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					                                                                                       News for the

                                                                                        February 2011

Thoughts from our President                                                            In This Issue:

MEDITECH announced that it is acquiring ownership of LSS, a company that               Thoughts from
                                                                                       our President
specializes in developing administrative, financial and clinical software for most
major types of physician practices and specialties. For those of you who hadn‟t        MU: MEDITECH
seen this announcement, made on the MEDITECH website (1/20/11), it may be              Updates
quite a surprise. MEDITECH had been a minority owner of LSS for nearly 30 years
and although the two companies worked collaboratively they remained separate           MU: MEDITECH's
companies and most customers noticed significant differences between the two.          Data Repository
                                                                                       & Quality
It has been our perception that the LSS product was solid and compared favorably
with most other ambulatory practice management and EMR (Electronic Medical             MU: Our
Record) systems on the market but that their limitations were with implementation      Observations &
and service. We expect these areas, particularly post-live service and support to be   Thoughts
the most positively impacted by the acquisition.
Further, while MEDITECH and LSS were the first to offer a continuum of care            Success: Dragon
package, the inherent differences associated with products from two different          Medical, Centura
companies did not allow this to evolve as far and as fast as many had                  Health &
expected. The acquisition of LSS addresses this in the fastest and most expeditious    MEDITECH's
manner possible.                                                                       EDM

                                                                                       KLAS Report:
We hold out great hope that this acquisition will allow the potential of an end-to-    MEDITECH
end EMR that can be implemented, is cost-effective, and can be realized much           Consulting
sooner.                                                                                Companies

Finally, a brief Q & A session was conducted as recently as February 9th with          Navin, Haffty at
Joanne Wood and Hoda Sayed-Friel of MEDITECH (they answer such questions as:           HIMSS11, Feb
                                                                                       20-24, 2011
why the acquisition and how will this affect existing customers, etc.)
                                                                                       Events at
John Haffty, President                                                                 HIMSS11
Navin, Haffty & Associates

                                        February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                    200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                           508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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Meaningful Use: MEDITECH Updates                                                            Clinical
In last month‟s newsletter, we announced that we are dedicated to closely tracking
and sharing with you MEDITECH‟s progress in assisting hospitals with achieving              New Format:
Meaningful Use (MU). In this month‟s newsletter we are pleased to report the                MEDITECH's
following:                                                                                  CIO/Technology
          MEDITECH‟s 6.0 platform has been certified. At this point all of MEDITECH‟s
                                                                                            Navin, Haffty is
           HCIS platforms, Magic, C/S and 6.0 are certified for MU.                         Hiring!
          LSS‟ C/S platform has been certified joining its Magic platform in achieving
           certification.                                                                   Job Posts
          MEDITECH is providing additional tools to their „Best Practices‟ series almost
           weekly. MEDITECH Customers can use their login and password to access            Upcoming
           these tools when visiting:                                                       Events:
                                                                                            HIMSS11 Feb.
                                                                                            20-24, 2011
At the time of this newsletter, below is what has been added in the “What‟s New”
feature on the „Best Practices‟ page:                                                       CIO Tech Forum
                                                                                            Apr. 7-8, 2011
         C/S Summary of Care Record when Patient Transfers Best Practices document
          was posted (2/9/11)                                                               unSUMMIT Apr.
         MAGIC Discharge Instructions Best Practices document was posted (2/9/11)          27-29, 2011
         C/S Incorporate Labs into EMR Best Practices document was posted 2/9/11)
         6.0, C/S, and MAGIC Encryption documents were posted (2/4/11)
                                                                                            Symposium June
         Incorporate Labs into EMR document was posted (2/3/11)                            8-10, 2011
         6.0, C/S, and MAGIC VTE Quality Reports were posted (2/1/11)
         6.0, C/S, and MAGIC Stroke Quality Reports were posted (1/28/11)                  Physician/CIO
         6.0, C/S, and MAGIC ED Throughput Quality Reports were posted (1/27/11)           Forum Oct. 20-
         C/S and MAGIC Problem List documents were updated (1/19/11)                       21, 2011
         6.0 Problem List document was updated (1/14/11)
         ARRA Meaningful Use Enhancement Training Seminar Presentation was                 Events:
          posted (1/14/11)
In MEDITECH‟s Magazine January 2011 edition, the article “New Year Brings New               Seminars
and Updated ARRA Materials” is a useful summary of MEDITECH's plans to support
MU initiatives. Below are some key points quoted from the article:

          We've revamped our Best Practice documentation area to more easily
           indicate the materials available for each platform.
          Dozens of new "ARRA Meaningful Use Stage 1" documents have been added
           in recent weeks. This series of materials provides implementation guidelines
           and application details arranged by key Stage 1 criteria topics.
          We have a new "ARRA Meaningful Use Stage 1 Reporting" section available
           for MAGIC and Client/Server customers. We expect to have the 6.0 reporting
           section ready during February.

                                            February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                        200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                               508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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       New "ARRA Meaningful Use Stage 1 Checklists" designed for both MAGIC
        and Client/Server customers provide guidance and suggestions for how to
        best prepare your organization for Meaningful Use.
       Updated "Meaningful Use Criteria Product Road Maps" reflect some new
        clarifications from CMS regarding unique patients for CPOE.

       “Be sure to check our Interoperability & EHR Initiatives Portal and Best
       Practices area of often throughout the coming months.

Meaningful Use: MEDITECH's Data Repository & Quality Reporting

There has been some confusion regarding data reporting tools necessary to meet
Meaningful Use (MU) and to what degree MEDITECH would be providing
assistance. While Stage 1 requires only 90 days of data for quality reporting
attestation, subsequent Stages 2 and 3 will require a full year‟s worth of
data. Given purge criteria, most hospitals will need a data repository solution to
satisfy this requirement.

The increase in demand for MEDITECH‟s Data Repository (DR) due to the MU
requirements has created a backlog in the delivery of their DR. Therefore,
MEDITECH has provided a solution outlined in a significant announcement made
earlier this month:

        “Those customers who have been identified as having the proper
        applications in place to meet Stage 1 requirements, but have yet to license
        Data Repository, will be provided the opportunity to purchase and implement
        DR to complement with their ARRA Priority Pack update. We will also provide
        a new methodology that accelerates the load of the tables which specifically
        meet the Stage 1 reporting requirements. The new methodology is
        described in detail below.

        For customers newly installing DR, our standard process has been to load
        both a large number of tables and all the corresponding data that resides in
        your application databases. This can be a lengthy process due to the number
        of years' worth of data stored in a LIVE system. Because abbreviated
        timeframes have been thrust upon us to meet Meaningful Use, this standard
        process is no longer the most efficient method. We are pleased to announce
        a new, innovative implementation approach for Data Repository which is
        specifically designed to meet these requirements. We are proactively
        contacting all U.S. customers with upcoming scheduled implementations to
        share the details of this new approach.”
        For the full story, go to:

                                        February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                    200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                           508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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Meaningful Use: Our Observations & Thoughts

Since clarifications to aspects of Meaningful Use (MU) by Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services (CMS) are ongoing and include frequent FAQ postings, we will
preface the comments below on preparing for MU as our best opinions and
thoughts that take into account the most current information.

      While the MEDITECH HCIS is now certified, for those hospitals that have a
       significant clinical application from another company, such as lab or
       emergency room, you need to be aware of the interaction between systems
       and the exchange of information as required by specific Stage 1 goals. It is
       expected that Stages 2 and 3 will place a greater burden on internal
       exchange of data and may create a situation where the hospital will need to
       self-certify. As hospitals have deployed systems and applications in different
       ways and environments, the burden increases on each hospital to evaluate
       its own situation.
      For some Magic sites that have not invested in technology, the cost of a data
       repository, MEDITECH‟s or another vendor‟s, may have higher cost than you
       may be used to seeing.
      While we do not want to minimize the effort needed to implement
       Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), we believe the reporting
       requirements will prove to be more challenging to most hospitals than CPOE
       and this aspect of MU is not getting the level of attention needed by many
      Also, while there are 14 core measure reporting requirements and 5
       measures out of a list of 10 “menu” items to achieve MU, hospitals will need
       to have the capability to address all 10 menu items even though only 5 are
       required at this time.
      If you register in 2011 but are not able to achieve MU, you can delete your
       registration and re-register for 2012, maintaining the ability to receive full
       funding. If you register in 2011 and fail, achieving MU in 2012 will be at
       75% of funding.
      MEDITECH‟s „Best Practice‟ guides should be the roadmap for most hospitals,
       but note that they have taken the most conservative interpretation. They
       are constantly updating these „Best Practice‟ guides so they should be
       monitored regularly.
      CMS is using MU to get hospitals to use standardized vocabularies such as
       LOINC and SNOMED. However, to date some vocabularies such as CVX are
       not updated.
      While almost every hospital is focused on getting ready to achieve Stage 1
       MU, Stage 2 requirements are evolving. The public commentary period is
       open for a short time. If you are interested and want more information as
       well as links to the details,

                                       February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                   200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                          508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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Speech Recognition Success: Dragon Medical, Centura Health &

The following Nuance Communications press release might be of interest to those
implementing Emergency Department Management (EDM).

          “BURLINGTON, Mass., January 12, 2011– Nuance Communications,
          Inc., today announced that 100 percent of the emergency department
          (ED) physicians across St. Anthony Hospital Group, part of Centura
          Health, use Dragon Medical to document patients‟ medical reports. The
          Hospital Group‟s decision to leverage Dragon Medical as part of its
          MEDITECH Emergency Department Management (EDM) system was
          driven in part from results of a pilot program that compared Dragon
          Medical alongside an incumbent speech recognition system.
          When St. Anthony Hospital Group became frustrated with its incumbent
          speech recognition solution, it formed a Physician Champion Council to
          develop parameters for a pilot program that would compare the
          capabilities of the incumbent system with those of Dragon Medical. The
          Physician Champion Council identified the following parameters to
          evaluate the two speech recognition solutions:

                 Average time it took clinicians to dictate (per minute)
                 Average time it took for a patient to depart (following an
                 Average number of edits observed during documentation (while
                 Average number of errors in the final report

          After reviewing the pilot program‟s results, Dragon Medical was found to
          perform better in all categories except one, the “average time it took for
          a patient to depart following an exam;” this confused the physicians‟
          council. Upon further investigation into the results, however, it was
          realized that although Dragon Medical took a little longer, the quality of
          documentation was significantly better than the incumbent system‟s
          reports. For example, using Dragon Medical, core measures were added
          to the departure process, thus providing caregivers better access to
          information such as nursing and lab data, allergies and home

          Given the results of the pilot program, the decision was made to roll-out
          Dragon Medical across the ED department. Since deployment, the
          “Apex Emergency Group,” a nickname for St. Anthony‟s ED physicians
          due to the hospitals‟ unique geographic location and treatment cases of
                                      February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                  200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                         508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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           many skiers, has realized significant improvements. With Dragon
           Medical, clinicians‟ documentation auto-populates into the EDM
           system. This is a feature that the previously-used speech recognition
           product did not support, a downfall that oftentimes left critical
           information from appearing in the EDM system and from being accessed
           by other clinicians who might be treating the same patient.

           “The use of Dragon Medical as part of our documentation process with
           MEDITECH has delivered tremendous value,” said Rob Schmidt, MD, an
           Emergency Department physician at St. Anthony. “Results from the
           pilot program validated our belief that Dragon Medical is the best real-
           time speech recognition solution. Within two hours for most physicians,
           Dragon Medical became core to our Emergency Department
           workflow. It has afforded us to create and share patients‟ medical notes
           in real-time. The access to comprehensive patient information helps to
           ensure patients receive the best care possible.”

           Another significant finding from the pilot was that the Dragon Medical
           speech-enabled MEDITECH solution saved the pilot group an average of
           1.67 minutes per dictation, a tremendous time-savings when you‟re one
           of the busiest trauma networks in the country. St. Anthony Hospital
           Group averages 100,000 emergency room visits per year.

           Since deploying Dragon Medical, St. Anthony Hospital Group‟s ED
           physicians have been able to spend less time editing medical records
           and more time with patients. The Group attributes an improvement in
           both the quality of care delivered and patient satisfaction to the
           increased accuracy of medical reports. Furthermore, Dragon Medical
           has empowered physicians to capture a more thorough patient story as
           part of the medical record. Dragon Medical‟s free-text dictation
           capability supports more detailed documentation of patients‟ history of
           present illness, more flexible review of symptoms, and more descriptive
           assessment and care plan notes.

           The St. Anthony Hospital Group includes the following sites: St. Anthony
           Central Hospital (Denver, CO), St. Anthony North Hospital (Westminster,
           CO) and St. Anthony Summit Medical (Frisco, CO). As part of its
           evaluation of speech solutions, St. Anthony joined forces with the
           consulting firm Navin, Haffty & Associates."

KLAS Report: MEDITECH Consulting Companies

Earlier this month, KLAS released a new report: “A Provider's Guide to MEDITECH
Consulting Firms.” While we have not licensed this report, the press release issued

                                       February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                   200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                          508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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on February 2, 2011 had some excerpts that we thought were worth sharing:

     “MEDITECH clients hire MEDITECH-focused consulting firms Dell Services and
     Navin, Haffty & Associates (NHA) twice as often as firms that advise on
     multiple vendor brands, according to a new report from KLAS.

     For the new report, "A Provider's Guide to MEDITECH Consulting Firms", KLAS
     gathered opinions from 67 MEDITECH hospitals already using consultancies.
     The inspiration for this study came from findings in a 2010 KLAS report,
     "Shifting Demand for Consultants: Who's Hot, Who's Not, and Why",
     according to KLAS Research Director and report author Lorin Bird.”

     "Last year, we found that MEDITECH hospitals were seeking meaningful-use
     related consulting services more often than any other client base," Bird
     explained. "For this year's report, we spoke with MEDITECH hospitals that had
     already chosen consultants, to help guide those who have yet to take this

     Though heath care providers generally reported high satisfaction with the
     consultancies measured, mindshare remains with Dell Services and NHA,
     according to the new report. These two firms registered double the amount of
     work any other firm had, as well as the largest share of v.6 and meaningful
     use projects.

     “NHA consults exclusively for MEDITECH customers, and Dell's purchase of
     Perot with Perot's JJWild acquisition -- a MEDITECH-only consulting firm --
     made Dell perhaps the biggest player in this space," Bird commented. "Both
     vendors are broadly known as MEDITECH specialists, and MEDITECH often
     recommends them to clients."

Navin, Haffty at HIMSS11 Conference: Orlando, FL - Feb. 20-24

While Navin, Haffty & Associates will not have a booth at HIMSS this year, we will
be in attendance to meet with our clients and friends. If you plan on attending the
HIMSS Conference in Orlando, FL on February 20 - 24, 2011 and would like to get
together, please contact John Haffty at:

For more information or to register for this conference please visit:

MEDITECH Events Held at HIMSS11 Conference!

If you plan on attending HIMSS11 in Orlando, FL you may want to consider
registering for the two events MEDITECH plans on hosting during the

                                        February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                    200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                           508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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conference. These events are in lieu of having a booth this year.

The first event titled "Next Steps in Healthcare" will be a one day set of educational
sessions held from 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, February 19th at the Rosen Centre
Hotel on 9840 International Drive. The education session will include a series of
scheduled presentations between the hours of 10am - 5pm, with "drop in" style
product demonstrations available throughout the day. Below is a list of the
scheduled presentations:

     10:00am - 11:30am
     Align, Build, and Engage Your Community: How MEDITECH Will Position Your
     Organization for the Changes Coming in Health Care
     Hoda Sayed-Friel, Vice President of Marketing

     12:30pm - 2:00pm
     Moving Forward Together: ARRA Updates, Best Practices, Quality Measures,
     and MEDITECH's New Client Services Organization
     Helen Waters, Vice President of Client Services - MAGIC and C/S

     2:15pm - 3:15pm
     Preparing for Your Next Step: Technology Updates and Vendor Relationships
     That Will Help You Demonstrate Meaningful Use
     Ted Kimball, Director of Marketing, Technology
     Lawrence O'Toole, Business Relationships Manager

     3:30pm- 5:00pm
     Align, Build, and Engage Your Community: How MEDITECH Will Position Your
     Organization for the Changes Coming in Health Care (Repeat of 10am
     Hoda Sayed-Friel, Vice President of Marketing

The second event hosted by MEDITECH is a Customer Appreciation Event. It will
be held on Monday, February 21st from 7 PM – 10 PM at the Orlando Science
Center, 777 East Princeton Street, Orlando, FL. This evening will include
appetizers, music and fun and will be an opportunity to renew acquaintances,
socialize with your peers, and make new friends among the growing MEDITECH
customer community.

If you are interested in attending either event please register to reserve your

                                        February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                    200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                           508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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Update: MEDITECH's Clinical Optimization Seminar

Last month, we made our readers aware of MEDITECH‟s new clinical optimization
seminars. Below is more information from their website along with the dates of
their first two events, one in San Antonio on March 24, and the other on June 23, in
the Chicago area.

     “As part of MEDITECH's continued focus on client services, we are pleased to
     announce a new series of seminars designed to help our MAGIC and
     Client/Server physician and nursing customers realize the potential of their
     MEDITECH solutions. Getting the Most from Your MEDITECH System will
     showcase how the MEDITECH system can help your organization achieve
     clinical success in 2011 and beyond. During this free, one-day event, you'll
     hear from customers and MEDITECH experts who will share experiences and
     strategies for re-energizing your clinical system. The agenda will feature Main
     Program sessions, breakout sessions, and ample opportunities for networking.
     You'll also have the chance to meet and interact with MEDITECH's new Client
     Services vice presidents, Leah Farina and Helen Waters.

     The first seminar will be held on March 24th in San Antonio, Texas,
     and a second seminar has just been scheduled for June 23rd in
     Chicago, Illinois. Additional dates and locations will be announced shortly.

     After attending this seminar, you'll return home with practical strategies for:

                 Optimizing the system you already have installed -- learn what
                  clinically relevant changes have been made in the 5.x platform for
                  physicians and nurses.
                 Getting physicians to use and be comfortable with MEDITECH's
                  physician tools.
                 Making the data in your system work for you.

     The seminar is primarily intended for physicians and nurses; however, CIOs
     and clinical I.T. staff from MAGIC and Client/Server customer sites are
     welcome to attend as well. For more details about the agenda and to register
     for the March 24th San Antonio session, visit our Getting the Most from Your
     MEDITECH System Web page. Have questions? Please contact Sharon Collins
     at (781) 774-5387 or See you in San Antonio!”

New Format: MEDITECH's CIO/Technology Forum

MEDITECH‟s CIO/Technology Forum will be held on April 7 – 8 at their Canton
location and registration is now open. Visit:

                                       February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                   200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                          508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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This year‟s format has been changed in response to user suggestions from last
year. According to MEDITECH:

     “You've told us you want to hear more from MEDITECH about current
     projects, initiatives, and future directions. We heard you, and this year's
     Plenary Sessions will have a heavy MEDITECH focus. You also asked for fewer
     Plenary Sessions and more breakout sessions, and we heard you! This year,
     we'll offer more Education Summits than ever, led by both customer and
     MEDITECH experts.”

Navin, Haffty is Hiring!

We continue to grow! If you have interest in consulting and have solid MEDITECH
experience with implementing one of their applications, please contact us. We
have an outstanding mentoring program for new consultants and have the best
reputation in the MEDITECH community for training and development of our staff.

We are also interested in experienced consultants from other companies. As the
largest company that works exclusively with MEDITECH, you would be supported as
you continue to build your skills. Further, our management approach has
demonstrated a respect for our consultants and created a collegial atmosphere that
encourages information sharing and support.

We believe there are significant advantages to being part of Navin, Haffty. We now
offer several employment options including an outstanding benefits package as well
as selected options for independent consultants. As part of the largest consulting
company focused exclusively on serving the MEDITECH community, we enjoy an
excellent working relationship with MEDITECH and offer a collaborative work
setting. Our approach has led to our record for consultant retention which is the
best in the industry. If you are interested please contact us at or call us at 855-615-1176.

Please note that at this time, we are only able to consider those able to travel up to
80% of the time. (Also employees from MEDITECH and our clients will not be

Job Posts

If you are interested in exploring new positions, go to the „job board‟ section of our
website. This is a free service of Navin, Haffty and Associates to the MEDITECH
community. Currently, there are many postings from MEDITECH hospitals. If you
or a colleague might be interested, check out what's open at the Navin, Haffty

                                        February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                    200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                           508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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If you would like to include your hospital listing on the Navin, Haffty website, please
email Kelly Tracy at (Please note that as this is a courtesy
to the MEDITECH community, we will not accept postings from recruiting

                                        February 2011 - Navin, Haffty Report
                                    200 Cordwainer, Suite 100, Norwell, MA 02061
                                           508-842-6676  781-871-6770
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