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newsletter of the children’s craniofacial association                   Cher — honorary chairperson                winter 2007

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                                                                                                       from the
                                      Burzio family: (back row) Ashton, Bret, Catherine; (front row)   chairman
revamping the dream . 8-9             Pauline, J.B., August

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                                      life with pauline
                                      By Catherine Burzio
                                                                                                       a     s we start a new year,
                                                                                                             we always look back
                                                                                                       to see what we did right—

fundraising                                                                                            and what we can improve
                                           veryone has momentous days. Important days that             upon. Our CCA families did
news . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15
                                           etch into your memory. Marriage. The birth of a child.      a lot of things right in
cca programs . . . . . . . . 15       The first full night of sleep after the child’s birth.           2006, and we want to
                                        There is one unsung day that holds great significance to       dedicate this article to
donors . . . . . . . . . . 16-19
                                      me each year—January 19. This was the day, after two             them.
3 cheers . . . . . . . . . . . . 20   months of “being watched” that solidified our journey on           Family & Friends
                                      the road less traveled with our only daughter, Pauline. That     Fundraising events have
                                      day brought the confirmation of significant heart                grown beyond all our
                                      anomalies and a cleft lip in our unborn child.                   expectations, and we are
                                        Two days later, the first of four amniocenteses confirmed      amazed at how talented
                                      we were having a girl! And two weeks later, further              and resourceful you all are.
                                      confirmation showed our daughter had a genetic                   There were numerous
We wish to thank Bally’s,
                                      condition, Monosomy 18p. Right before she was born, we           family fundraisers held in
a corporate sponsor, for helping
to fund the CCANetwork.               were prepped with the understanding that she would be            2006, allowing CCA to
                                      three or four pounds and more than likely a “blue baby”          support the programs and
Please consider a corporate                                                                            services that are so
sponsorship. Contact Jill
                                      because of her heart issues.
                                                                                                       important to our families.

                                                                             see   pauline, page 10      see   chairman, page 9
empowering and giving hope to facially disfigured individuals and their families
                                                                                 At left: Friend, Andrew Perry (left) with Nick
                                                                                 Below left: Nick at birth.
                                                                                 Below right: Nick with Bianca Moon.

meet nick
n     ick Lincavage is 14
      years old and lives in
Lutz, a town in central
                                    Nick also has a lot of
                                 hobbies. He likes to listen to
                                 1990s metal rock bands like
Florida. He’s in eighth          Slipknot and Godsmack,
grade, and his favorite          and he’s into computer             Nick and his family have           Nick was born with a cleft
school subjects are math         games. He likes action           been involved with CCA for        lip and palate. He has had
and gym.                         games, like Mortal Combat,       the past three years. He          12 surgeries so far, with the
   He has plenty of after-       and strategy games, such as      even went to a Cher               first one when he was 10
school activities, too. Nick     Legacy of Kain. He’s also        concert, where he sat on          weeks old. When asked to
enjoys playing ice hockey        plays Grand Theft Auto,          the front row. He and his         give advice for other kids
and soccer. In fact, he has      which he considers a big         brother, Nathan, got to visit     going through similar
tryouts this month for his       stress reliever.                 with Cher backstage               circumstances, he said,
school’s soccer team. And           Nick likes a good scary       afterward for about half an       “Just be yourself. Don’t try
he is a first-degree black       movie, such as “Puppet           hour. Nick can’t wait to go       to act cool.” He added,
belt in karate. He also helps    Master” and “Child’s Play”       to his third retreat this         “Be happy with who you
his younger brother              and any type of zombie           summer in Salt Lake City,         are and enjoy life.”
Nathan play sled hockey.         movie. And likes funny           where he’s looking forward
   Nick enjoys swimming,         movies, especially anything      to meeting up with friends,
and since he lives in Florida,   with Adam Sandler. Nick is       especially his good friend
he’s able to swim in the         also a great cook. He grills a   Andrew.
ocean often. One time last       good steak, and he’s been
summer, when he went             known to make some
crabbing, a school of huge       delicious brownies and

fish came nearby. He said it     cookies. His pets include:
was so cool to be so close       Sophie, his eight-year-old
to them—there were about         dog, and a few
40 fish total.                   greensingers, a type of
meet elizabeth
                                                                               Elizabeth with her dog, Leo.

m        y name is
Erickson, I was born with
                               this year’s retreat
                               in Salt Lake City
                               because I love
                                                                                 John Beargrease Sled
Schimmelpenning                traveling out west,
                                                                                 Dog Marathon in
syndrome. I enjoy reading,     and I can't wait to                               Duluth, Minnesota
quilting, and watching TV.     see everybody
My family and I go on          again.
several vacations every year
to places all over America
including the annual CCA
retreats. I love going to
Camp Sunrise every year
and hanging out with all of
the other teens. I am going
through leadership training
right now and want to
become a camp counselor.
I love horses and going
camping, and I spent a
summer on my aunt's
ranch in Colorado taking                             Elizabeth and her brothers: Brent, James and Mike,
                                                     holding their poodle, Nikki.
care of her horses. I'm
really looking forward to
                               with Cher at a
                               2004 concert.

meet nathan lincavage

                              cca supersib
h      ello, my name is
       Nathan Lincavage. I
am nine years old and the
                                 Twice a month I go to
                              the St. Pete Forum, which
                              is sponsored by the
                                                             Older brother, Nick, pushing Nathan in a game of sled hockey.

little brother to Nicholas    Lightning Rays, and
Lincavage, who has a          practice on my sled. My
unilateral cleft lip and      brother comes and assists
palate. I have Cerebral       me and all the other sled
Palsy and am so lucky to      team members as an able-
have Nick as my big           bodied skater.
brother.                         Nick and I also enjoy
   Because of my CP, I walk   playing video games,
using a walker or forearm     fishing and cuddling up
crutches. I often watch my    and watching a good
brother play ice hockey       spooky movie. I love going
and I wanted to play, too.    to the yearly CCA retreats,
My mom found out about        where I have met a lot of
the Tampa Bay Lightning       good friends. We have
Sled Hockey Clinic for        made the last two retreats:
people who have               Nashville and Hershey. I
disabilities                  can’t wait to see everyone
                              this year in Salt Lake City!

                               cca welcomes
                               new board

                               c    CA is privileged to have
                                    talented individuals on
                               the board of directors who
                               are willing to offer their
                               particular expertise to further
                               our mission. Recently, Kurt
                               Allen was elected to the
  Kurt brings several much-needed talents with him. He is
a CPA and attorney and has worked in financial consulting
and as a financial advisor. Currently, Kurt is a financial
                                                                 good news
advisor and partner with the Jones Group at Merrill Lynch.
                                                                     dam Anderson, son of Terry and dedicated CCA
  Kurt lives with his wife and four daughters in
Youngstown, Ohio. Join us in welcoming Kurt Allen to the             volunteer Lou Anderson, of New London,

CCA family!                                                      Wisconsin, recently received the NCO sword. This sword is

                                                                 given to a Marine who has shown the ability to be the

                                                                 best in the Company. After having served three tours of
donors in the spotlight
                                                                 duty in Iraq, Adam’s superiors selected him for this

                                                                 dinstinguished honor. Congratulations Adam!

e     ach issue this year we’d like to highlight special
      donors who’ve made a difference for CCA with their
generous contributions and kind hearts.
  This issue we want to express special thanks to all of our
“Anonymous” donors.
  You know who you are! Thank you!

holiday party                                     DALLAS, TEXAS

c    CA, together with
     Dr. Jeffrey Fearon,
hosted its 17th annual
                               was given a goodie bag by
                               the firefighters!
                                  Families went home with
                                                               JoAnn Turano and Rae
                                                               Jene Mungioli, as well
                                                               as all of the wonderful
holiday party in Dallas, TX,   numerous door prizes            companies that donated
on Saturday, December 9,       supplied by many Dallas         the prizes.
2006. Around 500 kids,         and surrounding
parents, doctors and staff     businesses. Prizes included
gathered for a morning full    passes to Six Flags;
of fun activities!             team poster, stickers,
                                       limited edition
                                       ticket, hat,
                                       T-shirt, magnets
                                       and baseball
                                       cards from the
                                       seats to the
                                       Mesquite Rodeo; a
                                       gift certificate from
                                       the Magic Time
   Radio Disney                Machine; passes to the
entertained everyone while     Fort Worth Zoo and the
they munched on cake,          Dallas Zoo; autographed
drank punch, decorated         items from the Texas
cookies and made holiday       Rangers and the Dallas
crafts. The Dallas             Mavericks; and a gift card
Cowboys Cheerleaders           from Pizza Hut.
as well as the Dallas             As expected, the
Desperado Dancers were         highlight of the party was
there, giving autographs.      Santa Claus. Children had
The children had the           their pictures taken with
opportunity to go and see      Santa and went home with
a real fire                                    a toy and a
truck                                          keepsake
provided by                                    photo.
the                                               CCA would
firefighters                                   like to thank
of Plano,                                      our
Texas. Each                                    volunteers
kid who                                        Jana Peace,
visited the                                    Beverly
fire truck                                     Butera,

holiday party                 MIDWEST

o     nce again in 2006, a
      group of CCA
families from the Midwest               planning a vacation?
(East North Central
Region) gathered in
Kenosha, Wisconsin at the
Parkway Chateau/Brat
Stop to celebrate the
                                        t   here’s a new way to support your charity! Book all of
                                            your travel needs at
                                        including flights, cruises, hotels, rental cars, even your
holidays.                               passport. A percentage comes back in funds for CCA.
   They were visited by                 And, you may rest easily, knowing the site is powered by
Santa and his elf, who
                                        reliable Travelocity.
passed out little Christmas
trees for everyone to
decorate. The kids posed
with Santa for photos.                  calendar of events
This year the
noontime party
                                        date event                                 contact
                                        May 19       Fifth Annual        
served up a
                                                     Pete's Scramble for CCA
pizza lunch and                                      Beacon Hill Golf Club
yummy desserts.                                      Commerce Twp., MI
                                        June 28-July 1 17th Annual Cher’s Family
introduced                                             Retreat                     214.570.9099
themselves to                                          Salt Lake City, UT          800.535.3643
one another and
                                        July 22-24   2007 North American
tickets were                                         Craniofacial Family Conference 888.486.1209
drawn for door                                       Alexis Park Resort
prizes. Mom,                                         Las Vegas, NV
Marla Verdone                           August 25    Second Annual Wendelyn’s
of Janesville has                                    “Course of Dreams” Golf Challenge
graciously                                           Country Club of Arkansas
accepted the task of                                 Maumelle, AR
planning next year’s                    October 13   Third Annual Friends
festivities. See you there!                          of Jeremy Golf Event
                                                     Willowcreek Golf Club
                                                     Big Flats, NY

revamping the dream
By Aretha M. Miller, M.S.W., M.B.A./HCM

A Parent’s Journey
to Acceptance                         What in the world do we              Just as if there was an          At this time, the most I
                                      do now?” The visions of            actual death, parents            can do for them is provide

a      n article in the
       American Association
of Plastic Surgeons
                                      their children did not
                                      include receiving the news
                                      that their child has a cleft
                                                                         experience the five stages
                                                                         of grief. This process is not
                                                                         experienced in a specific
                                                                                                          emotional support and
                                                                                                          comfort by acknowledging
                                                                                                          their pain and heartache,
newsletter stated that in             lip and/or palate or               stage order. From my             assisting them with clarity of
the United States a child is          craniosynotosis.                   experience as a social           the physician’s disclosure
born with a cleft lip or                  All parents hope for a         worker, I have observed          and begin providing
palate every 75 minutes.              non-complicated                    that the stages of shock         resources that will assist
The article also stated that          pregnancy and a healthy            and denial often go hand         them as they move forword.
nearly two out of every               birth. Even when genetic           in hand. Also, some may            What concerns me most
1,000 infants born will               testing and ultrasounds            re-experience some of            is the parent who receives
have some type of                     indicate with enormous             these stages. For example,       the unexpected physician’s
craniofacial birth defect.            certainty that a child will        even when acceptance             report and skips from the
Every day, new parents are            be born with some                  occurs, the feelings of guilt    shock stage directly to the
introduced to the reality             deformities, many parents          and grief may reoccur.           acceptance stage. These
that their child may not              still hold fast to a little seed                                    parents are in the social
                                                                         It’s Okay to Cry
just look different but may           of hope for the possibility                                         worker’s office the next
                                                                           Crying is truly a healing
have physical, emotional              that the medical team was                                           morning, taking notes and
                                                                         and cleansing reaction.
and intellectual                      incorrect in their diagnosis.                                       making detailed lists. They
                                                                         When given traumatic or
developmental delays.                                                                                     start calling at once for
                                      Stages of Grief                    un-expected news, crying is
                                                                                                          appointments and
The Dream vs. the                         For many parents,              one of the most natural
                                                                                                          information. When it
Reality                               learning that their child has      reactions. It does not
                                                                                                          becomes difficult to speak
    As the social worker for          a “syndrome or disorder or         matter if it is good news or
                                                                                                          to someone immediately,
the Miami Children’s                  craniofacial anomaly” is as        bad.
                                                                                                          they become intensely
Hospital Craniofacial Team,           traumatic as being told              As a pediatric social
                                                                                                          frustrated and emotionally
as well as the Dan Marino             that their child is terminally     worker in a hospital
                                                                                                          distressed. I have seen this
Center for children with              ill. They often grieve for         setting, I cannot count the
                                                                                                          happen often.
autism, I am referred to              the child they thought they        number of times I am
                                                                                                            These are usually the
parents whose children                were going to have.                frantically paged in the
                                                                                                          people who need the most
have been newly diagnosed                                                hospital because a parent
                                      Five Significant Stages                                             emotional/clinical support.
with a craniofacial anomaly.                                             is crying. Whether the
                                      of Grief                                                            They are still in shock,
Often at the initial meeting                                             parent cries soft, silent
                                          1. Shock                                                        denial or any combination
with parents, I can sense                                                tears or wails aloud, it is an
                                          2. Denial/Anger                                                 of the grief emotions.
uncertainty and despair.                                                 emotionally healthy
                                          3. Guilt/Bargaining                                             Often, it is not until they
    I look into eyes that ask                                            reaction.
                                          4. Sadness/Depression                                           have this breakdown or
“How did this happen?
                                          5. Acceptance
8                                                                                                             continued next page
breakthrough that they are      achievable goals for their        chairman, from page 1
able to truly grieve.           children. Sometimes this
                                process begins simply by          This is a wonderful               to educate and comfort
Coming to Terms with                                              achievement, and you are          many more new parents.
                                encouraging the parents to
the Reality                                                       to be applauded.                    With the help of our
                                get to know their children.
  Parents who are able to                                            You held golf                  regional coordinators and
                                Often parents get so              tournaments, bingo, yoga          local volunteers, we want
accept, experience, adjust
                                caught up in the child’s          sessions, denim days,             to reach out to help
and reinvest, are ready to
                                diagnosis, treatments and         raffles, shopping and dining      thousands of families who
deal with what God or life                                        incentives, email campaigns       are unaware CCA exists for
                                therapies that they forget
has dealt them. The initial                                       and gift-wrapping—all for         them. You are our biggest
                                about the child as an
grief will be losing their                                        CCA’s benefit. These are          and most important
                                individual. Parents have to
“dream child,” but they                                           just a few of the many            resource for both spreading
                                learn their child’s strengths     events held around the            the word and raising funds.
reinvest in the child they
                                and areas of concern. This        country, and all were great       With families and friends all
have. For some parents,
                                will assist with finding and      successes.                        across the country pitching
the grieving process may
                                building the appropriate             As important as money is       in, we can reach our goals.
start again when they find                                        to operating an organization        So, if you think you can
                                medical and educational
that their child’s outlook is                                     like CCA, belief in you is        get out in your community
                                teams needed.
poor, if not terminal.                                            what makes us worthy.             and spread the word, or if
                                  As a social worker, my
  This is why psychological                                       And without the dedication        you think you can help by
                                responsibility in the             of our families, staff,           holding a fundraiser (big or
intervention is important
                                acceptance process is to          regional coordinators and         small), just let us know. We
for families who have an
                                educate parents and arm           volunteering friends we           will give you the tools to
“atypical” family member.                                         would never be able to            accomplish the job.
                                them with resources that
Support groups, as well as                                        reach our goals.                    We thank you for your
                                empower. With the right
family and individual                                                This is YOUR charity, and      dedication and
                                information and/or
counseling provide an                                             I am thrilled to see how          determination to see that
                                psychological help, parents       you have taken ownership          those with craniofacial
outlet and comfort which
                                can move through the              of CCA. It brings a new           differences are seen just as
lets them know they are
                                acceptance stage and,             dimension and clarity to          everyone else—capable,
not alone. As a helping
                                ultimately, be the child’s        our mission: to empower           talented, smart and
professional, there must be                                       and give hope to individuals      beautiful.
                                greatest source of support.
value placed in                                                   with craniofacial conditions
religious/spiritual types of    Arletha M. Miller, M.S.W,
                                                                  and their families. It inspires
support. Spiritual              M.B.A./HCM is a clinical social
                                                                  us all to be more, be better,
                                worker currently working in       and think bigger. And, it
counseling is often sought
                                both pediatric and adult          gives strength and hope to
as an alternative or in
                                medicine.                         those who need it most.
conjunction with clinical                                            CCA is reaching a new
therapy.                                                          level, which brings with it
  As parents move forward                                         new responsibilities. In
in the acceptance stage,                                          2007, our goal is to
they are able to reconstruct                                      enhance our website and
                                                                  make it more interactive to
their expectations for their
                                                                  adults, teens and our             Tony Davis, DMD
child. With guidance,
                                                                  younger children. We want         Chairman of the Board
parents learn how to set                                          to add to our list of
                                                                  syndrome booklets in order
pauline, from page 1                                           spent countless hours on        would be out of commission
                                                               the road seeing specialists     for many months. She was
                                                               and surgeons those first        back to school in roughly
                                                               few years. I wish I had a       four weeks and riding a bike
                                                               penny for every mile we         again in just under one year.
                                                               have logged on the road to        I am learning there are
                                                               and from doctor and             many waves in this life, but
                                                               hospital visits over the past   one thing remains
                                                               12-plus years. It might just    constant: our faith. It is a
                                                               get us out of medical debt!     choice of faith to find joy
                                                                  This life is a perpetual     in each day.
                                                               learning curve. Once I think      Pauline’s name means
                                                               I have a grasp on where         “short in stature, but great
                                                               we are, the rules change.       in heart”—a perfect name!
                                                               This was the case               Her brothers prefer to call
                                                               November 8, 2005.               her “Miss Sassy Pants” or
                                                                  A loud “tink” and the        “Pest.” I guess some things
                                                               cries of a man on our           ARE normal.
                                                               street prompted us to run         Ashton is 17 now and an
                                                               out of our home to see our      amazing big brother to
                                                               beautiful girl who had          Pauline. There are times
   After weeks of prayer,       describe, even in the          beaten so many odds and         when she asks for him
preparation and grieving,       simplest of terms, what a      defied so many doctors,         after surgeries and not us!
our nine-pound,                 genetic condition was or       lying in the middle of the
screaming—and pink—             how it would potentially       road, unconscious and
baby girl made a grand          affect the bearer.             bleeding. Pauline was hit
entrance into this world.          After a few days in the     by an SUV as she rode her
Yes, they were wrong. The       NICU, it was confirmed,        bike, a blindsiding event
first of many times Pauline     Pauline not only had 18p,      that left us all hurdling
would prove the doctors         she also had Hemi-facial       through a maze of
wrong.                          Microsomia, or HFM. After      emotions—again.
   A brief kiss of her cheek    two life-altering surgeries       There was a time when I
showed us there was more        and two months in the          thought I could handle
in store. Her sweet face        NICU, Pauline was allowed      whatever came next. But,
was misshapen, low set ear      to come home and begin         “whatever” came and I
nub on the left, smaller/       her “normal” life. Normal      was not so ready. After our
closed left eye, and a cleft    for Pauline included alarms,   first medivac helicopter
lip and palate. It was a        feeding tubes, oxygen and      ride, we landed in the
startling addition to the       ‘round-the-clock care—         beginning of a yearlong
long list of life-threatening   more than a typical infant.    road to recovery and
issues that began our              With the love and           restoration.
unknown journey.                support of family and             Pauline did an amazing
   All of this was new. My      friends, we slowly moved       job of healing and
husband and I come from         into a routine that included   astounded everyone
an arts background.             time with our then four-       around her. With multiple
Neither of us could             year-old son, Ashton. We       injuries, we thought she

10                                                                                                 continued next page
J.B. is almost 11 and is a
great helper, someone who      how to raise funds for cca
readily jumps in to pick up
the slack. August is 8 and
a smiley boy, who
promised me that he will
                               c    CCA depends on funds
                                    donated by individuals,
                               proceeds from family and
                                                                   regarding your wishes for
                                                                   distribution of your assets
                                                                   in your will, consider a
                                                                                                 • Friends / Family
                                                                                                   Letter Appeal Draft
                                                                                                   letter to family, friends
                               friends’ fundraising efforts,       provision for CCA. Your         and acquaintances—
always give me hugs and                                            planned gift in the form        anyone who has met or
                               corporate giving and
kisses—no matter how old                                           of an endowment will live       encountered your child.
                               foundation grants. The
he gets.                                                           on after you.                   Contact CCA for a
                               need is great as we grow
   When I look at my kids, I                                   •   CCA Web Store                   sample letter.
                               to provide programs and
know God doesn’t make                                              You can now shop at           • Kitchen Shut Down
                               services to many more      for your            Raise funds by raffling off
mistakes. He has a great       affected individuals and            T-shirts, mugs, caps and        chances to win meals for
sense of humor, but He         their families. Any help our        more. So shop now and           every day of the week, so
doesn’t make mistakes.         readers contribute is most          shop often!                     the winner can “shut
   After the news was given    appreciated. Here are some      •   Clubs / Hobbies                 down” their kitchen.
of our baby girl’s             ways to help.                       Have your club organize a       Local restaurants can
                                                                   benefit for CCA. Use your       donate meals or coupons.
impending medical issues,
                               •                hobby or something you          This idea could be used
our OB/GYN pulled Bret           Enter Children’s                  love to do to raise funds.      for a week of
and I aside and said firmly,     Craniofacial Association      •   Denim Days                      entertainment, such as
“Today you have two              as your beneficiary               Raise funds at work for         movie rentals or theater
things to do. First, go          charity. (You only have to        CCA. Establish a special        tickets. Call CCA for
                                 do this the first time. You       day or days for                 more information.
downstairs and make sure
                                 may add others if you             employees to make a           • Collection Cans Ask
your insurance is in order.      wish.) CCA will receive           designated donation             local businesses to place
This is your ‘million dollar     up to a penny each time           (cash or check) to CCA in       a can or box (provided by
baby.’ And second, decide        someone uses the                  return for wearing blue         CCA) to collect donations
today whether or not you         GoodSearch search                 jeans. The donation is          or take a can around to
                                 engine.                           usually $1 to $5,               collect donations.
will stay married.”
                               • Cash for Trash!                   depending on how often        • Get On Board! Read our
   That day, we confirmed        Save your discarded cell          the event takes place (for      newsletter and learn
our insurance and drove          phones and empty laser /          example $1 for a weekly         about and participate in
home in silence. We made         ink cartridges and CCA            donation, $5 for a              the events, raffles and
a silent vow to each other       can turn them in for              monthly donation). Any          funding efforts of CCA
and our growing family.          rebate funds. Call us             higher amount would be          and our supporters. Pass
                                 at 214-570-9099 or                at the discretion of the        the donor envelope to
With the divorce rate at         800-535-3643 for                  donor.                          someone you know
roughly 50 percent               more information.             •   Civic Organizations             looking to support a
nationwide and upwards         • Matching Gifts                    Public awareness leads to       charity. And when you
of 80 percent when there         Many companies offer a            contributions. Contact          are finished with your
is a child with special          matching gift program             and solicit opportunities       copy of our newsletter,
                                 that could double or even         to speak to your local          spread the news! Pass it
needs included, we chose
                                 triple your gift to CCA!          civic organizations such        along or leave it in a
the road less traveled, and      Contact your human                as Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis        waiting room.
that has made all the            resources office to find          Clubs, even HOG                 (Remember to remove
difference.                      out if your company has           organizations (CCA has          your address label.)
                                 such a program.                   many ‘biker’ supporters).
                               • Planned Giving                    Distribute brochures
                                 Tax preparation time is           and/or newsletters or         Looking for ideas?
                                 also a good time to               other CCA-sanctioned          Contact Jill Gorecki at
                                 consider long-term tax            materials for awareness
                                 savings. When you                 and information. Ask for
                                 consult an attorney or            contributions.
                                 investment professional
                                                             tie one on for cca
                                                             v    ineyard Vines, well-
                                                                  known producer of
                                                             100% fine silk ties and
                                                                                                             observe the
                                                                                                             month of
                                                             other products sporting                         proclaimed
                                                             whimsical motifs, has                           by CCA as
                                                             created a tie especially for                    “National
                                                             CCA donors and friends,                         Craniofacial
                                                             using the happy faces on                        Acceptance
                                                             our charity logo.                               Month” and

attention cca friends                                           These high-end quality
                                                             ties come in a choice of
                                                                                              some are still available.
                                                                                                 Please, wear one in
and families:                                                two popular background
                                                             colors, light blue or royal,
                                                                                              support of your charity and
                                                                                              to raise awareness that

                                                             and may be purchased for         fosters acceptance of
        e’d like your “Mugshots”! When you purchase a        $100 each, gift-boxed and        individuals with facial
        CCA Logo Mug, send us a snapshot of you with         delivered.                       difference. Call our office
                                                                The first 100 CCA logo        or go online to order your
your mug for a “Mugshots” section…each newsletter
                                                             ties were produced to            ties!
we’ll post new mugshots!

win a jamaican trip!                                         regional volunteers

o    n january 1st we
     kicked off the 2007
New Year with a raffle to
                               Tickets sell for $5 each or
                             $20 for 5 tickets (includes
                             1 free), or $100 for 30
                                                             p     ublic awareness about
                                                                   craniofacial conditions
                                                                  is important on several
                                                                                              country who have banded
                                                                                              together in an effort to
                                                                                              educate and inform the
win a trip for two to        tickets (includes 10 free).     levels.                          public. The regional
Jamaica!                       There is still time before      It’s important that families   volunteers and CCA will
 Thanks to the legwork of    the March 15th sale             find quality medical care,       now turn to local areas to
CCA dad, Paul Shepherd,      deadline to buy a chance        that healthcare                  recruit volunteers who will
our friends at Liberty       to win. THE DRAWING             professionals are aware of       distribute educational
Travel and Air Jamaica       WILL BE HELD ON THE             the special medical and          materials throughout their
have donated a trip for      FIRST DAY OF SPRING,            emotional needs of children      communities.

two to Jamaica and as a                                      and adults with facial             If you would like to help
                             MARCH 21ST.
                                                             differences, that the public     educate your community
bonus, Levinthal’s in          Tickets may be purchased
                                                             understands and accepts          and take part in this
Philadelphia donated         online at
                                                             facial differences and that      national awareness effort,
His/Hers luggage!
                                                             individuals with facial          call or email CCA Program
                                                             difference are accepted.         Director, Annie Reeves at
                                                               CCA has formed a               800-535-3643 or
                                                             network of regional    
                                                             volunteers across the
friends of
jeremy golf

t   he second annual
    Friends of Jeremy Golf
Tournament was held on
                               organizations donated
                               prizes and silent auction
                               items, and various friends
                                                               everyone realize that Jeremy
                                                               is not alone and that CCA
                                                               and the kids supported by
                                                                                              Willow Creek Golf Club
                                                                                              on October 13, 2007.
                                                                                              For more information
October 14, 2006, at           and family members              the organization are           and to see photos from
Willow Creek Golf Club         volunteered their time to       extremely special.             the tournament, visit
in Big Flats, NY. It was a     help with the tournament.          In addition to the money
cold, windy and rainy day.        The tournament included      raised directly from the
There was even a short         a raffle, silent auction,       tournament, two of the
period of time when it         closest to the pin 50/50,       golfers shared information
actually started to sleet!     closest to the line prize and   about CCA to family
But the weather did not        a skins game. The               members. Those families
stop our dedicated golfers     tournament was a huge           chose to organize a
and volunteers.                success and we raised           charitable donation fund in
  We are so grateful to        $16,100 for CCA!                lieu of Christmas gifts this
everyone who supported            The Friends of Jeremy        holiday season. The total
this event. We had an          Golf tournament was extra       amount donated to CCA
incredible turnout and so      special this year because       was $2,250! Special thanks
much support from the          we welcomed a couple of         go out to Beth and Sean
community, our co-             guests. CCA kids Andrew         O’Neil and Mike Bernd
workers, friends and family.   Perry and Staci Kuppe           for their support and
Eighty-nine golfers, six       joined Jeremy at the            generosity!
tournament sponsors and        tournament. Having                 The third annual Friends
28 hole sponsors               Andrew and Staci there          of Jeremy Golf Tournament
participated. Fifty local      was very heartwarming to        will be held again at
businesses and national        the golfers. It made

fundraising news                                                                                              The Dalton
                                                                                                              family: John,
                                                                                                              Elizabeth Ivy and

                                                                   f  or the second holiday in a row, Margaret Jenna-
                                                                      Dalton of Austin, TX, whose daughter, Elizabeth Ivy
                                                                   was born with Apert syndrome, stood for approximately
                                                                   35 back-aching hours wrapping gifts at Border’s Books in
                                                                   Austin to benefit CCA. Still, she reports it was an easy and
                                                                   fun way to raise funds for our cause and says anyone with
Jennifer Guerra pictured here with daughters Olivia and Natalie
                                                                   a Border’s nearby should try it. She’d like to thank her
                                                                   “posse” who helped and so would we. Many thanks to
                                                                   Marie Bevins, Holly Hillis, Robin Perry and Meredith

k     atz’s Deli in Houston, Texas, posted CCA another
      two times as beneficiary of their fundraising table,
giving 10% of the meals served at that special table and
                                                                   Perry! Altogether they raised more than $750 from
                                                                   hundreds of customers donating for the gift-wrapping.
                                                                   And kudos to Border’s for this wonderful way to help
raising $400 for CCA kids, and then an additional $200!
Thank you!                                                            Brenna

                                                    Kinlen and
                                                    son, Gryffin

                                                                   b    renna Johnston’s mom, Robyn, of Eugene, OR,

                                                                        held a raffle fundraiser in her daughter’s name.
    arrie Kinlen of Woodbury, New York, raised funds by            (Brenna was born with Crouzon’s syndrome.) Robyn raised
    garnering a percentage of meal sales through her               more than $500 for CCA! Additionally, Robyn has started
workplace, Applebees. She raised more than $100 in                 a business with her jewelry-making hobby and will be
one afternoon through the “Dining to Donate” program.              passing along a percentage of her profits to benefit other
She also held a 50/50 Raffle to raise additional funds for         CCA kids. Visit her website at Thank
CCA. Her efforts are inspired by her son, Gryffin, who             you, Robyn!
was born with craniosynostosis.

                              r   ose Seitz of Poland,
                                  Ohio, along with her
                              family and friends,
                                                                   and services in the spotlight
                              participated in the Simon
                              Properties’ “Evening of
                                                               Families of craniofacial patients often call CCA to seek
                              Giving” fundraising
                                                               emotional support, discuss problems and identify
                              opportunity. Held the
                                                               resources. Through our database, we are able to network
                              weekend before
                                                               families with support groups and/or others who have
                              Thanksgiving throughout the
                              country, charities are           similar conditions and experiences. We also keep a list
                              provided tickets they sell to    of helpful resources and are always willing to listen and
family and friends for a special night of holiday shopping     offer emotional support to family members who need a
and refreshments. Rose reported that Tara Angelilli sold       shoulder upon which to lean. For further assistance or
the most tickets for CCA. Thanks, Tara!                        information call Annie Reeves at 800-535-3643 or email
  Another friend of Rose’s, Michelle White, is a     
BeautiControl director and suggested doing a “Spa
Escape” as a fund raiser. About six girlfriends got together   programs we offer
one night for margaritas and a relaxing evening of             • Toll-free hotline             •
shopping for some great products they could use every          • List of qualified               website
day. Rose joined the BeautiControl team as a consultant in       physicians                    • Annual Cher’s Family
order to give her commission for that night, $200, to          • Information and support         Retreats
CCA. Thanks, Rose!                                             • Educational booklets          • Public awareness
                                                               • Financial assistance          • Family networking
                                                               • CCA Network, a                • Advocacy
                                                                 quarterly newsletter

                                                                 financial assistance

Buy Gifts from BeautiControl at                                  d    o you travel to receive quality medical care?
                                                                      If you do, and need financial help, CCA has a
                                                                 financial assistance program that will help with food,                                    travel and/or lodging. Call CCA for an application at
                                                                 800-535-3643. All we ask is that you apply at least
     and CCA gets the agent profit!
                                                                 four to six weeks prior to your next appointment.

      Questions? Email Rose Seitz at
                                                               download the newsletter

  These gifts cause no clutter, because
                                                               i f you are currently receiving the newsletter by mail, but
                                                                 would rather download it from, let us
                                                               know by sending your email to
               they get used up!                               As an added bonus, the online version is in full color!

donors, january 1 – december 31, 2006*
Gifts from                       Ron Birks & Kathi Douglas
                                 Sheree Bishop
                                                                Suzanne Dunbar
                                                                Carol Duston
                                                                                                       Ann Hagler
                                                                                                       Alfred Harf
                                                                                                                                              Susan Krebs
                                                                                                                                              Charles & Sean Krippes
Individuals                      Norman Blevins                 Harry & Freda Eaton                    F. M. & L.B. Harker                    Mavis Kyle
                                 William & Arlene Blumenthal    James Egan, DDS                        Carol Harman                           John & Kari Lackstrom
                                 Mrs. S. Oliver Bobsine         Denise Elber                           Marilyn & Keith Harrison               John & Barbara Lalonde
CCA Supporters                   Mildred Bonneau                James Ernst                            Pam Hartland                           Michael & Mary Lambert
(up to $100)                     Mike Bosko                     Marlene & Eric Espinosa                Linda Hartley                          Gregory Laney
                                 Sandra Browning                Antonio & Hope Estrada                 Amanda Hartman                         Mary Langner
Roscoe & Jean Abbott             Jimmy & Beverly Butera         Susan Evans                            Annabelle Hartman                      Claudette & Robert Langston
Roy Abrams                       James & Brenda Burnett, Jr.    Jerry & Dianne Erwin for students at   Nora Haverty                           Pedro Lara
Julie Adams                      Ann Byrd                           Bebensee Elementary                Kelly Hernandez                        Diane & Bruce LaRue
Howard Ader                      Lawrence & Lynda Byrne         Amy Escher & Donna Poyner              Andy Herszkowicz                       Nancy & Charles Lathrop
Clara Alberts                    Tim Campbell                   Jesus Falcon                           Mary Heston                            Richard Laude
Humberto Alfonso                 Cecile & Daniel Callahan       Robert Jr. & Janice Fallon             Harry Hieva                            Rosaro Lazo
Robert Ahonen                    Dorothy Cameron                Robin Farinholt                        Lora Higginbotham                      Stephanie & Daniel Leahy
Nancy Alexander                  Dorothy Cantrell               Frances Farlow                         Robin Higham                           Catherine Leake
Carlos Alexandro                 Richard Carbajal               Mary Farr                              Annie Hill                             Karen & Charles Lee
Sharon Allbright                 James & Shirley Cardwell       T.M. Farrell                           Robert Hines                           Howard Leeds
Kenneth & Dianna Allen           Della Carlin                   Lenard Feldham                         Juanita Hirschi                        Nevline Leitzel
Otis Allen, Sr.                  Antonina & Giana Carpenter     Matthew & Nikole Feret                 Gary & Edna Hjerrild                   Diana Lesko
Carolyn Alloway                  Wanda Carpenter                Richard Ferle                          Dieu Ho                                Jess Levya
Andrew Altshule                  Patricia Carrasco              Toni Fitzwater                         Jerry Hoffman                          Lasca Lewis
Paul & Katherine Anderson        James Carter, Jr.              Hernando & Rita Florentino             Robert Hoffman                         Alice Li
Anonymous                        Henry & Margaret Cartwright    JoAnn Flores                           Stormie Holguin                        Christina & Mario Linarez
Thomas & Donna Antonelli         Angela Cason                   Shelley & R. Thomas Flores, Jr.        James & Carol Hopkins                  Damian Lively
Catherine Arnold                 Emil Castagna                  Mark & Nilgun Foley                    Jeff Hopkins                           Elaine & Emmett Liveoak
F. & B. Arnold                   Sue Catanzaro                  Michelle Foreman                       Barbara Hopwood                        Wayne & Margaret Loebscak
Julio & Lillian Arroyo           Jeffrey & Nannette Cator       Elizabeth & Lawrence Forte             Richard & Judy Horn                    William & Mary Long
Lynne Arthur                     Jim Cayo                       Howard & Pamela Forthofer              Lorraine Horneber                      Council Logan
Ruth Aryee                       Jhenny Cepeda                  Gerald & Cheryl Frederick              Lori Hoppe                             Ronald & Rosemary Logue
Lillian Arzivian                 C. & J. Chapline               Lynwood Freeland                       Melissa & Donald House                 Robin Longoria
Laura Atkinson                   Helen Chartier                 Jackie & Brian Friedrichsen            Richard Howe                           Phyllis Lopez
Jan Attaway                      Annette Chen                   Samuel Fitzpatrick                     Lawrence & Coletta Huber               Rodney Louden
Bret & Molly Atwood              Barbara Chernetz               Harold Flynn, Jr.                      Clayton & Kathy Huck                   Kenneth & Dolores Louder
Edwina & Emil Bachschmid         Cyril Chrabot                  Janice Foster                          Blanche Hunter                         Gloria Louie
Max & Jo Baer                    Louise Chung                   Gerald & Cheryl Frederick              Dorothy & Matthew Hunyadi              Mary Lovell
Paul & Joyce Baer                Furman Clark                   Apollonia & Lawrence Frein             Joseph & Barbara Iannaccone            Christian & Paula Lowell
Ighal & Dalia Bahar              Irene Clarici                  Stephen & Marion Frost                 Angie Ihejirika                        Merrill & Melinda Lower
Gary Baker                       Carroll & Margie Climer        Edward Frymer                          April & Jacob Iverson                  Lujan, Ascencion
Raymond & Helen Baker            Harold & Gail Cohen            William & Gail Fuller, M.D.            Jimmy Jay                              Doris & Norbert Lustine
Donnie & Bobby Balentine         Elvera Colon                   Jennifer G                             Dale & Joan Jennerjohn                 James Macaulay
Barry & Marie Balch              Mary Cook                      Tyler Gaines                           Paul & Patricia John                   Irene & Louis Macedo
Peggy Banks                      Donald & Shirley Coon          Angel Galvan                           Carol Johnson                          Joan Maddock
Robert Barber                    Beatrice Cooper                Normalita Gamboa                       Frances Johnson                        Jennifer Madden
Kathy Barnett                    Arlene Coudare                 Alba Garcia                            Robert Johnson                         Duane & Janine Maddux
Jose Baroma                      William Core                   Roxy & Joseph Gaskill                  Judy Johnston                          Lenia Magne
Mary Barrill                     Anne Corley                    Robert & Patricia Gaug                 Ulah Jones                             Marion Mahlmeister
Mary Barton                      K.A. Cormney                   Ernie & Maria Gemperle                 A.E. Karpin                            Selena Mahon
Brian & Karla Baus               Dorothy & Peter Cornell        Mayu & Caleb George                    Carol & David Kalina                   Joseph Malangone
Mary & Robert Beck               Demetra Courtois               Gerald Gerg                            Theodore Kalivas                       Marcella Malm
Linda Bedrosian                  Carolyn Craig                  Illona Gerlock                         Sylvia Katowitz                        Thomas Malone
Malcolm & Laura Beeler           Lisa Crawford                  John Ghicondes                         Brian Katz                             Bob & Kathleen Mannis
Virginia Bellinger               Donald & Geraldine Critchlaw   Armondo Giordani                       Nancy & James Kearney                  Jessica Manzie
Eleanor & Charles Bergland       Michael Csaszar                Tammy Gipple                           Celene Keenen                          Carrie Maples
Tammy & Andrew Berry             James & Nancy Cutler           Ken & Susan Godwin                     Valentine Keiper                       Marianna Marcello
Patricia & Barry Berryman        Marion Daly                    Arthur Goldberg                        J. Kelly                               Anthony & Patricia Marino
David Bernstein & Andrea Zintz   Eugene Dalton                  Sidney Goldman                         Jean Kelly                             Joseph & Frances Marino
Kathleen Best                    J.L. Dalton                    Frank & Mary Goldner                   Eileen Kelley                          Eric Marx
Rebecca Beverly                  Leo Dalton                     Moises & Elvira Gonzalez               Kathryn Kemp                           Marty Mashe
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Carlo G. Binda                   Grace & Gary Deily             Ed & Donna Granados                    J. & K.R. Klass                        Joseph McGregor
Mrs.Oliver Bobsine               Henry & Marlene Deily          Yuvonne Grant                          Kendall & Susan Klinge                 Roger & Barbara McNeil
William & Melissa Boleman        Aida Rose Delavega             Robert Grathoff                        Bruce & Sandra Klinger                 Kevin McNulty
Gayton & Joann Bongiorno         Jane & Gary Dellorusso         Ralph Green                            Diane & Daniel Knockeart               Ellen McPadden
Karen & Phil Bova                Sarah Delvento                 Lecerrell Greene                       Lee & Jenny Knutson                    Thomas & Carol Meade
Phyllis & Jerame Breeden         Conrad DePinto                 Sharon Greene                          Annette Kolodny                        Barbara Mellendorf
Jay & Deborah Breslow            Louis Desanto                  Jeffrey Greeson                        Phil Konstantin                        Ann E. Melendy
Jane Briggs                      Blanca DeValero                Selena Griffin-Mahon                   Sophia Kosta                           Mary Mersman
Suzanne Browning                 J. Dickson                     Harry Grout                            Edwin Kraemer                          Janet Metzger
Angelic Bruns                    Florence Dockery               Margaret Grupp                         Elizabeth Krane & Marilyn Sutherland   Charles & Susan Michlik
Deborah & Victor Buttner         Richard & Loraine Dolecki      Steve & Constance Gulley               Brian & Janine Krebs                   Edith Mignatti
Marian Burkhart                  Catherine Donahue
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Lawrence & Lynda Byrne           Nicole Dretar                  * Listed are monetary donations through 2006. We are extremely grateful for these and all prior donations.
                                 Randy Drew                       In-kind donations are not recorded here.

16                               Bonita Drummond
                                                                 We do our best to accurately recognize donors. If you notice an error, please let us know.
Guy Miller                       Annie & Tommy Reeves             Steven & Ruby Sonntag          Sylvester Weiss                    Mary Griffin
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Barbara Milton                   Andrea Richard & Aaron Brenner   Sue Steman                     Dorothy Whaley                     Denyse Halperin
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Thomas & Estelle Mims            Donna Richardson                 Nancy Stephens                 Byron White                        John J. & Arleen Heirty
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David & Adrienne Weil                    The Baldwin Family, in honor of Sadie     Conrad DePinto, in memory of Kevin         Mandie Hiznay, in honor of Freddie        Javier & Lenia Lopez, in honor of
Michael Weinman                              Vivo                                       Dalton                                    Seitz                                     Gabriela Lopez
John & April Wharton                     William & Madaline Barry, in memory       Dodd Middle School, in honor of Justin     James & Carol Hopkins, in honor of        Mary Lovell, in honor of Peggy
Leila Wiley                                  of Kevin Dalton                            Prince                                    Kathryn Hopkins                           McDannel
Leonard & Ann Wolf                       Mary Beck, in honor of Freddie Seitz      Loraine Dolecki, in honor of               Jeff Hopkins, in honor of Kathryn         Paula Lowell, in honor of Robert
Dennis Wooden                            Robert & Mary Ann Beck, in honor of            Christopher Dolecki                       Hopkins                                   Walston
Gabrielle Yuro                               Freddie Seitz                         Nicole Dretar, in honor of Jeremy Dale     Lori Hoppe, in honor of Guerin Bell       Don & Ann Lucas, in honor of Brody
Myrna & Ronald Zaccagnino                Laura & Malcolm Beeler, in honor of       Duncan Aviation, in memory of Kevin        Richard & Judy Horn, in honor of the          Lucas by Nana & Papa
Donna Zavahir                                Ava Beeler                                 Dalton                                    marriage of Marybeth Ayres & Jim      Greg Luetkemeyer, in honor of mother,
                                         Jeffrey G. Belongia, in honor of Robbie   Amy Escher & Donna Poyner, in honor            King                                      Betty Luetkemeyer
                                             Gorecki                                    of Heather Lermont-Pape’s birthday    Michael & Tiffani Howell, in honor of     Doris & Norbert Lustine, in memory of
CCA Extended Family                      Marilyn Bickle, in honor of Lara          Hope & Antonio Estrada, in honor of            Ruby Howell                               Ruth Cohen
($500 +)                                     Verdone                                    Antonio Estrada                       Kathy Hubbard, in honor of Lizzy          Janis & Doug Macut, in honor of Dr.
                                         Melvin Bickle, in honor of Lara           Mary & Mike Estrada, in honor of               Hubbard                                   Savi
Anonymous                                    Verdone                                    Antonio Estrada                       Kathy & Steven Hubbard, in honor of       Janis & Doug Macut, in honor of
Michael Bernd & Karen Keenan             Sue A. Bigham, in honor of Samantha       Paul & Michelle Fahey, in honor of             Elizabeth Hubbard from Mom &              Dotti Macut
James & Martha Brown                         Klinger                                    Jeremy Dale                               Dad                                   Joan Maddock, in honor of Cindy
Conrad DePinto                           Sarah Perry Bilger, in honor of Andrew    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fallon, Jr., in honor    Dorothy & Matthew Hunyadi, in mem-            DeLaRosa
Craig Dufresne, MD                           Perry                                      of the marriage of Marybeth Ayres         ory of Kevin Dalton                   Marion Mahlmeister, in memory of
Albert & Bunsiri Frazier                 Sheree Bishop, in the name of Taylor           & Jim King                            Barbara & Joe Iannaccone, in honor of         Marie Ackerman
Jill Gorecki                                 Bishop                                Robin Farinholt, in honor of Parker            Christopher Dolecki                   Joseph Malangone, in memory of
S. Gaylann Hicks                         Ron Birks & Kathi Douglas, in honor of         Liles                                 John & Margaret Ingram, in memory             Kevin Dalton
Jonathan & Deborah Kantor                    the marriage of Marybeth Ayres &      T.M. Farrell, in honor of the marriage         of Clarence Altis                     Diane Manning, in honor of Jonathan
Roger & Carolyn Lamb                         Jim King                                   of Marybeth Ayres & Jim King          April & Jacob Iverson, in honor of            Siebert
Paul & Fran Leatherwood                  Mrs. Oliver Bobsine, in memory of         Niki & Matt Feret, in honor of Isobel          Austin Iverson                        Bob & Kathleen Mannis, in memory of
Mary Lytle                                   Gerri & Larry Reinherdt               Fine Design, LLC, in honor of Jonathan     Russell & Carol Jenna, in memory of           Marie Ackerman
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Soviero             Joyce Borsellino & Bill Masloski, in           Siebert                                   Kevin Dalton                          Greg & Patti Mathers, in honor of
Vincent & Jana Vivo                          memory of Kevin Dalton                First Grade Team at Bebensee               Ulah O. Jones, in honor of Kathryn            Katelyn Mathers
                                         Boston JetSearch, Inc, in memory of            Elementary, Arlington, TX,                Hopkins                               John & Cecilia Mazzocca, in honor of
CCA Sponsor                                  Kevin Dalton                           in honor of music teachers, Ms Scott      Jessetta & David Jowick, in Janelle           Jaclynn Samhammer
($1,000 +)                               Debbie Breslow, in honor of Kenny              & Mrs. Atchley                            Joswick                               Lisa McCullough & Rick Rice, in honor
                                             Breslow                               Toni E. Fitzwater, in honor of Natalie     A.E. Karpen, in memory of Milton              of Elizabeth Hubbard
Anonymous                                Angelic Bruns, in honor of Cher                Wardlaw                                   Lewin                                 Ellen McPadden, in honor of Jeremy
Jeffrey & Beth Abel                      Ann Burgin, in honor of Rick Dornier      Cheryl Frederick, in honor of Mary &       Sylvia Katowitz, in memory of Marie           Dale from Aunt Ellen
Amy & David Cottrell                     Gary Burt, in honor of “Annie’s bud-           Parker Crawford                           Ackerman                              Ellen McPadden, in the name of
George & Kristine Dale                       dies”, Justin Prince & Zach Muller    Stephen & Marion Frost, in memory of       Nancy Kearney, in honor of Jon                Jeremy Dale
Jeffrey Fearon, MD                       Michelle & Samuel Bustillos, in honor          Kevin Dalton                              Simmons                               Bill & Christine Mecklenburg, in honor
Fred & Judi Freeman                          of Fabian Bustillos                   Mr. & Mrs. Bert Fuller, in honor of        Celene Keenen, in honor of Carleen            of Morgan Keahn Mecklenburg
Jane L. Goodman                          Jimmy & Beverly Butera, in memory of           Olivia Sanborn                            Nelson                                Ann E. Melendy, in honor of Dianna H.
Bill & Christine Mecklenburg                 Bernice Peace                         J. William Gadsby, in honor of             Earl Kemberling, in honor of Kurt             Allen
Dan & Denise Paulson                     Jimmy & Beverly Butera, in honor of            Benjamin Kettelle                         McMurray                              Ann E. Melendy, in honor of Emily
Charlene & John Smith                        Janet Carter’s birthday               Mark & Tammy Gipple, in honor of           Eileen Kemmier, in memory of Marie            Mendez
Courtney Vincent                         Deb Buttner, in honor of Isobel Pupillo        Dominic Rossi                             Ackerman                              Susan & Chuck Michlik, in honor of
                                         Shirley Cardwell, in honor of Mary &      Ken & Susan Godwin, in honor of            Kathryn Kemp, in memory of Patrick            Ashley Bock
                                             Parker Crawford                            Natalie Wardlaw                           Kemp                                  Midway Materials, Inc., in honor of
CCA Benefactor                           Della Carlin, in honor of Carleen         Arthur Goldberg, in honor of the mar-      Sandy & Bruce Klinger, in honor of            Brittany Balentine
($5,000 +)                                   Nelson                                     riage of Marybeth Ayres & Jim King        Samantha Klinger                      Nellie R. Miller, in honor of Samantha
                                         Jeffrey Castor, in honor of Jeremy Dale   Erma J. Gorecki, in honor of Robbie        Diane & Daniel Knockeart, in honor of         Klinger
Estate of Charles & Wilmetta Allen,      Michael Csaszar, in memory of wife,            Gorecki                                   Kieran Roehl, grandson                Laurie Monnier, in honor of Jeremy
   Bainbridge Island, WA                     Debbie                                Jill Gorecki, in honor of Robbie           Lee & Jenny Knutson, in honor of              Dale
Estate of Jacqueline M. Conybear.        Mr. & Mrs. Craig Chapline, in honor of         Gorecki                                   daughter, Nalani from the Knutson     Jane Monell, in memory of Tom Law
   Oaklawn, IL                               Carleen Nelson                        Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Graf, in honor of Jake       Family                                Juan R. Moran, in honor of Gabriela
Robert & Maryellen Fettig       participants, in honor of             Wharton                               Martin P. Koop, in honor of Brendan           Lopez
Greg Luetkemeyer                             Cher’s birthday                       Linda Haines, in honor of Lindsey              Walsh                                 Kim Morris, in honor of Robbie
                                         Cher fans, in honor of Cher’s birthday         Baker                                 Daniel & JoAnn Kopshinsky, in honor           Gorecki
                                         Carroll & Marie Climer, in honor of       Alfred Harf, in honor of Chase Ingram          of Robbie Gorecki                     Alison & Joe Morrissey, in honor of
Memorials /                                  Rylan Vance.                          Amanda Hartman, in honor of Ryan           Janine & Brian Krebs, in honor of Emily       Rachael Morrissey
In-Honor Gifts                           Mary Cook, in honor of Heather
                                             Lermont-Pape’s birthday
                                                                                   Annabelle Hartmann, in honor of
                                                                                                                              Georganne Kupau, in honor of Justin
                                                                                                                                                                        Patricia Lewis Murphy, in honor of
                                                                                                                                                                            Andrew Perry
Roscoe & Jean Abbott, in honor of        Don & Shirley Coon, in honor of Lara           Brendan Walsh                             Prince                                Pam Newcomb, in honor of Jeremy
   Samantha Klinger                          Verdone                               Jim & Arleen Heirty, in memory of          Mavis Kyle, in honor of Bailey Allwhite       Dale
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Aguinne, in honor of      Dorothy Cornell, in honor of Peter             Cornell Cotosman                      Bruce & Diane LaRue, in honor of          Barbara & Bruce Newman, in honor of
   Benjamin Kettelle                         Dankelson                             Jim & Arleen Heirty, in memory of Joe          Scott Guzzo from the LaRue Family         Nathaniel Newman
David & Judith Albers, in memory of      Cosgrove Aircraft Service, Inc., in            Creed                                 Nancy & Charles Lathrop, in honor of      Alland & Mary Karen Newstadt, in
   Kevin Dalton                              memory of Kevin Dalton                Jim & Arleen Heirty, in memory of              Natalie Wardlaw                           honor of the marriage of Jessica &
Nancy Alexander, in honor of Heather     Lisa Crawford, in honor of Mary &              Hugh Farmer                           Rosaura Lazo, in honor of Jose Lazo           Jeff
   Lermont-Pape’s birthday                   Parker Crawford                       John J. & Arleen Heirty, in memory of      Stephanie & Daniel Leahy, in honor of     Michael & Marti O’Brien, in honor of
Carolyn E. Alloway, in honor of          Diana Critchlaw, in honor of Amanda            Bill Genthner                             Katherine Leahy                           son, Brendon O’Brien
   Kathryn Hopkins                           Critchlaw                             John J. & Arleen Heirty, in memory of      Paul & Fran Leatherwood, in honor of      Julie Oden, in honor of Kathryn
Anonymous, in honor of Lidia             Mr. & Mrs. D. Critchlaw, in honor of           Tammi Kleis from Jim & Arleen             Charlene Smith                            Hopkins
   Difrancesco                               Amanda Critchlaw                      Jim & Arleen Heirty, in memory of          Karen & Charles Lee, in honor of the      Rose Olson, in honor of Robbie
Tom & Donna Antonelli, in honor of       James & Nancy Cutler, in honor of              Wanda Marosz                              marriage of Marybeth Ayres & Jim          Gorecki
   Anthony Silvestro                         Samantha Wayne                        Jim & Arleen Heirty, in memory Kathy           King                                  MaryAnn Pallante, in honor of Freddy
Catherine Arnold, in honor of Kathryn    Leo Dalton, in memory of Kevin M.              Stoker’s Dad, Fred                    Lexie Lermont, in honor of Heather            Seitz
   Hopkins                                   Dalton                                Jim & Arleen Heirty, in memory of              Lermont-Pape’s birthday               Nancy Patterson, in honor of Jaci
Baca Pediatrics, in honor of Greg        Roger Dalton, in memory of Kevin M.            Warren Stoker                         Elaine Liveoak, in honor of Mary &            Samhammer
   Burkholder                                Dalton                                John J. & Arleen Heirty, in memory of          Parker Crawford                       Fred Paul, in memory of Kevin Dalton
Joyce Baer, in honor of Samantha         Sarah Delvento, in memory of Kevin             Gene Zuk from Jim & Arleen            Wayne Loebsack, in honor of Jaci          Mr. & Mrs. Ben Pawley, in honor of
   Klinger                                   Dalton                                David & Ginger Henshall, in honor of           Samhammer                                 Peter Dankelson
Donnie Balentine, in honor of Brittany   Department of Social Services Social           Jeremy Dale                           Ronald & Rosemary Logue, in honor of      Dennis & Carlotta Pawley, in honor of
   Balentine                                 Club, in honor of Jacob Palmer        Kelly Hernandez, in honor of Cher’s            Christopher Dolecki                       Peter Dankelson
                                                                                        birthday                              Robin Longoria, in honor of Matthew       Jana Peace, in honor of Macey Atkins
                                                                                   Highland Elementary School Staff, in           & Mitchell Herring                    Joan Pedersen, in honor of Heather

18                                                                                      honor of Justin Prince                                                              Lermont-Pape’s birthday
Mary Perkins, acknowledged to              Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein, Blader
    Michael Perkins                            & Lehmann, in honor of Avery Lytle
                                                                                     Corporate /                             Safeway, Inc. (Purchases Percentage
                                                                                                                                                                       A grant from The Lightner Sams
                                                                                                                                                                          Foundation, Inc.
Karin Perry, in memory of Mom, Elaine      Tag Aviation (USA) Inc., in memory of     Foundation Gifts                        Sarah Hall Productions                    A grant from W.P.& Bulah Luse
    Perry                                      Kevin Dalton                                                                  Schoolpop (Purchases Percentage              Foundation
Barbara Petruck, in honor of Lidia         Mary Tauge, in memory of Marie                                                        Incentives)                           A grant from Edmond & Alice Opler
    DiFrancesco                                Ackerman                              CCA Corporate /                         Social Service Office Fund                   Foundation
Larry Pinkerton, in honor of Kathryn       Wayne & Patty Taylor, in honor of Jon     Foundation Friends                      Square D Foundation (John Eschmann,       A grant from Harold Simmons
    Hopkins                                    Simmons                               (up to $1,000)                              Matching Gift)                           Foundation
Harry H. Porter, Jr., in honor of the      Truman & Mary Terrell, in honor of                                                Stacy Enterprises
    marriage of Marybeth Ayres & Jim           Justin Prince                                                                 Superior Bonding, by Victor Montoya
    King                                   James & Susan Thompson, in honor of
                                                                                     AMT Internet Companies
                                                                                     AT&T (Employee Giving)                  Synthes Maxillofacial by Roger S. Chin,   Fundraising
Joyce M. Prather, in honor of Frankie
    Prather from Mom
                                               Natalie Wardlaw
                                           Harold & Pat Timmer, in honor of
                                                                                     Alessi, S.C.                                DDS, PS                               Events
                                                                                     America’s Charities (Employee Giving Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein, Blader
Liz Prince, in honor of Justin Prince          granddaughter, Kara Butterly              Funds Management)                       & Lehmann
Suzanne Prince, in honor of Justin         Tower Softball Team, Austin, TX, in       American Express (Employee Giving)      Tag Aviation (USA) Inc                    Up to $1,000
    Prince                                     memory of Kevin Dalton by John’s      Applied Concepts Contractor, Inc. by    Teamsters Local Union No. 623
Karen & Mark Proctor, in honor of the          Teammates                                 Linda Haines                        Trinity Marketing & Distributing Co. by   Applebee’s “Dining To Donate” /
    marriage of Marybeth & Jim King        Mary Alice Tulimieri, in honor of         Association Works, by Sheryl & John         Curtis & Faye Graf                        Carrie Kinlen, CCA Volunteer
Joan Pupillo, in honor of Isobel Pupillo       Brianna Alfeiri                           Paul                                Turken Industrial Properties, Inc.        Borders Books Fundraiser for CCA /
Rebecca & John Pupillo, in honor of        Turken Industrial Properties, in honor    Baca Pediatrics                         Tweezerman Corp                               Margaret Jenna-Dalton, Organizer,
    Isobel Pupillo                             of Fabian Bustillos                   A grant from Bally Gaming               UPS Foundation, Inc.                          CCA Volunteer
Tommy & Annie Reeves, in memory of         Jean Vancore, in honor of Lidia           Bank of America United Way              United Telecom, Inc.                      “Cheers for Kids” Car Wash /
    Jerry Anderson                             DiFrancesco                               Campaign (Directed Donations)       United Way of Central Maryland                Waukesha (WI) West High School
Angie Rhodes, in honor of Kathryn          Lucia & Scott Van Cleef, in honor of      The Barbara Fund                            (Directed Donations/Employee              Cheerleaders / JoAnn Kopshinsky,
    Hopkins                                    Avery Lytle from Emma Van Cleef       The Biella Foundation by Mart Bert          Giving)                                   Organizer
Tanya Rhodes, in honor of Max Abel         Dwight & Carrie Vaughn, in honor of       Boston JetSearch Inc.                   United Way of Fresno County (Directed     Cher’s Birthday / Fans
Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in memory         Hannah Vaughn                         Capital Blue Cross through Janis &          Donations/Employee Giving)            Cronin Fund Appeal for CCA / Cronin
    of Kevin Dalton                        Carrie & James Veach, in honor of             Doug Macut                          United Way of Long Island (Directed           Family
Alec & Kim Roark, in honor of Jylian           Joseph Grant                          Cheshire Board of Education                 Donations)                            Evening of Giving, Rose Seitz,
    Bilbow                                 Marla & Bruce Verdone, in honor of        Community Health Systems                United Way of Metropolitan Dallas,            Organizer, CCA Volunteer
Lynn Robinson, in honor of Jonathan            Lara Verdone                              Foundation, matching gift of Martin     Inc.(Directed Donations)              Fifty-Fifty Raffle / Carrie Kinlen, CCA
    Siebert                                Ted Verdone, in honor of Lara Verdone         Schweinhart                         United Way of Metropolitan Tarrant            Volunteer
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Rodriguez, in            Brenda Viola, in honor of Lara Verdone    Cosgrove Aircraft Service, Inc              County (Humanity Fund/Employee        Evan Goldman Honor Fundraiser /
    honor of Christopher Dolecki           Elizabeth Vitez-Bainbridge in honor of    Dean Painting / William Dean d/b/a.         Giving)                                   Aaron Goldman, Organizer/CCA
Kim & Frederick Romeo, Jr., in honor           son, Thomas Vitez from Elizabeth J.   The Delft Group, Inc.                   United Way of The Southern Tier               Volunteer
    Freddie Seitz                              Vitez                                 Dell USA (Employee Giving)                  (Directed Donations)                  Highland Elementary School Denim
Aya Romero, in honor of Eric James         Steve Vivo III, in honor of Sadie Vivo    Department of Social Services Social    United Way of Tucson & Southern AZ            Days Fundraiser / in honor of Justin
    Romero                                 Eve Vizsolyi, in honor of Jaclynn             Club                                    (Directed Donations)                      Prince
Joyce Ronczka & Family, in honor of            Samhammer                             Direct Strategies, by Dana Heter        VFW Post 2859                             Home Interiors party for CCA / Darnell
    Joseph P. Ronczka                      Alicia A Wadas, in honor of the mar-      Directed Technologies, Inc. by Rose & The Weatherstrip Company, by Greg &             Menard, CCA Volunteer
Cynthia Rosario, in honor of Emily             riage of Marybeth Ayres & Jim King        Fred Seitz                              Patti Mathers                         FiServ Omaha Denim Days for CCA /
    Mendez                                 Wagner Family, in honor of Freddie        Dream Kitchens, Inc. by Keven & Terri Wellpoint Foundation (Employee                  Glen Peterson, Organizer/Trevino
Jim & Diane Rumbo, in honor of the             Seitz                                     Schmidt                                 Giving/Matching Funds                     Family
    marriage of Marybeth Ayres & Jim       Tammy & David Wagner, in honor of         Duncan Aviation                             Management)                           Katz’s Deli Fundraising Table / Jennifer
    King                                       Freddie Seitz                         The Elena Melius Foundation by Gary Wells Fargo (Employee Giving)                     Guerra, CCA Volunteer
Fran & Gray Sanders, in honor of           Richard S. Ward Lumber Co., in honor          Melius                              Westchester Aircraft Maintenance          Smiley Face email campaign / Peggy
    Wesley Sanders                             of Lizzy & Kathy Hubbard              Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund (Matched      Assn.                                     McDannel, CCA Volunteer
Carol Schatt, in honor of the marriage     David & Adrienne Weil, in memory of           Gifts)                                                                        Spa Day / Michelle White, Organizer
    of Marybeth Ayres & Jim King               Kevin Dalton                          Fine Design LLC                                                                   Tamales Fundraiser in honor of Natalie
Richard Schini, in honor of Samantha       Waneta Weatherhead & Marlene              The Frugal Flower, Inc.(Purchases
                                                                                                                             CCA Corporate /                               Wardlaw
    Wayne                                      Daugherty, in honor of the mar-           Percentage Incentives)              Foundation Sponsors                       Yoga For Charity / Suzanne Chiasson,
Roberta & Robert Schini, in honor of           riage of Tori Stephens & Rob          GE Foundation, matching gift of Beth ($1,000-$5,000)                                  Organizer / CCA Volunteer
    Samantha Wayne                             Shauger                                   Abel
Steve & Brooke Schini, in honor of         Jennifer & Paul Wayne, in honor of        GlaxoSmithKline Foundation              A grant from The Brotman Foundation
    Samantha Wayne                             Samantha Wayne                        GoodSearch                              A grant from Henry W. Bull Foundation     $1,000-$5,000
Hildegard & Milton Schlesinger, in         Westchester Aircraft Maintenance          A grant from Greater Milwaukee          A grant from the Dallas Jewish
    memory of Marie Ackerman                   Assn., in memory of Kevin Dalton                                                  Community Foundation, recom-          American Medical Association Denim
                                                                                         Foundation recommended by family
Paul Schmidt, in honor of Peter            Dorothy Whaley, in memory of Marie                                                    mended by Mr.& Mrs.Gerald               Days Fundraiser / Carolyn Hall,
                                                                                         of Thomas R. Schmidt Memorial
    Dankelson                                  Ackerman                                                                          Frankel                                 Organizer/CCA Volunteer
Eric & Susie Schneider, in honor of        John & April Wharton, in honor of Jake                                                                                      Dean Bingo Social Fundraiser / Karla &
                                                                                     Hiznay & Associates by Mandie Hiznay A grant from 84 Lumber Company,
    Jeremy Dale                                Wharton                                                                           Margaret Hardy Trust                    Olivia Dean, CCA Volunteers
                                                                                     Jefferson Lumber & Millwork
Fred & Rose Seitz, in honor of Freddie     Barbara Wiedenman, in memory of           Just Give                               Funding Factory (Rebates/Recycling
    Seitz                                      Jennifer Walker                                                                   Program)
Brenda Siebert, in honor of Jonathan       Mary Wood, in honor of Anna Manzie
                                                                                     Larry’s Sport Center
                                                                                                                             Guyuron Family Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                       $5,000 or more
                                                                                     The Law Office of Brigid Duffield
    Siebert                                Michael Wood, in memory of Kevin          Lockheed Martin (Employee Giving)       A grant from the David & Shirley          Fourth Bi-Annual Cher Convention /
Tom & Jean Silva, in memory of Kevin           Dalton                                Mahoning Valley Umpires Association         Hubers Family Fund of The                Cher Convention CCA Volunteers
    Dalton                                 Jay Zafar, in honor of Gabriela Lopez     Micetic Insurance Services by Ron           Minneapolis Foundation, recom-        Eagleville Elementary Walk-A-Thon /
Mary Ann Silvestro, in honor of            Donna Zavahir, in memory of Mary              Micetic                                 mended by Travis & Christa Rymal         Family of Andrew Hartley
    Anthony Silvestro                          “Ann” Davidson                        Mid-Way Materials Inc.                  A grant from the Staubach Family          Second Annual “Friend’s of Jeremy”
Rand Sinanian, in memory of Kevin          Pete & Jackie Zoellick, in honor of       The Old Point Inn                           Foundation                               Golf Event / George & Kristine
    Dalton                                     Robbie Gorecki                        The Ochsman Foundation                  Wal-Mart                                     Dale, CCA Volunteers
Solange Skyer, in honor of Richard                                                   Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates,                                                Fourth Annual Pete’s Scramble for
    Skyer, Jr.                                                                           Inc.
                                                                                                                             CCA Corporate /                              CCA / Darin & Dede Dankelson,
Mildred Slater, in memory of Marie                                                   Prudential Foundation (Employee                                                      CCA Volunteers
    Ackerman                                                                             Giving/Matching Gifts)              Foundation Partners                       Wendelyn’s Course of Dreams Golf
Charlene Smith, in honor of Robbie                                                   Rainer & Anding & McLindon by           ($5,000 or more)                             Challenge for CCA / Wendelyn
    Gorecki                                                                              George Anding, Jr.                                                               Osborne, CCA Volunteer
Sue Stemen, in honor of Heather                                                      Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Inc.             The Cher Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    Lermont-Pape                                                                     Richard S. Ward Lumber Co.              A grant from Dreyfus Foundation
Jane Stickney, in honor of Caroline                                                  SBC (Employee Giving)                   A grant from the Jorge Posada
    Dale                                                                                                                         Foundation

3cheers       for volunteers!                              Volunteers: (left to right) Kitty Kemp,
                                                            David Noblet, Charles Lee, Lois Park,
                                                                                                     Honorary Chairperson:
                                                                                                     Board of Directors:
                                                             Ina Lee Chaffin and Judy McCallum          Tony Davis, DMD, CHAIR,
                                                                                                           Tuscaloosa, AL
                                                                                                        Kurt Allen, JD, CPA, CFP, WMA,
                                                                                                           Canfield, OH
                                                                                                        George Dale, Corning, NY
                                                                                                        Donna Gossett, Cullman, AL
                                                                                                        Dan Paulson, Fargo, ND
                                                                                                        Rose Seitz, Youngstown, OH
                                                                                                        Robert Vargas, Abilene, TX
                                                                                                        Robin Williamson, Carrollton, TX
                                                                                                        Stephen Wright, San Francisco, CA

                                                                                                     Medical Advisory Board:
                                                                                                        Jeffrey Fearon, MD, CHIEF ADVISOR

                                                                                                     CCA Network Editor:
                                                                                                        Kelly Liszt

                                                                                                     CCA Network Design and
                                                                                                        Robin Williamson, Williamson
                                                                                                          Creative Services, Inc.

                                                                                                     Executive Director:

                                                                                                        Charlene Smith
     CA would like to thank Kitty Kemp,         program was established to give comfort to
                                                                                                     Program Director:
     the AT&T Pioneers, the Richardson          youngsters who are in traumatic or                      Annie Reeves
Senior Center and all of the volunteers         unfamiliar situations. These bears are a
                                                                                                     Development Director:
for their generous Hug-A-Bear donation.         perfect fit for CCA, and we feel truly                  Jill Gorecki
These bears are handmade by the                 honored to be chosen as a recipient.
                                                                                                     Administrative Assistant:
members of the senior center and a                Thank you!                                            TBD
group of volunteers. The Hug-A-Bear
                                                                                                        Don Smith
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