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                          PO address          C/- Post Office, ALOOMBA Q 4871
                          Phone               (O7) 40433 888
                          Fax                 (07) 40433 800
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Principal’s foreword
Aloomba State School is a small school close to a major centre (Cairns) and has achieved
success in developing several innovative environmental programs which have attracted local
and state-wide media attention. We have a close-knit community and the school is the focal
point. Many school events are organised throughout the year which are well attended and
supported by our local community.
2008 Highlights:
Tilapia Terminators Fishing Challenge - raising community awareness of this pest.
P & C Trivia Night
Junior Trivia Night
Holloways Beach Leadership Camps.
Tinaroo 6/7 Camp
Rotary Junior Speaking contest
Australasian Schools competitions - high distinctions (student in top 1%)
Sports coaching clinics
Brainiac challenge (Babinda cluster)
Queensland Day Celebration
Anzac Day Ceremony
Young Cassowary Award
Reef Guardian Award
Robotics Challenge
Chess Coaching clinics
Technology Bootcamps/Days

                                             2008 School Annual Report

Future outlook
Our school will continue with our environmental programs but will focus on Literacy, Technology
and Science in 2009, and as such will develop programs and projects to support this.

We aim to maintain our very good student behaviour standards and aim to further improve levels
of academic achievement. Programs and activities to support enrich and/or extend students
learning will be maintained and developed further.

                                              2008 School Annual Report
    Our school at a glance

School Profile
We began the 2008 year with 83 students and ended with 80 Prep to Year 7 students.
Aloomba State School is co-educational.

Curriculum offerings
Our distinctive curriculum offerings
All Key Learning Areas from Prep to Year Seven
Instrumental music (strings)
Technology studies
Environmental studies and activities

Extra curricula activities
    Rotary Junior Speaking contest
Leadership Program/camp for student leaders
UNSW School Competitions
Robotics Challenge
Chess Coaching clinics
Technology Camps/Days
Perceptual Motor Program (Prep/One).
Sports Clinics

How computers are used to assist learning:
Computers are used in every grade and technology sequenced in levels. The Robotics
Challenge was offered to a group of 12 students (Yrs 3-7).

Social climate
The School Opinion Survey indicates that parents are very satisfied (well above the state
average) with the social climate of the school. We have an Enrolment Management Plan in
place as the demand to enrol children is high from outside our catchment area. Aloomba State
School is fortunate to have such wonderful staff, parents, students and community support. The
staff all work over and above their duties and their caring and dedication creates a wonderful
working environment. We have a great school and wonderful students – absolutely everyone
who meets our children comment on their fantastic behaviour, manners and friendliness.

                                              2008 School Annual Report
 Our school at a glance

Involving parents in their child’s education.
Parents are invited and encouraged to attend many functions at the school including sports
days, Queensland Day celebrations, Anzac Day service, and student fundraising events. We
often involve parents by including events or prizes especially for them. We have many parents
who volunteer and help out in the Prep/1 and 2/3 classroom. The School Opinion Survey
indicates high parent satisfaction ‘that you have opportunities to participate in the life of the
school’ and ‘that the school makes you feel welcome’.

The P & C is a valuable support and takes on the groundscare role for the school. Through
fundraising the P & C provides many resources for the school which are described as “icing on
the cake”.

2008 P & C Contributions
Leadership Camp
Exhaust Fan for Tuckshop
Function Lights
Reading books
Technology Boot Camp Subsidy
Home Readers
Computer Bench – 4/5 Classroom
Computer chairs – 2/3, 4/5, 6/7 Classrooms
Outdoor Picnic Tables
Outdoor Seating
Instant Marquee
Targeting Maths Software
Aloomba State School Sign
Paver Sealing
Bus for Year 6/7 camp
Cricut Cartridges
Swimming Bus
Community Room (Shortfall in Grant funding for Audio/Visual equipment)
TOTAL           $32 396.49
The P & C also paid for small maintenance expenses such as soap, signs etc. Groundscare was
paid for by the P & C and the P & C received $3 972 from the school budget for this purpose.

                                                2008 School Annual Report
    Our staff profile

    Qualifications of all teachers.

                         Number of
                         classroom         Doctorate              Masters
     Highest level of
                        teachers and       Bachelor degree        Diploma
                      school leaders at    Certificate
                         the school

                                                20%          0%

         Masters                                                    80%

     Bachelor degree         4

         Diploma             1



Expenditure on and teacher participation in professional development.
The total funds expended on teacher professional development in 2008 was $4000.
Most PD was cost neutral or provided by funds from District Office.
The major professional development initiatives are as follows:
Child Protection Training, Literacy PD P-3 teachers, One School Training, Crossing Cultures
PD, Values Ed. PD, Maths PD
The involvement of the teaching staff in professional development activities during 2008 was
100 % even though the Staff response on the School Opinion Survey was 40% - this
percentage is not a true indication of teacher Professional Development undertaken.

Average staff attendance
For permanent and temporary staff and school leaders the staff attendance rate was 98% in

Proportion of staff retained from the previous school year.
From the end of the 2007 school year, 100 % of staff were retained by the school for the entire
2008 school year.

                                               2008 School Annual Report
 Performance of our students

Student attendance
The average attendance rate as a percentage in 2008 was 95 %.

Key outcomes

  National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results - our
  reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy results for the Years
  3, 5, 7 and 9.

Domain       Measures                                    Yr 3    Yr 5    Yr 7
             Average score for the school                389     469     540
             Average score for Queensland                371.1   466.1   528.1
             For the school the percentage of       2008 90 %    75 %    90 %
             students at or above the national
             minimum standard.
             Average score for the school                409     468     553
             Average score for Queensland                391.8   468.9   522.7
             For the school the percentage of       2008 100 %   92 %    100 %
             students at or above the national
             minimum standard.
             Average score for the school                393     458     566
             Average score for Queensland                366.7   462.0   528.0
             For the school the percentage of       2008 80 %    83 %    100 %
             students at or above the national
             minimum standard.
             Average score for the school                414     476     532
Grammar     Average score for Queensland                 370.4   476.6   518.0
Punctuation For the school the percentage of        2008 100 %   75 %    90 %
            students at or above the national
            minimum standard.
             Average score for the school                418     465     579
             Average score for Queensland                367.9   458.2   539.0
             For the school the percentage of       2008 100 %   92 %    100 %
             students at or above the national
             minimum standard.

                                                 2008 School Annual Report
 Performance of our students

Results in the Year 2 Diagnostic Net

                                        Percentage of students not requiring additional support

Reading                                 45 %
Writing                                 73 %
Number                                  64 %

Value added

Various enrichment programs to enhance students’ learning were implemented very
successfully this year. We hope to extend these further. We continue to support the learning for
those who require it, in small group and individual sessions.

Parent, student and teacher satisfaction with the school

The School Opinion survey indicates that parents are very satisfied and students and staff are
very satisfied, and satisfied (well above the state mean) in every performance area –
Curriculum, Pedagogy, Learning climate, Social climate, School-community relations,
Resources and other items.

                                               2008 School Annual Report

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