How to save laptop battery life

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					Today laptop batteries play more significant roles in life so it is important to take care of them for
more longevity. First you want to make sure that your laptop battery is working properly. You
should replace older batteries with a newer more efficient one in order to maximize the functionality
of your Laptop.

Here are some basic rules and recommendations to help you save the battery life as well as make it
more effective for a longer period of time, ultimately giving you the most out of your laptop battery:

1. Turn off your laptop. The first step in saving and maximizing laptop battery power is very
easy; TURN IT OFF! When you are not using your laptop there is no reason to have your battery
burning so turn it off. Always utilize the “hibernate” or “standby” features if you need to leave the
laptop while it is turned on.

2. Be stingy with your laptop power. Go to control panel and set the power options to maximum
by clicking "power options" and selecting "max laptop battery". Also, you can try to dim the LCD
screen (backlight) to the lowest tolerable level.

3. Never use a laptop to charge external devices. Even though they look small, portable
devices like MP3 players, external fans & lights can rapidly drain your battery power. For this reason
you should always avoid using your laptop battery to charge these devices unless it is necessary.

4. Select your actions. Programs like word processing and email use less draw than playing DVDs
or CDs and gaming. Always avoid running inessential programs while on battery power.

5. Drain fully during usage and recharge fully. Use it till you get the low battery warning then
charge it completely. Also do not leave a charged battery dormant for long periods of time. The
battery should be used at least every week.

6. Resist the demand for using multiple tasks. The additional programs you have up and
running use more electricity. Quit all the programs you are not currently using.

7. Avoid using laptops in high temperatures. Laptop batteries are made to function correctly
within a few degrees of room temperature and always avoid using or charging your laptop in hot or
cold conditions. Similarly, try to keep the inside temperature down by keeping the fan free and clear
for proper air circulation and cooling.

8. Add extra RAM. Your hard disk drive will add to exhausting your battery. If you have deficient
RAM, the machine will always be writing information to the hard disk drive. Add extra RAM to
reduce hard disk drive access and power usage.

All the above methods are effective in increasing the battery life and maximizing the performance of
your laptop computer. Follow these steps to ensure good output from your batteries.

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