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Creating a Legacy (PDF)


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									   U N I V E R S I T Y                              O F          S O U T H                    A L A B A M A
                                                                                                      FALL 2006

                                             Taking the
“ L e a d e rs h i p t h ro u g h c h a ri t a bl e g i v i n g
at the University of South Alabama”

Letter from the                             President
 Dear Friends,                                  Campaign USA is providing widely
    As most of you know, the University      expanded opportunities for our faculty,
 of South Alabama announced its first        staff, students, alumni and community
 comprehensive fundraising campaign          through enhancements in scholarships,
 this past spring. “Campaign USA”            faculty support, improvements in our
 aspires to generate the long-term           campus buildings and environment,
 private support the University needs to     advanced technology, enhanced
 sustain and expand its leadership in        cultural and athletic opportunities, and
 service to our community through            many others. Campaign USA is also
 excellence in teaching, research, health    serving as an important and visible
 care, and public service.                   public reminder of the leadership role
    In fact, Campaign USA’s one-word         USA plays in the quality of life for our
 motto, “Leadership,” captures the           state and beyond.
 essence of this effort. As the University      This publication, “Taking the Lead,”     leadership role in helping the
 continues to provide leadership through     looks at some examples of leadership        University of South Alabama Make
 its vast array of outstanding programs,     our supporters have demonstrated            a Difference.
 we will in turn depend on the               through gifts to Campaign USA. I
 leadership of our supporters to enable      thank everyone who has contributed          Sincerely,
 us to offer a margin of excellence only     thus far, and I hope the stories herein     V. Gordon Moulton
 possible through private giving.            inspire us all to take a greater

    Inside this Issue                                                  Creating a Legacy
 Creating a Legacy.................1
 Meisler Philosophy...............2
                                                                       of Excellence in Trauma Care
 Campaign USA Kickoff .......3                                            William Alexander Lewis Mitchell was a special person.
 Attorney Honors Father .......5                                       As a senior at UMS-Wright Preparatory School, William
 Children’s Celebration                                                was an Advanced Placement Scholar and captain and
 Broadcast..............................6                              four-year starter on the varsity basketball team. William’s
 Upcoming Events.................7                                     boundless energy and gentle manner won him many
 Jaguar Golf Challenge ..........7                                     friends and admirers.
 Working with You7                                                        Sadly, William died at age 18 from injuries sustained in
 Opportunities.......................8                                 an automobile accident. For nine days following the
                                                                       accident, he struggled valiantly along with physicians and
                                                                       staff who strove heroically to save his life. Because of the
                                                                                                                 continued on pg. 2
  Page 2                                                                                                            Taking the Lead

                                 A Message from the Campaign Director
                                  By Dr. Joseph F. Busta, Jr.
                                  Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
                                     The most important factor in a successful campaign is the quality and ability of the volunteers who
                                  lead the effort. The nearly 50 individuals on our Leadership Team truly represent the best of the best.
                                  Our goal in organizing this team was to create a diverse group of excited and dedicated business and
                                  community leaders. Our leaders come from the Mobile Bay area, around the state, and across the
                                  country; some are graduates of USA while others are not. Each one is making a lasting contribution
                                  to the University through their leadership and hard work in this inaugural comprehensive campaign.
                                     Our Leadership Team is making great strides, soliciting key gifts for Campaign USA. As the
  highlights of their efforts listed here demonstrate, our campaign momentum continues to grow.
    We look forward to sharing more news of the Team’s success in future editions of Taking the Lead.

            Meisler Philosophy Impacts USA for Generations
     Herbert and Fannie Meisler     enhance the current and
   of Mobile have donated           future quality of student
   $2 million to endow the          services by helping to meet
   University of South Alabama’s    the special and emerging
   new student services building, needs of the facility – to
   which will be named Meisler      include future expansion,
   Hall in their honor. “The        renovation, new equipment
   University has done wonders      and special building
   for the city,” Mr. Meisler said. enhancements.
   “It’s the best thing we have in    The Meislers, whose total
   Mobile. We are so fortunate to giving to USA is $2.6 million,
   have it because it has had a     have said their commitment to
   tremendous economic impact       philanthropy comes from the
   through bringing people to the example of their families, who
   community and through its        were always giving to others.
   payroll - not to mention all the Mrs. Meisler said of her
   health care it has provided.”    husband, “His philosophy has
     This gift will be the first    always been, ‘You cast your
   endowment in the history of      bread upon the water and it
   the University to be designated comes back two-fold.’”
   for the support of ongoing       Meisler Hall houses student services, including: Admissions, Financial Aid,
   quality enhancement of a         Career Services, Enrollment Services, International Student Services, Registrar,
   building. The endowment will     New Student Orientation, Student Accounting, and Veterans Affairs.

Creating a Legacy of Excellence                                  continued from pg. 1
incredible dedication, skill and care extended by the team of          physician. This annual lecture will serve as an ongoing
doctors, nurses, and staff, the Mitchell family requested that         educational resource for Trauma Center staff, residents and
memorial contributions be directed to the USA Trauma Center.           medical students studying trauma medicine at the USA College
  William’s parents, Rick and Barbara, in consultation with the        of Medicine. Through this endowment, William’s legacy will
Trauma Center’s director, determined that these gifts should           extend to future patients who will benefit from exceptional care
endow an annual lectureship by a distinguished trauma                  provided by the USA Trauma Center.
  Taking the Lead                                                                                                                     Page 3

                         Kicking Off Campaign USA: Leadership
     On March 9, 2006, the                                                                                   commitment to building a
   University of South Alabama                                                                               stronger university for the
   launched its first-ever                                                                                   future.
   comprehensive fund-raising                                                                                  Campaign USA will enrich all
   campaign with the goal of                                                                                 aspects of the University, from
   raising $75 million to further                                                                            its academic colleges and
   its missions of teaching,                                                                                 schools to its hospitals, athletic
   research, service, and health                                                                             programs, libraries, and
   care. The three-year public                                                                               campuses. The money raised
   phase of the campaign will                                                                                will fund such items as
   conclude in 2009.                                                                                         undergraduate and graduate
     The inaugural celebration,                           and announced a total of $36.6                     scholarships, professorships,
   which brought together more than                       million raised toward the Campaign          classroom or laboratory equipment
   200 community and University                           USA goal during the two-year quiet          and health care innovations.
   leaders, was held at the Laidlaw                       phase of the campaign.                      Campaign goals also include capital
   Performing Arts Center. At the kick                      Present for the celebration were          enhancements to support USA’s track,
   off event, University leaders                          most members of the Leadership              tennis, softball and soccer programs,
   announced a major leadership gift of a                 Team for Campaign USA. This                 the Mitchell College of Business,
   $22 million to support the Mitchell                    outstanding group of community              the Baldwin County campus, a
   Cancer Institute from the family of                    leaders and advocates turned out in         University archives building and
   Arlene, Mayer, and Abraham Mitchell                    force, demonstrating their                  campus bell tower.

       TOP TEN GIFTS                                                            Our Campaign Chair
            to Campaign USA                                          As the University embarked on
                                                                   its inaugural comprehensive
               Since Kickoff                                       campaign, it was important to
                                                                   have an exceptional leader and
                  as of July 31, 2006                              campaign chair. James A. Yance
                                                                   gladly accepted the invitation to
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Meisler                                    serve in this position. After
......................................................$2,000,000   earning his undergraduate degree
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Kilborn, III                               from USA in 1970, Jim went on
......................................................$1,000,000   to the University of Alabama
Alabama Power Foundation, Inc.                                     School of Law and received his
......................................................$ 500,000    Juris Doctorate in 1973. He
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Saad                                       entered the private practice of law
......................................................$ 250,000    with the firm of Cunningham,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bradley Beard, Jr.                                 Bounds, and Byrd, which later            Children, the Boys and Girls
                                                                   became Cunningham, Bounds,               Clubs of Southwest Alabama, the
......................................................$ 250,000
                                                                   Yance, Crowder and Brown.                Alabama Wildlife Federation, the
USA National Alumni Association                                    Mr. Yance remained with the firm         Southwest Alabama Lung
......................................................$ 200,000    for the entire 30 years of his           Association, and many more.
IPSCO Steel, Inc.                                                  career. He assumed “of counsel”             As a student at USA, Yance
......................................................$ 125,000    status with the firm in 2004.            studied political science and was a
Dr. M. Gopal Nair                                                    Mr. Yance has served the               member of the University’s track
......................................................$ 105,150    community and state in many              team. He and his wife, Frances,
The John W. Laidlaw Foundation                                     civic and charitable activities as a     live in Malbis. He has four adult
......................................................$ 105,000    member of the Board of Directors         children and five grandchildren
The Robins & Morton Group                                          for various organizations such as        and enjoys spending his leisure
......................................................$ 100,000    the Corporate Foundation for             time outdoors.
Page 4                                                                          Taking the Lead

    Campaign USA Leadership Team
                              V. Gordon Moulton - President
                       Donald L. Langham - Chair, Board of Trustees
                             James A. Yance - Campaign Chair
                         Joseph F. Busta, Jr. - Campaign Director,
                  Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

                  Alan Alexander                       Michael Lee
                  Neil Armentrout                      Bruce McCrory
                  Clarence Ball                        Don McCrory
                  Tom Bates                            Bert Meisler
                  R. Preston Bolt                      John Mincy
                  Ginni Boyd                           Abraham Mitchell
                  JoAnn Broadus                        Mayer Mitchell
                  J. Gary Cooper                       Lee Moncrief
                  Tom Corcoran                         Geri Moulton
                  Camille Corte                        Anne Nix
                  Dan Corte                            James P. Nix
                  Sarah L. Damson                      Henry Seawell
                  Michael C. Dow                       Irving Silver
                  Gilbert “Tup” Dukes                  Sandy Stimpson
                  J. Cecil Gardner                     Steven H. Stokes, M.D.
                  Mike Granger                         Larry D. Striplin, Jr.
                  Sally L. Green                       Cheryl Thompson
                  James M. Grodnick                    Mike Thompson
                  Sheila Hodges                        C.L. “Skipper” Walters
                  Mark Hoffman                         Hank Wells
                  Samuel L. Jones                      Robert Joseph Zarzour, M.D.
                  Paul Kirkland

     Ex Officio            Ex Officio             Ex Officio           Ex Officio
     Pat Hicks             Bobby Marks            Will Jackson         Irene McIntosh
     National Alumni       Jaguar Athletic Club   Student Government   Faculty Senate
     Association                                  Association
  Taking the Lead                                                                                                                Page 5

Attorney Honors Father’s Memory with Gift to MCI
   Vince Kilborn, a local attorney with the      Seale, and Kilborn. “Like his partner, Harry
firm of Kilborn Roebuck & McDonald, and          Seale, Daddy believed that everyone was
his wife, Marcia, recently pledged $1 million    entitled to good legal representation whether
to the University of South Alabama Mitchell      they could afford it or not,” Kilborn said. In
Cancer Institute. Established in memory of       1971, the elder Kilborn was diagnosed with
Kilborn’s father, who died of cancer, the        pancreatic cancer and passed away four
Vincent F. Kilborn, Jr. Cancer Research          months later at the age of 54.
Fellowship Endowment Fund will support              “My father gave me a love of the law, a fine
postdoctoral researchers and doctors who         education, and empathy for others,” Kilborn
want to further their training at the Cancer     said. “These ‘gifts’ have provided me the
Institute.                                       means for making this gift to the University
   The late Kilborn was born in 1916 and         of South Alabama.” The Kilborn Fellowship
raised in Mobile before attending law school     will provide advanced training to researchers
at the University of Alabama. He served in       and cancer specialists and, through them,
the Alabama State Senate and as a 1st            improve cancer treatment for patients near
Lieutenant in the U.S. Army during World         and far.
War II before joining the law firm of Outlaw,

A Mother’s Day                          Donna for being a dedicated
                                        elementary school teacher for
                                                                                   Alumni Couple Gives Back
                                                                                     Tom Corcoran, a member of the Campaign USA
Gift that Will                          25 years.”
                                           Mrs. Ayers is a second grade
                                                                                   Leadership Team and 1970 graduate of the Mitchell
                                                                                   College of Business, and his wife Dr. Barbara
Last A Lifetime                         teacher at Mobile’s E.R. Dickson           Corcoran a USA family medicine resident, recently
                                        Elementary School. The scholarship         made a gift of $100,000 to USA. Their gift will
  As a Mother’s Day gift to his
                                        will be awarded annually to a USA          create a book scholarship endowment in the College
wife, during this year’s 2005-2006
                                        student majoring in elementary             of Medicine, an endowment fund for the Mitchell
Faculty/Staff Annual Fund                                                          Cancer Institute, and endowed scholarships in the
Campaign, Keith Ayers, Director                                                    Interdisciplinary Studies Adult Degree program and
of Public Relations at the                                                         the Mitchell College of Business.
University, made a pledge of                                                         “Our giving represents our desire to give back to
$5,000 to establish the Donna                                                      the institution that continues to be a significant part
Ayers Scholarship in Elementary                                                    of our lives, Tom said.
  “One of the most important
things we do at the University of                                                  Enthusiastic Support from
South Alabama is to educate the
teachers who will in turn educate
                                                                                       Faculty and Staff
our future generations. I wanted to                                                  This year’s Faculty Staff Annual Fund
support Campaign USA by                                                            Campaign concluded with record breaking
providing a perpetual scholarship                                                  results! The Annual Fund Co-Chairs, Dr. Debra
for an education student, and at                                                   Davis, Dean of the College of Nursing, and
the same time honor my wife                                                        Dr. Samuel Strata, Interim Dean of the College
                                                                                   of Medicine, along with the many division
                           Retired Biochemist Supports                             representatives, were instrumental in the
                                                                                   success of this year’s campaign.
                           Research in New MCI Facility
                             Former USA College of Medicine Biochemistry             Highlights:
                           Professor Dr. M. Gopal Nair recently gave $105,150 to      • $293,659 raised, represents 57%
                           the Mitchell Cancer Institute. The Proteomics and
                           Mass Spectrometry Research Lab at the Institute will
                                                                                        increase over last year
                           be named in his honor. Dr. Nair retired from the USA       • 57% of all employees contributed
                           College of Medicine in May after more than 30 years.
                           Nair plans to devote more time to his research             • 14 Offices achieved 100% participation
                           endeavors in drug development.                             • 11 Offices achieved a 10%
                                                                                        participation increase
  Page 6                                                                                                              Taking the Lead

Birmingham Firm Gives to Support Cancer Center
    Birmingham-based health care construction firm Robins            conference room in the executive suite on the second floor
  & Morton, the general contractor for the Mitchell Cancer           of the Institute will be named for the company. Robins &
  Institute, has donated $100,000 to the University of South         Morton is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.
  Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute. In honor of its gift, the

 Children’s Celebration Broadcast
  The University of South Alabama Children’s and
Women’s Hospital along with Fox 10 hosted the 21st
Children’s Miracle Network Celebration broadcast on
June 4. The event was broadcast live on Fox 10 and
featured “miracle children” stories and vignettes of the
extensive pediatric care provided at USA Children’s and
Women’s Hospital. “Supporting the Children’s Miracle
Network Celebration helps provide the best equipment
and technology available,” Dr. Becky DeVillier, USA
CWH administrator, said. “We’re very grateful for this                  USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital patients Sam Parker, Tamarlyn Hill,
level of support from out community and region.”                        Destiny Adams and Gabrielle Chunn visited with, left to right, Fox 10’s
This years event showcased $616, 591 of gift support                     Eric Reynolds, Sarah Wall, John Edd Thompson, Adam Ghassemi and
                                                                          Anissa Centers in the hospital’s Treehouse playroom prior to Fox 10’s
for the hospital.                                                           broadcast of the 2006 Children's Miracle Network Celebration.

       Mitchell College                           Gift Honors Founders of Saad Healthcare
                                                    Some people merely talk about improving the quality of life for others; true
         of Business                              philanthropists provide generosities that literally change peoples’ lives. John Elias
                                                  and Dorothy Sturges Saad discreetly but generously changed and enhanced many
                                                  peoples lives through countless acts of kindness. They led through example and
                                                  devoted their lives to strong conviction, dedication to work ethic, sensitivity
                                                  towards others less fortunate and sincere determination for improving humanity.
                                                  "I have lost count as to how many laundry workers, nurse’s aides, and
                                                  housekeepers they put through LPN and RN school," said Jamie Saad in
                                                  describing the actions of her now deceased in-laws.
                                                    Jamie and Greg Saad have pledged $250,000 to name the main entranceway at
                                                  the Mitchell Cancer Institute in memory of his parents, John and Dorothy Saad.
                                                  "We think our gift to the Cancer Institute is a very appropriate way to honor
                                                  them, their work ethic, their devotion to life-long learning, and their desire to
                                                  help those in need," said Jamie and Greg Saad who, by example, are continuing
The construction of the Mitchell College of       their family’s philanthropic practices.
Business Learning Resource Center continues to
show progress with an estimated completion date
of October 2006.                                    Equipping Future Engineers
                                                    IPSCO Inc., a Canadian steelmaking and fabricating company with a facility
                                                  in Axis, Alabama, has pledged $125,000 to the University of South Alabama’s
                                                  College of Engineering to equip a high-tech computer teaching laboratory. The
                                                  lab will be used to train engineering students in computer-aided design and the
                                                  use of Internet resources in engineering processes.
                                                    “IPSCO believes the community will benefit by having a strong, well-
                                                  equipped engineering school at USA,” said Paul Wilson, works manager of
                                                  IPSCO Steel (Alabama) Inc. “IPSCO and all of the other industries in the area
                                                  need well-prepared engineers to operate facilities in the future. We believe the
                                                  contribution is a win-win situation for the University and IPSCO.”
  Taking the Lead                                                                                                                                  Page 7
                                                       Tuesday, October 24, 2006, 8:30 a.m.                 Alabama, while the Distinguished Service
  Upcoming Events                                      Donor Appreciation Breakfast                         Award recognizes exceptional or continuing
                                                       Mark your calendars now for our 2nd annual           service to the University of South Alabama or
  Sunday, October 8, 2006, 10:00 a.m.                  Donor Appreciation Breakfast, held to honor          the National Alumni Association. To purchase
  Point Clear Polo Classic 2006                        those who give so generously to USA.                 tickets, sponsor a table, or for more
  Point Clear Polo continues the tradition of the      More details will be mailed at a later date.         information on this 3rd annual black tie event,
  popular fall polo event with the fifth annual        Friday, February 9, 2007                             contact Carol Kittrell in the Office of Alumni
  Point Clear Polo Classic. The weekend will begin     Distinguished Alumni and Service Awards              Relations at (251) 460-7084.
  with a Players’ Party on Friday, October 6           Dinner                                               Sunday, February 11, 2007
  followed by the club polo match on Sunday,           The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes            University of South Alabama Homecoming
  October 8. Proceeds will primarily benefit the       outstanding achievement and/or leadership            Join us for a weekend filled with exciting
  Mitchell Cancer Institute. For ticket information    demonstrated by individuals in their chosen          festivities to celebrate Homecoming! More
  call Marcella Franssen at (251) 517-4107.            fields of interest, or to the University of South    information will be available later this fall.

 Second Annual Jaguar Golf Challenge                                                                            Campaign Progress
   The second annual Jaguar Golf Challenge was held in May at the Country Club of
Mobile. With over $100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs and over $100,000 raised for
the University’s athletic program, the tournament was definitely a success! Mike
Granger, President of Compass Bank, said of this year’s event, “This tournament has
quickly established itself as ‘the tournament’ in this area. From local golf enthusiasts to
regional sponsors who avidly support USA athletics, this event has clearly established
itself as a marquee event. Keep up the good work, Jags!”

     Congratulations to this year’s first place team: Jim Laier, Laura Clarke, Mark Nix, and
    John Baker! All friends of the University are invited to participate and or sponsor next
  year’s golf tournament. Contact John Goodroe at (251) 461-1366 for more information.

 Contacting Us                              Working with You
                                             Dr. Joseph F. Busta, Jr.              Melissa Dickinson                     Abbie McCullough
                                             Vice President for Development        Campaign Coordinator                  Assistant Director, Medical
  University of South Alabama                and Alumni Relations                                                        Development
  Office of Development and                                                        John Goodroe
       Alumni Relations                      Kristy Caradori                       Athletic Development                  Melodie Robinson
                                             Associate Director of Major Gifts,                                          Assistant Director, College of
     Health Services Bldg.,                  University Development                Travis Grantham                       Medicine Alumni Relations
           Suite 2150                                                              Director, Medical Development
    Mobile, Alabama 36688                    Tracy Coleman                         and Alumni Relations                  Kristyn Sifford
                                             Associate Director, Medical Affairs                                         Development Specialist
          (251) 460-7032                                                           Kim Halbrooks
                                             Ann Cunningham                        Coordinator, Development Services     Ginny Turner
 http://www.southalabama.edu/                Associate Director, Children’s and                                          Director, University Development
          development                        Women’s Hospital Development          Carol Kittrell
                                                                                   Director, Alumni Relations
  Page 8                                                                                                                  Taking the Lead

                           Opportunities to
Private support is critical to future success of the University of South
                                                                            of art, collectibles, rare books, copyrights, oil and gas interests may
Alabama (USA). There are many ways to make philanthropic gifts to           be sold and the proceeds endowed or used for capital or operating
USA. Gifts can be restricted to any department, college, or program or,     funds. Gifts of useable scientific equipment or computers may go
you can choose to make unrestricted gifts to the University to be used      immediately into the classroom or research laboratory.
“Where the Need is Greatest” at the President’s discretion.                • Gift with funds that are returned to you or passed to your loved
   A charitable gift to the University of South Alabama can take many        ones—you can make a gift of cash or other assets through an
forms:                                                                       arrangement that will provide USA with annual gifts over a
   • Cash or securities—make the most immediately useable gifts to the       specified period and then pass the gift principal to your heirs or
     USA. All gifts of cash or securities can be designated for any          have it returned to you. These creative gift plans offer valuable
     purpose you choose.                                                     income, as well as gift and estate tax savings, depending upon
  • Corporate matching gifts—many companies encourage their                  which type you choose.
    employees' philanthropy by matching, doubling, or tripling the         • IRA’s and qualified retirement plans—because these assets may be
    employee's gift. If you work for a matching gift company, just send      subject to heavy taxation when passed to your heirs, they are
    your employer’s matching gift form with your gift, and USA will          wonderful assets to consider using for charitable giving. Your gift
    take care of the details. Both you and your company will be              can be made simply by designating USA as a beneficiary of your
    recognized for the matching gift.                                        retirement plan. If, however, you meet the minimum age for
  • Bequest through a will or living trust—many donors find a                withdrawals and would benefit from a deduction to use against your
    bequest the most convenient way to leave a legacy to USA.                current taxes, you might also consider a lifetime distribution to
  • Charitable trust or other life income plan—various trust                 USA. Due to the dynamic nature of the law, you should consult
    arrangements such as charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable          your tax advisor prior to making such a gift.
    remainder annuity trusts, and charitable lead trusts may enable you    • Life insurance—a life insurance policy that is no longer needed can
    simultaneously to make a gift to the University, retain income from      be donated during your lifetime to support your favorite university
    the assets, and secure a tax advantage.                                  program. Such a gift offers you income and estate tax savings. USA
  • Gifts of real and personal property—your gift of real estate, works      can also be named as a beneficiary of a new or existing policy.

                                                                                                     Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002
                                                                                                       307 University Blvd., N.
                                                                                                    Health Services Bldg., Ste. 2150
                                                                                                     Office of Development
                                                                                                   University of South Alabama

      Mobile, AL
    Permit No. 506
     U.S. Postage

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