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									                                                                                  Photo of the Week

                                                                                    Holy Week
                                   1 April 2010                                                                 Issue No 09
Sacred Heart College
Hocking Parade
                                   Dear Parents
Sorrento                           Reports
                                   All parents will have received a progress report on their child’s progress up until the end of Term
Wangara WA 6947

Telephone: 08 9246 8200            It was pleasing to see many parents of Years 10 – 12 students taking advantage of the opportunity
Facsimile: 08 9448 7994            to meet formally with teachers on Monday 29 March to discuss the academic progress of their
                                   Any parent with any concern about their child’s progress should contact the specific teacher or
                                   in matters of general concern, contact the Dean of the Year. It is vital that there is a continual
                                   two-way communication between the home and the College. The student’s diary is an easy way
                                   to ensure that homework and assessments are being completed.

                                   Teachers are very happy to respond to emails and to telephone parents where face-to-face
                                   meetings are not possible.

                                   Year 12 Retreats
                                   I was pleased to be able to visit the
                                   four Year 12 retreat sites last week
                                   and to meet many students in a
                                   relaxed setting. Miss Carol Young,
                                   our Campus Minister, Mrs Nowak,
                                   Mr Callus and Mr Farrell did a fine
                                   job of developing programs to
                                   engage our students in reflecting
                                   on the life journey – a spiritual

                                   The staff members who attended
                                   were highly engaged in the
                                   process of leading their small
                                   groups through an excellent process. The feedback from the students has been extremely
                                   positive. We are indeed fortunate in Catholic schools, where unapologetically, “God is part of the
                                   conversation”. The opportunities for our students to discern and ponder their spiritual journeys
                                   can only assist us in producing fine young people.

                                   My special thanks to Mr Budas, Dean of Year 12, for his timeless work in ensuring all students
                                   and staff were well informed and catered for during the retreats.

                                   I wish all of our families a restful, safe and faith-filled Easter break among loved ones.

                                   Best wishes and God bless
                                   Peter Bothe
                                                                            will be sent
                                   Principal                               out tofamilies
                                                                             next term
Chaplain’s pieCe                                                                       CondolenCes
                                                                                       Sincere condolences to the
                                                                                       Lyon family on the sad loss of a
    Peace and Every Good!                                                              grandparent.
 The greatest and the most important feast in the Church is Easter, and there
 are several reasons why Easter is the greatest and most important feast in the
 The first reason we have for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, which is the
 fact that we celebrate at Easter, is that Easter, the resurrection, is the basis of
 our Christian faith. St Paul reminds us that “If Christ has not been raised, then
 our preaching is in vain; and your faith is in vain… and if Christ has not been
                                                                                       Youth M ission teaM
 raised, then your faith is a delusion and you are still lost in your sins… But in
 fact, Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have
 fallen asleep” (1 Cor 15: 14,7,20).
 So, the first reason for the importance of celebrating the feast of the                 Holiday Camp
 Resurrection of Jesus is that it is the basis of our faith.                             For Years 9-12
 The second reason for celebrating the feast of the Resurrection, Easter, is that
 this resurrection is a guarantee of our own resurrection. Jesus assured Martha           Bullsbrook
 at the tomb of Lazarus: “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes            14 - 16 April
 in me will live even though he dies” (Jn 11:25-26). Christ will raise us up “on
 the last day”; but it is also true that, in a certain way, we have already risen
 with Christ. With the Holy Spirit within us, we experience a participation in           There will be games, talks, lots
 the death and Resurrection of Jesus, even here and now on earth.                       of laughs and a live band. There
                                                                                        is the opportunity to meet new
 It means that we are not supposed to lie buried in the tomb of our sins and
                                                                                          friends and learn more about
 evil habits. It gives us the good news that no tomb can hold us down anymore;
                                                                                        God in a fun-filled atmosphere.
 neither the tomb of despair nor the tomb of discouragement; the tomb of
 doubt nor the tomb of death. We are expected to live a joyful and peaceful                   For more information,
 life; a life constantly experiencing the real presence of the resurrected Lord               call the YMT manager
 in all the events of our lives. As one of the psalms expresses it, “this is the day                Marty Firth
 the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad” (Psalm 118: 24).
                                                                                                   9202 6848 or
 If we really believe in the presence of the resurrected Jesus in our lives we
                                                                                            email: perth@ymt.com.au
 will be mindful of the greeting of Jesus in his post-resurrection appearances
 and his salutation to his disciples, “Peace be with you.” In the midst of the
 boredoms and tension of everyday life, the awareness of Jesus’ presence will
 give us a sense of peace and joy.                                                             www.ymt.com.au
 If we really believe in the presence of the resurrected Jesus in our lives,
 then the peace that this brings will shine forth in our lives of love, mercy,
 compassion and the spirit of self-sacrificing service of the risen Jesus living
 in our hearts. The feast gives us a sense of hope and encouragement in this
 world that, at times, is a world of pain, sorrows and tears.
 A third reason for celebrating the feast of the Resurrection is our belief
 in the real presence of the risen Jesus in our hearts, in our families, in our
 communities and in our churches.
 This awareness of the presence of the risen Lord, in and around us, and the
 strong conviction of our own resurrection, help us to control our thoughts,
 desires, words and behaviour. This awareness inspires us to honour our
 bodies, keeping them free from evil habits and addictions. Our awareness
 of the presence of the risen Lord in our neighbours should encourage us to
 respect them and give to them humble and self-giving service.
 Each time we fail in our attempts to ward off temptation, but keep on trying
 to overcome them, we share in the resurrection. Each time that we continue
 to hope—even as our hope is smashed to pieces—we share in the power of
 Jesus’ resurrection.
 Easter says to us neither pain, sin , rejection, not death, can destroy us
 because Jesus has conquered all these and we too can conquer them if we
 put our faith in Him.

   God love you.
student aChieveMent                   FroM the deputY
Congratulations to Lauren Plati
(Year 9) who won 4 medals at the      Term 2 Uniform
National Sprint Kayaking Champi-      Parents are reminded that the Winter uniform (including blazer and tie) is the
onships in Sydney recently.           required school uniform for Term Two. It is requested that a special effort is
                                      made to ensure that students are appropriately attired for the commencement
Lauren also won a bronze medal at     of school. This includes issues with respect to jewellery, hair, and correctly fitted
the State Athletics Championships     uniforms.
in the Under 14 Discus event.
                                      All students are also reminded that school jumpers are part of the school uniform
                                      and not the sports uniform.

                                      The Uniform Shop will be open during the holiday period on Tuesday 13 April
                                      from 2.00pm to 6.00pm and Wednesday 14 April from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

                                      Years 7 To 9 reporTs
                                      Years 7 to 9 Reports have been distributed to all students today. Students who
                                      were absent from school may collect their Report from the Administration Block
                                      in the second week of the school holidays or from their Form teacher on their
                                      return to school. As mentioned previously details for the Parent, Student, Teacher
                                      Interviews scheduled for 10 May will be distributed early in Term Two.

                                      Term 2 Calendar
Web based studY prograM               The School Calendar (Terms One - Four) is on the College website and is updated
                                      as changes are made.
As part of a new “National Study
Week” program all of the students
at Sacred Heart College will have     A summary of key dates in Term Two will also be available on the College Website
free unlimited 24 hour access to      by the commencement of the new term.
Smartkiddies from home next
                                                                                                    Leo DiGregorio
This National Study Week will                                                                                Deputy Principal
start on Thursday 1 April and end
on Thursday 8 April.
                                      FroM the deans
To take advantage of this special     UniversiTY of noTre d ame s Cholarships
access opportunity, students
can login from home using their       Late last year the Catholic Education Commission approved ten scholarships for
normal class login. Then click on     Year 12 students graduating from Catholic schools who have chosen to study a
the “Study week logo” to enable       teaching degree at the University of Notre Dame Australia.
“unlimited home access” for the
week.                                 These scholarships are worth $10,00 towards the cost of their Commonwealth
                                      Supported Place over the four years of their degree.
If you need help logging in for
any reason or if you have any         For further details regarding these scholarships, please contact Mr Tony Budas,
questions please email support@       Dean of Year 12.

                Alf Debono                                                                               Tony Budas
                      Head of Sport
                                                                                                              Dean of Year 12

Year 10 ed support student “Wood enterprise”
Mr Bennett and the Education Support students have been very busy this term making “Note Pad Boxes” which have been all
sold making a profit of $48 which was generously donated to Caritas.

We are now working on a contract to build “20 Tool Boxes” for an Engineering Company based in Perth. This is an Enterprise
in work… to be continued…

                                                                                                        John Bennett
                                                                                                 Technology & Enterprise Teacher

spartans attaCk!
This term as part of their Plane Geometry task, the Design 1C (Years 11/12) students designed and made their own warrior
helmets, inspired by those worn by the ancient Spartan warriors. The activity involved the students using the computer
drawing program AutoCAD to alter the existing Spartan model (or, in some cases, totally design their own from scratch) to
build their own custom-made helmet.

The models are on display in the Library for all staff and students to see.

                                                                                                Barry Harrington
                                                                                                HOLA- Technology and Enterprise

Young vinnies easter aCtivitY
On Wednesday 31 March four students were taken to deliver Easter Eggs, fluffy toys and food to the following venues:
Shopfront in Maylands - a drop-in centre for the homeless and disadvantaged. The Easter Eggs, and in particular the takeaway
food was so gratefully received. Brother Peter Negus, the Director of Shopfront gave the students a tour of the facility and told
them that warm clothes (male & female), blankets, shoes, towels etc. were also needed. If families have any of these items at
home and wish to send them to sick bay we will make sure they are taken to Shopfront.
Princess Margaret Hospital Oncology Ward and Ronald McDonald House - The Easter Eggs and fluffy toys brought such joy to
the faces of the youngsters who are undergoing therapy for cancer.
Little Sisters of the Poor Nursing Facility in Glendalough - Sister Elizabeth welcomed us at the nursing home and assured us
that the Easter Eggs would be welcomed by the elderly residents.
Silver Chain - collected a large box of Easter Eggs to distribute to elderly patients they visit.
On Thursday 1 April a group of eight students visited Mercyville and Trinity Village Nursing Homes to deliver Easter Eggs and
cards made by our group. The residents were so happy to see our students and enjoyed receiving their gifts. There was an
Easter Bonnet Parade at Trinity with the elderly showing off the hats they had made whilst enjoying morning tea.
Many thanks to the Year 10 Students and the College staff who donated the Easter Eggs and to Vinnies members for the fluffy
toys. Your kindness and generosity brought much joy and happiness to all who received the Easter gifts.
The Year 12 Food Science and Technology students have spent the best part of Term One planning and preparing an Easter
morning tea for the residents of Trinity Village Nursing Home. On Holy Thursday, six Year 12 students and Mrs Ottaway travelled
to Trinity Village armed with a selection of fabulous treat. The girls poured cups of tea, served food and had a wonderful chat
to the residents who were very appreciative of not only the food, but of the company and enthusiasm of the students.

                                                                                                        Rossana Hywood
                                                                                                           Young Vinnies Coordinator

CatholiC Youth M inistrY
s aTUrdaY 10 a pril
Sand Sculpture Competition: Scarborough Beach 9am - 1.30pm
Have fun in the sun this summer and help promote WYD 2011. Youth Groups and Communities are encouraged to put a team
of people together to get creative in the sand & join in the fun activities. Great Prizes, High Profile Judges, Beach Games and
bring your own picnic. Download a registration form at www.cym.com.au <http://www.cym.com.au/> or call 9422 7912

ThUrsdaY 22 a pril - 7:30pm
CYM World Youth Day 2011 Pilgrimage Meeting: Perth Catholic Pastoral Centre, 40A Mary St, Highgate
Catholic Youth Ministry is organising the official Archdiocese of Perth pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain in
August next year. Anyone between the ages of 17 and 35 are invited to come along with us on what will be a fantastic trip.
If you’ve already been saving or if you’re still unsure and want to know more about what will most certainly be the trip of a
lifetime, come along to our information night. For more info log onto www.cym.com.au and fill out our expression of interest
form of phone 9422 7912.

UrGenT neWs for all CaTholiC YoUTh
Connect with Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM) Perth to engage in loads of local events! This agency is the central agency to
connect you with local Parish youth groups, social events, retreats and MUCH more! Visit our website: www.cym.com.au
<http://www.cym.com.au/> ; join our mailing list to receive a monthly e-newsletter; join our facebook group ‘Catholic Youth
Ministry Perth’. Volunteer with us to meet new people & share your skills with the Church! Also feel free to drop in & visit us,
or call 9422 7912.
have suM Fun Maths CoMpetition
Over the last two Friday nights Sacred Heart College has entered
a team of “mathletes” into the senior and lower school Have Sum
Fun Mathematics Competition held at St Hilda’s Anglican School
for Girls. This is a quiz night for mathematically gifted students
and provides them an opportunity to pit their wits against some
of the best mathematics students in Perth. Congratulations to
Jeremy Curry, Elizabeth DeJong (Yr 12), Michael Assman, Peter Baskovich, David Cann, Alex Woloszyn (Yr 11), Craig Aranha,
Sophie Todd (Yr 10), Matt Reilly, Josh Murphy (Yr 9), Rhys Jones and Joshua Paddick (Yr 8) who all represented the College so
well over the two nights. Special thanks also to Miss Carla Poropat who accompanied the senior students and Ms Sue Lacey
who supervised the lower school students on the respective nights. Well done to all involved!

                                                                                                       Michael Williams
                                                                                                 Head of Learning Area - Mathematics

nas Finals
Due to the bad weather conditions the Final’s games were hugely interrupted. Games against JohnXXIII College did not
take place. This has affected our final placings but nevertheless our teams achieved a great outcome overall. We would like
to thank all the students who took part in the trials and subsequently in the interschool competitions. We had a number of
teams that won premierships as follows:

              Year 7                    Boys Tennis / Basketball / Cricket / with the VolleyBall team coming second
                                        Girls Second in Tennis and Basketball and 4th in VolleyBall and Futsal

              Year 8                    Boys Premiers in Basketball / 2nd in Tennis / 3rd in Cricket
                                        Girls 2nd in Futsal / 3rd in Tennis and VolleyBall

              Year 9                    Boys Premiers in Basketball and VolleyBall / 2nd in cricket / 3rd in Tennis
                                        Girls Premiers in tennis / 2nd in VolleyBall and Basketball

              Year 10                   Boys Premiers in Cricket / 3rd in Basketball
                                        Girls Premiers in Basketball

              Years 11/12               Boys Second in Touch
                                        Girls Premiers in Tennis and 2nd in Touch

                                     All results are on line at the following web address

                                                                                                                Alf Debono
                                                                                                                       Head of Sport

                                            The NeW 2010/2011

                                      eNTerTaiNmeNT™ Books
                                      are comiNg sooN…

             Due to the over whelming demand of the 2009/2010 season,
                       make sure you secure your copy today!

customers who order and pay for their Book before april 30th 2010 will receive 6 Bonus offers for
NeW businesses in the Book. But hurry as stocks are limited and bonus offers will be distributed on a
                                first come, first served basis! 

                          hurry, stocks are limited! Books available mid may!
                 To order your copy of the NEW 2010/2011 Perth Entertainment™ Book, Please contact:
                                                   Group Name: sacred heart college P&F
                                          Contact: Willemina Walker | Phone Number: 0439 935 305

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ State: _____________ Post Code: __________________

I would like to order:                X copy/copies @ $65 each (GST incl.)

 I will collect the Book from you   OR    I have included $8 per Book for postage and handling.   Total amount enclosed:   $

I would like to pay by:          Cash  Cheque - Please make cheques payable to: sacred heart college P&F
Or please charge my:             Visa  MasterCard
Credit Card Number: ___ ___ ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___       Expiry Date: __ ___/___ ___

Cardholder’s Name: _______________________________________________ Signature: _____________________________________

 Thank-you foryour support! $13 from each Book sold will go towards our fundraising. Please don’t forget to register your Entertainment™ Gold Card at:
                                                         www.entertainmentbook.com.au! 



1.   Tickets can be purchased from Monday 15 March by simply filling in the booking form overleaf and enclosing
     your payment.

     You can return the form and payment via:

     a)    A student at the College through the FORM folder

           -      Fill in the student’s name and form class on the form
           -      This system will operate until end of Term One 2010.

     b)    Front Office Reception

     c)    Credit Card Bookings through the Administration Office or by post to:

                                                  Sacred Heart College
                                                         PMB 6
                                                   Wangara WA 6947

           -    Clearly label your envelope ‘Grease’. Do not send to Performing Arts or to the staff.

2.   BOOKING of tickets without payment cannot be accepted.

3.   “Paid” Tickets are to be collected from the Front Office Reception. Allow one week after payment before
     asking for the tickets. This system will operate until the end of Term One. At the beginning of Term Two,
     drop orders in at the Front Office Reception and come back the next day.

4.   Once tickets have been issued NO CHANGES to that booking can be made.

5.   Lost tickets – Please inform the College if tickets are lost so they can be re-issued.

6.   We rely on volunteers to operate the ticketing for our productions. We are not a professional booking house, nor
     do we use a commercial computerised booking system. So please be patient and tolerant at all times.

Sacred Heart College Vietnam Mission Fundraiser

                                     Canteen roster
s eMester one 2010
Term TWo                                 Mon
                                                   19 Apr
                                                   20 Apr
                                                              Pupil Free Day
                                                              J O’Brien, R Buczkowski, J Ellis
Week one                                 Wed       21 Apr     A Seaton, C Sweeny, J Stewart
                                         Thu       22 Apr     M Lyons, K Lott, S Metcalfe
Monday 19 April
                                         Fri       23 Apr     R Campbell, C Mullen, M Franken
Staff Professional Development Day
- Pupil Free Day
Tuesday 20 April
                                     Parents who are not currently on the roster and who would like to offer their
Years 7 - 12 students commence
                                     assistance at any time are asked to contact Wendy Cherry on 9246 8214. No
Thursday 22 April
                                     experience is necessary.
Whole School Assembly

                                     student birthdaYs
Week TWo                             Congratulations to the following students who will celebrate a birthday in the coming
Monday 26 April                         Year 7      Alessandro Gentelli, Christopher Baker, Matthew Rowe, Claudia
Public Holiday                                      Giles, Gabrielle Ryder, Clara Bertozzi, Isabel Bartle, Liam Catalfamo,
Wednesday 28 April                                  Darcy Maxwell, Emma Marchesani, Sean Foley, Roy Brackenreg,
Photograph Day                                      Andrew Kristicevic
Friday 30 April                         Year 8      Caitlin Berryman,Tyler Hughes, Shannon Ferguson, Bernard McCaffrey,
                                                    Maddelyn Rimmer, Lucy Cockman, Daniel Ballucci, Ben Powell,
Inter-Form Athletics Carnival
                                                    Joshua Gallen, Stephanie Moss, Dylan Todd, Clare Doyle, Jack
                                                    Doyle, Anna Watt, Anthony Margaretic, Mikaela Johnson
                                        Year 9      Callan Harris, Brooke Dunbar-Golder, Jessica Canham, Maeve
                                                    Fitzsimons, Adam Gilbert, Charlotte Connelly, Tayla Johnson,
                                                    Shannon Brady, Jordan Marchesani
                                        Year 10 Chelsie Metcalfe, Sahra Lawrence, Michelle Salsano, Jade Toniolo,
                                                    Natasha Camilleri, Elias Cuzens, Tim Bennett, Sarah Tilleke, Adriana
                                                    Breda, Courtney Barnard, Georgina Gaff, Amberley Speak
                                        Year 11 Lauaren McInerney, Kellie McDonald, Daniel Moss, Jack Butler,
                                                    Timothy Elphick, Kate Carbone, Tim Murphy, David Cann, Brendan
                                                    Collins, Dominique Gauci, Nathan Birch
                                        Year 12 Ashley Maker, Robert Markey, Meg Doyle, Blake Hanavan, Daniel
                                                    Watson, Adam Johnson, Emma Chapman, Elizabeth deJong,
                                                    Timothy Buchan, Kate Spillane, Shelby Blechynden-More, Scott
                                                    List, Talia Sgro

                                                      U nifor m S ho p
                                                                  School holiday
                                                                  opening times
                                                                 Tuesday 13 April
                                                                   2pm to 6pm
                                                                Wednesday 14 April
                                                                   9am to 1pm
                                                 Uniform Shop Refund/Exchange Policy
                                     Refunds and Exchanges are only applicable for 3 months from date of purchase.
                                                   A receipt is required for all new clothing refunds
                                                         and exchanges in the Uniform Shop.
                                               You must be 100% sure before buying Preloved Clothing
                                                 as under no circumstances are refunds or exchanges
                                                        given on Preloved Clothing purchases.

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