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									SWASTIK ACCIDENT CARE CLAIMS SETTLED IN THE YEAR 2005 - 2006 (Upto 30 - 06 - 2006)
Sl.          Name of the        Membership No                    Type of Accident                             Type of             Hospital Name         Amount        Date        Member
No.            member                                                                                        Treatment                                  Settled          
                                                While shifting the gas cylinder, cylinder fell on left
 1    Krishna murthy B.T      SAC-M1-81-20393   hand middle finger & injured                                             Manasa Hospital                     4771    5/1/2005    98800 78442
                                                                                                         Cashless        Bangalore                                                23483637

                                                While working at factory, current shock & injuries at
 2    Viswanatha N.T          SAC-M1-61-14970   hand.                                                 Reimbursement      Venkateswara hospital               729     5/1/2005    98454 89074
                                                While working in milling machine right hand index
 3    Punniyamurthy.S         SAC-M1-77-19394   finger injured                                           Reimbursement   Sharavathi hospital                 152     6/1/2005
                                                While walking on the ground, slipped & fell, left foot
 4    Gopal reddy.R           SAC-M1-65-15464   injured                                                Reimbursement     Swastic clinic                      490     6/1/2005    94482 20209
                                                While coming by bike,a dog came skid & fell down,
 5    Umapathi.K              SAC-M1-69-17591   knee injury.                                      Cashless               Matru nursing home &                2486    6/1/2005     28363987
                                                                                                                         Trauma care centre, B'lore
 6    Umashankar              SAC-M1-81-20522   skid of bike crush injury on foot                        Cashless        Matru nursing home &                4239    5/1/2005     23118866
                                                                                                                         Trauma care centre, B'lore
                                                While going by bike, an auto hit the bike, injury to
 7    Nagaraj.S               SAC-M1-93-21337   right hand & leg                                         Reimbursement   Swathi clinic                       704     6/1/2005     94482 34512
                                                                                                                         Bellary                                                 08392-242462
                                                while working in building under construction,
 8    Mohammed Isub           SAC-M1-45-11946   cement sheet fell on the back & injury                   Cashless        Matru nurdsing home&                1210    18/01/05     23369459
                                                                                                                         Trauma care centre, B'lore

 9    Thimmegowda B.R         SAC-M1-84-20933   The wheel type blasted & right leg got injury            Reimbursement   Matru nursing home &               14761    18/01/05     27730001
                                                                                                                         Trdauma care centre,B'lore
                                                while doing work clamp touched to ear of the right
10    Basavaraj.S.Navi        SAC-M1-65-16730   side, ear injury                                         Cash Less       Shakuntala Memorial                11412    18/01/05
                                                                                                                         Hospital & Research center
11    Vijayakumar.S Anigol.   SAC-M1-69-17591   Fall from Height                                         Cashless        Shakuntala Memorial                 1787    18/01/05
                                                                                                                         Hospital & Research center
12    Shankarappa.E.          SAC-M1-67-15487   While walking sliped & fell down                         Cashless        Om sai Ordthopaedic &               1153    22/01/05    08533-338123
                                                on the road. Left leg fractured.                                         Trauma care centre, B'lore
13    Mareppa                 SAC-M1-55-15040   The iron rod fell down & right leg fracture              Cashless        Om sai Ordthopaedic &               1472    22/01/05    08533-370019
                                                                                                                         Trauma care centre, B'lore
                                                After parked vehicle, Left foot hit to a stone &
14    Srikanth G S            SAC-M1-55-13809   Injured                                                  Reimbursement   Jupiter Hospital, Maleswaram        698    28/01/2005    56682758
                                                While walking slip & fell down on the road. Left leg
15    Biju                    SAC-M1-31-8727    fractured.                                           Cash Less           Matru Nursing Home                  3217   28/01/2005   8026752680
                                                Car hit to the bike & fell down injury on head, hand
16    Ashok K                 SAC-M1-41-11137   & left shoulder                                          Reimbursement   Matru Nursing Home                  7630   28/01/2005
                                                                                                                         R V Road, Bangalore
                                                While using the pumpstove suddenly the stove
17    Satish M                SAC-M1-47-12177   burst                                                    Cash less       Sarojini Hospital                   5047   28/01/205
                                                                                                                         T dasarahalli

18    Manjunath Shetty        SAC-M1-77-19498   Fallen down from height at residence                     Reimbursement   Sri Damodar Hospitatal              4175   19/01/2005   08256 279631
                                                                                                                         main Road, Belthangdy
                                           While going by bike, bike skid fell down & right
19   Deepak M Jain       SAC-M1-93-22989   hand injured                                           Reimbursement   K R Hospital , BSK III stage    523    28/01/2005    26522780

                                           Bike skided & fell down, Both hands & Right leg
20   Mahesh B J          SAC-M1-75-19101   injured                                                Reimbursement   Vinayaka Hospital               425    28/01/2005   080 23110168
                                                                                                                  Hanumanthanagar                                     080 23207497

                                           While doing work in factory, left 3rd finger deep
21   Sinivas P           SAC-M1-93-22944   injured                                                Reimbursement   Sharavathi Hospital pvt Ltd     220    28/01/2005   080 23351537
                                                                                                                  Vijayanagar, Bangalore
                                           While doing the work Iron plate fell on right leg &
22   Basappa.H.          SAC-M1-51-10770   Injured                                                Reimbursement   Sri manjunatha nursing home     1248    28/01/05    08392 50147

                                           While traveling in two wheeler, fell down &
23   Padma.N.V           SAC-M1-53-13980   sustained injury to head & hands                       Cash less       M.S.Ramaiah Memorial            5304    28/01/05
24   Santhosh.K.R.       SAC-M1-75-18910   RTA (vehicle accident)                                 Cash less                                       7234    28/01/05

                                           While getting down from the bus fell down & Injured
25   Santhosh kumar      SAC-M1-43-11483                                                          Reimbursement   Sri Balaji Hospital             1579    8/2/2005

                                           while gong by bike, one person came in front of the

26   Praveen kumar V J   SAC-M1-73-18493   bike, suddenly fell down & injury at left hand & leg   Reimbursement   pooja hospital                  1644    9/2/2005

27   Lokesh M.S.         SAC-M1-65-16655   A bike hit to vehicle fell down & injury to left leg   Reimbursement   jyothi clinic                   1022    9/2/2005     57772368
                                           skid & fell down & injuries to left foot & left hand
28   Patil.D.D.          SAC-M1-77-19143                                                          Reimbursement   krishna clinic                  304     9/2/2005     23490734
                                           while working, the metal piece has fallen on left
29   Umapathi.K.         SAC-M1-69-17591   hand & injured                                         Reimbursement   Shrdeyas Hospital               1395    9/2/2005

30   Yerappa.V.          SAC-M1-37-6906    RTA                                                    Reimbursement   Srdi siddheshwar Nursing Home   1162    9/2/2005

31   Thyagaraju          SAC-M1-73-18670   Skid in the bike & minor injuries                      Reimbursement                                   980     3/3/2005    9448451639
                                                                                                                                                                       2328 8393
                                           while loading the wooden pieces wood fell on leg &
32   Manjunath .H.M.     SAC-M1-45-11806   injured                                            Reimbursement       Madhu Hospital                  1640    3/3/2005     9845521243
33   Nityananda.K.       SAC-M1-53-10930   Auto hit to vehicle & right foot & body injured        Reimbursement   Shaktdi Nursing Home            9560    3/3/2005    08392 257807

34   Naveen.M.S          SAC-M1-71-17917   Dog bite                                               Reimbursement   Mysore hospitol                 1705    3/3/2005     51254348
35   Lakshmi Bai         SAC-M1-90-22685   Glass piece went into right foot & Injured             Reimbursement   Chinmaya mission Hospital        960    3/3/2005     25549626

36   Lohith V            SAC-M2-85-20699   While playing foot ball slipped & Fell down            Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home         332    25/3/2005     57635774
37   Shaik Abdulla            SAC-M1-71-17905    Skid & fell down from scooter                     Reimbursement   Maruti Hospital                242    25/3/2005    23372958
38   Ramaiah C A              SAC-M1-81-20135    DOG BITE                                          Reimbursement   Nirmala Clinic                1452    25/3/2005    23233747

39   Sarvotham C K            SAC-M1-53-13537    DOG Bite                                          Reimbursement   Janardhan Nursing Home        1631    25/3/2005    23407761

40   Shashikanth M            SAC-M1-67-17083    fallen down from stair case                       Reimbursement   Jituri Hospital(Hubli)         236    25/3/2005   0836-2369057

41   Sreekanth K              SAC-M2-64-15438    fell down from two vehicle                        Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital            283    25/3/2005   9845397797
42   Basavaraja K             SAC-M1-79-15947    DOG Bite                                          Reimbursement   BELLARY                       1576    25/3/2005

43   Abdul Shukur M           SAC-M1-35-6748     Road Accident left leg injured                    Reimbursement   Swastic Clinic(Bellary)        572    25/3/2005

44   Muralidhar K             SAC-M2-38-10103    DOG Bite                                          Reimbursement   Kampi Post, HOSPET             972    25/3/2005

45   Shakeel Ahmed.A.         SAC-M1-81-20158    The wood fell on left leg & injury                Reimbursement   Maruthi Hospital               844    25/03/05     23477171
                                                 to two fingers
46   Somanna.R.               SAC-M1-75-19096    Avalsion of Right great toe nail                  Reimbursement   Parameswara Ardogya            851    25/03/05
47   Madapur raja             SAC-M1-57-15121    While doing work stone hit to hand & injured      Reimbursement   Nagasupriya Medical centre      59    25/03/05

48   Hanumaiah                SAC-M1-57-15122    While doing work stone hit to                     Reimbursement   Nagasupriya Medical centre      65    25/03/05    08392 267250
                                                 hand & injured
49   Mahadevaswamy            SAC-M1-75-19052    Dog Bite                                          Reimbursement   Trupti Nursing home           2,245   2/4/2005    98440 99370

                                                 Vehicle Accident & Major injuries to leg hand &
50   Sherif Imamsab Morabad   SAC-M1-65-16780    body                                              Cash Less       K H Jituri Hospital          53997    2/4/2005
51   Rajesh Shah              SAC-M1-47-12112    Road Accident left leg injured                    Cash Less       Sarojini hospital (Bang)      4359    4/4/2005

52   Gopinath K N             SAC-M1-65-16443    Road Accident left leg injured                    Cash Less       Sarojini hospital (Bang)      6926    4/4/2005     28399012

53   Paramesh N               SAC-M1-84-20812    Two Wheeler Accident                              Cash Less       Sarojini hospital (Bang)      6025    4/4/2005

54   Shivakumar S K           SAC-M1-55-13846    Accident in factory left hand injured             Cash Less       Matru Nursing home            8254    4/4/2005     22328448

55   Hemareddy                SAC-M1-37-9475     Show case fell on left hand & injury              Reimbursement   Amar Jyothi Nursing Home      8,016   4/4/2005    9448213504
56   Nagaraj A                SAC-M1-102-24187   while playing in fun world injured                Cash less       Ashraya Hospital              3,232   4/4/2005    9845981775

                                                 while member going in vehicle boy came &
57   Muniraju A               SAC-M1-77-19449    member injured                                    Cash less       Manasa Hospital              13,717   4/4/2005

58   Ravikumar K              SAC-M1-77-19449    left leg injured                                  Cash less       Manasa Hospital               5,755   4/4/2005

59   Achuthan M V             SAC-M1-79-19881    Bike Accident                                     Cash less       Panacea Hospital              3,096   4/4/2005

60   Mohammed Haneef          SAC-M1-37-9479     Bike Accident                                     Cash less       Panacea Hospital              1,533   4/4/2005

61   Suresh K N               SAC-M1-99-23683    Fallen from bike                                  Reimbursement   Suma Clinic                    174    4/4/2005     28600773

62   Hanumanthappa J          SAC-M1-79-15920    While riding a Tractor, inured                    Cash Less       Ramakrishna Ortho Centre      1,515   4/4/2005    08533 273476
                                               In factory door shutter hitted to shoulder & injury
63   Joy K Jose             SAC-M1-53-13262                                                           Reimbursement   Sarojini Hospital                    292    4/4/2005

64   Chitti Babu            SAC-M1-77-15876    Irton hammer slipped & fell on leg & injury            Reimbursement   BELLARY                              402    4/4/2005   08392 231169

65   Yogesh S               SAC-M1-93-22989    fell down from two vehicle                             Reimbursement   Sri vinayaka hospital                374    4/4/2005
66   Simon Veigas           SAC-M1-93-22838    Wasp bitten on right eaar                              Reimbursement   Sharadha Nethralaya(Puttur)          560    4/4/2005

67   Nagaraj Swamy S        SAC-M1-41-10248    Motor bike accident                                    Reimbursement   Sushrusha Nursing Home               651    4/4/2005   08533 371034
68   Rajendra Kumar C       SAC-M2-34-6712     Slipped in bath room Knee injurd                       Reimbursement   Bellary                             2,515   4/4/2005

69   Shaik Abdulla          SAC-M1-71-17905    Scooter Accident                                       Reimbursement   Maruti hospital                     4,860   4/4/2005

70   Kariyappa Gudimani     SAC-M1-41-10210    Vehicle Accident                                       Reimbursement   Bellary ( City Hospital)            3,010   4/4/2005   08394 441772

71   Devaraj                SAC-M1-75-18862    Vehicle acct, left leg injured                      Reimbursement      Patil Hospital                       984    4/4/2005   9845143513
                                               Auto hit to the scooter from backside & fell down &
72   Shaik abdulla          SAC-M1-71-17905    injury on head ,face, hands & chest                 Reimbursement      Maruthi Hospetal (Bangalore)        4860    4/4/2005    23372958

                                               While going in vehicle, fallen down Right foot
73   Achuthan M V           SAC-M1-79-19881    fractured                                              Reimbursement   Yellamma Dasappa Hospital           1,634   4/4/2005   080 36788099

74   Mr. Hyder Ali          SAC-M1-87-21122    Fallen from vehicle & Left knee injured                Reimbursement   Poly Clinic ( Bellary )              540    4/4/2005   08392 381535
75   Srinivas Murthy.M.     SAC-M1-102-24283   Skid & fell down & injuruy                             Reimbursement   Ideal Clinic                         1672   4/4/2005    23432290
76   Alwya Menezes          SAC-M2-68-17649    Skid & fell down & injuruy                             Reimbursement   Mangala Nursing Home                4,604   4/4/2005
77   Rajendra Kumar .C.     SAC-M2-34-6712     Slipped in bathroom knee fracture                      Reimbursement   Shivani maternity & orthopedic      2,515   18/4/05    08392 274408
                                               Slipped & fell down in the bath room Injury to
78   Jacintha Periera       SAC-M1-79-19740    Buttocks Hip portion & head                            Reimbursement   Tejasvini Hospital (Mangalore)       380    18/04/05   0824 2224190
                                               Hit to rolling shutter rod, Right hand index finger
79   Subramanyam.S.         SAC-M1-111-21780   injured                                                Reimbursement   Srinivasa clinic (Bellary )          425    18/04/05    892256275

80   Thangamayan.J          SAC-M1-61-15301    Bike Accident                                          Reimbursement   Om sai Orthopaedic & Trauma         5071    28/04/05   9880280957
                                                                                                                      Hospital (Gangavathi)
81   Shivaji.P.             SAC-M1-41-10154    Bike Accident head & mouth injured                     Reimbursement   Manjunath Nursing Home              11732   28/04/05   08495 278704
                                                                                                                         (Bellary )
                                               Left hand caught into the running crusher machine
82   Shamsuddin             SAC-M1-61-15301    belt & left hand fracture                              Cashless        City Hospital (Bangalore)           41573   28/04/05

                                               While working in the factory, iron rod hit to neck &
83   Durgappa. H            SAC-M1-53-10875    injury                                                 Reimbursement   Vijayanar medical college Hopital   5648    28/04/05
                                                                                                                      ( Bellary)
84   Vaidya Bhandhachar     SAC-M1-73-15708    Slipped & fell down & right hand fractured             Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital (Bellary)        822    28/04/05

                                               While putting the bed stone leg slipped & fell down
85   Ananda Gowda           SAC-M1-77-19357                                                           Reimbursement   Chetana Hospital (Puttur )          1256    29/04/05

                                               while doing Mechanical work at factory tool hit to
86   Narasimha Murthy. K.   SAC-M1-51-12573    left hand & left hand injured                          Reimbursement   Ravi kirloskar memorial Hospital    1180    29/04/05    28363512
87   Bhaskar devadiga       SAC-M1-73-18541    Dog bite                                              Reimbursement    Venus Hospital ( Surathkal )    2429   29/04/05    0824 2283379
                                               While constructing the house . The wood fall the
88   Veeresh. V.            SAC-M1-73-15747    body ,rdight side body injured                        Reimbursement    Bellary                         549    29/04/05

                                               While working in Machine, injury to middle finger
89   Jaikiran Acharya       SAC-M1-90-22508                                                          Reimbursement    Mangalore                        70    29/04/05
                                               While going bike sikd & fell down & injures to left
90   Durgappa.K             SAC-M1-73-15747    leg toe                                               Reimbursement    Abhaya clinic (Kumarapatnam     1866   30/04/05

                                               While cutting the cloth at that time Right hand got
91   Ravi. M                SAC-M1-90-22472    cut injury                                            Reimbursement    Ashraya Hospital (Bangalore)    7171   30/04/05

92   Madhu B.               SAC-M1-75-18907    Crush injurdy to the left middle finger               Cashless         Kaveri Nursing Home             6900   30/04/05     080 785908

                                               While taking the wood the wood fell on left hand &
93   Rajanna                SAC-M1-11655       injured                                               Reimbursement    Tirdumala Hospital (Bangalore   1289   30/04/05    080 28388779

                                               While working in the factory an Iron piece fell on his
94   Santhosh T. John       SAC-M1-69-17517    right hand & injury                                    Reimbursement   City Hospital (Bangalore)       492    30/04/05    080 28370829
                                               Skid & fell down & right hand and sholder ear
95   Shivakumar             SAC-M1-99-23728    injured                                               Cashless         Sanjeevini Nursing Home         5565   6/5/2005
96   Joseph.K.N             SAC-M1-93-23044    Fall down from staircase injury at knee               Cashless         Sanjeevini Nursing Home         6152   6/5/2005     51771909
                                               When working at factory terbojet machine fixer
97   Vadivelu R             SAC-M1-51-13134    faller on right hand &middle finger injured           Cashless         Sanjeevini Nursing Home         4439   6/5/2005

                                               Sleeping on the single cot ,due to fall bron hight
98   Raghavendra Mohan B.   SAC-M1-105-21638   right hand injured                                    Reimbursement    Guru raghavendra clinic         1387   12/5/2005
 99 Kamalaksha              SAC-M1-67-17174    Cut injury to left finger by knife                    Reimbursement    Jyothi Hospital (Sullia)         310   12/5/2005   08257 604267
100 Shrisha.S.              SAC-M1-57-14171    Scooter skid, fell down & left leg injury             Reimbursement    Shree Ganesh clinic (Puttur)    1385   12/5/2005   08251 627264
101 Govardhana reddy        SAC-M1-108-21735   While climbing the steps slipped & fell down          Reimbursement    Sanjeevini Hospital (Ballary)   185    12/5/2005
                                               right leg foot injured
102 Amaraiah hiremath       SAC-M1-93-21310    Skid & fell down & right hand                         Reimbursement    Balaji clinic (Bellary)         315    12/5/2005   08392 260861
103 Srinivasa.S.K.          SAC-M1-117-21958   Auto has come & hit fell down to                      Reimbursement    Medical collage Hospital        120    12/5/2005   9880869422
                                               the ground right leg & hand injured                                    Bellary
104 Yellareddy .N.          SAC-M1-47-10463    Electric pole phase to phase shorted                                   Balaji clinic (Bellary)         575    12/5/2005
                                               rted by the left hand burned                          Reimbursement
105 Thimmappa.K.            SAC-M1-49-10670    While driving donkey came hit so                      Reimbursement    Sanjeevini Hospital (Ballary)   445    12/5/2005
                                               right hand injured
106 Guruswamy               SAC-M1-114-21794   While riding vehicle hit to the bufffalo, fell        Reimbursement    Siruguppa road Bellary          1560   12/5/2005   08392 283041
                                               down to the ground, hand & knee injured
107 Reheman.K.              SAC-M1-126-28356   Skid & fell down to the ground                        Reimbursement    Gandhinar road (Ballary)        771    12/5/2005
                                               Right hand & right leg injured
108 Dhanya Kumar R.S.       SAC-M1-90-22523    Skid & fell down Injuries on left                     Reimbursement    Balaji Nursing Home             1849   13/05/05    9880245101
                                               hand                                                                        ( Kadur)
109 Honnappa.B.             SAC-M1-41-11338    Soft tissue injured                                   Reimbursement    Gopala Gowda Memordial          360    13/05/05    0821 726412
                                                                                                                      Hospital Mysore
                                                 Honey bee bite head, face, neck & sholder limbs
110 Mahaveer .S. Muttagi      SAC-M1-49-17732                                                         Cashless        Shakuntala Memorial Hospital     945    13/05/05   9448127513
111 Goparam                   SAC-M1-105-24356   dog bite on left ancle                               Reimbursement   Shilpa Clinic                   1546    13/05/05   9448474956
112 Ramesh .B.                SAC-M1-63-16157    swelling & pain in the right foot                    Cashless        Pragathi Hospital (Puttur)      1264    13/05/05
113 Jayamma                   SAC-M1-49-12432    A brick fell on head & minor injury                  Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital (Banga;lore     301    13/05/05
                                                 Skid and fell down on road both legs are injured
114 Chikkanna.V.              SAC-M1-53-13195                                                         Cashless        Sarojini Hospital (Bangalore)   9228    13/05/05    25900045
                                                                                                                      Panacea Hospital (Banga;lore
                                                 Skid and fell down on road knee & injury to right
115 Sahadevaraju. C.          SAC-M1-45-11818    knee & wrist D828                                    Cashless        Sarojini Hospital (Bangalore)   8613    13/05/05   080 23721541

116 Girija shankar .R.        SAC-M1-108-25136   skid & fell down                                     Reimbursement   City Hospital (Bangalore)        154    13/05/05     23375100
117 Ramachandra.H.            SAC -M1-43-11777   While going by bike skid & fell down                 Reimbursement   S.R.P.Hospital                   535    13/05/05    080 276223
                                                 & injuries on forde arm & knee
118 Thanmay Malaghan          SAC-M1-114-25997   While playing Throw ball at school                   Reimbursement   Maharaha agrasen Hospital       1073    13/05/05    26790482
                                                 the ball fell on left hand & injured                                    Bangalore
119 Nooryesha                 SAC-M1-109-25472   While going by bicycle suddenly                      Reimbursement   Khudha care Nursing Home         763    13/05/05    26704036
                                                 gave his right leg to the back wheel                                    Bangalore
                                                 of the bicycle & injured
120 Jayakumar                 SAC-M1-81-20448    Dog bite                                             Reimbursement   Bangalore                         919   13/05/05    23425831
121 Revanappa Kori            SAC-M1-79-19825    Mild lacuated wound                                  Reimbursement   Sanjivini Hospital (Gadag )      2327   20/05/05   9448834227
122 Saroja .K.                SAC-M1-43-10324    while lifting the rocks slipping of                  Reimbursement   Sanjivini Hospital (Bellary )   10742   20/05/05
                                                 legs & falling of hands
123 Arun .M.                  SAC-M1-105-24414   While going by bike other bike                       Reimbursement   Ananya Hospital Bangalore       7691    20/05/05    51171969
                                                 hit from back left hand injury                                                                                          9845104799
124 Hanumaiah                 SAC-M1-47-12323    Dog bite                                             Reimbursement   Raghavendra Hospital            1506    20/05/05   9845978920
125 Akash Jena                SAC-M1-87-22387    Self fall at working place swelling                  Reimbursement   Ashraya Hospital (Bangalore)    5812    20/05/05   9886771856
                                                 of left knee
126 Umapathi                  SAC-M1-69-17591    While going by bike at the jumps                     Cashless        Matru Nursing Home              6636    20/05/05
                                                 skid &fell down injury to head, hands & legs                          Bangalore
127 Dennis Allwyn Rodrigues   SAC-M1-43-11405    R.T.A Injury on head & chest                         Cashless        City Hospital Mangalore         7711    20/05/05
128 Mazeed.K.V.               SAC-M1-81-20458    a desk fell on his foot when he                      Cashless        Pragathi Hospital (Puttur)      1476    20/05/05
                                                 was working left foot injury
129 Anurud Singh              SAC-M1-87-22395    While doing work in the factory                      Cashless        Ashraya Hospital (Bangalore)    3139    20/05/05
                                                 susfained injury to left hand
130 Shanthi .D.               SAC-M1-65-16842    Standing on the road, a qualis                       Cashless        Panacea Hospital (Bangalore     7755    20/05/05   9845265695
                                                 hit from back ,head & leg injury
131 Ananth Kurmar             SAC-M1-96-23446    RTA Injury on the chin ,head,left                    Cashless        Panacea Hospital B'lore         3733    20/05/05   9845265695
                                                 hand finger
                                                 Auto has come & hit felt down to the ground & left
132 Thippeswamy.R.H.M         SAC-M1-94-21391    hand injured                                         Reimbursement   Sanjivini Hospital ( Bellary)    332    20/05/05   08392 255660

                                                 Skid & fall from his 2 Wheeler Injury to right
133 Raghavendra Prasad.M.R.   SAC-M1-45-10400    shoulder, swelling & pain                            Cashless        Hosmat Hospital B'lore          39767   20/05/05

                                                 While climbing the steps, skid & fell down Major
134 Mallaiah.H                SAC-M1-39-10060    injuries to hand & leg                               Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital             29260   20/05/05
135 Sukhen Biswas             SAC-M1-45-11953    Fell down got left hand injury                       Cashless        Ramakrishna Nursing Home        9683    24/5/05    9845019944
136 Ravi                      SAC-M2-62-16252    Skid & fell from stairs & left knee injury           Reimbursement   Athena Hospital Mangalore       21000   28/05/05
                                             Skid & fell down right side leg last finger fractured
137 Venkatesh .M.         SAC-M1-105-24157                                                           Reimbursement    Sharavathi Nursing Home            2400   28/05/05

138 Raghunathan V.K.      SAC-M1-123-27986   Skid & fell down left ankle injury                      Reimbursement    Jeevathara Clinic Bangalore         474   2/6/2005    9845603481
139 Manjunath .H.C.       SAC-M1-84-20902    Dog bite                                                Reimbursement    Maruthi Nursing Home               1142   9/6/2005     36707829
140 Rajesh P Gowda        SAC-M1-99-23718    Iron piece hit to right ankle                           Reimbursement    M.K. Complex Sullia                747    9/6/2005    8257232883

141 Francis               SAC-M1-126-29674   Fell from bike & injury to thigh & arm                  Reimbursement    Amrith clinic, Puttur              560    9/6/2005    9448456751

                                             While playing cricket in the ground skid and fell
142 Kiran Kumar           SAC-M1-81-20521    down and chest pain                                     Reimbursement    Matru Nursing Home & Trauma        434    9/6/2005
                                                                                                                      Care Centre
                                             While going in bike fell down & injury to Right leg
143 Maltesh               SAC-M1-65-16507                                                            Reimbursement    Raghavendra Hospital               220    10/6/2005   9845676805
                                             While going by bike hit another bike got right leg
144 Vishnu Murthy .P.N.   SAC-M1-71-18141    foot injury                                             Reimbursement    Varalakshmi Nursing Home           2605   10/6/2005
145 Anandaswamy.H.        SAC-M1-47-10502    While working in the factory right hand injured         Cashless         Om sai Orthopaedic & Trauma        809    10/6/2005   08533 371203
                                                                                                                      Hospital (Gangavathi )
                                             While opereating the machine ring fingure injured
146 Raju.M.N.             SAC-M1-93-22936                                                            Cashless         City Hospital (Bangalore)          6428   10/6/2005    23351537

                                             Bicycle accident Jaw & left hand with little finger
147 Nandisha              SAC -M1-51-13106   facture                                                 Reimbursement    Sanjeevini Nursing Home            4264   10/6/2005
148 Rajashekar Y. Patil   SAC-M1-75-18949    Fall on the ground left elbow joint pain                Reimbursement    Shakuntala Memorial Hospital       281    10/6/2005    836228886
149 Shivakumar.           SAC-M11-99-23728   While hitting the car, right leg fractured              Cashless         Sanjeevini Nursing Home            7103   10/6/2005
                                             While going in a honda scooty hit bike he fell down
150 Mallikarjun Patil     SAC-M1-123-27759   fore head injury                                    Cashless             Ramakrishna Nursing Home           5117   10/6/2005   9886671407
                                             While going bike sikd & fell down & injury at left leg
151 Usha B.V.             SAC-M1-111-25883   foot & hip                                             Cashless          Panacea Hospital (Banga+F994lore   1775   10/6/2005

152 Guruprasad.K.         SAC-M1-126-29574   Dog bite                                                Reimbursement    Raghavendra Hospital               880    10/6/2005
                                             While coming from vehicle the door glass hited to
153 Varun A.V.            SAC-M1-133-31168   left hand & injury to left hand                         Reimbursement    Chord road Hospital                355    10/6/2005    23231928
                                             While working at factory in the grinding Machine
154 Bettaswamy            SAC-M1-61-14824    the left leg injured                                    Reimbursement    Ashraya Hospital (Bangalore)       630    10/6/2005    23288416

155 Arun Kumar .J.        SAC-M1-102-24293   skid and felled down from bike                          Reimburdsement   Manipal Northside Hospital         517    10/6/2005    23326087
156 Mohanraj.G.           SAC-M1-129-30053   Skid & fell down & left hand injury                     Reimburdsement   Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital   206    10/6/2005
                                             Slipped in the factory & the Iorn plate hit to lips &
157 Karthigeyan.G.        SAC-M1-93-22939    face                                                    Reimburdsement   City Hospital Bangalore            326    10/6/2005

                                             While looding stones to lory a big stone fell on right
158 Manju                 SAC-M1-87-22394    leg                                                    Cashless          Ashraya Hospital Bangalore         6939   10/6/2005   9886771856
159 Devaraj.M.M.          SAC-M1-99-23739    Vehicle accident & injury to left leg                  Cashless         Hosmat Hospital                  17638   10/6/2005   56698600

                                             While cleaning the Car Dicky Glass the Glass was
160 Sridhar .V            SAC-M1-51-12829    broken & Left Hand injured with deep cut.              Reimbursement    Mysore Hospital                  6552    13/06/05

161 T V Nanda Kumar       SAC-M1-144-34375   While working in the factory, neck injury              Reimbursement    Kannan Diagnosis Centre           294    5/7/2005      0821-
                                             While playing in ground fell down and leg fractured
162 Alpesh Kumar          SAC-M1-99-23748                                                           Reimbursement    Suhas Hi-Tech Diagnosticcentre    432    12/7/2005   23404661

163 Purushotham .N        SAC-M1-135-31300   Injury to finger for both hands                        Reimbursement    Lakshmi Nursing Home              178     8/8/05     51221033

164 Kathrivelu            SAC-M1-135-31303   Right Hand Fourth Finger injured                       Reimbursement    Lakshmi Nursing Home              249    8/8/2005    23120394

165 A. Sumathi            SAC-M1-135-31307   Sheet hit to Left hand big finger                      Reimburse ment   Lakshmi Nursing Home              240    8/8/2005    23122789

                                             While standing on the Road a vehicle hit to me and
166 Mahesh G.V            SAC-M1-93-23190    Right Leg injured                                  Reimbursement        Citi Hospital                      57    11/8/2005

167 Srinivas.L            SAC-M1-53-13331    RTA, Right hand & Right leg fractured                  Cashless         Panacea Hospital                 57573   17/08/05

                                             Other vehicle hitted and fell down injuries to right
168 Ashok Kumar           SAC-M1-59-14479    leg and right shoulder+D998                            Cashless         Ashwini Hospital                 2208    27/08/05    28468296

169 Lalitha               SAC-M1-79-15946    Dog Bite                                               Reimbursement    Swastik Clinic                   1574    27/08/05

170 Neelamma              SAC-M1-79-15943    Dog Bite                                               Reimbursement    Swastik Clinic                   1574    27/08/05

171 Mahesh. M             SAC-M1-59-14401    Metal sheet hitted and injured                         Reimbursement    Lakshmi Nursing Home              546    27/08/05    23528705

                                              Hit by bus to the Motor bike fell down from the
172 Gopala R.L.           SAC-M1-138-33403   bike                                                   Cashless         Matru Nursing Home               22128   27/08/05     7970436

173 Syed Abdul Razak      SAC-M1-77-19070    Dasted by a Four Wheeler                               Reimbursement    Lakshmi Nursing Home              998    27/08/05    22206704

174 Gowramma              SAC-M1-93-21270    Left Hand little finger injured                        Reimbursement    Vastrad Clinic                    903    27/08/05

                                             Water drum fell down on the back side of the body
175 Ramija Bee            SAC-M1-65-15466    and injured                                            Reimbursement    Swastik Clinic                   1253    27/08/05

176 Prasanna              SAC-M1-49-12548    Road Traffic Accident                                  Reimbursement    Citi Hospital                    1028    27/08/05

177 Sherymon A.A          SAC-M1-114-26036   Left Hand injury                                       Reimbursement    Brindavan Nursing Home           1804    29/08/05    28453162

                                             Iron piece fell on Right leg and big toe Nail came
178 Kumar .D              SAC-M1-126-29285   out                                                    Reimbursement    Sanjeevini Nursing Home           868    29/08/05    9845775458

179 Venkatesh K.G.        SAC-M1-114-26525   Metal Pipe hitted to Right hand stiches done           Reimbursement    Ravi KirloskarMemorial Hosp.      233    29/08/05    28376477
180   Senthil Kumar .S           SAC-M1-129-29805   Fell down from the bike                                Cashless        Pragathi Speciality Hospital   2420    29/08/05    9448178337

181 Ramachandra Rao              SAC-M1-107-24355   Other vehicle hitted and ran fell down                 Reimbursement   FamilyHealth CarePolyclinic    1433    29/08/05    25710379
    Patient : Lakshmi Bai B.L.                      and injury to both the knees

                                                    While going by the bike hitted to the lorry, fell down
                                                    and injuries to the both knees, hand & Right foot
182 Basavaraje Gowda K.P.        SAC-M1-61-14875    little fingers fractured                               Reimbursement   Ashraya Hospital               4195    29/08/05

                                                    Blast of Tubelight in factory injury to the chestand
183 Ekambaram                    SAC-M1-132-27431   forehead                                               Reimbursement   Citi Hospital                   141    29/08/05    23324065

                                                    Skid and fell down from the bike Right ankle
184 Shri Vallabha .Y             SAC-M1-171-38967   swelling                                               Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital                181    29/08/05

                                                    Trinning Machine Blade got cut and Right hand
185 Manjegowda M.D.              SAC-M1-45-11908    three fingers struck                                   Cashless        Abhaya Hospital                22006   5/9/2005

186 Anumuthu                     SAC-M1-129-30683   Big pipe fell to shoulder & injured                    Reimbursement   Deepak Nursing Home             604    5/9/2005

                                                    Clamp & hammer hitted to the Right Hand and
187 Deglu                        SAC-M1-129-30725   finger injured                                         Reimbursement   Deepak Nursing Home             471    5/9/2005

                                                    While member going in an Auto a car hit to auto at

188 Marigowda H.B.               SAC-M1-69-17867    the turning and injuries to Left hip, Knee & Chest     Cashless        K.R. Hospital                  4643    5/9/2005

                                                    Component fell on my Right Hand while loading
189 Srinivas.P                   SAC-M1-93-22944    fractureto Right Hand fingers                          Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital                542    5/9/2005

                                                    Machine component accidentally fell on the Right
190 Manju .M                     SAC-M1-138-33649   leg & big Toe was injured                              Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital                153    5/9/2005

191 Venkatesh .G                 SAC-M1-150-35431   Dog Bite                                               Reimbursement   J.P. Hospital                  1342    5/9/2005
                                                    Car crashed against Lorry and Hip Joint Fractured
192 Janardhan D.K.               SAC-M1-123-27908                                                          Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital                55068   10/9/2005

                                                    Fell down from the two wheeler injured to Head,
193 Mahadevappa H.A.             SAC-M1-141-34046   Right eye,cheek hand                                   Reimbursement   Annapoorna Nursing Home        4828    16/09/05

                                                    Fell down from two wheeler , Face left leg and
194 Krishnamurthy                SAC-M1-102-21586   hands injured                                          Cashless        Adharsh Hearth Care Centre     8273    16/09/05
                                              Vehicle hit to Auto & Dog fell down left hand injured
195 Nataraju Y.P.          SAC-M1-126-29310                                                           Reimbursement   Maruthi Nursing Home               3929    16/09/05

196 Dasharath Rao .B       SAC-M1-102-24157   At factory Rod hitted to Head and injured               Reimbursement   Suma Clinic                         882    16/09/05

                                              Vehicle hitted and fell down and injuries to eye,
197 Abdulla .H Bullani     SAC-M1-69-17820    lips, head and left knee                                Reimbursement   Sree Tirumala Hospital             4106    16/09/05

                                              Fell down from the bike right leg and Knee injury
198 S. Umapathy            SAC-M1-132-30907                                                           Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital                    31351   16/09/05

                                              Fell down from the height severepain and
199 M.Shashidhar           SAC-M1-132-28707   swellingover it fore arm                                Reimbursement   Karkala Nursing Home               31861   16/09/05
    Patient: Keshava.H

                                              other vehicle hitted from the back injuries on leg
200 V.R.Rangadhamaiah      SAC-M1-153-36018   and face                                                Reimbursement   Mysore Hospital                    4932    16/09/05

                                              Skid & fell down from the bike to avoid the dog
201 Padmanabhan            SAC-M1-59-14277    Head & Ear injury                                       Reimbursement   Pristine Hospital                  18807   16/09/05

202 Arun Kumar .P          SAC-M1-135-31372   Other vehicle hitted to me & fell down                  Reimbursement   Susheel Hospital                    848    16/09/05

203 Suresh B.G.            SAC-M1-165-38078   Iron platehitted totheshoulder                          Reimbursement   Shreyas Hospital                    693    16/09/05

                                              When he was climbing a wall around 8 feet height
                                              newly built wall , he fell down along with wall on the
204 Magesh Ram .J          SAC-M1-150-35593   floor and spinal cord injury                           Reimbursement    St. John's Hospital                72089   16/09/05

205 Syed Althamash         SAC-M1-144-34449   Fell from the Mango Tree Hand injury                    Reimbursement   Pushya Hospital                    10763   16/09/05

206 Selva Kumar .S         SAC-M1-19/19393    Right Leg injury Ankel Forgings                         Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home             226    17/09/05

207 Raja .C                SAC-M1-77-19397    Dog Bite                                                Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home             361    17/09/05

208 Rajendra .K Patel      SAC-M1-77-19390    RTA                                                     Reimbursement   Soubhagya Medical Centre & Hosp.     99    20/09/05
    Patient : Nagaraj .P

209 Chandru .K             SAC-M1-77-19384    RTA                                                     Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home              30    20/09/05

210 Kumar H.L              SAC-M1-77-19515    Left Knee and Left Shoulder injured                     Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Co-Operative             718    20/09/05
                                                                                                                      Hospital Limited
211 Usmaan B               SAC-M1-77-19458    Fell down from bike & injury to leg toe                 Reimbursement   Ravi kirloskar hosp                 591    20/09/05
                                              While going on the vehicle, hit to lorry & fell down
212 Nagaraj M.T.           SAC-M1-108-25492   back side of the head injured                           Cashless        Panacea Hospital                   5611    22/09/05

213 Ravikumar .P           SAC-M1-147-34780   Left Knee and Left Shoulder injured                     Cashless        Panacea Hospital                   8845    22/09/05

214   Srinivas .G          SAC-M1-135-31300   While working in the industry, injury to                Reimbursement   Lakshmi Nursing Home                193    22/09/05
     Pt:Purushotham.N                           Big Toe.
                                                While going by Auto by the time crossing the
                                                humps , Auto upside turn & injuries to head and Left
215 Anand                    SAC-M1-69-17671    Hand                                                 Reimbursement      Akshaya Mallaya                8078    22/09/05

                                                RTA While going on the vehicle, fell down injuries
216 Dilip Kumar .G           SAC-M2-91-22637    to both hands.                                        Reimbursement     Sri Sapthagiri Hospital        8901    22/09/05
    Patient: Girish .G
                                                While going by bike a pig came across from left
217 Nagaraj J.R.             SAC-M2-76-19165    and sudden brake & fell down                          Reimbursement     Sapthagiri Nursing Home        4270    22/09/05

218 Chituri Sathyanarayana   SAC-M1-61-15310    Fracture lowerend of right radius                     Reimbursement     Om Sai Orthopaedic &            978    22/09/05
                                                                                                                        Trauma Hospital

                                                While going on the vehicle, a bicycle hit to foot &
219 Tulajappa Gurunath       SAC-M1-77-19221    the little finger fractured                           Cashless          Shakuntala Memorial            9186    22/09/05
    Irkal                                                                                                               Hospital
220 Sangana Gowda K.H.       SAC-M1-111-21767   Fell over out streched hand                           Reimbursement     Chiniwalar Institute of        2628    22/09/05
                                                While working in a factory part time worker coolie
                                                hand got crushed with the machine and fingers
221 Prabhu .S                SAC-M1-96-23470    injured                                               Cashless          Jai Maruthi Hospital           6255    22/09/05

                                                While waiting in signak by vehicle the other vehicle
222 Neeraj Mehta             SAC-M2-154-35717   hit opposite and                                     Reimbursement      M.S.Ramaiah Hospital            504    22/09/05

                                                Right Hand little finger injured
223 Dr. M.Shivaprakash       SAC-M1-105-24680   Dog Bite to the Right Leg                             Reimbursement     E.N.T. Clinic                  1542    22/09/05

                                                While lifting the Gas cylinders by the time Gas
224 Veeresh Gowda .G         SAC-M1-126-28408   slipped Face and Right foot finger injured            Reimbursement     Bellary Nursing Home            339    22/09/05

                                                While going on the vehicle, the other vehicle hit, fell
225 Manjunath .T             SAC-M1-147-34849   down & right hand & left led injured                    Reimbursement   Sukshema Nursing                275    22/09/05
226 Renuka Prasad K.N.       SAC-M1-114-26381   Gas cylinder burst at home and body burnt             Cashless          Sanjeevini Nursing Home        16418   22/09/05
                                                While going on the vehicle, skid & fell down injuries
227 Yelumalai .L.N.          SAC-M1-129-30685   at the back, leg & hands                              Cashless          M.S.Ramaiah Hospital           2187    22/09/05

228 Raghavendra M.P.         SAC-M1-123-27720   Suddenly fell down from the bike and injured          Reimbursement     Matru Nursing Home             5831    22/09/05

229 Muniswamy D              SAC-M1-77-19056    Dog-bite                                              Reimbursement     Republic Hospital              1550    22/09/05
230 Vilas Kumar              SAC-M1-105-24760   Pain in the Back                                      Cashless          Dr.K.H.Jituri Hospital         4152    22/09/05

                                                While working in the factory got hurt to head by
231 K.M.Cherian              SAC-M1-165-38428   chain                                                 Reimbursement     Basappa Memorial                346    22/09/05
    Patient:Manjunath                                                                                                   Hospital
232 Jagadish .K              SAC-M1-123-27578   Road Traffic Accident                                 Cashless          Matru Nursing Home             4228    22/09/05

233 Dhananjaya K             SAC-M1-156-37151   Skid & fell down & injury to hand                     Reimbursement     Dhanvanthri hospital, Puttur    306    22/09/05
                                          While going by Auto as a passenger, auto got upset
234 Sathish M.C        SAC-M1-114-26434   & left shoulder bone fractured                     Cashless            Matru Nursing Home           25357   22/09/05

235 Annusab            SAC-M1-120-28066   Stone fell Right Hand injured                         Reimbursement    Swastik Clinic, Bellary       578    24/09/05
    Patient: Nabi

236 Nabi               SAC-M1-120-28066                                                        0 Reimbursement   Swastic clinic, Bellary       578    24/09/05

237 Jagadish .K        SAC-M1-123-27578   Road Traffic Accident                                 Cashless         Sarojini Hospital            3954    24/09/05

                                          While holding the horse and walking skid and fell
238 Appaiah            SAC-M1-59-14469    down Right Shoulder dislocation                       Reimbursement    Bangalore Baptist Hospital   2440    24/09/05

                                          While walking on the Road sustained injury to
239 Shashidhara P.R.   SAC-M1-71-18008    Rt.Foot                                               Cashless         Ashraya Hospital             3607    24/09/05

                                          Fell down from the Vehicle Right Face & Hand
240 Manjunath .B       SAC-M1-77-15837    injured                                               Reimbursement    Bellary Nursing Home          232    24/09/05

                                          While going on the Road Skid and fell down and
241 Jagadish .K        SAC-M1-123-27578   injury to Right Leg                                   Cashless         Raghavendra Hospital         1849    24/09/05

242 Nagaraj            SAC-M1-126-29615   While unloading box injury on Right Hand              Reimbursement    Bangalore Baptist Hospital    715    24/09/05

                                          While going on the vehicle suddenly brake skid &
243 Rajan Praveen      SAC-M1-147-34894   fell down injuries on Rt.Hand                         Cashless         K.R. Hospital                21217   24/09/05

                                          While going by bike skid & fell down left leg nail
244 Vasudeva .P        SAC-M1-87-22340    came out and injury                                   Reimbursement    Chirag Medical Centre         179    24/09/05

                                          While working at factory Iron Rod hit to left leg and
245 Santhosh .K        SAC-M1-59-14263    injured                                               Reimbursement    Ashwini Clinic                573    24/09/05

246 A.S.Dayananda      SAC-M1-165-32696   Dog Bite on the Back side of shoulders                Reimbursement    VIMS                         1776    26/09/05

                                          While goods unloading accident occurred Neck &
247 Kumaraswamy .S     SAC-M1-105-24583   Shoulder joint pains                                  Reimbursement    Shridevi Hospital             368    26/09/05

248 Jameel.S           SAC-M1-153-37287   Fell down and Rt.Hand injury                          Reimbursement    Dr.Joshi Multi Purpose        186    26/09/05
                                          While working in the factory Machine hit injury at
249 Murthy .G          SAC-M1-150-35040   Rt.Hand finger & arm                                  Reimbursement    Citi Hospital                 364    26/09/05

250 Shivaraju Soodi    SAC-M1-144-32260   While lifting steps fell down                         Reimbursement    Om Sai Orthopaedic &          920    26/09/05
                                          to the ground & Rt. Hand fractured                                     Trauma Hospital
251 Suresh .S          SAC-M1-153-35811   Dog Bite near Rt.leg foot                             Reimbursement    Nayak Hospital               1519    26/09/05

252 Mohan Devadiga     SAC-M1-71-18059    While working in the factory                          Reimbursement    Netra Dhama Super             584    26/09/05
                                                 injury happened to Right Eye                                        Speciality Eye Hospital
                                                 and Face
253   Murali Krishna C.T.     SAC-M1-120-27204   Dog Bite near Left Knee                            Reimbursement    Naveen Clinic                      1464     26/09/05

254 Arumugam .S               SAC-M1-96-23464    While working in the factory                       Reimbursement    J.P.Nursing Home                    340     26/09/05
                                                 Left Hand Middle finger injury

255 Honnur Swamy              SAC-M1-43-10391    Fell from the Constructing the                     Reimbursement    Sanjeeivini Hospital                367
                                                 House Left leg fractured &
                                                 Right leg & Hand injured
256 Krishnamurthy B.G.        SAC-M1-162 37638   While changing Tyre in Tata                        Reimbursement    Siddhu Healthcare centre            504     26/09/05
                                                 Sumo Tyre slipped and fell on right hand finger
257 Udaya Kumar .N            SAC-M1-156-36236   While taking the heavy weight rod & climbing       Reimbursement    Sri Raghavendra                     368     26/09/05
                                                 the upstairs, skid & fell down, left leg twisted                    Hospital
258 Sreenath .K               SAC-M1-69-17511    Left Hand Middle finger                            Reimbursement    Sri Raghavendra Hospital            575     26/09/05
259 Khaja Hussain             SAC M1-96-21425    While doing the gas welding                        Reimburse ment   Swastic Clinic                      263     26/09/05
                                                 workby the time Iron fell on
                                                 Right Hand finger & Left Leg injured
260 Narayana Swamy            SAC-M1-79-20029    While locking a lorry door, major injury           Cashless         Manipal Hospital                   9083     26/09/05
261 Harish                    SAC-M1-79-19758    Fell from the newly constructing building          Reimbursement    Mangalore Health Care Centre       1515     28/09/05
262 Sylvia Zita pias          SAC-M1-138-33608   Lateral collateral ligament strain right           Reimbursement    Ortho Care Centre                   422     28/09/05
                                                 right Elbow
263 Santhosh Subanna Shetty   SAC-M1-73-18381    Road Traffic Accident injury to left               Cashless         Kshema Orthopaedic Hospital        48047    29/09/05
                                                 knee joint
264 K.R.Chandrashekar         SAC-M1-67-17309    While going by the two wheeler skid                Cashless         Shreya Hospital                    9797     29/09/05
                                                 and fell down left hand right legand
265 Anto .J                   SAC-M1-51-12997    Fell down from the bike due to avoid               Reimbursement    Yellamma Dasappa Hospital          38226    29/09/05
                                                 a dog and right knee injured
266 Thomas Abraham            SAC-M1-71-18271    Skid and fell down from the bike, Major injury     Cashless         Mangala Hospital, Mangalore        21735    29/09/05
267 Harish Urs                SAC-M1-123-27768   Right Ankle Fracture (Air Line Crake)              Reimbursement    Sita Ranga Nursing Home             1441    29/09/05
                                                 Scraches on face, Hands & shoulder
268 H.Ravishankar             SAC-M1-102-24367   Hit to Window while getting upafter                Reimbursement    Gayathri Hospital                    59    5/10/2005
                                                 having food
269 Narayan Kumar .K          SAC-M1-71-18001    While working in factory Metal piece               Reimbursement    Bangalore West Lions Eye            186    5/10/2005
                                                 hitted to Right Eye                                                 Hospital & Cornea Gifting Centre
270 Kiran Kumar S.R.          SAC-M1-135-31945   While driving suddenly hitted to Rock and          Cashless         M. S. Ramaiah Hospital             2008    5/10/2005
                                                 injuries on Jaw, Left Leg & Chest
271 Praveena J.A.             SAC-M1-53-13306    Hydraulic Rod fell on Left Thumb                   Cashless         Ravi Kirloskar Hospital            9020    7/10/2005
                                                  finger and fractured
272 Shubhashini .N            SAC-M1-114-26102   While going by bike skid and fell down             Reimbursement    Dental & Orthopaedic Clinic         923    10/10/2005
                                                 Knee and Elbow injured
273 Maqbul Sab                SAC-M1-96-23470    While lifting the steps by the time fell           Cashless         Om Sai Orthopaedic & Traum,a       1561     15/10/05
                                                 down to the ground Left Leg injured                                 Hospital
274 Neelamma A.M.             SAC-M1-165-32695   Dog Bite                                           Reimbursement    Banaswadi Hospital                 1790     15/10/05

275 Kattemma                  SAC-M1-126-28497   Hitted by the two wheeler and Right                Reimbursement    Bharat Health Centre                641     15/10/05
                                                 Hand injured
276 Saravana .C               SAC-M1-177-40004   Iron piece fell on Left leg and Big Toe            Reimbursement    Lakshmi Clinic                      246     18/10/05
                                                 Nail came out
277 Gayathri                SAC-M1-123-29194   Fell from stair case and injured to             Reimbursement   Ramesh Clinic             248    18/10/05
                                               Left Leg icial
278 Leela H.T.              SAC-M1-114-26566   Dog Bite                                        Reimbursement   Banaswadi Hospital        1618   18/10/05

279 Sanjay .S. Joshi        SAC-M1-174-39619   While kicking suddenly hitted to Left           Reimbursement   Jai Maruthi Hospital      207    18/10/05
                                               Leg and fingers injured
280 Lokesh S.B              SAC-M1-126-29357   While working on High Most Light                Reimbursement   Citi Hospital             623    22/10/05
                                               assembly fell from top & injury near left eye
281 Sathish P.Hegde         SAC-M1-129-30044   While working in drilling machine               Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home   148    22/10/05
                                               Right Hand finger injury

282 Chetan Kumar .K         SAC-M1-108-25357   Dog Bite on Left Leg                            Reimbursement   Sreenivasa Nursing Home   1001   22/10/05

283 Srinivas .P             SAC-M1-174-39478   Accident due to Glass Blast and                 Reimbursement   Republic Hospital         856    22/10/05
                                               injury to Left Shoulder

284 Balasubramanian         SAC-M1-174-39480   Accident due to Glass Blast and                 Reimbursement   Republic Hospital          90    22/10/05
                                               Right Hand little finger injured

285 Guruprasad N.G.         SAC-M1-174-39447   Accident due to Glass Blast and                 Reimbursement   Republic Hospital         459    22/10/05
                                               injured to Right Arm, Right Thumb
                                               and little finger
286 Krishnan                SAC-M1-174-39453   Accident due to Glass Blast and                 Reimbursement   Republic Hospital         224    22/10/05
                                               injured to Right Wrist and fingers of
                                               Right Hand
287 Muniyappa               SAC-M1-120-27085   Crush injury at Right Index finger              Reimbursement   Koshy's Hospital          1134   22/10/05

288 R.S.Veeresh             SAC-M1-108-25365   While going on vehicle suddenly fell            Reimbursement   Sharavathi Hospital       639    22/10/05
                                               down due to avoid control Hump &
289 Gopala Krishna .R       SAC-M3-161-37238   While going on by-cycle skid and                Reimbursement   Mathru Nursing Home       709    22/10/05
                                               fell down Head injury

290 Thimma Hanumaiah        SAC-M1-114-26022   While going by bike skid and fell               Reimbursement   Manjunatha Clinic         762    22/10/05
                                               down and injuries on left hand & face

291 Manikandan .V           SAC-M1-117-26732   Dog Bite                                        Reimbursement   Trupti Nursing Home       1560   22/10/05

292 Neelakandan .A          SAC-M1-153-36146   Fell down from the Motor Bike and               Reimbursement   Subbaiah Hospital         636    22/10/05
                                               Left Leg injured

293 Ashwini .K Patel        SAC-M1-132-30874   While working by wooden piece                   Cashless        Sarojini Hospital         9854   22/10/05

294 Suresh K.N.             SAC-M1-99-23683    While walking on the Road slipped               Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital           1595   22/10/05
                                               and fell down Right Hand injurede and
295 Vali .S                 SAC-M1-174-32846   Auto skid fell down & body injured              Reimbursement   Dr.C.Shashikumar Clinic   214    22/10/05
    Patient: Suban .S

296 Santhosh B. Nimbalkar   SAC-M1-156-37052   From Two Wheeler skid & fell down               Reimbursement   Dr. K.H.Jituri Hospital   542    22/10/05

297 Ramamohan E.K.          SAC-M1-120-27423   Motor bike skid and fell down Right             Reimbursement   Shushrutha Ortho Care     1147   22/10/05
                                               Wrist ligament teared
298 Lokesh Gowda        SAC-M1-84-20925     Alleged fell from Table & Right Leg              Reimbursement   Mahaveer Medical Centre         833    22/10/05
                                            injured fracture of right transverse

299 Devaraju B.H.       SAC-M1-177-40445    While going by the vehicle another               Reimbursement   Lakshmi Clinic                  346    22/10/05
                                            vehicle camefrom the left side and
                                            hitted Left leg injured
300 Ravikumar .P        SAC-M1-147-34780    While moving from the Entrance Signal            Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital               8836    25/10/05
                                            suddenly another two wheeler speedly
                                            came &hitted to members vehicle,
                                            Right hand side collar bone fracture
301 Thimmaraju .G       SAC-M1-84-20898     While going by bike from the opp:                Reimbursement   J.P. Nursing Home              5183    25/10/05
                                            vehicle came and hitted & fell down
                                            Right Leg injury
302 Ragavendra .K       SAC-M1-156-36558    Dog Bite Right Hand finger                       Reimbursement   Vijaya Nursing Home            2289    25/10/05

303 Siddalingaiah .B    SAC-M1-132-31052    RTA self fall pain in the Neck                   Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital                510    25/10/05

304 Mudassir Ahmed      SAC-M1-105-24705    A Tempo hitted to bike from back &               Cashless        Shushrusha Nursing Home        3168    25/10/05
                                            fell down injuries on the Left Hand
                                            and Leg Severe injury
305 Vasudevan           SAC-M1-129-30048    While getting down by the bus then               Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home        1908    25/10/05
                                            suddenly bike came to avoid skid
                                            and fell down
306 Dinesh M.S.         SAC-M1-171-38953    While going by two wheeler by the                Reimbursement   Sri Srinivasa Medical Centre    190    25/10/05
                                            taking toright turn bus hitted and
                                            right hand finger got burnt injury
307 Dr.Vinod C.N.       SAC-M1-99-23825     RTA hit by canter injury to left                 Reimbursement   Udhbhava Hospital              5055    28/10/05
                                            shoulder joint pain in low back region
308 Raju. K             SAC-M1-123/27669    Removing Stone with crow bar Left                Reimbursement   Sri Venkateshwara Hospital      238    29/10/05
                                            Hand Thumb finger strucked with
                                            crow bar and stone and crushed
309 Sreekanth V.S.      SAC-M1-135-33151    Fell from Scooter Left Hand                      Reimbursement   Ramani Orthopaedic Hospital    1093    29/10/05
                                            fractured and injured
310 Panduranga .G       SAC-M1-111/25774    While working at Factory Left Hand Thumb         Reimbursement   Sri Raghavendra Hospital        275    24/10/05   080-28376477
                                            finger got strech in Lathe Machine & injured                                                                         9448383764
311 Chandrashekar K.M   SAC-M1-152 /35702   Dog Bite                                         Reimbursement   Jai Maruthii Hospital          1702    25/10/05   080-57704167
312 Sathish H.C         SAC-M1-174-39730    While coming from Gayathri Hospital after        Reimbursement   Sri Rama Hospital              10346   28/10/05   080-23307564
                                            visiting his relation near sunkad katte people                                                                       9845374937
                                            came across skid and fell down
313 Kemparaju .P        SAC-M1-162-37637    While going in Vehicle suddenly other vehicle    Reimbursement   Mallige Hospital               5203    28/10/05   080-51172368
                                            came without control skid and fell down injury                                                                       9845690957
                                            to face ear & Left hand

314 M.S.Lalitha         SAC-M1-126-29467    While doing work in home function ar Relation    Reimbursement   Radhakrishna Hospital          4559    28/10/05   080-23203086
                                            Residence fell down on the Road in front                                                                           080-23505244
                                            of the house face lips injured

315 Mahadevappa R.C.    SAC-M1-156-32504    While lifting the Water Drum by the time fell    Reimbursement   Dr. C.Shashi Kumar Clinic       324    28/10/05   08392-241138
                                            to the Right foot finger and injured                                                                                 9448132311

316 Abdul Rahman .S     SAC-M1-174/32835    While house constructing by the time Bamboo      Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital             123    29/10/05
                                            Wood fell down to the mouth & injured
317 Ramareddy .B           SAC-M1-123/28239     While making food by the time Oil fell down to      Reimbursement       Swasthik Clinic                          378     29/10/05
                                                the Right Hand and injured

318 Bhaskar Rao .P         SAC-M1-135 / 28882   Fell down by the two wheeler vehicle Right Leg      Reimbursement       Dr. M. Govindarajjulu Clinic             359     29/10/05      9448262216

319 Chandraiah J.M.        SAC-M1-177/ 32932    Monkey Bite Right Hand                              Reimbursement       Sadguru Clinic                          1614     29/10/05

320 Rolfu D. Souza         SAC-M2-64/16667      Motor Bike skid and fell down                       Reimbursement       Fr. Muller Medical College & Hospital   1688     29/10/05      080-2240884

321 Akram .S               SAC-M2-139/33497     While going in By-Cycle suddenly skid for               Reimbursement   Murthy Orthopaedic Centre               1269     29/10/05      9341068890
    Pt: Mohammed Saheb                          avoiding cross one boy on the Road
322 Ganeshan K.K.          SAC-M2-157-36309     While going by Bike the other Bike came                 Reimbursement   Vijai Hospital                           742     29/10/05     080-23525166
                                                suddenly brake and fell down both the knees                                                                                             9341266141
                                                and Right Hand Palm injured
                                                Cut injury to Left Hand little finger and middle finger
323 Anand .S               SAC-M1-174-39621     injured while working                                   Reimbursement   Ranganatha Hospital                      265     29/10/05     080-57745551

324 Manjunath .R           SAC-M1-171-39357     While working hit by drilling machine to the        Reimbursement       Datta Dental Clinic                      427     29/10/05     080-55304897
                                                Antenor Teeth                                                                                                                           9880453018

325 Nagesh Gowda           SAC-M1-165-38002     Slipped near the Main Door and Suitcase edge        Reimbursement       Tirumala Clinic                          940     29/10/05      9448111964
                                                smick to the lips hence had the injury

326 Mahadeva .K            SAC-M1-135-31448     While working in the office box fallern on Left     Reimbursem,ent      Popular Nursing Home                     829     29/10/05    080- 22238181
                                                Leg Big Toe

327 Ram prasad             SAC-M1-171/39262     While working in factory wood piece hitted to       Reimbursement       Sarojini Hospital                        443    5/11/2005
                                                Right Hand middle finger

328 Srinath Reddy          SAC-M1-156-36752     While working in factory Machine hitted to rod injury Cashless          Mathru Nursing Home & Trauma Care       11433
                                                at low back                                                                                                             9/11/2005     080-23723557
                                                                                                                        Centre                                                        080-28393673
329 M. Mahalakshmi         SAC-M1-126-29412     While crossing the vehicle Matador hit and          Cashless            Mathru Nursing Home & Trauma Care       8183    9/11/2005       9343789465
                                                run, Left Leg injury                                                    Centre
330 Kumar                  SAC-M1-165-38325     Rod fell on Left Leg and downwards to knee          Cashless            Ashraya Hospital                        6904    9/11/2005
                                                skin came out
331 Basavaraju .B          SAC-M1-153-36234     While working in factory suddenly Lathe             Cashless            Sarojini Hospital                       3150    9/11/2005      9342264986
                                                Machine hitted to Right Thumb crush and injury                                                                                         9844112972
332 Parashuram             SAC-M1-102-23847     Slipped from stair case Right Foot injured          Reimbursement       Genesis Hospital                         567    9/11/2005

333 Uday Kumar             SAC-M1-144-34184     While working in the factory Left Hand Ring         Cashless            Vijaya Nursing Home                     11277   9/11/2005     080-51177561
                                                finger was got in the machine and injured
                                                (crush injury)
334 Manjunath .P           SAC-M1-129-29939     While working at factory Right Hand little finger   Reimbursement       Mahalakshmi Nursing Home                6451    12/11/2005     9844354348

335 Jagadish D.k.          SAC-M1-174-39689     While working at factory Rt. Big Toe injured        Cashless            Sanjeevini Nursing Home                 4271    12/11/2005

336 Veerabhadra Abbigere   SAC-M1-156-36871     Slippage of the clutch while driving                Reimbursement       Dr. K.H. Jituri Hospital                 553    12/11/2005    0836-2363206
337 Chavan S.R.               SAC-M3-146-34204   RTA skid and fell down injured to Rt. Knee rib   Reimbursement   Dr. K.H. Jituri Hospital               779    12/11/2005
                                                 and Head
338 Nataraj M.P.              SAC-M1-165-38433   Collision of Scooter to Scooter Left Knee        Reimbursement   Ananda Clinic                          878    12/11/2005

339 Mehboob G. Misrikoti      SAC-M1-165-38524   While driving by two wheeler hitted to           Cashless        Prashanth Orthopaedic Accident        33085    16/11/05       9341077071
                                                 Electric pole fell down & injured                                Care Centre

340 T.Yerriswamy              SAC-M1-126-28526   While loading the lorry by the time Iron rod     Reimbursement   Venkat Kamineni Hospital              2618     16/11/05
                                                 fell on Head and injured

341 Ramachandra .A            SAC-M1-93-22899    While coming in Maruthi Van & Lorry hitted       Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital                       62000    16/11/05    080-7256037
                                                 from opposite sie & Van got upside down                                                                                     080-26655183
                                                 Leg fractured

342 Hanumantha Reddy. H       SAC-M1-99-21479    While driving two wheeler skid & fell down       Reimbursement   Dr. Ameer .K Clinic                    135     17/11/05    08392-250454
     Patient: Mohan Naik .L                      Right Knee injured

343 Mohanraj .G               SAC-M1-129-30053   While working in factory hit by spindal          Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home                364     21/11/05    080-56903421
                                                 machine injury to left knee                                                                                                     9886551307

344 Venkatesh S.T.            SAC-M1-129-30060   While working in the factory drilling machine    Reimbursement   Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital      2268     21/11/05
                                                 hitted to right hand finger

345 Bhaskar .S                SAC-M1-186-41456   Left Hand Middle finger injured                  Reimbursement   Shreyas Hospital                        80     22/11/05    080-51179415

346 Venkatesh                 SAC-M1-168-38636   While carrying Gas cylinder on by-cycle          Reimbursement   Jagadamba Nursing Home                 317     22/11/05    080-22234351
                                                 skid and fell down injury to left knee

347 Jayaprakash .G            SAC-M1-105-24592   Self fell and injury to Lt. Forearm              Reimbursement   Adithya Orthopaedic & Trauma Centre   17360    22/11/05    0816-2251364

348 Anil Kumar .J             SAC-M1-186-42088   Dog Bite at Left leg behind knee cap             Reimbursement   Dr. P Vijaya Venkatesh Clinic         2140     22/11/05    08392-231711

349 Shashidar T.N.            SAC-M1-120-27406   While Riding the vehicle fell down and           Reimbursement   Jagadguru Sri shivarathreeshwara      2879     22/11/05       9886269376
                                                 injured                                                          Hospital                                                      9844179780

350 Venkatesh H.R.            SAC-M1-174-39738   While going on vehicle to avoid dog skid &       Reimbursement   Sevakshetra Hospital                  12424    22/11/05    080-26728714
                                                 fell down and injured to Left leg and knee                                                                                  080-26915833

351 Karunakara Poojary        SAC-M1-132-30992   While chopping chicken injury to left leg        Reimbursement   Girija Clinic                         1722     22/11/05    08255-266766

352 Vimala Vijaya Kumar       SAC-M1-180-40626   Slipped and fell down at residence in the        Reimbursement   Manipal Northside Hospital            2068     22/11/05
                                                 bathroom and injury at the back

353 Kiran Kumar S.R.          SAC-M1-135-31945   While driving suddenly hitted to Rock and        Reimbursement   M. S. Ramaiah Hospital                4681     22/11/05
                                                 injuries on Jaw, Left Leg & Chest

354 Subbanna .C               SAC-M1-102-24306   While walking on the road fell down on the       Reimbursement   Dr. C.S. Rupa Kumar Clinic, Mysore    1216     30/11/05       9886760067
                                                 front of the house left leg got fractured

355 Mahesh Gowda .K           SAC-M1-115-21806   At residence fallen from staircase right         Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary           429     30/11/05    08392-590167
     Patient: K.Yerriswamy                       hand injured                                                                                                                08391-229618
356 Srinivas . K           SAC-M1-126-28325   Fell by two wheeler right knee injured        Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary         630     30/11/05       9845476131

357 Vali .S                SAC-M1-174-32846   While constructing the house bamboo           Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary         268     30/11/05       9845771301
     Patient: Suban .S                        wood fell on right leg and injured

358 Manoj Kumar            SAC-M2-157-37164   Right Foot cut injury                         Reimbursement   Father Muller Medical College        930     30/11/05
                                                                                                            Hospital, Mangalore

359 Duryodhan Panda        SAC-M1-144-33761   Dog Bite at Right leg                         Reimbursement   Sri Venkateshwara Hospital           934     30/11/05

360 Srinivas P. M.         SAC-M1-168-38673   Fallen from two wheeler injury to Upper lip   Reimbursement   Jupiter Hospital                    8019     30/11/05    080-23226177

361 Vijay                  SAC-M1-186-41465   Right Hand Middle finger injured              Reimbursement   Shreyas Hospital                     161     30/11/05    080-51179415

362 Ganesh .D              SAC-M1-156-36792   While standing near the vehicle slipped       Reimbursement   Citi Hospital                        400     30/11/05    080-23527916
                                              and fallen down injury to left leg                                                                                     080-23396073

363 Siddalingaswamy D.A.   SAC-M1-102-23860   Slipped from the sheet & fell down at the     Reimbursement   Shri Tirumala Hospital              6766     30/11/05    080-56974116
                                              residence injury to Rt. Hand & Lt. Knee                                                                                   98131238128

364 R.S. Srinath           SAC-M1-159-35889   Fell from the Scooter & injury to Left Knee   Reimbursement   Ramani Orthopaedic Hospital         2734     30/11/05    080-23468630

365 Balagopalan .P         SAC-M1-135-31840   Slipped and fell down from the steps          Reimbursement   Ortho Care Centre                   1147     30/11/05    080-23474707
                                              and injury to Right Ankle                                                                                              080-26684016

366 Sunder K.A.            SAC-M1-171-36192   While working in the factory Left Thumb       Reimbursement   Vijai Hospital                      1209     30/11/05    080-55230592
                                              injured                                                                                                                    9845201384

367 Zakeer                 SAC-M1-159-35898   Left Hand injury                              Reimbursement   Savitha Clinic, Doddaballapur        934     30/11/05    08152-7623342
368 Lakshman .P            SAC-M1-135-31949   injury to Left Eye Brow                       Reimbursement   Ganesh Nursing Home                  537     30/11/05

369 Prathap                SAC-M1-152-36097   Accidental injury to Left Hand                Cashless        Mathru Nursing Home                 9106     30/11/05

370 Malleshappa S.A.       SAC-M1-156-36427   While working in factory machine hitted to    Cashless        Sanjeevini Nursing Home             6771     30/11/05
                                              left hand finger and injured

371 Viji .K                SAC-M1-156-36938   Injury at Back                                Cashless        Meena Nursing Home, Bhadravathi     5283     30/11/05       9844244614

372 Ningaraju .G           SAC-M1-156-36507   Injury to the Right Hand Index Finger         Reimbursement   Lakshmi Clinic                        83    10/12/2005   080-23585439

373 Raju .B                SAC-M1-126-29526   While going in bike suddenly Auto came        Reimbursement   Manasa Hospital , Bangalore         7735    12/12/2005      9448205768

374 Srikanth .D            SAC-M1-165-38440   While going on motor bike & it was raining    Reimbursement   Adithya Adhikari Hospital, Mysore   12802    16/12/05
                                              skid and fell down into the hole & injured
                                              to Left leg and both hands
375 Bayareddy .B             SAC-M1-93-22948    While working in the factory some metal        Reimbursement   Narayana Netralaya, Bangalore            156    16/12/05   080-23351537
                                                dust entered into the eye

376 Dasegowda                SAC-M1-93-22946    While working in the factory an component      Reimbursement   Spandana Clinic and hospital             373    16/12/05   080-23351537
                                                loaded machine slipped and fallen on the
                                                Right leg

377 Sri Vallabha .Y          SAC-M1-171-38967   While driving Active Honda skid and fell       Reimbursement   Chetan Clinic                            276    16/12/05   080-23498298
                                                down Left Hand Wrist injured                                                                                                  9448178551

378 Kathirvelu .S            SAC-M1-135-31303   While working in the factory hit by machine    Reimbursement   Lakshmi Nursing Home                     722    16/12/05   080-23122789
                                                to Left Arm

379 Murali .S                SAC-M1-135-31299   While working in the factory hit by machine    Reimbursement   Lakshmi Nursing Home                     583    16/12/05   080-23122789
                                                to Right Arm

380 Mallikarjuna             SAC-M1-132-28768   While going on the Road attacked by Four       Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary            1816    16/12/05   08392-273538
                                                persons and hit Face, Chest & Body injured

381 Krishnappa T P           SAC-M2-175-39962   Fracture Head of Fibula with fracture          Cashless        Ashwini Hospital, Yelahanka, B'lore     6300    31/12/05      9845257420
    Pt. Akkamma T.K                                                                                                                                                          9845054013

382 Ramamurthy .K            SAC-M1-87-22391    While working in factory big size stone fell   Cashless        Ashraya Hospital, Sunkadkatte,          9450    31/12/05      9886771856
                                                on left hand last finger cut                                   Bangalore

383 Santhosh .V              SAC-M1-135-33106   Blunt injury to left loin                      Cashless        Manipal Hospital, Airport Road,B'lore   2552    31/12/05

384 Ghouse Khan B.Pathan     SAC-M1-147-35167   While going on two wheeler skid & fell         Reimbursement   Mayur Nursing Home, Dharwad             16957   31/12/05   0836-2385738
                                                down Left leg ankle joint fractured                                                                                       0836-2385864

385 Anil M. Prabhu           SAC-M1-153-36036   Slipped down from the steps while climbing     Reimbursement   Diwakar Orthopaedic Hospital, Hubli     3429    31/12/05   0836-2333855
                                                Left leg Toe injured and swelling

386 Dundesh Bailwad          SAC-M1-162-37443   Dog Bite                                       Reimbursement   Citi Hospital, Bangalore                1523    31/12/05   080-23126761

387 Devishahai .J            SAC-M1-129-30708   Blunt injury at the Right side of the body     Reimbursement   Deepak Hospital, Bangalore              1097    31/12/05   080-26765779

388 Jamuna Suresh            SAC-M1-195-45101   Blunt injury on the Right Hand Index finger    Reimbursement   Shree Clinic, Bangalore                  369    31/12/05   080-26744498

389 Abdul Khalak             SAC-M1-108-25444   While passing on the Road a scooter hit &      Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home                    6862    31/12/05   080-7622930
                                                fell down sustained severe facial injury                       Doddaballapur - 561 203

390 Praveen Kumar Hiremath   SAC-M1-75-18948    Blunt injury to Left Loin                      Reimbursement   Dr. K H Jituri Hospital, Hubli           558    31/12/05      9880853357

391 Somashekar               SAC-M1-192-44232   RTA injury to Left Hand Wrist Fracture         Reimbursement   Murthy Orthopaedic Centre, B'lore       1502    31/12/05   080-26750140

392 T. Ponmurugan            SAC-M1-144-34679   Dog Bite                                       Reimbursement   Chinmaya Mission Hospital, B'lore       1548    31/12/05      9343389217

393 Madhu Sudan K.J.         SAC-M1-125-27803   While going on scooter KSRTC Bus came          Reimbursement   Ananya Hospital, Bangalore              3114    31/12/05   080-23103490
                                                from right side skid and fell down Left Hand
                                                deep cut injured

394 Gangaraju N C            SAC-M1-177-40324   Burn injury on Left Leg by silencer            Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home                     444    31/12/05      9341734182
395 Doddaiah H.D.           SAC-M1-153-36106   While working in factory Right Hand was    Cashless        Mathru Nursing Home, Bangalore      13806   31/12/05
                                               pulled inside the power press & crush

396 Yogesh .N               SAC-M1-177-40113   Whileworking in factory Right Hand         Cashless        J P Hospital, Nelamangala,           4788   31/12/05
                                               finger injured                                             Bangalore

397 Renuka Prasad           SAC-M1-99-23692    While going on vehicle another vehicle     Cashless        J P Hospital, Nelamangala,           4608   31/12/05   080-7770126
                                               hitted and fell down                                       Bangalore

398 Dennis .A               SAC-M1-192-44612   While working at factory Left Hand         Reimbursement   Sri Vijayalakshmi Hospital,B'lore     150   31/12/05
                                               Thumb finger injury

399 Vijaya Mohan V.M.       SAC-M1-138-33520   While going on the vehicle skid and fell   Reimbursement   Shankar Clinic, Bangalore            1141   31/12/05   080-26791416
                                               down on the road near residence and
                                               injury on the forehead

400 Munegowda               SAC-M1-144-34562   Dog Bite                                   Reimbursement   Sarojini Hospital, Bangalore         1332    6/1/06      9844308755

401 Sanjeeva Naik           SAC-M1-159-37427   Self fall on the ground while playing      Reimbursement   Mahaveer Medical Centre,Puttur       1980    6/1/06    08251-286905

402 Nagaraj R.B.            SAC-M1-99-23938    While going in two wheeler skid & fell     Cashless        Shilpa Diagnostics, Davangere        1872   6/1/2006     9448084375
                                               down and Head Injury

403 Nagaraj R.B.            SAC-M1-99-23938                   -do-                        Reimbursement                -do-                    2601   6/1/2006     9448084375

404 Vittal Nagappa Kadham   SAC-M1-111-25895   While he was doing stone cutting           Reimbursement   Vision Eye Hospital, Hubli           3910   6/1/2006     9243285872
                                               injured to Right Eye

405 Uma Mahesh .S           SAC-M1-132-28671   While going on two wheeler fell down       Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary         1069   6/1/2006   08395-250821
                                               Left leg fractured and Bone cracks                                                                                  9448739225

406 Bhojappa                SAC-M1-135-28967   While doing the House constructing work    Reimbursement   Dr. C.Shashikumar Clinic              370   6/1/2006
                                               by the time centering fell down on the                     Bellary
                                               Head and injured

407 Narayan .K              SAC-M1-138-33523   While walking on the Road a speedy         Cashless        Basappa Memorial Hospital            1906   6/1/2006
                                               motorbike hit him from behind                              Mysore

408 Lakshmi                 SAC-M1-195-44996   While working in the factory Right Hand    Cashless        Adithya Adhikari Hospital,Mysore      201   6/1/2006
                                               middle finger injured                                      Dr. N. Chandrashekar

409 Bhaktesh .B             SAC-M1-195-45047   While working in the factory Iron rod      Cashless                      -do-                    391   6/1/2006
                                               fell on the shoulder, pain & swelling

410 Murali .M               SAC-M1-195-45022   While working in the factory steel Nail    Cashless                       -do-                   277   6/1/2006
                                               prick Left Foot injury

411 Sadashiva .V            SAC-M1-195-45006   While working in the factory injury to     Cashless                        -do-                  144   6/1/2006
                                               Left Eye
412 Nagaraj .L               SAC-M1-195-45026   While going on two wheeler skid and         Cashless                         -do-                 383   6/1/2006
                                                fell down and injured to Left Hand

413 Prashanth H.S.           SAC-M1-198-45261   While going on two wheeler skid and         Cashless                         -do-                 437   6/1/2006
                                                fell down and Head injury

414 Panduranga .G            SAC-M1-111-25774   While working in factory injury to Right    Reimbursement   Sarojini Hospital, Bangalore         1963   7/1/2006    080-28376477
                                                Hand Wrist and Fingers

415 Kudiarasuselvan          SAC-M1-123-27580   RTA Bike to Bike accident and               Cashless        M S Ramaiah Hospital                 5252   7/1/2006
                                                concussive Head injury

416 Venkatesh .N             SAC-M1-114-26214   While working in factory accidental         Cashless        Sanjeevini Nursing Home              5235   7/1/2006
                                                injury to Left Foot

417 Venkataramana R.C.       SAC-M1-120-26992   While driving the Auto a cow came           Cashless        Patil Hospital, K R Puram, B'lore    2475   7/1/2006
                                                across sudden brake & Auto got upset
                                                Right leg fractured
418 Nagaraj .A               SAC-M1-102-24187   While playing the match fell down and       Cashless        Krishna Loka Hospital, B'lore        1662   7/1/2006
                                                injury to Right Hand Wrist & Elbow

419 Harish                   SAC-M1-165-38369   While working in the factory due to fell    Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Hiome             1286   7/1/2006
                                                of Heavy Material on Right Hand &injured
420 Hanumantharaya K H       SAC-M1-138-33669   Scorpion Bite                               Reimbursement   Pooja Hospital, Channapatna          1255   7/1/2006     9845674884

421 Krishnappa               SAC-M1-183-41260   While unloading the sheet injury to         Reimbursement   Jamuna Clinic, Nelamangala           2087   7/1/2006     080-7722892
                                                Right Hand middle finger

422 Krishna                  SAC-M1-192-44417   While working in factory Left Foot injury   Reimbursement   Magadi Road Hospital, B'lore         2336   7/1/2006    080-23281254

423 Srinivasa .T             SAC-M1-138-33629   While working the building work skid        Reimbursement   Mathru Nursing Home, B'lore          1191   7/1/2006
                                                from ladder and fell down injury to Left
                                                Hand Elbow fractured
424 Jayanth K.M              SAC-M1-123-27802   While getting down from the Bus fell        Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital, Bangalore           805   7/1/2006
                                                down and injury to Left Elbow fractured

425 Bala Iyyappan            SAC-M1-183-41109   Dog Bite to Left Foot                       Reimbursement   Koshy's Hospital, Bangalore          1431   7/1/2006

426 Sayyed SadikS.Navaloor   SAC-M1-156-36838   Right Thumb Fractured & injured             Reimbursement   Prashanth Orthopaedic, Hubli          567   11/1/2006

427 Venkatesh .P             SAC-M1-174-39694   While working at factory in Grinding        Cashless        Sanjeevini Nursing Home,B'lore       2700   11/1/2006
                                                Machine Iron rod fell on both legs with
                                                hot and injured
428 Mariswamy G.K.           SAC-M1-81-21031    While going on two wheeler skid & fell      Reimbursement   Venkat Kamineni Hospital,Bellary      982   18/01/06    08392-250855
                                                down Left Hand &Left side face injury
429 Shashikanth              SAC-M1-186-40818   While crossing the road when a car hit      Cashless        K R Hospital, Srinagar, B'lore.     18973   18/01/06
                                                him on his leg fell down sustained
                                                injuries to face, head and rt.leg
430 Mahesh                   SAC-M1-102-24253   While working at factory left hand four     Cashless        Jai Maruthi Hospital, B'lore        13899   23/01/06
                                                fingers injured

431 S.Thangavelu             SAC-M1-105-24795   While going on two wheelerskid &fell        Reimbursement   Rex Ortho Hospital, Coimbatore      25987   23/01/06      9448460709
                                                down & sustained injury to Left Knee                        Residing at Hubli                                       0836-2360709
432 Chandrappa               SAC-M2-157-36663    While playing at home self fall and          Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital, Bangalore          1259    23/01/06   080-20101902
                                                 Right leg injured                                                                                                    080-23405778

433 Biju K.V                 SAC-M1-135-31847    While trinkering the Cars upside slipped     Cashless        Sanjeevini Hospital, Bangalore       3851    23/01/06   080-23474707
                                                 and fell down & injury to Rt.hand little                                                                             0480-2830285

434 Usha B.V.                SAC-M1-111-25883    While going on the vehicle a child came      Reimbursement   Manipal Northside Hospital,B'lore     452    27/01/06    9845057826
                                                 across to avoid skid and fell down
                                                 blunt injury over Lt.Elbow Lt.side of
                                                 chest and left Ankle
435 Rajendran .C             SAC-M1-177-40258    While walking on the Road from back          Reimbursement   Manipal Northside Hospital,B'lore   14,892   27/01/06     9845457374
                                                 side bike came & hit to left hand & back                                                                             080-56954432
436 Devaraj M.H.             SAC-M1-177-40368`   While going in bike from opp: side Bus       Reimbursement   Deepak Hospital, Bangalore           6741    27/01/06
                                                 and Car came to avoid skid & fell down
                                                 Face, Leg and Hand injured
437 Susheel N Shroff         SAC-M1-162-37672    Left Hand and Left Knee injury               Reimbursement   Gopal Medical Centre &Hospital        345    27/01/06
438 Karthik                  SAC-M1-102-24177    While loading the tool into power press      Reimbursement   Vijai Hospital, Bangalore            2120    27/01/06
                                                 the tool got slipped and fell on his left
                                                 index finger
439 Vishwanath D.S.          SAC-M1-129-30024    When he was metal plates full down           Cashless        Sanjeevini Nursing Home              3,271   27/01/06
                                                 after slipping from the foot left foot and
                                                 ankle fracture
440 Chandrashekar.G          SAC-M1-105-24748    R.T.A. Facial injuries                       Cashless        M.S. Ramaiah Hospital, B'lore       31623    27/01/06

441 Mohan B.M.               SAC-M1-147-34803    While going on a two wheeler auto came       Cashless        M.S.Ramaiah Hospital, B'lore         6653    27/01/06
                                                 to avoid skid & fell down & Head injury

442 Lakshmikanth B.G.        SAC-M1-165-38018    Fell down at his residence in the bath-      Cashless        Harsha Hospital, Bangalore           4,455   27/01/06
                                                 room and left hand wrist middle finger

443 Mruthunjaya D.C.         SAC-M1-81-20233     R.T.A. Pelvic injury                         Cashless        Manasa Hospital, Bangalore           4,351   27/01/06

444 Sudharshan Muduli        SAC-M1-108-25248    While working at Factory fall from height    Cashless        Sushrutha Orthocare, Nanjangud      19,521   27/01/06
                                                 10-12 feet and Right leg fracture

445 Pankaj S.Pawaskar        SAC-M2-157-37123    While going on two wheeler skid and          Cashless        Gurukrupa Nursing Home,Karwar         999    27/01/06
                                                 fell down and all over the body injured

446 Vijaya Kumar             SAC-M1-189-44153    While working at factory Right Thumb         Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home              1,323   27/01/06

447 Prathap Chandra Shetty   SAC-M1-201-45789    While going on the two wheeler to avoid      Reimbursement   Shri Venkateshwara Hospital          1282    27/01/06
                                                 old age person skid and fell down and
                                                 Right knee injured

448 M.S.Manjunath            SAC-M1-195-45037    While working on drilling machine got        Cashless        Dr. N. Chandrashekar                  759    27/01/06
                                                 hurt to Rt.Hand Palm & sustained injury                      Adhithya Adhikari Hospital
449 Channamma J              SAC-M1-120-28095   While going on the Road fell down           Reimbursement   Spoorthy Polyclinic, Bellary          705   27/01/06
                                                Left Hand injured

450 Venkatesh U              SAC-M1-185-28955   While doing the stone work stone fall       Reimbursement   Swatic Clinic, Bellary                903   27/01/06
                                                on the left hand finger injured

451 Maresha                  SAC-M1-198-42510   While doing the work slipped and fell       Reimbursement   Sri Shiva Leela Hospital,Bellary      570   27/01/06
                                                down to the ground Rt.Leg foot 2nd
                                                finger injured

452 N. Muniraju              SAC-M1-129-30264   While going on bike buffalo came to         Reimbursement   Murthy Health & Research Centre     27783   27/01/06
                                                avoid skid and fell down Rt.Knee injured                    Koramangala, Bangalore

453 Chidananda Murthy        SAC-M1-189-43320   While going on the bike skid & fell down    Reimbursement   D.G. Hospital, Bangalore              464   27/01/06
                                                Rt.Foot Ankle injured

454 Harish Babu              SAC-M!-135-31226   While working in factory heavy material     Reimbursement   Sri Raghavendra Hospital,B'lore       839   27/01/06   080-28510188
                                                fall on left foot and injured

455 E.R. Sujatha             SAC-M1-65-16815    Left Knee injured                           Reimbursement   R.R. Orthopaedic &Surgical           9721   30/01/06
                                                                                                            Centre, Bangalore

456 H.M.Basavarajaswamy      SAC-M1-93-21288    While doing the work on upside of the       Reimbursement   Danamma Super Speciality            30772   8/2/2006
    Nominee:susheelamma                         wall fell down to the ground & Head                         Hospital, Bellary
                                                injured followed by Death

457 H.M.Basavarajswamy       SAC-M1-93-21288                   -do-                         Reimbursement                  -do-                100000   4/2/2006

458 Brungesha                SAC-M1-135-31469   While going by Bike due to Hump skid &      Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore          16252   6/2/2006
    Nominee:Thara Brungesh                      fell down major injury to Head & Eye

459 Brungesha                SAC-M1-135-31469                    do                         Reimbursement                   do                 100000   4/2/2006
    Nominee:Thara Brungesh                                                                                                                                           9880043191
460 Madeva                   SAC-M1-201-45861   While working in factory power press-       Reimbursement   Citi Hospital, Bangalore             2198   6/2/2006
                                                ing machine hitted to Rt.Hand Ring finger

461 Nagaraj M.G.             SAC-M1-162-37672   Food Poisoning                              Reimbursement   Renuka Nursing Home, B'lore           788   6/2/2006

462 Monnappa K K             SAC-M1-135-31989   While going on bike car hitted to bike      Cashless        Panacea Hospital, Bangalore         34003   6/2/2006
                                                fell down Left leg both bones fracture

463 Kantharaju K             SAC-M1-174-39845   While working in the factory shirt was      Cashless        Sanjeevini Nursing Home,B'lore       7100   6/2/2006
                                                collapsed in the machine injured to
                                                chest and both shoulders

464 Shaji Thomas             SAC-M1-180-40707   While working in the factory the bearing    Reimbursement   J P Hospital & Harsha Hospital       4072   6/2/2006     9845372532
                                                piece hitted and went inside the skin                       Bangalore                                              080-28363924
                                                left leg injured
465 Hinduram Patel         SAC-M1-174-32815   While working in the factory by the time     Reimbursement   Venkat Kamineni Hospital,Bellary   14217   6/2/2006
                                              Right Hand Fractured

466 Yellappa V.Pujari      SAC-M1-156-36827   While working at the factory during          C ashless       Prashanth OrthopaedicAccident      17266   6/2/2006
                                              grinding & leveling the motor 70 Kgs of                      Care Centre Multispeciality
                                              material suddenly fallen on Left Big Toe                     Hospital, HUBLI

467 Malappa Penammanalli   SAC-M1-81-21059    While working at factory Crush injury        Reimbursement   Sri Mohana Nursing Home             7539   6/2/2006
                                              to right hand                                                Bellary

468 Koneru Ravi            SAC-M1-99-21478    While going on the two wheeler skid &        Reimbursement   Sri Sai Venu Clinic, Bellary         454   6/2/2006
                                              fell down Right foot injured

469 Subbareddy Y.V.        SAC-M1-96-21429    While going on two wheeler a cow             Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary         996   6/2/2006
                                              came across from left due to avoid skid
                                              & fell down left hand fractured & foot

470 Shankar .L             SAC-M1-105-21623   R.T.A. with Lorry Right Thigh injured        Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary       27594   7/2/2006    9845590152
                                              and fractured

471 Gulzar Ahmed           SAC-M1-135-31895   R.T.A. While travelling from B'lore to       Cashless        Mathru Nursing Home, B'lore        46463   8/2/2006   080-26528538
                                              Shimoga hitted to pillar injury to Rt.Knee
                                              and fractured

472 Kannan M.S.            SAC-M1-99-23762    Fall from 40 Feet height and loss of         Cashless        Mathru Nursing Home, B'lore        90000   8/2/2006

473 Nijalingappa           SAC-M1-81-20200    While driving the Auto during turning on     Cashless        Shridevi Hospital, Tumkur          17897   8/2/2006
                                              a stone Auto got upset & Rt.Leg fracture

474 Anil Kumar .V          SAC-M1-99-23679    R.T.A. While going on a two wheeler          Cashless        Deepak Hospital, Bangalore         21703   8/2/2006
                                              hitted bike to bike & injury to Left Leg
                                              Knee joint

475 Seetha Ram Reddy       SAC-M1-159-37361   While going on Bike met with an              Reimbursement   Nanjappa Hospital,Shimoga          14302   8/2/2006
                                              accident at Honnali and injury to                            Resident: Davangere
                                              Left Shoulder and Left Knee

476 Brunda Shivu M         SAC-M1-132-31105   While going on two wheeler skid &            Reimbursement   Saraswathi Hospital, B'lore          543   8/2/2006
                                              fell down Right leg injured

477 Subramanya Sharma      SAC-M1-132-31106   Fell down at residence while doing           Reimbursement   R.R. Orthopaedic &Surgical          1185   8/2/2006
                                              pooja to Bike                                                Centre, Bangalore

478 Purushotham T.V.       SAC-M1-183-41248   While going on the vehicle skid & fell       Cashless        Mathru Nursing Home, B'lore        13734   8/2/2006
                                              down Rt.Lower limb injured

479 Devamma                SAC-M1-204-46722   While working at factory Right Hand          Cashless        Dr.N.Chandrashekar, Mysore           202   8/2/2006
                                              Index finger injured                                         Adhithya Adhikari Hospital

480 Manjunath .D           SAC-M1-195-45019   While working at factory Right Leg           Cashless        Dr. N.Chandrashekar, Mysore          300   8/2/2006
                                              injury                                                       Adhithya Adhikari Hospital
481 Vadivelu .M           SAC-M1-207-47315   Dog Bite at Right Leg below the knee          Reimbursement   Usha Clinic, Bangalore              790   8/2/2006

482 Hanumantha            SAC-M1-102-23956   While working at Home during Marriage         Reimbursement   Nandi Clinic, Bangalore             538   8/2/2006
                                             work hitted by knife to left hand & injured

483 Prasanna .P           SAC-M1-201-45860   While working at factory pressing Dye         Reimbursement   Chord Road Hospital, Bangalore     9059   8/2/2006
                                             machine merged with left hand three
                                             fingers middle finger cut & came out

484 Ramesh .R             SAC-M1-129-30052   While working at factory machine              Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bangalore.    1908   8/2/2006    08392-251059
                                             hitted to the chest                                                                                                 08392-266157

485 Veeresh B Bellary     SAC-M1-210-47774   Maruthi car front wheel went over the         Reimbursement   Dr.K.H.Jituri Hospital, Hubli.      391   8/2/2006
                                             right foot fingers while taking a round
                                             minor injury

486 Arun                  SAC-M1-126-29237   R.T.A. fracture of Right Tibia                Reimbursement   M.G.A. Hospital, Bangalore        24057   8/2/2006

487 Ramamurthy            SAC-M2-154-36025   Big Stone fallen on Left Leg Foot and         Reimbursement   Sri Venkateshwara Hospital          438   8/2/2006
    Patient: Shashidhar                      injured                                                       peenya II Stage, Bangalore

488 Chikkaraju            SAC-M1-141-33892   While working in factory after unloading      Cashless        Deepak Hospital, Bangalore         9952   8/2/2006
                                             all the goods at lorry fell down from the
                                             lorry and left hand injured

489 Srimathi Prasad       SAC-M1-111-25712   Fell down from the cot at home right          Reimbursement   A M Specialists Centre              477   10/2/2006   080-28397728
                                             sided centurion injury over the chest

490 Deepu .L              SAC-M1-195-45048   While working at factory Iron rod fell        Reimbursement   Indira Nursing Home, Mysore         274   10/2/2006
                                             on Right Leg
491 H.S. Shive Gowda      SAC-M1-153-35794   While going on bike skid & fell down due      Reimbursement   Sri Ranganatha Clinic               310   10/2/2006     9341988069
                                             to mud Right Leg Knee injury

492 Ramesh .K             SAC-M1-141-33739   While working at factory Right Hand           Reimbursement   Lakshmi Nursing Home, B'lore        501   10/2/2006     8188265268
                                             Middle finger injury                                                                                                08192-260666

493 Sendil .M             SAC-M1-204-46253   While working at the factory Left Hand        Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home, B'lore     471   10/2/2006
                                             Index and little finger injured                                                                                       9845744697
494 Suresh                SAC-M1-165-38193   When he was travelling in private Bus         Reimbursement   Prashanthi Hospital, Bidadi,       2217   10/2/2006
                                             to Dharmasthala due to sudden brake                           Bangalore                                              9845397505
                                             and stop injured to face & Head                                                                                      9880126100

495 Jicku Mathew Varley   SAC-M1-156-35837   While going on bike due to avoid a dog        Reimbursement   Renuka Nursing Home, Bangalore     2302   10/2/2006
                                             skid & fell down Left leg foot injured

496 Ramu                  SAC-M1-138-33326   Fell down near his house and sustained        Reimbursement   Mathru Nursing Home, Kengeri,       540   10/2/2006
                                             injury above the left eye brow                                Bangalore -60.

497 Mohammed Ibrahim      SAC-M1-102-23819   While working in factory self fall and        Reimbursement   Adhithya Orthopaedic & Trauma             10/2/2006
                                             injury on neck                                                Centre, Tumkur.
498 Shivakumar .B   SAC-M1-55-13724    While cleaning the house an iron rod   Cashless        Manasa Hospital, Bangalore    8305   10/2/2006   9341239323
                                       fell on Right leg and injured

499 Girish M.S.     SAC-M1-102-24113   R.T.A. while crossing the Road Bike    Reimbursement   Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain        36474   10/2/2006
                                       came and hit fell down Right leg and                   Hospital, Bangalore Cantt.
                                               left hand injured and fractured

500 Arun K.G.               SAC-M1-186-41932   Right Hand Fractured                           Reimbursement   Shilpa Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd.B'lore    806   10/2/2006

501 Suresh .G               SAC-M1-177-39972   While going on the vehicle by taking 'U'       Reimbursement   Shirdi Sai Hospital, Bangalore       917   14/02./06
                                               turn skid and fell down and injured to
                                               Rt Hand & Rt Knee and Rt.leg 2 fingers

502 Nagendra Sharma .S      SAC-M1-162-37746   While going on the vehicle skid & fell         Reimbursement   St. John's Medical College Hosp.    5894   4/3/2006
                                               down and sustained injury to scalp

503 Walter Rebello          SAC-M1-75-18922    While travelling in Auto rolled while          Reimbursement   Adharsha Hospital, Puttur           3200   4/3/2006
                                               turning and sustained backbone injury

504 Jayashree Malipatil     SAC-M1-192-42378   Self fall and fracture of left 5th             Reimbursement   Chiniwalar institute of Ortho-      2290   4/3/2006
                                               Metatarial Bone                                                paedic & Trauma Care Hospital
505 Venkatesh Manthagonda   SAC-M1-174-32876   Hit by the tractor at right stapula inferior   Reimbursement   Chiniwalar institute of Ortho-      1312   4/3/2006
                                               end                                                            paedic Hospital, Gangavathi

506 Ilay Ganesha            SAC-M1-204-42638   While going on two wheeler skid and            Reimbursement   Chiniwalar institute of Ortho-       670   4/3/2006
                                               fell down over un surface and Right                            paedic Hospital, Gangavathi
                                               Ankle injured

507 Palakshi Gowda .J       SAC-M1-117-21989   While going on the two wheeler skid and        Reimbursement   Phani Hospital, Bellary             2802   4/3/2006
                                               fell down Left Hand & Leg injured

508 Shaik Riaz              SAC-M1-114-21893   While doing carpenter work by the time         Reimbursement   Chandsi Clinic, Bellary             1800   4/3/2006
                                               left hand thumb nail cut & injured

509 Abdul Ravoof            SAC-M1-120-28050   While riding the cycle the cycle chain         Reimbursement   Swastic Clinic, Bellary             1500   4/3/2006
                                               got hurt to the right leg foot injured

510 Deepu .L                SAC-M1-195-45048   While working at the factory right             Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          195   4/3/2006
                                               ankle foot injured                                             Mysore

511 Sadashiva .V            SAC-M1-195-45006   While working on pipe bending machine          Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          810   4/3/2006
                                               the iron pipe hit to right knee & injured                      Mysore

512 Prasanna                SAC-M1-165-38443   While working at factory injury to the         Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          477   4/3/2006
                                               upper lip and to teeth.                                        Mysore

513 Pradeep M.N.            SAC-M1-195-45010   While transporting loaded iron plated in       Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          434   4/3/2006
                                               a trolley the right hand unexpectedly                          Mysore
                                               got struck under the wheel & injured

514 Santhosh .S             SAC-M1-195-45027   While transporting the MS Plates to the        Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          430   4/3/2006
                                               factory slipped & fell down on his right                       Mysore
                                               leg & due to shock he fell on backward

515 Manjula                 SAC-M1-192-44682   While working at factory injured to the        Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          529   4/3/2006
                                               right foot                                                Mysore

    516 Rajanna             SAC-M1-183-40908   While digging work when he was            Cashless        Harsha Hospital, Bangalore          12218   4/3/2006
                                               carrying the stone skid and stone fell
                                               on his left leg knee

    517 Mahesh .E           SAC-M1-159-37188   Burnt injury on the Right Palm            Cashless        Janatha Nursing Home, D.B.Pura       2160   4/3/2006

    518 Rukmini M V         SAC-M3-182-40689   RTA Lorry hitted to Auto Rt. Side full    Cashless        The Bangalore Hospital, B'lore      22500   3/3/2006
                                               body injured

    519 Noor Farzana        SAC-M1-156-35832   While going by the two wheeler Tata       Reimbursement   Ketham's Hospital, Bangalore         4104   4/3/2006
.                                              Sumo came from front & hitted to the
                                               vehicle fell down & injured to mouth

    520 Narayana Gowda .R   SAC-M1-183-41335   While going on the two wheeler skid &     Cashless        Manipal Hospital, Bangalore         19609   4/3/2006
                                               fell down & injured to Right Knee foot
                                               and right hand

    521 Narayana Gowda .R   SAC-M1-183-41335                    -do-                     Reimbursement   Manipal Hospital, Bangalore          1717   4/3/2006

    522 Vadivelu .S         SAC-M1-150-35586   While going on two wheeler skid & fell    Reimbursement   Sri Vinayaka Hospital, Bangalore     3546   6/3/2006
                                               down & injured to Face Hands & Legs

    523 Ashok Kumar .T      SAC-M1-162-37673   While member getting down in car by       Reimbursement   Ramani Orthopaedic Hospital,          918   6/3/2006
                                               closing door Nail hitted to left hand                     Bangalore
                                               finger nail went inside and injured

    524 Lakshman .P         SAC-M1-135-31949   While going on the two wheeler skid       Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore          19848   6/3/2006
                                               & fell down and injured to right leg

    525 Ramanji R.H.        SAC-M1-49-12507    While going by the two wheeler four       Reimbursement   Leela Hospital, Bangalore             619   6/3/2006
                                               wheeler came & hitted & injured to left
                                               hand and right thigh

    526 Amar .K             SAC-M1-183-41256   While going on motor bike suddenly        Reimbursement   Dental Clinic, Nelamangala,B'lore    1310   6/3/2006
                                               somebody came across to avoid skid
                                               and fell down and teeth's broken

    527 Virupaksha T.G.     SAC-M1-198-45452   While going on a two wheeler a dog        Reimbursement   M.P. Clinic & Lab,                   2898   6/3/2006
                                               came across suddenly after hitting a                      Doddaballapura
                                               dog skid & fell down Lt. Knee injured

    528 Ramachandra .K      SAC-M1-129-30123   While going on a two wheeler a dog        Reimbursement   Renuka Clinic, Peenya, B'lore         643   6/3/2006
                                               came across and fell down burnt injury
                                               on the Rt.leg

    529 Lokesh              SAC-M1-207-47276   While going on two wheeler knocked        Reimbursement   Dr. H.S.Venkatesha Murthy             540   6/3/2006
                                               down by bike fell down & injured to
                                               left wrist wound over back of elbows
530 Kunjumon N V            SAC-M1-168-38690   While working hammer fell on the right      Reimbursement   Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital    7140   6/3/2006
                                               hand index finger injured                                   Bangalore

531 Praveen S.Patel         SAC-M1-144-34453   RTA Left leg injury                         Reimbursement   Shanbhag Nursing Home,B'lore       26200   6/3/2006

532 Polepali Vijaya kumar   SAC-M1-123-28225   Four wheeler Accident, Head Face &          Reimbursement   Madhuri Nursing Home, Bellary       1054   6/3/2006
                                               Eye injured

533 Charmana B.B            SAC-M1-183-41133   While going on two wheeler skid & fell      Cashless        Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital   36000    6/3/06
                                               down Right Knee joint fractured                             Bangalore                           1440   9/3/2006

534 Mohan Kumar V K         SAC-M1-216-48239   While going on the car hitted to the        Reimbursement   MGM Muthoot Medical Centre          1895   14/03/06
                                               tanker and left hand ring finger injured                    Pathanamthitta, Kerala

535 N K H Nagendra Prasad   SAC-M1-135-28964   Tiles fell on the foot fractured            Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary         343   14/03/06

536 Guddappa                SAC-M1-138-33610   Right Hand injured                          Reimbursement   Dr. Bhaskar M , Puttur               944   14/03/06

537 Lokesh .L               SAC-M1-174-39680   RTA sustained injury to Forehead and        Reimbursement   Sri Srinivasa Clinic, Bangalore     4689   14/03/06
                                               on the right side Right Eye contused

538 Basavaraja Halli        SAC-M1-186-42135   While going on two wheeler skid and         Reimbursement   Dr. Rajendra I Dugani, Gangavati    3462   14/03/06
                                               fell down trauma to neck, limb & back
                                               of head

539 Mahesh N P              SAC-M1-63-16066    While going by the two wheeler the          Cashless        Deepak Hospital, Bangalore         20000   14/03/06
                                               another vehicle hit by oppiosit side
                                               and injury to right foot

540 K. Erappa               SAC-M1-105-21661   While supervising the contract work by      Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary         557   14/03/06
                                               the time fell down & left leg injured

541 Swamy P.N.              SAC-M1-195-45009   While working on stamping machine           Cashless        Adhithya Adhjkari Hospital,          602   14/03/06
                                               accidentally left hand middle finger                        Mysore
                                               got crushed

542 Manjunath M.S           SAC-M1-195-45037   While working on drilling machine,metal     Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          899   14/03/06
                                               chips went into left eye and injured                        Mysore

543 Nagaraj .R              SAC-M1-156-36778   Slipped & fallen from ladder and Right      Reimbursement   Gayathri Hospital, Bangalore       40500   14/03/06
                                               leg injured

544 Jayaramu .C             SAC-M1-144-34656   While going by car in the front a lorry     Reimbursement   Adhithya Orthopaedic & Trauma         50   14/03/06
    Doddaballapur                              applied sudden brake the car hit to lorry                   Centre, Tumkur
                                               and injuries on both legs and chest

545 Lijo Michael            SAC-M1-162-37677   Dog Bite at left hand                       Reimbursement   Leela Hospital, Bangalore            907   17/03/06

546 Ramaiah                 SAC-M1-219-50542   While going on the two wheeler a dog        Reimbursement   J P Hospital, Nelamangala,B'lore     616   17/03/06
                                               came across to avoid skid & fell down
                                               and injured to chin & left side chest
547 Manjunath .M       SAC-M1-195-45012   While working in the factory got hurt by   C ashless       Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          899   17/03/06
                                          left thumb injured                                         Mysore

548 Paramesh           SAC-M1-198-45629   While working at factory heavy pipe        Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital           372   17/03/06
                                          fell on the back of the right shoulder                     Mysore

549 Ravi               SAC-M1-195-45038   While loading heavy generator fan plate    Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          933   17/03/06
                                          to the van unexpectedly fell down and
                                          got injured                                                Mysore

550 Peerappa .V        SAC-M1-222-50823   While working at factory stone fallen      Reimbursement   Sri Venkateshwara Hospital,          174   17/03/06
                                          on Right Hand little finger injured                        Malur

551 Suresh K           SAC-M1-222-50834   While working at factory stone fall on     Reimbursement   Sri Venkateshwara Hospital,          263   17/03/06
                                          Left Hand injury                                           Malur

552 Mahesh B.T.        SAC-M1-180-40063   While going on the two wheeler a dog       Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital, Bangalore         1089   17/03/06
                                          came across skid & fell down and Rt.
                                          Hand forearm injured

553 Purushotham D.R.   SAC-M1-114-26077   While going on the two wheeler skid &      Reimbursement   Sira Gate Hospital, Tumkur          2889   17/03/06
                                          fell down Head & Shoulder injured

554 Vinay .G           SAC-M1-192-44309   R T A injury to Right Knee left hand       Reimbursement   Padmashree Nursing & Maternity       543   17/03/06

555 Ananda . M         SAC-M1-135-31335   Dog Bite at left leg behind above elbow    Reimbursement   Supriya Hospital, Bangalore         1624   17/03/06

556 Rangaswamy H.N     SAC-M1-201-46131   Dog Bite at Rt. Leg behind above heel      Reimbursement   Nasma Clinic, Nelamangala           1645   17/03/06

557 Prem Kumar M V     SAC-M1-189-43627   While going on two wheeler to avoid        Reimbursement   Ananya Hospital, Bangalore          1590   17/03/06
                                          truck due to sand skid and fell down
                                          left hand fracture

558 Jayarama .R        SAC-M1-207-47365   While going on two wheeler skid and        Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home,               2509   17/03/06
                                          fell down Rt. Leg big toe injured and                      Doddaballapura
                                          nail came out

559 Suresh Babu .C     SAC-M1-204-46414   Dog Bite on Lower Limb                     Reimbursement   Matru Nursing Home, Bangalore       1800   17/03/06

560 Karuna             SAC-M1-117-26535   While working at factory left hand         Reimbursement   Madhu Hospital, Bangalore            958   17/03/06
                                          middle finger fractured & injured

561 Ranoji Rao         SAC-M1-219-50318   While going on two wheeler skid and        Reimbursement   Citi Hospital, Bangalore             374   17/03/06
                                          fell down and sustained injury to
                                          chin and Rt. Shoulder

562 Suresha .B         SAC-M1-186-42143   While doing the field work in the          Reimbursement   Sri Virupaksheeshwara Clinic        1214   17/03/06
                                          agriculture field Right leg injured                        Bellary

563 Pedda Honnurappa   SAC-M1-177-32941   Stone fall on the right side of the body   Reimbursement   Sri Shiva Leela Hospital, Bellary    800   17/03/06
                                          and injured
564 Ramaiah .B            SAC-M1-174-32787   While going on two wheeler skid and              Reimbursement   Sri Shiva Leela Hospital, Bellary       503   17/03/06
                                             fell down left leg injured

565 Basappa               SAC-M1-144-32112   While doing the work oxygen fall on the          Reimbursement   Mukund Orthopaedic Centre              1268   17/03/06
                                             Right hand and fractured                                         Bellary

566 Raghavendra Chauhan   SAC-M1-132-28729   While working in the Rice mill accidental        Reimbursement   Chiniwalar of Orthopaedic              1318   17/03/06
                                             injury to right hand thumb in polisher                           Hospital, Gangavathi

567 Hanumanth Kumar       SAC-M1-168-38572   While working at factory sustained               Reimbursement   Vinayaka Clinic, T.D.Halli, B'lore      365   17/03/06
                                             injury by iron piece hitted to heel of
                                             Left Leg

568 Raghavendra .R        SAC-M2-190-43285   While going on the Motor bike Dog came           Reimbursement   Nayak Hospital, Bangalore               396   18/03/06
                                             across skid & fell down & right side
                                             Face, Hand and Leg injured

569 Satish P. Hegde       SAC-M1-129-30044   While working at Factory Right Hand              Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home,B'lore          321   18/03/06
                                             middle finger caught in bitacin and
                                             crush injury

570 Pushparaj K.B         SAC-M1-153-36176   While working at Factory Aluminium               Reimbursement   Santhosh Hospital, Bangalore            999   18/03/06
                                             Metal Frame hitted to Rt.Leg on Foot
                                             above the heel.

571 Kiran Kumar .N        SAC-M1-156-36554   While cooking hitted to left Hand above          Reimbursement   Sarojini Hospital, T.D.Halli,B'lore     150   18/03/06
                                             wrist near Thumb Burnt injury

572 Prakash M.B           SAC-M1-132-31102   While going on the two wheeler another           Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital, Bangalore             549   18/03/06
                                             Tvs bike hitted him and injury to Rt.Knee
                                             & scratches to left hand & leg.

573 Rajinikanth           SAC-M1-186-41695   Dog Bite at Rt. Leg above the heel               Reimbursement   Sri Laxmi Clinic, Bangalore            1517   18/03/06

574 Gurunath B            SAC-M1-147-34865   While going on the two wheeler skid &            Cashless        Shakunthala Memorial Hospital,        18000   20/03/06
    Dhavaleshwar                             fell down near a bridge while taking                             Golden Town, HUBLI
                                             turn fell into a pit around 6 ft. depth

575 Madhu K.V.            SAC-M1-183-41072   While going on the vehicle to avoid 407          Cashless        Manasa Hospital, Bangalore
                                             skid & fell down Rt. Leg fractured                                                                     19800   20/03/06

576 Shivaprasad           SAC-M1-198-45491   While working the glass work glass cut           Cashless        Sarojini Hospital, T.D.Halli,B'lore
                                             and fell on his left hand little finger injury                                                          4000   20/03/06

577 Kanikiaraj            SAC-M1-135-31940   While riding a bike near ESI Hospital hit        Cashless        Citi Hospital, WOC Road, B'lore       19710   20/03/06
                                             by VRL Bus RT.Leg deep Abrasion with
                                             skin loss

578 Kanikiaraj            SAC-M1-135-31940                    -do-                            Reimbursement   Citi Hospital, WOC Road, B'lore

579 Vetrivelu .M          SAC-M1-189-43394   While working at construction site fall          Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore             1018   17/03/06
                                             from a height of 10 feet and sustained
                                              injury to Rt.foot and back                                                                       11331   20/03/06

580 Krishna .B             SAC-M1-177-40094   While working at factory industrial           Cashless        Harsha Hospital, Nelamangala,
                                              injury to right foot.                                         Bangalore.                          4455   20/03/06

581 Ramesh .K              SAC-M1-174-39520   While going on the vehicle in raining         Reimbursement   Radha Ortho & Paediatric centre
                                              due to bad road skid and fell down                            Bangalore.                           800   21/03./06

582 Parashuram             SAC-M1-201-45810   While working at factory with Machine         Cashless        Jai Maruthi Hospital, Bangalore     3060   22/03/06
                                              in crash compound injury and left hand
                                              middle finger fracture

583 Madhusudan Reddy .S    SAC-M1-135-31733   While working at factory injured to           Reimbursement   Green City Hospital, Bangalore       313   22/03/06
                                              left Eye brow

584 Lakshmana .N           SAC-M1-171-39094   While going in Auto became upset and          Reimbursement   Shobha Hospital, Bangalore          1465   22/03/06
                                              injuredto Rt.leg below knee and above

585 Devendran .D           SAC-M1-189-43641   While working at factory 50 Kgs nett          Reimbursement   Manipal Northside Hospital,          260   23/03/06
                                              weight Iron rod fell on left leg injured                      Bangalore

586 Nagendra .K            SAC-M2-136-31403   While going in Auto Lorry came and hit        Reimbursement   Manipal Hospital, Airport Road
                                              to Auto Face & Head injury                                    Bangalore                          13600   23/03/06

587 Ramesh .K              SAC-M1-117-21982   While driving fall by two wheeler             Reimbursement   Dr. Parvath Reddy .Y Bellary         745   23/03/06
                                              vehicle foot rest touched to the left leg
                                              and injured                                                                                                          .

588 Lakshmannayak .R       SAC-M1-225-51330   While working at factory got hurt to          Reimbursement   Vijayanagar Hospital, Bangalore
                                              left hand and injured                                                                             1440   23/03/06

589 Geetha .J              SAC-M1-186-42092   While walking on the road side by the         Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary
                                              time cow came hit to me left foot                                                                 1114   23/03/06

590 Trimurthy .B           SAC-M1-144-32275   While repairing the tube light in the Mill    Reimbursement   Sri Krishna Orthopaedic Hosp.
                                              he fell down from ladder Lt. Wrist and                        & Trauma Centre, Gangavathi         1650   23/03/06
                                              Rt. Elbow joint

591 Iblaj Jaffar Sharief   SAC-M1-114-26426   While riding the vehicle hitting to a metal   Reimbursement   Kamakshi Hospital, Mysore           4332   23/03/06
                                              guard injured to Right Foot

592 Sanjeev T.R.           SAC-M1-186-43117   Wooden plant fall on the head and             Reimbursement   Green View Medical Center,          3659   23/03/06
                                              Right Index finger dislocated                                 HSR Layout, Bangalore - 34

593 Mahadevappa B.M.       SAC-M1-216-48958   Dog Bite at Left Knee                         Reimbursement   Abhay Clinic, R.Ngr, B'lore         1251   23/03/06

594 Narayana               SAC-M1-189-43491   While going on vehicle to avoid Auto          Reimbursement   Pristine Hospital, Bangalore        5139   23/03/06
                                              hitted to electric pole & injure to Left
                                              Hand Ring finger

595 Suresh .H              SAC-M1-228-52273   While working at Factory injured to           Reimbursement   Sri Maruthi Nursing Home, B'lore     866   23/03/06
                                               Right Leg Knee

596 Dhananjaya .S           SAC-M1-150-35643   While going on a vehicle skid & fell      Reimbursement   Kamala Nursing Home, Bangalore
                                               down Right Hand Fracture                                                                       6768   23/03/06

597 Ramesh Rai              SAC-M1-216-48750   While working at factory accidental       Reimbursement   Geetha Clinic, PUTTUR (D.K)           953   23/03/06
                                               crush injury of an hammer to left hand
                                               3 fingers Middle, Fore & Ring fingers

598 Vasanth Kumar .S        SAC-M1-177-40446   While walking on the Road near ' U '      Reimbursement   Mamatha Nursing Home, B'lore          405   24/03/06
                                               turn suddenly from opposite side two
                                               wheeler came & hitted to Lt.Hand & Leg

599 Munireddy M Y           SAC-M1-171-39070   While going in vehicle to avoid dog       Cashless        Kaveri Nursing Home, B'lore          3700   27/03/06
                                               skid & fell down injury to Rt.Knee,
                                               Rt.Eye and Rt.Wrist

600 Munireddy M.Y           SAC-M1-171-39070                     -do-                    Reimbursement   Kaveri Nursing Home, B'lore           320   27/03/06

601 Vijaya Kumar Bhandari   SAC-M1-105-24690   Injury due to fall Rt. Leg cellulites     Reimbursement   Pragathi Speciality Hospital,         205   28/03/06
                                                                                                         PUTTUR (D.K)
602 Mallikarjunaswamy .S    SAC-M1-207-47146   While going on vehicle skid & fell down   Reimbursement   Ananya Hospital, Bangalore            562   31/03/06
                                               left cheek injury

603 Surendra Kumar Rai      SAC-M1-210-47443   While working in the factory during the   Cashless        Jai Maruthi Hospital, Bangalore     47672   6/4/2006
                                               welding work Left leg of both bones

604 Pugazhendhi             SAC-M1-165-37809   While working in the factory Iron         Cashless        Vijai Hospital, Bangalore           18898   7/4/2006
                                               Machine Tool fell on the Right Foot

605 Sheikh Irfan            SAC-M1-216-48696   While working in the factory grinding     Reimbursement   Manipal Northside Hospital,B'lore    8910   8/4/2006
                                               machine fell on both legs left leg and
                                               right foot injured`

606 Krishna N               SAC-M1-105-24786   While going on vehicle suddenly TVS 50    Reimbursement   Adhichunchanagiri Hospital,          2822   10/4/2006
                                               came and hitted to the member Left leg                    Mandya
                                               finger injured

607 Rathi Poonacha          SAC-M1-129-29956   Slipped and fell down from stair case     Reimbursement   Chaitanya Hospital, Bangalore         918   10/4/2006
                                               Left Foot and Ankle injured

608 Satheesh .N             SAC-M1-150-35039   While going on the two wheeler skid &     Reimbursement   Ananya Hospital, Bangalore           1480   10/4/2006
                                               fell down Rt. Leg fractured

609 Lokesh K.S              SAC-M1-168-38821   While going on two wheeler hit to Tata    Reimbursement   Ravi Kirloskar Hospital, B'lore       180   10/4/2006
                                               Indica skid & fell down Rt. Hand & leg

610 Muniraju K.T. (Ramya)   SAC-M1-127-29586   Self fall and left Knee injured           Reimbursement   Rajmahal Vilas Hospital, B'lore      1705   10/4/2006
    611 Kiran                   SAC-M1-123-27696   Right Hand Thumb injury                    Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home, B'lore       485   10/4/2006

    612 Venkatesh M R           SAC-M1-186-41873   While going on bike skid & fell down       Cashless        Mangala Hospital, Hassan            18000   10/4/2006
                                                   Right hand fractured and injured

    613 Umesha .R               SAC-M1-153-36109   While working in the factory with power    Cashless        Matru Nursing Home, B'lore          10612   10/4/2006
                                                   drilling machine power drill broke and
                                                   entered the abdomen

    614 Gowramma                SAC-M1-126-28290   While taking bath in the bathroom          Cashless        Sri Krishna Orthopaedic Hospital     1826   10/4/2006
                                                   slipped & fell down and got injury to                      Gangavathi.
                                                   her back and to Right Hip

    615 Gopal H.P               SAC-M1-114-26376   While going on bike hit by another bike    Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Co-Operative Hosp.       13643   10/4/2006
                                                   ande injury to Right Shoulder & Knee                       Hassan

    616 Santhanam R             SAC-M1-213-48123   While going on the two wheeler skid &      Reimbursement   Geetha Hospital, Bangalore           4180   10/4/2006
                                                   fell down Right Knee & Shoulder injured

    617 Gopal H.P               SAC-M1-114-26376   While going on bike hit by another bike    Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Co-Operative Hosp.       13643   10/4/2006
                                                   ande injury to Right Shoulder & Knee                       Hassan

    618 Santhanam R             SAC-M1-213-48123   While going on the two wheeler skid &      Reimbursement   Geetha Hospital, Bangalore           4180   10/4/2006
                                                   fell down Right Knee & Shoulder injured

    619 A.R. Nagaraju           SAC-M1-138-33449   While working in the factorymachine        Reimbursement   Padma Clinic, Bangalore                85   10/4/2006
                                                   components loaded fell on leg and
                                                   fingers injured

    620 Kiran V.N.              SAC-M1-96-23450    While coming in a car from puttur from     Reimbursement   PUTTUR                             100000   17/04/06
                                                   opp: side bus came rashly & hit to car
                                                   and member died on the spot

    621 Thyagaraju M.P.         SAC-M1-147-34724   Expired due to electric shock in front     Reimbursement   Magadi Taluk, Bangalore Dist.      100000   17/04/06
                                                   of the building

    622 Harish                  SAC-M1-198=45502   In the farm 40 persons came & hit by       Reimbursement   Harsha Hospital, Bangalore           4617   20/04/06
                                                   sticks and injured to Left Hand and back
                                                   at the ear

    623 Nataraj .D              SAC-M1-213-48436   While going on the two wheeler due to      Reimbursement   Kanva Diagnostics, Bangalore          507   20/04/06
                                                   hump skid & fell down and left hand
                                                   fractured near collar bone

    624 Ramesh                  SAC-M1-213-47558   Accidental injury to Left Hand Thumb       Reimbursement   Sri Ganga Nursing Home, B'lore       1630   20/04/06

    625 Ranjeeth Kumar .C       SAC-M1-177-39943   Left Hand Palm injury                      Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home, B'lore       700   22/04/06

    626 Balaji .M               SAC-M1-192-44265   Skipped and fell down from Second          Reimbursement   D.G. Hospital, Bangalore            37800   22/04/06
.                                                  Floor & injured to Rt. Leg Fractured

    627 Anil Kumar H.Thalawar   SAC-M1-174-39773   While working at Factory Hand Press        Cashless        Panacea Hospital, Bangalore          3953   22/04/06
                                          Machine hitted to Right Thumb finger
                                          and injured

628 Prakash Rao D.S.   SAC-M1-152-32453   While sleeping on oil tanker by the time    Reimbursement   Dr. Sanjay Genesis Hospital         2730   22/04/06
    Bellary                               accident happened                                           Marathhalli, Bangalore

629 Govardhan Singh    SAC-M1-126-28548   Left Calcaneum Fractured                    Reimbursement   Om Sai Orthopaedic Hospital          975   22/04/06

630 Honnurswamy H      SAC-M1-192-42421   While working in the Rice Mill Rice         Reimbursement   Sri Shiva Leela Hospital, Bellary   1466   22/04/06
                                          packets fall on the Left Hand & Fractured

631 Veerabhadrappa     SAC-M1-216-49121   While walking on the Foot path Auto         Reimbursement   Dr.Parvatha Reddy Clinic,Bellary    1202   22/04/06
                                          hit and run & left leg fracturd

632 Muddappa A         SAC-M1-120-28073   Fell down by the ladder from 10 Feet        Reimbursement   Dr.Parvatha Reddy Clinic,Bellary    1835   22/04/06
                                          height left hand breast & Neck injured

633 Praveen .K         SAC-M1-51-12833    Dog Bite                                    Reimbursement   Sastry Memorial Hospital, B'lore    1426   22/04/06

634 Joy K Jose         SAC-M1-168-38566   While working at factory accidental         Reimbursement   Sarojini Hospital, Bangalore        1278   22/04/06
                                          injury to left hand middle finger

635 Venkatesh          SAC-M1-207-47277   While working in factory Machine            Reimbursement   Thirumala Clinic, Bangalore          565   22/04/06
                                          hitted to Right Hand Fore finger injured

636 Sendil .R          SAC-M1-150-35201   While working in factory Right Hand         Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital, Bangalore          750   22/04/06

637 Malathesh .S       SAC-M1-135-31313   While riding the Motor bike a dog came      Reimbursement   Manipal Northside Hospital,         4113   22/04/06
                                          across skid & fell down thumb fracture
                                          leg blood clad & other small injuries

638 Muniyappa .B       SAC-M1-171-39123   While going on two wheeler form Opp:        Reimbursement   Ravi Kirloskar Hospital, B'lore      379   22/04/06
                                          side an autorickshaw came & hitted
                                          Rt. Leg foot injured

639 Cheluvaiah         SAC-M1-228-51904   While working at factory injured to         Reimbursement   Lakshmi Clinic, Bangalore            405   22/04/06
                                          Right Index finger

640 Karthikeyan .K     SAC-M1-141-33811   R T A injury to Left Eye Brow               Reimbursement   Sri Raghavendra Hospital,B'lore      720   22/04/06

641 Gangadhar          SAC-M1-237-53792   While working at Factory grinding           Reimbursement   Mahalakshmi Clinic, Bangalore        223   24/04/06
                                          machine hitted to Right leg below the
                                          knee injured

642 Ravichandran .G    SAC-M1-189-43500   While working at factory Australian         Reimbursement   Model Nursing Home, Bangalore        140   24/04/06
                                          Honne wood fall on the left side of chest

643 Srivatsa A.V.      SAC-M1-225-51291   Left Palm injury                            Reimbursement   Ashwini Clinic, Bangalore             90   24/04/06

644 Dayananda shetty   SAC-M1-225-51250   While going on two wheeler skid & fell      Reimbursement   Ashwini Hospital, Nellayady,         810   26/04/06
                                          down right hand little finger injured                       Puttur.
    645 Sylvester D' Souza   SAC-M1-141-33943   Accident Spot Death                        Reimbursement   MANGALORE                         100000   26/04/06

    646 Poonacha K.R.        SAC-M1-132-31152   While working at factory Left Hand         Reimbursement   A.V. Hospital, Bangalore            1000   27/04/06
                                                wrist joint injured

    647 Khaleel              SAC-M1-219-50245   While working at factory hitted by         Reimbursement   Mahalakshmi Nursing Home,           1123   27/04/06
                                                machine to right hand thumb finger                         Bangalore

    648 Munikrishnappa. M    SAC-M1-177-40325   Upper limb injured                         Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home, D.B.Pura      1500   27/04/06

    649 Rajesh Kashyap       SAC-M1-219-50547   While going on bike another vehicle car    Reimbursement   Yellamma Dasappa Hospital,           140   28/04/06
                                                to avoid signal hitted to member both                      Shanthinagar, Bangalore
                                                legs injured

    650 Nagesh Reddy N       SAC-M1-189-44135   Left Shoulder Joint injured                Reimbursement   A M Specialists Center &             380   6/5/2006
                                                                                                           Diagnostic Laboratory

    651 Lakkanna             SAC-M1-225-51488   While working at Factory accidental        Reimbursement   Prasad Hospital, Nelamangala         290   6/5/2006
                                                injury to Head

    652 Raja .B              SAC-M1-225-51349   While working at shop a glass got hurt     Reimbursement   Sri Vinayaka Hospital, B'lore        295   6/5/2006
                                                and injured

    653 Krishnamurthy M      SAC-M3-221-50359   While going in Bike skid & fell down and   Reimbursement   Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital      2313   8/5/2006
                                                Left Ankle injured                                         Bangalore

    654 Venkanna Gowda M     SAC-M1-192-42236   While going by two wheeler skid and        Reimbursement   S R Multi Speciality Hospital,       650   6/5/2006
                                                fell down Lips and body injured                            Bellary

    655 Riyazuddin           SAC-M1-237-53707   While working in factory after finishing   Cashless        Sanjeevini Nursing Home, B'lore     2950   8/5/2006
                                                the work while going home left leg

    656 Syed Ghouse          SAC-M1-129-30008   While working at factory accidental        Cashless        Sanjeevini Nursing Home, B'lore     3375   8/5/2006
                                                injury to Right Foot

    657 Dhananjaya           SAC-M1-201-45636   While working on drilling machine          Reimbursement   Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          340   8/5/2006
                                                injury to Right Ring finger                                Mysore

    658 Manjunath M          SAC-M1-195-45012   While unloading heavy M S Plates got       Cashless        Indira Nursing Home, Mysore          345   8/5/2006
                                                injured to Left Hand Fore Finger

    659 Caroline Francis     SAC-M1-153-36133   While fixing the Tubelight suddenly the    Reimbursement   Sharadha Nursing Home, B'lore        450   8/5/2006
.                                               steel edge of tube light bar fell on his
                                                Right Hand Wrist cut injury

    660 Ramnath R            SAC-M1-156-36678   While going on two wheeler an Auto         Reimbursement   Dhanavantri Clinic & Dispensary     2924   8/5/2006
                                                came across skid & fell down Left Hand                     Bangalore
                                                finger, leg and Head injury
661 Shikandar S            SAC-M1-174-39676   While going on Bike suddenly came           Cashless        Jai Maruthi Hospital, Bangalore     2736   8/5/2006
                                              another vehicle to avoid skid & fell down
                                              and injured to Right side cheek

662 Srirangarajan          SAC-M1-195-44913   While going on two wheeler skid & fell      Cashless        Vijayanagar Hospital, Bangalore    13414   8/5/2006
                                              down and injured to Left Fore Arm

663 Chenna                 SAC-M1-156-36959   Right Ankle injured                         Reimbursement   Meena Nursing Home,                  580   8/5/2006

664 Nagaraj Rao S K        SAC-M1-192-44472   While standing in front of Nagendra         Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home,               2690   8/5/2006
                                              Medical Store got struck by TVS-XL                          Doddaballapur
                                              sustained injury to Rt. Knee

665 Nataraj R              SAC-M1-129-30396   While climbing the bus Right Ankle injury   Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home,               3965   8/5/2006

666 Prabhu                 SAC-M1-216-48596   While walking on the Road a Rope got        Reimbursement   Vaishnavi Clinic, Bangalore         1146   8/5/2006
                                              merged with leg & fell down & injuries
                                              to Face, Left Hand and leg

667 Chandra Kumar K.B      SAC-M1-135-31853   While going on two wheeler to avoid         Reimbursement   Sathya Hospital, Bangalore           465   8/5/2006
                                              Auto sudden brake skid & fell down
                                              Right leg injured

668 Dhakshayini B.S.       SAC-M1-183-41313   While working at Home by poking of          Reimbursement   Parimala Clinic, Bangalore           170   18/05/06
                                              knife while cutting vegetables hitted to
                                              Left Hand Palm and injured

669 Nava Kishore           SAC-M1-243-54583   While working at Factory Crush injury       Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home, B'lore       75   23/05/06
                                              to Right Hand Thumb

670 Bahubali               SAC-M1-237-53726   While working at Factory Crush injury       Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home, B'lore      191   23/05/06
                                              to Left Hand Thumb

671 Abdul Razak Ali Khan   SAC-M1-105-24645   While working at factory Right leg          Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore         35500   30/05/06

672 Lakshmi Giridhara      SAC-M1-225-51561   While getting down from the Bus Left        Reimbursement   Kanva Diagnostics, Bangalore         700   1/6/2006
                                              slipped & fell down left leg knee injured

673 Benny Joseph           SAC-M1-177-40149   While going on bike skid & fell down        Reimbursement   Harsha Hospital, Bangalore           514   2/6/2006
                                              Left upper lips incistor broken

674 Vinay Kumar .G         SAC-M1-213-48429   While taking the vehicle outside from       Reimbursement   Sri Vinayaka Hospital, Bangalore     833   2/6/2006
                                              the garage slipped and fell down and
                                              injured to Neck and Backbone

675 Sathish                SAC-M1-216-48967   While getting down from the vehicle         Reimbursement   Citi Hospital, Bangalore            8433   2/6/2006
                                              another vehicle came and hitted to door
                                              injury to Nose.
    676 Nagender Reddy G   SAC-M1-228-52165    While going on two wheeler skid and         Reimbursement   Shirdi Sai Hospital, Bangalore       365   2/6/2006
                                               fell down Left Hand at Wrist injury

    677 Shanthakumar M     SAC-M1-231-52709    While misfiring of Scooter Right Foot       Reimbursement   Dr. K.S.Gowda, Norel Clinic          390   2/6/2006
                                               fingers injured                                             Bangalore

    678 Appa Rao G         SAC-M1-144-32190    While going on the two wheeler skid &       Cashless        Sri Krishna Orthopaedic Hosp.       5499   2/6/2006
                                               fell down from the bike and injury to the                   & Trauma Center, Gangavathi
                                               Right Shoulder

    679 Chinnaraj .N       SAC-M1-225-51301    While going on vehicle another vehicle      Reimbursement   Dr. R.Harish Babu Clinic, B'lore    2529   2/6/2006
                                               hit to dog and that dog came and bite to
                                               Left back side of foot.

    680 Nagaraj L          SAC -M3-215-48347   RTA While going on two wheeler it was       Reimbursement   Sushrusha Nursing Home, B'lore     13560   3/6/2006
                                               hitted by Tempo fell down and Head

    681 Srinivas H.T       SAC-M1-201-45930    While going on the two wheeler due to       Reimbursement   Matru Nursing Home, Bangalore        680   3/6/2006
                                               avoid skid & fell down Right leg below
                                               the knee injured

    682 Mallikarjuna .M    SAC-M1-231-52827    While working at Factory Hand grinding      Reimbursement   Padmavathi Hospital, Bangalore       287   3/6/2006
                                               Machine got hurt to the left hand above
                                               the wrist

    683 Nagaraj K.U.       SAC-M1-207-47077    While carrying hot water slipped & fell     Reimbursement   Ravi Kirloskar Hospital, B'lore    18080   3/6/2006
                                               on the Head and body

    684 Kumar T.N          SAC-M1-228-52229    While working at Factory drilling machine   Reimbursement   Panacea Hospital, Bangalore          628   3/6/2006
                                               got hurt Left Hand Middle finger injured

    685 Elangovan R        SAC-M1-129-30680    While going on the two wheeler skid &       Cashless        Matru Nursing Home, Bangalore      12116   5/6/2006
.                                              fell down Rt.Shoulder Joint Fracture

    686 Venkatesh. L       SAC-M1-183-41136    Slipped & fell down at home and sustain     Cashless        Manasa Hospital, Bangalore         15210   5/6/2006
                                               injury to the Right Elbow

    687 Sunil .M           SAC-M1-231-52482    While working in the factory heavy cast     Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,         1142   5/6/2006
                                               Iron accidentally slipped & fell on Hand                    Mysore
                                               crush injury to Lt. Middle Finger

    688 Hanumanthaiah .P   SAC-M1-204-46734    While working in the factory hit by         Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,          258   5/6/2006
                                               oscilating grinding machine to the Left                     Mysore
                                               side Hip Joint

    689 Desh Pande K H     SAC-M1-117-26719    Dog Bite at Right Hand                      Reimbursement   Shakunthala Memorial Hospital        877   5/6/2006

    690 Nagaraju S.G       SAC-M1-156-36228    RTA While travelling on a two wheeler       Cashless        Harsha Hospital, Bangalore         49365   5/6/2006
                                               hit by another two wheeler and injured
                                               to Face and Head
691 Nagaraju S.G.         SAC-M1-156-36228                        -do-                   Reimbursement                  -do-                 6500   3/6/2006

692 Nagaraja .V           SAC-M1-192-42400    While going on two wheeler by the time     Reimbursement   S.R. Multi Speciality Hospital     15929   8/6/2006
                                              dog across from left side skid & fell                      Bellary
                                              down Left Knee injured

693 Hameed Sab .S         SAC-M1-135-28936    Dip of Rt. Index Finger injury             Reimbursement   OM Sai Orthopaedic & Trauma         2870   8/6/2006
                                                                                                         Hospital, Gangavathi.

694 Thippeswamy .S        SAC-M1-216-49099    While going on two wheeler skid & fell     Reimbursement   Dr. N.Basavaraj Clinic, Bellary      525   8/6/2006
                                              down Right Hand injured

695 Diwakar .P            SAC-M1-147-32135    While going on two wheeler skid & fell     Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary        1910   8/6/2006
                                              down left leg fractured

696 Harish S.N.           SAC-M1-IBBM-45      While going on two wheeler skid & fell     Reimbursement   Sita Ranga Hospital, Mysore        21181   9/6/2006
                                              down and injured to Face, Left Hand
                                              and Right Hand Fractured

697 Fakruddin             SAC-M1-105-24676    Left Wrist injury                          Cashless        Mahaveer Medical Center             1147   9/6/2006
                                                                                                         Bolwar, Puttur. (D.K.)

698 Rajashekar .D         SAC-M2-217-48763    While lifting big bundle of Iron Rods      Reimbursement   KMI Clinic & Lab, Bangalore          125   9/6/2006
                                              hitted to the Head at back & injured

699 B S Ravindra          SAC-M1-III BA-063   While going on the by-cycle to avoid       Cashless        Gopala Gowda Hospital, Mysore      26633   9/6/2006
                                              another vehicle coming from opposite
                                              fell down & left hand elbow Jt.Fracture

700 Ananda Kumar B H      SAC-M2-181-40974    While playing a cricket fell down on the   Reimbursement   Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital     940   9/6/2006
    Patient: Suhas A                          playground Left Hand Fractured                             Bangalore

701 Beeresh               SAC-M1-135-31453    While carrying Hot Water slipped & fell    Reimbursement   Padma Devaiah Hospital, B'lore      1221   9/6/2006
                                              down Rt. Leg injured

702 Koragi Mallikarjuna   SAC-M1-90-21215     Fracture of Right Femur                    Reimbursement   Chiniwalar Instititute of Ortho-   20250   9/6/2006
                                                                                                         paedic hospital, Gangavathi

703 Rangaswamy D C        SAC-M1-219-50374    While going on two wheeler skid & fell     Reimbursement   New Life Medical & Counselling      2121   9/6/2006
                                              down and injured to Face, Hands & legs                     Center,. Hensur, Bangalore

704 Venkatesh             SAC-M1-207-47277    While working in the factory Left leg      Reimbursement   Thirumala Clinic, Bangalore         1395   12/6/2006
                                              Big Toe and 2nd finger injured

705 Srinivas .K           SAC-M1-171-38993    RTA While coming on two wheeler an         Reimbursement   Pristine Hospital, Bangalore        2232   12/6/2006
                                              Auto came across to Rt. Side skid &
                                              fell down Rt. Hand fingers injured

706 Prakash .K            SAC-M1-234-52891    Dog Bite at Rt. Leg                        Reimbursement   Matru Nursing Home, Bangalore       1467   12/6/2006

707 Srinivas .T           SAC-M1-156-36614    While working in factory 5 Kgs of pide     Reimbursement   Matru Nursing Home, Bangalore       2295   3/6/2006
                                              hitted to member at Rt. Side of chest

708 Murugavel .P          SAC-M1-144-34675    Accidental injury to the Right Foot        Reimbursement   Indira Hospital, Mangalore           850   3/6/2006
709 Kumaresan            SAC-M1-207-47266   While working at Factory slipped and          Reimbursement   M.S.Ramaiah Hospital, Bangalore     2331   3/6/2006
                                            fell down from a height and he had soft
                                            tissue injuryto his Rt.& Lt. Leg

710 Alauddin             SAC-M1-150-35282                                                 Reimbursement   HMT Hospital, Bangalore              435   8/6/2006

711 Charmana B.B.        SAC-M1-183-41133   Implants Removal                              Reimbursement   Ravi Kirloskar Hospital, B'lore     9123   8/6/2006

712 Sathish B.R.         SAC-M1-189-43294   While he was going in two wheeler hit         Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore         85400   8/6/2006
                                            by Tata Sumo fell down and got injure
                                            to Head, Fracture Shaft middle 3rd Rt.

713 Selvakumar .P        SAC-M1-204-46645   Dog Bite at Right Leg                         Reimbursement   Thirumala Clinic, Bangalore          945   12/6/2006

714 Muniraju.P           SAC-M1-207-47268   While working in the factory hitted byl       Reimbursement   M.S.Ramaiah Hospital, Bangalore      385   14/06/06
                                            machine left hand middle finger injured

715 Shanmugam A          SAC-M1-222-50994   While member was travelling in auto to        Reimbursement   Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital    2061   14/06/06
                                            avoid another vehicle auto skid upset                         Bangalore
                                            and left leg fractured

716 Biju G               SAC-M1-171-39129   While going on the bike skid & fell down      Reimbursement   Mamatha Clinic, Bangalore           1134   14/06/06
                                            Face and leg injured

717 Kumar N              SAC-M3-213-48152   While going on two wheeler to avoid           Reimbursement   White field Orthopaedic Trauma &     830   14/06/06
                                            to avoid women on road skid & fell down                       Surgical Hospital, Bangalore
                                            Right hand & shoulder injured

718 Stephen P S          SAC-M2-160-37337   While going on two wheeler skid & fell        Reimbursement   Alexander Clinic & Nursing Home      608   14/06/06
                                            down. Both the legs injured                                   Bangalore

719 Gracy Stephen P S    SAC-M2-160-37337   While going on two wheeler skid & fell        Reimbursement   Alexander Clinic & Nursing Home     2268   14/06/06
                                            down. Both the legs injured                                   Bangalore

720 Murali .M            SAC-M1-195-45022   While lifting heavy M S Sheet he got          Cashless        Indira Nursing Home, Mysore          543   14/06/06
                                            injured to muscular sparm to right

721 Nataraj G.S.         SAC-M1-195-45061   While working in the factory heavy Iron       Cashless        Indira Nursing Home, Mysore          890   14/06/06
                                            black fell on his left toe and he got crush

722 Govindaraj B         SAC-M1-243-55051   While working on lathe Machine got            Reimbursement   Indira Nursing Home, Mysore          315   14/06/06
                                            injured to left Wrist Hand by Iron filing

723 Ananda Gowda B       SAC-M1-77-19357    While travelling in a car skid & turn down    Reimbursement   BGS Apollo Hospitals, Mysore        5814   14/06/06
                                            at around and fractured to nosal bone

724 Ajay D' Souza        SAC-M1-156-37146   While going on the vehicle skid & fell        Reimbursement   Mahaveer Medical Centre, Puttur      278    14/06/6
                                            down Left Arm injury

725 Mohammed Mardanali   SAC-M1-219-49143   While working got injured at Forehead         Reimbursement   Annapurna surgical & Maternity      1664   14/06/06
                                            by grinding stone                                             Nursing Home, Gangavathi.
726 Channaveerappa R         SAC-M1-234-53158   While getting down from the Bus slipped       Reimbursement   Lakshmi Clinic, Doddaballapur       3582   14/06/06
                                                & fell down left Hand injured

727 Nanjappa P.S             SAC-M1-162-37785   While waiting for Auto hit & run by the       Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home, D.B.Pura      3067   14/06/06
                                                Scooter and injured at Right Knee

728 Ashwathappa G            SAC-M1-234-53246   RTA while going on the two wheeler            Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home, D B Pura      3440   14/06/06
                                                skid & fell down and blunt injury on the

729 Ravikumar .D             SAC-M1-135-31555   RTA Traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrage          Reimbursement   Manipal Hospital, Bangalore        24330   14/06/06

730 Santhosh .N              SAC-M1-198-45576   While going on the two wheeler skid &         Reimbursement   Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore         19035   16/06/06
                                                fell down left knee injured

731 Jagadish .K              SAC-M1-237-53573   While working in the factory hitted by        Cashless        Sanjeevini Nursing Home, B'lore     4320   16/06/06
                                                Machine and Left Hand finger crush

732 Hanumaiah                SAC-M1-228-52355   While working at factory crush injury to      Reimbursement   Vijaya Nursing Home, Bangalore      9103   16/06/06
                                                Left Hand Thumb

733 Lakshmana                SAC-M1-129-30447   While working in the company cut injury       Cashless        Vijaya Nursing Home, Bangalore      7065   16/06/06
                                                to Left Hand Thumb

734 Nalluswamy .P            SAC-M1-150-35417   Right Hand Middle finger injured              Reimbursement   Bhadra Nursing Home,                2673   16/06/06

735 Rajan .R                 SAC-M2-160-37337   While going on two wheeler skid & fell        Reimbursement   Paul's Clinic & Surgical Nursing    1400   22/06/06
                                                down and sustained injury at back &                           Home, Bangalore
                                                lower limb

736 Durgappa                 SAC-M1-231-52532   While travelling in the Bus got hurt to the   Reimbursement   Dr. K.H.Jituri Hospital, Hubli.      710   23/06/06
                                                left side of chest and injured

737 Suresh Babu. B           SAC-M1-156-32607   While going on the vehicle skid & fell        Reimbursement   Veerabhadrappa Nursing Home         5100   22/06/06
                                                down Left side shoulder & left leg ankle                      Bellary

738 Gangaraju B S            SAC-M1-156-36720   Blunt injury to Head and left ear due to      Reimbursement   J P Hospital, Nelamangala B'lore    2313   22/06/06

739 Abdul Khaleel H          SAC-M1-174-39776   While after parking the vehicle and           Reimbursement   S R P Hospital, Doddaballapura       200   22/06/06
                                                speaking with the person vehicle stand
                                                skid and the silencer got hurt to the
                                                Right leg burnt injury

740 Ramesh                   SAC-M1-174-39520   Monkey Bite at left side of beyond Head       Reimbursement   Vijayanagar Hospital, Bangalore     2040   22/06/06

741 Smt. Punyavathi          SAC-M2-157-36663   While playing member fell down near           Reimbursement   Madhu Hospital, Magadi Road         1985   22/06/06
    Patient:Master Durgesh                      Residence Gate                                                Bangalore
742 Usmaan .B                 SAC-M1-189-43949   While going on two wheeler a dog came         Reimbursement   Sri Thirumala Hospital, T.D.Halli     4770   22/06/06
                                                 across skid & fell down Rt. Hand Thumb                        Jalahalli Cross, Bangalore
                                                 and Left Shoulder injured

743 Shivadurga Prasad         SAC-M1-234-53251   While going on Motor Bike from Opp:           Reimbursement   Sri Raghavendra Hospital,B'lore       7164   22/06/06
                                                 side Tata Sumo came & hit fell down
                                                 Right leg fracture

744 Lingaraj Y.K.             SAC-M1-225-51489   Nitiric Acid burns overface and Right         Reimbursement   J P Hospital, Nelamangala B'lore       485   22/06/06
                                                 Fore Arm

745 Jalpa H.Shah              SAC-M1-159-37305   While riding cycle fell down injured at       Reimbursement   Suresh Hospital, Rajajinagar,          810   22/06/06
    Patient: Purvank H Shah                      face chin & left hand injury                                  Bangalore

746 Laljibhai Patel           SAC-M2-169-38894   Right Elbow injury                            Reimbursement   Shanbhag Nursing Home,B'lore          1003   22/06/06

747 Ravichandran R            SAC-M1-195-45138   While going on vehicle opp: vehicle hit       Reimbursement   Manipal Hospital, Bangalore          32760   22/06/06
                                                 to member Left Hand fractured

748 Ravikumar H.R             SAC-M1-180-40658   Gas Cylinder fall on left leg Big Toe         Reimbursement   Matru Nursing Home, Bangalore         2700   22/06/06

749 Janaki Raman .A           SAC-M1-216-48792   While working in factory an Iron piece        Reimbursement   Vijaya Nursing Home, T.D.Halli         495   22/06/06
                                                 hit to his left palm and injured                              Bangalore

750 Mahesh                    SAC-M1-162-37649   While working at factory punching             Reimbursement   St.Marthas Hospital, Bangalore        2617   22/06/06
                                                 machine got hurt to Right hand all four
                                                 fingers injured & Ring finger got hurt more

751 Praveen Kumar             SAC-M1-195-44855   Right side Chin injury                        Reimbursement   Mathew Nursing Home, B'lore            645   22/06/06

752 Sudheer Prasad            SAC-M1-171-39220   Right leg and left hand injury                Reimbursement   Shree Ganesh Clinic, Puttur            543   22/06/06

753 Nandakumar T.V.           SAC-M1-144-34375   While working at factory on moulding          Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,           1007   22/06/06
                                                 machine Left hand got struck into the                         Mysore
                                                 machine and three fingers injured

754 Parvathi                  SAC-M1-195-44987   Vehicle oil was split on the floor slipped    Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital             850   22/06/06
                                                 and fell down & iron bar got hurt to                          Mysore
                                                 left leg big toe injured

755 Bhaktesh .B               SAC-M1-195-45047   While working at factory & got injury to      Cashless        Adhithya Adhikari Hospital,            187   22/06/06
                                                 the Left eye                                                  Mysore

756 Santhosh L.C              SAC-M1-138-33268   While cutting the tree slipped & fell down    Cashless        M S Ramaiah Hospital, Bangalore      45900   22/06/06
                                                 from 50-60 feet height & got hurt to the
                                                 Hip Joint & Right leg Ankle fractured

757 Nanje Gowda B.C.          SAC-M1-180 40623   While going in bike skid & fell down &        Cashless        Citi Hospital, WOC Road, B'lore       5310   22/06/06
                                                 Left hand fingers injured

758 Ashoka B.R.               SAC-M1-204-46273   While going on bike skid & fell down &        Cashless        Sarojini Hospital, 8th Mile Circle   10800   22/06/06
                                                 hit to tree left side shoulder fracture                       T.Dasarahalli, Bangalore
759 Santhosh Kumar .V   SAC-M1-207-46917   While going on the vehicle a dog came       Cashless        Vijai Hospital, Old Madras Road   6660   22/06/06
                                           across skid & fell down Lt. Hand Right                      Bangalore
                                           Hand, Face & forehead injury

760 Jayaram H           SAC-M2-157-36420   While working at factory Grinding wheel     Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Nursing Home,          6975   22/06/06
                                           hit to left hand deep cut armed over palm                   Peenya 3rd Phase, Bangalore
                                           crush injury

761 Sreeramaiah .C      SAC-M1-225-51648   RTA                                         Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home, D.B.Pura    6150   22/06/06

762 Gangaraju N C       SAC-M1-177-40324   RTA                                         Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home, D.B.Pura    6375   22/06/06

763 Jayakumar A P       SAC-M1-207-46772   While he was travelling in a jeep over      Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home, D.B.Pura    4216   22/06/06
                                           turned to avoid dog accident Nitrogen
                                           present in the jeep spilled over both the
                                           feets and burnt injury

764 Manjunath .C        SAC-M1-192-44331   Honey Bee Bite                              Reimbursement   Janatha Nursing Home, D.B.Pura    1642   22/06/06

765 Munawar .S          SAC-M1-231-49382   While working fall by fired Iron on legs    Reimbursement   Sanjeevini Hospital, Bellary       351   22/06/06
                                           burnt injury

766 Gupta R C           SAC-M1-237-49580   While going on two wheeler skid & fell      Reimbursement   Jyothi Clinic, Bellary             485   22/06/06
                                           down Right Knee injured

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