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									                                  duPont-Ball Library

              Technical Services Department Annual Report 2006-2007
           (Acquisitions, Cataloging, Collection Development, Periodicals)

                                     Submitted by
                                     Debbi Dinkins
                               Head of Technical Services

Technical Services Department Personnel: Linda Grooms, Periodicals Supervisor;
Laura Kirkland, Catalog Librarian; Geri Littler, Technical Services Specialist; Pat Lopez,
Conservation Specialist; Ann Molohon, Continuations Specialist; Angela Story,
Government Documents Specialist; Linda Zack, Acquisitions Specialist.

                                    Table of Contents

Overview                                                     2

Challenges and Issues                                        3

Five-Year Goals, 2007/2008 – 2011/2012                       3

Progress 2006/2007 and Assessment                            4

Agenda 2007/2008                                             6

Periodicals Report                                           7

Faculty and Staff Activities                                 11

Appendix A: Library Cataloged Holdings                       18

Appendix B: Library Expenditures by Format                   22

Appendix C: Library Resources Expenditures by Fund           23

Appendix D: Selected Processing Statistics                   25

                                                        Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
             Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007

     (Acquisitions, Cataloging, Collection Development, Serials)
       Compiled by Head of Technical Services Debbi Dinkins


Acquisitions: $646,982.47 was spent on library resources (including
binding, shipping, etc.) for all libraries. $58,803.89 of the total spent
came from gift funds, including the income generated from the Daphne
Brownell endowment and the S. Elizabeth Stetson endowment, and from
Rinker and book sale funds. Journal subscriptions used 36.45% of the
budget, web databases used 28.85%, and books used 23.54%. See
Appendix B and C for details.

Cataloging: 6,932 new titles in all formats (excluding Government
Documents) were added to the collections, including 1,362 electronic
books. 3,564 Government Documents titles were added. See Appendix
D for details.

Withdrawals and Collection Evaluation: Numerous withdrawals and
collection evaluation projects were conducted this fiscal year, resulting in
negative growth for the library’s overall collection. 7,368 book volumes
and 973 journal volumes were weeded, as well as over 50,000 microform

Two New Special Collections: The papers of E. Clay Shaw, Jr. include a
small collection of cataloged books. The M. Jean Greenlaw collection
includes first edition children’s books.

Book Sales: We continued the online book store through ABE and added
a few sales through Amazon. During 2006/07, we deposited $3,063.71
from ABE sales. This extra income continued to supplement the library’s
computer resources budget.

Inventory Project: With the help of student assistants, Catalog Librarian
Laura Kirkland continued an inventory project of the circulating collection,
beginning with the literature section (P classification). As a result,
reinstatements of previously lost books increased by 30%.

                                         Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
I. Challenges and Issues

      A. Budget Stabilization Program

      We continued to operate with a reduced acquisitions budget. The University
      restored $10,000 to the library materials fund and most of that amount was spent
      on web databases. We are hopeful that $40,000 or more will be restored to the
      acquisitions budget next fiscal year, which will match 2001/2002 purchasing

      B. Physical Space in Periodicals

      Limited space for paper and bound journals and microform journals is an
      immediate issue. Resolution of this issue is still one of the five-year goals of the
      department and Dinkins, Periodicals Supervisor Linda Grooms and Library
      Director Betty Johnson will continue to work on a periodicals retention project
      addressing this issue. The library acquired access to JSTOR through a Law
      School Library subscription in the spring of 2007. JSTOR will be a factor in
      evaluation of the periodicals in the basement, which is scheduled to begin next
      fiscal year.

      C. Cataloging Workload

      We continue to operate with only one full-time cataloger and two part-time copy
      catalogers for all collections, excluding Government Documents. There is a
      greater demand for librarian-level cataloging with the need to catalog more and
      more special collections items, electronic books, scores and recordings.
      Acquisition of these four formats increased this fiscal year. Dinkins and Kirkland
      continue to hope for the addition of a librarian to help with the cataloging

      D. Catalog Web Interface

      The library needs to move to a later version of web interface for our catalog. Our
      current version, Webcat, is no longer being developed or enhanced by Sirsi.

      E. Personnel Changes

      Angela Story joined the department early in the fiscal year as the new
      Government Documents Specialist.

II. Five-Year Goals, 2007/2008 – 2011/2012

      A. Periodicals Space

      Dinkins, Grooms, and Johnson will continue work on the periodicals retention
      project. This project is labor-intensive because each title must be considered
      independently. We will expand the project in 2007/2008 to include evaluation of
      microforms. Aspects for each title are considered, such as use, online
      availability, and the needs of the interested academic departments. Shifting in
                                                        Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
      the periodicals area of the main floor of the library will be completed in
      2007/2008. Periodicals shelf space should become a less critical issue as we
      rely more and more on online access to journals.

      B. Cataloging Workload

      Dinkins and Kirkland, with the help of the Cataloging Team, will continue to
      monitor and streamline the cataloging workload and explore the possibility of
      adding a librarian to catalog.

      C. Sirsi Java Client Implementation

      Sirsi users in Technical Services will continue to convert to the Java Client
      interface for Workflows. Hopefully, the Circulation department will start a
      conversion to the Java Client in 2007/2008.

      D. Zero Growth in Circulating Book Collection

      Technical Services librarians and staff will continue to evaluate the circulating
      book collection and withdraw obsolete and outdated books. In 2006/2007, we
      added 3,547 volumes to the circulating collection and withdrew 2,012. With a bit
      more effort and with the cooperation of public services librarians, we will try to
      attain a short-term goal of zero growth for the circulating collection.

      E. Authority Project

      Kirkland, with the help of Technical Services Specialist Geri Littler, will continue
      to verify or correct authority records brought into Sirsi during the batch load in
      1997. Thousands of these records need evaluation.

III/IV. Progress 2006/2007 and Assessment

      Agenda items for 2006/2007, as stated in the department’s last annual report, as
      well as assessment of those items are listed below.

      A. Periodicals Space

      Dinkins, Grooms and Johnson continue to work through the periodicals
      collection. We completed one phase of the project this fiscal year by evaluating
      all titles available in paper and available online through two major aggregators or
      through a dedicated online subscription. Grooms and Conservation Specialist
      Pat Lopez began a shifting project on the main floor of the library and will finish
      next fiscal year. Growth space will be more apparent after the shifting project is

      For next year’s agenda, we will concentrate on evaluating periodicals in
      microform format and periodicals in the basement that duplicate online access
      through JSTOR.

                                                        Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
B. Cataloging Load and Workflow

Cataloging load for the department is shifting from regular circulating and
reference book cataloging to “specialty” cataloging, such as for electronic books
and for units of special collections. Consequently, this specialty cataloging
requires a librarian to not only catalog the items but to initially craft a plan of
approach to handle the collection as a whole, considering processing concerns,
storage, and space availability. We cataloged a much higher number of
electronic books and special collection items this year and that trend will probably
continue for electronic formats. The workload will require another trained
librarian to handle this level of cataloging. As an agenda item for next fiscal year,
Dinkins and Kirkland will continue to monitor the workload and collect evidence to
build a strong case for the addition of another catalog librarian.

C. Book Sales and Other Revenue

We held one book sale event in the fall of 2006. We continue book sales online
through ABE and we added a few sales through Amazon. For 2007/2008, we will
hold one book sale event in the fall and continue online sales.

D. Authority Control

We continued to maintain authority control with current cataloging and made
progress in correction of batch loaded headings. Kirkland and Littler corrected
and/or updated 15,666 authority headings and added 13,327 authorized records.
This project continues in 2007/2008.

E. Sirsi Java Client

Most of technical services personnel have converted to the Sirsi Java Client
interface. Two staff members will be converted in 2007/2008. Also, Dinkins will
work with Associate Director Sue Ryan and Circulating Supervisor Cathy Ervin to
convert circulation staff members and the checkout computers to the Java Client.

F. Government Documents

Angela Story joined the staff as the Government Documents Specialist in June.
She has been trained in cataloging policies and procedures and is covering her
responsibilities with very little guidance or supervision.

G. Collection Evaluation

Through collection evaluation, we withdrew only 2,012 volumes from the
circulating collection this year, a decrease from levels of the last two years. We
made a concerted effort to reach the 3,000-volume goal in the summer and fall
semesters, but had to suspend regular evaluation activities to cover withdrawal of
over 5,000 volumes from the reference collection as part of Public Services’
Reference Evaluation project. For next fiscal year, we again set the goal of
withdrawing 3,000 volumes from the circulating collection as part of collection
evaluation and in an effort to reach zero growth for the circulating collection.

                                                 Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
V.   Agenda 2007/2008

     A. Periodicals Space

     Continue periodicals retention project. Concentrate on periodicals in microform
     format and periodicals in the basement that duplicate online access through

     B. Cataloging Load and Workflow

     Continue to evaluate cataloging load and look for ways to streamline processes.
     Collect evidence to support the need for another catalog librarian.

     C. Book Sales and Other Revenue

     Hold at least one book sale event in fall. Continue online book sale efforts.

     D. Authority Control

     Continue to maintain authority control with current cataloging and make progress
     in correction of batch loaded headings.

     E. Sirsi

     Complete Java Client conversion in Technical Services by end of May 2008.
     Work with Circulation department to convert computers to Java Client.

     Upgrade Sirsi software from Unicorn 2003.1.4 to GL 3.1 in July and August. The
     upgrade will include a Solaris software upgrade from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10.

     F. Collection Evaluation

     Evaluate more volumes from the circulating collection as part of the collection
     evaluation project. Withdraw at least 3,000 circulating volumes to approach zero
     growth for this collection.

     G. Cross Training with Electronic Services Librarian

     Work with Electronic Services Librarian Rob Lenholt to understand image
     building for the public computers. Train Lenholt on Sirsi maintenance, beginning
     with Sirsi upgrade to GL 3.1 in July and August 2007.

                                                      Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
VI.     Periodicals Report
        (reported by Linda Grooms)

                                 Departmental Activities

My weekly meetings with the Library Director and Head of Technical Services, to
determine the archival retention policy for each of our periodical titles, continued through
most of the fiscal year but were temporarily suspended to give me a chance to implement
the decisions made to date. We withdrew over 900 bound volumes and thousands of
loose issues, which were offered for sale to back issue vendors, resulting in sales
amounting to $2,670.00. Those items not sold were then offered to other libraries on an
exchange list. Another result of this archival retention review was the transfer back to our
Government Documents department of 41 titles that were being housed in the periodicals

After our recent round of archival retention reviews, we began shifting the periodicals
collection on the main floor (all periodicals published since the beginning of 1984),
leaving five years of growth space for those titles we are still binding. We completed
approximately one-half of the shift before the Spring 2007 semester concluded and
expect to finish the shift this Fall, when we again have student help.

We continue to participate in the Backserv exchange program. This year we received 47
items from 20 libraries. We provided 979 items (including 468 rolls of microfilm) to 61
requesting libraries. Twenty four volumes were completed, bound and added to our
permanent collection, as a result of our participation in this program.

After a review of our binding workflow, I designed an Access database to organize the
notes needed to process volumes for binding and to generate reports. We now have an
efficient way to create a list of issues to be pulled for binding, a list of volumes at the
bindery for our Public Services department, and a list of issues to be offered on exchange

                                                         Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                 FROM            DROPPED / STATS FOR
                 2005/2006 ADDED WITHDRAWN 2006/2007
VOLUMES HELD        64136   891        973               64,054
TOTAL TITLES          680     4          25                  659
PIECES             155824   877       1,443            155,258
TOTAL TITLES          284     1          41                  244
NUMBER ROLLS         8958    32        461                8,529
MICRO)               1049    14          81                  982
                       18     -          12                     6
TITLES               3189    21        111                3,099
FULL TEXT           20008                                22,667
SUBSCRIPTIONS          21                                     87
                       39                                    162

                                       Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                       (added by Dinkins)

        American Chemical Society Journals Online Use

      Journal of Physical Chemistry                  0
                  Chemical Reviews                   0
   Accounts of Chemical Research                     0
  The Journal of Organic Chemistry                    1
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B                       3
                Inorganic Chemistry                             8
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A                             8
                Analytical Chemistry                             9
                        Biochemistry                                 13
                    Macromolecules                                        17
Journal of the American Chem. Soc.                                                                   49

                                                 0            10           20         30     40     50     60
                                                                        Number of Accesses

          Assoc. of Computing Machinery Digital Package
                     Use (January - May 2007)

              Searches Run         4
            Article Requests           25
    Table of Contents Views             57

             Abstract Views                 60
                Page Views                                                      363
                        Hits                                                                      614

                               0            100           200        300        400    500    600    700

                                                                     Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                               Aggregator Use through Serials Solutions 2006/2007

                                Blackw ell-Synergy         140
             Communication & Mass Media Complete           146
               Freely Accessible Science Journals          162
                                    PsycARTICLES           179
                           SocINDEX w ith Full Text        195

                  ProQuest New sstand (Complete)             259
                              Access World New s             277
                    HighWire Press (Free Journals)             308
                             ABI/INFORM Complete                     543
                          Business Source Premier                                  1191
             Wilson OmniFile: Full Text Mega Edition                                  1328
                        ProQuest Research Library                                                           2207
                         Academic Search Premier                                                                        2853

                                                       0      500          1000       1500        2000        2500      3000

                                                                            Number of Accesses

                                                                           Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                       (June 1, 2006 to May 31, 2007)

                               Debbi Dinkins
                  Head of Technical Services and Associate Professor


     Poster Session at Florida Library Association Annual Conference in April, 2007
             “Contents Notes: Are They Helpful to Library Users”
     Attended Gender Equity Council Workshop, “How Can I Complain About My
              Job Without Sounding Incompetent?”, February, 2007
     Attended Florida Middle Managers Symposium, sponsored by NEFLIN
             “How Can I Help Them Get Along? Conflict Resolution Skills and
             Strategies for Library Middle Managers”, May, 2007
     Attended FLA Annual Conference in Orlando, April 2007
     Attended Sirsi training, sponsored by CFLC and held at Florida Tech, May 2007
     Consulted with librarians and staff at Embry-Riddle University regarding weeding
             a Periodicals collection, May 2007
     Participated in OCLC Webinar, “OCLC ESerials Holdings Service”, March 2007
     External tenure reviewer for the Library of the College of Staten Island, City
             University of New York
     Cataloging consultant for Faulkner State Community College, Bay Minette,


     Florida Library Association
     American Library Association
     Association of College and Research Libraries
     Beta Phi Mu International Library Science Honor Society
     Florida Library Unicorn Users’ Group, Secretary


     Member of Library’s Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2006/2007
     Member of University’s Admissions Committee
     Member of University Gender Equity Council
     Member of Library’s Johnson Research Essay Prize Committee


     Member of Executive Board and Secretary of Stetson’s People Helping People
     Volunteer at New Smyrna Beach Public Library
     Member of Friends of New Smyrna Beach Public Library

                                                   Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                Professional Activities June 1, 2006 - May 31, 2007
                                Laura N. Kirkland
                               Cataloging Librarian


Attended Sirsi Java Client Training Workshop on Cataloging and Advanced Cataloging at

  Attended Florida Library Association Annual Conference: “Libraries Tell Stories” in

  Attended quarterly Central Florida Library Consortium Cataloging Interest Group
           Utilizing Students and Volunteers – Winter Park Public Library
 Letting Administrators Know the Value of Tech Services and Performance Evaluation -
                         Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
            Digitizing and Cataloging Archival Collections - Rollins College
                  Book & Media Repair - Winter Park Public Library


Served as the Florida Library Association News Digest Editor, compiling and editing news
          from FLA and from national library news sources on a monthly basis

Presented Poster Session at Florida Library Association Conference with Debbi Dinkins:
                 Contents Notes: Are They Helpful to Library Users?

    Staffed the Florida Library Association booth at the Florida Writer’s Association
             Conference at the Coronado Springs Resort on November 10-11.

            Edited and compiled the 2005 Stetson University Faculty Review

                         Chaired monthly Cataloging meetings

                         PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS:

                             American Library Association

                      Association of College & Research Libraries

               Association for Library Collections and Technical Services

                              Florida Library Association

                 Florida Association of College and Research Libraries

                                                       Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                           CFLC Cataloging Interest Group

                             Freedom to Read Foundation

                              COMMUNITY SERVICE:

 Participated in Lee National Denim Day to raise money and awareness for breast cancer

   Participated in AHA Wear Red Day to raise money and awareness for heart disease

                  Filled food basket for Thanksgiving Basket Brigade


     Participated in First Year Student Program (providing individual/personalized
                  library and research assistance to first-year students

Served on the Professional Development Committee. Read and evaluated 20 Summer Grant
                    proposals and 14 applications for sabbatical leave

                   Served on Women and Gender Studies Committee

            Served as coordinator for WGS June Brooks Award for Activism

            Chaired Library’s Evans C. Johnson Research Prize Committee

                       Worked at Spring 2007 Library Book Sale

                 Designed the invitations for the Library Fall Reception

                                                       Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                Activities of Technical Services Staff as Reported

                                   Linda Grooms
                  Participation in meetings, training and seminars

        Participated in online training session for the new Ebsconet, July 2006

                    Conducted a trial of EJS Enhanced, Jan. 2007

              Served as a beta tester for the new, Feb. 2007

           Attended CFLC presentation on weeding periodicals, May 2007

         Accepted a nomination to the Quality of Service Council, May 2007

                                 Patricia G. Lopez
                               Conservation Specialist

Participation in Meetings, Workshops, and Seminars:

      Quality of Service Luncheons

      Campus-wide meetings

      Assisted with annual Library Book Sale

      Participation in annual Library events

      Participation in meetings with the Library Director
       and Supervising Librarian of Technical Services

      Attended in-house Microsoft Access training 8/05

      Attended in-house retirement seminar 4/06

      Organized the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Basket Brigade for the entire
       University with Linda

      Volunteer for the Library’s participation in the Annual Thanksgiving
       Dinner Basket Brigade
                                                      Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
       Provided items from our Exchange Program to libraries in New Orleans
         at no cost

Additional duties:

       Involved in the Archival Retention Project:
           Sale, exchange, record keeping, packing/mailing and pulling from shelf,
           Supervising and training students to help in this endeavor.
           Rearranging our binding cycle.

                       Ann Molohon, Continuations Specialist

Participation in Meetings, Workshops and Seminars

       Annual Campus-Wide Meetings
       Attended Tech. Service and Staff Meetings
       Attended Cataloging meetings
       Attended Quality of Service Luncheons

Library Activities

       Helped with Book Sale
       Attended Annual reception in August 2006
       Participated in Basket Brigade and Christmas giving

Special Projects

       Worked on weeding/collection evaluation in the stacks
       Government documents serial set weeding

Community Activities

       Secretary, Board of Trustees of Living Water Church

                                                     Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                               Linda Zack
                          Acquisitions Specialist

Participation in Meetings, Workshops and Seminars

       Banner 7 Training Session, April of 2006
       Attended Wellness Fair, March 2006
       Attend Quality of Service luncheons and campus-wide staff meetings
       Library support staff meetings with library Director and Head of Technical
       Volunteered as needed with Quality of Service Committee
       Volunteer for the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Basket Brigade
       Volunteer for the Annual Christmas Donations and wrapping
       Attended Stetson’s Nutritional Luncheon Seminar
       Attended Bowker Training on BIP and new Resources for College
       Libraries database
        Attended in-house retirement seminar

Library Activities

       Continue to reduce cost through negotiations with publishers and setting

       Corporate Purchasing Accounts (CPA)

       Decrease in MasterCard acquisition spending by establishing CPA’s

       Served as member of Library Acquisitions Team

       Participated in annual Library Book Sale

Contributions, Community, Donations and Gift-giving Programs

       American Heart Association
       Supported and donated to the awareness for the Susan G. Komen Breast
       Cancer Foundation

       Donated to the American Red Cross

       Sponsored Adopt an Angel for underprivileged children in the Deland

       Donated to Florida Future Educators of America (FFEA) for Deland
       tornadoes victims
       Donated towards Care Packages to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of our
                                                   Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                                  Angela Story
                          Government Documents Specialist

Participation in meetings, training and seminars

“Just for Copy Cats”, 2-day workshop, sponsored by CFLC and TMQ
Quality of Service Luncheons
Archives Tour, Stetson University Library
Howard Thurman Lecture Series, Stetson University
Post-Retirement Health Benefits meeting, Stetson University
Toshiba Copier Training session, Stetson University Library
Post Office new regulations meeting conducted by Stetson University Post Office, U.S.
Post Office and Pitney-Bowes representatives.

Library Supervisor Committee Meeting and follow-up meeting with Brittany Debity, Work-
Study Coordinator

University-wide staff meetings
Tech Services meetings
Cataloging and GovDoc Cataloging meetings

                                                      Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                                  LIBRARY CATALOGED HOLDINGS MAY 31, 2007                               Appendix A

DESCRIPTION                                       Vols. Held Titles Held     Vols. Held Titles      Vols. Held Titles
                                                                                        Held                   Held
                                                     5/31/05      5/31/05       5/31/06     5/31/06    5/31/07     5/31/07
Circulating Collection                              239,037       213,696      240,136      215,029       241,469      216,802
Reference Collection                                 26,183         9,848       26,744         9,891       21,535         7,758
Music Library Books                                   2,898         2,254        2,936         2,279        2,951         2,284
Stetson Collection                                    3,751         1,919        4,208         2,061        4,412         2,163
Treasure Collection                                   1,114           708        1,201           758        1,232           769
Greenlaw Collection                                      n/a           n/a          n/a          n/a          281           280
Shaw Collection                                          n/a           n/a          n/a          n/a           87            48
Sub-Total Books                                     272,983                    275,225                    271,967
BOUND PERIODICALS VOLUMES HELD                       64,725                     64,136                     64,054
TOTAL BOOK & JOURNAL VOLUMES (Physical)             337,708                    339,361                    336,021
                                                               Titles Held                Titles                     Titles
                                                                                          Held                       Held
                                                                  5/31/05                     5/31/06                    5/31/07
Reference Ebooks (including added copies)                              n/a                       384                        602
Ebooks (including added copies)                                        n/a                       344                       1432
Websites                                                               n/a                       182                        204
Remote Databases                                                       n/a                        70                        51*
Senior Projects                                                        n/a                         3                          3
* Lower number due to catalog database cleanup.

                                                                                                               Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
Current Titles Subscribed (paper & micro only)                        1,091                    1,049                     982
Microform Subscriptions in lieu of Binding                               22                       18                        6
Online Only Subscriptions                                                n/a                      21                       87
Active & Inactive Journal Titles in Library                           3,207                    3,189                   3,099
Internet Journals Available in Full Text                             11,581                   20,008                  22,667

JENKINS MUSIC LIBRARY                                 Vols. Held Titles Held   Vols. Held Titles      Vols. Held Titles
                                                                                          Held                   Held
                                                         5/31/05     5/31/05      5/31/06     5/31/06    5/31/07     5/31/07
Audiocassettes                                              112          98          113          99        113            99
Compact discs                                             4,590       4,491        5,132       5,019       5,606       5,476
Phonorecords (Sirsi only)                                 7,994       7,495        8,041       7,541       8,057       7,556
Scores (score parts not counted sep. after 5/31/00)      14,974      10,370       15,315      10,662     15,858       11,004
Sheet Music Minimally Cataloged & Not Classified            965         965          965         965        966          966
Recital CD's Minimally Cataloged & not Classified           766         699          950         829       1,286       1,015

Paper Pieces / Volumes                                  251,444                  252,624                250,176
Microfiche Pieces                                       120,411                  120,958                121,633
Microfilm Reels                                             223                      223                    223
Maps                                                      1,325                    1,402                   1,401
CD-Roms                                                   2,552                    2,663                   2,512
Computer Disks                                              169                      169                    169
Videocassettes                                               27                       27                      30
DVDs                                                         92                      109                    147
Government Documents Recon Titles (Total)                                n/a                     916                    1627

                                                                                                              Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
FEDERAL DOCUMENTS TITLES CATALOGED                      Vols. Held Titles Held    Vols. Held Titles      Vols. Held Titles
                                                                                             Held                   Held
                                                           5/31/05      5/31/05      5/31/06     5/31/06    5/31/07     5/31/07
Paper Titles Fully Cataloged                                            38,874                   40,393                  33,773
Microfiche Titles Fully Cataloged                                       19,741                   20,247                  20,511
Paper & MicroficheTitles Minimally Cataloged                              7,742                   7,704                   7,684
Titles Temporarily Minimally Cataloged                                     586                      535                     275
Computer Disks Fully Cataloged                                                7                       7                        7
CD-Roms Fully Cataloged                                                   1,179                   1,257                   1,210
Maps Cataloged                                                             413                      422                     448
Videocassettes                                                               51                      59                       67
Document Remote Databases (incl. PURLS cataloged                          9,135                  12,417                  16,488
separately and as added copies)

Total Federal Documents Titles in Unique Formats                        77,728                   83,041                **80,463
Accessible through WebCat

Microcard – Books                                            9,642        3073           9,642    3,073           0            0
Microfiche Books                                         **110,565        **104    **110,565        105    **58,291           70
Microfiche Journals                                       155,596          695       155,824        680    155,258          659
Microfilm Books Reels & Titles**                               465        4,639           465     4,639        465        4,639
Microfilm Journals Reels & Titles                            8,925         284           8,958      284       8,529         244
Ultrafiche Books Pieces & Titles                             **473        **642           120       120           0            0
** Unique titles in multiple formats accessible through Webcat as of 5/31/07 = 72,603.

                                                                                                                 Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
OTHER FORMATS                                                Vols. Held Titles Held       Vols. Held Titles      Vols. Held Titles
                                                                                                     Held                   Held
                                                                  5/31/05     5/31/05        5/31/06     5/31/06    5/31/07     5/31/07
Audiocassette Titles (Main Library)                                **164           114            116          113          116            113
Compact Discs (Audio – Main Library)                                   7             7               7            7              7            7
Computer Software Disks & Titles                                     107           102            106          101              34           30
CD-Rom Disks & Titles (excl. Fed. Documents)                          67            60             67            59             65           56
DVD-Rom Disks & Titles (excl. Fed. Documents)                          3             3               3            3              3            3
Maps – Cataloged                                                      12            11             15            14             14           13
Slides – Pieces & Titles                                           2,525            48            247             3         247               3
Videodiscs – Pieces & Titles (Music & Main)                           55            47             55            47             55           47
Videocassettes & Titles                                            2,447        1,776           2,804        2,118        2,806          2,123
DVDs Pieces & Titles                                                 381           335            667          554          979            830

Books                                                                662           592               0            0              0            0
CD-Roms                                                                1             1               0            0              0            0
Journals                                                    n/a                     24               0            0              0            0
Videos                                                                85            72               0            0              0            0

    ** Historical count provided is not based on Sirsi.
    *** All physical holdings for Celebration Center withdrawn in 2005/2006. Now supported by electronic databases and books.

                                                                                                                                Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
 LIBRARY EXPENDITURES BY FORMAT TYPE 2006/2007                   Appendix B

MEDIA                                      COST           PERCENTAGE
JOURNAL SUBSCRIPTIONS (PAPER & ELECTRONIC)    $235,760.57        36.45%
WEB DATABASES                                 $186,602.45        28.85%
BOOKS                                         $152,405.11        23.54%
SHIPPING & SERVICE                            *$13,845.70         2.14%
VIDEO                                          $12,226.46         1.89%
SCORES                                         $10,897.14         1.68%
JOURNAL SUBSCRIPTIONS (MICRO)                   $8,673.09         1.34%
EBOOKS                                          $8,576.08         1.33%
BINDING                                         $8,465.16         1.31%
ILL/DOC. DELIVERY                               $6,417.80         0.99%
COMPACT DISCS                                   $3,112.91         0.48%
TOTAL RESOURCES EXPENDITURES                  $646,982.47       100.00%
    * In 2005/2006, $8699.80 service charge for periodicals reported in Journal
      Subscriptions expenditure rather than in Shipping & Service expenditure.

                    Expenditure By Format 2006/2007

              2% 1%                                     Journal Subscriptions (Paper
                    4%                                  & Electronic)
                                                        Web Databases
                                                        Shipping & Service


                                                        Journal Subscriptions (Micro)

                     29%                                Other Formats and Services

                                                   Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007

NAME                                                           FUND ID                    SPENT
ACCOUNTING                                                         9200                 $7,682.91
AFRICANA STUDIES                                                   6233                 $1,510.50
AMERICAN STUDIES                                                   6222                 $4,788.15
AQUATIC & MARINE BIOLOGY                                           6225                 $3,476.22
ART                                                                6224                 $5,807.56
BINDING - BOOKS                                                    6268                   $586.99
BINDING - PERIODICALS                                              6272                 $7,730.38
BIOLOGY                                                            6226                $22,477.26
BUSINESS - COMMON FUND                                             6264                 $6,440.13
CHEMISTRY                                                          6228                $35,232.98
COMMUNICATION STUDIES & THEATER ARTS                               6262                 $8,145.88
COUNSELOR EDUCATION                                                6229                 $4,669.36
DATABASES                                                          6200               $155,966.63
DECISION & INFORMATION SCIENCE / QUANTITATIVE METHODS              6241                 $3,341.00
DIGITAL ARTS PROGRAM                                               6223                 $1,011.48
ECONOMICS                                                          6230                 $7,728.77
ENGLISH                                                            6234                $15,025.80
FINANCE                                                            6263                 $8,869.99
FOREIGN LANGUAGES                                                  6244                 $5,226.90
GENERAL                                                            6220                $39,833.74
GEOGRAPHY / GEOLOGY                                                6236                 $7,745.57
GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS PURCHASES                                     6274                 $1,330.38
HISTORY                                                            6240                $10,042.24
INTEGRATIVE HEALTH SCIENCE & SPORTS MANAGEMENT                     6238                 $7,312.78
INTERLIBRARY LOAN DOCUMENT DELIVERY                                  ILL                $3,650.12
LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES                                             6246                 $1,950.25
MANAGEMENT                                                         6265                $15,277.57
MARKETING                                                          6251                 $4,951.50
MARCHMAN – SPECIAL FUND FOR MARCHMAN CHAIR                   MARCHMAN                     $207.40
MATHEMATICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE                                     6242                $11,092.43
MICROFORMS-IN-LIEU-OF-BINDING EXPENDITURES                         6270                 $8,620.76
MUSIC                                                              6266                $12,309.57
PHILOSOPHY                                                         6248                 $4,924.25
PHYSICS                                                            6250                 $8,086.53
POLITICAL SCIENCE                                                  6252                $11,236.31
PSYCHOLOGY                                                         6254                $11,239.83
REFERENCE                                                          6256                $28,992.74
RELIGIOUS STUDIES                                                  6258                 $7,852.02
RUSSIAN STUDIES                                                    6463                 $2,515.78
SERVICE & SHIPPING                                                 6221                $11,787.00
SOCIOLOGY & ANTHROPOLOGY                                           6260                $10,871.96
TEACHER EDUCATION                                                  6232                $15,334.74
VIDEO                                                            VIDEO                  $4,240.73
WOMEN & GENDER STUDIES                                             6261                 $3,157.94
 TOTAL 2093                                                                           $550,283.03

                                             Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
PRESSER LIBRARY                                                       231            $13,498.74
TOTAL 2093 + 2095                                                                   $563,781.77

RINKER FUND                                                       615015                $14,479.26
ROLAND GEORGE INVESTMENT PROGRAM                                    6011                 $7,242.20
REPLACEMENTS FOR LOST BOOKS                                        REPL                    $666.70
COMPUTER RESEARCH FUND (NON-ILL)                                   73305                 $3,487.91
SUMMARY OF GIFT FUNDS LIBRARY BOOK DRIVE                            9861                $17,961.89
STETSON GIFT FUND                                                 635057                 $1,176.36
BROWNELL GIFT FUND                                                635049                $25,034.25
BOOKSALE FUND                                                       9864                   $152.13

CELEBRATION - GENERAL REFERENCE                                 CELEB-0                 $13,000.00

TOTAL LIBRARY RESOURCES AND BINDING EXPENDITURES                                    $646,982.47

                                           Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
                                                                                                                     Appendix D
                              SELECTED PROCESSING STATISTICS 2006/2007

                                            2002/2003 2003/2004 2004/2005   2005/2006       2006/2007
Book Volumes Cataloged & Processed            5,579     5,940     4,230       5,467     4,648 (4,313 titles)
Circulating Collection ***                    3,312     4,968     3,474       4,291     3,547 (3,479 titles)
Reference ***                                 2,167      801       668         723        551 (398 titles)
Special Collections ***                        100       171        88         453       550 (436 titles) **

Celebration Center (Items Cataloged, All       82       111        167        102                0

Web Sites Cataloged (Non-Document)             29        76        203         15               32
E-Books Cataloged (Reference and               n/a       n/a       n/a        207              1362
Scores & Recordings Cataloged Music           1,109     1,330      652        687               819
Other Media Cataloged (Titles)                 195       453       257         618              406
Federal Documents Fully Cataloged (Titles     3,325     3,987     2,820       3,130            3,517
- all media)
Federal Documents Briefly Cataloged           847       333        111         32                47
(Titles - all media)

Unauthorized Headings Corrected and/or        8,684     6,666     5,366       5,982           15,666
Authority Records Added                                                       6,386           13,327
Titles Converted to MARC Format ( Main        1,225     512        232          41              44
Titles Converted to MARC Format (Music)                            303         0                 4
Titles Converted to MARC Format                                    434        444               166
Volumes Bound/Rebound (excl. journals)        134        99        134         70                41
Volumes Cataloged for Walker Collection        12         6         0           3                 1
URLs Corrected (non-Federal Document)                                         140                57
Items Mended                                  509       767        847        539               261

                                                                                          Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007
Items Withdrawn from Collection               2,350       2,216       3,305       3,176         69,899
Circulating Collection – Lost                  113         220         117         167            150
Circulating Collection – Weeded                610        1,580       2,435       2,688          2,012
Reference - Lost                                20           9           2          10            151
Reference - Weeded                             435         366         481         256           5,356
Other Media Weeded (Main Library)               13          26          18          55          62,230*

Books Reinstated                               28          31          42           72             95

Not Checked/Put on Booksale or Exchange                     79         249         312             25
Checked/Put on Booksale or Exchange                        461         342         387            226
Checked and Cataloged                                      489         713         847          2,190**
CDs                                                          2           9          16             43
Microfiche                                                   2           0           0              0
Videos                                                       2          19         368             19
Records                                                      1           0           0              6
Computer Disks                                               5           0           0              0
Maps                                                         1           0           0              0
Scores                                                                                            198
Other Media                                                             8           65             95

Total Gifts                                               1,050       1,340       1,995          2,802

*   Other media weeded included withdrawal of ultrafiche (149 ultrafiche) and microcard (9642 microcards) collections and
       withdrawal of 35 titles (52,274 microfiche) in the Reference microfiche collection.
** Includes Greenlaw collection and Shaw collection books.
*** Differs from numbers reported in past annual reports. Sirsi reports refined to give more accurate count of volumes.

                                                                                                 Technical Services Annual Report 2006/2007

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