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									            HUMAN RESOURCES
              OF NEW YORK
                                          Vol. 25. No. 10                                                                                        June 2008

       Annual Legal Update
           he year 2008 has brought an abundance        of 1991; amendments to the Worker                  of all the laws that may benefit the compa-
       T   of changes in laws pertaining to HR, and
       the HR/NY April 16th breakfast
                                                        Adjustment and Retraining Notification
                                                                             Act (WARN Act), and
                                                                                                           nies for which we work and the employees
                                                                                                           for whom we take responsibility.
       addressed the current state of laws                                   two other topics recently        – Craig S. Mingus
       that will affect HR professionals.                                    in the news, the “Take             HR/NY Newsletter Committee
          Speaker Howard Z. Robbins,                                         Your Guns to Work” Bill            Human Resources Consultant
       Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP cov-                                      in Florida, and the                BGB NewYork
       ered a tremendous amount of infor-                                    “Genetic Information     
       mation in just sixty-minutes—117                                      Non-Discrimination Act
       pages to be exact—including                                           (GINA),formerlyH.R.493.         WE THANK…
       changes to the Family and Medical                                        I strongly encourage all
       Leave Act (FMLA); developments                                        members to attend the
       to Benefits & Compensation, Title VII of the     next HR/NY Legal Update. As HR profes-               Holland & Knight for sponsoring
       Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Act   sionals it is critical for us to keep informed       our April 16th Legal Update


                                                        Looking Back, Moving Forward
   Toting Files                                   2       t is hard to believe my third and final term     But first, let us look back.
   Editor’s Desk                                  3     I as President of HR/NY is finally nearing
                                                        its close. It is even more difficult to believe
                                                                                                              In the February issue of
                                                                                                           Inside HR/NY, Bob Nadel wrote a fantastic
   Ladders for Leaders                            4
                                                        that I have written 30 President’s Columns         article honoring HR/NY's 60th anniversary
   Operation Backpack                             4     during my tenure. I hope you have enjoyed          and our Chapter’s evolution, focusing on his
   Accelerate Your Network                        5     them over the years. I have tried to address       most active years from 1992 on. I joined the
   Executive Integration                          7     “hot” issues critical to our profession; to        Board in 1999 so I, too, have experienced a
                                                        share information on what is happening             journey of the Board's transformation.
   Transitions: 3 HR/NY Presidents Speak          8     within our Chapter and from SHRM; to               Members tell me all the time that the “look,
   New Members                                    9     discover ways to encourage people to come          feel and quality” of the Chapter and what it
   Your Foundation @ Work                         9     together; and to help all our members make         offers has changed dramatically in the last
                                                        the most of their membership.                      10 years.
   Committee Corner                               10       When I started as President, I remember            For me, the journey has not always been
   Save the Date/Calendar                         12    clinging to the words of the then VP of            easy. There was a time early on when I
                                                        Membership for SHRM, Keith Greene.                 thought about quitting to devote more time
                                                        Keith said when you are President of a             to other non-profit organizations in which I
MARK YOUR JUNE CALENDARS                                Supermega Chapter (1000+ members),                 could make a difference. I was born in 1967
6/12   “Workforce Diversity & Inclusion: A              there are many, many things you want to            so technically I am a “GenXer” and, at the
       Climb Up or a Slide Down the Hill,”              do, but you can not do them all; so pick 2-        time, I was running HR for an Internet com-
       presented by the Diversity SIG                   3 priorities and focus your efforts on those.      pany. I was definitely used to getting immedi-
6/19   Chapter Meeting: “What are the ‘Benefits’        Choose a legacy and determine what you             ate gratification from my efforts, especially
       of Being One of the ‘Best Companies to           want to be remembered for. Now is a per-           when volunteering. But Bob Nadel encour-
       Work For’ in New York?”
                                                        fect time for me to reflect on my priorities       aged me to give it more time and I stuck it out
                      (See Page 12 for details)
                                                        and that legacy I hope I have left behind.                                Continued on page 11

  HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                                  INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008
   Toting Files While Commuting Does Not                                                               after work hours because they had to go
                                                                                                       home first to ensure the safety of inspection
   Require FLSA Pay: Court of Appeals                                                                  documents. They did not assert they were
                                                                                                       required to do any other employment-relat-
      Someone was going to raise this issue          ees' first inspection site and ended when         ed tasks during their commutes.
   eventually, we suppose: Under the federal         they signed out at the employer's work site
   wage-hour law, is an employee entitled to be      closest to the last inspection site of the day.   Is Any Commuting Time
   paid for his commuting time to work sim-          On Fridays, the inspectors generally report-      Compensable?
   ply because he carries work files in a brief-     ed to headquarters in the morning to return          As amended by the Portal-to-Portal Act,
   case during his trip? Now we have an              the inspection documents used for that            the FLSA excludes ordinary commuting
   answer: No. Under the Fair Labor Standards        week's inspections and to pick up docu-           time, or “traveling to and from the actual
   Act, commuting time is not compensable            ments for the next week. Inspection docu-         place of performance of the principal activ-
   unless the employee is engaged in work for        ments were carried in a briefcase provided        ity” of employment, from compensation. In
   the employer's benefit at the employer's          by the employer. Plaintiffs estimated these       contrast, and like on-call time, work com-
   request, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the        weekly materials weighed 15-20 pounds.            pleted during a commute that is integral
   Second Circuit ruled in Singh v. City of New      Inspectors who failed to ensure the security      and indispensable to a principal activity of
   York. No. 06-2960-cv (Apr. 29, 2008).             of those documents or who reported to             employment is compensable. Whether an
   Furthermore, even where an employee's             inspection sites without the proper inspec-       employee’s time is considered compensable
   commuting time may be increased by an             tion documents were subject to discipline.        work depends on whether it is spent pre-
   employer's policies, if that additional time is      Plaintiffs commuted by bus and train.          dominantly for the benefit of the employer
   trivial, or de minimis, the employee is not       They claimed that carrying and safeguard-         (“predominant benefit test”). Rejecting the
   entitled to additional compensation under         ing the inspection files during their trip        claim for overtime payments in Singh, the
   the FLSA. Accordingly, the Second Circuit         slowed them down and extended their com-          Second Circuit held, “In the commuting
   affirmed the District Court's grant of sum-       muting times by 10 to 15 minutes when             context, we believe that the appropriate
   mary judgment for the employer under the          they missed busses or trains. One claimant        application of the predominant benefit test
   FLSA. The Second Circuit has jurisdiction         testified that up to an hour was added to his     is whether an employer’s restrictions hinder
   over Connecticut, New York, and Vermont.          daily commute because he would board a            the employees’ ability to use their commut-
                                                     train going in the direction opposite from        ing time as they otherwise would have had
   Facts of the Case                                 where he was headed to be able to board a         there been no work-related restrictions.”
      Plaintiffs conducted "scheduled" and           train going in the right direction a few stops       This ruling is premised upon the conclu-
   "unscheduled" fire alarm inspections in the       sooner that was less crowded, so as to get a      sion that “the mere carrying of a briefcase
   field from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday         seat and better accommodate the briefcase.        without any other active employment-relat-
   through Thursday, taking a half-hour lunch        Plaintiffs also claimed that they were pre-       ed responsibilities does not transform the
   break daily. Each day began at the employ-        vented from attending social events directly      plaintiffs’ entire commute into work” enti-
                                                                                                       tling the employee to compensation under
                                                                                                       the FLSA. The court found that plaintiffs’
                                                                                                       use of their commuting time was materially
                             Got the HR summertime blues?                                              unaltered by having to carry inspection doc-
                                                                                                       uments, because they still could read, listen
                                    Let Astron help!                                                   to music, eat, and run errands. “[I]t cannot
                                                                                                       be said that the [employer] is the predomi-
                                        Base and Specialized                                           nant beneficiary of this time,” the court
                                                                                                       said, but cautioned that the employer “is
                                       Compensation Analysis
                                                                                                       pushing the limits on the burdens it may
                                          Customizable                                                 impose on its employees during a com-
                                   Talent Mangement Systems
                                                                                                          The Second Circuit noted that while its
                                                                                                       holding is based on the predominant benefit
                                                                                                       test, its analysis is similar to a de minimis
                                                                                                       test. It said, “[W]hen an employee is mini-
                                                                                                       mally restricted by an employer during a
                                                                                                       commute, such that his or her use of com-
                                           1.800.520.3889                                              muting time is materially unaltered, the
                                                                      commuting time will generally not be com-
                                                                                                       pensable under the FLSA.”
                                Unique. Affordable. Friendly.                                                                 Continued on page 6

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                               INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008

   Wrapping Up With A Poem
   It is time to wrap up the 2007-2008 HR/NY program year and start planning our vacations! Before
   embarking on summer hiatus, I want my last column to leave you on a positive note. The Editor’s tradition
   for several years has been to conclude the year with a poem. I hope you enjoy this selection…

                                                     THE OPTIMIST CREED
                                                         Promise Yourself —
                               To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
                            To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.
                              To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.
                      To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.
                   To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.
                  To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
             To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
           To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
          To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.
                          To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
                                    and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

                                                      - The Optimist International

     Have a wonderful summer! See you in the Fall!

     – Brian McComak, PHR
       Editor, Inside HR/NY
       Director of Human Resources, L’Oreal

                                 Thanks to the Newsletter Committee
               Thanks to the hardworking members of Inside HR/NY for covering meetings and events and writing
                                          the stories we all enjoy reading. They are:

            Brendan Williams          Roberta Jackson        Thomas Greene                Craig Mingus         Marcella Granick

                     Thanks also to Karen Cohn, our graphic designer and Linda Simone our Managing Editor.

            If you have a talent for writing and would like to find out about being part of the 2008/2009 Newsletter Committee,
              please contact Brian McComak at We would love to welcome you as part of the team.

                                                                                         – Brian McComak
                                                                                           Editor, Inside HR/NY
                                                                                           Director of Human Resources, L’Oreal

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                    INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008
   NYC Ladders for Leaders                                                          Operation Backpack
      NYC Ladders for Leaders, a joint initiative of the Department of                 Once again, HR/NY is pleased to invite
   Youth and Community Development and the Mayor’s                                  all members to participate in Operation
   Commission on Women’s Issues, is an innovative program that                      Backpack, Volunteers of America’s annual
   offers high school and college students the opportunity to gain valu-            back-to-school drive. Members who have
   able work experience through summer internships with some of the                 participated in this program in the past
   most dynamic businesses in New York City. The program also pro-                  have found it to be a gratifying experience.
   vides participants with resources that emphasize the importance of               Through the Workforce Readiness
   pursuing a post-secondary education.                                             Initiative, we seek to build partnerships
      Selected students participate in a rigorous six-month pre-intern-             between business and education by creating
   ship training program that provides them with the training and                   communities that work.
   resources they need to make an immediate contribution to the                        Operation Backpack distributes new backpacks filled with grade-
   workplace.                                                                       specific school supplies among the more than 11,000 school-age chil-
      Summer internships are 7-weeks in duration with a minimum                     dren living in New York City’s homeless shelters. It invites companies,
   of 25 hours per week. Intern salaries are employer-paid and set at               organizations and individuals to donate new backpacks and supplies,
   minimum wage or higher (at employer’s discretion).                               organize collection drives, and contribute financially, resulting in a
      If you are interested in supporting NYC Ladders for Leaders by                remarkable synergy between public and private, individual and orga-
   providing summer internship opportunities, becoming a sponsor, or                nizational giving. Last year 65 New York-based companies held office-
   helping in other ways, please contact Daphne Montanez at 212-                    wide drives or sponsored Operation Backpack. If you would like to
   442-6081.                                                                        involve your organization in this summer’s Operation Backpack cam-
      – Daphne Montanez                                                             paign, please visit or contact Robin
        Director of Corporate Relations                                             Gordon Leavitt at 212-496-4307 or
        Department of Youth and Community Development                                  For further information about joining the Workforce Readiness                                                      Committee, please contact the Chair, Kathie Malinowski at:
                                                                                       – Lynne Plavnick
    Inside HR/NY is published 10 times a year by and for members of the Human
    Resources Association of New York. Newsletter Editor: Brian McComak, PHR;
                                                                                         Chair, Not for Profit SIG
    Managing Editor: Linda Simone; Graphic Design: Karen Cohn.                           Vice President, Human Resources,Volunteers of America
                   1 AAA Drive, Suite 102, Trenton, NJ 08691
              website: E-mail:
               (P)Toll-free: 1 877 625-HRNY (4769) (F) 609 581- 8244

            We can alleviate your chaos.                                                • Employee Benefits Consulting
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            BRAVO has pre-evaluated                                                     • Unemployment Insurance Cost Management
            the finest service providers to                                              • Employee and Executive Compensation
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            best support your HR needs.                                                 • Staffing Services
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                                                                                        • Human Resources Consulting

            Contact Barry Manus, MBA, MA at 914-289-0951

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                                     INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008
   Accelerate Your Network during Slow Summer Months
          hen I counsel clients about their job search during the sum-           available in the colder months. One such place is the golf course.
   W      mer months, they often tell me that they plan to put their
   search on hold because they think that everyone is out of town and
                                                                                 Golf continues to be one of the most effective places for referrals and
                                                                                 new business. If you have children, consider spending time with
   no one is hiring during this season.                                          them in the playground. Parks are filled with people who have con-
      Actually, the summer months can be the best time to step up a              nections to others. Parents tend to gravitate to certain playgrounds
   search campaign because so many applicants have this mispercep-               on a regular basis so you have a chance to establish and grow the
   tion about the market. Consider the following:                                relationship over several visits. Bring along toys that encourage
      • Fewer people in town could mean more opportunity.                        cooperative play including balls, Frisbees, and jump ropes and you’ll
      • Savvy job seekers know that the more visible they are, the greater       have an audience of eager children and adults in no time.
        the chances of meeting the person that can connect them with a              If you have older children, your family obligations might be
        viable job opportunity. This concept may be even more impor-             reduced during the summer months. Children typically aren’t
        tant when you are searching during the summer months.                    juggling as many activities and their time away from you may be
      •Decision-makers’ schedules are not as tight and they may be               extended if they are in a day or sleep-away camp program. This
       more generous with their time. By establishing relationships with         could be the perfect time to participate in some early morning or
       the key players now, you are more likely to be remembered when            after-hours meetings and activities that are difficult to commit to
       the hiring picks up.                                                      during the school year.
                                                                                    So keep your job search going throughout the summer.
      People do more entertaining during the summer months.                      Establishing relationships in the summer time is an excellent way to
   Memorial Day weekend is synonymous with firing up the grill, tak-             make inroads with decision-makers who may be hiring in the fall.
   ing the tarp off the pool, and planning informal gatherings. These            Hiring managers may be more accessible, more relaxed, and simply
   venues are excellent opportunities to reconnect with old friends and          in a better frame of mind during the summer months.
   make new contacts. There is always a chance at these events to share             – Barbara Safani
   information about what you do.                                                     Vice President, Membership and Chair, HR/NY Networking SIG
      Networking options increase in the summer months. With the                      President, Career Solvers, Inc.
   warm weather come opportunities to network in outdoor places not         

   Did you know…                                                                            Time to Say Thanks to
      HRCI awards recertification in leadership for certi-                                    Sponsors & Hosts
   fied professionals who support the profession by con-
   tributing their HR expertise in areas outside of their
   workplace. This category recognizes the importance of                             Thanks to many generous sponsors and hosts,
   not only “giving back” to the profession and promoting                         HR/NY’s 2007-2008 program year was very successful.
   excellence, but of contributing one’s professional knowl-                                      We are grateful to:
   edge to the community. This is the only category where
   recertification credit is not necessarily awarded on an                                              HUB International for sponsoring
                                           hour-for-hour                                                nametags for the 2008 Calendar Year
                                            basis. The max-
                                            imum number
                                          of recertification
                                        credit hours that                    Lee Hecht Harrison for hosting
   can be accumulated in this category over a three-year                     our monthly Board meetings
   period is 10 hours. Leadership credit awarded typical-
   ly includes activities within a national or international
   HR-related association (such as SHRM), chairing an
   HR committee within HR/NY or a local Chamber
   of Commerce, or otherwise using one’s HR expertise                            Place a Banner Ad on
   to further a volunteer organization’s mission. For more                             Use the web to your advantage!
   information please visit                                 Find out about other marketing and
   recertce.                                                                                  sponsorship opportunities.
      Why wait? HR/NY is looking for volunteer leaders                            For more information, contact Izzy Kushner at
   now! To get involved, contact Jeanne Stewart at                                  

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                                  INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008
   TOTING FILES                                     Continued from page 2            Implications for Employers
                                                                                       Singh teaches that employers must carefully consider the effects of
   Additional Commuting Time Compensable?                                            their policies and practices to avoid making compensable otherwise
      Under the Portal-to-Portal Act, the court related, the plaintiffs              noncompensable time. Thus, employees should not be required to
   were not entitled to compensation for “additional commuting” time                 perform significant work during commuting times.
   caused by the carrying of employer materials, unless carrying the                   – Philip B. Rosen                  – Linda R. Carlozzi
   materials was an integral and indispensable part of their inspection                   Managing Partner                  Partner
   duties. Even then, it said, the de minimis doctrine would allow                        Jackson Lewis                     Jackson Lewis
   employers to disregard otherwise compensable work when it                     
   involves “only a few seconds or minutes of work beyond the sched-
   uled working hours.”
      Here, any additional time would not be compensable, the court
   concluded. Assuming, without deciding, that carrying materials was
   an integral and indispensable part of the employees’ duties, the de                                    Submit to
   minimis doctrine nevertheless would apply in the employer’s favor,
   the Second Circuit ruled. The additional time, if any, did not rise to                               Inside HR/NY
   a level of significance warranting payment. It noted specifically that
   the substantial difference in additional commuting time between                        We welcome your submissions! To contribute to
   one claimant and the others was the result of his electing to board
                                                                                       future issues, please e-mail articles of 500 words or
   trains going in the reverse direction to get a seat, which was not for
   the employer’s benefit. (Because the plaintiffs worked under a                      less (as a Microsoft Word attachment—not a PDF)
   collective bargaining agreement, however, the court observed that                   to Brian McComak at
   this issue may still be a subject for future negotiation.)                             Please put “Newsletter Submission” in subject
      This ruling is consistent with the U.S. Supreme Court’s holding
                                                                                       line of the e-mail. And please adhere to copy
   in Anderson v. Mt. Clemens Pottery, 328 U.S. 680, 692 (1946),
   where the Court held that application of the de minimis doctrine                    deadlines and word count guidelines (available on
   turned on three considerations:                                                     request). Copy deadline for the September issue is
      1) the practical administrative difficulty of recording additional time;         August 4 and the October issue is September 6.
      2) the size of the claim in the aggregate; and
      3) whether the claimants performed the work on a regular basis.

                                The Power of
                             Super-Niche Staffing

          We fill temporary              By providing our              With a median
          HR positions                  best-in-class                 time-to-fill of
          with the most                 benefits package,              9 days and a
          qualified                      we ensure our                 98% stick rate
          professionals                 contractors stay              nationally, there’s
          nationwide.                   committed to your             no need to call
          Period.                       assignment.                   anyone else.

        Contract HR • From Coast to Coast • • 1-866-212-8300

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                                     INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008
   Executive Integration: The Cost of Failure
        he entrance to the executive suite has turned into a revolving             alistically optimistic and confi-
   T    door. Research shows that 40% of executives in new positions
   fail in their initial 18 months. Newcomers to an organization fail
                                                                                   dent in their ability to succeed.
                                                                                   The organization is also on a
   even more frequently. Recruitment fees and contractual exit obliga-             honeymoon--it transmits posi-
   tions can deduct staggering sums from corporate earnings.                       tive, confirming messages to
   Productivity can also suffer as candidates depart just as they begin            new hires that reinforce the
   to make meaningful contributions.                                               confidence people feel.
                                                                                      By the Reality stage, people
   A New Approach                                                                  are getting a lot more informa-
     Research indicates the most common reasons executives are                     tion and the challenges become
   unsuccessful are:                                                               more salient. Positive feedback
     • Failure to build partnerships with peers and                                that was flowing to them as a
       subordinates (82%)                                                          new person stops. Doubts start to set in as they wonder if they’ve made
     • Confusion or lack of clarity about role expectations (58%)                  the right decision to join the organization. This is accompanied by a
     • Lack of political savvy (50%)                                               decrease in confidence around their ability to be successful.
     • Failure to achieve two or three critical expected                              In the Adjustment stage, expectations are more realistic, relation-
       objectives (47%)                                                            ships start to take hold, and people start to recover their confidence.
     • Failure to learn quickly enough (28%)                                       At the same time, questions about fit linger and commitment is at
                                                                                   its lowest point. This is often the point at which people will make
      The RHR Executive Integration process directly addresses these               the decision whether or not to stay.
   issues, based on our five integration success factors: Role Clarity,               After a year, knowledge about the more subtle aspects of the
   Relationships, Culture, Early Wins, and Accelerated Learning.                   organization increases. People start to have friends at work. They
                                                                                   feel a sense of success and accomplishment. Commitment goes up.
   Research and Practice                                                           They are achieving successful Integration.
       RHR’s research demonstrated that integration does not happen in
   90 days, or even 120 days. Successful integration takes between 12-             Improved Retention Rates
   18 months. Our life stage model of integration provides a map that                 Research conducted by RHR presents a compelling case that 90-
   identifies key issues and possible interventions at each stage of the           day onboarding programs are insufficient as an integration strategy.
   integration process. The study suggests four stages: Honeymoon,                 With careful assessment and selection of candidates and the appli-
   Reality, Adjustment, and Integration. These stages are supported by             cation of a thoughtful integration process, organizations can sup-
   quantitative data on measures such as: perceived success, under-                port new hires and increase long-term retention. The result will be
   standing of role, quality of relationships, organizational awareness,           an immediate cost savings to the company’s bottom line and stabil-
   fit, and commitment.                                                            ity in the front office.
                                                                                      – Rebecca L. Schalm, Ph.D.
   The Stages of Integration                                                            Practice Leader - Executive Integration & Transition
      In the Honeymoon stage, there is a lack of in-depth understanding of              RHR International Company
   role, the organization, and people. In spite of this, new hires are unre-  

                  QUOTE OF THE MONTH

         “ When dealing with people, remember
             you are not dealing with creatures of logic
             but with creatures of emotion.
                                                                   – Dale Carnegie

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                                    INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008

   Transitions: Three HR/NY Presidents Speak Out
     t is time for another HR/NY president to            What Was the "Reality" Once You                “knight in shining armor” had organized
   I pass the baton on to the next in line. Inside
   HR/NY asked three former HR/NY
                                                     Were a Few Months into the Job?
                                                        Al: The “reality” was I had great support
                                                                                                        several hundred HR/NY volunteer leaders
                                                                                                        to assist at the Governor’s job fairs. My rec-
   Presidents—Al Smith (1999-2001), Bob              from the Chairs, Board Members and                 ollection is that we had an influence in help-
   Nadel (2001-2003) and Barry Manus                 Senior Advisors.                                   ing some 140,000 people, in many lan-
   (2003-2005) their thoughts on the transi-            Bob: I served two terms, but neither was        guages, with job searches, resumes, and
   tion to President, the rewards of the job, and    one year long. My first term went from July        other sad and serious employment matters.
   helping the next person take hold of the          1, 2001 until September 10, 2001. We were             And 10 days later, we held HR/NY’s first-
   reins. Here is what they had to say.              busy planning EXPO, trying to become               ever EXPO for a crowd of vendors and
                                                     more strategic, and trying to adjust to the        attendees who needed a home and a link to
      What Were Your Concerns Going in as            new concept of an Executive Committee.             their profession. HR/NY and its EXPO was
   President?                                        The second part of my term lasted from             the inaugural site for many new concepts.
                          Al Smith: My main          September 11, 2001 to June 30, 2003. The              During my dramatic “second term,” we
                       concern was “having the       prior definitions and precedents of being          redefined our Chapter. We began strategic
                       time” necessary to carry      the HR/NY President were all tossed out            planning with assistance from other chap-
                       out the responsibilities of   the window and had become the ground               ters. We added the Mental Health, Women’s
                       the position and still        zero of our profession, just as a horrible, real   Issues and International SIGs and revived
                       being able to keep my         ground zero just a few miles due south             the Benefits SIG. We recognized our mem-
                       day job! Thankfully my        occurred. I immediately think of Lorri             bers as our customers. And most difficult of
   employer, Lee Hecht Harrison, was very            Zelman (St. Lorri as we called her) who            all, we stayed strategic in our focus and still
   supportive of my decision to take on the          spearheaded “an emergency meeting” for             tactically delivered services and programs
   challenge.                                        any company (HR/NY-affiliated or not)              that had no precedent in any SHRM chap-
                          Bob Nadel: When I          that wanted to be part of the solution, or         ter, except Oklahoma City in a smaller way.
                       was asked in Spring 2001      that needed help, or that needed a place to           Barry: After a few months in the role as
                       to be the nominee for         congregate either as a giver or receiver of        President, I realized how enormous this job
                       President, an active long-    help. Within two days, Lorri had a sponsor,        was, but it offered me the opportunity to
                       timer told me there were      American Express. The Helmsley gave us             meet lots of new people and, at the same
                       two conditions that the       the big ballroom, and 350 people showed            time, give back to the HR profession. It
                       then Board placed on my       up though word-of-mouth, e-mails, etc. I’ll        soon became apparent that the decision to
   serving as President. One, I had to promise       never forget looking at a sea of 350 faces two     accept the Presidency was a good one.
   that I would not be a big spender and that        days later, some in shock, some with bright-          What Was the Most Rewarding
   the fiscal health of the HR/NY would              eyed energy, and all eager to help or be           Moment during your Tenure?
   remain stable. Second, since I was seen as        helped. Within weeks, Jack Schein, another            Al: At the end of my 2-year tenure as
   “sort of a maverick,” I was required to select
   a senior member of the board (two were
   offered) to be my alter ego-advisor, who                          60 Years of HR/NY Presidents
   would let me know if I was being too much          President Lorri Zelman is now passing on the torch to President Elect
   of a non-traditionalist, or too heavy-handed       Jeanne Stewart, who is in good company. (We got to know Jeanne as the
   in making change happen. I accepted the            Member Interview in the September 2007 issue of Inside HR/NY, and we
   nomination; they had me profiled perfectly.        will get to know more about her in her first President’s Column coming in
                          Barry Manus: When           September 2008.) In addition to the three Presidents interviewed in the
                       President Bob Nadel            “Transitions” article, here are some HR/NY members who have served the
                       asked me to consider the       Association in the capacity of President—several for more than one term.
                       Presidency, my initial
                       concern was that this          Jamie Fine                   John Lewison          Betsy Knight           Peter Panken
                       was going to be a big job.     Joseph DeGennaro             Karl Gimber           Patrick Caggiano       Marian Beatty
                       Did I have the interest?       Michael Brenner              John Sturges          Melodee Mahoney        Sheldon Williams
   Yes. Did I have the time? I thought I could
                                                      Edward O’Malley              Robert Lowe           Bernie Corbett         Grant E. Tompkins
   do it but I knew my time was limited. I
   made the decision to stop teaching courses         Herbert M. Grossman          Steven S. Rabbach Fred E. Ceccarelli         Robert F. Amato
   in HR at Baruch College in order to make           Richard E. Blanchard        John F. P. Murphy      Leonard Smith          Judith Weinberg
   time for the role as President.

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                                 INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008
 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS                                                                                   Your Foundation @ Work
   James Adler, Adler Consulting Group               Ryan Mang, Automatic Data                         June: The Masters Series
   • Jessica Boar, Bringham McCutchen,               Processing • Ruben Martinez,
   LLP • Ann Byron, Dolce & Gabbana                  Ticketmaster • Michael Mastracci,                     When you attend the SHRM
   USA, Inc. • Judy Calabrese, TIAA-                 Colgate-Palmolive Company •                        Annual Conference, you will have the
   CREF • Sonia Christopher, Hart                    Beverly Miedema, Assurant • Mary                   opportunity to participate in the
                                                                                                        Masters      Series. The        SHRM
   Howerton • Mandeep Dhillon,                       O’Connell, Knoeul Corporation •
                                                                                                        Foundation sponsors this series of in-
   Property Resources Corporation •                  Kirk Pacheco, Sherwood Design                      depth learning sessions featuring inter-
   Paul Epperlein, Automatic Data                    Engineers • Lisa Parker, Heads Up                  nationally known experts in the field of
   Processing • Miguel Felix, Guardian               Coaching & Consulting • Sreeya                     management science. The Masters
   Life Insurance • Cristina Ferrante •              Patil, Deloitte Consulting, LLP •                  Series focuses on timely and provoca-
   Anna Frattalone, Affiliated Computer              Sallye Pecker, Givaudon Fragrances                 tive issues that affect your career and
   Services/New York EZ Pass • Irene                 Corporation • Helen Pelekanos,                     industry. Open to all attendees, these
                                                                                                        senior-level programs offer insight into
   Gianacoplos, Academy of HRM &                     Weidlinger Associates, Inc. • John
                                                                                                        the HR profession from thought-lead-
   Murry Bergtraum HS • Rebecca                      Samori,      Cammack         LaRhette              ers and top academicians. For more
   Gordon, Solomon-Page Group •                      Consulting • Marc Teitelbaum, Eisner,              information on Foundation-sponsored
   Linda Jones Easton, Democracy Prep                LLP • Kay Tzenevrakis, Shearman &                  educational        programs,        visit
   Charter School • Jutta Kaiser, AXA                Sterling, LLP • Susan Vitale, ICIMS •    
   Advisors • Selena Kuo-McCaul,                     Helen Williams, Remy Cointreau                         The SHRM Foundation:
   Affinion Group • Marsha Levi,                     USA • Cynthia Young, Federal Home                      40 Years of Advancing the
   Strategic Legal Solutions • Paula                 Loan Bank of New York • Staci Young,
                                                                                                                 HR Profession
   Maietta, JRS Architect, PC •                      Weight Watchers, International

   President, taking the time to reflect on the      stands out the most was getting HR/NY            right, bright persona to take us away from
   successes we had as an Association over           involved in its first Workforce Readiness ini-   9/11 and move us toward all of our next
   those two years, not because of me but            tiative. Partnering with Volunteers of           steps. The creation of the executive com-
   because of the team of volunteer leaders in       America, we joined in their program called       mittee two years earlier, and Barry’s mem-
   the organization that made the accomplish-        “Operation Backpack.” This program               bership on that committee gave him expo-
   ments possible. It was a reflection back,         sought donations of backpacks and school         sure to every detail of the preceding two
   what the chapter offered and looked like          supplies for the 11,000 NYC school kids          years. Ironically, Barry had the same bright
   when I took office and what two years of          who were homeless. By the efforts of             social gifts as did my predecessor, Al Smith.
   hard work on the part of many volunteers          HR/NY and its members and their employ-          I always felt like my tenure was squeezed
   made it into.                                     ers, we raised over 7,000 backpacks and          between two toothpaste commercials.
      Bob: My most rewarding moments were:           thousands of dollars in school supplies. In         Barry: Convincing Lorri Zelman to con-
   seeing the sea of faces gathering at our meet-    addition to helping these kids, this program     sider the President role involved lying and
   ing three days after 9/11; delivering on the      resulted in a nomination for the Pinnacle        cheating—only kidding! Lorri’s interest was
   first EXPO ten days after 9/11; beginning a       Award by SHRM. While we did not win              there and, once again, the question was, did
   formal journey of strategic planning and          the Pinnacle Award that year, it was a very      she have the time to do it. I promised her
   watching it evolve under the leadership of        rewarding experience to have been able to        that I wasn’t going away and that I would be
   future leaders, with an overhaul by Lorri         contribute to that cause.                        there to support her in the transition and as
   Zelman just last year; delivering a talk at the      How Did You Help the New President            she performed the role of President. Four to
   SHRM leadership conference in Washington          Transition In?                                   five months before she was to take over as
   in November 2001 in front 750 chapter                Al: I was very fortunate to have Bob          President, I began to feed her information
   leaders that shared our story and drew a          Nadel waiting in the wings to take over as       and e-mails about what the issues were and
   standing ovation (you don’t get many              President. I assume the succession plan          what she could expect to see and do as
   chances at that in life, but that ovation and     worked because Bob had experience in sev-        President. I agreed to be part of her
   the Pinnacle Award—the only one in                eral HR/NY leadership roles and is someone       Executive Committee once she began as
   Chapter history—won the following year)           who is smart and a strategic-thinking pro-       President so as to support her and the
   was bittersweet, because of what it was based     fessional. He understood the role of the         organization. Overall, if I had the opportu-
   upon; and finally, seeing our journey toward      President and where he wanted to take the        nity to do it again, I would.
   a working strategy take shape.                    organization moving forward.                        – Linda Simone
      Barry: There were many rewarding                    Bob: Transition was easier than one              Managing Editor, Inside HR/NY
   aspects to being President. But the one that      might think because Barry Manus had the     

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                              INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008

   Program Strategy — Front and Center
       here is much to be excited about for Program Year 2008-09               content and presenters. We are also looking for individuals who
   T   starting on July 1st! By developing a new HR/NY Strategic
   Plan covering the next 3-5 years, the Board has worked hard to
                                                                               want to help coordinate program logistics, such as handling regis-
                                                                               tration and developing PowerPoint presentations.
   find out what our members value most about membership in                       We have received a terrific response to our call for volunteers,
   HR/NY, and leverage this in terms of our strategy around our                from new as well as long-time members, most saying they want to
   Programs.                                                                   help “in any way I can” but we could always use more. If you want
      For starters, members continually tell us that the quality of our        to get involved, contact Barbara Adolf, VP of Programs &
   programs is outstanding. This is great! But, we also hear that we still     Education, at: to let us know about your
   have too many choices. As a result, we plan to reduce significantly         skills, background and interests.
   the number of paid programs from around 20 per year to about 10-               With this new plan, including greater involvement of members
   12 per year, effective immediately. These paid programs will con-           throughout HR/NY, and a more focused approach to programs, we
   tinue to address broad issues of significance to all members at all lev-    look forward to a full, rich and professionally stimulating roster of
   els and across industries.                                                  programs next "year" to meet the wide array of needs of the HR
      This change will also result in a significant membership benefit.        professional. We will continue to align our practices with our orga-
   Everyone will have the opportunity to attend many more FREE                 nizational mission of serving as the "premier membership organiza-
   programs, produced by our Special Interest Groups, Forums and               tion" representing Professional Human Resources practitioners,
   Committees, that zero in on more specialized topics. This will con-         educators and service providers who work or live in the five bor-
   tinue to position HR/NY as the HR Professional Association of               oughs of New York City.
   Choice in the New York City area. You will be hearing more about                           .
                                                                                  – Barbara P Adolf
   these complimentary member benefit programs, and other changes                    HR/NY Vice President, Programs & Education
   to our program strategy in the months to follow.                                  President, Barbara Adolf Consulting Inc.
      To implement the strategic plan and produce our paid programs,       
   we have revitalized the Program Committee to focus on program           

   Thanks to our 2007-2008 Committee Chairs
     We could not have done it without you!                                        Legislative & Legal:        Colleen Sorrell
                                                                                                               Jennifer Pleva
                                                                                   Managers’ Forum:            Danielle Dorter
     Benefits SIG:                          Jim Glock                                                          David Emerson
                                            Linda Caffin
                                                                                   Marketing & Promotions:     Izzy Kushner
     Career Planning & Professional
     Development SIG:               Leslie Willmott                                Membership:                 Barbara Safani
                                    Winnie Corton                              Mental Health SIG:              Liisa Semp
     Certification:                         Jack Shein, SPHR                                                   Wendy Brennan
                                            Jennifer Loftus, SPHR              Networking SIG:                 Barbara Safani
     Compensation SIG:                      Edwin Artuz                                                        M. Sean Harvey
                                            Randi Glinsky                      Newsletter:                     Brian McComak, PHR
     Directors’ Forum:                      Arlene Newman                      Not-for-Profit SIG:             Lynne Plavnick, SPHR
                                            Janice Florence                                                    Grace Beasley-Matthews, SPHR
     Diversity SIG:                         Deborah Woolridge                  Orientation:                    Maggy Smith
                                            Gail Stewart-Evans                                                 Barry Manus
     Employee & Labor Relations SIG: Linda Carlozzi                            Public Relations:               Jacki Friedman
                                     Khristan Heagle                           Staffing SIG:                   Charles LaManna, SPHR
     Finance Committee:                     David Pellegrino                                                   Anne Hunt-Doherty
                                            Jennifer Loftus, SPHR              University Relations:           Jennifer Patterson
     Financial Services SIG:                Brian Fagan                                                        Delphine de Ternay
     HRIT SIG:                              Kim Hulber, SPHR                   Women’s Issues SIG:             Wanda Jackson, SPHR
                                            Greg Fittinghoff                                                   Merrie Singer, SPHR
     International HR SIG:                  Susan Farwell                      Workforce Readiness:            Kathie Malinowski
                                            Ariel Boverman                                                     Rhonda Steeg

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                               INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008
                                                                                  Special Thanks to My Executive Committee (2005-2008)
   PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                            Continued from page 1
   and, boy, am I glad I did! I have been loyal to HR/NY for 10 years              President Elect                              Jeanne Stewart
   (longer than I have been with any one company). So I guess I am                 Vice Presidents, Programs & Education        Barbara Adolf
   an example of a GenXer with Baby-Boomer roots. Bob was right!                                                                Marian Stolz-Loike
   He promised that eventually we would make the transformation
                                                                                   Vice Presidents, Membership                  Barbara Safani
   from a helpful, task-oriented, “do’s-and-don’t’s personnel" organiza-
   tion to a truly strategic, business-focused, proactive, timely organi-                                                       Ina Willers
   zation that is “the place to be” for any NYC-area HR professional.              Vice Presidents, Marketing & Promotion       Izzy Kushner
      One personal milestone of which I am proud was noted in Bob’s                                                             Donna Lanciers
   article; he credited Barry Manus and me with adding some “life” to              Vice President, Finance & Treasurer          David Pellegrino
   this organization and making it more fun, giving it a new energy. In            Immediate Past President                     Barry Manus
   the early 2000s, several board members did not believe that evening
   events would be successful because they insisted our members work          Chapter. We also practice what we preach, such as our strategic
   late and/or commute and would not attend. Barry and I did not              approach to internal succession planning and the continuous eval-
   buy it and persisted. We offered to plan a networking function at a        uation of our strategic approach to programming.
   bar and take care of all of the details. We were given the green              This has been an incredible ride for me, and HR/NY has been a
   light—and over 200 people attended the first time out! Since then          remarkable second family. I will always appreciate the support I
   we have probably had upwards of 1000 people pass through our               received throughout my term. I hesitate to include names at the risk
   networking events.                                                         of leaving someone out, but I can not end my term without a few
      It has always been my theory that people come to HR/NY for              special acknowledgements. I will forever be grateful to the
   one of two main reasons: 1) to learn about what is happening with-         Presidents under whom I served before it was my turn—Al Smith
   in our profession and leave with some simple tools that they can           (who originally got me involved with HR/NY as a member of the
   implement immediately back at the office, and/or 2) to meet other          Program Committee), Bob Nadel (who named me “the Energizer
   quality professionals, in and beyond our industry who serve to             Bunny” and always encouraged me not to give up), and, of course,
   increase their resourcefulness and overall job and career satisfaction.    Barry Manus, who even after his two years as Immediate Past
   The first reason tends to take care of itself because we have so many      President continued to be there for me during my full three years
   talented program producers who create timely, relevant, quality pro-       and never failed to support, motivate and advise me. I am also grate-
   grams. The second reason has been my personal focus: to increase           ful to Heather Evans, our Executive Director, who has incredible
   membership and drive HR professionals to our events to bring great         attention to detail, a great attitude and for three years, has made sure
   people together. After all, that is how I make my living, so why not       I do not miss a thing!
   use these "work" skills and resources in my “spare” time?                     So I say from the bottom of my heart, how lucky I have been to
      I am particularly proud of two key events initiated during my term:     work with such a fantastic group of Chairs and Co-Chairs and
   our “Holiday Party & Meet the Committees” event and our annual             Board members (see page 10 for the list of names) and how thrilled
   evening dinner event. In the past, the “Meet the Committees” gath-         I am with the next 5-10 years of leaders in the pipeline who will
   ering occurred in the Fall prior to a luncheon meeting. As our pro-        continue to take this Chapter to the next level. The Executive
   grams have evolved into predominantly breakfast meetings to meet           Committee has helped me make so many key decisions to drive the
   the needs of our members, this event needed to change as well. Over        organization forward. They have given countless hours—and have
   the last three years, HR/NY has made a major investment in hosting         made me laugh, consider alternative viewpoints and kept me in line.
   a fabulous, low-fee holiday party for members and prospective mem-            The President often gets much of the credit for what happens at
   bers. This has not been inexpensive on our end, but it has been well       HR/NY, but it truly “takes a village.” So I need to acknowledge our
   worth it. This year alone, more than 400 HR professionals came to          leadership team that consists of 50 people. And I need to acknowl-
   check us out and learn more about our Chapter and our Special              edge every hardworking member of our Association. It is with great
   Interest Groups and Committees. Each year the event grows bigger           pleasure and mixed emotions that I pass the torch to Jeanne Stewart,
   and better and I hope it will continue to do so.                           as she steps up to become the next President of HR/NY. Jeanne and
      The second event, our annual evening dinner program, combines           I have worked closely together for the last few years and I could not
   cocktails and networking, a fantastic dinner and a compelling              have done this job without her. I end my term knowing HR/NY
   speaker/presentation. This event—always well attended by a broad           will now be run by someone with equal drive, enthusiasm and com-
   range of HR professionals—provides an opportunity for corporate            mitment to our Chapter and our profession. I know our journey of
   table sponsorship, allowing vendors to bring clients and permitting        success will continue on!
   large corporate HR departments an opportunity to treat their team
   to an evening of team-building, networking and fun.
      While these events are special to me, I am so proud of all of our            – Lorri Zelman
   events, which have included about 20 paid programs a year and at                  President, HR/NY
   least that many free events produced by over 15 SIGs, Forums and                  Managing Director, HR Division
   Committees. We were increasingly creative with our networking                     Solomon Page Group
   events and continue to find new ways to attract members to our          

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                                                INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008

   June 12      “Workforce Diversity & Inclusion: A Climb Up or a Slide Down the Hill,” presented by the
                Diversity SIG. Speakers: Kimberly Devine, Diversity Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton; Angela
                Meadows, Diversity Manager, American Association of Advertising Agencies; and Desiree Dancy,
                VP Diversity & Inclusion, New York Times Company. 8:30-10:00am. Location: Intersections,
                274 Fifth Avenue (at 29th Street). Approved for 1.0 recertification credit. For information or to
                register, please e-mail +

   June 19      Chapter Meeting: “What are the ‘Benefits’ of Being One of the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ in
                New York?” Speakers: Scott Mesh, PhD, CEO, Los Nino’s Services; Zelda Freud, HR Manager,
                RF/Binder Partners; Jodi Greenstein, VP/Director, Human Resources, Digitas; Jules Feiman, VP of
                HR, YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities Network. 11:30am-12:00 noon, networking
                & registration; 12:00 noon-2:15pm, lunch & presentation. Location: Club 101, 101 Park Avenue
                (between 40th & 41st Streets). Approved for 1.25 recertification credits. For information or to
                register, please visit
                                                                              WE THANK…
                + denotes a free event.

   Please visit our website and click on “Events” for more       PayScale for sponsoring our April 2nd
   information or to register.                                                Compensation SIG meeting

              2008 NYS SHRM
         Conference & Solution Center

              July 13 - 15, 2008
               Saratoga Hilton Hotel
                   534 Broadway
            Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
         (518) 584-4000 or (888) 999-4711

          For more information please visit:

                               Have a Great Summer!

HR/NY: 60 YEARS OF RELEVANCE                                                                    INSIDE HR/NY JUNE 2008

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