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									                        Give The Devil His Due
                                  Chapter 4
           The Scapegoat                           Concordance, it comes from a root word
                                                   meaning, literally, “a nothing.” In the New
    This is new ground and it may be the           Testament, Paul said that the idols are
first time that some of you have heard             nothing. There is no other God. So, these
these things. Allow me the opportunity to          “no-gods” that Israel was worshipping are
prove, or demonstrate from the                     called “devils” in our English Bibles.
Scriptures, some of the conclusions I have
found.                                               In 2 Chronicles, chapter 11, the king-
                                                   dom has been divided:
   As I stated earlier, the word “devil,” in
the singular, is not found in the Old              And Rehoboam dwelt in Jerusalem,
Testament. The plural, “devils,” is used           and built cities for defense in Judah.
four times. The first time is in Leviticus                               2 Chronicles 11:5
17. In this chapter, the law of blood offer-
ings is being set up:                                 Rehoboam remained king over the
                                                   southern part of the Judah kingdom:
And they shall no more offer their sac-
rifices unto devils, after whom they               And the priests and the Levites that
have gone a whoring. This shall be a               were in all Israel resorted to him out
statute for ever unto them throughout              of all their coasts. For the Levites left
their generations.                                 their suburbs and their possession,
                         Leviticus 17:7            and came to Judah and Jerusalem:
                                                   for Jeroboam and his sons had cast
   We know from other parts of Scripture           them off from executing the priest's
that when Israel was blamed for “going a           office unto the Lord:
whoring” they were following after other                             2 Chronicles 11:13-14
gods. Therefore, the word “devils” in this
verse must refer to idols or other gods. In            Jeroboam, who was king over the
this verse, “devils” comes from the                northern kingdom, had cast out the true
Hebrew word “saiyr” which in English is            Levitical priests. These priests then went
“satyr.” It is translated in other places as       to Jerusalem. This is what Jeroboam did
“goat” or “he-goat.”                               in the northern kingdom:

They sacrificed unto devils, not to                   And he (Jeroboam) ordained him
God; to gods whom they knew not, to                priests for the high places, and for the
new gods that came newly up, whom                  devils, and for the calves which he
your fathers feared not.                           had made.
                  Deuteronomy 32:17                                     2 Chronicles 11:15

   Again, the word “devils” stands for                Here again this word “devils” is from
other gods. In this verse, “devils” comes          the Hebrew word “saiyr” or “satyr,” mean-
from the Hebrew word “SHED” (pro-                  ing “he-goats” or a goat idol. Jeroboam set
nounced shade). According to Strong's              up golden calves in Samaria and pro-

claimed them as Israel's gods! Here                any of the commandments of the Lord
Jeroboam proclaims priests for devils.             his God concerning things which
What are they? False gods. They were               should not be done, and is guilty; Or if
inanimate idols of metal or stone. No life,        his sin, wherein he hath sinned, come
no power, and yet called by the English            to his knowledge; he shall bring his
translators “devils.”                              offering, a kid of the goats (satyr), a
                                                   male without blemish: And he shall
  Referring to what Israel had done in             lay his hand upon the head of the goat
Canaan land, we read this in Psalm 106:            (satyr) and kill it in the place where
                                                   they kill the burnt offering before the
They did not destroy the nations, con-             Lord: it is a sin offering.
cerning whom the Lord commanded                                            Leviticus 4:22-24
them: But were mingled among the
heathen, and learned their works.                  And it came to pass on the eighth day,
And they served their idols: which                 that Moses called Aaron and his sons,
were a snare unto them. Yea, they sac-             and the elders of Israel; And he said
rificed their sons and their daughters             unto Aaron, Take thee a young calf
unto devils (idols), And shed innocent             for a sin offering, and a ram (another
blood, even the blood of their sons and            word for a “he-goat”) for a burnt
of their daughters, whom they sacri-               offering, without blemish, and offer
ficed unto the idols of Canaan: and                them before the Lord.
the land was polluted with blood.                                           Leviticus 9:1-2
                       Psalm 106:34-37
                                                   And he brought the people's offering,
   What were the devils? They were the             and took the goat (satyr), which was
idols of the Canaanites, which Israel wor-         the sin offering for the people, and
shipped. The religion of Canaan was the            slew it, and offered it for sin, as the
worship of the Babylonian god, Baal.               first. And he brought the burnt offer-
                                                   ing, and offered it according to the
       The False Scapegoat                         manner.
                                                                        Leviticus 9:15-16
    We have just read all four passages in
the Old Testament where the word “dev-                Chapter 16 of Leviticus contains the
ils” is used. In two of these passages “dev-       ordinance of the “scapegoat.”
ils” comes from the Hebrew word “saiyr,”
which is “satyr” in English. “Satyr” is                The Israelites would take a goat
found about 20 times in the Old                    (satyr), lay their hand upon it and place
Testament. It is usually translated into           all the sins of Israel upon the he-goat and
the words “goat” or “he- goat” except for          then send the goat out into the wilder-
the two places we just read, where it is           ness. “Scapegoat” is the same word “satyr”
translated “devils.”                               which is translated “devils” in the two
                                                   passages we read earlier. In other words,
   Let's look at a few of the passages             devils were something on which you could
where “satyr” is translated “goat” or “he-         lay (or blame) your sins. And by putting
goat”:                                             the goat away your sins were taken away.
                                                   God accused Israel of having false devils
When a ruler hath sinned, and done                 (satyrs or he-goats) which they blamed for
somewhat through ignorance against                 their sins. They worshipped the false dev-

ils instead of the true God of Israel. Isn't        ashamed: and the workmen, they are
this interesting? Many people do just               of men: let them all be gathered
about this same thing with the devil of the         together, let them stand up; yet they
churches. They say, “The Devil made me              shall fear, and they shall be ashamed
do it; it's his fault. He's the one that            together.
tempted me.” They put away their sins by                                    Isaiah 44:8-11
charging them to a devil.
                                                       He continues challenging Israel to try
    Several years ago, one of the so-called         and get their no gods (idols) to stand up
“patriotic,” “anti-communist” ministers             and do something. He tells them their “no
was charged with, and admitted to, homo-            gods” (idols) can't hear, they can't see,
sexual acts with some of the students at            they can't do anything.
his, supposedly, patriotic Christian col-
lege. About a year or so later he went back         I am the Lord, and there is none else,
and began work for the same organiza-               there is no God beside me: I girded
tion. He still works for them. At that time         thee, though thou hast not known me:
he made the remark that his trouble had             That they may know from the rising of
all been caused by being tempted by the             the sun, and from the west, that there
devil. He said that now he was going to             is none beside me. I am the Lord, and
fight the Devil and not do this sin any-            there is none else. I form the light, and
more. However, God lays the charge of sin           create darkness: I make peace, and
at the individual's door, not at the door of        create evil: I the Lord do all these
“the Devil”                                         things.
                                                                                Isaiah 45:5-7
   So, “the Devil” is a made-up, false,
scapegoat, which people claim is responsi-             The song of Moses also speaks of these
ble for their sin. Israel's idols were called       “no gods,”
“devils” by the translators because that is
the meaning of the word.                            For the Lord shall judge his people,
                                                    and repent himself for his servants,
         Myth And Idolatry                          when he seeth that their power is
                                                    gone, and there is none shut up, or
   In the following passage, God is speak-          left. And he shall say, Where are their
ing to the children of Israel:                      gods, their rock in whom they trusted,
                                                    Which did eat the fat of their sacri-
Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have                fices, and drank the wine of their
not I told thee from that time, and                 drink offerings? let them rise up and
have declared it? ye are even my wit-               help you, and be your protection. See
nesses. Is there a God beside me? yea,              now that I, even I, am he, and there is
there is no god; I know not any. They               no god with me: I kill, and I make
that make a graven image are all of                 alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is
them vanity; and their delectable                   there any that can deliver out of my
things shall not profit; and they are               hand. For I lift up my hand to heaven,
their own witnesses; they see not, nor              and say, I live for ever.
know; that they may be ashamed. Who                                  Deuteronomy 32:36-40
hath formed a god, or molten a graven
image that is profitable for nothing?                  God is saying that He does all of these
Behold, all his fellows shall be                    things and none can deliver out of His

hands. Yet, we have among us a religion            the word “serpent” is used refer to either
professing that there is an almost everliv-        snakes or symbols of snakes. We have
ing creature called, “the Devil” or “Satan”        more authority and more reason to state
who takes billions of people out of God's          that the serpent of Genesis, chapter three,
hands. This “Devil” then takes them to his         was a snake given the power of words or
own kingdom and tortures them for ever             voice by God than we have of labeling him
and ever because they are sinners. But,            an angelic being.
that is not what God says.
                                                       We have found a few instances in the
       The Old Testament                           Old Testament where either the English
    Gives The Devil No “Due”                       word “devils” or the Hebrew word, which
                                                   is translated, “devils” is used, and they
   In the Old Testament, we have found             are stone or metal images. It might, also,
nothing on which we could base the Devil           be referring to a “scapegoat,” which is a
or the Satan of the churches. We've read           goat upon which people lay or blame their
every passage where the words “devil”              sins; and then cast it off and claim they
and “Satan” occur. Of the nine passages in         are not at fault for their own sins. In two
the Old Testament where we found                   passages it has that meaning, and in the
“sawtawn” (the word transliterated                 other case, it comes from something else
“Satan” part of the time), eight of the pas-       meaning an idol.
sages can easily be shown to refer either
to God, His angels, or to specific men. In            The devils of the Old Testament do not
only one place is there a possibility of           speak, they do not think, they do not do
some sort of devil who might have used             anything. We can give the devil no “due”
some sort of hocus pocus and might have            out of his mention in the Old Testament.
given Job boils.                                   In truth, there is nothing in the Old
                                                   Testament scriptures on which we can
    Of the 19 passages in the Old                  base any creature; such as the Satan of
Testament where the word “serpent” is              the denominational churches or of what
used, 18 of them refer either to natural           are called the “Seedline” churches.
snakes or to a symbolic serpent. Only one
of those 18 tells of any supernatural act.              The True Biblical Devil
That, of course, would be Moses' “brazen
serpent.” In that case, people were healed            Before we get into the New Testament,
by merely-looking upon it. Most people             I wish to quote from James:
will admit that the healing must have
been by the power of God — not by any              Let no man say when he is tempted, I
power resident in the brazen serpent,              am tempted of God: for God cannot be
itself. It certainly was not an act of the         tempted with evil, neither tempteth he
church's “Devil.”                                  any man: But every man is tempted,
                                                   when he is drawn away of his own
   Of the 19 passages where the word               lust, and enticed. Then when lust
“serpent” is used, one passage is in               hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin:
Genesis, chapter three, where the serpent          and sin, when it is finished, bringeth
spoke. If it was a real snake, then, that is       forth death.
a supernatural act in itself. Since all of                                  James 1:13-15
the other Old Testament passages where

   What is the tempter? It is man's own               Hebrews, chapter eight, is about God
lust or desire.                                    giving a New Testament:

From whence come wars and fight-                   For if that first covenant had been
ings among you? come they not hence,               faultless, then should no place have
even of your lusts that war in your                been sought for the second. For find-
members? Ye lust, and have not: ye                 ing fault with them, he saith, Behold,
kill, and desire to have, and cannot               the days come, saith the Lord, when I
obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have              will make a new covenant with the
not, because ye ask not.                           house of Israel and with the house of
                          James 4:1-2              Judah:
                                                                           Hebrews 8:7-8
   James is writing to Israel, as we can
see by reading the first verse of chapter             Who was at fault? Was it some devil
one:                                               who tempted Israel to break the Old
                                                   Covenant? No, God said the fault was
James, a servant of God and of the                 with Israel. He laid the charge of sin or
Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve                   transgression of the Old Covenant at
tribes which are scattered abroad,                 Israel's door.
                         James 1:1                    Jeremiah 17 is a fairly well-known
                                                   passage of Scripture, which bears repeat-
   What is the devil that is to be resisted?       ing at this point:
He is described in the following passage:
                                                   The heart is deceitful above all
Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask            things, and desperately wicked: who
amiss, that ye may consume it upon                 can know it? I the Lord search the
your lusts. Ye adulterers and adulter-             heart, I try the reins, even to give
esses, know ye not that the friendship             everyman according to his ways, and
of the world is enmity with God?                   according to the fruit of his doings.
whosoever therefore will be a friend of                                 Jeremiah 17:9-10
the world is the enemy of God. Do ye
think that the scripture saith in vain,                If we take that literally, we could read
The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth             it to mean that the heart of man is the
to envy? But he giveth more grace.                 most deceitful and wicked thing upon the
Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the              earth. It is not some angelic, everliving,
proud, but giveth grace unto the hum-              omnipresent spirit that is deceitful above
ble. Submit yourselves therefore to                all things. God says it is the heart of man.
God. Resist the devil, and he wiff flee            We should have recognized some of these
from you.                                          things before!
                            James 4:3-7
                                                             A Deceptive
   “The spirit that dwelleth in us”! That            “Doctrine Of (About) Devils”
is what we are to “resist,” The lust that
dwelleth in our own members is what                   Most of us grew up learning and
James says is our problem.                         believing in the “hell” of the churches. We
                                                   believed, I suppose because everyone else

we knew believed, that most of mankind              that the, so-called, king of that kingdom
at death went in a conscious state to a             didn't exist either. But I guess sometimes
place of fire and brimstone and pain and            it takes years for us to understand. I apol-
torture. We were taught that those still-           ogize for having taken years before I
living “dead” spent eternity screaming in           began to suspect that the churches might
pain, while the Devil and his angels                have been lying to us on this subject.
danced about them and poked them with
pitchforks or mocked them. You've read                  Here is a little of what I told a dear
some of the descriptions - they are horri-          Baptist lady several years ago, more or
ble! We were told that all of this torture          less in desperation, when she refused to
and pain is a just punishment for those             listen to my attempt to convince her that
wretched people because they had either             the “pretribulation rapture” was a false
never heard of Jesus Christ, or they had            doctrine. First I quoted Matthew 24 to

                                                    And as he sat upon the mount of
                                                    Olives, the disciples came unto him
                                                    privately, saying, Tell us, when shall
                                                    these things be? and what shall be the
                                                    sign of thy coming, and of the end of
                                                    the world? And Jesus answered and
                                                    said unto them, (and then I pointed
heard of Him, but had rejected the call             out to her that this was the first thing
given by some minister, who had spent his           Jesus said) Take heed that no man
whole life trying to “save their souls from         deceive you.
hell.” They had not “accepted Christ as                                     Matthew 24:3-4
their personal Saviour” and, thus, could
not escape “hellfire.” Consequently, all of            Christ's first warning about the end of
these souls were there in righteous judg-           the age was a warning of deception. Christ
ment. All of this punishment was                    said:
Scriptural. It was for the sin of unbelief.
They had not believed their minister,               For there shall arise false Christs,
when he had come in his compassion and              and false prophets, and shall shew
tried to “save their soul.” Through study           great signs and wonders; insomuch
in God's Word and through the grace and             that, if it were possible, they shall de-
favor of God Almighty, we have found that           ceive the very elect.
teaching to be totally-false! It has no foun-                                Matthew 24:24
dation in the Holy Scripture. It is, liter-
ally, a “doctrine of devils”; a pagan super-            So, at the end of this age there would
stition and not Christian truth.                    be tremendous deception. I, then, quoted
                                                    verse five to her to demonstrate the quar-
Apparently, some ministers (including               ter from which that deception would come.
myself) must be a little thicker headed
than most because they (and I) should               For many shall come in my name, say-
have begun to realize the truth. When the           ing, I am Christ (saying that Jesus is
truth about “hell” was given to us by God           the Christ); and shall deceive many.
Almighty and we found it didn't even                                         Matthew 24:5
exist, we should have begun to suspect

   I said to that dear lady: “If Jesus was          Timothy was saying the same thing
saying that the greatest deceptions would        that Jesus said - that people will willingly
come through those who come in Jesus'            be deceived by false doctrines.
name and preach that Jesus is the Christ.
then that would mean that any doctrine               The doctrine of “burning hell” (eternal
taught by the majority of the churches           life in a state of torture) is taught by many
and believed by any large number of the          churches and believed by many people.
people was probably false and should at          With the criteria given us by the New
least be investigated.                           Testament, that doctrine came under sus-
                                                 picion. We did investigate and found that
But evil men and seducers shall wax              it is false. The “rapture” doctrine is simi-
worse and worse, deceiving, and being            lar. It is now taught by tens of thousands
deceived. But continue thou in the               of ministers, believed by millions. Using
things which thou hast learned and               the same judgment, we investigated and
hast been assured of, knowing of                 found that it is, also, false. The churches
whom thou hast learned them; And                 claim      there     is   a     supernatural,
that from a child thou hast known the            omnipresent, omniscient Devil, or Satan,
holy scriptures, which are able to               who is everywhere on Earth at once; and,
make thee wise unto salvation                    at the same time, present in hell, tortur-
through faith which is in Christ                 ing millions of living dead and is the crea-
Jesus. All scripture is given by inspi-          ture who, they claim, will give his power
ration of God, and is profitable for             to some future anti-Christ. That doctrine
doctrine, for reproof, for correction,           is taught by most of the churches, believed
for instruction in righteousness: That           by millions and, therefore, it should be
the man of God may be perfect, thor-             held in suspicion. We've, also, investigat-
oughly furnished unto all good works.            ed this and found it to be false. The Devil
                     2 Timothy 3:13-17           or Satan of the churches is brought to
                                                 question by the same deductions we used
   In speaking of the Old Testament              for our investigations of “hell,” the “rap-
Scriptures, Timothy says they will correct       ture” and the “anti-Christ.” That is the
you; they will give you the truth.               reason why we are investigating this doc-
                                                 trine of a Supernatural Devil.
I charge thee therefore before God,
and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall                 The False Doctrine Called
judge the quick and the dead at his                         “Seedline”
appearing and his kingdom; Preach
the word; be instant in season, out of              I pray you are beginning to see that
season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with             the common church doctrine of “the Devil
all longsuffering and doctrine. For              or Satan” has no foundation in the Old
the time will come when they will not            Testament, at all. It simply is not there.
endure sound doctrine; but after their           That creature cannot be found in the first
own lusts shall they heap to them-               800 pages of my 1000 page Bible.
selves teachers, having itching ears
(preaching what the people want to                  Getting back to the Satan / Eve contro-
hear); And they shall turn away their            versy — we are left with a strange crea-
ears from the truth, and shall be                ture called a serpent, who carried on an
turned unto fables.                              audible conversation with Eve. Eve
                       2 Timothy 4:1-4

blamed this serpent for her own disobedi-          every      church       denomination     in
ence of God's command. The question                Christendom, allows it's members to
remains: are the Kingdom-Identity minis-           think of “the fall” in the Garden as sexual
ters, who teach this doctrine (a supernat-         in nature, even if they do not overtly-
ural being called Satan, seducing Eve and          teach that doctrine. Have you ever heard
producing Cain) actually-teaching Bible            a denominational minister tell you that
truth or are they teaching that which we           the sin in the Garden was not sexual? By
have found to be false? They say that the          default the denominations leave their
beguiling of Eve was her sexual union              members with the belief in a false doc-
with “Satan” and that this supernatural            trine. Some churches, such as the Mormon
creature fathered Cain. And they say,              Church, overtly teach that the event in
through Cain, there now exists millions of         the Garden of Eden was sexual in nature.
physical descendants of Satan on earth.            They teach that the serpent was Satan
According to this doctrine, these descen-          and that he physically-seduced Eve and
dants are mostly human, but partly angel-          produced a child from this connection.
ic in their nature. They are “wicked               This doctrine is, also, taught in the
angels.”                                           ancient Babylonian Mysteries.

    These Kingdom-Identity ministers                  I have a book in my possession entitled
insist that their teaching is different than       The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15. This book
the denominational churches. In fact,              was put out by Dan Gayman (of Missouri)
some of these ministers complain that the          in an attempt to answer and refute my
denominational churches have hidden                teaching on the event in the Garden of
this “truth” about Satan and Eve from the          Eden. I want to quote, briefly, from this to
people. I claim that their teaching of what        prove to you that men who teach this false
happened in the Garden, between the so-            doctrine know that it was taught as one of
called serpent and Eve, is only slightly-          the foundation doctrines of ancient
different than most churches teach. Here           Babylon. The Mystery Religions of
are two similarities:                              Babylon taught that Satan seduced Eve.
                                                   Dan Gayman says, on page 25:
1. The angelic supernatural Satan of some
Kingdom-Identity ministers is identical to         “Now for those who may feel that the two seed-
that of the churches. He is a great and            lines, that of the Serpent and that of the woman,
                                                   Eve, cannot be valid because it is a teaching that
powerful angelic being whose life-span is          is preserved in the Mystery Religions of Babylon,
thousands of years. He is indestructible,          please take note: the Mystery Religions of ancient
omnipresent, omniscient and he has the             Babylon have taken nearly every Bible truth,
power to frustrate or to destroy almost all        including that of the seedlines, and have corrupt-
of God's plans and to capture almost all of        ed this truth to fit their own particular purposes.
                                                   If you would reject the teaching that Satan pro-
God's creation. Their Satan is identical to        duced offspring, if you deny the literal an-
the typical Satan of the churches for              nouncement of your God in Genesis 3:15, simply
whom we have found no basis in the Old             because it is something found in the ancient reli-
Testament.                                         gions of Babylon, then you must also reject such
                                                   fundamental truths as the virgin birth, the resur-
                                                   rection, the Godhead, astronomy, the Holy Laws of
2. These Kingdom-Identity ministers                God and numerous other sound Bible truths
claim that their sexual interpretation of          because all of these, and more, have been borrowed
what happened in the Garden is an event            and perverted, distorted and corrupted by the
which is different than that taught by the         ancient religions of Babylon.”
churches. Again, that is not true. Almost

“The two seedlines, the teaching that the Serpent          the same “truth” that was taught as the
did father seed, in varying forms, is like many            foundation of the Mystery Religions of
other Bible truths inculcated into these pagan reli-
gions. This does not lessen the truth of what the
Bible says about the seed line or any other Bible
truth that has been borrowed by the pagan reli-               My Bible says no such thing!
                                                              Most seedline preachers, including
    Dan Gayman correctly-says that                         Gayman, also teach that we were “spirit
pagan religions take Bible truths and cor-                 beings” in heaven prior to coming to earth.
rupt them or pervert them. But, he turns                   They believe that we had a preexistence
right around and says that Babylon's ver-                  with God, and then we came to earth
sion of the event in the Garden is NOT                     where we occupy a physical body for a
corrupted, it is NOT perverted. He says it                 short span of years, and when we die we
is truth. Dan Gayman's teaching, and the                   go back to heaven to be with God. That is
teaching of other ministers who preach                     almost identical to the churches' teaching
this “seedline,” is not different from Baby-               that we have an “immortal soul” and we
lon's teaching — it is IDENTICAL! It is                    can't die. That is, also, the doctrine of the
true that Babylon does take other doc-                     ancient Babylonian Mysteries, which
trines of the Bible and teach them differ-                 taught that we preexisted in heaven,
ently. I agree with him on that. His error                 came to earth, and go back to heaven at
is that he does not see that Babylon teach-                death.
es the same as what he teaches. It is not
changed, therefore, he should see that the                     People have told me that we need
teaching that Satan seduced Eve is a per-                  “unity” in the Kingdom-Identity move-
verted teaching from Babylon.                              ment. They say I should play down this
                                                           Satan / Eve thing because “we need unity
   I must state that I am not picking on                   not division.” I say this: the division is
Dan Gayman, alone. His teachings are                       already there. The religion taught by Dan
almost identical to those of possibly ten                  Gayman and the seedline preachers is not
other men.                                                 my religion. It is an entirely-different reli-
                                                           gion. It has no foundation in the Bible, it
    On another page, Gayman says this:                     has no foundation in truth, it is a corrupt,
                                                           Babylonian religion. It is not Kingdom
“You will find, upon careful examination, that the         Gospel. I claim the Word of God refutes
literal truth of Genesis 3:15 (and by that he means        him. I claim the Word of God teaches no
that Satan seduced Eve and produced Cain) has
been a solid building block in the foundation of
                                                           preexistence. I claim the Word of God
Christian theology from the writings of the Old            teaches no existence after death until the
Testament, the teachings of Jesus Christ, Himself,         blessed hope: the resurrection of the dead.
and the apostles after Him, and by the early               And, I claim the Word of God teaches no
church fathers during the first centuries A.D.”            such wicked, angelic being existed, or ever
                                                           planted a seed in Eve's womb and pro-
    He is saying the doctrine of Satan                     duced a race of people upon the earth. I
seducing Eve is “a truth” of the                           claim God Almighty is the sole and only
Babylonian Mysteries, and that this same                   Creator. He created wicked people for His
“truth” is the foundation of Christianity.                 purpose. No Devil or Satan ever disrupted
Think what that means and what he, and                     God's plans.
others like him, have done. They are                                    _______________
telling us that Christianity springs from


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