Patriotic Photo Blocks

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					                                                                    Patriotic Photo Blocks

                                                                 Category:                        Crafts

                                                                 Sub-Category:                    Holidays

                                                                 Skill Level:                     Beginner

                                                                 Time Required: 1 day

Materials                                                         Clearsnap, Inc.
                                                                  Available through 800.448.4862;
                                                                  o Standard Rollagraph handle
Midwest Products Co., Inc.                                        o Standard Stamp Pattern Wheel – Shooting Stars #3727
o Mini Carving Block Bag (Stock #21)                              o Standard Ancient Page cartridge – Indigo
o Basswood Economy Bag (Stock #17)                                Miscellaneous Supplies
o 3/32” x 24” Basswood Quarter Round (Stock #3114)                o Sizzix Machine
o 3mm x 11-1/2” x 11-1/2” Cellfoam 88 (Stock #5920)               o Sizzix Die #38-0156 Border, Star
o Super Styrene Clear, Colored PVC-Red (Stock #604-03)            o Sizzix Die #38-0154 Stars
o Super Styrene Clear, Colored PVC-Blue(Stock #604-06)            o Sizzix Thin Cuts Die #22240 Flag
o Super Styrene Silver Mirror (Stock #608-01)                     o Scissors
                                                                  o Sandpaper
o Easy Cutter (Stock #1126)
                                                                  o Personal Photos
o Hobby & Craft Ruler (Stock #1125)

Royal Brushes                                                     Instructions
Available through 800.247.2211;
                                                                 Basecoating Blocks
o #150 – 6 SG Square Shaders                                     o 1. Basecoat the blocks with Bleached Sand; using the
o #700 – 3/4 SG Glaze Wash                                            3/4 Glaze brush. Sand, wipe off with a lint-free cloth,
                                                                      re-basecoat to achieve an opaque coverage. Block
DecoArt®                                                              sizes used are as follows – 1 each 2” x 2” x 2”, 2 each
Available through                                     4” long x 2” at the wide end; 1 each 4” long x 3” at
Acrylics                                                              the wide end. Allow to dry
o Bleached Sand 257
o Primary Red 199                                                Rollagraph Stamping the Background
o Uniform Blue 86                                                o 2. Insert the Indigo cartridge and Shooting Stars wheel
                                                                       into the Rollagraph handle. Before starting be sure
Beacon Adhesives                                                       the ink cartridge is fully engaged. Keeping the wheel
Available through Customer Service, Mt. Vernon, New York,              flat on the stamping surface; practice on scrap paper.
800-865-7238,                                    When stamping, it is okay to either push or pull the
o Zip Dry Paper Glue                                                   Rollagraph.
o Gem-Tac Adhesive                                               Instructions continued on back

         Visit to find a store near you.
Author: Debby Forshey-Choma          400 S. Indiana St., PO Box 564 | Hobart, IN 46342 | (800) 348-3497 | Fax: (219) 942-5703
                                                                   Patriotic Photo Blocks

Rollagraph Stamping the Background - continued                  Styrene Stars
      Spread scrap paper over the working surface; start        o 7. Use the Sizzix Machine and the smallest star die from
      and stop off the work piece for best results. All sides         the Star set, cut two out of the Blue Styrene and two
      of the blocks have been embellished from top to                 out of the Red Styrene. Using the largest die from the
      bottom. Working from top to bottom, start at the top            Star set, cut one out of the Silver Styrene.
      of the block, pull through to the bottom, continue
      rolling a strip of shooting stars stamps one right next   Assembling of Blocks
      to the other until the block has been covered. Repeat     o 8. Refer to photo for placement. With the Gem-Tac
      steps on the other blocks.                                     Adhesive, glue the molding in place to the front side
                                                                     the largest block (having it standing up on the widest
Molding                                                              end). With the Zip Dry, glue the three Cellfoam stars
o 3. Basecoat the molding with Uniform Blue. Sand, wipe              down the right side of the same largest block – red,
      off with a lint-free cloth, re-basecoat. With the ruler        white and blue. Glue the Silver Styrene shooting
      mark off the 3/32” Basswood Quarter Round mold-                stars to the top of the same largest block. The large
      ing into four pieces – 2”, 2-1/2”, 3-3/4”, and another         Silver Styrene star is glued with the Zip Dry to the
      3-3/4”. Cut with the Easy Cutter.                              wide end of the second size block. Glue the two Red
                                                                     Styrene stars to the narrow end of the other second
Flag                                                                 size block and the flag to the front, wide side.
o 4. Use the Sizzix Machine and the Flag die, cut one out            Glue the Red Styrene shooting stars to one side of
     of the 3mm Cellfoam. Basecoat the star field on the             the small block; the two Blue Styrene stars to another
     flag with Uniform Blue; using the 6 shader. Basecoat            side.
     every other stripe with Primary Red, starting with the
     first stripe; using the 6 shader. Allow to dry; apply a    Patriotic Sentiments Rub-ons
     second coat. When dry, glue the three tiny stars in        o 9. Loosely cut out the sayings from the rub-on sheet.
     the star field with the Zip Dry Paper Glue.                       Rub off onto the blocks in the appropriate areas; refer
                                                                       to photo for placement.
Cellfoam Stars
o 5. Use the Sizzix Machine and the smallest star die from      Patriotic Sentiments Rub-ons
       the Star set, cut three stars out of the 3mm Cellfoam.   o 10. Cut your personal photos to the appropriate sizes and
       Basecoat one with Primary Red; using the 6 shader.              glue to the sides of the blocks with the Zip Dry glue.
       Basecoat one with Uniform Blue; using the 6 shader.
       Allow to dry, apply a second coat. Leave one star

Styrene Shooting Stars
o 6. Use the Sizzix Machine and the Shooting Stars die,
      cut one out of the Silver Styrene and one out of Red

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