Nov 02 meeting minutes

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					                                  Texas A&M University-Kingsville

                                       Faculty Senate Minutes

                                         November 2, 2010

Present: Aden Ahmed, Angel Ball, Sajid Bashir, Alicia Cavazos-Garza, Mike Daniel, Jean Escudero, Don
Fisher, Michelle Garcia, James Glusing, Patricia Gomez, Jose Guerra, Glenda Holland, Darin Hoskisson,
Vincent Louis, Tanner Machado, Mary Mattingly, Gerri Maxwell, Lifford McLauchlan, Jim Norwine,
Victoria Packard, Kathleen Rees, Ed Rowley, Ryan Rhoades, Greg Sanders, Nestor Sherman, Roger Tuller,
Priti Verma, Charles Wissinger, Nuri Yilmazer

   I. Meeting was called to order by Ed Rowly at 3:43 pm
   II. Minutes of October 12, 2010 were unanimously passed
   III. Report of Officers: Ed Rowly gave an overview of his meeting with State Convention of Council
        of the Faculty Senate.
   IV. Provost talked about the merit bonus: two percent average ranging from zero to five.
   V. Old Business
               I.   Faculty Handbood Draft Review
                    Motion by Ed Rowly to limit discussion to 10 minutes per item, Don Fisher second.
                         a. A1 History: Accepted 24-2 with pending
                             Table until Marketing and Communication updated.
                             A2 Mission: accepted 24-1.

                           A3 Role and Scope: approved 25-0

                           A4.1 : approved 27-0

                           A4.2: approved 24-0

                           A4.3: approved by voice vote

                           A (all): approved 26-1

                       b. C1 (1 to 10): approved by voice vote
                          C2 Discussion was brought up about the reason for specifically 10 hours of
                          office hours. Discussed redefining “office”. Motion to amend to “Faculty
                          member is expected to make reasonable accommodation to be accessible
                          to students” by Jean Escudero and seconded by Dean Ferguson(?). 11
                          approved and 12 opposed.
                          C2 accepted “ AS IS” 11-6.
                          C2.1 approved 27-0
              C2.2 ammendment motioned by Victoria Packard to change “bibliographic”
              to “library instruction”. Approved by voice vote.
              C2.3 c) add “k” in week
              C2.3.1 b) option (1) approved 23-0-4 (abstentions)
              C2.3 approved unanimous by voice vote
              C2.4.1.1 approved unanimous by voice vote
              C2.4.1.2 approved unanimous by voice vote
              C2.4.1.3 approved unanimous by voice vote
              C2.4.2 approved unanimous by voice vote
              C2.4.3 amendment to change to “see the appendix” approved unanimous
              by voice vote
              C2.4.3 approved unanimous by voice vote
              C2.4.4 approved unanimous by voice vote
              C2.4.5 approved unanimous by voice vote

VI.    Announcements
       Ed Rowley announced that the next Faculty Senate meeting is November 9, 2010
VII.   Meeting was adjourned at 4:58 pm.

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