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					Money       Time

Control   Security
                          The Company
• Founded in 2007
• Headquartered in Salt Lake City,
• Marketing Products in US,
  Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico
•   Destined to be a Billion Dollar Global

                                              Bill Farley
                                             Founder and CEO
                                              World Renowned
                                              Business Icon and
                                              Builder of Billion
                                               Dollar Brands.
                               Zrii Timing
               Be in the top
               2-3% of the                            Stabilization

                                            18 to 36 months of
                                           Exponential Growth.

                                    Critical Mass
                                   $4-5 Mil./Month
                  All companies go through three phases:
                 Formulation, Momentum, and Stabilization
People who join a company at the ground level are most likely to profit from
        the tremendous growth that occurs during MOMENTUM .
                      This is where fortunes are made!
                       Health and Wellness
                            The Market
• 63 Billion is spent on Nutrition in the U.S. every year.
                                                                Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D.
• BABY BOOMERS (76 million Americans over the age of 40) want
to look younger, feel better and live longer.

• Research shows over 60% of adults are obese in the U.S.

                          The Opportunity

• The next Trillion Dollar Industry
                                                                 •Harvard Educated Medical
• Over 500% growth projected over the next 7 years                Doctor
                                                                 •Ayurvedic Expert
                                                                 •Best Selling Author
• Only 3rd party products ever formulated and endorsed by Dr.    •Cofounder of the Chopra
Deepak Chopra M.D. and the Chopra Center.                         Center for Well Being
                                                                 •Heralded by Time
                                                                  Magazine as “Poet prophet of
                                                                 alternative medicine”
                                What is – Zrii?
                     Zrii is a synergistic blend of 7 natural ingredients
                   designed to balance, restore and rejuvenate the body.
                        Amalaki, the staple fruit of Zrii’s formulation, has been used
                            for more than 5,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine.
      Amalaki            Fortifies the liver               Improves libido
                         Nourishes the brain               Improves muscle tone
                         Strengthens the eyes              Balances blood sugar levels
                         Enhances mental function          Supports healthy metabolism
                         Supports the heart & lungs        Most medicinally used botanical on earth

                        Amalaki has the highest concentration of natural vitamin C. It’s half
                          the size of a golf ball with 20 times the vitamin C of an orange.
                                        Synergistic Blend

 Turmeric         Jujube            Haritaki              Tulsi       Schizandra Fruit       Ginger
     Root           Fruit             Fruit               Plant         Helps minimize        Root
     Anti-        Supports         GI Support           Powerful            stress          Enhances
inflammatory    healthy sleep                          antioxidant                          Digestion
                                  Zrii – Product
1 to 3 oz. a day of Zrii’s formulation of potent botanicals help balance & build ALL areas of the body.
                         It is a head to toe, complete body wellness formulation.
                    MIND                                                 HAIR
          Amalaki, Haritaki,                                           Amalaki, Turmeric
           Turmeric, Jujube
                Schizandra                                             SKIN
                                                                       Amalaki, Turmeric,
                     EYES                                              Schizandra
        Amalaki, Schizandra
              STOMACH                                                  RESPIRATORY SYSTEM
                                                                       Amalaki, Haritaki,
    Amalaki, Haritaki, Tulsi,
                                                                       Jujube, Schizandra
Ginger, Turmeric, Schizandra

              ARTERIES                                                  HEART
          Amalaki, Haritaki,                                            Amalaki, Haritaki,
                                                                        Ginger, Turmeric, Jujube,
          Amalaki, Haritaki,                                           KIDNEYS/BLADDER
          Turmeric, Jujube,                                            Amalaki, Tulsi, Turmeric,
                Schizandra                                             Jujube, Schizandra

    SEXUAL ORGANS                                                      DIGESTIVE TRACT
        Amalaki, Schizandra                                            Amalaki, Haritaki, Tulsi,
                                                                       Ginger, Turmeric, Jujube,
                  JOINTS                                               Schizandra
           Amalaki, Haritaki,
           Ginger, Turmeric,                                           BLOOD
                 Schizandra                                            Amalaki, Haritaki,
                                                                       Jujube, Schizandra
 A revolutionary Body Transformation System-
     Designed to eliminate Ama. Ama is the undigested food residue that lodges itself within the organs and channels of
        the body. From a Western medical perspective, this relates to tissue sludge such as excess fat, plaque and
                                 cholesterol that clog the major channels of the body.

                                    •100% Natural. No synthetic ingredients, preservatives or chemicals.
                                    This is by far the cleanest product on the market.
                                    •Complete Nutrition – 100% RDA of 22 vitamins and minerals, plus
                                    all the amino acids and protein you’ll need for good health.
                                    •Soluble Fiber
                                    •Helps Suppress Appetite/Sugar Cravings
                                    •Maintains Normal Blood Sugar Levels
                                    •Increases Energy
                                    •Low Carbohydrate/ Low Calorie
                                    •Key Ayurvedic Botanicals

 Amalaki             Guggul              Haritaki             Gymnema               Tumeric             Green Tea
 “The Great          “The Fat            “The Great            “The Sugar            “The               “The Natural
Rejuvenator”          Killer”             Cleanser”            Destroyer”          Regulator”             Booster”


                               Lost 25

         210 Pounds                            185 Pounds

                                         Replaces a meal for
                OR                       LESS THAN $2.75!!

                                         Lose weight without
                                         sacrificing nutrition and
1315 Calories         153 Calories       SAVE MONEY!
              Zrii Prosperity Plan
Earn BIG MONEY in Zrii thru Multiple Streams of Income

Retail - Earn up to 50% Profit

Enroller Retail Bonus - earn up to $300
                         per initial sale

Rising Star Pool – 3% of the entire company sales
                  goes into a pool….get your share!
                      Zrii Prosperity Plan

              Team Commissions                        Power of Duplication

                    You                            Month     New IE’s        Monthly $

                                                     1             4             $24
                                                     2             16            $120
                                                     3             64            $504
                                                     4             256           $2084
                                                     5             1024          $8184
 Left Sales                   Right Sales            6             4096          $32759
  Team                          Team
                potential.                            The above hypothetical income example
                                                      is based upon all IE’s purchasing or selling
                                                      4 Zrii Products Monthly
Earn up to $50,000 per month in team commissions
                                         Zrii Prosperity Plan
                                                                                                 Earn a 20% matching bonus
            Generational Check Matching                            You                           when you become a 4 Star.

             Brad                               Susan                                  Steven                                          Mark

Misha Lori           Jerry    Carlo                                 Aaron Lori             Jerry         Bill                     Lola Isabel

                              Armando                                                                    Jen                              Sinead
Elmer     Lee       Cindi                                   Mike     Hal         Adry

                                          Lauri Sherri Kris                                                                                Scott
                                                                                         Juan      Maureen      Matt      Tony

                                        Pete Karen      Art Devon
 Rank       Generation       % Match                                     Jill    Shelly         Jack     Tony          Karli   Ellie
 4/5 Star       1              20%
                2              10%                                                                                             Gary
                                                                  Luis          Jason
 6 Star         3               5%
 7 Star         4               5%                                                                                               Sid
 8 Star         5               5%
                                                            Bob     Joe
                     Zrii Prosperity Plan

                           BMW Car Program

The company will make the payments up to $1250 per month and you own the car!
                Zrii Prosperity Plan
Achievement Bonuses         •   4 star      = $1000

                            •   5 star      = $2000
$1.45 million in Bonuses
                            •   6 star      = $3000

                            •   7 star      = $5000

                            •   8 star      = $14,000

                            •   9 star      = $25,000

                            •   10 star     = $50,000

                            •   Ruby        = $100,000

                            •   Double Ruby = $250,000

                            •   Triple Ruby = $1,000,000
            Training and Support System
•   Daily Conference Calls and Web Meetings

•   Trained Presentation Team that works for you.

•   Local, Regional, National and International
    Training events.

•   Millionaire Mentoring Program! Weekly
    Leadership Training From Million Dollar
    Income Earners.

•   Viral Internet Marketing System using
    Facebook, Twitter and other Media on-line to
    build your business with special detailed
         Duplicatable System your link to success
            Getting Started
Premium Pack       Pro Pack         Essentials Pack       Basic
 $1,500             $1,000               $500              $50
 Product $820     Product $550        Product $275      Product $0
  Tools $680        Tools $450         Tools $225        Tools $0
 Big Bottles 4     Big Bottles 4      Big Bottles 2    Big Bottles 0
Mini Bottles 96   Mini Bottles 48    Mini Bottles 24   Mini Bottles 0
 NutriiVeda 4     NutriiVeda 4        NutriiVeda 2     NutriiVeda 0

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