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									These discounts are available to all Fife Council employees.
Please note that the companies/organisations are not endorsed
by the Council in any way and the list is for information only.

You can access a list of local discounts from FISH or
alternatively you can access the following link from home, the
local library, see Fife Direct on the following link

It is very important that employees adhere to the conditions
attached to these offers. Offers change frequently so please
contact: HR Direct 01592 583 200 or VOIP 2000, or e-mail if you have any queries.

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011   -1
 The following companies have advised the Council that they will give a discount to Fife
 Council employees on their goods or services. Please note the companies are not
 endorsed by the Council in anyway and the list is for information only.

 Company                           Discount       Conditions                              ID
 24kt Gold Finish                  10%            No conditions , however no credit       Payslip/ID
 1 Needle Street                                  arrangements applicable
 KY15 7QG
 Tel 01337 831276
 A G Thomson                       10% off        Discount does not apply to Local        Payslip/ID
 Architectural Services            Professional   Authority Fees i.e. Planning &
 4 Furniss Avenue                  Fees           Building Warrant Fees paid to
 Rosyth                                           Council
 KY11 2ST
 Tel. 01383 410202
 A K Campbell Jewellers            10%            Not included: Repairs to Jewellery,     Payslip/ID.
 39 High Street                                   Clocks and valuation and appraisal
 Dunfermline                                      on customer items.
 Fife                                             Sale items not included.
 Tel. 01383 724783
 277 High Street
 Tel. 01592 264305

 84c Market Street
 St Andrews
 Tel. 01334 474214
 A Kerr Ornamental Wrought         10%            None                                    Payslip/ID.
 Iron                                             Gates, Railings, Window grilles and
 35 Skene Street                                  Garden Features. Repairs and
 Strathmiglo.                                     Maintenance.
 KY14 7QL
 Tel. 01337 868281
 Mob. 0780 832 1962
 Alexander Technique               50%            Alexander Technique or Reiki            Payslip/ID.
 Available in Elie and Kirkcaldy   discount on    Complementary therapies to help
 Tel. 01333 330082                 the first      with stress related and other
 (Pam Anderson)                    session in     problems.
 Allan England Photography         £100 off       Any wedding package booked with         Payslip/ID
 9 Woods Place                                    Allan England Photography
 KY6 2TE
 Tel. 01592 630977
 Ace Motoring Services Ltd         10%            All servicing repairs and MOTs          ID / Payslip
 Harbour View                                                                             (along with
 Methil                                                                                   another form
 Leven                                                                                    of
 Fife                                                                                     photographic
 KY8 3RF                                                                                  ID)
 Tel 07967014049
 Business Tel 01333 428000

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011      -2
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                               ID
 Agenda                           10%             Discount on food bill only, not drinks
 Scoonie Road
 KY8 5PN
 Tel. 01333 421118
 AMC Removals                     10%             None                                     Payslip/ID
 Unit 2 Glenfield Industrial
 Perth Road
 Tel. 01383 514239
 Andrea Watt Hairdressing         10%             None                                     Payslip/ID
 340 High Street
 Tel. 01592743300
 Andrew Wright                    20% on          Tiles bought using discount have to      Payslip/ID
 3 Hamilton Terrace               labour          be paid for Owner to Purchase
 Inverkeithing                    costs & UP
 Fife                             to 20% on
 KY11 1DL                         tiles.
 Tel. 01383413560
 Apollo Blinds                    15%             Applies to all products including        Payslip/ID.
 254 High Street                                  special offers.
 KY1 1LA
 Tel. 01592 268841
 AR Classic Occasions             5%              None                                     Payslip/ID
 3 John Wood Place
 KY4 8EG
 Tel. 07753125836
 Balbirnie Fitness Centre         Approx 8%       Membership reduced from £25 to           Payslip/ID.
 Woodmill Road                    See             £23 per month + free induction
 Alburne Park                     conditions      which is normally £20
 Fife Council
 Tel: 01592 751437
 Judy Cargill
 Barratt Homes                    5% + £500                                                Payslip/ID.
 Telford House                    legal fees +
 3 Mid New Cultins                carpets
 EH11 4DH
 Tel. 0131 442 5700
 Mob. 07985 874484
 Barrhead Travel                  5% or 10%       10% of Barrhead Travel holidays          Payslip/ID.
 Nightingale Court                                Discounted insurance and 5% off
 Tourstone Road, Dulloch Park                     ABTA tour operator bookings
 Fife KY11 8JZ
 Tel: 01383 843752
 Sarah J O‟Donnell
 Team Leader

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011       -3
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                              ID
 Becky‟s Beauty Services          10%             None. Discount available on all         Payslip/ID.
 9 Demarco Drive                                  services.
 KY7 6FD
 Tel. 01592 745295
 Mob.07952 738897
 Bertram Nursery Group            5% 1-5          This would be available to all          Payslip/ID
 Lilliput                         sessions        nurseries within the Bertram Group
 Block B                          10% 6+
 Unit 2 Kittle Yards              sessions
 EH9 1PJ
 Tel. 0131 662 2270
 Best Western Keavil House        Free Wine       Complimentary bottle of wine with       Payslip/ID.
 Hotel, Cardoon Restaurant,                       dinner for two (minimum spend £25
 Crossford KY12 8QW                               per head from Cordon Bleu Menu)
 Tel: 01383 736258

 Blooms Florists (Scotland)       10% on          Discount applies to Flowers and         Payslip/ID
 Limited                          Purchases       Gifts, minimum purchase of £20.00
 8 Bishops Court                  50% on          in total.
 Kennnoway                        delivery
 KY8 5LA                          charges
 Tel. 01333351991
 Body Shop Fife                   10%             All products e.g. accident repair,      Payslip/ID
 Smart Repair Centre                              alloy wheel refurbishment etc.
 Unit 1 The Esplande
 Kirkcaldy KY1 1 QY
 Tel: 01592 203900
 Bon Sante                        10%             Hairdressing, Health & Beauty,          Payslip/ID
 Health & Beauty Therapy                          Complementary Health
 1 Bramble Bank
 Scoonie Road
 Fife KY8 4HG
 Te: 01333 422712
 Bongos Softplay Centre           20%             None                                    Payslip/ID
 1 Newark Place
 KY7 4NR
 Tel. 01592 631133
 Mobile. 07976971930
 Braid‟s Taxis                    10%                                                     Payslip/ID.
 40 Loom Road
 KY2 5LL
 Tel. 01592 263030
 Mob. 07742 352835
 Bubbles Bathrooms                20%             None                                    Payslip/ID
 11-13 Chalmers Street            Supply only
 Dunfermline                      10% all
 Tel: 01383 840057                installation

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011      -4
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                              ID
 BUPA                             32%             Discount applies to top of the range    Payslip/ ID.
 Unit CI, Fairways Business                       Bupacare Scheme
 Park,                            20%             BUPA„s Local Hospital Care
 Tel. 01506 472600
 Bill Gavine
 Care Solutions Group             10%             Discount on Full Bill                   Payslip/ID
 26a Balfour Street
 KY2 5HB
 Tel. 01592 202879
 Carleton Bakeries Ltd            10%             None                                    ID only
 All Bakery Branches
 Tel. 01592 651577
 Carolina‟s Blinds                5-15%           Quote CA122                             Payslip/ID.
 151 Cocklaw Street               depending       Does not include promotional
 Kelty                            on size of      multipack (already discounted).
 KY4 0DH                          order
 Freephone 0800 5944944
 Catch Photography Ltd            12.5%           At Time of booking please quote Fife    Payslip/ID
 185-185a Commercial Street       portrait,       Council Discount
 Kirkcaldy                        10%
 Tel. 01592 206882                Weddings
 City Blinds                      10%             Discount card to be shown at time of    Payslip/ID.
 Unit 2                                           purchase
 St Claire Street
 KY1 2DG
 City Electrical Factors          Between         None.                                   Payslip/ID.
 Flemington Road                  5-60%
 Queensway Ind. Est               Various
 Glenrothes                       Discount
 KY7 5QF                          Apply
 Tel. 01592 755266
 Collective Bar/Nightclub         20%             Discount applies to everything          Payslip/ID
 29 Bruce Street                                  Meals, Drinks and Cocktails
 KY12 7AG
 Tel. 01383 840040
 Mobile. 07775765161
 Complementary & Beauty           10%             Only off the price of treatments        Payslip/ID
 Dalgety Bay Sports & Leisure
 Harbour Drive
 Dalgety Bay
 Tel. 01383 822333
 CR Smith                         10%             Please contact by email.                Payslip/ID
 Gardeners Street                       
 Dunfermline                                      Employees should state initially that
 Fife                                             they work for the Council.
 KY12 0RN                                         Discount applies off the book price
 Tel 0800200444                                   and is over and above any monthly

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011        -5
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                               ID
 Cromwell/Apex                    5%-60%          All discounts quoted are from our list   Payslip/ID
 The Complete Industrial          Depending       price in the event where a special
 Supply Company                   on product      offer price exceeds Fife Council
 Fife Branch                      purchased       discount terms; the employee will be
 Unit 4 Woodgate Way South        A special       offered the cheapest price.
 Eastfield Industrial Estate      cash sale
 Glenrothes                       account has
 KY7 4PF                          been set up
 Tel:01592 631632                 for Fife
 Crosbie Matthew Funeral          10%             Applicable only on Funeral Directors     Payslip/ID
 Directors Ltd                                    Charges only.
 1 Cloanden Place                                 Not on any purchases made e.g.
 Kirkcaldy                                        flowers.
 KY2 5PA                                          WWW.

 Tel. 01592 640644
 6 Church Street
 KY7 5ND

 Tel. 01592 751997
 Crossgates Gas Services Ltd      15%             Discount off any product/services        Payslip/ID
 2 Main Street
 Fife KY4 8AJ

 Tel: 01383 511783
 Pedro Tang
 Culture Health and Fitness       £4.00           One years contract. Paid by              Payslip/ID
 Unit 9/10 Kirkland Drive         Discount.       standing order after first payment.
 Methil                           You pay
 Fife                             £26.00
 KY8 3HX
 Tel. 01333 422336
 D & G Autocare                   10%             All products except MOT fee              Payslip/ID
 179 Rumblingwell
 KY12 9AR
 Dalgety Bay Foot Clinic          10% on all      Offer applies to general foot care       Payslip/ID.
 18 Inchmickery Road              primary         appointments
 Dalgety Bay                      foot care       Not valid for home visiting service.
 Fife KY11 9NL                    appointmen
 Tel. 01383 822278                ts
 David Lloyd Leisure Ltd          No joining      Stated terms and condition apply.        Payslip.
 Glasgow Road                     Fee             Also note that you will have
 Edinburgh                        1st Month       immediate access to all other clubs
 EH12 8GZ                         free of         in the UK.
 Tel. 0131 316 2301               charge

 Delicate Touch                   25% off 1st     Offer excludes packages and special      Payslip/ID.
 Woodside                         booking         offers.
 Glenrothes                                       Offering Reiki, Indian Head Massage,
 Tel. 0845 8900687                10-20%          Thai Foot Massage, Aroma Back          thereafter.     Massage, facials etc

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011          -6
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                               ID
 Delmor                           20% see         Standard estate agency fee is 1% to      Payslip/ID
 Independent Estate Agent &       special         1.5% +VAT of the purchase price,
 Mortgage Broker                  conditions      this would be limited to 1%+VAT,
 17 Whytescauseway                                then a further 20% discount would
 Kirkcaldy                                        be deducted from the 1%+VAT fee,
 KY1 1XF                                          this equates to employees paying
 Tel: 01592 201500                                0.08%+VAT of the final sales fee,
 Fax: 01592 202520                                subject to a minimum fee of
 Andrew Watt                                      £800+VAT.                          Offices in Kirkcaldy, Leven and
 website                         Cowdenbeath.
 DHF Limited                      10%             Available on all furniture, carpets,     Current
 1 Nethertown Broad Street,                       vinyl and laminated flooring             Payslip/ ID
 Dunfermline, Fife
 KY12 7DS
 Tel 01383 624 761
 Dollond and Aitchison            20%             This discount cannot be used in          Payslip/ID.
 Applicable at all branches       Discount        conjunction with sale in store.
 incl. Kirkcaldy, Stirling,       off the total
 Glenrothes, Dunfermline, St      price of
 Andrews and Dundee.              Spectacles
                                  Free Eye
 Tel. 01592 758091(Glen)          Tests and 5
       01592 205634 (Kdy)         day contact
       01383 730487 (D/line)      lens trial
       01334 472437(St And)
 Domino‟s Pizza                   25% off         Discount is only available on            Payslip/ID
 Unit 2 The Glenwood Centre       regular         products purchased at regular menu
 Minto Place                      menu            price. Not valid with any other
 Glenrothes                       prices –        offers. Valid at Domino‟s Pizza
 KY6 1PA                          collection      Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes stores
 Tel:01592 760090                 or delivery     only. Limited delivery areas
                                                  designed with safety in mind. If you
 4a Bennochy Road                                 reside outside a delivery area, please
 Kirkcaldy                                        feel free to collect your order. Some
 KY1 1YQ                                          deals are not available via our online
 Tel: 01592 646566                                ordering service. Please mention
                                                  offer when ordering
                                                  Please show Fife Council ID badge or
                                                  relevant payslip on collection or
                                                  delivery of your order
 Door to Floor Carpets            10%             Discount only applies to particular      Payslip/ID
 Unit 3, Block 3,                                 products.
 Woodend Industrial Estate
 KY4 8HW
 0183 510688
 Dougies Driving School           10% when                                                 Payslip/ID
 62 Strathore Road                booking 10
 Thornton                         hours.
 KY1 4DY                          £200
 Tel. 01592 631103                will cost
                                  you £180.

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011       -7
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                               ID
 Dunfermline Acupuncture          10% off all     Not in conjunction with any other        Payslip/ID
 Clinic                           massage         offer
 8 Maygate                        treatments
 Tel: 07854196955
 Email: info@orla-
 Dunfermline Sub Aqua Club        10%             On Try Dives and Club Joining Fees       Payslip/ID
 Unit 81 East Way                                 only
 Hillend Industrial Park
 Dalgety Bay
 KY11 9HF
 Tel. 07799062708
 Dunnikier Barbers                10%             None                                     Payslip/ID
 91 Dunnikier Road
 KY2 5AN
 Tel. 07828832388
 Durbar                           20% on          Offer is valid Sunday to Friday on „ a   Payslip/ID
 282-284 High Street              total food      la carte‟ menu only. Offer cannot be
 Kirkcaldy                        bill            used in conjunction with any other
 KY1 1LB                                          offer or promotion.
 Tel. 01592265795
 Dunfermline Fitness Camp         40% on full     Normal price for a Full Boot Camp of     Payslip/ID
 Brian Muckells                   boot camp       4 weeks is £99 with Fife Council         Badge
 c/o Killlberry Cottage                           discount of 40% this takes the price
 Pattiesmuir                                      down to £69.
 Dunfermline KY11 3ES
 Tel. 07817453866

 Eclectic Furnishings             10%             Not in conjunction with any other        Payslip/ID
 15a Dickson Street                               offer or on sale items
 Elgin Industrial Estate
 KY12 7SL
 Tel:01383 621235
 Economy Control Ltd              20%             No conditions                            Verbal
 c/o Kevin Hill                   (Prices         (This is a mobile fuel cleaning          confirmation
 4 Moray Place                    range from      specialist. The processed will reduce    sufficient.
 Kelty                            £40-£60)        to a minimum the harmful emissions
 Tel. 01383 831922                                on petrol and diesel engines and at
                                                  the same time restore the power and
                                                  reduce fuel compensation)
 ENFACT                           50% off                                                  Payslip/ID
 (East Neuk of Fife Accessible    first
 Complementary Therapies)         treatment
 27 High Street East
 KY10 3DQ

 Tel. 01333 311077

 Eva Zeilling Bodyworks           10%             The Discount is not applicable on        Payslip/ID.
 122 St Clair Street,                             Privilege prices or on Package
 Kirkcaldy                                        treatment as these are already
 KY1 2BZ                                          discounted.

 Tel. 01592 655854

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011       -8
 Company                            Discount      Conditions                               ID
 F.A.R. Landscapes                  5% of         None                                     Payslip/ID
 2 Cedar Avenue, Methil,            small works
 Leven                              10% of
 Tel. 07594918128                   larger
 Falkland Performance Centre        £29.00 +      Does not include the price of parts.     Payslip/ID.
 Unit 5, Woodgate Way South         VAT labour
 Eastfield Industrial Estate        p/hour as
 Glenrothes                         opposed to
 Fife                               £35.00 +
 KY7 4PF                            VAT
 Tel. 01592 773677
 Fiat Auto UK                       17.5 % &      Vehicles cannot be purchased             Payslip/ID&
 Head Office                        21%           outright. They must be funded            any one of
 240 Bath Road                                    through the Crown Scheme.                the following
 Slough, Berks                                                                             Driving
 SL1 4DX                                                                                   Licence,
 Available at any Fiat                                                                     Cr/Dr Card,
 franchise.                                                                                Passport
                                                                                           Utilities Bill.
 Fife Auto Centre                   10%           Not applicable on special offers.        Payslip/ID.
 Available in Leven,
 Glenrothes and Dunfermline
 Tel. 01333 421500 (Leven)
      01592 631211 (Glen)
      01383 626100 (D/line)
      01592 644955 (Kdy)

 Fife Care Funeral Service          10%           Discount available on all funeral        Payslip/ID
 The Funeral Home                                 directors costs.                         badge
 5 Station Road
 Oakley                                           Account must be settled within 14
 KY12 9QF                                         days.
 Tel: 01383 850559
 Fife Dog Sitter                    10%           Alternative to Kennels. Dogs looked      Payslip/ID
 Neil Hanafin & Janet Hunter                      after in a home environment and
 29 Riverside Way                                 walked at least 1 hour a day.
 KY8 4FH
 Tel. 07885880510
 Fife Care Funeral Service          10%           Discount available on all funeral        Payslip/ID
 The Funeral Home                                 directors costs. Account must be         Badge
 5 Station Road                                   settled within 14 days.
 Oakley KY12 9QF
 Tel. 01383 850559
 Fife Group                         10%           Discount applies to removals and         Payslip/ID
 Frances Ind Park                                 self storage services. Also applies to
 Wemyss Road                                      the sale of packing materials, boxes,
 Dysart                                           tape etc.
 Kirkcaldy                                        Please note that initial storage
 KY1 2XZ                                          payment is a minimum 4 weeks,
 Tel. 01592 651065                                charged daily thereafter.
 Discount available in
 Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy
 (Hayfield) branches
 Fife Satellite & Aerial Services   10%                                                    Payslip/ID
 24 McRae Crescent
 Fife KY3 9HG
 Tel:01592 871021
Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011         -9
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                                ID
 Flying Scot Parking              £2.70 per       The discount does not apply to any        Payslip/ID.
 19 Marchfield Avenue             day             other special offer; stay must be a
 Paisley                                          minimum of 8 days. This offer is for
 PA3 2QE                                          Fife Council employees only- not
 Tel. 0141 8890001                                relatives or friends.                      One car per Council Card.
                                                  Usually not available during summer

                                                  Payment on arrival to receive
 Funeral Care                     10%             Off funeral Directors Charges on a        Payslip/ID
 (All Co-op funeral places in                     funeral and £50 off funeral pre-
 Fife)                                            payment Plans.
 Tel. 0800 289 120                                Quote 118/G
 or log on to
 Furnico Plus                     Up to 12%       A smaller discount may be given           Payslip/ID
 266 High Street                                  Items already reduced, rising to a
 Leslie                                           maximum of 12% on all other goods
 KY6 3DW

 Tel. 01592 744228
 GAMEGREEDY.COM                   10%             Rent video games for £8.99 per                        month. Free postage.
 /counciloffer.php                                14 day free trial.
                                                  Referral code COUNCILOFFER
 Gary Grubb Goldsmiths            10%             Applies to all purchases, repairs or      Payslip.
 95 Perth Road                                    commissioned work.
 Dundee                                           Specialises in “One off” Engagement
 DD1 4HZ                                          rings, shaped wedding bands and
 Tel. 01383 221655 or                             Eternity Rings.
 01592 599409
 Mob. 07721 358357
 Genesis Composites Ltd           10%             Replace felt on leaking flat roofs with   Payslip/ID
 35 Cowal Crescent                                a joint free fibreglass system. Free
 Glenrothes                                       home visits to explain system and
 KY6 3PS                                          give free estimate. Payment due on
                                                  completion of work.
 Tel. 01592 743251
 Glasgow Aviation Ltd                             Trial   Lesson ½ hour reduced to £70      Payslip/ID.
 T/A Leading Edge Flight                          (Full   Price £75)
 Training                                         Trial   Lesson 1 hour reduced to £130.
 Cumbernauld Airport                              (Full   Price £140)
 Tel. 01236 727727
 Gordon‟s Driving School          Various         Savings of £10 can be made on             Payslip/ID
 9 Demarco Drive                  discounts       block bookings of up to 10 Hours.
 Glenrothes                       rates apply
 KY7 6UA
 Tel. 01592 745295
 Hair Express                     20%             Discount only applies to Hair             Payslip/ID
 Unit 6a                                          Services not on retail products nor in
 Mercat Centre                                    conjunction with other offers.
 KY1 1NJ
 Tel. 01592 646034

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011       - 10
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                              ID
 Halfway House Hotel              20% Food        All Meals/Snacks (NOT Beverages)        Payslip/ID
 35 Main Street                   Menus &         All Events e.g. cabaret, dinner
 Kingseat                         Events          dance, cookery demos
 KY12 0TS
 Tel.01383 731661
 Harley School of Motoring        10%             No conditions applicable                Payslip/ID
 28 Braemar Gardens
 Fife KY6 2RF

 Tel: 01592 771638
 Mob: 0785 891 4341
 Steven Harley
 Heavenly Sensations              5%              Not on discounted stock or              Payslip/ID
 276 High Street                                  packages,                               only
 Kirkcaldy                                        not on gift vouchers.
 Tel. 01592 266000
 Hedgehogs Nursery                10%             Discount only applies to tree &         Payslip/ID.
 Crompton road                                    plants. No credit arrangement
 Southfield Industrial Estate                     applies.
 KY6 2SF
 Tel: 01592 772274
 Robert Kean
 Hewden Hire Centre               15%             Only applies to hired products, not     Payslip/ID.
 Coal Wynd, Dunnikier Road                        sales.
 Tel.01592 265656 or
 100c Pittencrieff St
 Tel. 01383 624800
 Hi Q McConechy                   10%             At all branches including Kirkcaldy,    Payroll/ID.
 Hayfield Industrial Estate                       Esplanade, and St Andrews (Largo
 Hayfield Place                                   Road).
 Hayfield Ind Estate                              Discount does not apply to any
 Kirkcaldy                                        product which is on special offer at
 Tel. 01592 264131                                the time of sale or any advertised

 Holiday Inn Express              30% off the     Offer is subject to availability, not   Payroll/ID –
 Dunfermline                      best            used in conjunction with any other      with photo)
 Halbeath                         flexible rate   offer.
 KY11 8DY
 Tel: 01383 748220

 Hypnobirthing by Collete         10%             None                                    Payslip/ID
 Tel. 07734812442
 Id decorators                    10%             Labour Only (Not Materials)             Payslip/ID
 Iain Duckworth
 4 Long Crook,
 South Queensferry
 EH30 9XR
 Mob. 07974665868
 Tel. 0131 331 5911

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011     - 11
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                               ID
 Inches2lose                      10%             12 treatments cost £189- Council         Payslip/ID
 Caerlaverock                                     Employees would get this for £170
 Millfield Place                                  (less £19)
 KY15 7HH
 Tel. 01337 857954
 Inkbox                           10%             None                                     Payslip/ID
 Unit 1
 The Postings Shopping Centre
 KY1 1HN

 Tel: 01592 269777
 Inspirational Therapies          20% off   Payslip/ID
 Stenton                          first           offer excludes pamper packages and
 Glenrothes                       booking         special offers
 Fife                             then 10%
                                  thereafter      Discount applies to Reiki, Massage,
 Tel: 0774 514 3094                               Hopi-ear candling, Indian Head
 Instant Mortgage Advise                          Free mortgage advice and a gift          Payslip/ID
 12 Bendachin Drive                               voucher on completion of mortgage.
 DUNFERMLINE                                      £50 for loans over £25,000.
 KY12 7RZ                                         £25 for loans £25,000 and under.
 Tel. 01383 808227
 Insure and Go Services Ltd       10%             None                                     Payslip/ID
 Warners Mill, Silks Way
 CM7 3GB
 Tel. 01376 569588
 Integrity Wills & Estate         10%                                                      Payslip/ID
 Tony Rosenbaum
 Scotia House
 5 Dickson Street
 KY12 7SL
 International Decorative         Trade           Cash Sales only                          Payslip/ID
 Surfaces,                        Prices          Discount to Fife Council employees       Badge
 Caledonia Heights Admiralty                      only and not relatives
 Park, Rosyth KY11 2WW.
 Tel. 01383 421120
 James Hall Joinery               10%             Discount on labour only                  Payslip/ID
 307 Muirfield Drive                                                                       Badge
 KY6 2PZ
 James Moodie Motor               10%             Inform James Moodie at time of           Payslip/ID
 Engineers                                        booking that Fife Council discount is
 Muiredge Ind estate                              required.
 KY8 1LJ
 Tel. 01592 714039

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011      - 12
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                              ID
 Karen Ainley                     Discount of                                             Payslip/ID
 Casa Di Antonio                  15 euros
 Via Bruno Rossi 23               p/night on
 44034,Ambrogio di Copparo,       advertised
 FE                               rates based
 Italy                            on 2 sharing
 Tel. 0039 0532 865710            during 2011
                                  or bookings
                                  made in
                                  2011 for
 Karen Bird                       10%             Not applicable with special offers or   Payslip/ID
 Complementary Therapist                          taster sessions
 Purely Therapeutic at
 Duloch Leisure Centre
 Nightingale Place
 Fife KY11 8LW
 Tel: 0779 609 8224
 Keavil House Hotel,              15% off         Minimum spend £50 in restaurant         Current
 Cardoon Restaurant,              food spend                                              Payslip/ID
 Crossford,                       and a
 Dunfermline,                     compliment
 Fife                             ary bottle
 KY12 8QW                         of house
 Tel 01383 736 958                wine on
                                  spend £50
 Ken Blackwell                    10%             Apartment & Cottage in France and a     Payslip/ID
 8 Cliff Mews                                     Villa in Crete
 TQ4 6DJ
 Tel. 01803 521743
 Kim‟s Designer Florist           10%             All Floral Products Giftware and
 Unit 17a Haig Business Park                      Wedding orders with the exception
 Markinch                                         of delivery charges
 Ky7 6AQ
 Tel. 07812991761
 Kingdom Castles                  10%             Discount for children‟s items only      ID only.
 Sunnybank Cottage
 KY15 7ES
 Tel. 0845 166 2902
 Kingdom Chiropractic Health      50% or          50% of Initial Consultation then        Payslip/ID
 Clinics                          15%             15% of all other treatment including
 31 Bonnygate                                     X-rays.
 KY15 4BU
 Tel. 01334 650158
 Kingdom Coachworks               10%             No conditions attached                  Payslip/ID.
 85a Dunnikier Road
 KY1 2QW
 Tel. 01592 266266

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011     - 13
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                               ID
 Kingdom Kilts                    10%             Discount applies to hire only            Payslip/ID.
 34 North Street
 KY7 5NA

 Tel. 01592 769900
 Kingdom Motorcycle Training      10%             None.                                    ID only.
 51 Scaraben Crescent
 KY6 3HL

 Tel. 01592 621095
 Kingdom Services                                 £1 Off all listed foam wash prices.      Payslip/ID
 Crossgates Road
 KY11 7EG
 Kinghorn Garage                  15% on          Discount available on labour and         Payslip/ID
 Unit 2                           labour and      parts only                               Badge
 Harbour Road                     parts
 Kinghorn KY3 9ST
 Tel. 01592 891212
 Kinloch Property Services        15%             Off the fees of both selling and         Payslip/ID
 16 North Street                                  letting your house. We will also
 Glenrothes                                       donate £75 of the marketing fee to a
 Fife                                             local school, club or charity of your
 KY7 5NA                                          choice.
 Tel. 01592 760220
 Also Available at the
 Kirkcaldy branch.
 Ladybank Tyres                   10%             Not available on special deals or with   Payslip/ID
 Commercial Road                                  other discounts.
 Ladybank                                         NOT on MOT FEES
 KY15 7JS
 Tel. 01337 830932
 Laurelbank Hotel                 10%             Discount on food bill only, not drinks   Payslip/ID
 Balbirnie Street                                                                          Badge
 KY7 6DB
 Tel. 01592 611205
 Leslie Bike Shop (Second-        10%             Not applicable with Credit               ID Only
 hand Bikes)                                      No discount on Special offers/sales
 101 High Street                                  items
 Leslie                                           No discount on „trade ins‟ new
 Tel. 01592 741786                                purchases.
 (New Bikes & Equipment)
 Bankhead Industrial Estate
 Blackwood Way
 KY7 6JF
 Tel. 01592 770600
 Lumia                            10%             On all hair and beauty treatments –      Payslip/ID
 129 Henderson Street                             Not applicable to retail products
 Bridge of Allan
 FK9 4RQ
 Tel. 01786 831164

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011      - 14
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                              ID
 Lundie Blooms                    10%             None                                    Payslip/ID
 11 Leven Road
 Lundin Links
 KY8 6AH

 Tel: 01333 329133
 Macintyres Jewellers             30-50% off      Employees will be entitled to           Payslip/ID.
 26 Frederick Street              MRRP after      purchase gold and diamond
 Edinburgh                        VAT is paid     jewellery and watches at wholesale
 EH2 2JR                                          price (Please note this Company is
 Tel. 0131 220 4252                               not open to the general public).
 Macklin Motors                   30% on                                                  Payslip/ID
 Rapid Fit Department             MOT from
 Halbeath Road                    retail price
 Dunfermline                      Servicing
 KY12 7RD                         from £69
 Tel 01383 626696                 Service and
 Tel 01383 721536                 MOT from
 Marco Tiling Contractors         15%             Discount off total cost.                Payslip/ID
 172 Main Street
 Fife KY1 4AH
 Tel: 0751 537 4276
 Tel: 01592 770245
 MARSH                            Up to 20%       Insurers under 25 years will be
 1 Tower Place West               on Motor        referred to another facility or
 Tower Place                      Insurance.      insurance.
 London                           Up to 10-
 EC3R 5BU                         15%             Quote Ref – FIF 01.
                                  discount on
                                  household       For telephone numbers for insurance
                                  insurance.      quotes- Motor and Home 0845
                                  Annual          6020223.
                                  Travel          Travel 0845 7660453
                                  from £35.
 Massage Therapy @ Home           10%             Indian Head Massage/Swedish             Payslip/ID
 15 Ariel Close                                   Massage/Hot Stone Therapy
 Cellardyke                                       Discount on all treatments. Therapy
 Anstruther                                       in the comfort of your own home.
 Fife KY10 3FG

 Tel:   01333 311268
 Mob: 0778 570 7985
 Jean Corson

 Master Cobbler of St Andrews     20%             No discount available on “special       Payslip/ID
 95 Market Street                                 offers”
 St Andrews
 KY16 9NX
 Tel. 01334 478524
 Masterton Jewellers              10%             No discount available on repairs or     Payslip/ ID
 54 High Street                                   on sale items.
 Tel. 01333 423130

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011     - 15
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                              ID
 Max Pass Driving School          10%             Discount off the standard lesson        Payslip/ID
 86 Colliston Road                                price                                   Badge
 Dunfermline                                      The offer does not apply to special
                                                  seasonal discount offers; it only
 Contact : Michael Hughes                         applies to the standard lesson price.
 Tel 07973 449 071
 MB Motors                        15%             None                                    Payslip/ID
 74 Whitecraigs Road
 Whitehill Industrial Estate
 Tel. 07939437721
 55 Cupar Road
 Tel. 01337830230
 McGill Electrical & Security     10%             Discounts apply to all Christmas        Payslip/ ID.
 Systems                                          decorations and lights.
 94-98 Normand Road
 Tel. 01592 597222
 MD Lockhart                      15%             None                                    Payslip/ID
 Lundin Physiotherapy
 1 New Law House
 Saltire Centre
 KY6 2DA
 MGM Timber                       Trade Price     No discount on any special              Payslip/ID
 Unit 24                          List            promotions
 Eastfield Ind Est                5% off any
 Woodgate Way South               other
 Glenrothes                       products
 KY7 4PF
 Midnight Oil Books               10%             Discount applies to all Fiction and     Payslip/ID
 120 Commercial Street                            Category 11 titles. This includes
 Pathhead                                         Economics, Theology and
 Kirkcaldy                                        Philosophy.
 KY1 2NX

 Tel. 01592 260618

 Millennium Fitness Centre        Free month                                              Payslip
 2 Newark Place                   trial with
 Newark Road South                mini
 Eastfield Industrial Estate      induction
 Glenrothes                       and no
 KY7 4NR                          obligation
 Tel. 01592 771333                to join, free
                                  £30.00 and
                                  free month
                                  at the end
 Millets the Outdoor Store        10%             Discount on full price stock – not      Payslip/ID
 56 Unicorn Way                                   transferable to other parties
 Fife KY7 5NU
 Tel. 01592 753217

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011        - 16
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                              ID
 Mind & Body Studio               10%             Available for complementary therapy     Payslip/ID
 1 Kinghorn Road                                  with Denise only. Only available for
 Kirkcaldy                                        full cost treatments, it is not
 KY1 1SU                                          available for any special offers or
 Tel:01592 263700                                 discounted treatments. Also not
 Mob: 0784 076 9811                               available for gift voucher sales
 Denise James

 Mo‟s Jahangir                    20%             This offer is not in conjunction with   Payslip/ID
 Foxton Drive                                     any other offer (i.e. Business Lunch,
 Glenrothes                                       Buffet or Set Meals)
 KY7 4UZ
 Tel: 015912 770400
 Mobile Car Body Repair           10%             Covers, stone chips, key scratches,     Payslip/ID.
 System                                           bumper scuff and minor body
 183 Methilhaven Road                             repairs.
 Methil, Leven
 Tel. 01333 429609
 Mob. 07713 399693
 More2life                        10%             Professional Life Coach and NLP         Payslip/ID
 Karen More                                       Practitioner.
 16 Viewforth                                     Sessions either face to face or over
 Markinch, Fife                                   the phone
 KY7 6NY
 Tel. 07714 324 345
 Moss Mobile Disco                10%             10% off for all events and a further    Payslip/ID.
 c/o 10 Lauder Court                              5% cash back donation to charity
 Glenrothes                                       events.
 Fife KY6 1LS
 Tel: 0789 612 7108
 Brian Morrison
 Natural Alternative Health       10%             Discount on a body-shape health         Payslip/ID.
 1 Needle Street                                  gain and weight control program.
 Kettlebridge                                     With a complete nutritional range of
 Cupar                                            products.
 KY15 7QJ
 Tel. 01337 831274
 Natural Looks                    10%             Applies to all Treatments and           Payslip/ ID.
 78 High Street                                   Products except for C.A.Ci Body and
 Markinch                                         Face Toning and Gift Vouchers.
 KY7 6DQ
 Tel. 01592 753344
 No Alibi                         12%             Play music from 60‟s to current chart   Payslip/ ID.
 Wedding & Function Band                          hits.
 20a Commercial Street
 NVS Hire Drive                   10%             Discount is on vehicle and not          Payslip/ID.
 Main Street                                      insurance. Competitive rates.
 Thornton                                         10% on all vehicles, some large
 Fife KY1 14AF                                    vehicles may have 15-20% discount
 Tel: 01592 631500
 Steve Claxton

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011     - 17
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                               ID
 Optical Express                  10%             Cannot be used in conjunction with       Payslip/ID.
 26 High St, Leven                                any other offer or discount.
 Tel. 01333 422432                                Please quote DM1662
 137 High Street, Kirkcaldy
 Tel. 01592 643305
 319 High Street,
 Tel. 01383 610900
 Peter Wagg & Brian Crawford      10%                                                      Payslip/ID.
 Abbey Decorators                 Materials       Discount on labour costs for
 Urquhart Farm Cottage            delivered       decorating (Interior & Exterior),
 Crossford                        trade price     tiling, bathroom & kitchen fitting,
 Dunfermline                      to your         laminate Flooring. Materials
                                  door            delivered at trade price to your door.
 Tel: 01383 624494
 Mob: 0775 487 6603
 Phoenix Wall & Floor Tiling      10%                                                      Payslip/ID.
 Queens Crescent
 Tel. 01592 890579
 Tel. 0780 053 1510
 Chris Cunningham
 Picante, Handbags, Shoes &       5%              Not available on sale products.          Photographic
 Accessories                                      Photographic Identification at time of   ID
 Unit H4 Newark Road South                        purchase.
 KY7 4NS
 Tel. 07925112649
 Pickfords Ltd                    10%             Moves within the UK only/ Not            Payslip/ID
 62 West Harbour Road             1 weeks         applicable to Pickfords existing         Quote:
 Granton                          free            customers.                               “Special
 Edinburgh                        storage.        Cannot be used in conjunction with       Employee
 EH5 1PW                                          another other Pickfords offers or        Offer”
                                                  discounts. No employer funded
 Tel. 0131 552 4242                               moves.

 Pizza Hut                        20%             Not applicable with any other offers.    Payslip/ID.
 North Street                                     Available lunch time on Fridays.
 Glenrothes                                       For delivery purchases order must be
 Tel. 01592 614422                                for over £7.99
                                                  Limited areas for Delivery- Ask in
 R & Electrical (Fife Ltd)        10%             Discount on parts and labour             Payslip/ID
 Kirkcaldy Indoor Market                          charges on repairs to washing
 232 High Street                                  machines, tumble drier and vacuums
 Fife KY1 1JT
 Tel: 01592 269918
 Richard Wojcik
 Regents Estates & Mortgages      0.5% of         None                                     Payslip/ID
 13 New Row                       selling fee
 KY12 7EA
 Tel: 01383 729555

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011      - 18
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                                  ID
 Reid Furniture                   10% off full    Only available on full Furniture or         Payslip/ID.
 Halbeath Retail Park             order price     Bedding Package. Full package
 Halbeath Road                    (including      requires the taking of Supercover,
 Dunfermline                      supercover      and Delivery.
 KY11 4LP                         and             Excludes Ex Displays, Forward order
 Tel. 01383 432323                delivery        stock and Best Buys.
 Rejuvenate Massage Therapy       Various %       First visit - 40% off remedial              Payslip/ID
 8 Baldinnie Place                                massage, 30% of Swedish massage
 Glenrothes                                       and then 20% off thereafter,
 KY7 4TL
 Tel. 01592 774972                                Remedial & Sports/Swedish Massage
 Mob. 07956 576811                                Therapist
 Freda Whyte
 Remax Property Specialists       Reduced         Reduced marketing fee £249 +vat to          Payslip/ID.
 Regus House                      selling fee     £149 + vat
 10 Lochside Place                1.5% to
 Edinburgh                        1.25%
 EH12 9RG
 Rohan                            10%             Discount     not available in conjunction   Payslip/ID
 137 South Street                                 with any     other offer and applies to     Badge
 St Andrews                                       full price   products only. Discount
 KY16 9XR                                         excludes     watches.
 Tel. 01334 472752
 Rollo Davidson McFarlane         10%             Discount off all legal services             Payslip/ID
 Solicitors                                       including letting and estate agency
 12 Lyon Way
 Fife KY7 5NW
 Tel: 01592 759414
 RSPB Coffee Shop                 10%             Does not apply to items on special          Payslip/ID.
 Vane Farm Nature                                 offer
 Tel.01577 862355
 Scotfree Driving School          15%             Current Price £21.50. You pay               Payslip/ID
 22 Grampian Place                                £18.00 per hour. The discount
 Rosyth                                           cannot be used in conjunction with
 KY11 2HE                                         any other advertised discount or
 Tel. 0800 043 0265
 Scotland Tees                    10%             Discount available only against             Payslip/ID
 42 Daviot Road                                   Custom- Made T-shirts
 KY12 7LY

 Tel. 01383 721144
 Scotrob Hairdressing             10%             Salon services only. Not on Retail.         Payslip/ID.
 High Street
 KY15 1BZ
 Tel. 01337 857234

 Scott Graham Decorators        10% on           Discount on labour charges.               Payslip/ID
 10 Whitehall Avenue            labour           Materials charged at trade price or
 Cardenden                      charges          customer can supply
 Fife KY5 0PQ
 Tel: 01592 721152
Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011       - 19
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                               ID
 Shadow Blinds                    10% Roller      Not on already discounted items.         Payslip/ID.
 Newark Road South                15%
 Eastfield Industrial Estate      Venetian
 KY7 4NN
 Tel. 01592 630660

 SHL Beauty Therapy               10%             Beauty treatments only.                  Payslip/ID
 14 Ladywynd
 Tel: 01334 655007
 Simply Beauty                    10%             None                                     Payslip/ID
 1/b Laxford Road                                 Beauty Therapy: Including Facial         Badge
 Rimbleton.                                       Treatments, Wax treatments and
 Tel. 01592 752266                                Eye Treatments.
 Society Café Bar                 20%             Discount applies to food only and not    Payslip/ID
 13 Charlotte Street                              drinks.                                  Badge
 KY1 1RN
 Tel 01592 265246
 Speedtype 2000                   10%             Discount applies to all text processed   Payslip/ID
 10 Maree Place                                   documents produced (cv‟s letters,
 Kirkcaldy                                        reports, flyers presentations).
 KY2 6PP
 Heather Gibson
 01592 562543 (Home)
 07929 327 637 (Mobile)
 Speranza Boutique                10%             No conditions attached to this offer.    Payslip/ID
 1 Cupar Road
 Newport on Tay
 DD6 8AF
 Tel. 01382 541550
 St Johnstone Football Club       5% Off          This applies to the food element         Payslip/ID
 McDiarmid Park                   Private         of any private function – NOT
 Creiff Road                      Functions       Calendar events such as Mothers
 Perth                                            Day, Fathers Day etc.
 PH1 2SJ
 Tel. 01738 459090
 Stefeny Frances Beauty           15%             Discount does not apply to monthly       Payslip/ID
 Therapy                                          promotions or seasonal offers
 16 New Row
 KY12 7EF
 Tel: 0753 151 0990
 Step Up Health & Fitness         10%             Discount applies to anytime              Payslip/ID
 Nevyn Cara House                                 membership – all classes
 Primrose Lane
 KY11 2XN
 Tel: 01383 413331
 Stocks Discount Store            10%             On stock items, not available on end     Current
 278 Links Street                                 rolls. Also not available on special     Payslip only.
 Kirkcaldy                                        orders.

 Tel. 01592 263000 264000

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011      - 20
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                                ID
 Studio 7                         10%             No conditions attached to this offer.     Payslip/ID
 7 Ralston Drive
 KY2 6HX
 Tel: 01592 205848
 Susan Brown Natural              20%             Discount applies to Service only- not     Payslip/ID.
 Therapies                                        products.
                                                  Provides Aromatherapy, Massage,
 Tel. 0792 734 8182                               and Swedish Deep Massage etc.
 Synergy – Yoga & Therapy         5%              Discount on all complementary             Payslip/ID
 Centre                                           therapies only. Not for gift vouchers
 5 Crompton Road                                  or yoga classes.
 Southfield Ind Estate
 KY6 2SF
 Target Tyres                     10%             Not available on special deals or with    Payslip/ID
 Poplar Road                                      other discounts.
 Glenrothes                                       NOT on MOT FEES
 KY7 4AA
 Tel. 01592 755655
 Teddy Bears Nursery              10%             Normal Refundable Deposit taken to        Payslip/ID
 13 Nethertown Broad Street                       secure place.
 Dunfermline                                      Discount applies to all places- Part
 Tel. 01383 622951                                time and full time
 The “Aud” Stitch                 10%                                                       Payslip/ID.
 Kiosk, Postgate
 Bus Station
 Fife KY7 5LH
 Tel: 01592 758756
 Audrey Lawrie
 The Dulux Decorating Centre      Discounts       No                                        Payslip/ID.
 McDougall Rose                   range b/w
 Decorators/Merchants             20-40%
 Forth Ave Industrial Est.        depending
 Kirkcaldy                        on the
 Tel. 01592 201423                product.
 The Grill                        10%             Available Sunday to Friday from 12        Payslip/ID
 5 Chalmers Street                discount off    noon onwards
 Dunfermline                      the price of
 KY12 8AT                         food only

 Tel: 01383 724327
 Steve Young

 The Hideaway Pub &               10%             The Discount applies to food and          Payslip/ID
 Restaurant                                       drink.
 Kingseat Road
 KY12 0UB

 Tel: 01383 725474
 The Jackie Tiernan Practice      40% of          Discount applies to the first visit for   Payslip/ID.
 90c Main Street                  first           Massage therapies only.
 Thornton                         treatment

 Tel. 01592 773303

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011       - 21
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                              ID
 The Real Sports Shop             10% off full    10% off all full price products –       Payslip/ID
 Unit 10                          price           Excludes sale items
 Eastfield Business Park          products in
 Glenrothes                       all
 Tel: 01592 773312                categories
 The Sewing Place                 10%             Discounts on Make up
 Unit E6,
 Newark Road South
 Tel. 01592 771083
 The Spectacle Shop               15%             Off Selected Designer eyewear,          Payslip/ID
 35 Whytescauseway                                including Gucci, Prada Versace.
 KY1 1XT
 The Sporting Company             10%             Please note that credit is not          Payslip/ID
 40 Townsend Place,                               available.
 KY1 1HB
 Tel. 01592 644084
 Therapeutics – Hair & Beauty     10%             Discount cannot be used in              Payslip/ID
 Salon                                            conjunction with any other offer.
 3 Nairn Street
 Tel. 01333 300771
 Time Fitness                     15 – 20%        Half price joining fee -£20             Payslip/ID
 Ben Newton                                       6 month membership £29.99 saving        badge
 76 Crossgate                                     £5.00
 Cupar                                            12 month membership £24.99
 KY15 5HS                                         saving £5.00
                                                  18 month membership £22.99
 Tel 01334 844972
                                                  saving £5.00
 Thomas Cook Travel Agents        5% -            Cannot be used in conjunction with      Payslip/ID.
 Kingdom Shopping Centre          guaranteed      any other discount offer available.
 Glenrothes                       off package
 Tel. 01592 756943                only.
                                  best rates
 Thompson Chiropractic            35%             35% discount on initial consultation.   Payslip/ID
 Angelite Therapies                               Making the cost of this appointment     Badge
 8 Maygate                                        £25 rather than £40 (price as at
 Dunfermline                                      June 2011)
 Tel. 01383 721249
 Time Fitness                     Between         None                                    Payslip/ID
 76 Crossgate                     12-15% on
 Cupar                            6,12 & 18
 KY15 5HS                         month
 Tel. 01334 844972                contracts
                                  Plus ½
                                  joining fee
                                  on all

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011     - 22
 Company                          Discount        Conditions                              ID
 Timpsons Shoe Repairers          15%             Offer does not apply to watch repairs   Payslip/ID.
 97 High Street                                   and merchandise
 Tel. 01592 269456
 or                               10%
 16 Douglas Street
 Tel.01383 721556
 Toccata Hair and Beauty          10%             Offer does not apply to products.       Payslip/ID
 19-21 High Street                                Only to Service.
 KY11 1NL

 Tel. 01383 417683
 Ultimate Kleen                   10%             10% Will also apply on any other        Payslip/ID
 273 Dyce Way                                     offers being made.
 KY7 6UX
 Tel. 01592 745997

 Urban Retreat Beauty Studio      15%             Discount applies to treatments only     Payslip/ID
 56 Headwell Road
 KY12 0PW
 01383 722921
 Villa Properties                                 Apartments (sleeps 4) Tenerife.         Payslip/ID
 40 Deerswharf                                    South Golf Del Sur £300 (normally
 Kirkcaldy                                        £350).
 KY1 1SS                                          Villa Spain Del Sol (Sleeps 10) & has                             private pool. £1,000 per week
                                                  normally £1,500
 Tel. 07808144411
 Vision Express                   £30 off         Save £70 when joining the Contact 7     Payslip/ID
                                  complete        direct debit scheme – FREE
 Tel. 01383 723244                glasses         registration & consultation and first
                                  with frames     3 months supply of lenses to value
                                  costing £69     of £44.85.
                                  or more         Not valid in conjunction with any
                                                  other discounts,

 Xquisite Health & Beauty         10%             Treatments only. Not available on       Payslip/ID
 Therapy                                          products or gift vouchers.
 88 Birnam road
 Kirkcaldy, KY2 6NH
 Tel. 01592 206686

 Your Move                        10% off         No conditions attached to the offer     Payslip/ID
 Available at all branches in     sales fees
 Zen Beauty & Tanning             15%             Offer applies to Treatment and          Payslip/ID
 37 Peploe Drive                                  Products
 KY7 6FP
 Tel. 01592 748678

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact HR Direct
on 01592 583 200 or VOIP 2000 or email

Sec7/HR Direct/HEALTH4ALL/Employee Benefits/2011/Discoutns Available – Master Copy June 2011     - 23

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