Clean up startup items in msconfig by AnaYiLziXie


									Do you ever uninstall programs and they are still listed under startup
items in msconfig? Personally, I found myself with 30 such items from old
installs. Microsoft leaves you no way to clean up this list, but have no
fear, I have figured it out for you.

1. Open MSconfig and click on the startup items tab
2. Open Regedit and navigate to
3. Compare the list of registry keys under startupfolder and startupreg
with their counterparts in msconfig.
4. Delete the keys which are no longer valid.
5. Voila! You've cleaned up msconfig.

Oh yeah... they always tell you to back up your registry before doing
stuff so I suppose I should say the same, although I assume most of you
are somewhat proficient in windows xp it never hurts to be safe. Happy

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