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archery study guide by shuifanglj


									                                      Archery Study Guide

1.  Tackle - Equipment used in archery.
2.  Arm Guard - Worn on the forearm of the bow hand.
3.  Finger Tab - Worn on the shooting or release hand.
4.  End - A series of arrows shot consecutively.
    In most competitions the archer will shoot ends of 6 arrows.
    In PE class an end consists of 5 arrows.
5. Archery Range - the area where shooting takes place.
6. Quiver - any receptacle to hold arrows.
7. Safety Cone - Is the marker where archers stand behind waiting to approach the shooting
8. Shooting Line - The line that the shooters stands behind when shooting at the target.
9. Draw - To pull the string back and bend the bow.
10. Anchor Point - A spot on the face where the shooting hand rests (thumb to cheek/chin).
11. Aiming Point - A spot to line up the arrow when aiming at the target.
12. Trajectory - The path of an arrow in flight.
13. Bouncer - Is when the arrow hits the target but bounces off.
14. Pass Through - Is when the arrow hits and passes through the target.

                                          Safety Rules
1. Stay behind the target safety cone and do not touch the equipment until the field general gives
   you permission.
2. Do not stand on, reach, or crossover the shooting safety line when someone is shooting at a
3. All bows and arrows must face the targets at all times.
4. When done shooting your end of arrows, place your equipment down and stand behind the
   safety cone.
5. Left handed shooters must be at the farthest target to the left, facing the archery range.

                                         Types of Bows
1.   Re-curve Bow = This is the bow used in PE class.
2.   Long Bow
3.   Compound Bow
4.   Cross Bow

                                        Parts of a Bow
A = Top
B = Upper Limb
C = Upper Re-curve
D = RISER = The shelf that the arrow rests on.
E = Lower Re-curve
F = Lower Limb
G = Bottom
                                         Parts of an Arrow
A = Tip - The part of the arrow that goes into the target first.
B = Shaft - The part of the arrow that connects the nock to the tip of the arrow.
C = Crest - The markings on the arrow.
D = Nock - The part of the arrow that goes onto the string.
E = Fletchings - Feathers on the arrow that give it flight.
F = Index Fletching - Is the odd colored fletching that helps nock the arrow correctly in the bow.

                                       7 Steps of Shooting
   - Hip socket to the target. - Bow flat.
   - Body perpendicular to target and weight evenly distributed.
   - Let the bow hold the arrow. - Index feather facing up & out.
   - Hook position = Use three fingers, one above and two below the arrow.
   - Don’t squeeze fingers on the draw.
   - Pull string straight back leading with back elbow.
   - Feel forefinger under your jaw, string to nose and chin, index finger/thumb to chin.
   - Form a straight line from the tip of arrow through shoulders to back elbow.
   - Sight the tip of the arrow on the aiming point.
   - Take deep breath and hold body still.
   - Roll fingers off string.
   - Hold your position until you hear the arrow hit the target.

Concentric Circle Scoring:
Scoring technique used with a 10 point ring target.
A shot in the innermost circle scores the highest point value (10 points). Scores go down from
nine for the next circle out to one for the outermost circle.
Ring Color Scoring:
Scoring technique used when scoring just the colors.
Gold Ring/s = 9 points
Red Ring/s = 7 points
Blue Ring/s = 5 points
Black Ring/s = 3 points
White Ring/s = 1 point
Situational Scoring:
1. An arrow splits or touches two rings at the same time.
   The archer receives the higher score ring for that arrow.
2. An arrow hits the target but does not stay lodge in the target (known as a bouncer) and falls
   to the ground or the arrow goes through the target completely (known as a pass through).
   The archer receives a score of 5 points or if witnessed the ring that it was believed to
   hit or went through the archer will receive that score.

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