. It is much easier                 MONDAY AND FRIDAY         11:30 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
than you think. Get started today and you will be well on your way                   WEDNESDAY           11:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
to running the practice you’ve always dreamed of!                                       TUESDAYS         11:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Ron Castellucci, DC operates Castellucci Chiropractic Center,             (TUESDAYS RESERVED FOR NEW PATIENTS AND EMERGENCIES
Horse Shoe, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and two          ONLY) DR. FILSON TEACHES AND DOES RESEARCH AT LOGAN
children. He is a 1988 graduate of Logan College.                         COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC FROM 7:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.,
                                                                          MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY.

Ralph Filson, DC, professor of chiropractic science at Logan and          When the office is closed you may leave a message with the
a 1968 Logan graduate, offers his new patient welcome sheet.              answering service and we will return our call as quickly as possible.
                                                                          We make every effort to keep waiting time to a minimum. Please
RALPH M. FILSON, D.C.                                                     help us by being on time for your appointments.
CREVE COEUR, MO 63141                                                     FINANCIAL & INSURANCE POLICY
(314) 991-2295                                                            Patients are expected to pay by cash, check or credit card the day
(314) 991-0205 (FAX)                                                      the service is rendered unless specific arrangements are made.
                                                                          We do offer a Payment at Time of Service Fee Schedule. This is
Welcome! We are delighted you have chosen our office for your             ONLY offered if payment is made at date of service/office visit.
chiropractic care. We welcome and thank you for your referrals. It        Most insurance plans do not cover 100% of the cost of
is our mission to give you the best possible health care and for you      chiropractic treatment. WE ARE CONSIDERED AN ACT OUT OF
to feel comfortable and secure with the treatment you receive.            NETWORK PROVIDER AND DO NOT ACCEPT ASSIGNMENT OF
                                                                          BENEFITS. It is the patient’s responsibility to verify chiropractic
ABOUT THE DOCTOR: Dr. Filson is a graduate of Logan College               coverage, amount of benefits, limitations, pre-authorization and
of Chiropractic and has been in full-time practice since 1969.            deductibles. Because of this and the delay in receiving payment
He received his acupuncture certification in 1991. Dr. Filson is a        from insurance companies, you will be asked to pay portions of
full-time professor at Logan College of Chiropractic and has been         the charges as treatment progresses. We will assist you in dealing
teaching since 1982 and also teaches throughout the United                with your insurance company, but the ultimate responsibility lies
States on the Logan Post-Graduate faculty.                                with you. AFTER 90 DAYS THE BALANCE WILL BE DUE IN FULL
                                                                          FROM YOU. All amounts past due 90 days have a monthly interest
Dr. Filson is very active in the sports arena as it relates to            charge added, currently 1% per month (12% APR).
chiropractic care of the amateur and professional athlete. He is          Medicare Patience: WE ARE AN OUT OF NETWORK PROVIDER
extensively involved in Olympic weight lifting, power lifting, football   AND DO NOT ACCEPT ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS. If you are
and baseball. Dr. Filson attends both the St. Louis Cardinals Spring      a Medicare patient you will also be given an About Medicare
Training Camp and the New York Yankees Spring Training Camp.              Coverage Form. For other questions relative to Medicare, please
Dr. Filson is the Team Chiropractor for the St. Louis Baseball            call Medicare directly.
Cardinals and was the Team Chiropractor for the St. Louis Rams            Your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance
Football Team from 1999 through 2003.                                     company. You are responsible for your bill regardless of what your
Dr. Filson has served as Treasurer on the Logan College of                insurance pays. Please keep us informed of any changes in your
Chiropractic Alumni Association Board of Directors and is                 insurance coverage(s).
currently the president of the ACA Council on Technique. Dr.              The above is true when an attorney is involved as well. You are
Filson has received several honors since he has been in practice,         responsible for your bill at this office regardless of whatever
maintains several professional memberships, has been published            settlement is reached.
in professional journals, and participates as a visiting scholar at
collegiate educational symposiums.                                        Once again, thank you for choosing us. If we can ever be of any
                                                                          assistance, please do not hesitate to ask us!!

                            “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but
                           will interest his patients in the care of the human frame,
                           in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
                                               -Attributed to Thomas Edison
                                                                                                                     The Tower
                                                                                                                     June 2005

Athletic Department
to Host Golf Tournament
  The Logan College Athletic Department will host a golf           The athletic department has developed a large-scale,
tournament fund-raiser on Sunday, July 31 at Crystal Springs      recreational intramurals program encompassing numerous
Quarry Golf Club, 12163 Prichard Farm Road in the St. Louis       sports. Yoga and T’ai Chi classes are also now available on
suburb of Maryland Heights. The four-person scramble will         campus. The September issue of the Tower will include an
begin at 8 a.m. with a shotgun start. Entry fee is $75 ($65 for   update on Logan sports programs.
Logan students with student I.D.s). Alumni, employees and
friends of the college are welcome to participate.
  For more information, contact Joyce Hoth, director of the
William M. Harris, DC Wellness/Sports Complex, at 1-800-
782-3344, ext. 1804 or by e-mail at joyce.hoth@logan.edu.

The Logan Directory

Campus Departments                                                    for lectures and scoliosis screenings at businesses;
The directory is intended to help make it easier for              Radiology Department: information about services related
alumni to stay in touch with Logan College. Logan                     to diagnostic imaging;
College’s toll-free phone numbers are: 800/782-3344               Bookstore: services for alumni wishing to purchase books,
(Main Switchboard); 800/533-9210 (Admissions Office);                 office supplies, Logan College apparel and novelty
800/842-3234 (Postgraduate Department). In the St. Louis              items;
area, call 636/227-2100. Also, please visit the college           Academic Affairs: recently posted faculty position
web site at www.logan.edu. Make purchases from the                    openings;
Logan Bookstore by visiting the store’s web page at www.          Admissions	Office: information about enrollment at Logan
loganbookstore.com. Contact us at tower@logan.edu.                    and contacts for prospective student referrals;
                                                                  Institutional Advancement: information about the
College Departments Assisting Alumni                                  college’s fund-raising campaigns and assistance with
Learning Resources Center: literature searches; other                 general donations and contributions to be targeted for
   research-related assistance;                                       specific purposes, such as scholarships;
Logan Alumni Association: membership and association              Archives: information about the history of Logan College
   services information; information about Logan’s annual             and the history of chiropractic; exhibits for special
   Homecoming and Class Reunions;                                     events.
Registrar’s	Office: academic record information and               Public Relations: The public relations department is the
   services;                                                          news bureau for the college, generating information
Dean	of	Student	Services	Office: posting of part-time job             to the media and addressing questions from reporters.
   notices from alumni on student bulletin boards                     Alumni are welcome to contact the office with
Postgraduate Department: information and registration                 questions about Logan news and public information.
   for license renewal seminars, postdoctoral specialty
   programs and residency programs;
Financial	Aid	Office: student loan repayment information;         Departmental Fax Numbers
Career	Development	Office: associateship listings and                     General Support Services:   636/207-2424
   practices for sale;                                                                 Admissions:    636/207-2425
Health Center: appointments for professional courtesy                   Learning Resources Center:    636/207-2421
   adjustments for alumni;                                                              Radiology:    636/207-2429
Health Centers Community Relations Department:                                      Health Center:    636/207-2404
   Sample-marketing materials used by the Logan Health                   Postgraduate Department:     636/207-2400
   Centers are made available to Logan alumni upon                       Alumni	Association	Office:   636/207-2441
   request. Materials include a New Patient Planner,                                    Bookstore:    636/207-2437
   screening forms, patient referral scripts, and proposals

  ●   New apparel items every season

  ●   Complete selection of
      practitioners’ textbooks

  ●   Special textbook orders filled
      upon request

  ●   Wall charts, clinic coats, skeletal
      and spinal models, and

  ●   Gift certificates

  ●   Personalized gift collection

  To place an order or for price information, call1-800-782-3344
  or order on-line and check special promotions on our web site at www.loganbookstore.com.

Logan College of Chiropractic                                                      Nonprofit
                                                                                 U.S. Postage
        The TOWER
   1851 Schoettler Road                                                        Jefferson City, MO
                                                                               PERMIT NO. 210
       P.O. Box 1065
Chesterfield, MO 63006-1065


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