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									  Dear Friends

  The next meeting of the Pear Tree Neighbourhood Forum will take place on:

  Thursday 23 September 2010, 6pm
  Peartree Junior School, Peartree Street, Normanton
  Making Normanton Stronger and Safer

  The Forum is held regularly and aims to give residents both an opportunity to have a say on the
  issues that affect the neighbourhood and to find out what is happening in the Pear Tree
  community. The meeting will be attended by your local ward Councillors and Officers from a
  variety of local public service providers.

  As always, you will have the opportunity to meet other people who care about the Pear Tree
  neighbourhood and raise your views and concerns relating to Pear Tree.

  The Safer Neighbourhood Team will provide an update on activities in Pear Tree. You will also
  be able to discuss Pear Tree Safer Neighbourhood Team Policing priorities.

  This document also includes: a copy of the agenda, ‘You Said We Did’ from the last meeting
  and an update on Board funding.

  If you would like to discuss any matters before the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact

  Yours sincerely

  Cllr Hardyal Singh Dhindsa
  Chair of Normanton Neighbourhood Board

Your neighbourhood, your leadership, your voice
Thursday 23 September 2010, 6pm
Peartree Junior School
6.00pm Welcome and introductions                          Cllr Hardyal Singh
Surgeries and Displays                         Meeting starts at 6pm
 Councillors                                  The first 30 minutes are an
 Police                                       opportunity to raise and discuss
                                               issues affecting you and your
 Neighbourhood Team                           neighbours with councillors and
 DCC Youth Service, Highways                  public services.
 DCC Streetpride
Formal meeting starts
6.30pm Feedback from surgeries / key issues                 Cllr Hardyal Singh
       and problems                                         Dhindsa
6.40pm Policing and Community Safety
            Update from Pear Tree Safer                    Sgt Simon Adams
             Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and to agree          Pear Tree SNT
             the Police priorities for Pear Tree Section

6.55pm Presentations
           Streetpride                                      Kully Raju

7.25pm Neighbourhood Management Update                      Colin Avison
7.30pm Date of next meeting:
           Wednesday 15 December at 6.00pm
           Pear Tree Junior School, Pear Tree Street, Normanton

Visit for more information
Your Neighbourhood Manager is: Colin Avison, Neighbourhoods Directorate,
3rd Floor, St Peter’s House, Gower Street, Derby DE1 1SB.
Telephone 01332 256913 or email:

You said, we did …
You said…                                          Your Neighbourhood Team did…
Highways and Transport
Residents reported a number of blocked             These issues have been passed to the Street Cleansing
drains on Portland Street and Balfour Road.        Team to action.
Community Safety
Resident reported the following anti-social        The Neighbourhood Team visited the resident and
behaviour issues on Holcombe Street:               problems on the street have reduced. If problems re-
- drinking in the streets                          emerge the Neighbourhood Team will make further
- playing football and banging on the cars         investigations and take action.
- intimidating people and residents
These problems occur from 11.30am to 2pm
and 3.30pm to 5.30pm.
Resident reported the following anti-social        The Police are currently carrying out Operation
behaviour issues:                                  Relentless, which starts on 27 September 2010. The
- Groups of Eastern Europeans people               Police will be working with the City Council on an
drinking in the street and throwing their cans     environmental project to clear up Balfour Park and
and bottles in to people's gardens on Balfour      Balfour Road.
Road.                                              Operation Relentless will have a dedicated week where
- Prostitution is getting worse on Portland        the Police will have dedicated patrols on Portland Street
Street again. It can be regularly seen on          to tackle the problems of prostitution. Warning signs will
Balfour Road junction.                             also be put up in time for this project.
                                                   The Police have also secured funding to work with
                                                   Women’s Work to tackle the problems caused by
A resident wanted to do know what was              The following public sessions have been scheduled:
being done to publicise the public day and           A drop-In session at the Town Hall 09.30hrs to
evening when residents could comment at                17.00hrs,
the inquiry into the appeal of the developer         An evening drop-in session at St Stephen’s Church
of the incinerator at Sinfin against the refusal       Hall, Sinfin Lane, Derby 18.30hrs to 21.00hrs
of planning permission
Resident reported that Streetpride cleaned         A requested was passed to the Grounds Maintenance
all streets, removed weeds etc. and missed         Team to clear the weeds in the areas in August 2010.
Pear Tree Street.
Waste management
Resident reported next door neighbours             The Contaminated Land Technical Officer sent the
causing nuisance with noise, litter and            resident a letter regarding the noise complaint.
incorrect use of the wheelie bins on               The Neighbourhood Team contacted the resident and
Cameron Road. Access via the rear entry is         are working with the resident to confirm whether
blocked by rubbish being piled up such as          problems still persist.
bicycles and old carpets.
Resident would like to know whether the            Waste Management have checked the black bins on
black bins are now being emptied weekly as         Princes Street and confirmed that they are still being
reported in the press.                             collected every two weeks, with the recycling bins and
                                                   bags collected on the intervening weeks. They are
                                                   unaware of any item in the press that this enquiry may
                                                   relate to.
Neighbourhood Working
In Normanton Ward a partnership of services, residents and organisations has
come together to create your Neighbourhood Team. Together they work to
resolve problems and issues affecting the local community.
Normanton Ward has a Neighbourhood Board that consists of the three local
ward councillors, local residents, and representatives from local communities and
many partners including: Community Safety Partnership, the Council, the Police,
Derby Homes, NHS Derby City, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and
community and voluntary groups.
The Neighbourhood Board sets local priorities and plans, encourages local
people to take part in decisions about their lives and communities, aims to create
better relationships between communities and public services and helps services
to be ‘closer’ to local communities
Your Neighbourhood Board meets every six weeks. For information about your
Neighbourhood Board representatives, current activities, and how to get involved,
contact your local Neighbourhood Manager, Colin Avison, 711325 or email:
Normanton Neighbourhood Board Priorities 2010-11
Each year Normanton Neighbourhood Board chooses priorities for the ward.
These reflect the needs of residents and are based on issues raised by residents
and public services as well as statistics and reports. Most of the priorities are
taken forward by public services and built into their plans.
As public services develop their action plans a long way in advance, the Board
has to set its priorities early to make sure that they are taken into account.
Please help the Board decide the priorities for next year by letting us know what
you think needs improving most in your neighbourhood for you and your family.
The priorities this year are listed on the next page.
Please take the time to look at them and let us know your comments.
Normanton Neighbourhood Board Priorities 2010-11
Environment: To create a neighbourhood with cleaner streets and open spaces
that residents are proud to live in focusing on fly tipping, bins on streets and

Do you agree with this priority? Yes           No      
If not, what else should be a priority?

Crime and Community Safety: To create a neighbourhood where people feel
safe going about their daily lives focussing on anti social behaviour, drug dealing
and prostitution.

Do you agree with this priority? Yes          No   
If not, what else should be a priority?

Health: To improve the physical health of local people focussing on physical
activity, smoking cessation and healthy eating

Do you agree with this priority? Yes          No   
If not, what else should be a priority?

Community: To create a neighbourhood where people feel they can influence
decisions, that they get on well with those around them and that they live in a
strong and cohesive community focusing on community and communications with
a newsletter, forums and community cohesion.

Do you agree with this priority? Yes          No   
If not, what else should be a priority?

Highways and Transportation: To provide residents with safe and efficient
routes to travel through Normanton in their daily lives focusing on speeding, traffic
accident reduction and traffic management to reduce congestion

Do you agree with this priority? Yes          No   
If not, what else should be a priority?

Employment: To provide all residents with the opportunity to learn new skills and
be offered a wide spectrum of employment opportunities focusing on Increased
training/learning opportunities, local unemployment service delivery and new
community members.

Do you agree with this priority? Yes         No   
If not, what else should be a priority?

Anything else? There may be other things that you think need improving instead
of those above.
Please let us know what you think

Please remove this page and return it to an officer at the Forum meeting.

Police Safer Neighbourhood Update
Your safer neighbourhood team is committed to making your community a safer place to live and work.
We aim to tackle your concerns and provide lasting solutions. To achieve this we need your input to
make our work in the community more focused and effective.

Our local safer neighbourhood teams have been working in the Normanton
ward for some time now and we have built up a good understanding of the
community and the issues affecting it. We have been working hard to tackle
the main policing priorities and so far we are making excellent progress to
drive down crime and anti-social behaviour. We’ve taken time working with
the community to identify the current policing priorities and we’re making
good progress on each one.

Derby Pear Tree Policing Updates
1. Portland Street – Prostitution

    Applied for additional funding to improve CCTV, signage and extra covert patrols.

2. Sherwood Park, Balfour Road – Anti-Social Behaviour / Drugs

    Extra patrols – Drugs have been seized.
    Environmental improvements – working with the Council to improve lighting and tidy up the area.

3. Stanton Street / Clarence Road – Anti-Social Behaviour / Nuisance Youths

    Extra patrols have been put in place.
    Joint control strategy with Spirita, Community Safety Partnership and private landlords to reduce
    noise, littering and general anti-social behaviour.
    Extra money has also been applied for as part of ‘Operational Relentless’ to target hard to reach
    sections of the community and those who do not speak English.

We will continue working proactively to solve problems quickly and effectively but, as ever, we
cannot do this without your help.

What’s Happening in your area?
Local Transport Plan 3 Consultation on Strategic Alternatives

Derby City Council is currently consulting on strategy alternatives for the Local Transport Plan
for Derby. This has a real impact on the residents of the Normanton Ward and so we need you
to contribute.
This stage of the Local Transport Plan consultation focuses on the long term transport strategy
for Derby. It will look at the direction of long term transport planning in the city including
highway maintenance, traffic management and alternative modes of transport such as cycling,
walking and public transport.
Officers from Highways and Transport will be coming along to the next Forum meeting with
information and an opportunity for you to contribute and comment.
Come along to the Forum to have a look at the displays and take part in the consultation –
Thursday 14 September 2010, 6pm Sunnyhill Community Centre, Coleridge Street

Launch of Derby’s Welcome Pack on 25 September 2010

The event is the launch of a welcome pack full of information about various services in the city.
It is aimed at new communities and anyone settling in Derby and provides information about
where and who to contact to access services.

The launch of Derby’s Welcome Pack for new communities is on the 25th September 2010,
1pm – 5pm at Pear Tree Junior School, Pear Tree Road. The event is free and open to
everyone and if you would like a stall to advertise a service please can you contact Yasmin
Fazil on 256867 or email

Kickz Project
The Kickz Project uses the power of football and the appeal of professional football clubs
brands to engage young people who may otherwise be difficult to reach. The Kickz vision is 'to
target some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country in order to create safer, stronger,
more respectful communities through the development of young peoples' potential'.
The scheme is designed to:

   Engage young people (aged 12-18yrs) in a range of constructive activities which link to the
    Government's Every Child Matters policy
   Create routes into education, training and employment
    Encourage volunteering within projects and throughout the target neighbourhoods
   Break down barriers between the police and young people
   Reduce crime and anti social behavior in the targeted neighbourhoods
   Increase the playing, coaching and officiating opportunities for participants

For more information contact: Paul Whitworth (Kickz Project Coordinator)
Tel: 01332 256371
Mob: 07879 450671

You can report a problem on your street or in your community by:
       calling 0333 2006981
       through our website:
       by email:
       by visiting Derby Direct (our customer service centre) at the Council House
       or by post to Streetpride, Derby Direct, Council House, Corporation Street, Derby. DE1
The Streetpride Service has four locally based multi-functional teams. Your team is:
Streetpride West: Mickleover, Littleover, Blagreaves, Abbey, Normanton, Arboretum and

Ways to contact us
There are a number of other ways to raise a local issue or report a complaint
without waiting for your next Forum.
Please contact one of the following to report issues:
Derby Direct - 293111
General enquiries or email
Streetpride - 0333 2006981*
To report potholes, fly tipping, litter, dog fouling, grounds maintenance, graffiti, vandalism and
damage to street furniture, abandoned vehicles and broken/ faulty street lights
Derby Direct - 255260
To report issues relating to pest control and for information about the family information service
Police - 0345 123 3333 - non-emergency calls
Police - 999 - For emergencies only
Crime Stoppers - 0800 555 111
To report information anonymously
Patient Advice and Liaison Service – 0800 032 32 35
When you need advice, help or information about your local health service
Your local Councillor
Councillor Hardyal Dhindsa, telephone 553825, email
Councillor Amar Nath, telephone 295220, email
Councillor Chris Williamson, telephone 255106, email
Or attend a local councillor's surgery - details are available from Derby City Council Members'
Services - telephone 255367. This number is charged at local rate.
Your local Councillors
Councillor Hardyal Dhindsa, telephone 553825, email
Councillor Amar Nath, telephone 295220, email
Councillor Chris Williamson, telephone 255106, email
Or attend a local councillor's surgery - details are available from Derby City Council Members'
Services - telephone 255367. This number is charged at local rate.
Councillor Dhindsa’s surgeries will be held on:
    Weds September 22nd, 1pm, Indian Community Centre, Rawden Street
    Mon 27th September, 4.30 pm, Hindu Welfare Society, 96-102 Pear Tree Road
    Mon 11th October, 5:30 pm, St Augustine’s Community Centre, Almond Street

Your Neighbourhood Manager is Colin Avison

Derby City Council, Neighbourhoods, 3rd Floor, Gower Street,
Derby, DE1 1SB, telephone 256913, email

For further information about neighbourhood working contact your local neighbourhood
manager, or email or visit
If you would like to get involved text ‘voice’ to 60066, email,


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