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									                                                 S    P   E   C    I   A   L       A    D      V   E   R   T     I   S   I   N    G   S   E   C   T   I    O   N
                                                                                                                                                          FEBRUARY 2011 • PART 2 OF 2

Product Guide

                                                                                                                                 A JOBSON PUBLICATION • VOLUME 19 / NUMBER 2

    Dear Doctor:
    Review of Ophthalmology is pleased to offer you this preview of many exciting new products now available in the ophthalmic market-
    place. In the pages to follow, you’ll learn about innovative new medications, diagnostic instruments, corrective lens options, in-office
    laboratory equipment and many other new products. To obtain more information on a particular product, follow these steps:

    1. Circle the corresponding number on the enclosed reader service card for each product of interest to you.
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                                                                                                                                                          RICHARD D. BAY, PUBLISHER/PRESIDENT

 RESTASIS® Ophthalmic Emulsion is indicated
 to increase tear production in patients
 whose tear production is presumed to be
 suppressed due to ocular inflammation
 associated with keratoconjunctivitis sicca.
 Increased tear production was not seen in
 patients currently taking topical anti-
 inflammatory drugs or using punctal plugs.
 Important Safety Information
 RESTASIS® is contraindicated in patients with active ocular infections
 and has not been studied in patients with a history of herpes keratitis.
 The most common adverse event was ocular burning (upon instilla-
 tion)–17%. Other events reported in 1% to 5% of patients included con-
 junctival hyperemia, discharge, epiphora, eye pain, foreign body sensa-
 tion, pruritus, stinging, and visual disturbance (most often blurring).
 Please see our ad in the enclosed publication for brief summary of prescribing information.
 ® marks owned by Allergan, Inc

     Allergan, Inc. ▲ (800) 433-8871                                                                                                  Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620
            www.restasis.com                                                         Circle No. 01             Circle No. 02

 SPECTRALIS® OCT WITH BLUEPEAK                                                                                 CIRRUS™ HD-OCT WITH OPTIC NERVE HEAD
 BluePeak™ blue laser autofluorescence, now available on five                                                  ANALYSIS AND ADVANCED VISUALIZATION
 SPECTRALIS models, provides a functional indication of retinal                                                • Optic Nerve Head analysis generates automatic identification of the
 health. It can be helpful in dry AMD, drusen, macular edema,                                                    optic disc and cup boundaries.
 retinal dystrophies, and                                                                                      • Enhanced 3D capabilities provide more powerful visualization of
                                                                                                                 the retinal structure.
 other conditions.                                                                                             • Guided Progression Analysis (GPA™) and
                                                                                                                 Macular Change Analysis track and mea-
 • Multi-modality imaging                                                                                        sure change over time
 • TruTrack Active Eye                                                                                         • RNFL & Macular Thickness Normative
   Tracking                                                                                                      Data compares patient data to age-
 • AutoRescan™ automatic                                                                                         matched normative database.
                                                 Atrophy seen with BluePeak Blue Laser                         • Anterior Segment Imaging provides visu-
   follow-up scan placement
                                                      Autofluorescence + SD-OCT                                  alization of the angle and central corneal
 • 1-micron Reproducibility                                                                                      thickness measurement. No add-on lens required.
 • Heidelberg Noise                                                                                            • Ever-expanding platform includes software upgrades,
   Reduction™                                                                                                    FORUM® connectivity.
 • Network ready                                                                                               • NEW Model 400 introduced to accommodate a smaller
Heidelberg Engineering ▲ (800) 931-2230                                                                                                 Carl Zeiss Meditec ▲ (877) 486-7473
                                                                                    Circle No. 03              Circle No. 04                   www.meditec.zeiss.com

      Be sure to check out our Web site, too! On                                         www.revophth.com, click the Product Guide button.
                                                                                                   P AGE 1
 Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                                 F e b r u a r y                2 0 1 1

   TOPCON KR-1W WAVEFRONT ANALYZER                                             TOPCON IMAGENET® DIGITAL IMAGING
   The 5-in-1 KR-1W Wavefront Analyzer boasts the combined                     SYSTEMS
   technologies of wavefront aberration, corneal topography, auto              Topcon offers a wide variety of
   refraction, keratometry and pupillometry. The system features full          non-mydriatic and mydriatic imag-
   auto-alignment, a large color touch screen, onboard evaluation              ing solutions. From our reliable
   software, wavefront image sequence and simulated visual acuity              retinal cameras to our innovative
   assessment. The KR-1W                                                       software programs, Topcon can
   provides the eye care                                                       provide a tailor-made solution to fit
   professional with all                                                       your practice. Our new IMAGEnet
   the required information                                                    R4 platform, designed to work with
   on the human refractive                                                     Topcon fundus cameras, is a com-
   system to perform                                                           prehensive digital imaging system for fast and efficient acquisition,
   optimal wavefront                                                           storage, retrieval and analysis of all types of Topcon ophthalmic
   analysis.                                                                   images. It also features Topcon’s exclusive i2k Retina™ Fundus
                                                                               Registration and Alignment Software. For more information, visit
                                                                               the new IMAGEnet website at: www.thenewfaceofimagenet.com
Topcon Medical Systems ▲ (800) 223-1130                                                          Topcon Medical Systems ▲ (800) 223-1130
       www.topconmedical.com                                   Circle No. 05   Circle No. 06            www.topconmedical.com

   TOPCON 3D OCT-2000 SPECTRAL DOMAIN OCT                                      TOPCON CV-5000 VISION TESTER
   The Topcon 3D OCT-2000 system is the first Spectral Domain OCT sys-         The CV-5000 Automated Vision Tester from Topcon features a
   tem to incorporate a high resolution fundus camera and a user-friendly      small optical head and a large color touch screen controller, as
   color touch screen display in a compact, space saving design. The easy-     well as a high-speed lens chamber, making refractions fast, easy
   to-use, intuitive FastMap™ software enables dynamic viewing of the          and comfortable. The redesigned KB-50 controller allows you to
   OCT data, providing 3D, 2D and fundus images simultaneously. Pin-Point      control the refraction process, demonstrate the benefit of a vari-
   Registration™ properly indicates the loca-                                  ety of lenses to your patients and educate them on their vision
   tion of the OCT image within the fundus                                     using a high-resolution touch
   image. In addition, the compare function                                    screen color LCD. The CV-5000
   allows users to view serial exams in a com-                                 can be connected to Topcon’s
   parison view and apply different analytical                                 EXAM-5000, a complete state-
   tools. The seamless integration of the                                      of-the-art ergonomic refraction
   3D OCT-2000 with Topcon’s EyeRoute®                                         system. It is also compatible with
   Synergy Ophthalmic Data Management                                          today’s electronic medical record
   System provides true connectivity and                                       systems (EMRs) for a true paper-
   access to images anywhere, anytime.                                         less solution.
 Topcon Medical Systems ▲ (800) 223-1130                                                         Topcon Medical Systems ▲ (800) 223-1130
        www.topconmedical.com                                  Circle No. 07   Circle No. 08            www.topconmedical.com

   TOPCON EYEROUTE® SYNERGY™ OPHTHALMIC                                        TOPCON CA-200 CORNEAL ANALYZER
   DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                      The Topcon CA-200 Corneal Analyzer is an easy-to-use, compre-
   With over 4,000 licensed users, 120+ devices,                               hensive and cost-effective corneal topography solution allowing
   and 2 million reports & images captured,                                    for the complete evaluation of the anterior corneal surface. In
   stored and managed in 2009, EyeRoute                                        addition to elevation mapping of the corneal surface, the CA-200
   Synergy is the proven ophthalmic data manage-                               provides robust software features, allowing for a total analysis of
   ment system. This innovative system integrates                              the patient’s corneal surface. The CA-200
   images and reports from Topcon and over 100                                 can be operated as a stand alone unit,
   other manufacturers’ systems into a single, secure, digital environ-        or in combination with an external PC
   ment. With the ability to view, compare, annotate and transmit              with communication driven by WiFi data
   patient images seamlessly and securely, EyeRoute Synergy provides           acquisition. The analyzer is controlled by
   for fluent workflow efficiency and helps the transition to a paper-         an 8-inch touch panel monitor that makes
   less environment. The web based system allows for rapid access to           acquisition, operation and evaluation of
   patient information, anytime, from virtually anywhere, including            the cornea fast and easy. Additional soft-
   workstations and remote computers. Designed as a scalable and               ware modules, such as contact lens fitting
   flexible solution, EyeRoute Synergy integrates with most EMRs, is           software, Zernike analysis and network
   fully standards compliant and scalable to fit any size practice.            viewing are available.
 Topcon Medical Systems ▲ (800) 223-1130                                                          Topcon Medical Systems ▲ (800) 223-1130
        www.topconmedical.com                                  Circle No. 09   Circle No. 10             www.topconmedical.com

                                                                          P AGE 2
FUNCTIONAL VISION ANALYZER™                                                   PROJECTOR AND VECTOGRAPHIC SLIDES
Contrast Sensitivity Testing with Two Glare Levels                            Stereo Optical’s projector slides
The FVA offers a number of exams to evaluate                                  are made of high-quality photo-graph-
functional vision and quality of vision. Background                           ic film, sealed between two pieces of
illumination levels inside the unit are constantly                            glass to ensure sharp optotypes and
monitored and controlled.                                                     maintain the inte-grity of the tests.
Exams include:                                                                Each slide can be adjusted for use in
• Visual Acuity – monocular and binocular at near,                            any testing lane. Available in Standard
   distance, and mid-range (optional)                                         or Vectographic models, for children
• Contrast Sensitivity testing with F.A.C.T.®                                 through adults.
   (Daytime/Nighttime; with glare/without glare)
• Stereopsis – Stereo Depth Perception testing
• Color Perception testing
• Potential Acuity (pin hole) The NEW upgraded
   EyeView® software utilizes a digital image processor
   to produce a pictorial model of the patients’ functional vision.
  Stereo Optical ▲ (800) 344-9500                                                                       Stereo Optical ▲ (800) 344-9500
       www.StereoOptical.com                                 Circle No. 11        Circle No. 12              www.StereoOptical.com

THE NEW DISTANCE                                                             REVISED INFANT TELLER ACUITY CARDS® II
RANDOT® STEREOTEST                                                           Features Include:
Finally, a test for distance stereopsis                                      • Glare-free laminated test cards for increased durability
for patients as young as 4 years of                                          • Digitally printed test cards
age.                                                                         • No edge artifacts
Test includes:
                                                                             Proven Features still include:
• 4 tests in 1 booklet (400 sec of arc
                                                                             • Meets AOA guideline for infant
  to 60 sec of arc)
                                                                               vision testing
• 1 pair of Standard 3-D Viewers and
  1 pair of Pediatric 3-D Viewers       “Distance stereoacuity mea-          Testing Formats Available:
• Affordable                            sured using Distance Randot®         • TAC ll Full set: 17 cards
• Portable and readily available        showed overall improvement
                                        following surgery for inter-           (from 20/3200 to 20/20)
                                        mittent exotropia.”                  • TAC ll Half set: 8 cards
                                        Eileen E. Birch, Ph.D.                 (from 20/3200 to 20/30)
                                        Senior Research Scientist,
                                        Retina Foundation of the Southwest

  Stereo Optical ▲ (800) 344-9500                                                                       Stereo Optical ▲ (800) 344-9500
       www.StereoOptical.com                                 Circle No. 13     Circle No. 14                 www.StereoOptical.com

STEREOTESTS                                                                  STEREO OPTICAL VECTOGRAMS
Features Include:                                                            Stereo Optical has set the standard for vision training. Available in fixed
• Durable leatherette testing booklet                                        or variable styles to accommodate unlimited base-in/base-out training.
• Polarized 3-D cleanable lenses                                             Each Vectogram includes one pair of 3-D viewers. Choose from:
• Sturdy hard plastic viewer frames                                          Variable:
                                                                             • Quoits
                                                                             • Spirangle
Testing Formats Available:
                                                                             • Clown
• Stereo Fly
                                                                             • Chicago Skyline
• Randot®                                                                    • Mother Goose
• Stereo Butterfly                                                           • Stereotest
• Random Dot E                                                               • Basic Fusion
• Randot® Preschool                                                          Fixed:
                                                                             • Acuity Suppression
                                                                             • Figure Eight
                                                                             • Compass Points
   Stereo Optical ▲ (800) 344-9500                                                                      Stereo Optical ▲ (800) 344-9500
        www.StereoOptical.com                                Circle No. 15     Circle No. 16                 www.StereoOptical.com

                       For information about the products above, contact Stereo Optical:
Telephone (800) 344-9500, Fax (773) 777-4985, e-mail: SALES@StereoOptical.com, internet: www.StereoOptical.com

                                                                        P AGE 3
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                          F e b r u a r y               2 0 1 1

                                                                       MAXIMEYES: AN EHR SOLUTION YOU CONTROL
                                                                       MaximEyes practice management and Certified EHR software
                                                                       delivers tailored and affordable financing options for all practice
                                                                       sizes—we take the time to understand how your practice works.
                                                                       MaximEyes is backed with exceptional service, training, education
                                                                       and support. Powerful
                                                                       customizable business
                                                                       solutions and flexible
                                                                       workflows help you
                                                                       meet meaningful use
                                                                       criteria. You can count
                                                                       on us as your trusted
                                                                       eyecare partner.

    OCuSOFT, Inc. ▲ (800) 233-5469                                                      MaximEyes by First Insight ▲ (800) 920-1940
          www.zytaze.com                             Circle No. 17     Circle No. 18              www.first-insight.com

ZEISS MICROSCOPES                                                      Marco has successfully installed thousands of automated refraction
• Innovative design eliminates the need                                systems. Each receives the Marco
  to refocus when RESIGHT is moved                                     certified implementation process
  in or out of position.                                               that guarantees the efficiency and
• Convenient lens turret enables quick                                 expertise to make your system a
  access of aspheric 60 diopter or 128                                 success.
  diopter wide angle lens.                                             The EPIC® has:
• Motorized inverters provide greatly                                  ·EMR integration
  increased workflow and efficiency.                                   ·Smaller footprint
• Wireless 14 function foot pedal seam-                                ·Adjustable table
  lessly operates both the microscope                                  ·Color screen
  and RESIGHT system.                                                  ·Contrast and glare testing.
• Superior all-glass ZEISS optics pro-                                 Invest in a refraction system from
  vides unparalleled image quality.                                    the “Leader In Vision Diagnostics®”
                                                                       and experience full satisfaction.
 Carl Zeiss Meditec ▲ (877) 486-7473                                                                Marco ▲ (800) 874-5274
        www.meditec.zeiss.com                        Circle No. 19     Circle No. 20                   www.marco.com

The Science Behind Perfecting Customized Vision Is
Now Available With The C-VUE Advanced HydraVUE
Silicone Hydrogel Family Of Products.
All NEW—CVUE Advanced HydraVUE Toric Multifocal, CVUE
Advanced HydraVUE Multifocal, CVUE Advanced HydraVUE Custom
Toric and CVUE Advanced HydraVUE Single Vision. Monthly
Completely Customizable Silicone Hydrogel Lenses, World Class
C-VUE Patented Technology...Exclusively Through Independent Eye
Care Professionals.

Call 800-446-2020
Now For a Risk Free

  Unilens Vision Inc. ▲ (800) 446-2020                                                   Advanced Vision Research ▲ (800) 979-8327
            www.unilens.com                          Circle No. 21     Circle No. 22               www.theratears.com

                                                                  P AGE 4
OCCLUSION, OFFERS THE PARASOL®                              For people at risk for AMD, ICaps® Lutein & Omega-3 Vitamin
Odyssey Medical, Inc. offers the                            provides vitamins and nutrients to help keep eyes healthy in a
Parasol® Punctal Occluder, the #1                           convenient, once-daily
choice for punctal occlusion. The                           softgel. ICaps® L&O
Parasol’s unique design is exception-                       Vitamin is enriched
ally easy to insert, requiring little                       with lutein and zeaxan-
or no dilation. Simple sizing means                         thin, which help pro-
two sizes fit virtually all. In addition,                   tect eyes, and omega-3
Odyssey offers an exclusive 30-day                          fatty acids, which are
pop-out guarantee. Also available is                        important for both eye
collagen and EXTEND™, an absorb-                            and body health.
able synthetic punctal implant which
provides occlusion for up to three

       Odyssey ▲ (888) 905-7770                                                Alcon Laboratories, Inc. ▲ (800) 451-3937
        www.odysseymed.com                  Circle No. 23   Circle No. 24                     alcon.com

                                            Circle No. 25
                                                                                                                 Circle No. 26

                                                            OPTI-FREE® REPLENISH® MULTI-PURPOSE
                                                            DISINFECTING SOLUTION
                                                            OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® MPDS is a proprietary formula specially
                                                            designed for today’s advanced soft contact lenses. OPTI-FREE®
                                                            RepleniSH® with TearGlyde®
                                                            reconditioning system keeps
                                                            lenses moist for 14 hours.

                                                            Survey of 305 Optometrists,
                                                            Harris Interactive®,
                                                            April 2010.

                                            Circle No. 27
                                                                              Alcon Laboratories, Inc. ▲ (800) 451-EYES
                                                            Circle No. 28               www.opti-free.com

                                                      P AGE 5
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                               F e b r u a r y                   2 0 1 1

 PROBLEMS DEMAND THE TUFF STUFF                                       Optovue has led the industry in OCT innovation with the RTVue - Fourier/Spectral
 OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub™ PLUS Extra                                       – domain OCT system, providing eye-care professionals with superior clinical
 Strength Eyelid Cleanser is recom-                                   information that facilitates early detection, management, and treatment of ocular
 mended for patients with moder-                                      disorders and diseases. The RTVue® is the most comprehensive OCT available in
 ate to severe eyelid conditions.                                     the market offering complete solutions in:
 This latest innovation in eyelid
                                                                      • RETINA: High Resolution B-scans, Thickness &
 hygiene is purposely designed as
                                                                        Layer mapping, Change & Volumetric Analysis
 a “Leave-On” formula to prolong                                      • GLAUCOMA: Ganglion Cell Complex Analysis
 contact time, thereby effectively                                      (GCCTM feature), RNFL Thickness mapping, C/D
 eradicating seven different strains                                    Ratio, Change Analysis
 of bacteria common to the eyelids                                    • ANTERIOR SEGMENT: Visualization AND
 including MRSA and Staph epider-                                       Measurement of Angle & Corneal Thickness
 midis. Call 800-233-5469 for free                                      (Complete Pachymetry Mapping)
                                                                      RTVue…designed to meet the needs of
                                                                      every practice.
    OCuSOFT, Inc. ▲ (800) 233-5469                                                             Optovue, Inc. ▲ (866) 344-8948
         www.ocusoft.com                              Circle No. 29    Circle No. 30                     www.optovue.com

IOLMASTER® 500                                                        EYECANHEAR™
• Best cataract penetration in                                        EyeCanHear™, created for the vision industry by the vision
  the industry.                                                       industry! Choose EyeCanHear Complete™, a fully integrated,
• Proven keratometry perfor-                                          full-service program. No room? No problem!
  mance.                                                              With mEYEcrosite™, gain many features of Complete. Want to
• Acknowledged standard for                                           develop hearing services on your own? Select any or all of our
  precise measurements.                                               elements a la cart, along with a full-line of quality instrumenta-
• Seamless data export to Holladay                                    tion. Hearing services for eyecare...it’s visionary!
  II IOL Consultant.
• The fastest biometer available.
• Data transfer to Accutome
• FORUM® connectivity.

 Carl Zeiss Meditec ▲ (877) 486-7473                                                                EyeCanHear ▲ (941) 893-2500
        www.meditec.zeiss.com                         Circle No. 31    Circle No. 32                    www.eyecanhear.com

FCI’s one-size-fits-all silicone SnugPlugs are packaged preloaded     TO OPHTHALMIC OUTSOURCING
& stretched for easy insertion. Once released in punctum, the plug    As the industry leader in cataract
returns to its natural shape for secure retention.                    and refractive outsourcing, Sightpath
• Easy one step insertion                                             Medical offers surgical equipment
• No sizing necessary                                                 and services on an as-needed basis.
• Snug fit                                                            Sightpath provides NBSTSA certified
• Removable with forceps                                              surgical technicians and manufacturer
Also from FCI: Ready-Set                                              certified laser engineers. Contact us
Plugs with slanted collarettes;                                       to learn about securing leading tech-
TearSaver Plugs; ProLong                                              nologies without capital investment
3-month plugs; collagen plugs;                                        and maintenance fees.
flow-through plugs; and Zone                                          Visit www.sightpathmedical.com,
Quick.                                                                call 800-728-9615 or email

 FCI Ophthalmics ▲ (800) 932-4202                                                               Sightpath Medical ▲ (800) 728-9615
     www.fci-ophthalmics.com                          Circle No. 33    Circle No. 34                www.sightpathmedical.com

                                                                 P AGE 6
TELSCREEN’S EYERES                                                                               CATARACT?
DIGITAL IMAGING SYSTEM                                                 Her last doctor said to wait until it worsens...then have surgery...
Only TelScreen’s EyeRes Slit-Lamp Digital-                             Now you have the tools to halt or
Imaging System provides high-                                          reverse cataracts.
resolution digital stills and videos of the                            • Cineraria Homeopathic Eye Drops
Anterior Segment and retina without                                      trigger the body’s ability to clear the
                                                                         crystalline lens.
flash or indirect lighting. Only
                                                                       • Oral Absorption Nutraceuticals pro-
TelScreen’s programmed medical-grade
                                                                         vide high blood level absorption of
camera gives audit-quality photos of                                     herbs & vitamins needed to clear the
559 Medical Necessity codes. Two                                         lens.
Anterior Segment photos per week
make the monthly payments! Doctors                                     CALL FOR A FREE INFO/SAMPLE PACK
say “easy-to-use, beautiful images,
patients love this, best purchase I’ve                                 Professional Quality—
made, great service.”                                                  Only Available Via Doctors
                                                                       Made in the USA
      TelScreen ▲ (800) 769-4933                                                         Natural Ophthalmics, Inc. ▲ (877) 220-9710
          www.telscreen.com                            Circle No. 35    Circle No. 36            www.naturaleyedrops.com

ULTRAPLUG™ PUNCTAL PLUGS                                               DRY EYE DROPS THAT TRIGGER TEAR FILM
Extend your treatment options                                          PRODUCTION—WITHOUT SIDE
with the UltraPlug™ line of punc-                                      EFFECTS—OK WITH CONTACTS
tal plugs. UltraPlug™ punctal                                          Two separate eye drop formulas, one for Women
plugs are available in long-term                                       and one for Men, which stimulate the production
silicone, intermediate synthetic                                       of all three tear film layers—relieving symptoms
absorbable or short-term collagen                                      with causation ranging from inflammation to aque-
product materials to best suit                                         ous deficiency, including Sjogren’s Syndrome.
your treatment plan. UltraPlug™                                        The Women’s formula has ingredients for dryness
silicone plugs feature a low-profile                                   related to hormonal fluctuations. The Men’s drop
cap designed to virtually eliminate                                    has others for male pattern dryness.
foreign body sensation and are
                                                                       OK WITH CONTACTS—NO SIDE EFFECTS—NO
pre-loaded on a sterile inserter/
                                                                       PRESERVATIVES—WORKS FAST & FEELS GREAT
                                                                       CALL FOR A FREE INFO/SAMPLE PACK
                                                                       Professional Quality—Available Via Doctors Only!
     Angiotech ▲ (800) 523-3332                                                           Natural Ophthalmics, Inc. ▲ (877) 220-9710
         www.sharpoint.com                             Circle No. 37    Circle No. 38             www.naturaleyedrops.com

The TRS-5100 is an upgrade from your standard manual phoropter          DROP—OK WITH CONTACTS
to a sleek, modernized automated phoropter controlled with a            “I have allergies and your drops are better than
programmable keypad. Allowing you to remain comfortably seated          Patanol...I have no problem telling patients that
throughout the entire exam, eliminating repetitive stress injuries.     these are the newest and best drops available
The TRS makes your life easier and gives the                            and they are not available in stores, so you need
patient faster, more accurate and a positive exam                       to buy them here.” Dr. F. S.
experience. Pre-programming the entire refraction
process increases exam efficiency, maximizes                            OK WITH CONTACTS—NO SIDE EFFECTS—NO
patient flow, increases overall                                         PRESERVATIVES—WORKS FAST & FEELS GREAT
practice revenue and referrals.
The TRS is EHR/EMR compatible.                                          CALL FOR A FREE INFO/SAMPLE PACK

                                                                        Professional Quality—
                                                                        Only Available Via Doctors
                                                                        Made in the USA

        Marco ▲ (800) 874-5274                                                            Natural Ophthalmics, Inc. ▲ (877) 220-9710
           www.marco.com                               Circle No. 39    Circle No. 40             www.naturaleyedrops.com

                                                                  P AGE 7
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                                    F e b r u a r y          2 0 1 1

 PROTECTION WITH                                                            AZASITE® (AZITHROMYCIN OPHTHALMIC
 PREMIER EDGE® SAFETY KNIVES                                                SOLUTION) 1%
 Safety Knives provide protection and                                       AzaSite® (azithromycin ophthalmic solution) 1% is indicated for
 a clear view of the surgical field.                                        the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis caused by susceptible
 The ridged handle with non-slip grip                                       isolates of CDC coryneform group G*, Haemophilus influen-
 is printed with blade style for                                            zae, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus mitis group, and
 easy identification.                                                       Streptococcus pneumoniae.

 One-handed operation: Thumb pushes                                         AzaSite® delivers sustained concentrations
 guard backward to expose the blade and                                     to ocular surface tissues, including the
 lock in place. Push forward to cover and                                   eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva, and tears.
 protect the blade.                                                         Additionally, AzaSite® has significant anti-
                                                                            inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.
 Available in Stab, Crescent,
 MVR and Thin Line Slit styles.                                             *Efficacy for this organism was studied in
                                                                            fewer than 10 infections.
 OASIS Medical, Inc. ▲ (800) 631-7210                                                           Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ▲ (919) 941-9777
       www.oasismedical.com                              Circle No. 41       Circle No. 42                  www.inspirepharm.com

 —SOOTHES, COOLS AND MOISTURIZES                                           Gulden’s Digital PD Ruler is a simple and inexpensive way to mea-
 Dry, scratchy, irritated eyes? The problem may not be the eyes,           sure both monocular and binocular distances between eyes. This
 but rather the eyelids. Tears Again® advanced Liposome Spray              is necessary for accurate fitting of
 soothes with a refreshing mist and lubricates using patented lipo-        various ophthalmic lenses, especially
 some technology to deposit water and lipids, protecting against           multi-focals. It works by simply align-
 moisture loss. Liposomes are                                              ing the vertical stripes over the center
 microscopic molecules that have                                           of each papillary reflex.
 been used for years in cosmetic
 and drug delivery. Vital nutrients                                        R button measures right eye, L button
 and antioxidants that include                                             measures left eye. No button mea-
 Vitamins A, C, and E have been                                            sures distance from between the eyes.
 added to provide relief from eye-                                         Very accurate and responsive digital
 lid irritation. Apply to lids with                                        display. Automatic shutoff when
 the eyes closed. Call 800-233-5469                                        placed on a level surface.
 for promotional discount pricing.
     OCuSOFT, Inc. ▲ (800) 233-5469                                                                 Gulden Ophthalmics ▲ (800) 659-2250
          www.ocusoft.com                                Circle No. 43       Circle No. 44              www.guldenophthalmics.com

 PATADAY™ SOLUTION                                                          EXTENDED PROTECTION AND LONG LASTING
 PATADAY™ Solution is a sterile ophthalmic solution containing              RELIEF OF DRY EYE SYMPTOMS
 olopatadine for topical administration to the eyes. It is indicated        SYSTANE® Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops for dry eye
 for the treatment of ocular                                                patients with aqueous tear deficiencies
 itching association with
 allergic conjunctivitis                                                    THIS IS RELIEF.
 for patients 3 years and                                                   This protection results in:
 older. PATADAY™ solu-                                                      • Long lasting lubrication1,2
 tion is supplied in a 2.5 mL                                                • Relief from dry eye symptoms1,2
 DROP-TAINER® Dispenser.                                                      • Improved visual performance.2
 The recommended dose is                                                    1.Davitt W, et al. Efficacy in Patients with
 one drop in each affected                                                  Dry Eye after Treatment with a New
                                                                            Lubricant Eye Drop Formulation. Journal
 eye once a day.                                                            of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics;
                                                                            Volume 26, Number 4, 2010.
                                                                            2. Ketelson HA, Davis J, Meadows DL.
                                                                            Characterization of a novel polymeric
                                                                            artificial tear delivery system. Invest
                                                                            Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2008; 49:E-Abstract 112.

Alcon Laboratories, Inc. ▲ (800) 451-3937                                                          Alcon Laboratories, Inc. ▲ (800) 451-3937
               alcon.com                                 Circle No. 45       Circle No. 46                        alcon.com

                                                                       P AGE 8
                                                                         OPTOS INTRODUCES THE 200TX WITH FLUORESCEIN
Tears Again® HYDRATE™ is specially for-
mulated for the Dietary Management of Dry                                    ANGIOGRAPHY AND AUTOFLUORESCENCE
Eye Syndrome, Blepharitis and Meibomian                                 • Optos technology is defining new stan-
Gland Dysfunction. Tears Again®                                           dards in diagnosis of retinal disease with
                                                                          dynamic, ultra-widefield, ultra-high defi-
HYDRATE™ contains unique proprietary
                                                                          nition color imaging, fluorescein angiog-
blends of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs):                                   raphy, autofluorescence capabilities.
• 1000 mg of Omega 3 Flaxseed Oil                                       • The non-contact simultaneous pole to
• 500 mg of Omega 6 Evening Primrose Oil                                  peripheral image capture provides physi-
For increased bioavailability, Tears                                      cians with a clear view of up to 200°
Again® HYDRATE™ utilizes a proprietary                                    or 82% of the retina. This technology
                                                                          supports practitioners in diagnosing,
Hypersorb™ Technology liposome process.
                                                                          analyzing, documenting and monitoring
Prescribe Tears Again® HYDRATE™ for                                       ocular pathology that may first present
your Dry Eye patients.                                                    in the periphery.
    OCuSOFT, Inc. ▲ (800) 233-5469                                                                                Optos ▲ (800) 854-3039
         www.ocusoft.com                                Circle No. 47   Circle No. 48                                www.optos.com

 TRAVATAN Z® SOLUTION                                                   SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR DRY EYE
TRAVATAN Z (travoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.004% is used to           PATIENTS WITH MEIBOMIAN
reduce elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with open-       GLAND DYSFUNCTION (MGD)
angle glaucoma or ocular                                                SYSTANE® BALANCE Lubricant Eye Drops for dry
hypertension who may be                                                 eye patients with tear lipid deficiencies
intolerant to other intraocular                                         • Unique formulation of SYSTANE® BALANCE
                                                                          Lubricant Eye Drops with the LipiTech™ System1
pressure lowering medica-
                                                                        • Helps to restore the lipid layer1
tions or for whom other med-                                            • Stabilizes the natural tear film for extended Tear
ications do not sufficiently                                              Film Breakup Time (TFBUT)2
lower IOP. TRAVATAN Z®                                                  • Less frequent dosing and increased quality life3
solution is our most recent                                                                                                                        Inherently Different™
                                                                        1. Ketelson HA, Davis J, Meadows D. Characterization of an anion-
formulation that replaces                                               ic lipid stabilized ocular emulsion containing HP-Guar. Presented at
                                                                        ARVO meeting; May 2010; Fort Lauderdale, FL.
benzalkonium chloride (BAK)                                             2. Korb D, Blackie C, Meadows D, Christensen M, Tudor M. Evaluation of extended tear stabil-
with SOFZIA®, an ionic buff-                                            ity by two emulsion based artificial tears. Presented at the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society
                                                                        meeting; September 2010; Florence, Italy.
ered preservative system.                                               3. Foulks G, Sindt C, Griffin J. Efficacy evaluation of a novel emulsion based, anionic phospho-
                                                                        lipid containing artificial tear in meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) subjects. Presented at the
                                                                        Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society meeting; September 2010; Florence, Italy.

Alcon Laboratories, Inc. ▲ (800) 451-3937                                                          Alcon Laboratories, Inc. ▲ (800) 451-3937
               alcon.com                                Circle No. 49   Circle No. 50                             alcon.com

 OMEGA 500 BIO—AVAILABLE IN UNPLUGGED                                   OMEGA 2C VIDEO BIO
 The OMEGA 500 is the only BIO on the market constructed with           The OMEGA 2C is the only BIO on the market that has been
 no compromises. The all metal optics offer unequalled durability;      designed specifically for video use. It features specially designed
 the small pupil function                                               optics, and a fully integrated
 features no limiting presets;                                          camera system—ensuring an
 and the Xenon Halogen                                                  image of incomparable
 Bulb provides near per-                                                quality. Optics are mounted
 fect color rendering. The                                              to an aluminum frame, and
 OMEGA 500 is available                                                 the housing is 100% dust-
 with a variety of power                                                proof. The OMEGA 2C is now
 sources, including the                                                 available with digital image
 UL-Approved UNPLUGGED                                                  capabilities and software.
 allowing you to work any-
 where without cords or

      Heine USA ▲ (800) 367-4872                                                                              Heine USA ▲ (800) 367-4872
            www.heine.com                               Circle No. 51   Circle No. 52                               www.heine.com

                                                                  P AGE 9
Ophthalmic Product Guide                               F e b r u a r y   2 0 1 1

           Circle No. 53                               Circle No. 54

           Circle No. 55                               Circle No. 56

           Circle No. 57                               Circle No. 58

                           THE HAAG-STREIT USA GROUP
                                   P AGE 1 0
Circle No. 59                               Circle No. 60

Circle No. 61                               Circle No. 62

Circle No. 63                               Circle No. 64

                        P AGE 1 1
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                                                         F e b r u a r y               2 0 1 1

 TOMEY TL-2000C AUTO LENSMETER                                                                       TOMEY EM-3000 SPECULAR MICROSCOPE
 has a 5.7 inch Color TFT LCD                                                                        has the first touch screen!
 with touch panel and built-in                                                                       Tomey has introduced a new
 printer.                                                                                            advanced specular microscope.
 The TL-2000C Auto Lensmeter can mea-                                                                The EM-3000. Its color touch
 sure Standard & High index, Bifocal,                                                                screen allows ease of operation
 Trifocal, Progressive and Prism Lenses.                                                             and speed in its results. It will
 In additional it can also give measure-                                                             also measure the thickness of
 ment of hard and soft contact lenses.                                                               the cornea. It has an internal
                                                                                                     computer that automatically
                                                                                                     analyzes the cells. Seven fixation
                                                                                                     targets make peripheral photogra-
                                                                                                     phy a snap. More cells are counted
                                                                                                     for greater accuracy.

           Tomey ▲ (888) 449-4045                                                                                                 Tomey ▲ (888) 449-4045
             www.tomeyusa.com                                                  Circle No. 65         Circle No. 66                  www.tomeyusa.com

 TOMEY TMS-4 CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHER                                                                     TOMEY RT-7000 AUTOREFRACTOR/
 better resolution, accuracy, and coverage than any                                                  KERATOMETER/TOPOGRAPHER
 other product in the world including wavescans and                                                  The 3-in-1 instrument with easy and
 has dry eye software inside.                                                                        speedy touch screen alignment and
 The unit comes complete with                                                                        auto shot. Includes built-in com-
 Klyce corneal statistics soft-                                                                      puter and on-board printer. Dry eye
 ware, Keratoconus screening                                                                         software inside.
 software, contact lens fitting                                                                      Two CCD cameras capture images providing
 software, Klyce Maeda Multiple                                                                      highly accurate measurement data. Includes
 Regression Analysis, Smolek-Klyce                                                                   diameter measurement of cornea and pupil.
 Classification Neural Network                                                                       The Indices of KAI and KRI that show
 with bit image format.                                                                              Corneal Irregular Astigmatism displayed
 Easily networked.                                                                                   with three levels (A•B•C) at Keratometry.
                                                                                                     Absolute and Normalized color maps can be viewed for
                                                                                                     contact lens fitting and Corneal Eccentricity Index of Ortho-K Lens.
                                                                                                     TSAS (tear stability analysis software) included.
           Tomey ▲ (888) 449-4045                                                                                                 Tomey ▲ (888) 449-4045
             www.tomeyusa.com                                                   Circle No. 67        Circle No. 68                  www.tomeyusa.com

 SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR DRY EYE                                                                   TOMEY FT-1000 NON-CONTACT TONOMETER —
 PATIENTS WITH MEIBOMIAN                                                                             NEW!! THE “PATIENT FRIENDLY” NCT
 GLAND DYSFUNCTION (MGD)                                                                             The Touch Alignment of the FT-1000 quickly aligns the
 SYSTANE® BALANCE Lubricant Eye Drops for dry                                                        eye center with the center of the screen simply by touching
 eye patients with tear lipid deficiencies                                                           the eye shown on the screen.
 • Unique formulation of SYSTANE® BALANCE                                                            The lag time is reduced from
   Lubricant Eye Drops with the LipiTech™ System1
                                                                                                     the completion of alignment to
 • Helps to restore the lipid layer1
 • Stabilizes the natural tear film for extended Tear                                                the beginning of measurement
   Film Breakup Time (TFBUT)2                                                                        15/1,000 seconds. No repeated
 • Less frequent dosing and increased quality life3                                                  exams necessary. “mmHg” or
                                                                            Inherently Different™    “hPa” can be selected for the unit
 1. Ketelson HA, Davis J, Meadows D. Characterization of an anion-
 ic lipid stabilized ocular emulsion containing HP-Guar. Presented at                                of the intraocular pressure.
 ARVO meeting; May 2010; Fort Lauderdale, FL.
 2. Korb D, Blackie C, Meadows D, Christensen M, Tudor M. Evaluation of extended tear stabil-
 ity by two emulsion based artificial tears. Presented at the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society
 meeting; September 2010; Florence, Italy.
 3. Foulks G, Sindt C, Griffin J. Efficacy evaluation of a novel emulsion based, anionic phospho-
 lipid containing artificial tear in meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) subjects. Presented at the
 Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society meeting; September 2010; Florence, Italy.

Alcon Laboratories, Inc. ▲ (800) 451-3937                                                                                          Tomey ▲ (888) 449-4045
               alcon.com                                                        Circle No. 69        Circle No. 70                   www.tomeyusa.com

                                                                                             P AGE 1 2
ALODOX™ CONVENIENCE KIT—NOW INCLUDES                                  FRESHKOTE®
TRANQUILEYES™ MOIST HEAT THERAPY                                      FreshKote® ophthalmic solution is a pre-
GOGGLES                                                               scription product that was developed to
Improve patient compliance by prescribing the ALODOX™                 provide patients with superior relief of
Convenience Kit. The ALODOX™ Convenience Kit contains                 the symptoms associated with Dry Eye
ALODOX™ (Doxycycline Hyclate 20 mg), OCuSOFT®                         Syndrome. FreshKote® utilizes a synergistic
Lid Scrub™ PLUS Extra                                                 blend of polymers, 2 forms of polyvinyl
Strength Pre-Moistened                                                alcohol (PVA) with Povidone, plus Amisol®
Pads, OCuSOFT®                                                        CLEAR, a proprietary blend of lipids and
Lid Scrub™ Original                                                   other essentials. This patented blending
Foaming Eyelid Cleanser,                                              enhances ocular surface wettability, delays
Tranquileyes™ Moist                                                   tear evaporation, assists ocular surface heal-
Heat Therapy Goggles                                                  ing, and treats all 3 layers of the tear film.
and Thermoeyes™
Instant, Reusable
Heat Packs.

   OCuSOFT, Inc. ▲ (800) 233-5469                                                          FOCUS Laboratories ▲ (501) 753-6006
        www.ocusoft.com                              Circle No. 71    Circle No. 72            www.focuslaboratories.com

SYNEMED INTRODUCES AN EASY-TO-USE                                     TOZAL® SOFTGELS
AND AFFORDABLE PERIMETER                                              TOZAL® is a complete eye health formula,
Synemed, with over 30 years of visual field                           available by prescription, for patients that
expertise, is proud to announce the latest                            may be at risk for, or have been diagnosed
line of perimeters. The Synemed EP-900                                with, age related macular degeneration
Series of full field, full-featured automated                         that may be due to deficiencies in specific
perimeters offers all of the features you need                        vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. With
and want, and provides easy-to-interpret                              its therapeutic amount of Omega—3 fatty
industry standard results. Models are user-                           acids from fish oil, TOZAL® is also an
friendly, with easy, two-button operation,                            excellent product for patients with dry
provide the fastest test times and are easily                         eye syndrome.
upgradeable. Customize your own programs, combining advanced
methodologies with a large selection of test patterns to screen in
less than one minute and threshold in less than two minutes per
eye. These all-encompassing systems are the only perimeter you’ll
ever need to ensure the most comprehensive patient care possible.

      Synemed ▲ (800) 777-0650                                                             FOCUS Laboratories ▲ (501) 753-6006
          www.synemed.com                            Circle No. 73    Circle No. 74            www.focuslaboratories.com

SYNEMED EYESCAPE                                                      THE OPTYSE™ LENS-FREE POCKET-SIZED
ADVANCED IMAGING SYSTEM                                               OPHTHALMOSCOPE
Now get EyeScape on Canon’s all new CR2 Non-Mydriatic Fundus          The Optyse™ Lens-Free Pocket-Sized
Camera. Complete system includes 15.1 Megapixels, stereo linking,     Ophthalmoscope is a new, very compact
slit lamp integration, mosaic, multiple                               ophthalmoscope that is ideal for rapid
filters, advanced pathology tools, EMR                                and accurate central fundus evaluation.
integration, screening modality, and                                  It is very simple to use with no lenses or
so much more. You can always count                                    filter wheels. Due to its portability and
on Synemed for on-site installation and                               affordability, it offers eye care profes-
training as well as service long after                                sionals, physicians (especially primary
the sale.                                                             care, pediatric, and geriatric physicians),
                                                                      nurses, midwives (for infant eye exami-
See Synemed for                                                       nation) and even medical and healthcare
• Software and database conversions                                   students a rapid, easy to use method to
• Slit Lamp Imaging Systems                                           screen for many medical conditions that
• Upgrades of older cameras                                           an eye exam can reveal.
  (film and digital)
      Synemed ▲ (800) 777-0650                                                             Gulden Ophthalmics ▲ (800) 659-2250
          www.synemed.com                            Circle No. 75    Circle No. 76            www.guldenophthalmics.com

                                                                P AGE 1 3
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                          F e b r u a r y            2 0 1 1

Complete examination of the anterior                                   The full featured Centerfield II
segment has become more affordable                                     performs static and kinetic Perimetry
with the OCULUS Pentacam Basic. In                                     out to 36° automatically and provides
less than 2 seconds, the Pentacam Basic                                full field examinations up to 70° with
captures 25 sharp Scheimpflug images of                                fixation shift. This Goldmann standard
the anterior segment and provides the                                  Perimeter performs screening and
topography and elevation maps for the                                  threshold exams using 30-2, 24-2 and
front and back surfaces of the cornea and                              10-2 test patterns, as well as the
non-contact pachymetry data. Additional                                Esterman Driving Test grid. Color
software modules provide Anterior Chamber                              Perimetry and statistical package
Depth (ACD), Angle and Volume information,                             included. Full threshold visual field
early Keratoconus detection capability and more.                       testing takes less than 3 minutes
EMR compatible.                                                        with the NEW CLIP strategy.
Call today for more information and                                    EMR compatible.
a FREE in-office demo!                                                 Call today for more information and a FREE in-office demo!
    Oculus, Inc. ▲ (888) 284-8004                                                              Oculus, Inc. ▲ (888) 284-8004
        www.OculusUSA.com                             Circle No. 77    Circle No. 78               www.OculusUSA.com

PACHY+AUTOREF+KERATOMETER                                              THE WORLD’S SMALLEST, SMARTEST
Put your practice in overdrive with                                    PERIMETER
the new OCULUS PARK 1, the only                                        Weighing less than 12 pounds, this
diagnostic instrument to combine                                       remarkably accurate Goldmann stan-
a classic Auto-Refractor with a non-                                   dard perimeter performs screening
contact Pachymeter and Keratometer,                                    and threshold exams using 30-2, 24-2
all in one.                                                            and 10-2 test patterns. Full threshold
Sleek, slim, ergonomically designed                                    visual field testing takes less than 3
and attractively priced, the PARK                                      minutes with the NEW CLIP strategy.
1 uses proven, cutting edge                                            Statistical functions include grayscale,
Scheimpflug technology.                                                numeric, comparison, corrected
Call today for more information and a                                  and age-related deviation displays.
FREE in-office demo!                                                   Available in two models, with
                                                                       the integrated control console or
                                                                       PC/laptop model. EMR compatible.
                                                                       Call today for more information and a FREE in-office demo!
    Oculus, Inc. ▲ (888) 284-8004                                                              Oculus, Inc. ▲ (888) 284-8004
        www.OculusUSA.com                            Circle No. 79     Circle No. 80               www.OculusUSA.com

INTO A DIAGNOSTIC DOC-                                                 Just 8.5 inches tall and easily mount-
UMENTATION SYSTEM!                                                     able on a standard slit lamp, the
This small, affordable, high                                           OCULUS Easygraph includes all the
quality camera and beam                                                necessary tools for corneal refrac-
splitter can adapt to most                                             tive therapy, refractive surgery
mainstream slit lamps in the                                           and contact lens fittings. A built-in
marketplace. With the abil-                                            Keratometer provides real K’s and
ity to capture live video or                                           22 rings produce up to 22,000 mea-
still digital photos, there is                                         sured points. Keratoconus Detection,
no limitation to the OCULUS                                            Contact Lens Fitting and the new
ImageCam system. Anterior                                              OxiMap Software which shows the
and Posterior imaging capacity allows for an extremely high return     “breathability” of contact lenses are
on investment, maintaining high resolution photo documentation         available. EMR compatible.
for managing many different pathologies. EMR compatible.               Call today for more information and
Call today for more information and a FREE in-office demo!             a FREE in-office demo!

    Oculus, Inc. ▲ (888) 284-8004                                                              Oculus, Inc. ▲ (888) 284-8004
        www.OculusUSA.com                             Circle No. 81    Circle No. 82               www.OculusUSA.com

                                                                P AGE 1 4
Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620                                     Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620
            www.keelerusa.com               Circle No. 83    Circle No. 84                www.keelerusa.com

Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620                                     Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620
            www.keelerusa.com                Circle No. 85   Circle No. 86                www.keelerusa.com

Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620                                     Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620
            www.keelerusa.com               Circle No. 87     Circle No. 88               www.keelerusa.com

                                                       P AGE 1 5
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                    F e b r u a r y        2 0 1 1

THE ADVANCED RS-1000                                              THE NEW RETINOMAX 3 SERIES
Zoom optics and broad                                             TABLE TOP ACCURACY
programmable imaging capabilities.                                The Retinomax family of
Digital photography has never                                     Autorefractors are the new
been easier. The advanced RS-1000                                 generation hand-held
Digital Photo Slit Lamp’s crystal clear                           autorefractor with unsurpassed
optics and programmable flash                                     accuracy and ease-of-use,
provides the perfect flash intensity                              out–performing others and
for all ophthalmic imaging.                                       recognized as the gold standard
                                                                  in hand-held autorefraction.
                                                                  The number-one choice for pediatrics,
                                                                  home visits or between multiple offices.

    Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012                                                        Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012
        www.rightmedical.com                    Circle No. 89     Circle No. 90               www.rightmedical.com

MODEL 2000-CH CRADLE TILT                                         MODEL 1500-CH MANUAL TILT
EXAMINATION CHAIR                                                 EXAMINATION CHAIR
Modern lines and durable construction                             The advanced design and durable
makes the 2000-CH Examination Chair                               construction makes the Model
the perfect choice for today’s modern                             1500-Ch Examination Chair the
practice. Featuring a weightless cradle                           smart choice for any practice.
tilting system with one-handed recline,                           Featuring a pneumatically assisted
release/control and adjustable headrest,                          tilting mechanism with one-handed
and an easy access foot release for rotation.                     release/control, allowing simple patient
A Swiss made Power Lift System provides                           positioning with up to a 40 degree
linear, smooth and virtually silent lifting—                      recline. A Swiss made Power Lift System
with a 500 lb capacity.                                           provides linear, smooth and virtually
                                                                  silent lifting—with a 500 lb capacity.

    Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012                                                        Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012
        www.rightmedical.com                    Circle No. 91     Circle No. 92               www.rightmedical.com

MODEL 1000 COMBO UNIT—CHAIR AND                                   MODEL 1500-ST
INSTRUMENT STAND                                                  INSTRUMENT STAND
Feature Function and Value.                                       The RIGHTmed 1500-ST Instrument Stand
The RIGHTmed 1000 Combo Unit was                                  is designed for functional and robust
specifically designed to meet the needs                           performance in the delivery of instruments
of customers who require a compact,                               to patients in the ophthalmic setting.
yet fully functional instrument                                   Modern rounded design and all metal
delivery system for their office.                                 construction deliver durable performance
Featuring fully counterbalanced                                   with a softer, aesthetically
arms, and occupying a small                                       pleasing appearance.
footprint of 36" (91.5cm) wide
with no compromise in quality
or ease of use.

    Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012                                                        Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012
        www.rightmedical.com                    Circle No. 93     Circle No. 94               www.rightmedical.com

                                                           P AGE 1 6
MODEL 2000 COMBO UNIT—                                               NEW-GENERATION
CHAIR AND STAND                                                      ZOOM SLIT LAMP
Incorporating our 2000-CH Tilt Examination Chair,                    • Sharp and clear high-resolution zoom optics —
the 2000 COMBO specifically meets the needs of                         inherited technology
practices who require a compact, yet                                 • Converging-type
fully functional instrument delivery                                   zoom microscope (12.5°)
system. This unit features a fully                                   • 5.5x wide zoom ratio
counterbalanced Refractor and                                        • Two eyepiece magnifications:
Slit Lamp arms, while occupying                                        12.5x eyepiece:
a small footprint of 36” (91.5cm)                                      Total mag. 5.9x to 32.5x (field of view:
wide...with no compromise in quality.                                  38.3 mm, field number: 18.0 mm)
An optional console is available for                                   15.0x eyepiece: Total mag. 7.1x to 39x
the addition of recharging wells.                                      (field of view: 38.3 mm,
                                                                       field number: 18.0 mm)

    Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012                                                           Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012
        www.rightmedical.com                        Circle No. 95   Circle No. 96                www.rightmedical.com

The most reliable series of autorefractometers                       RIGHTmed offers a complete line of slit lamps, to meet your
in the industry, complete with Revolutionary                         exacting requirements. Compact design or traditional
New Accommodative Testing Feature.                                   tower illumination systems are
The Speedy boasts advanced engineering,                              available with magnification options
rapid acquisition of data, and the medical                           up to 40x. These European
retro illumination mode. Large, high quality                         made, digital-ready slit lamps
monitor allows for easy alignment                                    are easy to position, their
and focusing.                                                        advanced optical design allows
                                                                     immediate fusion and their
                                                                     resolution is extraordinary.

    Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012                                                           Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012
        www.rightmedical.com                        Circle No. 97    Circle No. 98               www.rightmedical.com

MODI 02 CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHER                                          RIGHT CHAIR GLIDE
The MODI 02 Corneal Topographer provides                             The RIGHT Chair Glide was manufactured with safety in mind.
sophisticated corneal information based                              Its durable construction allows your existing chair to slide back
on Placido Disk Technology. Its EyeTop                               to accommodate wheelchair patients.
software package provides advanced
image processing for accurate, detailed,
repeatable analysis of the anterior corneal
surface. Contact Lens Fitting software
allows custom design and simulation
of fitting based on the corneal data.

    Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012                                                           Right Medical ▲ (888) 224-6012
        www.rightmedical.com                        Circle No. 99    Circle No. 100              www.rightmedical.com

                                                              P AGE 1 7
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                          F e b r u a r y              2 0 1 1

 Why buy a regular Topographer,
 when for the same price, you can
 have an OCULUS Keratograph
 that also performs Keratometry,
 Pupillometry, Keratoconus Detection,
 Tear Film Scan and Dry Eye analysis,
 Contact Lens Fitting and External
 Photography? The OCULUS Keratograph
 is a Placido-based topographer that
 does more. EMR compatible.

 Call today for more information
 and a FREE in-office demo!

                                                                                                          Circle No. 102
     Oculus, Inc. ▲ (888) 284-8004                                            Amcon Laboratories ▲ (800) 255-6161
         www.OculusUSA.com                            Circle No. 101                 www.amconlabs.com

 TOBRADEX® ST Suspension is a topical antibiotic and corticosteroid
 for steroid-responsive inflammatory ocular conditions where super-
 ficial bacterial ocular infection or
 a risk of bacterial ocular infection
 TOBRADEX® ST Suspension has
 the addition of xanthan gum
 which increases viscosity and
 allows for comparable levels of
 tissue concentration with half the
 amount of dexamethasone. It is
 supplied as a 5 mL suspension.

                                                                                                          Circle No. 104
Alcon Laboratories, Inc. ▲ (800) 451-3937                                     Amcon Laboratories ▲ (800) 255-6161
               alcon.com                               Circle No. 103                www.amconlabs.com

 The 3-D Wave® makes it easy for
 you to not only assess your patients’
 day vision, but their night vision as
 well. Many patients determine that a
 second pair of glasses is necessary
 for driving at night. Offering a night
 vision assessment to all of your
 patients will make a night and day
 difference in your practice.
 The 3-D Wave is a combination:
 • Auto Refractor
 • Keratometer
 • Corneal Topographer
 • Pupillometer
 • Wavefront Aberrometer
                                                                                              Circle No. 106
         Marco ▲ (800) 874-5274                                               Dakota Laboratories ▲ (877) 793-5683
            www.marco.com                              Circle No. 105                 www.vivadrops.com

                                                                  P AGE 1 8
CAMERA AVAILABLE                                                        CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHER
• The only fundus camera with 3D alignment and tracking,                • Small diameter, sharp-angle, 30-ring projector for enhanced ring
  AutoFocus and AutoShot                                                  quality on the cornea
• Automatic separation for repeatable                                   • Dual-edge ring finder with 60 detectable rings
  glaucoma analysis in stereo                                           • 21,600 data points
• Allows both internal and external                                     • High-resolution camera (768 x 576 pixels)
  imaging at a resolution of                                            • Single, multiple and 3D map displays
  21.1 megapixels                                                       • Axial, tangential, refractive and height
• True 45° images (without cropping)                                      algorithms
  for a more complete diagnostic screening                              • Absolute, standard, adjustable and
                                                                          normalized scales

       NIDEK ▲ (800) 223-9044                                                                        NIDEK ▲ (800) 223-9044
         www.usa.nidek.com                          Circle No. 107     Circle No. 108                  www.usa.nidek.com

• Corneal Microscope with 40X Probe—Gel-immersion exams as              • Includes a differential mapping function and provides exam
  quick as just 15 seconds, real-time in-vivo histology, full             replication for assessment of changes in retinal sensitivity
  cornea/endothelium/epithelium scans, and multiple internal            • Offers the ability to create perimetry patterns customized to the
  fixation mires.                                                         needs of your practice or clinical trial
• Non-contact Endothelial Microscope with                               • Perimetry and fixation data are plotted
  20X Probe—Wider measurement                                             over a color fundus photo
  area (up to 1000 cells/exam),                                         • Biofeedback system with fixation
  12mm working distance in air,                                           therapy for low-vision patients
  automatic cell count and
  endothelial density measurement,
  and increased reimbursable exams.

       NIDEK ▲ (800) 223-9044                                                                        NIDEK ▲ (800) 223-9044
         www.usa.nidek.com                           Circle No. 109     Circle No. 110                 www.usa.nidek.com

• OPD Map shows point-by-point eye aberration                          COMBINATION SYSTEM
• Single-step measurement of corneal topography and refractive         • The YC-1800 is designed to reduce laser lens reflections while
  error data for reduced alignment errors                                maintaining laser-beam integrity.
• Selectable measurement data for improved reliability                 • The GYC-1000 is a compact green laser and offers solid-state
• Fully automated alignment of the                                       technology for extended life, 1.7 W of laser energy,
  XYZ axis                                                               and a user-friendly, detachable control panel.
• Wide measurement range                                               • Easy connectivity between the YC-1800
  (Sphere -20.0D to +22.0D and                                           and GYC-1000 for a wider range of
  Cylinder 0.0D to ±12.0D)                                               treatment options.
• Networkable

       NIDEK ▲ (800) 223-9044                                                                        NIDEK ▲ (800) 223-9044
         www.usa.nidek.com                           Circle No. 111     Circle No. 112                 www.usa.nidek.com

                                                                 P AGE 1 9
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                              F e b r u a r y               2 0 1 1

HUVITZ HRS-7000 FUTURA DIGITAL                                           RESEEVIT™ ENDOTHELIUM
REFRACTION SYSTEM                                                        View and capture high-quality contrasted images of the endothelium
Increase productivity and profitability by reducing exam time by         without contacting the cornea. The acquisition procedure is reli-
25-50% by utilizing the benefits of automation. Objective screen-        able and easy-to-use. The algorithm is employed to choose the best
ing data is collected and downloaded into the HDR-7000 for quick         acquired frame for the highest possible quality image. The device
verification of the final subjective refraction. Eliminate fatigue and   attaches to the tonometer mounting plate of a ReSeeVit slit lamp.
repetitive stress injuries caused by old fashioned manual refractors.
                                                                         The available Endo software
System Includes:                                                         provides the ability to evalu-
• Futura Delivery System                                                 ate the cells shape, size, den-
• HDR-7000 Digital Refractor                                             sity, average area and surface
• HRK-7000A Auto Ref/Keratometer                                         deviation indices of digitized
• HLM-7000 Auto Lensmeter                                                images of the endothelium.
• CDC-4000 Auto Chart Projector

Veatch Instruments ▲ (800) 447-7511                                                             Veatch Instruments ▲ (800) 447-7511
    www.veatchinstruments.com                          Circle No. 113    Circle No. 114             www.veatchinstruments.com

HUVITZ HDC-7000 VISUAL ACUITY SYSTEM                                     RESEEVIT™ EVOLUTION
The Huvitz HDC-7000 Visual Acuity System                                 “THE TOTAL DIGITAL IMAGING SOLUTION”
offers maximum versatility and adaptability.                             ReSeeVit™ has been the industry leading imaging software suite
The 41 standard charts include binocular bal-                            since 1992. What began as a single device to “store and forward” ante-
ance, aniseikonia, stereopsis and binocular                              rior segment images has grown into the most complete suite of digital
fusion charts. The random display function                               imaging products available in the market. Modules include: Anterior
makes it impossible for the patient to memo-                             Segment, Retina, Endothelium and WaveFront corneal topography.
rize the chart contents.                                                 Features
Features:                                                                • Robust EMR Integration
• Programmable buttons on the remote control                             • IHE (Integrating the Health Enterprise) certified
• Huvitz children’s symbols                                              • DICOM Compliant with full IHE Workflow
• Color blindness and educational images are standard                    • Linear Measurement Capabilities in millimeters
• Compatible with the CDR-3100 and the HDR-7000 Digital                  • Video and Still Image Capture
  Refraction System                                                      • Integrated Interpretation and Report imbedded
• Precise calibration for exam distances from 8’ to 20’                    into exam
• Install on LCD monitors ranging from 17” to 24” in size.               • Cup to Disc Measurement
Veatch Instruments ▲ (800) 447-7511                                                             Veatch Instruments ▲ (800) 447-7511
    www.veatchinstruments.com                           Circle No. 115    Circle No. 116            www.veatchinstruments.com

SIRIUS™ PLUS VISUAL ACUITY SYSTEM                                        HUVITZ HS-5500 SLIT LAMP
Sirius Plus™ is the most complete forward thinking visual acuity         The newest addition to the Huvitz line offers a Galilean style optical
system on the market. It has an easy to understand control panel         system with a magnification range from 6X to 40X. The infinitely
making test selection simple. Standard features include a wide           variable illumination, omni joystick and digital camera control makes
variety of optotypes, color vision testing, advanced contrast sensi-     this a perfect choice for observation, measurement, diagnosis and
tivity testing and EyeMotion 3D animations. Sirius is available in a     documentation. The slit is adjustable from 0.3 mm to 14 mm making
variety of configurations. Choose from a software only package to        it the largest range in the industry.
a complete system.
                                                                         Add the optional HIS-5000 imaging
• Digital Refractor Connection                                           system for documentation.
• Contrast Sensitivity
• Dual Monitor Technology                                                The system includes:
• Stereo Testing                                                         • HIS-5000 Integrated Digital Camera
• Customizable Video & Images                                            • HIS-5000 Imaging Software

Veatch Instruments ▲ (800) 447-7511                                                            Veatch Instruments ▲ (800) 447-7511
    www.veatchinstruments.com                           Circle No. 117    Circle No. 118           www.veatchinstruments.com

                                                                   P AGE 2 0
  NEW STEREOPSIS TESTS                                       THE MOST INNOVATIVE AND ACCURATE
  NEW Features Include:                                      REFRACTOR “PSF” AND BETTER DESIGNED
  • Expanded Graded Circle Test                              LENSES “ENCEPSION”
    from 400 Sec NOW DOWN                                    Vmax offers a Point Spread Function (PSF) refractor for
    TO 20 sec                                                achieving the best possible vision. It surpasses phoropters,
  • New Technology, which                                    provides 5 times more accu-
    Eliminates Monocular Clues                               rate subjective refraction,
  • Answer Key Now Integrated on                             highest in reliability, EMR
    Test Booklet Cover                                       connectivity, and neutralizing
  • Lea Symbols, the Most                                    wavefront aberrations.
    Internationally Recognized                               Encepsion™ Lenses are
    Symbols for Testing Children                             free-form PALs, life style and
  • BOTH Adult & Pediatric Polarized                         frame optimized, cut to 0.05
    Viewers Included                                         diopters accuracy. Perfect for
  • Durable Booklet                                          practice differentiation and
  • NEW Low Price.                                           increased profitability.
Vision Assessment Corp. ▲ (866) 887-9692                                             Vmax Vision, Inc. ▲ (888) 413-7038
        www.visionassessment.com           Circle No. 119    Circle No. 120               www.VmaxVision.com

Vision Assessment Corp. ▲ (866) 887-9692                                       Advanced Vision Research ▲ (800) 979-8327
        www.VisionAssessment.com            Circle No. 121    Circle No. 122             www.macutrition.com

 HAI SL-5000 DIGITAL                                         HAI CL-1000EVA ENDO
 VIDEO SLIT LAMP                                             VIEWING ATTACHMENT
 $15,000. SL-5000 is a full-featured                         $14,000. CL-1000eva is a miniature
 slit lamp with 3CCD color video                             non-contact specular microscope
 sequencing for real-time, high                              that attaches to slit lamps, providing
 resolution image capture. Superb                            clear views of patient corneal endo-
 optics, up to 14mm slit, five levels                        thelium. Live video control, 200x
 of magnification from 6x to 40x.                            magnification, automatic image
 Comes with HAI IMS/CL Image                                 capture and analysis (density, poly-
 Management System, single snap-                             megathism, morphology, thickness)
 shot and 30fps video recording                              done in seconds. Ideal for patholo-
 modes, built-in database,                                   gies, contact lens and DSAEK
 EMR compatible, network ready.                              patients. Half the price of stand-
                                                             alone specular models.

       HAI Labs ▲ (781) 862-9884                                                          HAI Labs ▲ (781) 862-9884
            www.hailabs.com                 Circle No. 123    Circle No. 124                   www.hailabs.com

                                                       P AGE 2 1
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                                F e b r u a r y              2 0 1 1

 REICHERT 7 NON-CONTACT TONOMETER                                            PT100 NON-CONTACT TONOMETER
 Reichert’s newest NCT, features an easy-to-use touch screen user            Reichert’s 40 years of continual NCT product development,
 interface, combine this with a fully automated alignment system, and        has produced the world’s only truly portable handheld NCT.
 you have the easiest to use, most accurate                                  Measurements are taken automatically once the PT100 is correctly
 NCT available today. Measurement data                                       aligned, ensuring accurate and repeatable measurements every
 is clearly displayed on the color LCD,                                      time. Cordless and lightweight, the
 and can be sent to the internal printer or                                  PT100 has a long-life rechargeable bat-
 office EMR system. Soft air puff technol-                                   tery, so it can be used on all patients,
 ogy ensures patient comfort.                                                wherever you may be.

 MADE IN THE USA.                                                            MADE IN THE USA.

Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955                                                          Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955
           www.reichert.com                                 Circle No. 125   Circle No. 126                www.reichert.com

 REICHERT APPLANATION TONOMETERS                                             ILLUMINATED PHOROPTOR®
 Reichert offers a complete range of high quality, accurate contact          The first and always the best refracting
 tonometers. IOP measurement can be conducted as part of your                instrument now has illuminated dials
 routine slit lamp examination. Available in two models, Reichert            for easier and more efficient refraction
 contact tonometers will meet your office needs. The CT100 will              in the darkened setting of the exam
 fit on any tower style slit lamp                                            room. The Illuminated Phoroptor fea-
 while the CT210 will fit on                                                 tures lighted sphere, cylinder power
 any compact type slit lamp.                                                 and cylinder axis scales. Cool running,
                                                                             energy efficient LEDs illuminate only what you see without affect-
 MADE IN THE USA.                                                            ing the darkened refracting environment. The patented design
                                                                             offers maintenance free illumination without the need to ever
                                                                             change a bulb.

                                                                                                         MADE IN THE USA.

Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955                                                          Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955
           www.reichert.com                                 Circle No. 127   Circle No. 128                www.reichert.com

 RK700 AUTO REFRACTOR/KERATOMETER                                            REICHERT PSL PORTABLE SLIT LAMP
 The RK700 features automatic alignment, measurement                         Reichert Technologies offers a complete line of slit lamps to meet
 and right/left eye movement for easy and fast objec-                        your needs and budget. The lightweight, battery operated PSL
 tive refraction and keratometry. Multiple refraction                        Portable Slit Lamp provides excel-
 and keratometry measurements can be taken with the                          lent optics and a long lasting, high
 touch of a button. Measurement modes include R/K,                           luminance LED. The PSL offers
                                                                             10x and 16x magnification eye-
 REF, KRT, P.K., IOL and contact lenses. The Photo
                                                                             pieces, cobalt blue filter, and red-
 option captures an image of the anterior eye that can
                                                                             free filter. Comes with a carrying
 be stored in patient records. Data output can be printed                    case, two rechargeable batteries,
 automatically, or downloaded via RS-232C or USB port. The motorized         battery charger, forehead support,
 chin rest and canthus marks facilitate the positioning of the patient for   and diopter adjustment bar.
 measurement. The large tilted LED Screen allows the examiner to operate
 the device comfortably while standing or in a seated position.

                                MADE IN THE USA.

Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955                                                          Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955
           www.reichert.com                                Circle No. 129    Circle No. 130                www.reichert.com

                                                                       P AGE 2 2
 ClearChart® 2 is built on the dependable LINUX foundation of the orig-     Ocular Response Analyzer® provides the world’s only direct mea-
 inal, highly successful Reichert ClearChart®. Free of fans, hard drives,   surement of corneal biomechanical properties. Corneal Hysteresis
 and moving parts, ClearChart® 2 is the only purpose-built digital acuity   is an indicator of the visco-elastic properties of the cornea and
 solution available. This dependable system features 19-inch screen,        is useful in diagnosing corneal pathologies, refractive surgery
 Sine-wave grating contrast sensitiv-                                       pre-screening, and glaucoma diagnosis/management. The instru-
 ity testing, patient education slides,                                     ment also presents IOPcc, a measure of intraocular pressure that
 and a full compliment of optotypes                                         is less effected by corneal
 and phoria testing features.
                                                                            properties, such as resis-
                                                                            tance and thickness.
                                                                            MADE IN THE USA.

Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955                                                         Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955
           www.reichert.com                               Circle No. 131    Circle No. 132                www.reichert.com

 REICHERT REFLEX™ ULTRASOUND                                                NEW! REICHERT 7CR AUTO TONOMETER +
 BIO-MICROSCOPE (UBM)                                                       CORNEAL RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY™
 Reflex™ is the most compact UBM available with unparalleled                The increasingly recognized flaws in Goldmann Tonometry cannot
 ease of set up and use. Clinicians can now image pathologies that          be corrected by using corneal thickness based IOP adjustments
 may be obstructed by opacities or ocular structures, which OCT             because thickness does not explain the bending resistance of the
 technology cannot. The touch-screen operation and unique probe             cornea. The Reichert 7CR takes corneal biomechanical proper-
 design allows operators to examine                                         ties into consideration and provides Corneal Compensated IOP
 patients in any position, without the                                      (IOPcc). IOPcc is more accurate, enhancing
 need for a traditional water bath.                                         clinicians ability to make critical diagnosis
                                                                            and treatment decisions.
                                                                            MADE IN THE USA.

Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955                                                         Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955
           www.reichert.com                               Circle No. 133    Circle No. 134                www.reichert.com

 REICHERT TONO-PEN AVIA®                                                    REICHERT OCU-FILM® + TIP COVERS
 The Tono-Pen® is the industry standard handheld applanation                FDA approved Reichert Ocu-Film + tip covers are the only Reichert
 tonometer, trusted by doctors and technicians worldwide for                approved covers for use with Tono-Pen AVIA® and Tono-Pen® XL
 nearly 25 years. The Reichert Tono-Pen AVIA® requires no daily             applanation tonometers. Re-formulated in Reichert blue color to reas-
 calibration, the new ergonomic design makes it ideal for left or           sure the user that the tip cover is the genuine brand, Ocu-Film + tip
 right handed users, two large easy to read LCD screens display             covers are free of contaminants and offer superior performance and
 the average of 10 IOP measurements                                         protection for your Tono-Pen. Ocu-Film + tip covers are 100% hand
 as well as a confidence indicator                                          inspected by trained technicians and then sanitized. They are avail-
 ensuring accurate, repeatable                                              able in bulk bags or individually packaged in polyvinyl pouches.
 tonometry results.                                                         Protect your Tono-Pen investment and your patients by only using
                                                                            blue Reichert Ocu-Film + tip covers.
                                                                            MADE IN THE USA.

Reichert Technologies ▲ (800) TONO-PEN                                                         Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955
           www.tonopen.com                                Circle No. 135     Circle No. 136               www.ocufilm.com

                                                                     P AGE 2 3
 Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                                                F e b r u a r y                                 2 0 1 1

   NEW! REICHERT FORESEE PHP®                                                REICHERT XCEL 255 SLIT LAMP
   PREFERENTIAL HYPERACUITY PERIMETER                                        Reichert Technologies offers a complete line of slit lamps to meet
   Foresee PHP® is the only FDA-approved device for monitor-                 your needs and budget. The XCEL family of Slit Lamps offers high
   ing the conversion of Intermediate AMD (Dry) to Choroidal                 quality optics for image clarity and
   Neovascularization (Wet AMD). Based on the phenomenon of                  detail. The ergonomic design is
   hyperacuity (Vernier), the Foresee PHP® is a non-invasive and easy-       engineered for easy and smooth
                                                                             maneuverability. The XCEL 255
   to-use perimeter that can detect early
                                                                             offers 3X magnification and red,
   Wet AMD before symptoms become
                                                                             cobalt blue and heat absorbing filters
   noticeable to patients, enabling                                          at an affordable price. Applanation
   clinicians to refer for treatment                                         tonometers are available with all
   when it is most effective.                                                Reichert slit lamps as accessories.

  Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955                                                                    Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955
             www.reichert.com                              Circle No.137     Circle No. 138                            www.reichert.com

   Reichert Technologies offers a complete line of slit lamps to meet
   your needs and budget. The XCEL family of Slit Lamps offers high           A LEADING PROVIDER OF INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY
   quality optics for image clarity and detail. The ergonomic design is      • 200Tx - Disease & treatment planning with ultra-widefield, ultra-
   engineered for easy and smooth maneuverability.                             high definition color imaging, fluorescein angiography, autofluo-
   XCEL 400 and 700 slit lamps offer 3 or 5 times                              rescence capabilities (up to 200° or 82% of the retina)
   magnification within the range of 6X, 10X, 16X,
                                                                             • 200Dx - Diagnostic and wellness ultra-widefield, ultra-high defi-
   25X and 40X, and four filter options including
                                                                               nition color imaging (up to 200° or 82% of the retina)
   neutral density. Applanation tonometers
   are available with all Reichert slit lamps                                • AP300 - Automated Perimeters offering unmatched innovation,
   as accessories.                                                             precision and speed in visual field analysis
                                                                             • SmartChart Elite™ - Powerful digital visual acuity testing in a
                                                                               wall mounted LCD panel with built in computer
                                                                             • AccuPen® handheld tonometer, PachPen® handheld pachym-
                                                                               eter and UltraSound B-Scan

 Reichert Technologies ▲ (888) 849-8955                                                                                      Optos ▲ (800) 854-3039
            www.reichert.com                               Circle No. 139    Circle No. 140                                     www.optos.com

   CLARITY H2O MONTHLY LENS                                                  ELESTAT
   • All-day comfort and dry eye relief                                      ELESTAT® (epinastine HCl ophthalmic solution) 0.05% pro-
   • All-day visual clarity, second to none                                  vides fast-acting, long-lasting relief of ocular itching and
                                                                             is soothing to the eyes. Epinastine prevents ocular allergy
   • A comfort upgrade for SiHy lens wearers
                                                                             symptoms rapidly by blocking both the H1 and H2 receptors,
   • 3 base curve options for the optimum fit                                stabilizing mast cells and stopping the cascade of pro-
   • Better patient compliance and improved patient retention                inflammatory mediators. Its fast, multi-action efficacy
   • Greater patient affordability & enhanced practice profitability         reduces symptoms within 3 minutes, and its sustained effect
   • Available in eco-                                                       provides relief for 8-12 hours. ELESTAT® is also soothing
     friendly 12 packs with                                                  upon instillation with a 7 pH, similar to natural tears.
     >20% savings vs. 6
                                                                             ELESTAT® ophthalmic solution is indicated for the prevention of ocular itching
     pack price                                                              associated with allergic conjunctivitis.
                                                                             Important Safety Information:
                                                                             The most frequently reported ocular adverse events occurring in approximately 1% to 10% of patients were
                                                                             burning sensation in the eye, folliculosis, hyperemia, and pruritus. The most frequently reported nonocular
                                                                             adverse events were infection (cold symptoms and upper respiratory infections), seen in approximately 10% of
                                                                             patients, and headache, rhinitis, sinusitis, increased cough, and pharyngitis seen in approximately 1% to 3% of
                                                                             patients. Some of these events were similar to the underlying disease being studied.
                                                                             Patients should be advised not to wear a contact lens if their eye is red.

Hydrogel Vision Corporation ▲ (877) 336-2482                                                             Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ▲ (919) 941-9777
          www.hydrogelvision.com                          Circle No.141      Circle No.142                           www.inspirepharm.com

                                                                       P AGE 2 4
Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620                                     Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620
            www.keelerusa.com               Circle No. 143   Circle No. 144               www.keelerusa.com

Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620                                     Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620
            www.keelerusa.com               Circle No. 145   Circle No. 146               www.keelerusa.com

Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620   Circle No. 147   Circle No. 148   Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620
            www.keelerusa.com                                                             www.keelerusa.com

                                                      P AGE 2 5
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                                   F e b r u a r y         2 0 1 1

                                                     Circle No. 149                                                            Circle No. 150

IQ 810™ LASER FROM IRIDEX                                                    IQ 577™ LASER WITH
Multifunctional laser system for both glaucoma and retina                    MICROPULSE TECHNOLOGY
applications offering flexibility and performance.                           A solid-state, true-yellow
• 810nm for transscleral                                                     577 nm wavelength with
  therapy                                                                    the power and versatility
• Conventional photoco-                                                      to function as a compre-
  agulation                                                                  hensive photocoagulator.
• MicroPulse™ technol-                                                       • Peak absorption in
  ogy for tissue sparring                                                      oxyhemoglobin
  treatments (MLT)                                                           • MicroPulse™ technol-
                                                                               ogy for tissue sparring
                                                                               treatments (MLT)
                                                                             • Treat with less power
                                                                               and fewer pulses
                                                                             • 2500 mW of deliver-
                                                                               able energy

    IRIDEX Corp. ▲ (800) 388-4747                                                                       IRIDEX Corp. ▲ (800) 388-4747
           www.iridex.com                               Circle No. 151       Circle No. 152                    www.iridex.com

EYE DESIGNS                                                                  NO PUFF NO DROPS
CUSTOM INTERIORS & FURNITURE                                                 Icare is an advanced medical
Eye Designs is the industry leader in the creation of effective oph-         technology company manufac-
thalmic office planning and unique merchandising systems that                turing Icare® Tonometers for
enhance your patient’s experience. Choose from a large selection             measuring Intraocular Pressure
of display furniture styles that fit any budget or personality.              (IOP) with unique, patented
                                                                             rebound technology, which
• Space Planning                                                             enables quick and painless
• Interior Design                                                            measurement with no drops or
• Display Innovation                                                         air. Intelligent, easy to use and
• Manufacturing                                                              patient friendly, Icare® has over
                                                                             20,000 satisfied users in over
Offering Complimentary…                                                      50 countries.
Space Planning,
3-D Renderings and
On-Site Consultation

     Eye Designs ▲ (800) 346-8890                                                                         Icare U.S.A. ▲ (919) 624-9095
         www.eyedesigns.com                            Circle No. 153       Circle No. 154                  www.icaretonometer.com

                                                                      P AGE 2 6
ACCUTOME A-SCAN PLUS 4.20                                                  MARCO CUSTOMIZED
The new A-Scan Plus 4.20 features intuitive software and upgraded          LANE PACKAGES
hardware to meet the precision demands of premium IOLs. The                Marco lane equipment is designed and
A-Scan Plus is the single most effective solution for measuring and        built to be exceptionally strong, so you don’t
calculating all of your patients and refining your surgical outcomes for   have to be. All of our lane products—
cataract surgery.                                                          from chairs and stands to slit lamps,
• Immersion and Contact Modes.                                             refractors and chart projectors—offer
• 100% Measurement Capability                                              the most trouble-free, effortless
  regardless of lens opacities or                                          operation in the industry. They work
  fixation difficulties.                                                   better because they’re built better.
• Industry Leading Resolution                                              And when you purchase an entire
  and Screen Size for precise                                              Marco lane, you’ll save even more
  and reproducible axial length                                            on our already remarkably
  measurements.                                                            affordable prices.
• More Storage—Save patient data via USB memory or PC computer.
• New A-Scan Manager Software—Review patient data from any PC.
     Accutome ▲ (800) 979-2020                                                                                         Marco ▲ (800) 874-5274
        www.accutome.com                                 Circle No. 155    Circle No. 156                                 www.marco.com

ACCUTOME PACHPEN®                                                          IVUE®
Precise pachymetry is at your fingertips with the handheld                 iVue® is the most versatile, most compact Spectral-Domain OCT in the
Accutome PachPen. The PachPen is easy-to-use, lightweight and              world for eye-care professionals. As the newest product to come out
features a great ergonomic design for quick CCT measurements.              of innovative OCT manufacturer Optovue, Inc.,
Long lasting lithium                                                       iVue® is a high-resolution, high-speed, full spec-
battery powers the                                                         tral/fourier-domain OCT scanner with 5-micron
PachPen for 15,000                                                         resolution and 26,000 A-scans/second scanning
measurements.                                                              speed offering imaging capabilities of both the
Call today to take                                                         anterior and posterior pole as standard. High-
advantage of our spe-                                                      resolution B-scans and retinal thickness mapping
cial $700.00 trade-in                                                      aid in identifying and tracking retinal disease.
special.                                                                   RNFL thickness mapping and TSNIT analysis
                                                                           help to identify RNFL loss. A full 6x6mm
                                                                           Pachymetry Map, plus visualization and measure-
                                                                           ment of the angle, provide the tools to aid in
                                                                           anterior segment assessment.

     Accutome ▲ (800) 979-2020                                                                                  Optovue, Inc. ▲ (866) 344-8948
        www.accutome.com                                 Circle No. 157    Circle No. 158                             www.optovue.com

TETRAVISC™ FORTE—TAKING TOPICAL                                            SMART SYSTEM 2020™
ANESTHESIA TO THE NEXT LEVEL                                               Offers Cutting Edge Integration of Computerized Vision Testing
                                                                           with Auto-phoroptors, EMR and Patient Education
New higher viscosity TetraVisc™ FORTE provides a longer anes-
thetization time than traditional ophthalmic anesthetic solutions          Leader in computerized visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and video display systems. Visual acuity
                                                                           tests, fully randomizable and customizable, letter/linear sine gratings for contrast testing, E-ETDRS/
and significantly improves pain levels in postoperative patients.          ATS certified for clinical trials and user-friendly operation of patient education and EMR software.
Additionally, TetraVisc™ FORTE also offers a number
                                                                           • System Link™ – simultaneously operate Smart
of advantages over anesthetic jelly (commonly used
                                                                             System™ with other software packages on
off-label for a number of years in cataract surgery)                         same computer
including: rapid and immediate dispersion across the                       • Seamless integration with Marco and Topcon
                                                                             auto-phoroptors, Eyemaginations™ and
cornea eliminating the need for multiple drops or                            OfficeMate™ EMR
supplemental intracameral anesthesia and increased                         • Industry Exclusive – Lea Symbols™
efficiency in the operating room or the clinic.                            • Includes the advanced Smart System™ 2008
                                                                             software and a 20” Monitor-Standard
Call 800-233-5469 for a trial evaluation.
                                                                           Meets or Exceeds ANSI/ISO standards

    OCuSOFT, Inc. ▲ (800) 233-5469                                                                     M&S Technologies, Inc. ▲ (877) 225-6101
         www.ocusoft.com                                 Circle No. 159     Circle No. 160                     www.mstech-eyes.com

                                                                    P AGE 2 7
Ophthalmic Product Guide                                                                          F e b r u a r y               2 0 1 1

OPT-ALIGN™                                                             HFA-CIRRUS COMBINED REPORT: THE
The Stereo Optical Opt-Align™ is the only automated instrument         WORLD’S FIRST OCT AND VISUAL FIELD
that measures the alignment and fixation disparity and determines      INTEGRATION
the amount of prism required to resolve the conflict between con-      • At-a-glance structure/func-
vergence and accommodation to treat asthenopia. Combined with            tion correlation and right
new anti-fatigue lens technology, Opt-Align™ is the answer to            eye/left eye comparison.
resolving chronic and debilitating symptoms.                           • Generated automatically
                                                                         from HFA™ and Cirrus™
Features:                                                                HD-OCT data.
• Same trusted design of the Optec® 5000                               • Streamlines your clinical
  Series Vision Testers                                                  assessment.
• Light, portable and easy to use                                      • Available exclusively with
• Offers a combination of both a Modified                                the ZEISS FORUM® Data
  Turville Test and an Automated Cover Test                              Management System.
  to determine the amount of prism needed.
• Software report of evaluation and documentation of exam results.

  Stereo Optical ▲ (800) 344-9500                                                            Carl Zeiss Meditec ▲ (877) 486-7473
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OPTEC® 5000 SERIES VISION TESTERS                                     THE OPTOS P200MA OPHTHALMIC
Features Include:                                                     IMAGING SYSTEM
• Modern design                                                       The Optos P200MA Ophthalmic
• The only vision tester that meets                                   Imaging System, featuring the
  all vision testing standards worldwide                              optomap® fa Angiography Procedure,
• L.E.D. lighting system lasting                                      digitally captures ultra-widefield, ultra-
  100,000 hours                                                       high resolution images and provides:
                                                                      • The first non-contact widefield
Proven features still include:                                          imaging system
• Test near and distance acuities of multifocal                       • A 200° field of the retina in a single
  lens patients utilizing ergonomically correct                         image, enabling simultaneous pole
  positioning                                                           and peripheral view of the retina
• Meet testing protocols of most vision care plans                    • Color, red-free and FA imaging
• Accurately test ages 2 through adult                                • Practitioners with support in diagnos-
• The only vision tester that offers customized                         ing ocular pathology that may first
  test sequences                                                        present in the periphery of the retina.

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WHEN THE PRESSURE’S ON...                                             FORUM® EYE CARE DATA MANAGEMENT
THE ACCUPEN® DELIVERS                                                 • Enhances workflow and communication by integrating diagnostic
Busy facilities deserve an instrument that will come through in         instruments for a complete, centralized, paperless record of your
the clutch. Accutome is proud to introduce the AccuPen Handheld         patients’ diagnostic images, history and demographics.
Applanation Tonometer, which uses high-resolution, real-time          • Allows users to view reports instantaneously
waveform analysis to provide accurate IOP measurements. New             in-office or off-site with the FORUM Viewer.
gravity offset technology requires less calibration than other        • Complements EMR systems by providing
handheld tonometers.                                                    robust data management capabilities.
Weighing only 3.0 oz,                                                 • All ZEISS diagnostic instruments* now come
the AccuPen is per-                                                     standard with DICOM connection to FORUM,
fect to go from loca-                                                   making them “FORUM ready”.
tion to location and                                                  • Connects to all DICOM compatible systems,
the new ergonomic                                                       including ZEISS and other brands.
design makes it easy-                                                 • Scalable to accommodate practices of
to-use.                                                                 every size and scope.

                                                                      * Excluding Matrix™ and FDT™

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