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                      Backpacking Idaho & The Sawtooth’s
                             Queen’s River Loop
                                    July 17th – 25th, 2011
Rating: Moderate Backpacking
Group Size Limit: 10 Clients
Cost: $1,495 pp - $500 Deposit Required to Hold Reservation: Balance Due 90 Days Prior to
Departure. Note: Price is subject to change until Deposit is made

Join Call of the Wild in the legendary Sawtooth Mountain Range of wild and wonderful Idaho!
The Sawtooth’s are famous for deep walled canyons, remote alpine lakes, and dramatic vistas.
The Queen’s River Loops is some of the finest backpacking in Idaho – minus the crowds of other
areas. We’ll spend our days backpacking through rocky river canyons, meadows and even cross
a few passes before we retire each evening in solitude by a lake or rushing stream. We’ll cross
streams, explore the forest, and enjoy fantastic meals en route prepared by your guides. You’ll
leave this area having discovered an amazing range of mountains and lakes off the radar of many
other visitors. Join us for this great women’s backpack trip!

Day 1 ~ Arrive in Boise, Idaho
Fly into Boise Airport (BOI). Please plan all flight arrivals before 1 PM. You’ll be met by your
guides at the airport and then transported to the trailhead that afternoon. We’ll stop en route for
any last minute needs you may have. We’ll arrive at the trailhead around 5 PM, where we will
sort group gear, distribute food, and outline the plan for the week. Then we will have a delicious
dinner before heading to bed.

Day 2 ~ Backpack to Scenic Creek
Early breakfast, break camp, pack up, and begin our hike to Scenic Creek. Today’s mileage is 6
miles, with an elevation change from 5200' to 6000'. Our route takes us along the Little Queens
River, crossing it many times along the day. We’ll pass abandoned miners cabins, walk through
dense pine forest, and take our time for photos on day 1 of our multi-day journey. Tonight we
will camp along Scenic Creek.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

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Day 3 ~ Backpack to Pat’s Lake
We’ll hike 7 miles to Pat’s Lake today. We’ll plan to depart early as today we climb up from the
Little Queens River Canyon over High Pass (8500’). We’ll have views of Johnson Creek,
Smoky Peak, and South Raker Mountain, before we begin our decent out of the Pass. From here,
we will cross a few creeks on rocks and logs and get a view of Johnson Creek Falls before
arriving at Pat’s Lake for the evening. Set in a deep alpine basin, Pat’s Lake (8500’) is the
perfect place to take an evening swim or soak your feet after a long day on the trail.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 4 ~ Backpack to Everly Lake
Hike about 6 miles from Pat’s Lake to Everly Lake (8,700'). We continue heading east by
Arrowhead Lake, climbing up over 9300’ before passing to the north of pointed Mt. Everly.
We’ll also have views to the north of Blacknose & Pinchot Mountain before arriving at Everly
Lake for the evening (8700’)
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 5 ~ Rest Day at Everly Lake
Rest day at 3 Island Lake. We’ll explore the area on foot without our backpacks, scrambling over
rocks to Confusion and Low Pass Lake before heading back to camp in the afternoon. You may
also relax and stay in camp if you wish. Weather permitting, we'll take the famous Solar-heated
Garbage Bag Bath! Tonight, your guides will prepare a delicious and well-earned meal.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 6 ~ Backpack to Upper Queen’s River Canyon
Today we hike 8 miles into the Upper Queen’s River Canyon. This dramatic canyon has granite
rock walls 3000+ feet high, which tower over us as we hike along the river. The color of the
rock begins to change as we descend in elevation. We’ll stop for lunch along the river, crossing
the river many times in our water shoes, before arriving at our campsite next to the Queen’s
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 7 ~ Backpack out to Trailhead
Break camp early and continue south along the Queen’s River. We’ll cross the river multiple
times as the trail winds though this deep canyon. The rock changes colors from light to dark as
we descend through pine forests. After hiking 8 miles, we will return to the trailhead (5200’).
We’ll pack up the gear into the van and begin our drive into Boise. Tonight we enjoy our
celebration dinner in downtown Boise and stay at a hotel near the airport.
(Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 8 ~ Departure Day
Today you are free to leave at any time. Hotel checkout is 11 AM, through the shuttle from the
hotel to the airport runs 24 hours a day.
                            PO Box 1412 Mountain View, CA 94042
                Phone & Fax (650) 265-1662 Toll Free Outside CA (888) 378-1978
Elevation Changes: 5200'-9300'-5200'
Mileage: 37 miles total, with optional day hikes

Note: Itinerary subject to change at leader's discretion due to weather and other contingencies.

   Fully guided trip with experienced leadership
   Return Ground Transportation from Boise, ID Airport to Trailhead
   Excellent food (provided meals are noted on itinerary)
   Tents and community camping equipment
   Camping fees and permits
   1 Night Hotel in Boise, ID (3 Star Hotel)

   Air or Ground transportation to Boise, ID
   Trail snacks
   Personal gear (see equipment list mailed in your registration packet)
   Optional tips for your guides

About tipping: People on our trips often ask us about gratuities, so here are some guidelines: Each person usually
tips $8-$10 per day for each guide depending on the level of service and the number of guides assigned to the trip
(people do not usually tip any guide interns or camp helpers). Guides cook and serve your meals and take care of
many extra details to give you a safe and fun trip. Tips at the end of the trip are a way of showing your special
appreciation if you feel your guides have given very good service to you. Tips are appreciated, though not required.

Day 1 ~ 0 miles, elevation 5200'
Day 2 ~ 6 miles, elevation 5200' - 6000'
Day 3 ~ 7 miles, elevation 6000' - 8400'
Day 4 ~ 6 miles, elevation 8400’ – 9300’ - 8700’
Day 5 ~ Rest day at 8700'
Day 6 ~ 8 miles, elevation 8700'- 6500'
Day 7 ~ 8 miles, elevation 6500'- 5200'
Day 8 ~ 9 miles, elevation 7600’ – 5200’
Day 9 ~ 0 miles, elevation 5200’

Trip participants must be aerobically fit, highly motivated, and have some backpacking or camping
experience. Everyone should be equipped with a spirit of adventure, the sensitivity to recognize the
needs of the group, a willingness to undergo the potential hardships of outdoor living, and a sense
of humor!


                               PO Box 1412 Mountain View, CA 94042
                   Phone & Fax (650) 265-1662 Toll Free Outside CA (888) 378-1978
First, call (650-265-1662) or use the Online Quick Reservation Tool (‘Sign Me Up!) to make a
reservation and complete your deposit payment with a Visa or MasterCard. You are also
welcome to mail us a check.
Next, send in completed and signed Trip Application. The Trip Application is available by fax,
mail, or from our Web site at After receiving your deposit and application,
we will send you confirmation of your reservation and an information packet on your trip.

We strongly suggest that you take out trip cancellation insurance. Call of the Wild does not issue
cash refunds, whatever circumstances may cause a cancellation. Depending on the time of your
cancellation, you may or may not be eligible for a credit for another trip; please read our refund
and cancellation policy carefully at We also include a copy in our trip
packets; or you may phone our office. You may be committed to going on your trip, but people
have been forced to cancel due to circumstances beyond their control or because of a completely
unexpected misfortune. To sign up for Travel Guard insurance call us for a brochure or visit or call 1-800-826-7791. For certain coverage, you must purchase insurance
within 14 days of making your initial deposit with Call of the Wild.
Please Note: Call of the Wild provides Travel Guard insurance brochures and a link to their
website for your convenience, but there are many other travel insurance companies. It is your
responsibility to know the restrictions and provisions of your policy.

For air travel, please contact Wendy Fazio at Skyline Travel 510-530-1100 or e-mail . Let her know that you are traveling with Call of the Wild.

Please plan to arrive at Boise Airport by 1 PM on Day 1. You’ll be met in Baggage Claim by
your guide with a sign. You’ll receive in your pre-trip information packet a mobile phone
number in case you need to contact your guide en route.

You are free to depart anytime on Day 8. Hotel checkout is 11 AM, though the airport shuttle
from the hotel runs 24/hrs. a day.

On the last evening of our trip, we will stay at the Hampton Inn near the airport. This
comfortable 3 Star Hotel has a pool, fitness center, and business center. We’ll shower here
before heading to dinner to celebrate on the last evening. The hotel also has an airport shuttle
that runs 24/hrs. a day to take you back to Boise Airport. Some clients also like to fly in a day or
two early before meeting the group. Due to time limitations, this is the only hotel we will be
able to collect clients from on Day 1 of the trip.

We will most likely experience sunny, benign weather (with perhaps scattered afternoon or
evening showers). However, there is always the chance of experiencing dramatically changing
mountain weather. It is important to be prepared for all kinds of weather, including sun, wind,

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                Phone & Fax (650) 265-1662 Toll Free Outside CA (888) 378-1978
rain, hail or lightning. The Sawtooth’s in late summer are especially prone to afternoon
thunderstorms. Your guides will inform you of what to do in the case of a thunderstorm.

Call of the Wild adheres to and promotes the principles of Leave No Trace. With your
information packet you will receive guidelines which we expect our trip participants to follow,
and your guides will be happy to talk with you about how to properly follow LNT practices.
They include proper disposal of waste, not using soap (even biodegradable soap) in streams or
lakes, and minimizing campfire impact. LNT principles help ensure the sustainable use of the
wilderness for years to come. Please take a few minutes to read over the Wilderness
Living/Leave No Trace material in your information packet. It reviews proper camping
practices and provides tips that will make your wilderness trip easier and more fun.

The two main aspects of your physical conditioning are aerobic and strength conditioning and
altitude acclimation. See below for altitude acclimation information. The best aerobic and
strength conditioning for backpacking is backpacking! If possible, hike with your pack on steep,
rocky trails. Start with a low weight of 15-20 lbs and gradually add weight. Of course, most of us
can't hike on wilderness trails every day. So, the next best alternative is to spend time running
and hiking on inclined trails with a daypack. If you can't get to a trail, Stairmasters, Nordic
trainers, and treadmills are good for your aerobic capacity and weights are good for your
strength. You want especially to strengthen your quadriceps, also your back, and upper body.
How many months ahead of your trip you start conditioning depends on your general level of
fitness. Someone with a good level of fitness should begin conditioning at least 8 weeks before
this trip.

There are a few things that you can do to promote your acclimate. First, have a high level of
fitness (see above for aerobic and strength conditioning). Second, drink lots and lots of water, at
least two days before the trip starts! It gives your body and muscles the water it needs to be well
hydrated to facilitate acclimation. Also, a sign of acclimation is frequent urination. So if you are
not drinking enough water, it is hard to tell if you are acclimating properly. Third and most
effective, spend significant time at altitude. Be aware that altitude will increase your heart rate.
You may also feel lassitude, nausea, shortness of breath, headache, and no desire to eat. All these
can be symptoms of what is known as acute mountain sickness (the effects of not being
acclimated to altitude), or AMS. For most people, the symptoms of AMS abate in 12-48 hours.

Our tents are Sierra Designs, designed for 2-3 people. If you prefer not to share a tent, you can
bring your own small tent (weight about 5 pounds max). As a reminder, if you bring your own
tent, you’ll need enough space to pack the remainder of group gear. Your guides on Day 1 will
help pair clients together in need of tent mates.

Hiking boots (well broken in) will be needed on this trip, and full packs may weigh up to 40 lbs at
the beginning, even more if you do not pack carefully. You can expect Call of the Wild to give you

                            PO Box 1412 Mountain View, CA 94042
                Phone & Fax (650) 265-1662 Toll Free Outside CA (888) 378-1978
about 10-12 pounds of food, group equipment, and part of a tent (unless you bring your own). For
this reason, we ask you to arrive with your pack contents weighing only about 25 pounds,
including your lunches, camera, water, and so on. For more information check your trip packet for
the Equipment List, Notes About What You Need to Bring, and Choosing a Backpack & Packing
for a Trip.

Call of the Wild guides have extensive experience and bring proven leadership to your trip. We
pride ourselves on giving women safe opportunities to venture out and do something they've
never done before. Our guides are certified Wilderness First Responders and they'll go the extra
mile to make you feel comfortable. They all share a love of the wilderness and an enjoyment of
people's company. You may read more about our guides on our website

Our menu features hearty, healthy meals made with recipes from Carole Latimer's cookbook
Wilderness Cuisine. You'll feast on dishes such as Pad Thai, Pesto Fettuccini, Truffled Porcini
Potato Soup, and fresh-baked Coffee Cake. Our meals tend to be higher in carbohydrates and
lower in fat for hiking trips, and we dehydrate some food in order to preserve freshness and
decrease weight. Meals are often vegetarian, but we serve meat dishes as well. We avoid
processed food, but you won't get a strict brown rice and wheat germ regime either, and we think
there's nothing wrong with an occasional backslide to decadently rich food after a hard day on
the trail.

Most people love our food and much care and effort goes into preparing your meals. However
we are not able to accommodate each person's preferences. Often we are cooking in the
wilderness and our menus are limited by weight, fuel, refrigeration, space, and so on. We cannot
make separate meals or bring different provisions for individual diets and preferences. Therefore,
if you have food allergies, if you are vegan, or if you don't eat certain foods we suggest that you
call us and then possibly plan your own food to supplement our menu.

                            PO Box 1412 Mountain View, CA 94042
                Phone & Fax (650) 265-1662 Toll Free Outside CA (888) 378-1978

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