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					Public health

  Teerawut Masawat
•   Public health is the science of protecting and improving the
    health of the communities through education, promotion of
    healthy lifestyles and research for diseases and injury prevention.

• It includes various disciplines such as biology, sociology,
  mathematics, anthropology, public policy, medicine, education,
  psychology, computer science, business, engineering and much

•   It focuses on entire populations rather than on individuals.
    These can be as small as a local neighborhood or as big as an
    entire country

                What is Health

A state of complete physical, mental and
  social well-being and not merely the
     absence of disease or infirmity

Can include components like nutritional, spiritual and intellectual also

               Health System

•   Physical Health
•   Psychological Health
•   Emotional Health
•   Social Environment and Public Health
             Physical Health

•   Brain
•   Immune System
•   Neurotransmitter
•   Pineal Gland
•   Mental Health
•   Personality
•   Detox
•   Neurobics
         Psychological Health
•   Success Mind
•   Mind จิต
•   Self-Esteem รู ้คุณค่า
•   Gsychergy พลังจิต
•   Attitude ทัศนคติ
•   Attention ความสนใจ
•   Subconscious จิตใต้สานึก
•   Motives แรงจูงใจ
                Emotional Health
Emotion                   Intelligence                 Emotional Skill
                         • Creative Thinking           ID
• EQ
• Perception             • Intuitive Power พลังหยังรู้ สัญชาตญาณ
                                                        , EGO อัตตา
• Immediacy ความรู้สึก   • Solve Problem                , SUPER
  ใกล้ชิด                • Paradigm กระบวนทรรศน์        EGO
• Fear / Fearless
• Stress
The 10 Essential Elements of Public Health
  The ten essential public health services derive from the specific responsibilities and
core functions and form the basis of all public health programs. The Work Group shares
 the view of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) that all communities should have access to
                         these ten essential public health services
            Public Health Wheel
The Public Health Wheel best illustrates the relationship among core functions,
     specific responsibilities and the ten essential public health services
     Public Health Infrastructure
          The public health infrastructure provides the platform on which the
   ten essential public health services and programs can be built and is comprised of

• Public Health Workforce: Those persons responsible for providing
  essential public health services regardless of the organization in
  which they work, who are competent to perform public health
  functions and assure the delivery of essential public health services;
• Public Health Organizational Systems and Relationships: The
  organizational network that links governmental public health at
  federal, state and local levels together with all other key
  infrastructure partners (e.g. legal and organizational structures of
  governmental public health, intergovernmental agreements,
  organized coalitions, community partnerships, funding streams); and
• Public Health Data and Information Systems: The knowledge and
  management of health status, health resources and threats to health
  specific to the jurisdiction or community of interest (e.g. health
  statistics, public health surveillance of reportable diseases,
  environmental monitoring, health services statistics, community
  resources inventories