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					          California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
                           2007 Executive Council Meeting
                                January 29 & 30, 2007
                                Embassy Suites, Irvine

Minutes for Monday, January 29, 2007

Council Members Present: Mindy Bergeron, Louise Jones, Meredith Kelley, Lili
Vidal, Tanya Grigg, Tim Bonnel, Tom Ma, Nancy Davis, Catherine Graham, Laura
Hiler, Noelia Gonzalez, Gabriela De La Vega, Glenda Welch, Nicolas Valdivia

Others Present: John Anderson, Ronda Mohr, Wayne Mahoney, Addalou Davis, Susan
Gutierrez, Joanne Brennan, Molly Greek, Deb Barker-Garcia, Mary San Agustin, Bryan
Dickason, Kathleen Clough,

Absent: David Levy, Lori Stefano, Anafe Robinson, Donna Huber, Cheryl Lenz,
Marianna Deeken, Carrie Steer-Salazar

Call to order: President Mindy Bergeron called the meeting to order at 8:35 a.m.
Mindy stated that Cheryl Lenz had to resign as CSAC liaison and Bryan Dickason will
replace her.

Review and Approve Minutes from November Meeting - Mindy Bergeron
There were no amendments to the minutes.

Motion was made to approve the 2006 meeting minutes with no amendments.

Moved by Meredith Kelly, duly seconded by Tom Ma, and unanimously approved
by Council.

Motion accepted


Electronic Issues - Wayne Mahoney
Wayne presented a spreadsheet on an overhead reviewing the attendance at CASFAA and
CCCSFAAA. Attendance dropped in 2006 vs. 2005. Approx 55% of the attendees from
CCCSFAAA continued on to the CASFAA conference. A majority of these were
lenders. Catherine asked how this related to membership. Wayne confirmed that
membership stays consistent. Wayne then reviewed a flow chart. He confirmed that the
biggest hit on the website is the job link page. Wayne explained that EC council
members can go to the files and print and review these charts on their own. The stats and
spreadsheets are placed on the CASFAA website. Catherine asked if the statistics
appeared positive and could they be used as a marketing tool for Kathleen when soliciting
for banner ads. Banners are not yet up and will be up in the next few days. The website
gets over 200,000 hits a month.

A few changes were made to the website. Wayne confirmed that there was a committee
link from the CASFAA home page to view the committee members. Mary San Agustin
asked if the master calendar was updated. Addalou has attempted to keep up the dates.
She requested that we send her any dates that we want on the calendar. She is not
filtering them, just posting. The archives page has also been updated. Wayne then
reviewed the website with the council. The issue of sending emails to all members was at
question. Wayne confirmed that there are only a few members that can send emails to
the membership at large. The text should be sent to Wayne with no pictures or
attachments. Once received, Wayne will pass it on to the membership on behalf of the
author. Whoever the sender is gets all of the bounce back e-mails. Mass e-mails are
sent to those on the list serve - approximately 500 members. The brochure for new
members was passed around. Mary San Agustin stated that is it critical that members be
aware of the brochure and an informative article in the newsletter regarding the brochure
would be a good way to inform members of the brochure. Catherine asked about Survey
Monkey. She wanted to know if members could access survey money results on their
own or if they need to go through Wayne. Wayne stated that in the past we have sent the
link to the members. Members contact Wayne to get the string of e-mail addresses.

Site Selection – Wayne Mahoney
Wayne is working with Scott from IMN on site selection for the conference years 2012 &
2014. The city choices are San Diego, Anaheim and Long Beach. He is waiting for Scott
to provide more information to bring back to EC to approve a site.

Wayne explained IMN’s roll with CASFAA. They are a nation wide organization that
finds conference centers for mid-sized organizations. They send RFP’s to
hotels/convention centers and handle all of the dealings with them and provide the
feedback/information to CASFAA.

IMN’s cost was questioned. CASFAA does not pay them but they do receive 10% of the
cost of the conference. Mary San Agustin asked if it would be better if we searched on
our own for conference sites. She felt that a 10% cut is expensive. Wayne confirmed
that the hotels are giving us the lowest rates because of IMN’s negotiating. Wayne’s
suggestion is to rotate the conference every year using the same two hotels. He suggested
keeping a site for north and one for south. The IMN contract ends 2014. It was stated
that convention centers are not popular with members. Tim stated that the meeting rooms
in hotels are not as good as in a convention center and Executive Council should keep
that in mind. Louise stated that CASFAA has outgrown the hotel-only conferences since
the average attendance at a conference is 1500. It was discussed how financial aid offices
might select certain staff members to send to the conference or how they might rotate
staff to attend the conference.

Job Placement – Wayne Mahoney

Wayne discussed the job section of website.

Other Topics discussed

Mindy explained that Marianna Deeken will hopefully be available via a conference call.
She continued that EC members should e-mail their committee report on the Friday
before the Executive Council meeting.

Louise distributed feedback from the 2006 conference. She read an e-mail from Lee, the
representative from Shoes that Fit. The letter thanked CASFAA for its’ support. She
then read other thank you e-mails.

Mindy added that she will start a monthly e-mail to all CASFAA members. She said that
if we have info to pass along we should give it to her to include. She wants to add web
links as well. Catherine stated we should pass along tentative dates and costs of events
way in advance so Directors of Financial Aid can plan their budgets accordingly. She
suggested an 18-month calendar rather than a 12 month calendar. Mindy explained that
Fiscal planning also was suggesting a calendar change as part of fiscal plan. Mary San
Agustin suggested a standardized calendar and costs. She also suggested that we have a
set calendar including estimated costs. This would assist Directors in early budget
planning. Addalou asked if it would be helpful to list costs on the master calendar. Mary
stated that a standard cost of registration fees and a calendar needs to be published. John
Anderson stated that there is a standardized cost for most of the events and Management
Institute will most likely increase. Meredith asked how CASFAA could fix the calendar
issue. Rhonda stated that we could get a 2007 master calendar and event registration
costs out ASAP. In November, she will have another ―To Do‖ create a calendar for

                                       TO DO:
          Rhonda create a master calendar and event registration costs for 2007

Federal Issues – Lili Vidal
Lili’s committee is having their first conference call next week. Her report includes a list
of issues the committee will discuss. If any Executive Council members want to add
issues, they are more than welcome. She did not submit a budget because last year there
was a $500 budget and it was not spent. She does not anticipate spending any funds this
Meredith Kelley – State Issues
The State Issues Committee has not yet met. She will be consulting with her committee
to see what the state issues will be. All segmental representatives are automatically on
her committee. She needs one more independent representative. Since Noelia is on the
committee, she needs GAC representation. Jack Gorman from CSAC was asked to be on
the committee, but he moved to DC. Bryan Dickason will serve as a state issues liason
representing CSAC. Meredith wants to have one in-person meeting. Some of the issues
include The California State budget, SNAPPLE and the Cal Grant Institutional
Participation Agreement (IPA’s).

Noelia Gonzalez – CSAC Grant Advisory Committee (GAC)
There is no info on SNAPPLE. There have been no Grant Advisory Committee (GAC)
meetings lately. GAC (Grant Advisory Committee) is a committee who advises the
Commission on their programs. A GAC position is appointed. The GAC committee is
currently not fully staffed. Catherine stated that CASFAA should be represented on
GAC. The meeting times are not secure and group meetings are mostly by
teleconference. Public meetings are not via teleconference. The February GAC meeting
will review the IPA issues. GAC is attempting to have the March meeting in person. Her
report is not detailed since GAC has not met. Some GAC issues include: draft IPA,
interest bearing accounts, reconciliation, verification of high school graduation, CA state
residency and conflicting information. Catherine asked if there was a public draft of the
IPA and Noelia confirmed that the IPA is confidential. The current IPA ends June 30th.
Bryan stated that it is public information and he will get a current draft to all Executive
Council members. Once the Commission makes decisions on these issues, they will
inform the financial aid community. Catherine suggested that State Issues should inform
the financial aid community of what its input should be regarding the draft. She stated
that we need to do a better job in communicating with the members and that CASFAA’s
guidance on the IPA to GAC is necessary.

State issues will look at the IPA issues as one of their first agenda items. Meredith,
Noelia and Catherine will have a conference call before the next GAC meeting. It was
mentioned that each segment has different needs and each needs to be treated equally.

US Department of Education – Marianna Deeken
Marianna stated that their travel budget is low; therefore, being available via the phone is
a wonderful solution. There will be ACG spring workshops. California is one of the
locations. Loan committees for Negotiated Rulemaking have met. The Secretary
decided to get another committee together to take a look at non-traditional programs. She
encourages us to watch those negotiations. Operationally the DOE has no funding. The
travel budget is basically gone. She will be unable to attend workshops that she is invited
to. Mary San Agustin asked if the DOE was on a fiscal or calendar year. Marianna
confirmed that the DOE is on a fiscal year. The 2007 conference will be in San Francisco
and CASFAA would like Marianna to attend in addition to possibly conducting post
conference workshops for any training that has not been addressed during the year. The
last day of the conference is on 12/17/2007. We need to market any post conference
events ASAP. Mindy stated the conference is beginning a day early this year (Saturday
instead of Sunday). Nancy asked if there was anything new regarding the Pell Grant
tuition sensitivity issue. Marianna stated there was no new news. Something will need to
be done through Reauthorization. Wayne asked if award letters were out for campus
based aid and Marianna confirmed that they were.

Robert’s Rules of Order – Bruce Bishop, Director of Student Affairs Palomar
Community College
Bruch Bishop gave a power-point presentation on ―parliamentary procedure‖.

Tim Bonnel moved to review Bruce’s return to review the bylaws and to also include
the fiscal year issue.

Seconded by Nancy

Amended by John Anderson to address the bylaws as a fiscal issue.

Motion passes with no objections.

Wayne confirmed that to change a Bylaw requires a 25% quorum.

                                       To Do:
  Mary San Agustin will speak to Bruce to confirm a price of the review of the bylaws.

CSAC Update – Bryan Dickason
Bryan stated that CSAC will begin 07/08 Cal Grant processing soon. Preliminary
participants had to return a form stating that they have completed all of the requirements
and some former recipients were dropped from the list. A total of 1700 competitive
awards have been added. They have completed the year-end withdrawal process.
Although students can take a LOA from Cal Grant, they must inform CSAC of their
situation. They are completed on an appeal basis. All Cal Grant recipients need to keep
CSAC informed of their situations in order to keep their award. Some students are
eligible for both Cal A and Cal B. Cal B pays a living stipend for students in their
freshman year. Cal A pays a tuition and fee amount for 4 yrs. At a private institution, it
is more advantageous for a student to receive Cal A. CSAC is looking into a way to
confirm that students receive the best award for their situation. CSU’s will be affected
because tuition will increase but Cal B will not. It was mentioned that there should be a
school preference as to which Cal grant the student receives. It was questioned on what
happens when the Cal Grant application deadline falls on a weekend. CSAC confirmed
that all FAFSA and verification worksheets arriving on the next business day will be

Tom Mays is the new Director of Public Affairs Branch.
Steve Caldwell, the CSAC Chief Governmental and Public Affairs Division, is to make
sure that the legislative issues pertain to all segments.

Cash for College is underway. CSAC plays a coordinating role and the main work is
done by FA volunteers. There were issues with the Cash for College power-point
presentation. It has been amended. Some FA staff are still needed for the LA area on
2/10. There have been a number of press events around the state and many telethons to
advertise the CFC. Despina Costopoulos is the main coordinator.

Tom Mayes has been communicating with Meredith and Mindy and has offered to attend
an EC meeting. He will be invited to a future meeting.

Community College – Nancy Davis
Steve Arena’s year-end report states that they are considered they are not required to do a
mid-year reduction but must use the rate for spring transfers. They want CASFAA’s
support for their Pell Grant tuition sensitivity issue. She explained the Foster Youth
Success Initiation (FYSI). The FYSI is to improve academic support for foster youth.
There is a rep from each campus that will receive training on how to best support the
foster youth. There is a state-wide default prevention effort. The effort is aimed at
lowering the default rate among all Community Colleges. There is also an interest to
assist California troops who are interested in attended a CC. The effort is to increase
enrollment of eligible veterans by 2008. There are several sub committees. Tim helped
create a web page on the CCCSFAAA website which is especially for Veterans. Nancy
also talked about the CCCSFAAA conference of 06 and the success of their interest
sessions. ―Tools for Tolerance‖ was a great success. CCCSFAAA will hold its first EC
meeting in San Diego. She then spoke of her goals to continue to be a liaison between
CCCSFAAA and CASFAA and to encourage CCC administrators to be more involved in

Catherine Graham mentioned that Eugenia Vincent has been nominated as the
Northwestern Regional nominee for the College Board.

Nancy expressed CCC’s concern for the IPA.

CSU – Noelia Gonzalez
The Governor’s budget for 07/08 has been approved and was signed. The budget does
include a 10% increase for state fees. CSU’s have begun ―Access to Excellence.‖ CSU’s
received $285 million for 05/06 in gifts and pledges. The report includes individual news
for each campus. Her goal is to to increase CASFAA membership within the CSU’s.
She wants to send a flyer to all CSU members and to increase participation at EC from
CSU segment. She asked if CASFAA Scholarship Committee could include sending a
CSU member to an EC meeting. The EC reviewed that motion from yesterday.

Graduate/Professional – Gabby De La Vega
The committee has not yet met, but is busy working. The evaluations showed who
wanted to participate on the GP committee. There are a lot of lenders who what to be on
the committee, but she wants a balanced committee of school representatives and lenders.
She reviewed the CASFAA website and was not sure if the volunteer section is accurate.
She requested help from Susan Gutierrez, the Volunteer Chair, to confirm that volunteers
are placed where they want to be. Wayne will ask ATAC to delete the old information
from the web. She also expressed concern about inviting GP to their GP training
meetings. She noticed that the attendance in Southern California was down and wants to
have a third ―Do Talk‖ in Southern California. The ―Do Talks‖ were in April last year
and she hopes to have them early in the year again. She wants to send a ―Survey
Monkey‖ survey out to Graduate/ Professional CASFAA members asking them for a list
of topics. The ―GP Forum‖ will be on a Friday this year. She is concerned that
attendance will be low on a Friday. She will send another ―Survey Monkey‖ survey to
confirm whether Friday afternoon or Saturday morning is better for GP members. Her
budget was submitted late.

Independent – Catherine Graham
Catherine reiterated her goal ―Pool, Pole and Present‖. The Independent Segmental
meetings will be held on 10/16 in Southern California and 10/18 in Northern California
and she will use Survey Monkey to request topics for discussion from the Independent

Proprietary - Laura Hiler
Their first meeting was held and they discussed locations for future meetings. Dates for
the Northern California Advanced Certification at IBT are 6/23-26 and 7/23-25 at
Anaheim Radisson.

There are six new committee members. Their next meeting will be held at Wyotech in
Fremont. They will discuss topics and will develop cost-efficient training. Marie
Navarro has written a letter requesting a change in certification in proprietary training.
The letter is being presented to CSAC requesting that they ―loosen up on the propriety
training and let customer service be included in the training.‖ Laura read the letter that
they are presenting to CSAC. Tim stated that the law requires them to be certified and
the law is moot as of 6/30/07. He also asked if CASFAA needs to take a bigger role.

There are three sides to the issue. The first is that the law will be gone and so is the
requirement for certification. Consumer advocacy groups want the bill extended and
strengthened. Another group wants the law to be rewritten. Joanne suggested that we
continue the discussion when Barbara Bickett is in attendance. She also confirmed that
financial aid administrators from proprietary schools are not aware of this letter. She
suggested that we invite Robert Johnson to attend or have a teleconference with him
during an EC meeting. Tim’s research on the topic concluded that the Governor wants
the law to get fixed before it gets extended.

UC – Nicolas Valdivia
He stated that over three billion dollars was allocated to the UC system. There was a
6.2% increase from last yr. The plan is to increase enrollment by 2.4%. Graduate
enrolment will continue to increase. There is a focus on alt. fuel development. There is a
5% increase for salary increases. There will be a fee increase for 07/08 of 7% and 10%
for some law and business schools. The cost of fees will go back into their budget. They
expect to finance the entire fee increase for all low-income students. They will try to
cover a part of their fee increase for those students who do not qualify for the UC grant.
Meredith asked if these proposals were set forth from the Governor and Nicolas
confirmed they were not. Voting on the fee increase will be held in March. Cal A is
better then Cal B for UC students. A total of 62% of UC Cal Grant recipients receive Cal
B. They want to work with CSAC to automatically give UC students Cal A. If this does
not happen, those students will be flipped manually by the FAA. There would be a $23
million increase if the Cal A overrides Cal B. They want to identify which students are
making the switch so they can report to CSAC. UCOP has confirmed a decline in FFELP
borrowers. They are creating a task force to evaluate why this is happening. Tim asked
if alternative loans might play a part in that. Nicolas confirmed and stated that home
equity might play a part as well and that when the evaluation is done they may have five
reasons. His goal for 2007 is to increase membership in the UC segment involved in
CASFAA. He believes that there are many members interested the but lack of
information is keeping them from volunteering. He wants to develop a UC segmental
meeting to discuss best practices and processing issues. He plans to provide information
to UC members.

Wayne commented that UC Irvine is opening a law school.

Ethnic Diversity Committee (EDC) – Glenda Welch
The committee has been formed via a teleconference. She announced the members of her
committee. The committee has 17 members and 3 alternates. . In the fist meeting
everyone was introduced and they discussed tasks and goals. Their CASFAA duties were
discussed and monthly meetings were approved. They also discussed each member’s
duties. In the next meeting they will review topics for the northern and southern
workshops for spring. In June, they will begin to discussing the big event at the
conference. Katherine stated that she needs to know ASAP when the workshops will be.
Glenda stated that she will have dates for her after their next meeting. The Ethnic
Diversity workshop dates might conflict with the mini-conferences dates so EDC might
anticipate a May workshop rather than June. It will be an all day workshop with
breakfast and lunch. She is currently looking for a location. She mentioned SF state for
Northern and CSU San Marcus for Southern. The meeting in February will be via
teleconference. They will have two in person meetings this year. They will concentrate
on the dates for this meeting. She wants to increase attendance this year. Her goal is to
have at least 75 attendees at both Northern and Southern meetings.

****Joanne e-mailed Robert Johnson from California Association of Private Post
Secondary Schools (CAPPS) to call in. He phoned and stated his comments via a
conference call. He stated his position on the proprietary segment. The group asked him
if there is anything that CASFAA can do to support their situation. He wishes to see the
bill go forward. This will be the 3rd or 4th extension of the bill. The Governor vetoed the
bill. A little less than 500 approved and accredited schools will be affected. The fee
increase is also a concern for proprietary. If a bill is written their nightmare is that it will
not be signed. He is hopeful that sanity will resume among the proprietors’ certification.
Tim asked what would happen if the bill sunsets. Robert answered that if they find
themselves in that situation they may need to ponder training administrators without
qualification. He recommends that the law be followed ―as is‖ in it’s place. He stated
that the schools may have some liability for those financial aid administrators who are not
certified. Tim then asked if there was any verbiage on the website regarding this issue.
Robert confirmed that there was no info on the members’ service portion of the web.
Meredith asked if CAPPS is just waiting to see what happens. Robert answered that they
support the Governor. His position is that they need a new law. Meredith asked how
CASFAA could advocate a position for the new law that is in the works. Meredith
requested to get on the list serve so she can stay informed.

2007 Conference Report – Mary San Agustin/Joanne Brennan, Conference Co-
Mary began by reviewing her report. Her goals are established. Some of the goals were
missed in terms of the budget. She named the CCCSFAA liaison members. She stated
that they have had two conference committee meetings already. The 2007 conference
theme is ―Rising Above‖. The opening speaker is Wendy Tokuda. Mary will review
Wendy’s ―Rising Above‖ art work. The SF Art Academy is creating the conference art
work. A student will design the logo. They are reviewing break out sessions and post
conference workshops. The contract for the hotel includes some additional days after the
conference. Mary wants to work with Marianna Deeken, the USDE trainer, to provide
post conference training. She is working with Fund Development to focus on limited
vendor participation. What can lenders legally do? How much can their name be
plastered everywhere during the conference?

Mindy stated that Mary is mentoring Joanne so Joanne will be educated in running a

Mary then reviewed her proposal for the conference fee. She reviewed what the costs
were in previous years. She wants to confirm that the cost is worth it and that the
sessions provide the training that financial aid administrators need. She expressed
concern that the conference is really only one day and a half. Meredith suggested that the
day consist of a meeting although it is difficult to have members stay. Joanne stated that
fiscal training from DOE might of be interest to the members. Mary continued by
comparing the differences in conference costs. The group is recommending that
CASFAA provide gift cards for the Metreon Center in SF rather than have a seated
dinner. There is nothing in the contract saying that must have all meals in the hotel. We
could give members a ―swipe card‖ that members can use for anything at the Metreon.
John Anderson is concerned. Katherine wanted confirmation that she will have a place
for vendors to put there names as a sponsorship. John stated that we may get a
sponsorship for lunch if the vendor can place their name on the gift card. In the past,
80% of the members participate in the food functions. In San Francisco, members
usually do not attend meal functions. CASFAA needs to be cautious with the meal
guarantees with the hotel. Nick confirmed that football and church may play a part in
attendance since the dinner is on a Sunday. There are four big events. If meals are not
covered by sponsorships, then CASFAA covers the cost. The segmental meetings need
to submit a budget. There is a set amount of $1000 per segment at the conference. The
registration fee is proposed at as a $225 registration and the membership fee is proposed
at a $50. Late registration would be $275 and a $50 membership fee. The conference
fee barley covers meals. Late registration has not been an issue in the past. No need for
overflow hotels this year. We need to be careful that members do not commit to rooms
that they do not intend to use. We need to keep in mind how we sell the meals and the
post conference workshops and how they work with USDE.

Motion Moved by Meredith for the $225 one time fee and the late fee would the $275
and that we accept the $50 membership fee The motion was seconded.
 Motion has been carried.

The room rate will be $170 plus tax. The parking is $50 a day. There is BART from the
airport to the hotel. Noelia confirmed that San Francisco public transportation is a great
way to get around. Catherine asked if 80% is accurate in the amount attending meals if
we are in San Francisco. Mary stated we anticipate the attendance to be less this year.

Joanne asked if the conference was profitable. John said that including fund development
the conference earned approximately $165000. Tim confirmed that a huge part of that
profit is a ―break even‖. A lot of what we make at the conference drives what we can do
for workshops during the year. Part of the CASFAA Strategic Plan is to minimize costs.
CASFAA needs to cover some of the costs with the registration fee. Since it is in San
Francisco during Christmas, Joanne is hoping that lenders will come together to host a
big Christmas party.

Mindy attended CLFE and confirmed that lender budgets are being reduced and we need
to be aware of that. Molly stated that maybe we should increase the vendor fees and that
vendors usually do not eat meals.

Wayne wanted to comment on the food cards. At his conference they handed out
Disneyland cards and it was difficult. CASFAA should confirm that there are volunteers
available to hand out the cards and that we are reimbursed for those cards that are not

Nick asked what the spread was between what the meals cost and the cost of the
registration fee. Meals were cheaper at the convention center. The intent is not to bring
up more revenue but to meet the costs of the meals. At the Ontario conference, the ―per
person‖ meal cost was $132 per person. Mary then explained the meal guarantee
procedure with the hotel and how we paid for 840 meals and approximately 600 members
showed up for a meal event.

Tom Ma – Fiscal Chair
Tom sated that he, Tim and John met to confirm the treasurer duties. He confirmed that
there was a five hour Fiscal Planning meeting yesterday. He apologized for not
communicating better while he was sick. He then reviewed the budget for 2007. He
reviewed the budgets that were missing. He mentioned that chairs need to list one or two
goals in their next reports for the meeting in March. He reviewed the approved revisions
from the Fiscal Planning meeting yesterday.

He asked Barbara about the scholarship changes. Last year we received scholarship
assistance from WASFAA. The WASFAA scholarships have not yet been approved and
she can not guarantee that we will have the same subsidy. She then reviewed all of the
scholarships for 2007. She attempts to select the recipients 45 days before the event.

Catherine stated that it is absurd to have only 24 spaces in the Management Institute.
Noelia stated it is great even if it is not full. All 24 slots for the Management Institute
were sold but some that registered did not show. There was no waiting list and that is
something to consider in future years. Mindy stated that maybe we should take a look at
how things have been done in the past and why. The MI is subsidized heavily and we
are housing them, feeding them and teaching them. There are many on the EC now that
attended the MI and are on EC now. Nancy asked if we know how many are denied
entry. She mentioned that four days out of the office and an expensive fee may
discourage attendance. Joanne stated that the registration fee for MI might need to
increase. Rhonda mentioned that charges for events this year were discussed. As
Training Coordinator Rhonda suggested that we discuss how much the fees should be.

Tim stated that we don’t want to set fees until we know what the expenses are. He
continued by stating that we need a balanced budget. Tim would not advocate setting
fees right now. Like the conference, we might need to discuss each meeting individually
and discuss the fees. Lili asked who the past MI attendees are and where are they now?
She stated that mostly counselor and mid-management administrators attend. She keeps
in touch with the people she attended with. She also confirmed that they have had job
promotions and MI is a definitely a worth while organization. Noelia reiterated Lily’s
comment. Nancy then continued by asking how could fiscal planning project budgets be
confirmed without knowing what the revenue is? Tom responded by directing everyone
to the budget form. Fiscal planning did not make its decision based on the expected
revenue. Mary stated that if we are giving these scholarships to members, the
Association has a responsibility to confirm that these people get involved in EC or
volunteer. With the revenue from the conference, CASFAA subsidized the MI. This is a
major subsidy but it helps develop leaders for the future. Joanne compared WASFAA
Summer Institute’s cost of $640 for 42 participants. Addalou requested that we take into
consideration that there is a hotel room involved with the WASFAA summer institute and
that it is not the case for our MI. Catherine stated that as a new EC member we can not
assess the value of the EC because the website hasn’t been updated and no information
has been shared regarding the budgetary process. Nancy brought up the old issue of why
CASFAA has so much in reserve and she stated that she stands behind CASFAA in
subsidizing the MI. She thinks that we need to increase attendance. Addalou stated that
Daryl Cox is truly committed to the MI cause. The calendar and the cost came up again.
Meredith stated that we are not using the website to its fullest. Louise stated that we need
a description of the events on the website. She also referred to the strategic plan
regarding determining fees to confirm that we are doing what is best for the organization.
Wayne stated that we do not put anything up on the website until it is time to register for
the event and that it is modeled after NASFAA. CASFAA does not want to put things on
the website that might not happen and that is why there is nothing currently on the
website. Rhonda reminded the group of her ―TO DO‖ for making a calendar with costs
and that she would also include a description. This should be something updated every
year. Nick stated that the MI is a marquee event and should have its’ own link on
CAFSAA website.

The discussion was brought back to scholarships. John Anderson stated that some
reimbursements were not fair for scholarship recipients. Barbara B suggested that we
have a fixed fee for scholarship recipients. A dollar value is what WASFAA gives to us
for a scholarship and she asked if this is something that we want to model after. Most
scholarship recipients pay up front and are reimbursed. John stated that we need to settle
the recipient amount at this meeting and that is why Barbara was asked to attend.


Motion by Barbara Bicket to set the scholarship recipient amount to a fixed

Motion did not carry

Tom continued by handing the floor to Meredith. She confirmed that the State issues did
not include sending members to the Capitol in her budget. She asked if any EC members
would want to attend the ―Day at the Capitol‖ so she could fit it into her budget. ―Day at
the Capitol‖ is a day were financial aid administrators go to met with legislators to
discuss current financial aid issues. Mindy mentioned that State Issues will bring ideas to
the committee of how to incorporate ―Day at the Capitol‖ with CASFAA. Meredith will
include in her State Issues budget five people to attend for the ―Day at the Capitol.‖

Tom, Tim and Wayne reviewed the Electronic Issues budget.

The Do Talk budget was discussed. Confirmation of how much was spent for the Do
Talk Workshop and what was spent for the committee meetings was needed. Gabby did
her best when completing the budget on line. Katherine asked if breakfast was necessary
and Gabby confirmed that it was. Rhonda confirmed that she and Gabby did not have a
chance to discuss the budget. Travel between north and south GP members was
discussed and Gabby confirmed that she mimicked the budget from last year.
This budget will be tabled until tomorrow. Mindy asked if Ronda and Gabby could meet
to discuss this budget before tomorrow.

The proprietary budget was then discussed. Rhonda asked if we could table this
discussion until tomorrow. The discussion continued that these are full-day events and
that we should charge members $50 a day. Barbara Bickett stated that non-members
should be required to pay a $50 membership fee.

Motion moved by Laura to increase cost of attendance for the Proprietary
Workshop to $50 a day for members plus $50 membership fee for non members.

Seconded by Tim Bonnel

Call to question by Meredith…

The motion does not pass…

Addalou sated that if they are joining in July and they are required to be a member they
are missing half a year of CASFAA membership. Tim stated that we wait untill March to
confirm a fee.

Wayne asked when the earliest training event was and it was confirmed that it is in June.
Joanne then stated that we just discussed this when talking about the conference and we
should not continue discussing the proprietary issue. Katherine stated that we might be
able to get a vendor to sponsor something at the event. Meredith confirmed that we take
a closer look at the situation and that we might want to subsidize more. Joanne’s
understanding is that the only cost to members is for the food. Rhonda asked if the
decision to charge $20 for members and $40 for non members could help cover food

Laura and Rhonda will come with new budgets tomorrow.

Tom continued with the Webmaster budget. It has increased and is approved as amended
to include the correct amount for the ATAC contract.

Scholarship conversation continued that the flat rate is cheaper for CASFAA. Nick stated
that we are not even covering the entire cost of the WASFAA conference. John
Anderson stated that the flat rate would just be for this year. Nick then stated that we
should average out all of the scholarships rather than pick a $500 scholarship. Tim stated
again that it doesn’t make sense to have a Management Institute because the cost is
already subsidized by CASFAA. Tim favors giving more scholarships and defining
what we will reimburse. Barbara is not opposed to setting a selection criterion for
scholarship recipients. Noelia asked if this is a good time to bring up the scholarships to
attend EC. Lili suggested that we amend the criteria for the scholarship for the
Management Institute.
Motion by Tim to approve the plan to include three EC meetings for CASFAA
members, 42 scholarships using the $33000 exclude not the flat rate of $500.

Nick, seconds the motion

Called to question motion carried via vote.

Tim sated that the $500 limit might still not be enough. He states that $33000 is not a
huge commitment to give back to the committee. A fixed amount needs to be created
from the $33000.

Noelia asked for five EC meeting scholarship because there are five segments. Gabby
asked if we could do a fixed scholarship amount for each scholarship opportunity.
Barbara Bicket stated that the biggest issue is dealing with reimbursement. Joanne stated
when she was President she wanted to encourage attendance at EC meeting and asked for
EC members to invite financial aid colleagues. Gabby asked if chairs could come back to
request a change in their budget. She also asked if the EC meetings were public.

Tom reviewed what budgets are missing or not confirmed. Rhonda confirmed that she
was in contact with Frank and he stated that Cash for College is part of high school
relations and should have been budgeted in HS relations.

1040 workshop was tabled. Wayne contacted Mr. Briggs and he stated that there were no
workshops scheduled for West Coast.

Tom proposed that he wishes to assist the Treasurer in deposits. There is authority in the
bylaws to have the Treasurer-elect assist.

Motion was made by the committee to have Tom, Treasury Elect, assist Tim,
Treasurer, deposits but the ultimate responsibility still lies with the Treasurer.

Motion passed via majority vote

Motion made by the committee to leave $120,000 in the checking and invest
$250, 000 in laddered CD until June when the committee can recommend where to
move the funds.

Motion carried.

Tim and John clarified their goals. Nancy asked if the checking account was interest
bearing and John confirmed that the checking account was a small business checking
Meeting adjourned at 5:50

Minutes for Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Council Members Present: Mindy Bergeron, Louise Jones, Meredith Kelley, Lili
Vidal, Tanya Grigg, Tim Bonnel, Tom Ma, Nancy Davis, Catherine Graham, Laura
Hiler, Noelia Gonzalez, Gabriela De La Vega, Glenda Welch, Nicolas Valdivia

Others Present: John Anderson, Ronda Mohr, Wayne Mahoney, Deb Barker-Garcia,
Molly Greek, Addalou Davis, Toni Dubois

Absent: David Levy, Lori Stefano, Anafe Robinson, Donna Huber, Marianna Deeken,
Carrie Steer-Salazar, Susan Gutierrez, Joanne Brennan, , Mary San Agustin, Bryan
Dickason, Kathleen Clough

Call to order: President Mindy Bergeron called the meeting to order at 8:37

Mindy welcomed the committee back to the meeting. She explained that the last few
hours of the meeting yesterday were confusing and exhausting regarding budgets. She
explained that we will review budgets and stay on target. She asked Tom to review each
budget. She asked if the group wanted to review each item. Tom then recommended that
we review the tabled items then review each budget individually.

GP’s-Do Talk.
New budget for the GP Do Talk is $8220. Revenue = $3000 @ 120 per person.
Committee-related expenses are zero. She included airfare for five people=$1250, rental
car $225, parking $180, lodging $600, event breakfast $2800, event lunch $2800, dinner
$80, other $60, teleconference $25. $5220 is the net amount.

GP- committee budget totals $ 2275
Airfare for seven = $1750
Car = $375

Tom inquired about MI. Rhonda spoke to Daryl and he requested an additional $2700
for facilitator. The total for MI is $16615.

State Issues – Meredith moved some of her expenses to conference budget. Her total is
for flight, car, travel, two round trip airfares, three room nights, per diem, copying and
shipping. Her total budget is $3880.

Proprietary Workshops - Laura confirmed her budget as follows:
North event total revenue = $4800.
Breakfast Expense = $1000
Lunch Expense= $1000
Copying Expense = $400
Other = $200
Supplies = $200
Total expenses $2700net $2100

South event total revenue = $6800
1 flight = $250
Parking = $30
Other = $15
Lodging = $ 450
Food / breakfast = $11220
Postage =$300
Telephone = $100
Facility =$1200
AV = $300
Supplies = $100
Total expenses $14765 net $7965

All budgets are complete now expect for the final Conference and 1040 workshops. Mary
will submit a paper copy of the conference budget.

Mindy asked Rhonda, John and Wayne to give an explanation of their budgets to the

John confirmed that the newcomer’s gift that the ambassadors give at their event will
come from the conference budget. He then reviewed archives, scholarships and
volunteers. Molly will give her own report on Newsletter.

Rhonda reviewed Ethnic Diversity training (net 4350 and a request for fund
development). The Ethnic Diversity committee requested a budget for a couple of in-
person meetings Ethnic Diversity’s conference event funds fall under the conference
budget. GP will conduct three ―Do Talk‖ events rather than two this year. (LA, San
Diego, and Northern California.) The net request is for GP is $5220 net. GP has
requested fund development. The GP committee budget is $2275 for two in person
meetings. The GP Forum budget falls under the conference budget. Kathleen wanted
confirmation regarding how much was requested from Fund Development for Ethnic
Diversity and GP. There us no Fund development for the GP committee. High school
relations committee is requesting $1590. The high school meetings are requesting

MI is requesting a correction. They need two budgets…one for committee and one for
event. The committee funds are for planning the event. The event revenue $3500—the
expenses are $16615 and the net is $13115.
Mini-Conference committee is planning five events. The total revenue is $20000 the
expenses for the events are $37236.25. The net is $17236.25. The correction is that the
committee is moved to a separate line on the budget spreadsheet. The committee itself
is asking for $2345 for planning the events.

Proprietary certification workshop in north is a two day advanced certification and is
being held on a college campus. Their revenue is $4800 and expenses are $2700 for a net
of $2100. The south is a three day for advanced and beginners. The registration fee is
$60 for beginners. The revenue will be $6800. Expenses for 110 will be $14765. The
net is $7965. Propriety is requesting $3475 from Fund Development for in person
meetings to plan the workshops. The propriety conference is a part of the conference

Wayne then reviewed his budgets. The web services budget was voted and approved
yesterday. Travel is included for the membership budget and it is not necessary. Wayne
requested that all the membership travel be zeroed out for a total of $1250 of expenses.
Communications did not have a budget and also no expenses. Addalou also had no
budget. There was $50000 allocated in income for job placement.

Mindy discussed Executive Council budgets. She spoke of state issues, fund
development, VP, and fiscal planning. Tom then explained that his budget for $1850
included travel to meet with Tim for training. CSACliaisons expenses are not paid by
CASFAA and neither are Marianna Deeken’s from the DOE. Addalou’s is paid $20
hour on an as needed basis. The CLFE liaison pays for her expenses. Wayne commented
that the Site Selection needs to add one more person to his committee.

Lili asked if we could pay for Marianna but it was confirmed that it is federal policy for
her to pay for her own expenses. Catherine wanted confirmation of Addalou’s role in
the website. She also asked if there was a management plan on managing the website.
Addalou stated that she works with Wayne to determine what needs to be brought to the
Executive Council for website posting. Wayne confirmed that there is a pseudo
committee. Meredith stated that this a bigger discussion and we need Ken Walsh’s
presence in order to continue the discussion.

Wayne, Ken and Addalou to talk about overall web strategy to determine where the
responsibility lies so the group can confirm plans for the website.

Mindy continued that we should make the budget/fiscal planning process a easier.

   TO DO
   Fiscal Planning is to discuss the 2008 budget process and come up with some
   recommendations to present at the March meeting
Kathleen Clough – Fund Development
Kathleen listed her committee members. They are Ken Souza, Greg Kerr and Kimberly
Williams. She plans to work with Ken and Greg to create new sponsorships. She also
wants to put an ad in the newsletter to find out what software schools like to use. She
will be creating a fund development brochure which will include all meeting dates and
she will have a sample by next meeting. A flyer for the banner was included in all her
―thank you‖ correspondence to lenders. Mindy stated that she announced the availability
of the banner ads at the CLFE meeting that she attended. Kathleen will be working with
Wayne to create an ―in-kind‖ form. Committee members can complete this form when
they receive sponsorship from a lender. She noticed in the last couple of years that
CASFAA has not provided t-shirts. She asked the group if this is something that
CASFAA are still interested in doing. This entails buying CASFAA t shirts and selling
them at the booth. Kathleen asked if we were interested in having the t-shirts sponsored.
The t-shirt would have a CASFAA logo on the front and the lender(s) logo on the back.
Toni confirmed that this is a major project and the conference committee needs to be here
for the discussion. Addalou sated that she remembers a conference where T-shirts were
given away. She discussed the difficulty with regards to size. Catherine stated that the
―Sunset Act‖ could make this a possible issue. She asked if CASFAA should take a
stand on what we can accept from lenders and CASFAA should set an example. Tim
then continued that CASFAA as a group does not set precedence for what schools do in
regards to conflict of interest. He then said that we may want to have a discussion about
regarding CASFAA’s position on the Sunset Act, but that it is not a parallel with what
CASFAA does. Catherine continued that there are perception issues when CASFAA
accepts such sponsorships. Nancy then brought the discussion to the banner ads. She
wanted clarification of how many we had. We currently have seven vendors requesting
banner ads. There are no comparisons because we did not previously have banner ads.
Nancy requested that we track the amount of banners for future knowledge.

It was requested to see a paper form of the budget. Tim stated that he is concerned that
we do not have a conference budget. If we approve the budget without reviewing it, we
run the risk of having an unbalanced budget.

Lili stated that we should hold off on the revenue until March so we can get a clearer
picture of what committees will earn in revenue.

Motion by Nancy to approve the budget as first draft with the opportunity to revise as
further info is received.

Seconded by Louise
Motion passed

Nick stated that a balance budget requires a new process.

Tim stated that perhaps we need to approve the submitted expenses now and deal with
the revenue in March due to the risk of the conference budget not being balanced.

Motion by Meredith to approve expenses and budgets as submitted and table approval of
revenue until March meeting


Motion passed with no objections

Training Coordinator Report =Rhonda Mohr
Rhonda said that she did not have much more to add after she reviewed the budgets.

Association Services - John Anderson
John stated that his Ambassador coordinator did not submit a report. He then reviewed
the goals of his Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Gutierrez.

Lili purposed that Susan Gutierrez be invited to the next meeting because she has interest
in web content. Mindy confirmed that Susan is invited to the next meeting.

Newsletter - Molly Greek
Molly was able to find plenty of great volunteers for the newsletter. She reviewed the list
of her committee members. The reminders are helpful in the submission of articles. She
learned yesterday that the list serve only goes to 500 and she wants to send e-mails to the
greater group. The contracts are signed for advertisement. CASFAA might just break
even on advertising. There are more articles than we can publish. She will look for
organizations that write more than one article and delete those duplicates. She will talk to
Addalou about putting the pictures on the website. Her goals will need to involve
Wayne’s assistance. She wants to improve the distribution of the newsletter. Non
members are sent a copy of the newsletter. She has a list of nonmember names for
revision. She wants to work with Wayne to create a more simple way to access these
names through the website. She also wanted to improve how vendors pay for
advertisement. John confirmed that Molly and her committee are following their
strategic goals. Molly wants to create a calendar for the entire year. She suggested that if
independent reps have an article to let her know when they plan to submit it.

                                         TO DO
                      Mindy is to review newsletter distribution list.
Conference 2007 Report and Survey Results– Toni Dubois
Toni reviewed her written report. She stated that the best thing we could do from last
years conference is to learn from it. It was expected that CASFAA would subsidize
$35000. There was significant savings in Audio Visual. The only printed material was
the ―save the date‖ post cards. The major expenses for all conferences is the meals. She
reviewed the meals in detail based on her hand out. There were only 57% of the
attendees that attended Sunday night’s dinner. This is a drop from the previous year.
The desserts left over from the Presidents reception were brought to the DJ party. Toni
confirmed that the exhibit hall was the right size. The lighting and room size were
comfortable. There were many positive and negative comments regarding the food.
There was conflict with the Ethnic Diversity event ending 20 minutes late. Most
evaluations state that that the events were positive. She mentioned how helpful it was that
she had a CASFAA credit card. She has surrendered that card to Tim Bonnel. She
believes that CASFAA is too big for Ontario.

The Ayres Suites could not provide the 150 suites they promised in the contract. They
dropped the room rate as a result.

There was a breach of contract with the Ontario Marriott. They double booked the
presidential suites that are provided. Toni worked with IMN to confirm the presidential
suites. Although CASFAA received two presidential rooms, they were not acceptable
(very dirty). After shuffling CASFAA and CCCFAAA members around to different
rooms it was finally settled. CCCSFAAA received a total of $6000 settlement from the
Marriott for this issue.

The meeting planner from the Ontario conference center was not experienced enough to
handle CASFAA’s size. She was dismissed from assisting us and the senior meeting
planner took over.

The water coolers were not refilled and the restrooms not attended to as expected.

President baskets were stolen. The Hotels accommodated CASFAA by not charging us
conference rate for certain rooms.

There was a $3002 rebate because things were so bad and CASFAA members were
checking out early. CASFAA had a room block for 2600 room nights and only 1927
were actually booked.

Recommendations for the future are for the Conference Committee structure should be
reevaluated and Fund Development responsibilities need to be clearer.

Toni stated that she needed a list of volunteers. The volunteers were never listed in the
program. She also stated that the volunteers should be listed in the newsletter to
acknowledge their assistance. Molly confirmed that there is no list in the newsletter.
Toni stated that is it a shame that volunteers are not listed and they should receive

Mindy sated that we need a list of volunteers to be in the newsletter. Mindy commented
she is going to have a lender rep work as a liaison to work with Kathleen for next year’s
conference. There is a new volunteer coordinator for 2007, Susan Gutierrez.

Lili asked if everyone had to submit their volunteers.

To Do
Joanne is to work with Addalou to get a list of 2006 volunteers to give to Molly to list in
the newsletter.

John confirmed the final figures of the conference.

Revenue = $265000
Actual = $250200
$10300 under budget

Expenses = $332338
Budgeted = $418000
Expenses under $85661

$250200 – $332338 deficit or $82138

Budgeted deficit was $157500

Subsidized for $250736

Over $178,000 was gained by conference to support 07 events.

Thank you notes for vendors were discussed as to whose responsibility it is, either fund
development or conference. Previously CASFAA has given out small gifts that fell on
the conference committee. Addalou will bring cards with conference logos. Fund
development is to coordinate thank you letters.

Mini Conference – Deb Barker-Garcia
So far Deb has two goals. They are to provide high quality training to the FA community
and to provide this training at a lower cost. She then discussed the proposed locations.
They want to add a third location to Southern California. She has a committee and listed
who they are. Her next step is to get the committee together to get a theme and nail down
details. Her biggest goal is to make the mini-conferences fun! John asked about parking
at schools sites. She is paying close attention to the budget and keeping this in mind in
regards to the costs. She is confident in how her year has begun.

New Business
Lili asked about the website and where we should post committee reports. She also asked
if we agree on the reports as a committee prior to posting. Mindy confirmed that there
are no corrections to reports so they are ok to post.

Lili then asked if Federal Issues has drafted and mailed a letter to George Miller. It was
confirmed that there is no draft letter. She then asked if this is still something that the
Committee is interested in doing.

                                           TO DO
                        Lili to draft a new letter for George Miller.

Nancy asked if CASFAA should submit the Foster Youth Success initiative to NASFAA.
NASFAA’s State award criteria for submission was in question. Meredith was concerned
because that it wasn’t a CASFAA project and it is was questioned whether it is

Mindy commented that it was helpful that Bruce came to talk to us regarding
Parliamentary Procedures. Mindy wants to create an ad hoc group to set guidelines on
how we run our meetings. Mindy, Meredith, Louise, Joanne and Wayne can create
guidelines on how to run the meetings.

It was then discussed that we want to share the following highlights of this meeting with
the membership at large:
    1. We have dates for mini conference and proprietary
    2. We will be making available these dates and prices
    3. The conference this year is scheduled differently
    4. An announcement that the CAFAA brochure is available
    5. A reminder that the IPA is almost due

Tim confirmed that reimbursements should be sent to him at the address below.

Tim Bonnel
PO box 188185
Sacramento, CA 95818

Next Meeting will be at South SF Embassy Suites.
Laura will send the Proprietary letter to Mindy for approval before it is sent.

                                      TO DO
 Mindy and Mary to work with Addalou to come up with a recommendation at next EC
              meeting to discuss the conference chair job description.

Moved to adjourn meeting by Louise at 11:43 a.m.

No objections

Meeting adjourned

MOTION made by Tim made the following motion via e-mail

There is currently around $400,000 in the CASFAA operating/checking account.
Tim has investigated and recommends that we put $250k into an 8-month CD
(4.69%) and $75k into an 11-month CD (4.26%) both at BofA. There are no
penalties for early withdrawal provided any withdrawn money is deposited to a
BofA deposit account (our checking account would qualify.) This would leave about
$75K in the operating/checking account which is about how much is needed to pay
the bills within the next 6 to 8 months until the conference money (reg fees/fund
development) is received.

FYI: There is also an additional $581,000 in the Franklin Templeton investment
accounts. This money is not being touched.

Motion passed 12 out of 13 responded via e-mail with a “YES” vote.