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					                              mumms® ATTACHMENTS:
                         A DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

mumms® Software has developed a document management system
that allows users to file all paper patient documents into their
electronic medical record (EMR), thus eliminating the need to
maintain a paper chart.
Any document, including signed physician orders, history, physicals,
pictures of wounds, Advance Directives, etc. may be attached to the
EMR. (See Appendix A for a list of allowable file types.) The
Attachments feature may be accessed from either PAS or CPC.

The Attachments feature must be enabled in CPC.

There are three types of users for the Attachments feature:

  1. Normal User - The user can only view attachments. Any CPC or
     PAS user will have this designation without any additional set
  2. Upload User - The user can view, upload and edit attachments.
     (Editing allows the document date, type or description to be
     changed.) This user needs to have a PAS discipline of Du.
       a. This job description has been added in PAS/Masters/Job
       b. In PAS/Masters/Persons, add the Du job description to the
           appropriate person(s).
  3. Administrative User - The user can view, upload, edit and
     delete attachments. This user needs to have a PAS discipline of
     Da. See Step 2 for set up instructions. 

1. Access Attachments

The user will access Attachments via the left-hand green bar under
Common Tasks in CPC:

From PAS, the user will access Attachments from the Patient
Maintenance Menu.
The Attachments application will open when Attachments is chosen
from either PAS or CPC.

2. Add an Attachment (Upload)

To add an attachment, choose “Add New File”. NOTE: You do not
have to be in an open visit in order to add attachments to the chart.

Click on “Browse” and find the document on your computer that you
wish to attach to the EMR. Add a description of the document and
the date. You must enter the date in the format shown, i.e., YYYY-
MM-DD. Choose an attachment type from the drop-down menu.
Click “Submit”. The attachments will now be listed, along with the
name of the person who uploaded the document and the date the
upload was completed.
4.View an Attachment
Click on the file name (on the table above, in blue). The document
will open for viewing. If your browser does not know what to do with
that type of document, you will be prompted to save it.
NOTE: When you view a document (example, a Word document), and
you save it, you are saving a copy to your hard drive. That file may
have Protected Health Information (PHI) and must be protected
according to your organization’s HIPAA policies.
Attachments may be reorganized in a number of ways.
1. Click at the top of the column to sort the rows by that column.
Click on the column again to reverse the sort.
2. To rearrange the columns, click and drag a column heading to a
different location. For example, to rearrange the columns so that the
“Document Date” is the first column, simply click on “Document
Date” and drag it to the left of the “File” column.

3. Attachments may also be grouped by any of the column headings.
Click on the heading that you wish to use for grouping; drag it and
drop it in the blue field below.
Below, the table is now regrouped by document type.

4. To filter the results, type into the blank fields below the column
headings. For example, if the user wishes to view only the volunteer
notes, type “vol” into the blank field underneath “Document Type”.
All documents except volunteer notes will be eliminated from view. A
user can also only view files uploaded by a particular person or on a
particular date.

5. Click “List Attachments” to bring the full listing of attachments
back into view in their default order.

Edit an Attachment
  1. Find the attachment to be edited. Click on “Edit” (far right
     column in the default format). NOTE: Only users with the
     designation of “Du” or “Da” will be able to see the edit button
     and edit the attachment.
  2. Change the description, document date, or the document type.
     Click “Post” to save the changes.
Delete an Attachment
  1. Find the attachment to be deleted. Click on “Delete.” NOTE:
     Only users with the designation of “Da” will be able to see the
     delete option and delete the attachment.
  2. There is no confirmation for deleting. If the delete button is
     clicked, the document is deleted.
Appendix A - Authorized File Types
Word Documents

     .abw      AbiWord document
     .ans      American National Standards Institute|ANSI text with Layout
     .asc      ASCII text with Layout
     .aww      Ability Write
     .csv      ASCII text encoded as Comma Separated Values, used in
               most spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or by most
               database management systems
     .cwk      ClarisWorks / AppleWorks document
     .doc      Microsoft Office Word|Microsoft Word document
     .docx     Office Open XML Text document or Microsoft Office Word
               2007 for Windows/2008 for Mac
     .html     HyperText Markup Language (.html, .htm)
     .hwp      Haansoft Hangul Word Processor document
     .lwp      Lotus Word Pro
     .mcw      Microsoft Office Word|Microsoft Word for Macintosh (versions
               4.0, 5.1)
     .odt      OpenDocument Text document
     .pages    Apple Pages document
     .pap      Papyrus word processor document
     .pdf      Portable Document Format
     .ps       postscript
     .rtf      rich text format
     .sdw      StarWriter text document, used in earlier versions of
     .sxw      StarOffice/ text document
     .tex      TeX
     .info     Texinfo
     .txt      ASCII or Unicode plain text|plaintext
     .uof      Uniform Office Format
     .uoml     UniqueObject Markup Language (UOML) is a XML-based
               markup language
     .wpd      WordPerfect document
     .wps      Microsoft Works document
     .wrd      WordIt! Document
     .wrf      ThinkFree Office|ThinkFree Write
     .wri      Windows Write|Microsoft Write document
     .xhtml    eXtensible Hyper-Text Markup Language
     .xht      eXtensible Hyper-Text Markup Language
     .xml      eXtensible Markup Language

    .123        Lotus 1-2-3
    .aws        Ability Office|Ability Spreadsheet
    .clf        ThinkFree Office|ThinkFree Calc
    .csv        Comma-separated values|Comma-Separated Values
    .numbers    An Apple Numbers Spreadsheet file
    .gnumeric   Gnumeric spreadsheet, a gziped XML file
    .ods        OpenDocument spreadsheet
    .qpw        Quattro Pro spreadsheet
    .sdc        StarOffice/ StarCalc Spreadsheet
    .slk        SYLK (SYmbolic LinK)
    .sxc        StarOffice/ 1.* Spreadsheet
    .tab        tab delimited columns; also TSV (Tab-separated values|Tab-
                Separated Values)
    .txt        tab delimited columns
    .vc         Visicalc
    .wk1        Lotus 1-2-3 up to version 2.01
    .wk3        Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.0
    .wk4        Lotus 1-2-3 version 4.0
    .wks        Lotus 1-2-3
    .wks        Microsoft Works
    .wq1        Quattro Pro DOS version
    .xlk        Microsoft Excel worksheet backup
    .xls        Microsoft Excel worksheet sheet (97-2003)
    .xlsb       Microsoft Excel binary workbook
    .xlsm       Microsoft Excel Macro-enabled workbook
    .xlsx       Office Open XML worksheet sheet
    .xlr        Microsoft Works version 6.0
    .xlw        Microsoft Excel worksheet workspace (version 4.0)
Audio and Video Files

     .mp3       Music file
     .mpeg      Movie file
     .mpg       Movie file
     .avi       Movie file
     .ogg       Music file
     .aac       AAC Audio
     .acp       AAC for SD Media
     .aiff      AIFF Audio
     .au        uLaw/AU Audio
     .avi       Movie file
     .divx      Compress Movie
     .dv        Video Format used in Portable Camera
     .flv       Internet Movies
     .3gp       Nokia Movie File
     .ogg       Music file
     .ogm       Ogg Based Movie Files
     .asx       Windows Media Audio / Video
     .m4a       AAC Audio
     .mpeg      Movie file
     .mpg       Movie file
     .swa       MP3 Audio
     .vfw       Video for Windows
     .wmv       Windows Media Video
     .qt        Quicktime File
     .qtl       Quicktime Movies
Image Types