North Shore Swimming Club Newsletter_ June 2010 Message from the by wulinqing


									                                                                            Bernadette Doyle 9yrs 800 free 12.17.66
                                                                            Bernadette Doyle 9yrs 50 ‘fly 39.32
                                                                            Ellie Williams 11yrs 800 free 10.20.70
                                                                            Ellie Williams 11yrs 50 back 33.81
                                                                            Ellie Williams 11yrs 50 ‘fly 31.39
                                                                            Roxanne Adams 13yrs 50 free 27.79
                                                                            Alannah Jury Open 1500 free 17.02.00
                                                                            Bailey Wang 8yrs 50 free 38.12
                                                                            Bailey Wang 8yrs 400 free 6.30.65
                                                                            Bailey Wang 8yrs 50 breast 46.42
                                                                            Josh Brown 10yrs 800 free 10.56.47
                                                                            Matthew Myers 14yrs 800 free 8.57.47

                                                                            April/May Calendar


                                                                            7th                          Queens Birthday
                                                                            12th                         NSS Level 1
                                                                            19th                         Level 2
        North Shore Swimming Club Newsletter, June 2010                     20th                         Level 3
                                                                            27th                         Prizegiving

Message from the Director of Operations                                     July

There has been some outstanding swimming over the past 2                    10th                         Club Champs Session 3
weekends from NSS members. The Level 1 Meet, swum long course,              18th                         Level 3
saw our swimmers gain personal best times in over 60% of all races.         22nd – 25th                  Auckland Winters
Even this exceptional figure was overshadowed last weekend at the           31st                         Level 2
400/50’s Meet that was swum short course. Even though the meet
lasted a long time, 229 lifetime best swims were recorded, giving NSS       Level Qualifiers
a 71% success rate! Well done to all concerned.
                                                                            Fraser Capill                Level 1
It is satisfying to see that, although the younger end of the club          Sam Sorensen                 Level 1
recorded many new best times, the older swimmers achieved a
significant number of ‘best ever’ performances. Youth Target and            Nicole Fletcher              Level 2
Coach Stanley must be congratulated, as only 2 swims from the whole         James Lambourne              Level 2
group were not personal bests!                                              Hunter Pethers-Boak          Level 2
                                                                            Lynne Sun                    Level 2
Our own Level 1 Meet takes place on June 12th at the West Wave pool         Theo Sutedja                 Level 2
in Henderson. Please help NSS by volunteering to officiate and if there     Jason Wang                   Level 2
is a family or business that wishes to sponsor the meet, then please        Emma Turnbull                Level 2
get in touch with the NSS Office as soon as possible. The club is           Qijun Wang                   Level 2
looking to cover its pool hire bill of approximately $1000.

The Club Prize Giving is fast approaching and will be held this year in     Club Record Breakers
the ASB Lounge at the North Harbour Stadium on June 27th. We are
pleased to announce that the MC will be All Black and TV                    Level 2 SC
commentator, Ian Jones. Our other guests will be NSS Olympians,
Moss Burmester and Glenn Snyders.                                           Bernadette Doyle             9yo               200IM
                                                                            Bailey Wang                  8yo               100 Free
                                                                            Bailey Wang                  8yo               200IM

                                                                            400 + Meet

                                                                            Conor Tarrant                9yo               50 Free
                                                                            Conor Tarrant                9yo               400 Free
                                                                            Bernadette Doyle             9yo               800 Free
                                                                            Bernadette Doyle             9yo               50 Fly
                                                                            Ellie Williams               11yo              800 Free
                                                                            Ellie Williams               11yo              50 Back
                                                                            Ellie Williams               11yo              50 Fly
                                                                            Roxanne Adams                13yo              50 Free
                                                                            Alannah Jury                 Open              1500 Free
                                                                            Bailey Wang                  8yo               50 Free
                                                                            Bailey Wang                  8yo               400 Free
                                                                            Bailey Wang                  8yo               50 Breast
                                                                            Joshua Brown                 10yo              800 Free
                                                                            Mathew Myers                 14yo              800 Free

Please be aware that the entire swimming world is still experiencing        Special congratulations to Ellie Williams as well as breaking the
problems with Direct Athletics. The problem is not restricted to NSS.       50 Fly club record, she also broke the Auckland Record!!
Please follow the instructions that appear later in the Newsletter. Entry
forms can be downloaded from the NSS website (                 Club Champs Session 2

Congratulations to the following swimmers who set new North                 Conor Tarrant                9yo               100 Breast
Shore Club Records at the Waterhole Meet last weekend;                      Conor Tarrant                9yo               25 Breast
                                                                            Sungju Kim                   7 & under         50 Free
Conor Tarrant 9yrs 50 free 34.42                                            Sungju Kim                   7 & under         200 Back
Conor Tarrant 9yrs 400 free 5.54.15                                         Bailey Wang                  8yo               200 Back
Bailey Wang                     8yo                  25 Breast                Youth (Ian)
Bailey Wang                     8yo                  100 Breast
Hunter Pethers-Boak             9yo                  25 Breast
Hauwai McGahan                  12yo                 200 Back                 Training has gone particularly well over the past 4 weeks and this has
Jacob Garrod                    13yo                 400 IM                   been reflected in the results from the past two meets. At the Level 1
                                                                              meet, Clowance Bartlett-Cox, Nathan Kinney, Holly Lockey, Matt
Club Night May                                                                O’Hara, Shannon Payne and Finn Roelants all swam to personal best
                                                                              times in every race they entered!
Connor Tarrant                  9yo                  66 Breast
            Bernadette Doyle                                                  Matthew Myers set a new club record in the 14 years 800 free at the
Bernadette Doyle                9yo                  33 Fly                   Waterhole Meet. His time of 8.57.47 was 34 seconds faster than the
Ellie Williams                  11yo                 33 Fly                   previous record that has stood for 6 years!
Bailey Wang                     8yo                  66 Breast
Bailey Wang                     8yo                  33 Fly                   Ben McKenzie sprinted his way to 3 life time bests and Roxanne
Hauwai McGahan                  12yo                 66 Free                  Adams finished 2nd in the ‘Skins’ event with Leah Hall in 4th place.
Hauwai McGahan                  12yo                 33 Back                  70.5% of all swims from group members resulted in a personal best.
Hauwai McGahan                  12yo                 66 Breast                This is a great statistic and reflects the hard work that you have all put
                                                                              into training over the autumn.
Performance Programme                                                         Unfortunately, a number of you are becoming ill. Please ensure that
                                                                              you rug up before leaving home in the morning. One week out of the
Senior Target (Gary)                                                          water could take two weeks to get back to your position prior to the
At the beginning of the 7th week of training I have many really positive
things to say to you all, and a few words of warning about things you         Youth Target (Cameron)
need to take care of. Let's get those out of the way first......
                                                                              May has been a busy month for Youth Target with meets most
It is now winter as far as I am concerned. As serious athletes you need       weekends. The group has really started to train hard in preparation for
to make sure you take care of some basic 'self-management' matters,           Auckland Winters in July and it has been great to see everyone’s
like not leaving training wrapped in a wet towel, long hair (mainly girls),   improvement in technique and details since the last article.
still soaking wet and with no or little footwear on!                          Firstly, congratulations to Fraser for making level 1, and to Theo for
Please make sure you have extra water bottles at training. If you have        making level 2 in competing at his first competition since returning to
a sniffle/cold you need even more fluids than normal...remember               training. Also congratulations to Matt for making NAGs times in the 100
prehydrate!!!                                                                 and 200 backstroke at the level 1 meet.
All of you have big coats or NSS jackets...wear them to training and          It has been great to see such fast swimming from everyone at meets
use the hoods on your hoodies or wear a beanie!!                              this month, with a high number of PBs. At the recent level 1 we had
                                                                              89% Long course PBs! Even when you take Short Course times
                                                                              converted the PB rate was still 70%!
                                                                              This week also sees a few additions to the group. Welcome to Ben,
                                                                              Sam, Carl, Hauwai, Tessa and Ryan. It is great to have you guys in the
                                                                              We now have less than two months left until Auckland Winters, which
                                                                              is the major competition for the next few months. It is important to
                                                                              continue to train hard and focus every time you are in the pool. This
                                                                              will ensure you are getting the most out of every session and giving
                                                                              yourself the best chance of achieving your goals. Two months is still
                                                                              plenty of time to make improvements, but this will go quickly if you
                                                                              don’t choose to use it. Don’t leave it to the last few weeks to train hard,
                                                                              start now!
                                                                              All training and meets coming up will be focusing on preparing for
                                                                              Auckland Winters. Level 2 entries have already been sent and level 1
                                                                              entries will be sent this week. The goal is to have everybody swimming
                                                                              at Auckland Winters and to have as many as possible make finals.
                                                                              Keep up the good work!

                                                                                                       Swimmers Profile
Now for the positive stuff....everyone who has been in the training pool
over the last two weeks has been exceptional in terms of effort and
attention to detail. Keep it up. I think the diaries are working and the
                                                                              This months profile is of…
one or two of you who still may not have one, get one as soon as
possible, they are really working.

Our results at the weekend were really encouraging. Just under 50%            Mitchell Donaldson
PB's which at this time of the year for a senior youth group is very
good. I was especially pleased with our starts and walls, and the
feedback you were able to give about your swims. A special mention to                                             1. When did you join North
Jake and Jack who showed that the hard work in training pays off at                                           Shore Swimming Club?
the back end of something like a skins competition.
                                                                                                              February 2008.
Check that you have put your entries in for the level 1 meet on the 12th
                                                                                                                  2. Who is your current coach?
June. I want everyone to build on last week's really professional
approach, and set some targets for the upcoming swims.                                                        Gary Francis

Well done squad,                                                                                                   3. Who has influenced your
                                                                                                              career more than anybody?
Gary                                                                                                          My coaches in the last 2 years – Scott
                                                                                                              Talbot & Gary Francis.

                                                                                                                   4. How many sessions a week
                                                                                                              do you attend and what distance are
           your sessions?                                                     about this and that way, but effective communication, the results you
                                                                              all want will come. As well as this its important to remember that
           I’m getting back from a shoulder injury at the moment, but 10      having fun is a key part of your training. Swimming is the only sport
                                                                              where you are immersed in water and, when performing the activity,
           sessions 6-7km long when I was in full training.
                                                                              you can’t speak to anyone else so if you are not having fun every time
                                                                              you are in the water and learning something then you need to speak
     5.    If you could only invite one person for dinner (dead or alive),    with your coach and ask them for tips and pointers on how to get
           who would it be and why?                                           better.
           Lance Armstrong as I believe he is one of the greatest
           athletes ever.                                                     Important dates for June:
                                                                              Monday 7th June- No Training for any junior squads due to it being
     6.    What was your proudest moment in your swimming career?             Queens Birthday
           Winning 400IM at the 2008 and 2009 Australian Age Group            Saturday 12th June- North Shore Swimming Level 1
           Champs                                                             Saturday 19th June- Onehunga Level 2
                                                                              Sunday 20th June- NSS Level 3
                                                                              Sunday 27th June- NSS Prizegiving at North Harbour Stadium
     7.    Have you got any pre-race rituals/superstitions?
           I could right pages and pages under this question. The main        Remember we are a competitive swim club so make sure you get your
           things I do are always listening to music right from when I        entries in for the above competitions; get those trophies returned to
           leave for the pool in the morning, always going through the        sandy for prize giving and most important of all:
           same stretching routine, and I always do the same base             Train Hard and swim fast,
           warm up.                                                           George

                                                                              Age Group & Age Group Target (Jake & George)
     8.    What is your favourite book and film?
           My favourite film is Point Break. Favourite book is ‘It’s not
                                                                              Hello Everyone!
           about the bike’ by Lance Armstrong.
                                                                              Another month has passed us by and what a month it was.
                                                                              Firstly we had to say a sad farewell to Sheila this month who has
     9.    If you could go on a one month training camp anywhere in           decided to move on. She will be greatly missed and we wish her all the
           the world, where and why?                                          best in the future☺. On a happier note however we must welcome
           Probably somewhere in USA as I have never trained or               Jake McPhee to our coaching team he comes with a wealth of
           competed with anyone from there.                                   experience and swimming knowledge so welcome Jake!!
                                                                              Clubnight was a great success and we had two club night records
     10.   If your house was burning down what is the one thing you           broken by Bernadette Doyle (33 Fly- 24.45) and Ellie Williams (33 Fly-
                                                                              20.38) Well done girls!!!!! It was also great to see the high attendance
           would save?
                                                                              from both squads. Clubnight is notoriously hectic and the way you guys
           My dog.                                                            behaved and went about your racing was awesome so thank you and I
                                                                              look forward to next time ☺.
     11.   What is your favourite meal?                                       At the Coast level 2, some of the swimmers were thrown by a mix up in
           A family dinner box from McDonalds.                                the pool arrangements and struggled to swim in the 50m pool. We
                                                                              ended the session with a 49% personal best rating which was ok but
     12.   Who was your swimming idol as a child?                             could have been better if the swimmers were mentally ready to race as
           Michael Phelps                                                     it shouldn’t matter if the pool is 25 or 50m we should always be ready
                                                                              to race as fast as possible. In the afternoon however we finished with a
     13.    What motivates you to get up early everyday?                      76% personal best rating and a vastly better performance from the
           With Scott, if I missed a session, I could always guarantee I      morning session. Well done to everyone who competed at this meet
           would have a text 30minutes into the session asking where I        and I look forward to seeing you all at the June Level 2 Meet ready to
           am.                                                                swim as fast as possible.
                                                                              The Laser Mt Eden brought more great swims and we finished the day
           I try to focus short term on goals, so it is usually the nearest
                                                                              with a total of 79% personal best times. Well done to everyone who
           competition I am peaking for.                                      competed and lets now refocus and get set for Junes Level 1
     14.    What is the most exciting/interesting place you have been to      A few general notices we will be having our June squad outing on
           for a swim meet?                                                   Saturday June 26th at Laser Force Wairau Road further details will be
           To Guam in 2009 as part of the NZ 18 and under team to             released closer to the date.
           compete at the Junior Pan Pacs.                                    That’s all for now,
                                                                              See you all poolside,
                                                                              George and Jake

                        Junior Programme

Well another month has come and gone and let me first welcome all of
our brand new swimmers who have come on board since the last
newsletter. Its great to have you on board at North Shore and I hope
you are very excited to be here, training hard and learning at every
The past month has been very busy with the May Level 1, Level 2 and
Level 3 competitions as well as the 400+ meet. I want to focus on the
400+ competition as we had a huge amount of swimmers taking part
from the Junior end of the club and we were very proud to see so
many swimmers coming out to give the longer events (400 and 800
Free) a go as well as swimming the 50m sprint events. Special
mention must go to Ellie Williams who broke the 11 year old Auckland
short course record for the 50m butterfly in a time of 31.39 (the
previous record was 32.02) Well Done Ellie!!!! (at the time of printing a
full list of final results were not available).
As the season goes on it is important to communicate with your coach
about how training is going and how you are feeling about your
swimming. It’s important to remember that we’re not mind readers, if
you have a slight injury or your feeling sick then talk to your coach
Sharks, Dolphins, Kingfish & Orcas (Belinda, Jen, & Christina)            Great to see you at start at our Saturday morning sessions Michael!
                                                                          Guys remember we only have 4 sessions, let’s make the most of them!
Welcome to all the new members at Takapuna!                               New Level 2 Qualifiers
                                                                                     Emma Turnbull
Takapuna Sharks- Belinda                                                             Hunter Pethers Boak
                                                                                     Jason Wang
May has been a great month for all sharks with so many P.B’s at club      Well done guys.
night and the level 3 meet at Stanmore Bay! Well done to Ky Codd          Congratulations to Conor Tarrant and Bailey Wang for their club night
who has achieved 100% attendance so far this month! (and we are           records.
nearly at the end of it). Actually Ky hasn’t missed a session since he    Later in the newsletter all the updated club records will be shown.
started! We have had some close runner ups, who have missed one
session only: Angus Shotter, Lauren Harrower. There are a few             Please remember swimmers, drink bottles are an essential item in your
swimmers that have only missed a couple of sessions. Well done to         gear bag, bring them already filled up, get organised and fill an extra
you all! Remember everyone we only have 3 sessions a week and we          one before school. Please go to the bathroom before the session not 5
need to make the most of them! Remember attendance, focus and             minutes into it! Also it’s getting cooler now; wrap up when you leave,
effort = P.B’s! I look forward to some P.B’s this weekend at the 400+     no bare feet. Bring a muesli bar or a piece of fruit to munch on, on the
meet!                                                                     way home. You need a snack within the first 15 minutes after your
                                                                          session to help restore your muscles special food (glycogen) until you
Dolphins- Jen/Belinda                                                     get home to eat your proper meal. It is also essential for you to again
                                                                          be rehydrating yourself with your fluids. A snack for recovery food and
Dolphins also swam some fantastic P.B’s at club night and at the May      a drink on the way home is the first step to preparing your body for the
Level 3 meet! Well done to Lydia Disberry and Bridget Layburn for         next training session or competition. Get smart! Keep up the great
making 100% attendance so far this month! Followed closely by             training and we look forward to some awesome 400’s this weekend!
Arushni Naicker, Erin Makepeace, Tiana Williamson, Mi Mi Freeman          We’re all looking forward to seeing the premier of Shrek on 26th July.
missing only one session. There are quite a number of Dolphins that
have only missed 2 sessions. Awesome guys! We look forward to             Well done to all our swimmers from taka that swam at Saturdays’
some great P.B’s this coming weekend at West Wave!                        meet! Everyone did outstanding p.b.s! Also congratulations to Michael
                                                                          Slessor-White on making his first Auckland Champ qualifying time in
Kingfish- Belinda, Jen, Sami                                              the 50 breaststroke!
Welcome to Sami Toombs who is helping us coach now at Takapuna!
Well done guys on your awesome P.B’s at club night! And at the level
3 at Stanmore Bay!
Congratulations to the new Level 2 qualifiers:
          Lynne Sun
          James Lambourne
          Nicole Fletcher
          Qijun Wang
Well done to you all.
Congratulations 2 Christian Dimmick and Ali McClengahan on making
100% attendance so far this month! They were closely followed by
Nicole Fletcher, James Lambourne, Ji Sang Hwang, Rosa Kwon,
Lynne Sun, Jaimie Sun and Lily Olney who only missed 1 session.
There were a number of other swimmers who only missed 2 sessions.
Well done guys.
I know there have been a lot of school camps lately which have
affected all the squads attendance. I understand this cannot be helped.
But make the most of all the other sessions, we only have 4!

                                                                          Glen Innes (Kim)

                                                                          Awaiting article

                                                                          Tadpoles Yellow & Blue (Jenn & Sarah)

                                                                          This month bought with it a couple of meets where some awesome
                                                                          results were produced. The level three meet was the first competition
                                                                          for Courtney Huntingford and Lauren Lietz where they both swam very
                                                                          well and enjoyed themselves. There were 100% pb's from everyone at
                                                                          this meet which is an excellent result. There was also the 400 + 50s
                                                                          meet that Hirina Rajput and Irene Wu both swam at where Irene took 8
                                                                          seconds off her 50 fly time. It was really good to see you both there.
                                                                          Make sure to keep up attendance as we are constantly learning new
                                                                          things in training especially all the different turns. When you do learn
                                                                          something new be sure to practise it all the time whenever possible in
Orcas- Belinda/Jen/Christina                                              training because as you all know "practise makes perfect"!
                                                                          Swimmer of the month for May was Astaria TeAukura for having 100%
Well done all on some great P.B’s at club night and at the Level 2 and    attendance and focusing hard on her technique.
3 meets. I want to mention that I need to congratulate Emma Turnbull      Remember to wrap up warm after being at the pool as it is getting very
on qualifying for Level 2 a couple of months ago, somehow I missed it     cold very quickly now and it is no fun being sick. Try to get dressed
in the last newsletter! Also Emma has made 100% attendance this           before going outside instead of going home in wet togs.
month so far. Well done Emma!
Also well done to Sunju Kim and Bailey Wang for making 100%
attendance closely followed by Caitlin Meister and Grace Shaw who
only missed 1 session due to school camp! Also Florence Layburn and
Sara Hamilton who only missed one session. There were a lot of
swimmers that only missed 2 sessions! Well done to all!

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