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C A A D E 2 0 0 8 - California Association for Alcohol Drug Educators

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									                                   CAADE Chronicles
                                                   NEWSLETTER of the
                                     California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators

Spring   CAADE Board Renews its Mission and Vision for
Issue    the Future of Addiction Education and Counselor
         Certification in California
C            On February 15-16 your board of directors held a strategic planning meeting at the Holiday Inn
         Burbank Airport Media Center. The meeting was facilitated by Dr. Thomas Freese (UCLA ISAP,
         PSATTC) and Wayne Kistner, Esquire. The goals of the meeting included re-visioning our values

A        and goals, and aligning our mission statement and bylaws with those goals. When organizations
         grow and change the way CAADE has over the past few years, it is often necessary for them to reas-
         sess their operational structure. Essentially, we are in the process of growing up, of evolving into a
         more sophisticated, mature organization. The birth process is often difficult, but with the help of our

A        two “midwives,” Wayne and Tom, we were able to successfully begin the process. One of the prod-
         ucts of the meeting was a new mission statement (below). “More will be revealed” as things unfold.

         The CAADE Mission is to promote continuous enhancement of addiction services in the com-
         munity including prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support services.

D        ●
            The mission is accomplished through:
            Promotion and support of quality higher education in addiction studies;
            Provision of continuing education and professional

E        ● Leadership at the state and national levels for the
           development and implementation of certification standards
           for addiction service professionals;
         ● Development and application of accreditation standards
           for higher education in addiction studies; and
         ● Public policy education and advocacy with consumers and
            other stakeholders

 0       Wayne Kistner and Tom Freese (above right); CAADE Board Members strategize around the conference table

             Inside this Issue
 0           ♦ President’s Message; CAADE Board; Next CAADE Board Meeting—pg. 2
             ♦ CSU Fullerton hosts Michael Cunningham; ADP Renews Contract with CSUF—pp.3-6

 8           ♦ Meet CAADE’s President-Elect, Jack Kearney—p. 6; CAADE’s Going Green
             ♦ Next CATC Exam October 2008; CAADE Conference 2008 Schedule Inside
             ♦ CEU provider ads inside; Become a CAADE Member/Registrant and Join the Best

                                                                                  Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

    CAADE OFFICERS                    My Last Message As Your
  Lori Phelps, Psy.D., CATC, CEDS     President—
 Jack Kearney, M.Div., MAC, CATC      Lori Phelps, Psy.D., CATC
            President Elect
     Paul Sharpe, MSW, CATC                April 25, the first day of CAADE Conference 2008, will be my
       Immediate Past President       last day as CAADE President. It will be my joy and honor to give the
     Continuing Education Chair       gavel to my dear friend and colleague, Jack Kearney. I thought it
       Joan Harter, MS, CATC          would be appropriate now for me to take a look at the last two years
               Secretary              and to review with you all that we have accomplished in that time.
       Ben Eiland, M.A., CEAP              I became president in 2006. You will recall that the counselor cer-
          Northern Area V.P.          tification regulations in California took effect on April 1, 2005 and we
    Robert Johnson, M.A., CATE        were right in the middle of our NOCA accreditation work when I took
           Central Area V.P.          office. Joan Harter was good enough to take over the position of secre-
   Carlton Blanton, Ed.D., CATE       tary which I had held for some 8 years. She has done a wonderful job
          Southern Area V.P.          and has agreed to continue as secretary for at least another year.
     Dick Wilson, Ph.D., CATE              I continued as webmaster and editor of the Chronicles, and while
    Accreditation Chair, Liaison VP   Bill Shilley, Certification Chair, oversaw the NOCA accreditation
   Benjamin Salazar, MS., CATE        process, I started trying to learn about how to put on a conference!
               Treasurer              Fortunately, I had the full support and assistance of some wonderful
                                      board members who are past presidents and had organized previous
 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                   conferences (Dick Wilson and Cindy Alibrandi). I will be forever
   Lucinda Alibrandi, Ph.D., CATE     grateful to them for all of their guidance and wise direction with the
      James Evans, M.S., CATE         conference and so many other things. Terri Melvin was my right arm
  Gregory Granderson, Ph.D., CATE     throughout the 2007 conference; we are currently finalizing the plans
      Tandy Iles, M.P.H., CATE        for CAADE Conference 2008, and we have even started planning
    Fernando Mallory, B.S., CATC      CAADE 2009 in Sacramento!
 James “Rob” Robinson, M.S., CATC          I am extremely proud to say that during my tenure as president we
     William Shilley, M.A., CATC      added two student directors to our board; Fernando Mallory was made
      Robin Staton, M.A., CATE        a full voting board member last year and Dennis Wade was elected to
     Angela Stocker, M.A., CATC       the position of Northern Area Student Member. The board voted to
     Karen Taback, Ed.D., CATE        open three ex officio positions for northern, central, and southern stu-
 Ronald Vanevenhoven, M.A., CATC      dent representatives. The central and southern positions are still open
     STUDENT MEMBER                   so if you are a student in either of those regions please consider joining
    Dennis Wade, A.S., CATC-I         us. The best way to start is by attending board meetings and expressing
         (JFK University)             your interest.
                                           We did earn our NOCA accreditation last year in August, we hired
                                      an attorney, Wayne Kistner, to guide us through our reorganization
     CAADE Central Office
                                      process, we redesigned our webpage, and with this edition of the
       Becca Porter, CATC             Chronicles we are “going green” by sending the Chronicles online via
      Credentialing Coordinator       email (see p. 20). We now have fully automated online conference
      Membership Coordinator          registration, an online store, Paypal, and other technological innova-
                                      tions too numerous to list. All in all, I am pleased with the progress we
CAADE Board Meeting                   have made. I thank the CAADE board for making the tough decision
                                      to pay me a stipend for these last three months of my tenure. While I
   Friday, April 25, 2008             have served CAADE as a volunteer for over 10 years, the number of
                                      hours required now for such a large organization, and my own finan-
   10:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m.               cial obligations made it impossible to continue solely as a volunteer.
    Costa Mesa Hilton                 Thanks for the support and for an incredible
  All CAADE Members Welcome           learning experience. I leave you in good hands.
RSVP Please to    Meet President Elect Jack Kearney on page 6.

                                                                                               Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

CAADE Accreditation Team Visits JFK Univer-
sity in Pleasant Hill to discuss Master’s Degree                                    Transformations
                                            Lori Phelps, Dick Wilson,
                                            Gail Kinsley-Dame (of JFK               Home Study Courses
                                              University), and Ben
                                             Eiland (CAADE Board)               All Courses $4 Per Hr. (or less)
                                                                               Group Rates As Low As $3 Per Hr
                                             In February Dick Wilson, Ben
                                             Eiland and Lori Phelps visited
                                             JFK University to meet with
                                             Gail Kinsley-Dame, M.A.,           email:
                                             MFT, Chair of the MA in             CAADE Provider No. CP40 821 H 1010
                                             Counseling Psychology pro-
gram at the Pleasant Hill campus. The purpose of the meeting was to dis-
cuss CAADE accreditation of a Master’s Degree program with a speciali-          Self-Study Continuing Education
zation in Addiction Studies. The team provided Professor Kinsley-Dame
with a copy of the latest version of the Higher Education Curriculum                         Courses
Guidelines Manual developed through a grant from the Department of             Legal and Ethical Standards, HIPAA,
Alcohol and Drug Programs in cooperation with Cal-State University            ACA, the Suicidal Client, Spousal Abuse,
Fullerton and CAADE. Ben Eiland, who will be teaching Addiction Stud-                       and more.
ies classes at JFK, offered to assist Professor Kinsley-Dame in updating
the current courses and bringing the program into compliance with the         Federico Grosso, DDS, Ph.D., MFT, BCFE
higher education guidelines. This important program will be the first
CAADE accredited Master’s level program with an addiction studies fo-                   Phone: 805-962-3628
cus, furthering our mission to promote and support quality higher educa-                       or go to
tion in addiction studies. The accreditation team is also in process of ex-    or
ploring the development of another bachelor’s level program in addition    
to the one in Human Services at California State University Fullerton.
                                                                                CAADE Provider Number: CP10 790 H1109
ADP Renews Alcohol/Drug Studies Curriculum Development
Technical Assistance Contract with Cal-State Fullerton—CSUF
Human Services Department Hosts ADP Deputy Director,                                                         Online
Michael Cunningham                                                                                           CEUs

On February 29, 2008, Michael Cunningham,
Deputy Director of the California Department of                                     Contact: Lorraine Watson, Ph.D.
Alcohol and Drug Programs was the honored                                              800-729-1627
guest at the yearly community college/community
advisory meeting of the Human Services Depart-
ment at Cal-State Fullerton. Cunningham’s visit                                            CP10 780 H 0309
celebrated the fact that ADP had renewed the
curriculum development technical assistance Michael Cunningham,
contract with Dick Wilson, Lori Phelps, and Deputy Director, Dept of
                                                  Alcohol and Drug Programs
CSUF’s Human Services Dept. that began in
2007. Some 40 individuals representing
CAADE, local community colleges, treatment centers, students, faculty,
county programs, and practitioners attended the event.
     Cunningham discussed the state’s movement toward evidence-based
treatment and prevention of substance abuse. He reported that metham-
phetamine has overtaken alcohol, marijuana and heroin as the drug of
choice for youth in California and that there is a need for youth treatment
programs. ADP has received Proposition 63 money (Mental Health Ser-
vices Act) to establish a co-occurring disorders department. They are cur-           WWW.INCASE.ORG
rently piloting a screening tool for Mental Health and AOD. (Cont. p. 6)

                                                                                               Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

    Students must register with CAADE once they begin their internship or begin working in the field, which-
ever comes first. The CAADE board is recommending that our students, therefore, NOT become CAADE mem-
bers until they begin their fieldwork or actual work in the field because that is when the state requirement of five
years begins for that individual. In other words, once you become a registered student member of CAADE, you
have five years to complete certification and finalize your CATC credential. Students who are already student
members are therefore registered and operating within the five-year deadline.

                          RENEWAL OF YOUR C.A.T.C. CREDENTIAL
                               AND CAADE MEMBERSHIP
      As of January 2006 CATC renewal and membership renewal will be coordinated to occur concurrently
  every two years.
      Renewal of the Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC) Credential requires a total of forty
  (40) hours of continuing education during the period of time covered by the certification. The period of time
  covered by the certification is for twenty-four (24) months. It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify
  with the provider that the academic/institutional course, conference, seminar, workshop or home study
  course has a current CAADE provider number.
   The following must be submitted to the Certification Committee with your application for renewal:
  1. A certified bank check or money order made out to CAADE for 230.00 (that’s 2 years CATC and 2
      years membership). If you are not a CAADE member your 2-year renewal for the CATC only is $300.
  2. Proof of Forty (40) hours of Continuing Education Hours (CEH) (Copies of your certificates).
      Forty (40) Continuing Education Hours may consist of the following:
     a. Completion of up to forty (40) hours of academic course work in a CAADE approved Alcohol
        and Drug Studies Program beyond the certification requirements.
     b. Forty (40) hours of continuing education may be acquired by participating in CAADE approved
        Alcohol/Drug Counseling and Treatment academic courses, conferences, seminars and workshops.
     c. Forty (40) hours of continuing education may be acquired by participating in CAADE approved
        Professional Development academic courses, conferences, seminars and workshops.
     d. Forty (40) hours of continuing education may be acquired by participating in CAADE approved
        Alcohol/Drug Counseling and Treatment Home Study courses.
     e. Forty (40) hours of continuing education may be acquired by participating in Professional
        Development Home Study Courses.

  NOTE: The CEH hours must have either a CAADE provider number, be from a level of government (city,
  county, state, federal) or directly contracted by a level of government, or from a state funded college or uni-
  versity (AOD related courses). Extension courses must have a CAADE provider number. It is your respon-
  sibility to research you own Continuing Education Hours for validity.

  A. For a list of current providers and courses check and the CAADE Chronicles.
  B. Renewal information and application form will be sent, as a courtesy, to
     applicants 30-60 days prior to their stated renewal date by the C.A.T.C.
     Credentialing Coordinator. If you do not receive this package within two (2)
     weeks prior to your renewal date, contact:
         Becca Porter, C.A.T.C. Credentialing Coordinator
              P.O. Box 7297, Ventura, California 93006 or
                      telephone/fax (805) 641-1677 or
               email:                             Robb Robinson, Jack Kearney and Becca Porter
                                                                                           at strategic planning meeting in Burbank

                                                                                            Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

                                               Become A CAADE Provider
                                       and Receive Free Ad Space in the Chronicles
                                                 and at
                                        Instructions & Regulations for Providers of Continuing
                                       Education for Certified Addictions Treatment Counselors
     The California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE) in 1986, under contract with the California
State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, developed the Guidelines for Alcohol and Drug Studies Programs
within Higher Education. The Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (C.A.T.C.) Credential was introduced in
California in the Fall of 1995. It signifies that the person in possession of this credential has completed the academic
and experiential requirements for a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies in a state accredited, CAADE approved
program. The membership of CAADE presently is in excess of 3800 members.
     Certified Addictions Treatment Counselors (CATC) are required to obtain 40 hours of continuing education
(CEH’s) toward renewal of their certification. Therefore, Certified Addictions Treatment Counselors (CATC) are
looking for programs with the CAADE provider number listed in advertisements. One source of such advertisement
is the CAADE Chronicles which provides free advertisement for its providers over the life of the CAADE provider
If you are interested in receiving information on becoming a provider of continuing educational courses for Certified
Addictions Treatment Counselors (CATC), complete this form and mail it to the address given below.

            CAADE Continuing Education Provider Information Request Form

Name: Individual/Institution: __________________________________________________________________

Business Street Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: ________________ Zip: ________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________ Fax: ____________________________________

Residential Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: ________________ Zip: ________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________ Fax: ____________________________________

CEU Providers mail this form to:                           Tel: (909) 594-5611 ext. 4654
Paul Sharpe, Chair — CAADE CEH Committee                   Fax: (909) 468-3938
 3149 Florinda Street Pomona CA 91767-1013                 email:

     Century Anger Management                                     Paul Sharpe, MSW, C.A.T.C.
         381 S. Carole Lane, Orange, Ca 92869
                                                                  Immediate Past President of CAADE
                    714-771-0378                                               Pomona, CA 91767
                Contact Pam Scavella
                                                                       Call 909-594-5611 x4654                            for CEU information and opportunities

         CAADE Provider #CP15 771 C 1108                                CAADE Provider # CP15 777 C 0209

                                                                                             Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

     Introducing CAADE President-Elect, Jack Kearney, M.Div., MAC

                                  Fr. Jack Kearney has been a director on the CAADE board since 2002. He brings
                                  with him to the CAADE presidency a long, rich history of hands-on experience in
                                  the field of addiction counseling and education. He is a Commissioner for the Los
                                  Angeles County Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Commission as well as the Com-
                                  mission on Alcoholism. He is the president of the Family Intervention Center and
                                  Services, a non-profit agency that helps families who suffer with addiction and do-
                                  mestic violence. He teaches Human Services and Alcohol and Drug Studies at Cy-
                                  press College, Loyola-Marymount University, and the Training Institute for Addic-
                                  tion Counselors. His greatest experience is in the area of Family Intervention. Jack
                                  currently represents CAADE in Sacramento on the ADP Certification Workgroup
                                  and is actively involved in advocating for people who suffer with addictive disor-
                                  ders. He specializes in ethics for addiction counselors and will be presenting his
                                  workshop, “My Counselor, My Lover” at CAADE Conference 2008. Jack is passion-
                                  ate about helping individuals and families recover from addiction, and is a leader in
the fight for higher educational standards for addiction counselors in California. The CAADE Board will welcome
Jack to the presidency at the annual board meeting at CAADE Conference 2008 in Costa Mesa on April 25, 2008.

 Cal-State Fullerton Human Services Department Hosts ADP
 Deputy Director, Michael Cunningham (continued from page 3)

(continued from page 3) The Human Services Student Association president, Cyn-
thia Gomez, reported on the many service activities HSSA is involved in in the
community. Matthew Lovacheff, a senior in the Human Services Substance Abuse
track, presented his senior research project on Spirituality and Quality of Life in
Substance Abuse Recovery. Matthew will also be presenting his research project at
CAADE Conference 2008.                                                              (Above) Students, Faculty & Guests;
     CAADE board members at the meeting included Jack Kearney, Cindy Ali-           (Below) Matthew Lovacheff presents
brandi, Dick Wilson, Paul Sharpe, and Lori Phelps, CSUF F-T Lecturer who coor-
dinates the Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention track for the Human Ser-
vices Department. Other CSUF faculty in attendance were Mikel Hogan, Human
Services Department Chair, Kristi Kanel, Associate Professor; Carl Renold, As-
sociate Professor; Mia Sevier, Associate Professor; Lorraine Klein, F-T Lecturer;
Denise Mercurio-Wasserman, HUSR Lecturer/HCA Adult Mental Health; and
Marta Ortegon, HUSR PT Lecturer/Children and Family Futures. The meeting
was an opportunity for community leaders to find out more about the Human Ser-
vices program at CSUF and to provide feedback and suggestions for areas of in-
creased collaboration and participation. Dr. Lori Phelps extends her thanks to the
students of HSSA who assisted her in planning and hosting the meeting.
Thanks also to Dick Wilson for inviting Michael Cunningham.

                       Dr. Mikel Hogan,
                       HUSR Chair
                       (left); Faculty,
                       students and
                       esteemed guests
                       (right) listen to                                       Save the earth! Get your Chronicles
                       Cunningham’s                                              online. Join the Free Email List
                       report                                                           at

                                                                                      Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

           CAADE’s MISSION                                   Next CATC Exam Scheduled for
The CAADE Mission is to promote continuous en-
hancement of addiction services in the community                    October 25, 2008
including prevention, intervention, treatment, and
recovery support services.                                     The next official CATC Exam is scheduled for
    The mission is accomplished through:
                                                            October 25, 2008. Exams will be hosted at: Long
● Promotion and support of quality higher                   Beach City College (PCH), Porterville College, San
  education in addiction studies;
                                                            Diego City College, Oxnard College, Santa Rosa Jr.
● Provision of continuing education and
  professional development;                                 College, and College of San Mateo. Additional
● Leadership at the state and national levels for the       exams may be scheduled in other locations with a
  development and implementation of certification           minimum of 15 applicants required. If you are
  standards for addiction service professionals;            interested in applying for the CATC credential, go
• Development and application of accreditation              to to download
  standards for higher education in addiction
  studies; and                                              forms —OR— call or write Becca Porter,
● Public policy education and advocacy with                 Certification Coordinator. Applications must be
  consumers and other stakeholders                          postmarked no later than September 10, 2008.
CAADE provides forums such as workshops, an an-
nual conference, board meetings, and the Chronicles
                                                                      CATC Exam Reviews
newsletter. Information regarding upcoming events            Once you are approved to take the CATC
is also available on the CAADE website:                      exam you will be sent a copy of the
                                                             CATC exam handbook. This handbook
                                                             explains the exam and supplies you with
     CAADE’s Membership List for Sale to
                                                             a few sample questions.
             CAADE Providers Only
                                                                While CAADE (the organization) does
2/3rds of our members are in Southern California:
List Pricing: Statewide: $300                                NOT offer an exam prep workshop, sev-
               Southern California: $200                     eral of our colleagues and educators do.
               Northern California: $200                     We neither endorse nor oppose any of
                                                             these workshops, and many test takers
To order the list call or email Becca Porter                 find them valuable. Fees for the various
Phone/Fax: 805-641-1677                                      workshops vary. Here are the workshops
Email:                          we are currently aware of:
                                                              Training Institute for Addiction Counselors
                                                                     Lakewood, CA 562-461-9446

                                                              Craig Wetzl, San Francisco City College

                                                                            Gayle Bayock
                                                                           West LA College
                                                                              Cathi Schulte
       23861 El Toro Road, Suite 700                                    San Diego City College
           Lake Forest, CA 92630                                      (call for time and location)
         Phone:(800) 711-2062
                                                               To prepare go to for
     Call about free support meetings for
                                                             your FREE copies of the TAP 21 and TIP 27
           individuals and families
           CAADE Provider #CP10 812 C 0810

                                                                 Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

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Easy payments with check, credit card, PayPal
   CAADE is a 501(C)3 non-profit Organization
          (Federal Tax ID #77-0045316)

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                                                                              Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

     LUNDMARK ADDICTION                               CATC INTERN CREDENTIAL
                                                     As of March 24, 2007, the internship credential
     CONSULTING SERVICES                         identifies a person who has passed the CATC exam
                                                 and is working toward their 2240 hours to become a
               Leading Edge                      Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (C.A.T.C.).
Taking the latest concepts in the recovery       The 2240 hours include the internship hours while
             field and treating                  registered in CAADE accredited Addiction Studies
    addictions as Spiritual Dis-eases.           program as well as supervised clinical hours on the
    To Request Further Information                   To become a Certified Intern, first, you return the
                                                 completed C.A.T.C. Intern (CATCI) application and
        We can be reached by email at:           verification that you have passed the CATC exam (i.e.
             Or by telephone at:                 a copy of your PASS letter), a signed Code of Ethics
               (619) 770-0347                    and a signed Scope of Practice. With passing the
                                                 exam, you receive your first year of CATCI free.              Current Registration/Membership is required and
                                                 needs to be renewed annually.
        CAADE Provider #CP10 781 C 0309              After the 1st year, your CATCI is renewable by
                                                 sending in a CATCI renewal application, signed Code
                                                 of Ethics and Scope of Practice, $50.00 money order,
                                                 and 20 CEU’s. These CEU’s must be CAADE ap-
                                                 proved and, for the 1st year renewal, can back date one
                                                 (1) year prior to taking the exam. After that, you are
                                                 required 20 CEU’s each year, $50.00, signed Scope of
                                                 Practice and Code of Ethics, and current membership
                                                 to renew your CATCI. Again, you have three (3)
                                                 years after passing the CATC exam to apply for initial
                                                 certification. If you do not qualify to apply within
    Provider #CP40 768 H 1008
                                                 that three (3) years, you must take the exam again.
                                                            Send forms and fees to:
                                                          Becca Porter, CAADE Central Office
                                                           PO Box 7297, Ventura, CA 93006
                                                            or telephone/fax 805-641-1677
                                                   or email:
   For information on Greenbriar
home-study courses and workbooks, San Mateo County Human Services Agency
          Visit our website            Alcohol & Other Drug Services              400 Harbor Blvd. Building C
     or contact Ken Montrose at                 Belmont, CA 94002
          (724) 225-9700 or                Contact: Donna Wocher
           for a catalogue.                    650-595-7500

   CAADE provider # CP10 776 H 0209
                                                                     CP10 779 C 0309

                            More Sponsors on pages 18-19


                                              Quality Sober Living Houses
                                               1-800-799-2084 and    
                                                  SOBER LIVING

                                                     Eating Disorder & Dual Diagnosis
                                                        Program for Adolescents    

                                                                                             Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

                                                                                 Ben Franklin Institute
                       Bonita House, Inc.                                              P.O. Box 7128
                                                                                    Cave Creek, AZ, 85327
                         6333 Telegraph Ave.,
                               Suite 102                                           Phone: (800) 643-0797
                        Oakland, CA 94609-1328
                                                                                    Fax: (480) 585-3226

       Phone: (510) 923-1099                                     
         Fax: (510) 923-0894
     Email:                                   CAADE Provider Number: CP30 820 C 0710
              CAADE # CP40 766 C 0908

            Ventura County                                               The CENAPS® Corporation
Behavioral Health Department and Drug                                     Terence T. Gorski, President
      Programs Training Center
            72 Moody Court, 2nd Floor
            Thousand Oaks, CA 91360                                             6147 Deltona Blvd.
                                                                             Spring Hill, Florida 34606                                                352-596-8000
Substance Abuse and Professional Development Workshops                      Contact: Tresa Watson
  For information or to be placed on the mailing list                   CAADE Provider #CP40 755 C 0508
            Contact: Carla Cross
                                                                   TARZANA TREAT-
                   CP10 805 C 0510
                                                                  MENT CENTERS, INC.
                                                                    18646 Oxnard Street
     PHOENIX HOUSES OF                                              Tarzana, CA 91356
        CALIFORNIA                                                               818-996-1051
             11600 Eldridge Avenue                                             Contact: Jose Salazar
          Lake View Terrace, CA 91342                           
                  818-686-3096                                         CAADE Provider #CP20 792 C 1009
              Contact: Larry Stallings
         CAADE Provider #CP25 802 C 0410

                    National Health Care                                   Guided Imagery
                          for the
                                                                          Chuck and Patti Leviton
                     Homeless Council                                        441 S. Calle Encilia-Suite 17
                                                                               Palm Springs, CA 92262
                          ฀                760.322.5200 or 888.791.6329

         CAADE Provider #CP20 803 C 0410                                  CAADE Provider #CP25 806 C 0510

                                                                                         Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

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                        ContinuedLearning                             University of California, San Diego
                           at Netsmart                            Center for Criminality & Addiction Research,
                                                                             Training & Application
                         a Division of Netsmart                   37th Annual Summer Clinical Institute
                           Technologies, Inc                              in Addiction Studies
                                                                            August 5-7, 2008
                        (CAADE #CP40 796 H 1209)
                             online CEUs
                                                                      For information, please visit
                                                        or call (858) 456-6784
                                                                     CAADE Provider CP25 819 C 0810

                                                                                   Phone: 916-485-2272
Call 800-441-5569 or
                                                                                   2230 Loma Vista Drive                                                                     Sacramento, CA 95825


                                                                                    CAADE #CP 25 811 C 0710

                                                               MAGNA SYSTEMS, INC.
                                                                   8820 Greensboro Drive, #801
                                                                     McLean, VA 22102-3839

                                                               For info on CEU Courses call
                                                                     Jacqueline Butler
     CAADE Provider Numbers
        CP20 813 C 0810                                                703-448-5729
        CP20 814 A 0810
                                                                    CAADE #CP15 772 C 1108

                                                                      Spring 2008 CAADE Chronicles

Training Institute for Addiction
Counselors Offers CEU Courses
  Contact: Terri Melvin, CATC
          (562) 461-9446                       San Francisco/Oakland, California
5230 Clark Ave. #14, Lakewood CA 90712
CONTINUING EDUCATION WORKSHOPS                     email:
               EARN 3 CEU'S                          CAADE Provider #CP10 804 C 0510
              All workshops $20

   Friday CEU Workshops coming in 2008
                                                                   Social Model
              Grief and Loss                                         Recovery
            Family Intervention                                    Systems, Inc
     Native American Treatment Issues
Call for 2008 Schedule: (562) 461-9446                              250 E. Rowland Street,
                                                                      Covina, CA 91723

CAADE Provider Number: CP30 801 C 0410                 626-332-3145 ex.225
    CAADAC Provider #: 2S-00-435-0102                Contact: Margaret Edwards
         BBS Provider # PCE2170
                                                       Provider #CP10 800 C 0310
     Mental Health Association
             of Orange County


     CAADE Provider #CP10 799 C 0310

           San Diego Youth &
                                                       California Association of
          Community Services                       Addiction Recovery Resources
                3255 Wing Street
                                                  P.O. Box 214127, 2921 Fulton Avenue
              San Diego, CA 92110                        Sacramento, CA 95821
            619-221-8600 x229
            Contact Laurie Chapman
                                                      Contact: Patricia Patterson
        CAADE Provider #CP15 764 C 0708
                                                    CAADE Provider #CP10 808 C 0710
                                                           CAADE CONFERENCE 2008
                                                                        April 25-26-27, 2008
                                                                          Friday, Saturday, Sunday

                                                           SAVE $25: REGISTER ONLINE @
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Pre-                April 25, 10:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.
Conference:         April 25, 5:00 p.m. — 9:30 p.m. (Reception & Banquet)
              April26, 8:30 a.m. -6:00 p.m. (Workshops & Luncheon)
              April 26, 7:30 P.m. –9:30 p.m. (Karaoke w/your Teachers!)
                    April27, 8:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m. (Workshop & Closing)
      ROOM RESERVATIONS are charged separately: Reserve your room online through (link to 2008 Conference then click on hotel registration link)
                     or call Costa Mesa Hilton at 714-540-7000

          Ask for the CAADE Conference Group Rate of $99 per night single/double.
         Triple Rate (3 people per room) $109. Quad Rate (4 people per room) $119.


•     CAADE MEMBERS must include proof of registration or membership in order to qualify for "Member"
      rates. You can always check your CATC and/or membership status at
•     STUDENTS must include a copy of their class schedule/registration or student ID Card showing cur-
      rent enrollment in an accredited school, college, or university.

    Payment in full must be received with registration in the form of cashier's check, money order, or
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             payment has been received. Questions? Contact Terri Melvin (562) 461-9446.

          CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: CEU certificates = $5.00 (one-time charge)
                           A total of 20 CEUs available during the conference.
                    5 CEUs - Pre-conference (Friday 10a.m.—4p.m. with lunch break)
             15 CEUs - Conference (Friday evening banquet through Sunday closing ceremony)

All curriculum meets the educational qualifications for continuing education hours for RNs, MFTs and LCSWs as required by the
 California Board of Behavioral Sciences; for Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors as established by the CCBADAC; and for
      Certified Addiction Treatment Counselors (CATC) as established by CAADE. BBS (PCE2170); BRN (CEP 14656);
                                 CAADE (CP-30-694-P-0000); CAADAC (2N-02-483-0000).
                   CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: All cancellation requests must be received in writing.
                                ABSOLUTLEY NO REFUNDS AFTER APRIL 1, 2008
                         Addiction Recovery through Neurotransmission Restoration
                       Restoration and Rebalancing of Normal Neurotransmission in the Brain
                                    through IV Amino Acids, Vitamins, & Minerals
      A panel of experts, doctors, and patients will discuss the NTR System™ and the general topic of neurotransmission restoration by
all-natural means. The NTR System™ (aka NTR™) is a set of intravenous formulations of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that
has been used for over 20 years in Mexico and the US and with astonishing but relatively un-publicized success. Borrowing from
state-of-the-art principles from in vitro cell cultures that are used to influence the biochemical and physiological behavior of cells, in
particular the technologies termed “bioreactor science”, “systems biology”, and “flux analysis”, the all-natural ingredients in the NTR
System™ are administered by intravenous infusion to provide the brain with a prolonged exposure to optimized nutrients. “Bathing
cells” in this manner allows them to repair the damages caused by drug use. As a result, drug-induced cravings disappear within 10
days in almost all patients, clarity of mind is restored, and stress levels become more normal. Dr. William Hitt, who is now 81 years
old, initially tested the NTR System™ in the mid 1980’s in Mexico City, and he achieved a greater than 80% recovery rate in treated
alcoholics. The NTR system™ has since been improved and expanded to include virtually all known addictive drugs. Prior to that,
Dr. Hitt was an expert in cell culture technology, including while at Baltimore Biological Laboratories (subsequently acquired by Bec-
ton-Dickinson in 1955). Many celebrities have been treated by the NTR System™ including actor Ben Vereen (famed for his role as
Chicken George in Roots), and writer John Gray (author of the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”). Dr. Hitt’s
past and current clinical and research collaborators include the following:
Richard Mestayer, MD, is a distinguished psychiatrist, who retired from Oschner Clinic (Louisiana) after decades of service, has ex-
   tensive experience with addiction patients, and has treated hundred of patients with the NTR System™.
Paula Norris Mestayer, Dr. Mestayer’s wife, was a competitive athlete in college, and is a psychotherapist who advocates all-natural
   healing approaches. The NTR System™ has been part of her practice for over 6 years.
Roger Billica, MD, is a world-renowned lecturer and expert on amino acids and neurotransmission. Dr. Billica’s illustrious career
   includes being director of NASA’s entire medical operations where he served from 1991-2001.
Patrick Fu, PhD, is one of the nation’s premier research scientists with an impressive track record of achievements in the areas of flux
   analysis, metabolic cell engineering, and biomolecular computing, including at UCSD and the University of Hawaii. His areas of
   expertise include influencing the behavior of cultured cells using optimized nutrient environments.
Don Tyson, whom Dr. Hitt regards as one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on amino acids, if not the most knowledgeable,
   is collaborating with Dr. Hitt to produce an exciting new line of Oral NTR System™ products for use in patient aftercare and in the
   maintenance of sobriety that will complement the original 10-day intravenous NTR System™.
Father Robert Cornelison, or “Fr. Bob” to his friends, is an addiction pastor from Orange County, CA, who has had helped countless
   people in his lifetime, and has over 10 year of experience seeing the effects of the NTR System™ first hand.
   This panel of experts promises to provide some fascinating insights into NTR System™.
                         Saturday Morning (4/26/08) 10:30 to Noon - Panel 1: The NTR System™ Unveiled
                                          NTR SYSTEM™ PANEL 1: PROVIDER TESTIMONIALS
Dr. Greg Shen: Description of the NTR System™
Dr. William Hitt: The NTR System™ > 1) How It Was Invented; 2) Established Uses; 3) Potential Future Applications
Dr. Susan Broom-Gibson: Clinical Trial Data on NTR System™ (40 patients) > “Safety, Efficacy, & Relief of Cravings”
                                         NTR SYSTEM™ PANEL 1: PATIENT TESTIMONIALS
Dr. Richard Mestayer: Physician Testimonial > Patient Responses In 6 Years Of Experience With The NTR System™
Paula Mestayer: Psychologist Testimonial > NTR System™ Patient Presentations
Kris Jessicka and Dr. Steve Groth, Synergy Treatment (Orange County, CA): 1) New Concepts In Treatment > Combining the
NTR System™ with SouthCoast Recovery’s Drug Rehab and Sober Living; 2) Actual Patient Presentation
"Gina": “Used crystal meth for 11 years” > Personal Experience with the NTR System™
“Ted”: “Used benzos and prescription meds for 30 years” > Personal Experience with the NTR System™
Dr. John Gray: Patient Testimonial > Personal Experience with the NTR System™ > “By Video or In Person”
Rev. Dr. Ben Vereen: Patient Testimonial > Personal Experience with the NTR System™ > “By Video or In Person”
                 Saturday Afternoon (4/26/08) 2:00 to 3:00 - Panel 2: The Science Behind The NTR System™
                                      NTR SYSTEM™ PANEL 2: EXPERT TESTIMONIALS
Dr. Roger Billica: Amino Acids and Neurotransmission
Dr. Patrick Fu: Flux Analysis & Nutrient Optimization for Signal Transduction
Don Tyson: Amino Acids and Interesting Therapeutic Aspects
                                      NTR SYSTEM™ PANEL 2: SPECIAL TESTIMONIALS
Sister Lupita &/or Mother Lillie, Founder of Trinitarians of Mary: “By Video or In Person”
Rev. Dr. Bob Cornelison, Addiction Pastor: Personal Experiences with Dr. Hitt & the NTR System™
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