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                               MISSION HILLS
                                    BUSINESS NEWS
                                                                                                               3 07

                               A Publication of the Mission Hills Business Improvement District

                      This Issue
      Annual Meeting ---------------------------- 1                        Mission Hills
      The Huddle ---------------------------------- 1              Business Improvement District
      Meetings ------------------------------------- 2
      Board Members ---------------------------- 2               NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING
      Phone Numbers ---------------------------- 2                  and BUSINESS MIXER
      Storefront Improvement Program ------ 2                          November 7, 2007
      Get Involved --------------------------------- 3
      Board of Directors Application --------- 4                    El Indio Mexican Restaurant
      Business of the Year -----------------------4
      Message from SDG&E ------------------- 5                                 5:30 to 7:30
      Marketing Flyers -------------------------- 5                       General Meeting at 6:30
      West Nile Virus ----------------------------- 6              Complementary Beverages and Hor d’veuvres

The Huddle 20+ years!
Located in the heart of Mission Hills, The “Huddle” has been family-owned and operated serving quality food and service
to San Diegans. The Huddle held a celebration last year to commemorate their twenty-year anniversary to say thank you
for 20 years of patronage. “With many businesses coming and going, our loyal customers have made the difference to
ensure our success in the Mission Hills community” said Ruth Henricks, the owner/ operator. “Because our restaurant is a
human institution and not solely a moneymaking operation, we trust all will have enjoyment and camaraderie as well as a
good meal while under our roof. For many, the Huddle is a ‘home away from home’. We welcome this. Our desire is for
our customers to have quality time shared here with friends, family and business associates. We trust our service and food
are so well blended that the experience with us will be one guests will want to repeat often.”
Ruth Henricks, along with her husband, Bob, and their children, Daniel and Janet, moved to San Diego from Big Rock,
Illinois (which is near Aurora, a Chicago suburb) in December 1979. Beginning her career in the Mission Hills Huddle’s
dining room as an apprentice waitress working for tips only, she learned her trade quickly and enthusiastically.
With Bob’s sister Terry Pierce (the owner of the Huddle at that time) as her partner,
Ruth leased and operated the “Huddle at the Y” inside the Armed Services YMCA
from April 1981 to April 1989. In 1986, Ruth and Bob were given the opportunity
to purchase the Huddle in Mission Hills from Terry. So for the next two years, lives
became hectic as the family began running two restaurants.
Among some of the unique additions Ruth brought to the Huddle was a personal
photo collection of 1950’s television stars, which Ruth framed and hung on the
Huddle’s walls. Other wall hangings include certificates presented to Ruth from
local television stations, local agencies and the Points of Light award signed by
President Clinton to highlight her volunteer work since 1991 in the AIDS Commu-
nity. It was that year that Ruth founded Special Delivery San Diego, a 100% volun-
teer 501(c)(3) California Corporation preparing and delivering fresh, nutritious meals
to men, women and children living with AIDS or other critical illness.
 Stop by, say hello and have a great meal.
They are now ready for another 20 years!
         MISSION HILLS                                            Monthly Meetings
                                                           Meeting schedule is subject to change,
                                                       please verify dates and times at 619.296.8100.
           Board of Directors
                                                                     Mission Hills BID
          David Whalen – President                              Board of Directors Meeting
        The Law Office of David Whalen                           1st Wednesday @ 3:15 pm
                619.338.8248                                         The Frame Maker
         Stuart White- Vice President                                  Quotes of the Day
             Stuart White Design
                619.542.1815                            "The willingness to accept responsibility for one's own
                                                          life is the source from which self-respect springs."
         Joanna Rhoades – Treasurer                                             Joan Didion
                Taboo Studio
               619.692.0099                            "When I hear somebody sigh, 'Life is hard,' I am always
                                                       tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?'" - Sydney Harris
        Jennifer Pesqueira – Secretary
          El Indio Mexican Restaurant                 Storefront Improvement
              619.299.0394 x106
       Adel Smith-Chapman – Director
   Delawie Wilkes Rodrigues Barker Architects         Are you thinking of your
                 619.299.690                          business and how you would
                                                      like to improve the way it looks
                     Staff                            on the outside?
               Richard Stegner                        Need some loan information?
               Executive Director                     Want to know who to contact
                619.296.8100                          in the city?

         *********                                    We can help!

   Important Numbers to Know                          The City of San Diego has a reimbursement
County Supervisor Ron Roberts         619.531.5544    program called the Storefront Improvement Program
Councilmember Kevin Faulconer         619.236.6622    (SIP). The SIP is a program that is designed to work
Police Non Emergency                  619.531.2000    with small businesses (with 12 or fewer employees)
Animal Control                        619.236.4250    and property owners who lease space to small
Building Permits                      619.446.5000    business, to enhance and revitalize older
Business Licenses                     619.236.6173    commericial neighborhoods.
Small Business Assistance             619.685.1390    The program was created in 1986 and offers small
Graffiti Hotline                      619.525.8522    businesses rebates for improvements to their
City Information Center               619.236.5555    building. These rebates that the SIP offers can be
Illegal Dumping                       619.492.5055
                                                      anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000! This is a great
Code Violations                       619.236.5500
                                                      way to have the City help your business.
Water/Sewer Emergencies               619.515.3525
Mayor’s Office                        619.236.6330    Such improvements will not only help attract
Citizens’ Suggestion Line             619.570.1000    consumers to your business, but can also promote
Recycling Information                 858.467.0903    community pride and awareness. If you would like
Trash Collection                      858.492.5060    more information or to see if your business qualifies,
Brush and Weed Management             619.533.4444    contact the Office of Small Business at
Crosswalks, Signs, Streetlights       619.533.3126    619.236.6460.
                                         MISSION HILL BUSINESS NEWS

Want To Get Involved?
There are many ways to get involved in your Mission Hills community. If you are interested in serv-
ing on the board, simply complete and return the application enclosed in this newsletter. If you are
interesed in participating on either the Promotions, Design or Economic Restructing committee, please
fill out the information below and fax it to (619) 291-9383.

The Mission Hills BID is organized under the USA Main Street Progam which builds on a community’s
rich architecture, small businesses, a connection with the past, and a sense of place - not only to de-
velop the community as a successful marketplace, but also to make it the focus of community identity.
There are four committees that facilitate ongoing projects to enhance and improve our Mission Hills

The committees are:

Promotions Committee - The Promotions Committee deals with anything and everything that pro-
motes our beautiful community to customers, residents, new businesses, and visitors. We have begun
work to redesing our web site, www.missionhillsfirst.org and are currently working on the Mission
Hills Business Directory.

Design Committee - The Design Committee keeps a watchful eye on the overall look of our commu-
nity by managing design improvements and new construction. Currently we are working on the en-
tryway monument at Washington Street and San Diego Avenue. Many other beautiful projects are in
the works.

Economic Restructuring -The Economic Restructuring deals with the nuts and bolts of the commu-
nity from parking and security to lighting and new business development.

Organization Committee - The Organization Committee is the Executive Committee of the Mis-
sion Hills Board consisting of the elected officers.

As each committee grows, they will be meeting once a month to discuss and plan projects. You can
volunteer to serve on as many committees as you like. Committee work can be fun and fulfilling,
working in small steps towards achievable goals proudly seeing progress as you go. These revitaliza-
tion projects the committees work on bring many businesses, organizations and neighbors together
and highlight the value of collaborative community efforts.

                                  GET INVOLVED TODAY !

To get started just fill out and fax back this simple form to (619) 291-9383.

Name: _______________________________ Business Name: ____________________________________
Business Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _____________________      Fax: ___________________      E-Mail: _________________________
Interested in serving on: Board of Directors ___ Design ___ Promotions ___ Economic Restructuring ___

                                      MISSION HILL BUSINESS NEWS

NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________

Business Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Business Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Bus. Phone: ________________________                               Fax: _______________________________

Years business operated in Mission Hills? _____ Business Tax Certificate No. ______________________
Briefly describe your background (include service on other boards). Limited to 100 words maximum.






  Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage                                         Special Thank You
   Mission Hills BID Business of the Year                                       to The Frame Maker

 Ginny Ollis, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage earned        The Mission Hills Business Improvement District would like
 the Mission Hills Business of the Year Award at this year’s      to thank Steve Atlas of The Frame Maker on Reynard Way
 Annual Small Business Week Awards. The event and hon-            for providing a meeting space in their beautiful conference
 ors are sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administra-         room for the Mission Hills Business Improvement District to
 tion and the San Diego Business Improvement District Coun-       hold it monthly Board of Directors meetings. You may not
 cil.                                                             know that The Frame Maker is San Diego’s largest retail
                                                                  and wholesale art framers.
 Ginny Ollis is a successful real estate broker whose office is
 located in the heart of Mission Hills on West Lewis Street.                      ****************
 Ginny has served as the first president of the new Mission       On September 13, 2007, six Latinos were honored at
 Hills BID and recently has helped establish the Mission Hills    the annual Hispanic Heritage Month Local Hero Awards.
 Town Council which provides the voice for all of Mission         They were selected for their contributions to San Diego
 Hills. Coldwell Banker has been a contributing part of our       through the arts, business, community work, education or
 Mission Hills community for numerous years. They sponsor
                                                                  social services.
 and organize numerous events and activities in our commu-
 nity.                                                            Ralph Pesqueira Jr.., owner and president of El Indio
                                                                  Shops Inc was honored in the business category. Ralph
 Ginny is devoted to the promotion and positive growth of         Pesqueira Jr. also has served on the California State
 businesses in our neighborhood. She is the personification of    University Board of Trustees.
 a person committed and involved in a community.
                                                 MISSION HILL BUSINESS NEWS
                                                              Message from
Do you envision yourself as a leader? Do you know some-
one who is a devoted member of the Mission Hills busi-
ness community and would enjoy contributing even more?        Small Businesses Enjoy Cool Savings
 Then your business association needs your participation.     With SDG&E’s Summer Saver Program
If you have an interest in helping to make your business
community more vibrant, beautiful or just a better place to   Although hot summer days are already here, small busi-
do business, we would like to hear from you.                  nesses that have a central air conditioning system can still
                                                              keep their cool, help reduce energy demand and earn a
We are seeking to increase the size of the board and have     credit on their SDG&E bill with the Summer Saver Pro-
Committee participation.                                      gram*.

     To qualify all you need is . . .                         Simple to Join, Saves Money
                                                              It’s easy to participate Just visit www.sdge.com/
 · A current City of San Diego business tax certificate       summersaver and enroll online. Or call 1.800.850.1705.
 · Ownership of a business within the Mission Hills           Either way, it’s free to join.
   BID boundaries
 · A willingness to volunteer approximately four to six       As a Summer Saver you’ll be doing your part to reduce
   hours of your time each month                              energy demand when the San Diego region needs it the
 · A desire to help our Mission Hills community grow          most. Business owners simply agree to let SDG&E install
   and prosper                                                a free device on their central air conditioning unit that en-
                                                              ables it to be automatically cycled “on and off” for a few
                *********                                     hours on select hot summer days. By reducing the amount
              Web Sites to Know                               of time a cooling system runs, business owners can earn a
                                                              credit on their energy bill. Best of all, they’ll still stay cool
Mission Hills: http:/www.missionhillsfirst.org
                                                              and comfortable.
City of San Diego: http:/www.sandiego.gov
California Law: http:/www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html
SCORE: http:/www.score-sandiego.org                           Several Money-Saving Options
Small Business Administration: http:/www.sba.gov              SDG&E realizes that every business has different energy
OnlineBusinessDirectory: http:/www.sdbizguide.com             needs, so it offers five different plans to choose from, with
                                                              rewards of up to $11.50/ton of cooling capacity. The more
                                                              a cooling system cycles on and off, the bigger the reward.
                                                              Sign-up for the Summer Saver Program today!
                                                              * Summer Saver season runs from May through October. Bill
           IN OUR NEXT ISSUE                                  credit is given the month following the Summer Saver season.
                                                              SDG&E has an agreement with a third party, Comverge, Inc., to provide
    Supply us with 400 copies of your flyer and we will       the technology and administer the Summer Saver program. Comverge is
                                                              responsible for installing, removing and servicing the wireless unit.
    stuff them in our newsletter for only $45. The deadline
    is the 20th of the month before the next issue            This program is funded by California utility customers and bill credits are
                                                              administered by SDG&E, under the auspices of the California Public Utilities
    (December). Two inserts per issue and 1st come first      Commission (CPUC). This program may be modified or terminated without
    served. There is a limit to the number of times you can   prior notice. Plan credit amounts and program options are subject to
                                                              change pursuant to the CPUC. Actual participation in Summer Saver is
    put a flyer in the newsletter per year.                   based on your effective date. The effective date is the day that the cycling
                                                              device was installed. Customers with October effective dates must participate
                                                              through the end of the next year’s season in order to receive the prior year’s
        Call the office and sign up today.                    bill credit. SDG&E MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS AS TO THE SAFETY,
                                                              RELIABILITY, AND/OR EFFICIENCY OF GOODS AND SERVICES
                                                              PROVIDED UNDER THIS PROGRAM. SDG&E MAKES NO WARRANTY,
    Contact the Mission Hills office at 296.8100 for more     WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTY OF
                                                              MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE,
    information.                                              USE OR APPLICATION OF SELECTED GOODS AND SERVICES.

                                             MISSION HILLS BUSINESS NEWS
                         Say “So long!” to summer, but not to West Nile Virus!
The summer is over, but not the threat of West Nile Virus (WNV). It is still very important to protect yourself and your
family from mosquitoes and WNV. West Nile virus is a mosquito-transmitted virus that can infect anyone. Female mosqui-
toes get the virus when they feed on infected birds. Then they spread it to people, horses, and other birds when they bite
them. The bite of an infected female mosquito is the only way to get the virus. You can not get it through person-to-person

Most people who get bitten by an infected mosquito have no symptoms. Those who do get sick may develop mild flu-like
symptoms, such as fever, headaches, or a skin rash. Symptoms normally last a few days to several weeks. Although only
20% of the people who get the disease feel sick, only 1% gets dangerously sick. People over 50, and those with weak
immune systems are at the highest risk of severe illness.

There is no treatment for WNV, so prevention is the key to stopping this disease. Eliminate mosquito breeding sites around
your home by removing anything that could collect and hold water for more than five days. Check buckets, clogged rain
gutters, old tires, plant saucers, birdbaths, pet dishes, and children’s toys. Repair window and door screens and keep them
closed to keep mosquitoes outside. Use mosquito-eating fish in unused (green) swimming pools, ornamental ponds, bird
baths, and horse water troughs. They are available free at several distribution locations throughout out the county.

Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, so avoid outdoor activity during those times. Use insect repellents that
contain DEET, Picaridin, or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus on exposed skin and clothing when outdoors during those times. Wear
light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and long pants so you can see the mosquitoes when they land on you.

Help Fight The Bite by reporting dead birds and mosquito breeding sites to the County Vector Control Program. For more
information on WNV, personal protection, or reporting dead birds and breeding sites, visit www.SDFightTheBite.com or call
888-551-INFO (4636).

                in Mission Hills and is the agency managing the Mission Hills BID (Business Improvement District).
                   The Mission Hills Business Improvement District is a nonprofit organization of the businesses

                                                                                          Website: www.missionhillsfirst.org

                                                                                                    Fax; 619.291.9383
                                                                                                  Phone: 619.296.8100
                                                                                                  San Diego, CA 92110
                                                                                               Office: 2383 San Diego Ave,

                                                                                                  San Diego, CA 92138
                                                                                                     P.O. Box 82172
                                                                                              Business Improvement District
                                                                                                       Mission Hills

                                                                                          Please direct any correspondence to:
                                                                                      the Mission Hills Business Improvement District
                                                                                    The Mission Hills Business News is a publication of
                                                                                     Mission Hills Busienns News

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