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Julie Lemasurier                             100               1             1
                                             106               1             1
Julie Lemasurier Total                                         2             2
Eve Billings                                 103               1             1
Eve Billings Total                                             1             1
Eve Billings/Marc Harris                     102               1             1
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Julie Lemasurier (Julie Renfrew)              82               1             1
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Richard Lester                               108               1             1
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             ISSUE, PROBLEM OR CONCERN                       ACTION TAKEN             ACTION COMPLETE      ADDITIONAL INFORMATION           TYPE             SOURCE                  STATUS

                                                                                                                                    COMPLAINT, CONCERN OR    WHERE
No.   DATE    Recorded By        DESCRIPTION   Person Responsible       DESCRIPTION    INITIAL & DATE      SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS        COMPLIMENT OR        INITIATED   CCC Status       OPEN/CLOSED
                                                                                                                                        IMPROVEMENT           FROM
            ISSUE, PROBLEM OR CONCERN                                                      ACTION TAKEN
No.    DATE                                 DESCRIPTION                        Respons
                   d By
                   Emma                                                          Emma
 1    3/27/2006                     Amendments to the QA Manual
                   Butler                                                        Butler

                              Delegate Box being mislaid upon arrival at
                                venue despite signature to prove it was
                   Dean                                                         Dean
 2    3/28/2006                delivered. Hotel were unco-operative in
                   Henry                                                        Henry
                             helping to locate box until we proved we had

                               Delegate experienced difficulties booking         Julie
 3    3/28/2006                     course. See comments on DF                 LeMasurie
                                     Governance/Audit 23/03/06                     r

                          A number of Members have recently contacted
                           IPF, as they are confused by CIPFA Network's
                          flexible 'free-place' system and have requested
                                  clarification of their arrangement.     Annette
                  Annette                                                 Millar/Mic
 4    31-Mar-06
                   Millar        CIPFA Networks need find a way of          helle
                          communicating clearer information to Members Mcfadden
                            and potential Members alike, demonstrating
                          how the places system operates and how best
                                    to choose a membership level.

                             Delegates have encountered problems parking
                   Dean       at the University Arms Hotel in Cambridge.        Dean
 5    31-Mar-06
                   Henry     Hotel have said that park is only guarantee for    Henry
                                            residental guests
                              Delegates have given very disappointing
                  Julie                                                     Julie
                            feedback say that the course they attended
6    3-Apr-06   LeMasurie                                                 LeMasurie
                          failed to meet its objectives or cover a number
                    r                                                         r
                              of the points listed in the course outline.

                            Received an Invoice from Rheon Tomos for
                           Feb work. The Invoice was dated incorrectly,
                           so I contacted Rheon directly and ammended
                 Alana       the Invoice. This was then sent to Rupert         Peter
7    4-Apr-06
                 Mabey      Dewhirst for authorisation. However Rupert        Connolly
                           has been on annual leave and was unbale to
                           authorise payment before Month end. Rheon
                            has been chasing payment for this Invoice.
                           Peter Connolly emailed me querying payment
                           of Mike Griffths Invoice for Feb work. I looked
                 Alana     into this, the Invoice was passed for payment       Emma
8    4-Apr-06
                 Mabey       on the 16th March and was not paid till the       Butler
                              30th March. This is an ongoing issue with
                                           various Invoices.

                              Comment on Alison Diwhurst's Advisor
                           Feedback Form for Police FAN conference on
                 Janet    23 Feb 06 at QAG. There was not enough food          Dean
9    5-Apr-06
                 Martin     for delegates and speakers - 37 people in          Henry
                          total. QAG catered for 36, but still insufficient
                                       food for 36 people.

                             Received an email from a recipient of the
                   Liz         weekly ITT newsletter email. She was              Liz
10   4/5/2006   Simmond     unhappy about the newlstter emails being          Simmond
                    s       flagged as 'Important' and mentioned that             s
                            whilst these may be of imporntance to IPF,
                             they are not at the top of her priority list.
                           BGF 2 day Conference flyer - error on days
11          Julie LeMasurier
     4/7/2006             printed Tuesday 9 May and Tuesday 10 May.  Julie LeMasurier
                                  Too late for printers to amend.

                  Janet                                                   Dean
12   3/10/2006                Food terrible,room fine./Better catering
                  Martin                                                  Henry

                              Out of 29 delegates 9 complaining about
                 Maureen    Room too small and being hot & stuffy. Also   Dean
13   4/10/2006
                 Faulkner      toilet facilities @ QAG London Benefits    Henry
                            8/03/06 see Comments on Venue Feedback
                   Julie      An e-mail complaining about numerous         Julie
14   10-Apr-06   LeMasuri   requests for a databse change and this not   LeMasuri
                    er                    being actioned.                   er

                        Accommodation mix-up at hotel for speakers
                         at a PAN event on 28th Feb. Our agent had
                       been notified by a member of staff at this office
                  Liz      (who has now left IPF) that there was no      Liz
15   4/10/2006 Simmond accommodation required and this was passed Simmond
                   s   to the hotel who cancelled all the rooms held at   s
                        the hotel for the event. The speakers arrived
                        at the hotel to be told that they did not have a
                                         room booking.
                  Liz                                                        Liz
16   4/10/2006 Simmond          Box not delivered on time to hotel        Simmond
                   s                                                          s

17   4/11/2006 Simmond        Please see supporting documents field

                        Andrew Leck stayed at the Rochester Grange
                       Hotel in London on night of 10th April. Took 4
                        rooms before he was happy with a room, one
                       of the rooms he was put in was a non-smoking         Dean
18   4/12/2006 Simmond
                       room and there had been someone smoking in           Henry
                         there, he was then given a room which was
                        next to the bar and then he was moved again
                                        as it was noisy!

                            Start time for Audit workshops incorrect on
                               Consensus (10:30 rather than 10:00).           Julie
19   4/18/2006            Therefore, joining instructions went out with the LeMasuri
                           incorrect start times on them for both events.      er
                                18/04/06 - London, 20/04/06 - York.
                        13 out of 13 delegates complaining about
                        venue at cbrs event 22/2/06 @ Sheffield,
               Maureen Mosborough. See Venue feedback for              Dean
20   4/24/2006 Faulkner comments.                                      Henry

                        Delegates complaing about Aztec Bristol
                        Benefits event 1/2/06The room set up was too
                        cosy, tables could have been spaced out more
                        and one of the spot lights flickered. Larger
                        room required & food could have been better.
                        Room could have been bigger. Food could
                        have been better. Food poor. Venue was
                        cramped. Food was awful. Venue was
                        cramped food not very good. Food dreadful,
                        room squashed, ladies toilets not to room only
                        one working. room was too small, food not very
               Maureen good only 1 ladies toilet working. Room very    Dean
21   4/25/2006 Faulkner cramped                                        Henry

                         3 Delegates complaining about lunch at
                         Raddison SAS Leeds. This was a FAN event
                         held on the 1/3/2006.Dissapointed with the
                         venue,must have been the worst lunch I have
               Janet     ver had at a FAN event,---Strange lunch.---   Dean
22   4/25/2006 Martin    Lunch was interesting!!!.                     Henry
                          Advisor noted on 'Advisor Feedback Form'
                          projector unreliable - both the Advisor and
                          Technician could not get the projector to work.
               Betty      Had to hire an hotel projector. Intends to      Dean
23   4/27/2006 Millar     contact IT Department                           Henry

               Liz                                                    Liz
               Simmond Booking forms created by marketing are not     Simmond
24   4/28/2006 s       stating the 2% charge for credit card payments s

                        Benefits Consortium - Thistle Hotel 31/1/06.
                        No coffee at registration. Insufficient parking.
                        Not ideal for getting In/Out of Exeter. Room/
                        building too was very cold. Centre of
                        Exeter-rush hour difficult to get here. Very cold
                        in room. Room too cold. Dining room too cold.
                        No coffee on arrival. Hotel too central. parking
                        very difficult and exstortionately expensive in
                        multi-storey. room very cold in morning. overall
               Maureen temperature of hotel cold even in dinning          Dean
25   4/28/2006 Faulkner room.                                             Henry

               Simmond                                                   Liz
26    5/2/2006 s       Website contact details not up to date            English
                          Mike Griffiths reported that an external
                          customer experienced difficulty in making
                          contact with the TMF, via the IPF Switchboard. Julie
              Annette     Need to ensure internal links are firmly in    LeMasuri
27   5/3/2006 Millar      place.                                         er

              Dean        IQN & Treasury Management Event double            Dean
28   5/8/2006 Henry       booked at QAG.                                    Henry

                        Cliff Dalton and Susan Sloman were booked
                        into the Radisson SAS Birmingham and when
              Kiley     Cliff tried to check in they couldn't find his or   Kiley
29   5/9/2006 Stubbings Susan's booking reference.                          Stubbings
               Julie                                                   Julie
               LeMasuri                                                LeMasuri
30    5/9/2006 er       IQN website not set up to take online bookings er

                Julie                                                         Julie
                LeMasuri   Julie could not open the events page of the        LeMasuri
31   10-May-06 er          PAC website                                        er
                Liz        Map for the Royal Hotel Bridge of Allan had a      Liz
                Simmond    spelling error on which a delegate returned        Simmond
32    5/12/2006 s          telling us after they had received their JI's      s

                           A number of delegates informed me that they
                           did not get their joining instructions. I had to
               Betty       take calls from several delegates the day          Liz
33   5/27/2006 Millar      before the event. CPS-Stirling 27/04/06            English

               Betty       No badges included for ITT conference for          Simmond
34   5/21/2006 Millar      delegates                                          s
                          Advisor commented could do with some nicer
               Betty      food when we're at QAG - and more of it.         Dean
35   5/21/2006 Millar     Catering used to be better in days gone by.      Henry
                          Mailshot carried out for FAN Training &
                          Development Services 2006/7. It was noticed
                          titles were not included to recipients, ie. just
                          their surnames, although titles in the
                          salutations were included. Incomplete
                          addresses is also apparent generally with

               Betty                                                         Eve
36   5/23/2006 Millar                                                        Billings

                          Thistle Hotel Kensington Fan 17/05/06.Better
                          venue. Better room layout. Venue poor. Lunch
                          v good. Venue too cramped & poorly designed.
                          It would have been helpful to have known
                          Queensway tube station was closed! Room not
                          well laid out. Tube desrcibed as nearest was
                          closed. Poor layout. Venue could have been
                          better, in terms of accomodation(delegate
                          comments Edinburgh council) This is probably
                          the worst venue for this type of workshop that I
                          have attended. Strange room-not really a good
                          layout. lunch was ok, but not good. Room
               Maureen    unsuitable. Room small & narrow-not good for       Dean
36    6/9/2006 Faulkner   course                                             Henry
                          Oriel House Hotel St Asaph FAN 17/05/06
                          Glasses dirty, ants on table, food cold, would
                          not choose venue myself for an event.
               Maureen    Excellent venue. Cleanliness was not the best-     Dean
37    6/9/2006 Faulkner   dirty glasses/ants/cold food                       Henry
                        Heath Court Hotel Newmarket Benefits
                        25/04/06 Venue-not large enough for the
                        number of attendees. Very nice lunch. Seating
                        bit squashed in! Heath Lodge very good venue
                        but due to number attending very cramped.
                        The venue itself was fine, however the room
                        was cramped and there was not enough space
                        for each delegate. Room cramped but food
                        good. Whilst the venue was very good as a
               Maureen whole the room was cramped given the           Dean
38    6/9/2006 Faulkner number of delegates                           Henry

                        Pan eventCopthorne Hotel Manchester
                        23/05/06 Noise levels due to adjoining rooms
                        was a problem at times. Training room too
                        noisy. Less noise from other groups in next
                        room. Too noisy but the lighting was quite dim-
                        again these are issues for the hotel itself. A
                        partioned room lead to siginificant noise
                        problems which was at times very distractive +
                        resulted in sent info being delivered by
                        speakers lost. Suggest the venue needs a
                        dedicated room/area in future. also carpet in
                        coffee area dangerous (H+S issues) Taxis cost
                        more than £5 from manch.Pic!! The noise from
                        the event next door was significant led to the
               Maureen detriment of the CIPFA conference. The           Dean
39    6/9/2006 Faulkner partition did not block out noise.              Henry

                       Record a procedure for dealing with joint
                       events - caller telephoned LS regarding a
                       'FAN' event and call was put through to Eve
                       Billings, the query actually related to a ITT
                       event (the caller said it was a FAN event and
                       an email was sent from the FAN) we
               Liz     transferred the call - EB ascertained that this
               Simmond was an ITT course and transferred the call
40   6/20/2006 s       back to LS - not a good business impression!      SBSO

                         The feedback forms and processes indicated
               Kiley     in the ISO manual does not apply to the         Emma
41   6/27/2006 Stubbings training division.                              Butler
                        FAN event on the 18th July on Consensus
                        shows the Newcastle Marriott in Gateshead.
                        The accommodation confirmation that was
                        sent through had the wrong address. If I hadn't
                        of picked this up then Roman would have been
              Kiley     staying at a different hotel to the where his   Dean
42   7/7/2006 Stubbings FAN event would be on the 18 July               Henry

                        Roman was confirmed to stay at the Copthorn
                        Tara for two nights (4/5 July) and we have
                        confirmation for this. He was told by the hotel
                        that they only had one night confirmed and
              Kiley     ended up having to pay by credit card for the Dean
43   7/7/2006 Stubbings second night.                                   Henry
                        CBRS Event-Arden Hotel-Solihull-5/7/06.
                        Shame the air conditioning wasn't a little
                        cooler. Room too small. Seating arrangement
                        not ideal. Room was overcrowded. Far too
                        hot/small. Not good at all. Venue very poor.
                        Lunch disorganised. Room cramped and
                        claustrophobic. Room was far too hot! Room
                        too warm. No air conditioning. Venue too hot.
                        Chairs in conference had very hard seats.
                        Very uncomfortable for a full day course.
                        Room too hot. Service at lunch slow. Room
                        too hot. Food too fussy with silver service.
                        Room too small cramped at tables. Air
               Maureen conditioning very poor. The atmoshpere at      Dean
44    8/4/2006 Faulkner lunch over difficulties was off putting.      Henry

                        ITT event 27th June 2006 @ QAG Delegate
               Maureen said website gave different date(!) (Jim            Liz
44   7/24/2006 Faulkner Marston of Reading BC)                             English

                          A projector was given to Garym Lambeth a
                          speaker for Benefits events in July, this was to
                          be left at the hotel at his last event and a
                          courier to collect the following morning.
                          Unfortunately Garym took the projector with
                          him as he 'wasnt sure what to do' (even though
                          he had been emailed) and the courier was
                          turned away empty handed. Another courier
               Eve        was booked to collect the projector from         Eve
44    8/2/2006 Billings   Garym's place of work for the following day.     Billings

                        Education Fan event-London- 20/07/06.
                        Ed fan website needs to list events coming up-
                        there is very little information about future
                        events. On checking the website J LeMasurier
               Maureen is also still the contact name for this service Eve
45    8/4/2006 Faulkner and there are no dates for events.             Billings

                          Social Care event held at QAG on 01/08/2006.
               Betty      One delegate complained on the feedback      Dean
46    8/8/2006 Millar     form 'filthy carpets'.                       Henry
                        Benefits event 8/06/06 London QAG Delegate
                        Guy Jones of Lond Boro of Merton stated on
                        his feedabck form: Admin went seriously wrong
                        this time. Faxed booking form 12/5/06 No
                        confirmation either by email or post. Phoned
                        30/05/06 to chase up, told only 2 delgates
                        booked and CIPFA would confirm on receipt of
                        re-fax. Did so. No email chased 31/05/06 said
               Maureen that got it. had to continue chasing. Only got Eve
46   7/25/2006 Faulkner phone confirmation.                           Billings

                         TMF Conference @ Ambassadors Hotel
                         6/9/06. Cramped Room, Room to cold. Noise
                         of building work in hotel affected the delegates
                         from hearing speakers. Inadequate ladies
               Charlotte toilets. Failed IT Equipment (2 Presentations    Dean
47   9/11/2006 & Dean    didn't work)                                     Henry

                          Feedback from Ann Cameron Knowsley
                          MBC - 01704 506 563. She is attending
                          a project mgt course that we are running
                          next week and she rang up to complain
                          about the cost of car parking and
                          enquired as to why we don't
               Liz        have negotiated car parking rates for our Dean
48   9/19/2006 English    participants.                             Henry
                         Delegates attending HAN event on 21.09.2006
                         in B'ham - arrived at hotel and was informed
                         that there was no CIPFA HAN event there
               Liz       today - delegates called their office and their Dean
49   9/21/2006 English   office called us.                               Henry

               Emma      Non conformance 1: No authorization recorded       Emma
50   9/22/2006 Butler    since original issue                               Butler
                         Police FAN event on 5 Oct 06 - Advisor
                         reported Problems with car park. Hotel blamed
                         us for not letting them know beforehand
                         whether IPF or delegates paying. Building
                         noise - I had to ask this to be
                         stopped/minimised. Also, no dessert at lunch
                         or coffee served at the tables. Also not much
                         room for delegates. We asked for cabaret
                         sytle, for 35 people. Hotel said max was 40,
                         but you wouldn't get more than 35 in Redcliffe
                         Suite 3, which was our room. NB: Building
              Betty      noise will continue, because hotel building        Dean
50 10/17/2006 Millar     extension.                                         Henry

               Emma      Non Conformance 2: Retention time not              Emma
51   9/22/2006 Butler    defined in P.22 of QMS                             Butler
                         Police FAN event on 12 Sept 06 - Advisor
                         reported But building work is due to contiune
                         during 2006 & 2007. Excessive building noise,
                         both outside and inside the building. Noise
                         outside was just outside room. So it was very
                         noisy. Venue kept promising it would stop, but
                         when it did, it would start up again later. Also
                         the room was very hot, I tried to use the air
                         conditioning, but it didn't seem to work. I also
                         reported it to staff, but nothing changed. We
              Betty      couldn't open the window because of the            Dean
51 10/17/2006 Millar     building noise! However, they did give us all a    Henry

               Emma      Non conformance 3: Insufficient evidence of
52   9/22/2006 Butler    annual planning/review                             SMT

              Liz        ITT member has requested that we do not            Liz
52 10/20/2006 English    send e-shots as a high priority                    English
                        Observation 1: Investigation should be tracked
                        via Action Log. A low "very happy" score has
                        triggerred an investigation - this contradicts
               Emma     divisional policy of setting Delegate Feedback
53   9/22/2006 Butler   KPI's on % scoring "happy or very happy" only. SMT

                        Event held at QAG on 17 October - complaint
              Admin     made by one of the delegates. The delegate
              Dept      reported found 2 insects crawling in her       Dean
53 10/23/2006 (N&F)     sandwiches!                                    Henry

                        Observation 2: Delegate satisfaction KPI
               Emma     target % is effectively only a measure of those
54   9/22/2006 Butler   who think you are better than poor.             SMT

                        Delegate attending the CBRS Benefits event
                        on 20/09/2006 at QAG noted, was concerned
                        that he wasn't emailed about events during the
              Betty     Summer especially as thishappened during       Eve
54 10/24/2006 Millar    2005/6 - but he hoped this is sorted now!      Billings

                        Observation 3: Event checklist not completed
               Emma     for workshops - how would you provide           Emma
55   9/22/2006 Butler   traceability or continuity in employee absence? Butler

               Emma     Observation 4: Consensus does not note         Emma
56   9/22/2006 Butler   confirmation of speakers                       Butler
                         Observation 5: No recording of website
               Emma      publishing - as no spreadsheet or Consensus       SNR
57   9/22/2006 Butler    info.                                             BSO's
                         Observation 6: There appears to be basic
                         functionality & operational issues with the new
                         Consensus System resulting in a spreadsheet
                         system/s being run in tandem? Personnel do
                         not enter information on to Consensus real-
                         time as it does not allow editing or amendment,
               Emma      therefore it has poor tracking or status          Robert
58   9/22/2006 Butler    functionality.                                    Maytum

               Emma      Observation 7: No target percentages
59   9/22/2006 Butler    available or evident                              SMT

                         Observation 8: Route cause & solution not
               Emma      identified for item 6 - should be determined for Emma
60   9/22/2006 Butler    all recorded items                               Butler

61   9/22/2006 Butler                                                   SMT
                         Observation 9: Ongoing analysis needs to be plotted & monitored over time to measure improvement o
                         Venue: L B Hillingdon (Training) on 14/09/2006
               Admin     - Advisor feedback form reported an answer to
               Dept      one of the exercises was included in the pack Kiley
62   9/22/2006 (N&F)     for delegates.
                         Unable to secure rooms at the venue of the     Stubbings
                         hotel where we could have been invoiced - we
                         did not have an account with the hotel that we
                         booked the accommodation with. We was
                         asked to make a credit application so that we
                         could be invoiced for the accommodation or
                         pay on departure as this is not a hotel we
               Liz       would be using on many occasions (just an ad- Dean
63   9/22/2006 English   hoc basis). The associate plus all the         Henry
                         EB observation 1: How can we demonstrate
               Emma      Savings in relation to Mailings Generated and Emma
64   9/27/2006 Butler    Paper Usage                                    Butler
                         EB observation 2: Meeting/Agendas/Records
                         of planning meeting are only saved locally. A
                         copy should be saved on the central records
               Emma      for back up purposes (I.e. if the manager
65   9/27/2006 Butler    became unwell or pc data was lost)            SMT

               Admin     PAC held at QAG on 11 September - Advisor
               Dept      reported on Advisor Feedback Form, laptop      Dean
66   9/27/2006 (N&F)     was not working at QAG                         Henry

                         Customer called and asked to speak to a
                         member of staff who deals with TAS. Call
                         came through to LE and then to EGB who
               Liz       mentioned this was not a service dealt with by Eve
67   9/28/2006 English   CIPFA Networks                                 Billings

                         Cancelled Health event today - delegate
                         arrived at venue when this was cancelled.
                         Canx email had been sent on 11/09/06 and a
                         follow-up phone call made to delegate,
               Liz       message was left with colleague and            Liz
68   9/28/2006 English   colleague's name taken.                        English
                        A Scottish AMP event was held at the Stirling
                        Highland Hotel on 19 September 2006 and
                        various complaints are here recorded.
                        Advisor's comments: Poor shape of room.
                        Room shape was noted on a number of forms
                        as was the quality of meal, service and car
                        parking. Can we stay away from this hotel
                        whenever possible. Delegates comments:
                        Room at venue did not suit style of
                        presentation. Car parking facilities very poor.
                        Parking inadequate compared with other
                        venues. Poor parking. Poor lunch. Can we
                        use somewhere with adequate parking.
                        Dunblane is always good. Venue had limited
                        car parking with restricted parking in
                        surrounding streets. Parking very difficult.
                        Seminar room not good - acoustics poor.
                        Lunch - service poor and food not great.
                        Parking problems. Venue not as good as
                        previous - difficult to park, room did not support
                        presentation delivery. Dark and uninspiring,
                        difficult to hear delegates questions. Parking
                        was a problem on site. Parking not easily
                        available. Poor car parking. Poor
                        lunch/service. Venue environmemt - poor
                        room set up and delegate seating. Location
              Betty     not as suitable as Dunblane but                    Dean
69 10/10/2006 Millar    Elgin/Inverness/Aberdeen whilst is much            Henry

                        Booking AV equipment for a BGF conference,
              Liz       payment in advance was requested but this  Dean
70 10/13/2006 English   was not processed                          Henry
                        Tour of stadium on BGF conference not
                        confirmed. Delegates booked the tour and we
                        now have 70 people who have booked the
                        tour. We are being charged over the price we
              Liz       originally thought. Update - Venue state not Dean
71 10/13/2006 English   aware of break out sessions.                 Henry
                        Roman Haluszczak reported that Cynthia
                        Changer, Director of Finance at
                        Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes FRSA,
                        "has complained that our policy of delegates
                        having to give 10 days notice of a cancellation
                        for an event is wholly out of date in the modern
                        age. She has had illness in her department
                        and it is impossible to give 10 days notice that
                        a person will be ill. She does feel that she has
                        been unjustly treated here and that illness in
                        her small department has deprived her
                        authority (Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes
                        FRSA) of valuable FAN support" RH was
                        under the impression that this 10 day
                        cancellation policy was being reviewed and
                        updated in the light of what Cliff Dalton had
                        experienced recently. The customer has
                        asked for the two places to be re-instated. RH
                        has said to her that he will investigate the facts
                        of her case although he does think that it would
                        be politic to look sympathetically on her
                        predicament and makes the statement that "we
                        are trying to keep fire authorities on board".
                        RH asked Eve Billings/Kiley Stubbings to look
                        into what has happened in this instance and to
              Annette   e-mail the customer regarding the number of        Robert
72 10/16/2006 Millar    free places remaining as customer wishes to        Maytum

                        Alan Tyler went to a different venue for the
                        Scottish CPS event today - he went to the
              Liz       Dunblane Hydro and the event was being held
73 10/31/2006 English   at the Stirling Highland Hotel               Liz English
                        A delegate telephoned from Perth & Kinross
                        Council -she was at the Stirling Highland Hotel
                        and there were no signs for the event. She
                        went to each room and knocked on each door
                        and asked whether this was a CIPFA event,
                        she was told no. She went to one room which
                        had a sign outside saying 'PPG Event' and this
              Liz       was actually the room where the event was       Dean
74 10/31/2006 English   being held - the Acadamy Suite.                 Henry

                        There was no room booked for an event at the
                        Park Inn Hotel when Advisor arrived but hotel
              Betty     did provide one for a CSAN event on           Dean
76 11/17/2006 Millar    15/11/2006 in York                            Henry

                        Event at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Chester on
                        16 November 2006. A delegate requested a
              Betty     Vegan meal on booking form but complained        Dean
77 11/22/2006 Millar    that this had not been passed onto hotel.        Henry
                        Advisor reported at CBRS - Revenues event
                        on 2nd November at the Ramada Jarvis
                        Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester, the one way
                        system changed. Conference facility - good.
                        Lunch - poor. Hotel - tatty and lifts not
                        working. Bedrooms - poor. Staff friendly and
                        helpful. This has been the subject of much
              Betty     correspondence with hotel - consider returning   Dean
78 11/24/2006 Millar    if/when refurbished.                             Henry
                          An event was held at the Copthorne Hotel,
                          Manchester on 9 November. Complaint
                          recorded by Mike Griffiths. Arrived at hotel
                          9am. Sent to wrong room by reception
                          (different part of the hotel). Came back - only
                          Chris Taylor (Arling Close) knew where room
                          was - found room to be small, shabby, swing
                          doors with lock not operating properly and
                          banging into where chairs set out for delegates
                          AND not enough chairs - AND NO BOXES.
                          Went back to reception - did not know what we
                          were talking about. Called Julie to confirm
                          delivery. They looked - could not find them.
                          Eventually they said - "we've found it. Porter is
                          bringing them". It turned out to be for RBS.
                          Called Julie again - got name of who had
                          signed for boxes - Meg said at reception - "Oh
                          that's okay, she'll be in at 10am". We were the
                          hitting roof by now with virtually all delegates
                          present - eventually boxes delivered with
                          minutes to spare. All highly unsatisfactory.      Dean
79 11/28/2006 Betty MillarAlso not enough coffee cups set out initially.    Henry

                           Linda Major had complained about the fact that
                           we are only running events in London and York
                           and the events have a very early start time so      Alison
                           their delegates would have to stay overnight.       Dewhirst -
                           Andrew Leck therefore agreed a reduced price        Alison
                           for South Wales Police of £125 per delegate         said she
                           for this series of workshops. I have agreed to      would
               Liz         start special events at a later time in future to   deal with
80   12/1/2006 English     stop this occurring again.                          this.

                         Final number - A CIPFA FAN Training and
                         Development event was being run at QAG.
                         Final number two day prior to the event was
                         12. From the day the final numbers were given
                         to the day of the event, there were three more
                         people booked on. The room layout was only
                         set up for 12 people and even though we have
                         maximum numbers of 19, the advisor indicated
                         that the room was to small to accommodate
                         that many. There were also two additional
                         advisors wanting to attend the event at the last
                         minute making the total number to be 18
                         including the advisor. I also spoke to Ashley on
                         the morning of the event and they only catered
                         for 9 people because they always undercut
                         numbers because of the generous portions. I
                         had to ring Ashley and ask him to organise
               Kiley     more sandwhiches for lunch because I knew
81   12/6/2006 Stubbings that there would not be enough for 17 people. Dean Henry
                          A Health event held on 9 November 2006 at
                          the Ramada Leeds Parkway Hotel caused the
                          Advisor to lodge a complaint on the Advisor
                          Feedback Form and as follows: Lots of Events
                          going on and hotel staff couldn't seem to cope.
                          No OHP screen - Couldn't track down boxes
                          initially - Didn't have my overnight reservation -
                          Run out of pads - Nothing on tables (eg water,
                Betty     pads, pens) - No one from hotel came to see          Dean
 83    1/9/2007 Millar    me until 9.15 am !                                   Henry
                          Comment made by Advisor after an event held
                          on 16 January 2007 at the Gipsy Hill Hotel. I
                          made a comment on the tepid lunch,
                          particularly the vegetables. Considerably
                Betty     worse value than in the past. We need to       Dean
 84   1/22/2007 Millar    keep an eye on this!                           Henry
                                                                         English /
                Liz       An email was sent from the correct mailbox but Brenda
84a   1/30/2007 English   the wrong service name was in the subject line McAlpin
                          Complaint from delegate regarding the late
                          submission of essential papers from the Home
                          Office a workshop in December email from

                          The receipt of this is VERY disappointing from
                          Narinda. There were a number of issues which
                          Narinder undertook to clarify from her
                          presentation, namely what forces are expected
                          to do with respect to the publication of forecast
                          BVPI results for 2007/08 plans as well as other
                          planning issues relating to 2007/08 and

                          To effectively wait over five weeks and then
                          effectively get her speaker notes is not what I
                          understood Narinder undertook to do. Could
                          you pass on my disappointment next time you
                          speak to her. It appears that police forces are
                          expected to deliver against extremely tight
                          timescales against a backdrop of dwindling
                          funding, while the Home Office continue to be
                          unclear and unspecific around the implications
                          of new acts and fail to deliver on what they

                          Sorry for the rant but I do find the "do as I say
                          not as I do approach" being adopted here.

                          For the record I found your assessment on the
                          day extremely enlightening and invaluable to
                Liz       my understanding of the future planning       Alison
84b   1/30/2007 English   environment.                                  Dewhirst
                         Advisor reported on Advisor Feedback Form
                         there was no agenda in a Health Delegate
               Betty     Pack. Event was held on 17 January 2007 at           Liz
85   1/24/2007 Millar    QAG.                                                 English
                         A Health event held at the Thistle Manchester
                         Airport on 25 January, Advisor made a
                         comment on feedback that the venue is more
               Betty     expensive for taxi fares from the airport as it is   Dean
87   1/31/2007 Millar    just 1/2 mile over the border into Cheshire,         Henry

                         Advisor added comment after event at the
                         Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Manchester, held on 31
                         January 2007 - Room was good but access
               Betty     and reception to hotel were poor. I would not Dean
88    2/6/2007 Millar    recommend stay with hotel overnight either.   Henry

               Liz       Advisor feedback form stated that no CD              Liz
89    2/7/2007 English   presentation had been placed in box                  English

                         Joining instructions not being sent at time of
                         booking - number of delegates called through
               Liz       to office and upon checking these bookings the Liz
90   2/16/2007 English   Jis had not been sent                          English

               Liz       Templates - must be kept as templates and not        Liz
91   2/16/2007 English   saved over - not an efficient use of time            English
                         returned mail - letters have been returned that
                         were sent out as part of a mailshot which had
               Liz       either no addresses or incomplete addresses          Senior
92   2/16/2007 English   on                                                   BSO's
                         Delegate called Andrew Leck and mentioned
                         that no confirmation details had been received
                         for the PIN launch event on 22nd February.
                         Upon further investigation it became apparent
                         that the email address for the delegate was
               Liz       incomplete on Consensus and read                     Liz
93   2/20/2007 English   "john.swade@"                                        English
                         An email regarding a renewal was place in the
                         delegate packs for the HAN event today - LD
                         called to report this. Upon further investigation
                         it appeared that the email was caught in the
                         middle of a document - we're actually unsure
                         how this got there as it was not at the end or
                         the beginning of the document that it was
                         attached to.
                         Having now spoken with Julie L - I have been
                         advised that printing during a copy job will
                         interrupt the copy job and may insert whatever
               Liz       has been printed into your items being copied.
94   2/20/2007 English   LE to investigate further with IT helpdesk.       SBSO's

                         A BGF - Counter Fraud event at the Aztec
                         Hotel on 6 February, the Advisor reported on
                         Advisor Feedback Form that the room was far
                         too small for 30+ people. Sandra Moss did
                         speak to the Conference Manager and they will
               Betty     be in contact with Julie or Dean. I told them
95   2/23/2007 Millar    we would be looking for compensation.         Dean Henry

                         Projector problems at the Performance
                         Improvement Network launch event. Three
                         laptops would not work with the projector. A
               Liz       projector had to be sent up from the office on    Liz
96   2/26/2007 English   the day of the event.                             English
                         Overnight accommodation for Mohamed Hans
                         at the Holiday Inn in Cardiff night of
                         28/02/2007. He was not happy with the
                         standard of accommodation, the hotel room
                         was dirty and there were creepy-crawlies
                         crawling over the floor. MH has discussed with
                         the manager and we will not be charged for
               Liz       this accommodation but Mohamed wants this         Dean
97    3/2/2007 English   back to Inntel.                                   Henry
                         Event held at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff on
                         01/03/2007. Mohamed has reported that the
                         venue was not up to standard and that the
                         venue is in dire need of refurbishment and MH
                         is surprised that this is in the PVP. MH does
               Liz       not want to use this hotel again but would like   Dean
98    3/2/2007 English   his comments fed back to Inntel                   Henry
                         Gipsy Hill Hotel, Exeter used for a FAN event
                         on 27/02/2007. Sandra Moss asked that
                         comments be made on her behalf and
                         delegates. Sandra's comments, "See delegate
                         comments. Tired facilities. Please see
                         comments from delegates." Delegates
                         comments "Awful venue. Instructions were
                         useless. Very disappointing venue, particularly
                         the smell of chips!! Food was very poor - no
                         real attempt to provide anything for
                         vegetarians. The food was generaly poor - the
                         hotel only got away with this because
                         delegates aren't paying directly for food.
                         Better instruction to venue. Map not good.
                         The venue was satisfactory but difficult to find.
                Betty    Okay, but not easy to find. Map a little           Dean
99     3/6/2007 Millar   sketchy. Room was a bit hot.                       Henry
                         A box was suppose to be delivered to the
                         Royal York Hotel but the concierge was not
                         there to sign for it and the courier left. This is
                         the second time this has happened.

101   3/26/2007 Eve                                                        Billings
                         Lewis Day failed to deliver box by 12 noon to
                         QAG on 27 March . Their paperwork
                         confirmed had taken incorrect time delivery
                         and box was signed for at 2:00 pm. No charge
                         to be made as operator at Lewis Day admitted
                Betty    he had recorded incorrect delivery details on     Betty
104    4/3/2007 Millar   their sheet.                                      Millar
                         Received a call from Lewis Day to advise of a
                         delivery problem for the two boxes for delivery
                         to the Holiday Inn Cambridge Hotel for event
                         on 28 March. Lewis Day advised that one of
                         the boxes had been re-routed to another
                         depot, therefore only one box will be delivered
                         to the venue on 27 March and instructions
                         have now been given for other box to be
                         delivered by 8.30 am on 28/03/2007. Second
                Betty    box confirmed delivered on 28 March by 8:30       Betty
105    4/3/2007 Millar   am.                                               Millar
                                            ACTION LOG
 ACTION TAKEN                            COMPLET
                                         INITIAL &     SUPPORTING
           DESCRIPTION                                                    CONCERN OR
                                           DATE        DOCUMENTS
                                                                        COMPLIMENT OR
 Changed all reference to Networks           EB                          IMPROVEMENT
  and Forums to CIPFA Networks            27/03/06    Q&E MANUAL      IMPROVEMENT

                                                   Received apology
                                                   letter from hotel/On
                                                   confirmation which
28/03/06 - Dean sent Email to Inntel               Inntel forward to
                                       DH 29/3/06
requesting details provided for each               Venue. Inntel have
venue as to name of who box should                 inputted a section
be directed to, awaiting response.                 inform hotels to
Agreed at Inntel Meeting on 24/05/06               Inform Clients
that BSO will get name of person at                (IPF) of whom they
venue 2 days before event for box to               should address
be sent to                                         there materials to. CONCERN
                                                   In the future the
                                                   SBSO will have a
A member of the admin team left the                handover meeting
department and this particular booking             with the person
form had not been passed over to be                that is leaving the
                                       JL 29/03/06
processed. Delegate contacted                      company. This will
admin regarding not receiving ji's and             ensure
was asked to resubmit the booking                  documentation
form, their booking was then                       does not go
"efficiently processed".                           missing              COMPLAINT

 Draft "information sheet" has been
   forwarded to SMT for review.
 Awaiting response - 13th April 2006

 Response Received, this document
 will now be included in all welcome
packs and used to send to customers
 who are unclear about the system.

   Informed venue agency. Venue
 agency will now chcek park facilities   DH 12/4/06
                                                      Received apology
    with venue before confirming                      letter from Hotel COMPLAINT
The letter has been scanned and sent
  to Sandra Moss and Greg Marks 3
 April. Greg Marks telephoned David
      Harwood 3.15pm 3rd April.
Apologised. No disputes. He accepted JL 04/04/06
 the offer of 2 free places for future
events & requested that we email him
to confirm. Julie confirmed by e-mail
                4 April.

 Peter C to authorise such invoices if
      Senior Manager on leave

Alana Mabey followed through, invoice
    sat with accounts for 2 weeks.
 Accounts apologised and advised al l
   invoices for Mike Griffiths will be
           priority in future.
                                                    Ashley informed
                                                    me that when
                                                    ordering lunch at
                                                    QAG they under
                                                    order as when they
                                                    don't there is a lot
                                                    of wastage cost
                                                    the company
Emailed Ashley @ QAG to inform him
                                                    money. Ashley
of the Quantity of food he is ordering   DH 3/5/06
                                                    has said that the
           is not enough                            advisors are also
                                                    able to choose
                                                    individual menus
                                                    from the caterers
                                                    menu list that was
                                                    sent out. DH to
                                                    now ensure this is
                                                    done                 COMPLAINT
                                                    Customer did not
     I responded to the customer
                                                    respond to LS
apologising and assuring her we have
                                             LS     email - assume
made a note of the feedback and that
                                         26/04/2006 that she does not
 this has been passed to the service                wish to take the
        manager, Paul Jackson                       matter further       COMPLAINT
                                                      Mailshot - slip
                                                    inserted into flyer
                                                      indicating our
                                                    knowledge of the
                                                   'printers' error and
                                                      giving correct
Printing error giving date of two day                days. The PDF
 BGF conference as Tuesday 9 May        JL 7/04/06     version was
        and Tuesday 10 May                           amended for e-
                                                   shots and website.
                                                      All flyers to be
                                                     checked by the
                                                      SBSO prior to
                                                       going to the
                                                    Received apology
                                                     leter from Hotel.
                                                      Hotel have said
                                                         they were
                                                       surprised our
                                                      delegates didn't
                                                     enjoy the themed
 Emailed Inntel to inform venue that
                                                    lunch. If we return
our delegates were not happy with the   6/1/2006                              Complaint
                                                    to the hotel we will
  lunch provided on the day 4/5/06
                                                      receive a 4 star
                                                      service with a 4
                                                     star meal. DH to
                                                       ensure this is
                                                     picked up at next
                                                          event (if

                                                     Ashley responded
                                                      to email. Number
                                                         of delegates
                                                       booked onto the
                                                       event were over
                                                       maximum room
                                                        capacity. With
                                                        regards to the
    Emailed Ashley @ QAG and                            toilets at QAG
informed him of delegates comments      5/4/2006     additional facilities   COMPLAINT
               4/5/06                                  are available on
                                                       both the ground
                                                       and first floors -
                                                    these are indicated
                                                     on visitors card on
                                                     the facilitator table
                                                      or near the laptop
                                                     and usually on the
                                                    delegate tables too
                                                    Julie has merged
                                                    all the individual
                                                  BGF spreadsheets
                                                       into one non
                                                    database (8,000
                                                   for England). This
                                                    spreadsheet has
                                                   gone down to Tim
We need to sort out all of our                      Ramsdale to de-
databases for non-subs, one sheets                   dupe. Julie will
are fine, these can be updated straight            then take out any
away, however, we are always being                  members. This
asked to request new data from                         process now
marketing and this is sent over in a              needs to be carried
different format than our one sheets,                 out on Ethical
so once we have de-duped them we                     Standards, IQN
tend to keep them separate under the                  and PAC. All
individual streams/service, which is              service databases
obviously not working when                        have been merged
amendments need to be made. I will                    into one non-
look into this and and rectify this                      member
ASAP. In the interim, I will ensure that             spreadsheet for
amendments to databases are dealt                     each service.
with immediately.

Liz called the venue agency and faxed
 over a confirmation letter to the hotel LS
that confirmed we would pay the room 10/04/2006
         fee's for the speakers
                                                      Delegate packs
                                                     were not sent out
                                                   until the day before
                                                   the event and were
                                                   asked to be placed
                                                     on a before 9am
                                                     delivery. When
                                                    the problem arose
                                                        the courier
                                                   confirmed that they
                                                       do not assure
                                                      delivery before
                                                    9am, but they had
                                                    not informed us of
None on feedback form - this will be        LS         that when we
     followed up with advisor           26/04/2006 booked the job in.
                                                   This has now been
                                                      throughout the
                                                      team for future
                                                      BOXES MUST
                                                      NOT GO DAY
                                                      BEFORE AND
                                                    SNR MANAGERS
                                                           TO BE
                                                      INFORMED IF
                                                       THIS IS NOT

 Emailed Inntel to inform of problems
which we encountered at the Ramada                   Please read this
  Grange Hotel 12/4/06 - Inntel have                 advisor feedback      CONCERN
  logged the problems , which were                         form
      encountered on the day.
                                                  Hotel emailed over
                                                     apology for Mr
  Emailed Inntel to inform them of                unhappiness at the
   Andrews unhappiness at the           6/13/2006 Hotel. Hotel have        CONCERN
  Rochester Grange Hotel 8/6/06                    said they will give
                                                    Mr Leck special
                                                   treat next time he
                                                       visits hotel

                                                   James Lamb sent
Dean Henry was notified of the error               out an e-mail to all
 and corrected mistake. ABSO and                    booked to attend
BSO have been asked to ensure all       JL26/04/06 explaining the start   IMPROVEMENT
details are correct when a new event               time was incorrect
       is set up in Consensus.                       on the Joining
                                                  Intel responded
                                                  with a report, but it
                                                  was found that
                                                  these had been
                                                  reported far too
                                                  late after the event
                                                  (ie..because they
                                                  have come from
                                                  feedback forms
                                                  which were old).
                                                  New process now
                                                  to ensure these
                                                  are reported to
                                                  intel immediately
                                                  on receipt of forms
Report submitted to Inntel 24th May               (and sooner if
2006 - awaiting response - Updated                highlighted by the
Inntel 22/6/06                                    relevant advisor)         CONCERN

                                                  Intel responded
                                                  with a report, but it
                                                  was found that
                                                  these had been
                                                  reported far too
                                                  late after the event
                                                  (ie..because they
                                                  have come from
                                                  feedback forms
                                                  which were old).
                                                  New process now
                                                  to ensure these
                                                  are reported to
                                                  intel immediately
                                                  on receipt of forms
                                                  (and sooner if
Report submitted to Inntel 24th May               highlighted by the
2006 - awaiting response                          relevant advisor)     CONCERN
                                                  Recived apology
                                                  from Hotel. Hotel
                                                  have said that they
                                                  have a new team
                                                  of chiefs that will
                                                  do there best to
                                                  meet and hopefully
Emailed Inntel 10/5/06 and informed               exceed there
them of our delegates comments.                   clients
Awaiting Inntels response from venue.   5/12/2006 expectations.         Complaint
                                                       Having spoken
                                                       with betty to try
                                                       and find out who
                                                       the person was
                                                       that encountered
                                                       the problem with
                                                       the equipment.
                                                       Betty was unable
Pending response from IT department                    to find any details. CONCERN

Email to Marketing to ask them to pop
this onto the booking form terms and
conditions and also to the team to
remind them that this must be on their
booking forms - LS will also add this to
of the booking forms on the system                                        COMPLAINT

Updated Inntel 22/6/06. This venue
was only used as prefered venue was
fully booked. All delegates comments
have been noted, and if are prefered
venue (gipsy Hill Hotel) was to be
unavailabe again we would source an
alternative venue not the the Thistle
Exeter Hotel                               11/9/2006                      CONCERN

Following the re-structure within the
department the website contact details
are showing the incorrect contact
details now - this has been requested
with the Internet Services on more
than one occasion by Liz Simmonds                      This caused a
ONGOING - as at Friday 16th June                       problem internally
this had still not been updated and                    when a customer
was discussed in the SST meeting                       telephoned with an
LIZ SIMMONDS CONTACTED                                 enquiry about a
STEVE JOHNSON by email on                              course - the
Monday 19th June                                       reception staff did
ONLINE services have set up a                          not know where to
process that the user can update                       put the call through
their own contact details for their                    to and it went back
own services, this has been                            and forth between
successfully used as I have been                       CIPFA and IPF
through the N&F services and                           before coming
updated all the contact details for    LE              back to CIPFA
all the services                       19.09.2006      Networks             Improvement
                                                    Another list of
                                                    contact details has
                                                    been given to
Another list of contact details have                reception to refer
been updated and given to reception                 to for future
to refer to for future reference.                   reference.          CONCERN
                                                    Ashley moved our
                                                    meeting into
                                                    another room at
                                                    QAG (St james
                                                    Room). If there
                                                    wasn't an
                                                    alternative room
                                                    available we would
                                                    of have had to
                                                    move to an
                                                    external venue,
                                                    which means
                                                    calling all
                                                    delegates that are
                                                    booked on and
                                                    informing them of
                                                    the relocated
                                                    venue. (Recieved
                                                    email from
                                                    Ashley @ QAG
                                                    1/8/06).. Having
                                                    spoken with Ashley
                                                    @ QAG, we have
                                                    decided that the
                                                    best way to avoid
                                                    double booking of
Called Ashley @ QAG to update final                 events is it DH
numbers. When updating numbers                      send over a list of
with Ashley, he noticed that he had 2               N&F Event that are
events in the same room. Awaiting                   booked at QAG on
feedback from Ashley as why and how                 a montly basis.
this occurred                           5/8/2006    This way QAG are CONCERN
I spoke to Intel and they informed me
that the reason there was no
confirmation of the booking was
because they didn't link the names to
the event booking
At Inntel Meeting on 240506 agreed
that accommodation bookings will now
be separate to conference to avoid
confustion. SBSO's to agree
transition to new process asap           5/8/2006                    COMPLAINT
                                                     It has been agreed
Delegates were ringing for joining                   that all future
instructions after booking online. Julie             events, at the time
asked Tim Ramsdale to check the                      of putting them on
website to see why no online bookings                the website, that a
were being received . It was noted                   BSO/SBSO tests
that the IQN website had never been                  that the online
switched on to receive online                        booking system is
bookings. This has now been                          working for their
amended.                                   5/10/2006 services.           CONCERN

Julie wanted to check that the on-line
booking was working for PAC,
however, was unable to open the
events pages to book on-line. This
query was passed to Marta in Internet                   As action 30
services and she informed Julie that                    BSO's SBSO's to
when transferring the website to the                    continue to check
new Web server the connection string                    all new events on
wasn't updated. Marta has now                           services websites
updated the correct string.                10-May-06    are working.      CONCERN
Amended spelling of GLASGOW on
map and asked Nicola to copy to K
drive for Consensus                         5/12/2006                  IMPROVEMENT
Systems Manager has asked that
BSO check print requests on
Consensus to ensure that Jis are
being sent. There have been
problems with dispatching Jis due to
server problems. IT notify N&F when LE
Jis are not being sent.                   19.09.2006                   CONCERN
Advisor did not request badges to be
included in the box when they
specified the items for the delegate
packs - LS will request all items for the
delegate packs to be listed in full in
future.                                                                CONCERN
                                                     Received email
                                                     back from Ashley.
                                                     Ashley has said
                                                     that as this is quite
                                                     an old compliant,
                                                     he would like to
                                                     know what the
                                                     thing of the food at
                                                     QAG now as QAG
                                                     have made a few
                                                     changes. Also the
                                                     advisor have all
                                                     been sent a copy
                                                     of lunch menus ,
                                                     so are able to
                                                     make a choice of
Emailed Ashley @ QAG and updated                     there own for there
him with advisors comments                           events.               CONCERN

When this mailing went out,
unfortunately it was not brought to
Davina's attention and there is no
copy of the original mailshot as an
example. An email has been sent to
amdin so that In future all mailings
which have any merge fields missing
are brough to the BSO's attnetion
immediatelty so that the database can
be updated or the mailshot has the
correct merge fields.                    6/19/2006                     CONCERN

Updated Inntel of delegates
unhappiness of venue 20/6/06 - Inntel
have logged the problems , which
were encountered on the day.            6/20/2006                      CONCERN

Updated Inntel of delegates
unhappiness of venue 20/6/06. Inntel
have logged the problems , which        20/06/2006
were encountered on the day.            / 13/11/06                     CONCERN
Updated Inntel 22/6/06. When
booking future event at the Health
Court Hotel, and numbers are High
(25 plus) DH is to update the advisor
of comfortable room capacities (room
is to cramped when we have over 33
delegates booked on. Consider
capping the event at 30) 6/11/06        11/6/2006                      Improvement

Informed Inntel of problems at Hotel.
Inntel have logged the problems,
which occurred on the day. If this
problem was to reoccur Inntel will
update the venue on the problems
that we have encountered at the         21/06/2006/
venue                                    13/11/06                      Improvement

                                                    There are times
                                                    when services
                                                    send event details
As per item no. 26. Contact details for             to other services
the website have been updated.                      database
Also, in future, all emails must clearly            information - this is
state a contact point for the queries    LE         where the error
relating to the service.                 19.09.2006 occurred.             Improvement
EB to address at next SMT meeting in
November - SMT believe it does cover
training and does not require separate
process                                                                   Improvement
                                                      Inntel have sent an
                                                      eamil apologising
                                                      for incorrect
                                                      please accept my
                                                      apologies for this
                                                      error, it would
                                                      appear that the
                                                      incorrect hotel
                                                      code was added to
                                                      the booking, which
                                                      we noticed and
Emailed Jacky at Inntel and informed                  therefore
her of incorrect details that were sent               subsequently sent
over ,as this could have caused our                   through the
advisor to stay at a different hotel to               cancellation and
where our event was taking place          DH 1/8/06 new confirmation. CONCERN
                                                      Roman was told
                                                      that he was only
                                                      had 1 nights
                                                      booked because
                                                      he's seconds
                                                      was booked under
                                                      a separate
                                                      booking. This is
                                                      due to roman
                                                      having 2 different
                                                      event booked at
                                                      the venue and
                                                      each booking is
                                                      booked under a
                                                      different booking
                                                      number. For future
                                                      reference if you
                                                      have 2 separate
                                                      bookings at a
                                                      venue and require
                                                      accommodation for
                                                      each booking, you
                                                      are to quote the
                                                      hotel with both
Emailed Jacky at Inntel and informed                  booking references
her of problem, that roman                            (Note from EB -
encountered at the Copthore tara                      what have done
Hotel for this over night                 DH 1/8/06 / internally to ensure
accommodation                              13/11/06 the team are           CONCERN
                                                Received apology
                                                email from Hotel.
                                                Hotel said they will
                                                make sure we
                                                have a much better
Eamailed Jacky at Inntel and updated            service for our
her of problems encountred at CRS               CPM Event on the
Event                                DH 11/8/06 16/8/06              Corcern/complaint

Once advisor has updated the website
with event information the BSO should                The ITT advisors
carry out a quality control check to                 usually update the
ensure that the dates advertised on                  website
the website are the same dates as         LE         themselves with
what the system shows.                    19.09.2006 event information. CONCERN
Jo Pitt was advised of the situation
and on her return from leave will
feedback to me. It has been agreed
that in all future cases where IT
equipment is borrowed by outside
speakers that as well as written
confirmation that we contact the
speaker the night before the last event
to confirm that they are clear as to
what the procedure is. This will be
communicated at the SST meeting on        EB
the 26th Sept.                            02/08/06                    Improvement

This has been actioned by Liz English.
- See Action Log No: 26.

                                                     Received email
                                                     from Ashley @
                                                     QAG informing
                                                     that in the recent
                                                     week all carpets in
Updated QAG with delegates                           conference room
comment                                    9/11/2006 have been cleaned Complaint
On checking the booking in question it
was evident that Davina had
processed the booking but had not
sent any JIs,. This in Davina's
defence could have been that she was
new to the job and was unclear in the
terminology. For future reference all
new starters processing booking
forms will be supervised until
competent in the task. This will be
raised and quality process agreed at
the next SST meeting on the 26th
Sept                                                                    Complaint

Due to venue having refurbishments
we were unable to use the reception
area for refreshment breaks.
Therefore we had to cut the room size
so delegates had a separate area for
refreshment. Checked forth coming
events at the venue to see if we would
encounter the same problem (Advisor
notified) 2 presentations for the event
were unable to open on laptop
(Corrupt file) Managed to get last
presentation sent over via taxi. BSO's
to check all presentation on laptop
before sending out and IT to update
equipment. Regarding room temp,
Admin try to increase the temp of the
room on the day but was
unsuccessful.                           11-Sep-06                       Complaint

                                                    Received email
                                                    from Sian @
                                                    Inntel. Inntel are
                                                    going to contact
                                                    our prefered
                                                    venues to find out
                                                    if they are able to
                                                    offer our delegates
                                                    a discouted car
                                                    parking rate (Inntel
                                                    are currently
                                                    negotiating rate for
                                                    2007). For venue
                                                    that we use on an
                                                    adhoc basis this
Sent an email to Inntel (venue                      may not be
agency) to find out if they are able to             possible as we
get hotels to give our delegates a                  don't give the
reduced rate for Carparking at our                  venue enough
events.                                   9/22/2006 business.            Complaint
                                                   Tried to contact
                                                   Louise Dunne 5
DH called hotel conference office and              times to inform her
asked what signs they have in the                  of the situation and
reception area to direct delegates                 to ask her to check
through the correct part of the hotel.             signs herself, not
Explained that the reception desk was              answering mobile.
turning delegates away - the                       Booking ID 8892-
conference office said she would go                NF - 7 delegates
out and re-look at the signs to ensure             from Bournemouth
they were clear enough                   9/21/2006 BC                   CONCERN

Updated version with retention times
(Non Conformance 2) and saved as
version 1.5. Has been authorised by EB
Peter C & Emma B. Printed and Filed 22/09/06                         ISO Requirement

Reported to Inntel and logged on their
complaints file - hotel not being
included in PVP                                                      CONCERN
Updated QMS with Retention Times.
Revised version to 1.5v and recorded EB
amendments                             22/09/06                      ISO Requirement

Report to Inntel and logged for future
reference and monitoring                                             CONCERN
All Advisors must provide evidence of
their annual planning review, I.e.
minutes of meetings, or action plans.
To be discussed at the next SMT on
10th October to agree - Agreed at
SMT                                                                  ISO Requirement
Peter Eckersley has decided that
weekly e-newsletters will not be sent
out as 'high' importance (note from EB
: should this be looked at across the
wider team?)                             LE 6/11/6                   CONCERN
All quality issues should be tracked
via Action Log. Also need to be clear
what the targets are as this
investigation raised even though
target met. To be discuseed at the
next SMT on the 10th October -
Raised at SMT - noted.                                                      ISO Requirement

Sent email to ashley @ QAG
informing him of delegates lunch on
the day of the event, (Received email
response from Donna @ QAG
regarding the cateing issue. QAG will
be monitoring the feedback received
from delages regarding the lunch. If
this problem was to re-occur, QAG will
investigate further and consider
changing catering company).                 11/6/2006                       COMPLAINT
Note - this waters down good
information gathering. Reccomend
you differentiate between people who
rate you just above poor & those who
reckon you are very good i.e.
Everyone scores very good - 100%
satisfaction, everyone good - 75%;
currently both would evaluate to a
100% KPI - To be discussed at the
next SMT on 10th October - See Item
62                                                                          ISO Requirement
Checked with admin with who the
delegate was and then checked our
database which had all the correct
information. I contacted her at the
authority and also checked with her
the extra contact details. She said
that it had been earlier in the year that
they had not been receiving this
information but this has now been
rectified.                                  22.11.06                        CONCERN
This is a procedure in place, but has
not been followed. EB sent out
reminder to team of this requirement                    ..\Emails
and that it is not negotiable. See                      Sent\Event
email sent 22/9/06                                      Checklists.rtf      Improvement

During the Audit. Grant identified that
Consensus did not note confirmation
of speakers. This is in fact not correct
and Consensus does note speakers.                       ..\Emails Sent\RE
EB to ensure all team are aware of the                  Recording
process to record speakers and how EB                   Speaker
to access this information.              22/09/06       Confirmation.rtf    Improvement
SNR BSO's to review this and agree a
procedure that ensures we do record
this information, and also that it         ..\Emails Sent\RE
highlights if it has not been published.   Recording The
EB sent email to SNR's to review &         Publishing of
report back to EB before action can be     Events on the
closed                                     Website.rtf         ISO Requirement

                                           ..\Emails Sent\RE
EB emailed to Robert to add to the         Consensus Excel
areas for review in Consensus.             running in
Moving to 5.11.7 should address this       Tandem.rtf        ISO Requirement

The KPI document is in the Controlled
Copies File. However it does not
provide a specific target for feedback.
EB to address at next SMT on 10th
October. Agreed and Amended                                    ISO Requirement
EB should not have closed this off
until it was clear what the route cause
for this complaint was. This has been
noted and will be the case in the
future.                                                        ISO Requirement

SMT reviewed and alternative
approach agreed. EB to pick up with
PC                                                             ISO Requirement
Agreed at SMT meeting. To ensure
all papers are sent to Croydon
Emailed Ashley at QAG to find out the
problems encountered with
equipment. Received response from
Ashley (The laptop was fine - the
signal just had not been sent out to
the projector by pressing Fn F8 and
toggling to the correct setting. All of
the laptops here are in constant use
and we've had no problems).

Contacted Steve Johnson on Internet
services to inviestigate, he response
was that it looks like some sort of
partnership between CIPFA and
PWC, the contact details on the page
are: The Tax Advisory Service,
Catherine Porter - 0121 265 5595,                      On IPF website,                                contact details for
The result is that it the website clearly              TAS are showing
states a contact and number for any                    as CIPFA
queries.                                  23.11.06     Networks              concern
LE has asked NL to ensure that all
booking notes are kept up to date in
the booking on Consensus and also a
spreadsheet ring-round file, and we
are not to cancel the booking until we
have actually spoken to the delegate
to ensure that the information has
been received.                            LE 6/11/6                          concern
Sent email to Inntel inform of
delegates/advisors comments. The
Stirling Highland Hotel was only used
as the Dunblane Hydro Hotel, which is
our prefered venue was fully booked.
IPF & inntel will be working to find a
alternative for when the Dunblane
Hydro is not availabel                  11/10/2006
The notification regarding payment in
advance was received after DH went
on leave (i.e. this is why it was not
picked up) However, this was also
incorrect as we had used this
company before and should not have
had to PIA. A review of all procedures
within the Events area is underway, so
if there are any improvements to be
made this will be picked up as part of
this review.                           DH 1011/06    Improvement
                                                 confirmation states
                                                 "The venue can
                                                 offer pre-booked
                                                 stadium tours,
                                                 which will last for
                                                 50 minutes and
                                                 cost from £10 per
                                                 person". The
                                                 Emirates are not
                                                 disputing that this
                                                 was an option, but
                                                 it appears at no
                                                 stage have we
                                                 confirmed with
                                                 either the Emirates
                                                 or Inntel that we
                                                 wanted to book a
                                                 tour. Despite her
                                                 best efforts, Mary
                                                 at the Emirates
                                                 can not find
DH spoke with Nick at the venue                  anyone available
regarding the tours. Nick informed DH            to do a tour for us
that he was able to update the venue             next week. Mary is
with numbers a week prior to the                 continuing to try
event. DH was on leave and upon his              and find an
return found out the Nick was no-                alternative but it is
longer the contact for the event. DH             not looking
should have confirmed in writing in              hopeful. 30TH
writing (email) with the venue                   OCOTBER. Full
regarding the tours and when we were             complaint sent to
to notify the venue by.               11/13/2006 Marion at Inntel
                                         Have located
                                         booking terms set
                                         up within
                                         however have
                                         tested and is not
                                         working. Have
SMT to review to 3 days. EB to check     raised an error with
management of such in Consensus.         CS Group.
Awaiting response from Robert on         Entered onto WIP
how we can manage this?                  sheet to follow up. Complaint

                                         Discussed with
                                         Andrew Leck -
                                         both LE and AL
                                         informed Alan of
                                         the location back
                                         in September
                                         when the event
                                         materials were
                                         sent out to
                                         The venue was not
                                         changed, the
                                         SCPS event is
When an event is confirmed and there     usually held at
are a number of Associates involved,     Dunblane - this is
a confirmation email should be sent to   why Alan attended
all persons facilitating and             this venue.        Concern
Emailed Inntel to inform of delegates
unhappiness with the venue and also
no sinage for the event on the day.                  The delegate went
Received email back from hotel                       to the reception
apologising for the receptionest                     desk at the hotel
unhelpfulness. Hotel will be                         and queried this
addressing this further with                         and also
receptionest staff. The hotel have also              telephoned Liz
said that they have a Event signage                  English, the
board in the reception area, which is                delegate said the
updated daily with new events, which                 hotel were not
are taking place in the hotel           11/10/2006   being very helpful. Concern
Having checked the system we only
have 1 event booked at the Park Inn
York Hotel on the 15/11/06 This is a
CSAN. (11/4/07) - Unclear as to what
this related to.                                                       Concern

                                                   Found delegates
                                                   booking, delegate
                                                   asked for a vegan
                                                   meal but this info
                                                   was not put on the
Having checked the system & final                  system. Will email
number details which were sent over                bso to advise that
to inntel. There was no record of a                this information is
vegan meal being required. Will have               very important and
to get bso to pull out booking forms to            need to be
check that the delegate requested a                updated on the
vegan meal                              DH 20/2/07 system 11/4/07      Concern/complaint

This hotel has not been included in
our recommended PVP, so will not be
used                                EB 19/03/07
Reported to Inntel for follow up and
future monitoring purposes              Complaint


Agreed that changes can be made up
to a day before an event and lunch to
be ordered according to the number of
delegates.                              Concern
No longerhotel regarding advisor
Spoke to used as not on our PVP            EB 19/3/07     Complaint
comments, hotel said they are sorry
the advisor was unhappy with the
lunch on the day. Will make sure all is
in order for the next visit especially as
we place so much bussines at there
hotel                                          DH
Liz reminded Brenda that e-shots
should be printed and quality control
checked prior to them being sent out
to customers                              LE 30/01/2007   CONCERN

Alison Dewhirst phoned Damon
McCarthy on 23rd January to answer
his request for information from the
Home Office. She also apologised for
not providing him with the answer to
his specific query on BVPIs earlier.
Damon thanked her for her help and
said that his disappointment had been
with the Home Office and not the
network, and that the network
provides an excellent service.        AD 23/01/2007       COMPLAINT
Check List was not used in this case -
must be signed off by SBSO for all
events in the future                      LS 31/1/07

No longer used by IPF as not on PVP

Not on our PVP so no longer in use      EB 19/03/07
Breakdown in communication -
advisor noted that CD's were not
actually used so the CD's were not
placed in the box as of 2007, this
should have been communicated to
LIZ ENGLISH to send email to all
advisors in the P&P team               LE 07/02/2007                   CONCERN
Email reminder to all P&P team that
these should be sent at time of
processing booking - staff to use
booking form office use only section to
record confirmation date of
dispatching Jis                        LE 16/02/2007                   IMPROVEMENT

Email reminder to all P&P team that
templates in the shared folders must
be kept neutral to ensure that they're
available for the whole team to use LE 16/02/2007                      IMPROVEMENT

P&P BSO's are checking databases to
ensure that blank records are
removed                            LE 20/02/2007

                                                       EB NOTES: WHO
When entering a new person record                      ENTERED THIS,
into Consensus a check of the details                  AND WAS IT
that have been entered must be                         BROUGHT TO
carried out before clicking on 'ok' and                THEIR
updating the system                                    ATTENTION???
More thorough checks to be made
with documents in delegate packs -
ALL documents to be checked page
on page as they are placed in the
master delegate pack               LE 20/02/2007

Sent complaint to Innntel, Hotel came
back and apologised for moving our
event into a smaller room. Hotel have
given compensation of £400 for the
inconvience caused.                      DH

Agreed with AL to always send IT
equipment with the event materials to
large events                          LE 27/02/07

Sent complaint to Inntel. Hotel have
apologised for Mr Hans unhappiness
with the hotel. Hotel will not be
charging for Mr Hans overnight
accommodation                            DH

Passed MH comments of
unhappiness with venue onto Inntel.
Inntel have logged this on there
system. MH will not be using the
Angel Hotel for any upcoming event in
Cardiff                                  DH
Created New Map for thr Gipsy Hill
Hotel which we will using. Passed
advisors and delegates comments
onto inntel for them to note and
update venue. 13/4/07                       DH

To prevent this from happening again
an email has been sent to all of N&F
requesting that they add to the
address label the name of the person
at the conference centre as well as
adding 'Reception Desk'. This way
the courier will go the the reception
area and they will contact the person
in the conference centre to sign for the
box.                                                   Concern

Spoke to Dale Barnard at Lewis Day.
He will speak to his staff to make
them aware of the importance of
taking correct details for dispatches
and confirmed there will be no charge
for this particular service.          BM 03/04/2007

Reported problem to Dale Barnard
(Lewis Day Manager) and although he
could give me no particular reason
why this had happened, it is hoped
that this should not be repeated. No
charge for ths service.

                                       BM 03/04/2007
SOURCE          Status

             CCC     OPEN/C
            Status   LOSED


K FORM  Comment      CLOSED

S        Comment     CLOSED

received 3
April 2006 Complaint CLOSED

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Julie LeMasurier    CLOSED

Holiday Inn
Edinburgh Comment   CLOSED

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form       NA        CLOSED

feedback N/A         Closed

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forms      Comment   CLOSED
          NA         Closed

Customer -
through the
department Comment   CLOSED

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S        Comment   CLOSED

HENRY    NA        Closed


LeMasurier N/A        CLOSED
email to
Lewis      Comment    CLOSED

event       Comment   CLOSED

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Billings   NA        Closed

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           Complaint Closed

Forms                  Closed

Customer telephone call Closed
call from
main office   Closed

Audit         Closed


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