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									Deaf families enjoy great weekend of camp!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          U.S. Postage
	     There	 were	 plenty	 of	 explorers	 and	                                                                                    by Chad Entinger                                                                                                                                                            PAID
much	to	explore	at	this	year’s	Bible	Camp	                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Council Bluffs, Iowa
                                                                                                        	    Technology	 has	 become	 a	 big	 part	            21199 Greenview Road, Council Bluffs, IA 51503-4190                                                                                       Permit No. 17
for	 the	 Deaf,	 which	 met	 July	 12	 to	 15	 at	
                                                                                                        of	 the	 Deaf	 experience.	 	 While	 there	 are	
Nebowa	 Christian	 Camp	 near	 Onawa,	                                                                                                                         Return Service Requested
                                                                                                        some	dangerous	pitfalls	with	technology,	
Iowa.	 	 About	 75	 campers	 and	 volunteer	
                                                                                                        there	are	also	great	advantages,	especially	
staff	 members	 came	 together	 for	 a	 long	
                                                                                                        when	Christians	utilize	it	to	impact	deaf	
weekend	 of	 exploring	 God’s	 creation,	
                                                                                                        people	 with	 the	 Gospel	 of	 Jesus.	 	 Tech-
God’s	Word	and	His	will	for	their	lives.
                                                                                                        nology	 has	 helped	 greatly	 to	 bridge	 the	
	     The	 highlight	 of	 the	 weekend	 was	
                                                       Teen boys explore God’s Word in morning class.   gap	between	deaf	and	hearing	people.
seeing	 six	 young	 people	 accept	 Jesus	 as	
                                                                                                        	    Apple’s	 iPod,	 for	 me,	 has	 become	 a	
their	personal	Savior	and	be	baptized	in	
                                                                                                        “little	 Bible-in-my-pocket”	 teaching	 and	
the	beautiful	lake	at	camp.
                                                                                                        witnessing	tool.		Deaf	Missions’	The Bible:
	     Tim	 Thurston,	 Deaf	 minister	 from	
                                                                                                        ASL Translation	 To Go	 of	 the	 entire	 New	
Colorado	 Springs,	 Colorado,	 did	 an	          	
                                                                                                        Testament	 is	 downloaded	 on	 my	 iPod.	          	
excellent	 job	 of	 exploring	 God’s	 Word	
                                                                                                        I	 have	 used	 the	 iPod	 to	 respond	 to	 deaf	
in	 his	 sermons	 during	 evening	 chapel.	      	
                                                                                                        people’s	questions	about	the	Bible.
Jennifer	 and	 Carla	 Borgaila	 presented	
                                                                                                        	    Pagers	 are	 rapidly	 growing	 in	 the	
the	 work	 of	 Christ’s	 Church	 of	 the	 Deaf	
                                                                                                        Deaf	community.		Many	deaf	people	use	
in	 Council	 Bluffs	 during	 the	 morning	       	
                                                                                                        pagers	to	send	and	receive	text	messages.	         	
missions	 chapel.	 	 The	 group	 generously	
                                                      Boating and swimming were popular activities.     I	 sometimes	 send	 messages	 of	 encour-
gave	$483	to	the	church’s	ministry.
                                                                                                        agement	to	other	Christians	and	receive	
	     Campers	 really	 enjoyed	 their	 free	
                                                                                                        messages	from	them,	too.
time	 swimming	 in	 the	 lake,	 riding	 on	
                                                                                                        	    Many	 deaf	 people	 now	 have	 video-
paddleboats	 and	 canoes,	 making	 crafts,	
                                                                                                        phones.		Deaf	people	appreciate	the	con-
and	roasting	marshmallows	over	an	open	
                                                                                                        venience	of	communicating	with	others	
campfire.		Some	also	enjoyed	swimming	
                                                                                                        through	 the	 phone	 using	 sign	 language.	       	
at	 a	 pool	 in	 Onawa	 and	 visiting	 nearby	
                                                                                                        I	 have	 personally	 used	 videophones	 to	
Lewis	and	Clark	State	Park.
                                                                                                        support	 and	 encourage	 other	 preachers	
	     We	 plan	 to	 host	 camp	 at	 the	 same	
                                                                                                        and	Deaf	ministry	leaders	and	friends,	as	
location	 next	 summer.	 	 Watch	 future	        	
                                                     Some of the group enjoyed exploring the keelboat   well	 as	 to	 receive	 encouragement	 from	
Reports	for	dates	and	details.	
                                                       replicas at nearby Lewis and Clark State Park.   them.	 	 On	 several	 occasions,	 I’ve	 pro-              Report No. 83                       September, 2007
                                                                                                        vided	limited	counseling	this	way.		Also,	
                                                                                                        I	 have	 spent	 time	 praying	 with	 them	             New TV series for Deaf kids begins in September
                                                                                                        on	 my	 videophone.	 	 I	 believe	 I’ll	 have	     	
                                                                                                        opportunities	in	the	future	to	share	Jesus	            	     “There’s	 a	 special	 place	 I	 know,	         of	a	Child	Network	(part	of	TBN),	Global	     	
                                                                                                        with	deaf	people	in	other	areas	through	               where	 I	 always	 love	 to	 go.	 	 Come	 with	       Christian	 Network	 and	 the	 Miracle	
                                                                                                        a	videophone.		Video	relay	service	(with	              me,	 I’ll	 take	 you	 there—Dr.	 Wonder’s	           Channel	 Christian	 Network	 in	 Canada.	     	
                                                                                                        interpreters)	 helps	 deaf	 and	 hearing	          	   Workshop!”                                           According	 to	 network	 estimates,	 this	     	
                                                                                                        people	communicate	with	each	other.                    	     What	 is	 Dr. Wonder’s Workshop?	 	 It	        series	 should	 reach	 into	 around	 300	     	
                                                                                                        	    Many	 deaf	 people	 depend	 on	 the	          	   is	 the	 first	 weekly	 30-minute	 Christian	        million	homes	worldwide	by	the	end	of	
                                                                                                        Internet	 for	 many	 of	 their	 personal	              television	 series	 ever	 created	 in	 Ameri-        2007.	 	 Several	 other	 Christian	 networks	         The scenes in Dr. Wonder’s laboratory were taped
                                                                                                        needs	 and	 for	 entertainment.	 	 Also,	 the	         can	 Sign	 Language	 especially	 for	 Deaf	          and	 independent	 stations	 are	 interested	             at the DVC studio in Carol Stream, Illinois.
 Tim Thurston preached four powerful messages.          Tim Smith baptizes Travis Folmer on Friday.
                                                                                                        Internet	 is	 the	 place	 where	 deaf	 people	         children.	 	 The	 	 program	 is	 a	 joint	 effort	   in	 the	 program	 and	 may	 add	 it	 to	 their	       inventor’s	 lab	 of	 Dr.	 Leward	 Wonder,	 a	
Deaf intern from Gallaudet serves well this summer                                                      gather	 information.	 	 It	 is	 important	 for	        of	 Silent	 Blessings	 in	 Indianapolis,	 IN,	       schedule	in	2008.                                     Christian	 Deaf	 engineer.	 	 The	 lab	 is	 just	
	     Deaf	 Missions	 was	 blessed	 this	     	      year,	majoring	in	education.                       Deaf	churches	and	ministries	to	set	up	a	          	   Deaf	Video	Communications	(DVC)	near	            	                                                         down	 the	 street	 from	 The	 Finger	 Food	
summer	 by	 the	 service	 of	 intern	 Kari	   	      	    Kari’s	 main	 responsibility	 this	      	    website	 promoting	 and	 sharing	 infor-               Chicago,	IL,	and	Deaf	Missions.		                                                                          Cafe.		Dr.	Wonder	and	his	team	of	highly	
Olney	 from	 California.	 	 Kari	 came	 May	         summer	 was	 helping	 to	 plan	 and	 lead	    	    mation	 about	 Jesus	 and	 their	 ministry.	       	   	     After	 several	 years	 of	 planning	 and	                                                            creative	deaf	friends,	including	Pops	(the	
29	and	served	until	July	20.                         Bible	 Camp	 for	 the	 Deaf.	 	 She	 designed	     Include	 information	 about	 your	 church	             production,	the	first	season	of	13	episodes	                                                               animatronic	 puppet),	 create	 amazing	         	
	     Kari	 is	 a	 student	 leader	 of	 Campus	      the	 camp	 shirt,	 booklets	 and	 name	 tags,	     service	 times	 and	 special	 activities	 you	         is	ready	and	starts	airing	on	six	national	                                                                inventions	 and,	 in	 the	 process,	 learn	
Crusade	 for	 Christ	 at	 Gallaudet	 Univer-         prepared	games	and	recreation	activities,	         are	hosting	that	welcome	deaf	people.                  Christian	 networks	 and	 their	 affiliates	                                                               more	about	God	and	each	other.	
sity,	 where	 she	 has	 finished	 her	 second	       was	 a	 family	 group	 leader,	 helped	 with	      	    More	 Deaf	 churches	 are	 now	 utiliz-           this	 fall.	 	 These	 networks	 include:	 NRB	                                                             	    In	addition	to	the	scenes	in	the	lab,	
                                                     worship	and	taught	the	teen	class.                 ing	 PowerPoint	 software	 for	 their	 Bible	                                         Network,	TLN,	    	                                                         each	 episode	 also	 has	 a	 Bible	 story,	 an	 	
                                                     	    Other	 projects	 Kari	 completed	        	    lessons	 and	 worship.	 	 A	 PowerPoint	           	                                  iLifeTV,	 Smile	                                                            object	 lesson,	 a	 segment	 called	 “Real	
                                                     include	 writing	 devotions	 and	 signing	 a	 	    presentation	of	sermon	notes,	lessons	and	                                                                                                                        Kids,”	 where	 children	 answer	 questions	
                                                     series	 for	 Daily Devotions for the Deaf,	        Bible	verses	in	ASL	or	English	truly	help	                                                                                                                        related	to	the	theme,	and	an	original	song	     	
                                                     teaching	 the	 children’s	 Bible	 class	 at	       deaf	 (and	 hearing)	 people	 understand	                                                                     The show’s characters use fun and humor in the      written	 and	 produced	 by	 Marshall	           	
                                                     Christ’s	 Church	 of	 the	 Deaf,	 assisting	       and	remember	what	has	been	shared.                                                                          lab to teach important spiritual truths to viewers.   Lawrence	 of	 Silent	 Blessings	 and	           	
                                                     with	 video	 production	 and	 transcribing	        	    Let’s	 continue	 to	 utilize	 technology	                                                                                                                    performed	 in	 ASL	 by	 the	 Ameslan	 Kids.	    	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    	     The	 goal	 of	 Dr. Wonder’s Workshop
                                                     several	sermons	from	ASL	to	English	for	           we	 are	 blessed	 with,	 as	 long	 as	 it	 is	 used	                                                                                                              Deaf	 Missions	 produced	 the	 Real	 Kids	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    is	 to	 teach	 positive	 values	 and	 life	 skills	
                                                     the	LINK: ASL Sermon Series.                       for	 advancing	 God’s	 Kingdom.	 	 As	 First	                                                                                                                     segments	 and	 some	 special	 features	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    to	 children,	 both	 deaf	 and	 hearing,	 and	
                                                     	    We	 praise	 God	 for	 Kari	 and	 for	 her	    Corinthians	 10:31	 encourages	 us,	 “What-                                                                                                                       for	 the	 series,	 as	 well	 as	 many	 of	 the	 	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    to	 show	 them	 how	 the	 Bible	 is	 relevant	
                                                     hard	and	wonderful	work	with	us.	                  ever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”                                                                                                                     program	transitions	and	graphics.
  Intern Kari Olney leads prayer at Deaf Camp.                                                                                                                                                                      for	their	lives.		Each	episode	has	a	theme,	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          	    A	 full	 stereo	 audio	 track	 complete	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    such	as	being	fair,	respecting	others,	trust-
                          Phone: 712-322-5493 (V/TTY) ◆ Fax: 712-322-7792 ◆                                                                                                                                                                          with	 English	 voice-overs,	 sound	 effects	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ing	God,	obedience,	honesty	and	learning	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          and	background	music	makes	it	easy	for	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    to	share.		The	program	is	set	in	the	small	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      continued on page 2
Dr. Wonder’s Workshop
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                                                      Mission teams work in four countries this summer                                                              We praise God for great
                                                      	    Our	 international	 outreach	 to	 deaf	
hearing	 kids	 to	 understand	 and	 even	 to	         people	 continues	 to	 grow.	 	 In	 recent	
                                                                                                                                                                    celebration in Kansas City
learn	some	sign	language.		The	program	               months,	 Deaf	 Missions	 has	 sponsored	                                                                      	    More	than	170	people	joined	with	us	                                                        God prepared someone…maybe YOU!
is	 also	 closed	 captioned	 in	 both	 English	       two	 missions	 teams	 going	 to	 Romania	                                                                     in	thanking	God	for	His	blessings	to	Deaf	
and	 Spanish	 for	 hard-of-hearing	 kids	 or	         and	 Mexico,	 and	 Vicki	 Drummond	 and	                                                                      Missions	 during	 the	 past	 37	 years	 at	 the	
kids	who	are	learning	English	as	a	second	            Debbie	Klahn	of	In	His	Sign	have	worked	                                                                      celebration	 Thursday	 evening,	 July	 5,	 at	
language.	                                            with	teams	in	two	other	countries.                                                                            the	Kansas	City	Convention	Center.
	     An	important	feature	of	the	program	                                                                                                                                                                               	    Time	 and	 again	 God	 has	 prepared	 someone	 for	 an	 event	 that	 the	 person	 didn’t	
                                                      	    In	April,	In	His	Sign	joined	with	a	deaf	                                                                	    Dave	 Erickson,	 Senior	 Minister	
will	be	a	new	website	(www.drwonder.                                                                                                                                                                                     even	know	would	happen.		He	did	it	for	Bible	persons.		He’s	done	it	for	me.
                                                      team	 from	 Australia	 and	 deaf	 and	 hear-                                                                  at	 First	 Christian	 Church	 in	 Council	
com)	 that	 is	 being	 created	 and	 main-                                                                                                                                                                               	
                                                      ing	Filipinos	to	lead	three	Deaf	camps	in	            The team leads a worship service in Romania in July.    Bluffs,	welcomed	the	group	and	gave	the	       	
tained	 by	 Deaf	 Missions.	 	 The	 website	                                                                                                                                                                             	    YOU might be such a person right now…a	 person	 (or	 a	 church	 congregation,	
                                                      different	 areas	 of	 the	 Philippines.	 	 They	      	    Also	 in	 July,	 a	 six-member	 team	              opening	prayer.		Following	the	meal	and	
will	 have	 fun	 activities	 and	 games	 for	                                                                                                                                                                            or	Sunday	School	class)	whom	God	has	prepared	for	a	special	purpose.		I	am	very	sure	
                                                      also	 participated	 in	 a	 graduation	 at	 one	       sponsored	 by	 Deaf	 Missions	 and	 Deaf	               a	25-minute	video	presentation	prepared	
children,	 helpful	 resources	 and	 links	                                                                                                                                                                               that	 God	 has	 been	 preparing	 someone,	 or	 perhaps	 many	 “someones,”	 to	 meet	 Deaf	     	
                                                      of	the	Deaf	Christian	schools	there.                  International	spent	two	weeks	in	Roma-                  especially	for	the	evening	by	Joe	Mathis	
for	 parents,	 broadcast	 information	 and	                                                                                                                                                                              Missions’	urgent	needs	at	this	hour.		If it’s you, I’m sure that you want to know it.
                                                      	    June	1	to	9,	In	His	Sign	went	to	Haiti	          nia	conducting	worship	services	in	Deaf	                and	Jolynn	Stinehagen,	Duane	King	and	
an	 online	 store.	 	 Plans	 include	 releasing	                                                                                                                                                                         	
                                                      to	work	with	the	Jerusalem	Deaf	School.	       	      churches	in	three	cities.		The	sermons	by	              Chad	 Entinger	 spoke	 about	 the	 present	
the	 first	 season	 on	 DVD	 and	 possibly	                                                                                                                                                                              	    Deaf	Missions	is	a	leader	in	Christian	ministry	among	deaf	people.		Our	services	
                                                      They	 taught	 lessons	 on	 Creation	 to	 the	         Noah	 Buchholz	 and	 the	 dramas,	 games	               and	future	of	Deaf	Missions.
for	 download	 on	 iPod	                                                                                                                                                                                                 are	beginning	to	exceed	our	income,	which	is	not	growing	as	we	expected.		We	are	in	
                                                      students	in	the	morning,	and	led	training	            and	 crafts	 were	 well	 received.	 	 The	 deaf	        	    Chad	 and	 Glory	 Entinger	 surprised	
and	 MP3	 players.	 	 The	                                                                                                                                                                                               a	 spot	 where	 we	 must	 either	 eliminate	 some	 of	 our	 important	 ministries,	 or	 receive	
                                                      sessions	for	teachers	in	the	afternoon.               people	 really	 appreciated	 the	 opportu-              the	 Kings	 with	 a	 special	 presentation	 to	
songs	 from	 season	 one	                                                                                                                                                                                                more	money.		We	can	cut	services,	though	we’d	do	it	reluctantly.		We’d	much	rather	
                                                      	    The	week	of	July	14	to	22,	a	team	of	            nity	 to	 dive	 deeper	 into	 God’s	 Word.	    	        honor	their	40	years	of	Deaf	ministry.
will	also	be	released	on	                                                                                                                                                                                                see	income	increase.		Can	you	see	our	dilemma?		How	could	we	decide	what	to	cut?
                                                      six	Americans	joined	the	director	of	Con	             For	 a	 day	 by	 day	 overview	 of	 the	 team’s	        	    It	was	a	wonderful	evening	of	praise	
DVD	and	CD.		The	DVD	                                 Mis	 Manos	 and	 her	 staff	 to	 conduct	 a	          trip,	 along	 with	 additional	 photos,	 you	           and	 fellowship.	 	 A	 DVD	 of	 the	 program	
will	 include	 the	 ASL	                              Deaf	 camp	 in	 Matamoros,	 Mexico.	 	 The	           may	 visit	 Deaf	 International’s	 blog	 at	            and	 other	 special	 features	 will	 be	 avail-          	   Should we cut off Dennis, deaf, who became a Christian because of
performances.	 	 Check	                               group	 had	 a	 great	 week	 of	 Bible	 classes	       www.deafmissionblog.wordpress.                          able	soon.		Contact	us	to	request	a	copy.                the devotion book? Cancel our participation in Dr. Wonder’s Workshop?
the	 website	 for	 these	                             and	activities,	crafts,	games,	a	movie	and	           com.		Look	for	photos	of	the	other	trips	                                                                        Must we stop doing Bible translation into American Sign Language? Or
and	 other	 resources	 as	                            a	trip	to	a	local	swimming	pool.                      at                                                                                         shall we withhold from James, a deaf preacher, the training he needs?
they	become	available.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Shall we limit the number of deaf children in the Hands for Jesus Kid’s
	     Production	 has	 already	 begun	                                                                                                                                                                                       Club? Stop providing correspondence lessons and Bible Camp for the
on	 the	 second	 season	 of Dr. Wonder’s                                                                                                                                                                                     Deaf? I’d need you to pick the programs to eliminate.
Workshop.	 	 Chad	 Entinger	 contributed	                                                                                                                                                                                    	   Honestly, I can’t bear to cancel any of these, or our other ministries…
three	scripts	for	the	new	season.		The	lab	                                                                                                                                                                                  they are all so effective. I’d need you to select the ones to quit, knowing
segments	were	taped	the	first	two	weeks	                                                                                                                                                                                     that this is not just a game—it’s for real. Real people will go unreached
of	 June	 at	 the	 DVC	 studio	 in	 Illinois.	    	                                                                                                                                                                          and unserved. Real staff members might lose jobs. YES, IT’S FOR REAL.
Deaf	Missions	plans	to	tape	the	Real	Kids	        	
segments	in	September.
	     Is	 this	 program	 needed?	 	 YES!	 	 Deaf	                                                                                                                                                                        	   Praise God, there is a choice besides canceling programs.	 	 Maybe	 God	 is	                	
                                                                                                                                                                   The King family poses with Chad and Glory Entinger                                                                                                    	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         preparing	 you	 for	 this	 choice.	 	 The	 choice	 is	 that	 Deaf	 Missions	 will	 receive	 more	
children	 are	 perhaps	 the	 most	 spiritu-                                                                                                                             (right) following presentation at banquet.
ally	neglected	kids	in	the	world.		Of	the	            Hundreds of Deaf Filipinos learn about Jesus at the     The American team poses with the children at                                                               financial	support.		My	hope	is	that	Chad	Entinger	can	assume	the	leadership	of	Deaf	
estimated	 1.2	 million	 deaf	 children	 in	
                                                      three camps conducted in the Philippines in April.      Deaf camp in Matamoros, Mexico, in mid-July.
                                                                                                                                                                    Help us thank the Kings                              Missions	in	November	debt	free.		We	need	over	$100,000	for	that	to	happen!		Such	a	
the	U.S.,	8	out	of	10	grow	up	with	parents	
who	 sign	 very	 little	 or	 not	 at	 all.	 	 Very	
                                                      New video projects keep studio and staff busy                                                                 	    Duane	 and	 Peggy	 King	 have	 faith-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         powerful	testimony	and	encouragement	when	that	does	happen.

                                                      	    The	staff	has	been	utilizing	the	new	                                                                    fully	 served	 the	 Lord	 at	 Deaf	 Missions	        	    Has	God	prepared	your	heart	and	your	finances	to	help	Deaf	Missions	during	this	
few	 churches	 have	 effective	 outreach	         	                                                                                                                 for	the	past	37	years.		As	you	may	know,	
programs	 for	 deaf	 kids.	 	 Many	               	   studio	 and	 equipment	 well	 in	 recent	                                                                                                                          critical	time?		Such	a	blessing	if	He	has…a	huge	blessing	both	to	you	and	to	the	deaf	
                                                      months	 doing	 video	 and	 audio	 record-                                                                     Duane	 will	 “step	 aside”	 as	 the	 Executive	      people	who	will	be	reached	because	you	acted	upon	your	preparation.
children	(deaf	and	hearing)	can’t	read	or	        	                                                                                                                 Director	of	Deaf	Missions	when	he	turns	
understand	 the	 captioned	 programs	 on	             ing	for	several	new	projects	and	continu-
                                                      ing	work	with	ongoing	programs	such	as	                                                                       70	 on	 November	 9,	 2007.	 	 He	 is	 NOT	      	   	    You	 might	 not	 have	 known	 that	 God	 was	 preparing	 you.	 	 You	 might	 not	 have	
Christian	television.                                                                                                                                               retiring	 from	 Deaf	 Missions,	 but	 will	      	
	     As	 Executive	 Producer	 Marshall	          	   Daily Devotions for the Deaf	in	ASL.                                                                                                                               known	why.		Now, God is using me to let you know.		You	are	on	our	mailing	list.		Now,	
                                                      	    In	May,	six	preachers	were	taped	for	                                                                    focus	 more	 on	 public	 relations	 and	         	   the	time	is	here	for	you	to	fulfill	the	purpose	of	your	preparation.		If	you	have	been	one	
Lawrence	 states,	 “As	 a	 parent	 of	 a	 Deaf	                                                                                                                     donor	development	after	November.
child	 myself,	 I	 know	 how	 hard	 it	 is	 to	       the	new	LINK: ASL Sermon Series.		The	staff	                                                                                                                       of	our	faithful,	generous	supporters,	we	thank	you	and	ask	you	to	consider	if	God	has	
                                                      has	 been	 busy	 throughout	 the	 summer	                                                                     	    You	 are	 invited	 to	 a	 special	 “Fit	 for	   been	preparing	you	to	send	more.		If	you	have	never	given	to	Deaf	Missions,	or	have	not	
plug	 your	 child	 into	 spiritual	 thought	                                                                                                                        a	 King!”	 celebration	 in	 Council	 Bluffs,	
when	 you	 have	 no	 tools	 or	 resources	 to	        editing	 these	 weekly	 messages,	 record-                                                                                                                         given	recently,	consider	if	God	is	calling	you	to	become	a	supporter.
                                                      ing	 voiceovers	 and	 preparing	 the	 online	
                                                                                                  	         Robert Weiniger portrays Gideon for a new series        Iowa,	 on	 Sunday,	 November	 11	 (contact	
help.…I	really	don’t	think	it’s	an	exagger-                                                                   of “Big Bible Stories” in ASL for deaf children.      Deaf	 Missions	 for	 details).	 	 We	 will	 have	
ation	to	say	we’re	standing	on	the	brink	             programs	and	DVDs	for	distribution.		In	                                                                                                                           	     You	 may	 choose	 to	 send	 a	 major	 gift	 now,	 and	 then	 continue	 with	 monthly	     	
                                                      September,	 we	 will	 record	 a	 series	 by		         	    Work	 also	 began	 this	 summer	 on	               fun	 celebrating	 “a	 boy	 from	 Skidmore,	          support.		Or	maybe	God	prepared	you	to	do	just	one	or	the	other.		Either	way,	please	
of	 something	 that	 has	 the	 potential	 to	                                                                                                                       a	 man	 used	 by	 God”	 and	 honoring	 the	
                                                      Joseph	 Josselyn	 for	 webcast	 in	 Novem-                                                            	
                                                                                                            a	 new	 series	 of	 Big Bible Stories	 for	 deaf	                                                                                                                                                            	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         let	 us	 know	 how	 God	 is	 leading	 you,	 so	 that	 we	 will	 not	 unnecessarily	 eliminate	 a	
make	a	fundamental	change	in	the	way	                                                                                                                               Kings	 for	 40	 years	 of	 Deaf	 ministry,	 50	
                                                      ber,	and	then	will	begin	videotaping	the	             children.		This	series	will	feature	live	char-                                                               program	or	a	person.		You	may	use	the	enclosed	envelope	to	mail	your	gift,	or	donate	           	
Christians	view	Deaf	people,	and	the	way	                                                                                                                           years	of	ministry,	and	70	years	of	life!
                                                      sermons	for	next	year	in	late	October.                acters	telling	stories	in	ASL	from	the		Old	                                                                 online	 at	 	 Or	 you	 may	 arrange	 for	 your	 bank	 to	 make	          	
Deaf	families	view	the	Christian	faith.…                                                                                                                            	    As	 part	 of	 the	 celebration,	 we	 are	
                                                                                                            Testament	 with	 animated	 backgrounds.	        	                                                            automatic	transfers	from	your	account	to	Deaf	Missions.		We	will	promptly	send	you	
	     “How	many	people	will	be	touched	                                                                                                                             asking	 our	 friends	 to	 send	 a	 thank	 you,	
                                                                                                            James	 and	 Ann	 Lynn	 Parker	 presented	                                                                    a	receipt	for	every	gift,	and	also	mail	you	a	complete	printed	record	of	your	annual	
by	 this	 ministry?	 	 How	 many	 hear-                                                                                                                             words	 of	 appreciation	 and/or	 sharing	
                                                                                                            the	stories	of	Abraham	and	Ruth	in	June.	       	                                                            contributions	in	January	of	each	year.		All	contributions	are	tax-deductible.
ing	 children	 will	 learn	 to	 sign	 and	 will	                                                                                                                    special	memories	in	a	card,	letter	or	note	
                                                                                                            In	late	July	and	early	August,	Tim	Smith	
learn	to	see	Deaf	people	as	fun	and	cool?	        	                                                                                                                 for	us	to	give	to	Duane	and	Peggy	during	
                                                                                                            and	 Robert	 Weiniger	 were	 recorded	 for	                                                                  	   Thank	you.		God	bless	you	and	lead	you	as	you	consider	this	need.
How	 many	 Deaf	 people	 will	 come	 to	 a	                                                                                                                         the	celebration	on	November	11.		We	will	
                                                                                                            the	 stories	 of	 Elijah	 and	 Gideon.	 	 Chad	
new	 understanding	 of	 the	 relevance	 of	                                                                                                                         put	all	cards,	letters	and	notes	in	a	special	
                                                                                                            Entinger	 will	 be	 taped	 later	 teaching	     	                                                                                                                                 Duane King
the	 Christian	 faith	 in	 their	 daily	 lives?	  	                                                                                                                 collection	 and	 present	 it	 to	 them	 that	
                                                                                                            lessons	to	go	with	these	four	stories.
I	 don’t	 know.	 	 But	 I	 do	 know	 that	 it’s	                                                                                                                    evening.	 	 Please	 send	 your	 note	 to	 Deaf	                                                                                        	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         P.S.	 	 Our	 income	 to	 date	 in	 2007	 is	 very	 slightly	 ahead	 of	 2006,	 but	
                                                                                                            	    Check	 out	 the	 LINK: ASL Sermon
very	possible	we	might	just	be	seeing	the	        	                                                                                                                 Missions	by October 15.		Thank	you.	                 income has not grown to match the cost of sustaining the ever-ex-
                                                                                                            Series	 at	 and	 look	
beginning	of	a	parting	of	the	waters.		So	             Rick McClain and Chad Entinger present sermons                                                                                                                    panding programs.
                                                                                                            for	 updates	 on	 Big Bible Stories	 in	 future		
please	pray!”                                          on Christian discipline for September LINK series.   Reports	and	on	our	website.

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